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What We (And You All) Bought During The Biggest Sale Weekend Of The Year

Last weekend was the biggest online sales weekend of probably ALL TIME considering so many of us were stuck inside. And we just think it’s genuinely interesting to find out what the heck everyone was buying (and based on this post and this post, so do you:)). So…welcome to today’s post of “what we all bought and what you bought too during Black Friday/Cyber Monday!!” Now let’s dig right in and start with Em…


Candle Making Kit | Leggings | Educational STEM Game | Kid’s Parka

This last weekend I bought A BUNCH of my kids’ Christmas presents (I feel SO on top of it this year) and this holiday candle making kit was one of them. Honestly, we might break into this early because you all know how much I love Christmas crafts and I might be more excited for this than my own kids.

I bought these leggings for me and matching ones for Birdie because it’s cold up here and it’s getting even colder. I can never have enough fleece leggings and for $20 for mine and $10 for Birdie, these are a great buy for the price.

I’m so excited for my kids to play this educational STEM game. Any game that’s fun AND educational is a big win in my book (homeschooling is HARD), and this is one I think Charlie will get very excited about. You can configure this game in a bunch of different ways to make a light turn on or a fan move…(watch the video to see what I mean). I call it engineering class 🙂

I bought parkas for me and the kids from Uniqlo (seriously we cannot get enough jackets/beanies/warm anything up here). This pink one is for Birdie (she only wears things with pink, purple, or unicorns on it), this matching blue one is for Charlie, and then I couldn’t help but grab a longer navy version for myself…they’re all very affordable for winter puffer jackets & I love how light and comfy they are.


Boots | Necklace | Showerhead | Slippers

I have been eyeing this chunky boot trend for a minute and these were both cute and far more affordable than most of the others I was looking at. Fingers crossed they are a hit! P.S. I sent them to Veronica for style approval and she said that she loved them so my hopes are really high now:)

When I saw this necklace on Em’s gift guide I knew I wanted it. It’s so cute, very hip, AND really affordable. Basically. a no brainer and can’t wait to add it to my 2021 everyday look 🙂

Ok, this was my big splurge but hear me out. I live in an ooooold building with oooold pipes. A couple of weeks ago was just one of those “I don’t even have time to shower” kinda weeks…so I didn’t. Then when I went to turn on the water…it was brown for 2 seconds. Not ideal. SO since I left my more affordable filtered shower head at my old apartment, I decided that it was time to upgrade. I mean why buy nice beauty products if I’m showing in rust water, right? (I also bought mine at Bed Bath & Beyond but it’s currently sold out there)

In my gift guide, I linked to the Target version of these but they were sold out everywhere around me AND couldn’t ship. So I was stoked to find these puppies at Anthro that are so similar (although more expensive). I can’t wait to feel the fanciest and the most cozy in my home.


Top and Leggings | Earrings | Lip Stain | Trainers

If I’m being completely real I went to my gift guide and was checking out what was on sale (lol) during Black Friday. I was SO happy to find this workout set that I’ve been watching for QUITE some time was $60 off. I can’t wait to wear it and workout in it every day and feel cute but also a little extra. I’m also excited to mix and match the top and the leggings with some of the workout clothes I already have!

I grabbed these hoops and it’s matching ring for someone super secretive in my life (and I think she’s gonna know who it is if she reads it and to be honest I’m nervous), but I’m very excited about it because there’s no better gift than good quality gold jewelry.

NOTO lip stain (how many times have I linked this now?? It’s too good) I bought a few of these (in varying colors) for pretty much everyone I know for Christmas. My personal favorite colors are the Ono Ono (which is more orang-ey) and Touch (which is more pink-ey) And since they’re so good I also snuck the one color I’ve been eyeing for myself into my cart…this beautiful deep red HOLLAAA.

I got a pair of these baddies for another special person in my life. I’ve come to find that these are the BEST workout and walking shoes, which is critical because all we do for fun these days is go on long walks (trying to hit that 10,000 steps a day ya feel?). SO I got these and am very excited to give them to a very special lady…when she tried mine on she was like “WOAH IT’S LIKE WALKING ON A CLOUD THEY’RE SO COMFY” so I can’t wait for her to have a pair of her own 🙂


Robe | Boots | Charging Stations

I own one of these robes and I love it, so I bought one for my mom (and an extra one for me, too!!). They’re so plush and cozy and luxe and I wanted to share the warmth. 

These boots are A. LOT. – especially for my hometown – but I think I love them??? I’ve been getting Instagram ads for them for months and figured that I’d finally give them a whirl at 20% off. They’re getting here next Saturday and I’ll keep y’all updated!

I’ve had an iPhone 7 Plus for 4 years and it is BUSTED – there are pieces loose inside and it sounds WILD whenever it vibrates – but I finally bit the bullet and ordered an iPhone 12!!! I’ve been lusting after these beautiful leather wireless charging trays from Courant for a while and got one in cream and one in pink for my entryway and nightstand. I’m excited for the phone but REALLY excited for these. 


Top | Necklace | Jeans | Perfume

This is another Madewell purchase because WHY NOT. I’ve actually have been eyeing this top for a while as I think it’d be a really cute and versatile staple in my wardrobe. It’s still very much on sale (only $25!) and reviews say it’s comfy enough to be loungewear but cute enough to wear with jeans and boots. SOLD! 

I bought this custom necklace for my sister in law who is having her first baby in December (!!!). I think we all love a “Mama” necklace and this shop has fantastic reviews and you can’t beat the price!

I ordered myself a pair of jeans which will come as a shock to absolutely no one. To be fair, I actually did need new ones because the holidays + a stay at home order equals my jeans miraculously shrinking on me!! So weird. I think we can all agree that Madewell’s sale was BONKERS and I couldn’t pass up these jeans that were only $30 with the 50% off deal. Now they are $60 which is still a steal. 

This is another gift from me to me because I’ve actually wanted this perfume for YEARS. It’s really a perfect everyday scent that is not to overwhelming and not too sweet. I’ve been staring out my window waiting for it to be delivered every since I purchased it.


Albie’s glitter nutcrackers did GREAT!!! These are really cute and so Christmasy and fun. Here’s what she said about them…”Meet my very first holiday purchase for the new house! My daughter’s first thoughts were “they look like you and dad” and that made my heart smile. Hopefully, this’ll be the first of many more decor pieces that reflect us as a family.”


WE LOVE ETSY. Em bought this wooden music box for her kids and now I wanna buy one for myself (is that weird?) Anyway, I totally get why it sold so well (especially because custom anything feels extra special in 2020).


Caitlin linked this in her AWESOME Black Friday post and it looks so cute and comfy NO WONDER it sold so well. We’re all pretty much living in lounge sets right now, or as we like to call them “day pajamas.”


In a shocking turn of events, my dress was #2!! I wore this dress to Thanksgiving dinner with my immediate family (who I’ve been quarantining with, don’t worry) and I’m planning to wear it to Christmas Eve dinner (also with my family) and for every holiday every year to come. PLUS I FOUND OUT AFTER I BOUGHT IT THAT IT HAS POCKETS. Oh and now it’s 46% off (which is more than it originally was when I linked it). Enjoy!!


Understandably, Em’s perfume did the BEST!! Here’s what she had to say about it “I decided that this is the year I’m going to try to smell good. It’s not that I smelled bad before, but I’ve NEVER worn perfume and I don’t have a ‘scent’. After begging my more beauty/smell expert friends they both agreed that Kai smells good on literally everyone and nobody doesn’t not like it. I put it on last night after a bath and snuggled up to watch a movie with the kids and Brian and everyone, EVERYONE, was like ‘mama you smell goooooood’. It’s not overpowering, just a nice floral/gardenia scent that I LOVE. I bought the lotion and the roller ball. Brian is a BIG fan :)” So if you are wanting a fresh and pretty new scent this one is a VERY good and safe bet.

That’s all folks!! Have a great Saturday and we’ll see you back here for the link up tomorrow:)

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Jeffrey C
3 years ago

A lot of local utility companies will provide free low-flow showerheads, faucet nozzles, and other energy-saving resources with in exchange for completing an online energy audit or simply requesting a kit online. Worth checking to see if yours will do so.

Jeffrey C
3 years ago

Some local utility companies will provide free low-flow showerheads, faucet nozzles, and other energy-saving resources with in exchange for completing an online energy audit or simply requesting a kit online. Worth checking to see if yours will do so.

3 years ago

I went bonkers this year like never before, your minimalism puts me to shame LOL

3 years ago

On the Uniqlo heat tech leggings – they’re REALLY small. I consider myself a true size small/medium (I usually wear a size 6 pant) and I read the Uniqlo reviews and when it said runs small I ordered the L/XL leggings. When they arrived I actually laughed out loud. They barely fit over my butt and they’re so stretched out when I get them on they’re not really appropriate for wearing in public. These are definitely like… wear under a dress leggings and not pants leggings. In terms of warmth it depends what you’re looking for – I live in a cold climate and thought these would be warm enough for winter walks but definitely not. Might be fine in California though! Or under snow pants 😉 Hope this helps anyone who’s looking at them – they’re great for $20 but know what you’re ordering!

3 years ago
Reply to  KP

I believe Uniqlo HeatTech are a base layer to wear under your clothes, not leggings to wear on their own.

3 years ago
Reply to  KP

HeatTech are meant to be a base layer like long underwear

3 years ago

Hi Mallory, I wonder if you or someone else might respond to the conversation(s) about staff engagement in the insider community. It’s in a post from a few days ago. I’ve also sent four emails to staff and not heard back. Thanks!

3 years ago

Caitlin I NEED TO KNOW if you end up loving those boots because I want them!!!

3 years ago

Emily – A suggestion. A decent source of books with hands-on learning activities for youngsters around your kiddies age might be found in a series by DK Publishing with titles that start as: “Look, I’m A …..”

I bought Look I’m a Engineer and Look I’m a Scientist for my grandchildren. Also has one for a Cook and a Mathematician. The activities relate to the particular careers. My DiL has been using them with her kiddies and they’ve been a hit. They have good directions and colorful photos and drawings–something my DiL says are missing in some of other activity sources she has used.

3 years ago

I also bought the STEM set for my might be an engineer someday Granddaughter. We’re hopeful it will really engage her. Also lots of craft sets because she also loves that. The thing I want to see unwrapped most is this: NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC Kids Safari Time Dress Up Trunk, 17 Pieces, Amazon Exclusive. I’ve always loved play dress up stuff. She could be a cool explorer … when she’s not busy being an engineer … or if I’m being completely honest, princess.
Grandson is into weights and is building his own gym in the garage so lots of equipment to get.

3 years ago

Eeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! 😳
I’m fresh from watching “Extinction” with David Attenborough and, man!

buy, Buy, BUy, BUY!!!


Scary stuff.

If we don’t look at WHAT we’re choosing to buy, coz, let’s face it… really, how much do we NEED??? Then the kids and grandkidswill jnherit gell on Earth.


Please, investigate:
#why you’re purchasing?
#what materials it’s made from?
#where it’s made?
#how it’s made?
#how long will it last?
#where does it go once you’ve finished with it?

Oh, and those of you who buy the yoghurt or fruit puree POUCHES for k8ds to suck on? Non-recyclable, and mot good for their teeth.
Just sayin’, because somebody has to.

Yikes! 🍃🐙🦋🐠🐅🦏🦘🦒🦜🦉🐍🐳🐘🐪🐒🐋🐛🐝🐞🌼🌿🌵🌳🦠🦅🐨🐼

3 years ago

$175 for a leather iPhone charger? You bought 2 of them? Holy smokes. I’m all for a pretty leather. Got a darling small leather tray off of Etsy for I think $45. I thought that was a nice splurge for the phone, keys, etc. on the counter. I have a wireless charger, and it was $30. I guess it is all about priorities.