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What You Bought Last Month: All The Practical Summer Staples

HAPPY FRIDAY FRIENDS. We are back with another crowd favorite, the “What You Bought Last Month” sales data-driven extravaganza! It’s our fun way to pull back the curtain a bit and share what the top selling items are and see how demands shift month-to-month. What’s July’s theme?? I think I can tie it all together with two words: summer fashion. The items that hit include TONS of shorts, easy breezy clothing picks, and practical shoes. But as always there is a surprising item that hit to keep us all on our toes 🙂 Wanna see what made the top 10?? Why, I’d be more than happy to take you down the list. Let’s giddy up!

10. Ryann’s Favorite Drinking Glasses

Coming in at #10 are these drinking glasses that I recently bought and love. They are solid, have a great shape, and still bring me so much joy. When I first recommended them, I mentioned they are perfect for my iced coffee in the morning and even better for a hefty cocktail in the evening. Now I’ll add that they are my go-to glasses for all liquids including wine, milk (for milk and cookies duh), water, smoothies, and my all-time favorite: diet coke on ice. Who else bought these in July?? I am so honored to be drinking glasses twins 🙂

9. Emily’s Go-To High-Rise Lined Short

If you haven’t seen Emily don these shorts on Instagram stories then honey, you aren’t paying attention! She’s talked about the quality and drape of these for months and most recently sang their praises in this pull-on shorts review post. Here is what she had to say:

These are my go-to’s that I wear many mornings for my morning routine. The waistband sits nicely and stays put (but zero cutting in as it sits higher). There is a little flair which I find flattering, has pockets for my beach card, and after I work out, I jump in the lake and swim around and they are GREAT swim bottoms. Oh, and it has built-in red underwear (sounds weird, but excellent for being active). Again, I feel like these shorts with a swim top or tank would look cool and sporty at the beach, and just feels less exposed for daytime swimming with the kids. I wear them with my red swimsuit, mesh pullovers, and Tevas, and not to sound like quite the dorky mom, but I do feel like it looks cool while secretly I’m VERY comfortable and confident.

8. Springville Wood Executive Desk With Drawers

I love when a furniture pick makes its way onto our top seller list. We are an interior design blog after all and we recommend a ton of furniture here daily, but a lot of times big furniture items don’t sell as much simply because they cost more than small decor items and clothing. But this desk is clearly an exception for good reason. It’s from the Studio McGee x Target line and is on sale right now for $300!! If you are looking for an affordable and solid MCM desk with great details (those knobs!), you gotta snag this one if you haven’t already.

7. Caitlin’s Effortless Summer Pant

You may remember these from last month’s roundup because they were #1 on the list baby! Caitlin first saw her friend wearing them and explained “she looked SO effortless and cool, like, she had the energy of a young Diane Keaton in a Nancy Meyers kitchen”. With that description, she had me (and apparently many of you) SOLD. They are also under $90 which, according to Caitlin, is surprising once you feel the quality and construction of these bad boys. SO, who snagged themselves a pair?? I want to hear your thoughts down below!

6. Emily’s Favorite Sneaker

Although this was Emily’s link, I also have these sneakers and LOVE them. They are classic and cool and go with any outfit (even dresses!). Emily first mentioned them all the way back in April when she wrote, “I found these which have the edge that my checkered vans did and yet are way more comfortable. At first, I was worried about the laces (all the effort!) but I can slip them on and off real fast. They look cool with most outfits and give me a tiny bit of a lift which I like.” More recently you all saw Emily wear them in the shorts review post, so I can see why they are back on everyone’s radar. They also come in a ton of other colorways and are on sale right now 🙂

5. High Waist Bike Short

As someone whose current favorite outfit is bike shorts and an insanely oversized T-shirt, I am delighted to see some quality bike shorts on this list (because I might just snag myself a pair). Look, I know bike shorts aren’t for everyone but clearly, Emily sold a lot of you with her honest review of these:

Y’all a lot of cheap trendy biker shorts show EVERYTHING. If they are too thin or light colored you can see every lump, every bulge, and it can be a LOT OF CROTCH, no thank you. These are thick but didn’t constrict at the waist (they are super high-waisted), and the ribbing is super forgiving. I love the pockets on both sides. I bike a lot up here so I actually do want/need biker shorts (Skypark here we come!). These are on the more expensive side, but worth it to me, because buying cheap clothes that you hate wearing and make you feel gross is dumb.

4. Mallory’s Farm Rio Dress

Should we all take the time to thank Caitlin for introducing us to Farm Rio many moons ago?? Now, anytime one of us mentions anything from Farm Rio on this blog, it’s bound to get a ton of clicks and I think I know why. Everything they sell is so colorful and FUN, and you can tell they aren’t a brand that chases trends. They make exciting and fresh pieces like the gorgeous embroidered color block dress. They are a great company that we all stan HARD and it looks like you all do too 🙂

3. Mid-Rise Knit Shorts

In case you haven’t noticed, the shorts review post was a huge hit! This is another pair that Emily reviewed and I can see why so many of you clicked and bought a pair. Here is Emily’s (#notsponsored) review:

Coming in at $14.99 I was skeptical about these, but they are so comfortable and soft. These are great for around the house, on walks (not for workouts or swimming as they are thicker) but legit so soft and cozy. Mal has these and convinced me to try them. For sizing, I asked her to grab a medium for me but could have probably worn a small.

2. Emily’s Stripe Linen Shirt

I personally love a button-up for summer. Need a swimsuit cover-up? A button-up is the chicest way to go. Going from day to night?? Well, a button-up is the perfect transitional piece! This particular one is Emily’s latest favorite shirt because it drapes great, is made of lightweight linen, and is super breathable. Those are three boxes I want all my shirts to check so it’s no surprise this shirt made this list (and for the second month in a row!).

1. Target Stretch Woven Short

Yet ANOTHER pick from Emily’s shorts review. It is no surprise these clock in a #1 because the price and quality are hard to beat. Here’s Emily’s endorsement:

These are GREAT. They rival my Lululemons you’ll see next. These are $25 and have a cute boxy cut, pockets with a zipper (which I use every day for my ID, but a phone would be too heavy), and a wide waistband. The waistband is a bit stiffer (i.e. I have to push it down on my hips so that it doesn’t gape at the top) but for the budget price, it’s GREAT. And yes, you can totally swim in them. Again I’m loving this sportier swimsuit with nylon baggier short look for the beach. It’s a hipper alternative to the tankini – spoken like a true mom! I’m still cool I promise!!

Well, my friends, this is where I leave you. I hope you enjoyed this short and sweet look insight into the month of July. Have a great weekend! xx

Opener Image Credit: Design and Photo by Keyanna Bowen | From: Blue Walls Be GONE! Key’s Totally Transformed Office Reveal – Maybe The Most Dramatic Before & After Ever (?)

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1 year ago

“we all stan HARD” … I had to look up “stan” because I’ve never seen that usage, then asked my husband, who is a huge Eminem fan (but not a stan), and just listened/watched the video as a reminder (I don’t listen to Eminem).

🥰 Rusty
1 year ago
Reply to  Suzanne

I thought it was a typo! 😳
Now I feel really old!!!🤣🤣🤣

1 year ago
Reply to  🥰 Rusty

Me, too, Rusty! That’s why I asked my husband. He stays up on all that.

1 year ago

Can we hear more about this mesh pullover? I’m looking for long sleeves for sun protection, but it’s HOT!

1 year ago

Caitlin! Do you remember the Farm Rio dress you linked sometime within the last two years–a deep-v neck, sleeved, black midi dress with gorgeous embroidery along the bodice and hem? I haven’t stopped kicking myself for not buying it then and I can’t for the life of me find it now!!?

1 year ago
Reply to  Kate

I decided to try out my internet sleuthing skills. I think you want this one:

1 year ago

I think it would be nice to credit the top photo ( white sofa/bookcase) to the designer/photographer/stylist…especially for readers that would like to revisit that entry. thanks!

1 year ago
Reply to  Emily

its always credited at the bottom of the post 🙂 this one is a design by Keyanna Bowen and links to this post:

1 year ago
Reply to  Emily