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The Top 10 Instagram Reels of The Year (Did You See Them All??)

Hey party people!! Mal here, back on the blog to give ya a rundown of what’s going on over on our Instagram 🙂 Hope everyone had a happy holiday and that you’ve got some fun plans coming up for NYE!! Man oh man I love this season! Alright, now it’s time for some reflection, so let’s have a look back at our Instagram reels (since reels ruled 2022) and take a peek at which ones performed the best because why not??

At number 10 we have one of my personal favorite reels, the “intro” reel to the farmhouse renovation:

10. Our Farmhouse Renovation Story

Cute right?! I remember begging Emily to record this voiceover because I knew it would make such a fun video –– I wanted to really tell the story of the farmhouse & why they’re renovating it so that if you were new to EHD and clicked on this, you’d totally get what was going on. I even pinned it to our page when that new feature came out for that very reason. I think it sums up the whole Portland farmhouse reno pretty well 🙂 Now onto number 9:

9. How To Create A Personal Gallery Wall

This is one of my favorite reels –– it’s actually an old video (I think it was originally an IGTV) that we repackaged into a reel and I was really happy with how it turned out!! I remember seeing this gallery wall for the first time (from this reveal!) and I thought the ideas were so creative, so I wanted to turn it into an educational video so people could get inspired. I’m glad that this performed well because it just proves that quick, snappy videos can sometimes get the point across easier than a longer form. Now onto another oldie but a goodie:

8. Hanging Curtains All Wrong

This reel was inspired by a blog post we wrote years ago that has always had a lot of impact on our readers (and continues to be one of the most constantly referred to blog posts both internally and externally). Seriously though, y’all love this post! And I can totally see why. It’s full of “dos” and “dont’s” that are so clear and helpful for when you’re trying to navigate the scary world of curtains (especially because you have to put a nail into the wall and they are often times extremely expensive).

7. Our Farmhouse Kitchen Reveal!

Ah in number 7 we have our very exciting first big farmhouse reveal, the kitchen!! This space was such a labor of love and we all are obsessed with it. The tile, that salvaged island, that sexy range…all of it is perfect and this was such a fun before and after. We shot a bunch of kitchen reels so there might be more on the way soon…now onto our sweet number six:

6. My Curly Hair Styling

TBT to this shoot!! We had so much fun learning how to style curly hair on this day (and also Ryann got a perm!!!) The whole day was a blast and I’m glad we got a fun reel out of it that you guys enjoyed. The best kind of days are the ones where the shoot is fun and the content is even more fun. Then when it performs well, like this one did, it makes our hearts sing!! Now for the top 5 (hint: it might have some more fun farmhouse reveals!!!):

5. The Painted Stairs

The stairs are back!!! Emily just wrote a post on these stairs + the plan for them (hello new runner coming soon)!! If you’re curious how the paint is holding up after a few months, it’s all in that post too. I love this reel so much, this was all done by Sarah, an awesome gal that was freelancing with us in Portland. She killed it!!

4. The Oddly Satisfying Exterior Primer

Emily posted this video to stories and I watched it about 7 times before I finally turned it off…I knew immediately it needed to live on the grid and it would be a great reel. This video is so relaxing and totally reminds me of the type of reels this account posts (which I’m obsessed with watching). It’s so much fun to see the process, especially when it’s that satisfying!! Ding ding ding, time for top 3:

3. Sunroom Floor Reveal

Similarly to the last video, Emily sent this to me and I was like, “AH THIS WILL BE SUCH A FUN REEL!” and looky here, you guys clearly agreed!! The flooring reveal is so much fun, especially when that Pratt and Larson tile is that beautiful…I mean COME ON. I’ll never not love that tile border. Yummy. Okay, now the runner-up is…

2. Our Salvaged Kitchen Island

How unreal is this?? We revealed the farmhouse salvaged island in this reel, and I remember taking a few of these videos and turning them into this. I had no idea the reel would blow up the way it did, but alas here we are!! We know you guys love vintage (and so do we) plus the video is short and to the point so the salvaged island really shines! AND IN OUR TOP SPOT (DRUMROLL PLEASE)

1. Sunroom Before & After

This sunroom before and after!!! There are 3 main reasons why this did so well: 1. the before/after is INSANE 2. It was posted on Emily’s birthday! 3. It was one of the first nearly “finished” corners we showed of the farm (and it’s so pretty). I love watching it and it’s quick (which helps things go viral too I think). The Instagram reel world is so wild to be a part of…it’s pretty much the wild west of social media that we love discovering more and more.

Thanks everyone for reading and SO MUCH LOVE to you and your family during this new year. Hope everyone has a fantastic NYE & 2023!! WOOP WOOP!

Opening Image Credits: Photo by Tessa Neustadt | From: The Griffith Park Master Bedroom Reveal

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1 year ago

So fun to see these! Also, I’m on IG but don’t watch Reels (or videos anywhere), so thank you for continuing to post stills there too!

Roberta Davis
1 year ago

I just watched them all now, and they’re cute (but I knew the fuller story). I hate Instagram and never saw these until today. Almost never go to Instagram for anything.

1 year ago

I have a theory that reels “perform well” because people have to play them multiple times just to try and see the photos in them. They are the most frustrating piece of social media. (Ps. Frances Merrill’s latest project in AD has cute short curtains that would make your don’t list)

1 year ago
Reply to  Lia

I love Instagram, but don’t like reels!

1 year ago

These are so much fun! I love the sunroom! What a wonderful spot

1 year ago

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