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The Link Up: Emily’s Got A New Favorite Cookbook, Mallory’s Cute PJ Sets, And A Collection One Of Us Was NOT Prepared For

Happy Sunday everyone! In case you missed it, the one and only Caitlin Higgins shot her living room reveal!! We all are going to have to wait a minute for the reveal post but needless to say, we can’t wait. So in the meantime let’s get into some links.

This week’s house tour is once again not really a house tour but a pop-up one-room hotel installation for this year’s Milan’s Salone del Mobile. It expertly mixes Scandi Minimalism and Italian Baroque. Curious to see what that looks like? You should be. It’s impossible to not fall completely in love with this 13th-century Italian palazzo and designer, Julie Cloos Mølsgaard, truly did a beautiful job incorporating all the Scandi decor. AND if you happen to be in Milan anytime between April 18 to May 18 then you can book a stay for yourself:) Check it all out in this Remodelista article.

From Emily: I’m EXTREMELY excited to cook from my new cookbook this weekend, “Vegetarian Salad For Dinner“. Jeanne Kelley is an old colleague of mine whom I LOVE so much and couldn’t be happier to promote her food. Before DesignStar and all this blog stuff, she and I worked consistently for Bon Appetit magazine, to shoot/style recipes together. I LOVE her food and think that she is one of the coolest ladies on the planet. When I was in my early 30s and she had teenagers I remember thinking, “I want to be that type of mom and have the type of relationship with my kids that Jeanne does”. She and her family live in Eagle Rock, have chickens and a huge community garden, and were never caught up in the stuff that a lot of us were in LA (including myself). Anyway, I know that this food might not have “kid” or the broadest appeal, but I went through it last night and I bookmarked four recipes I want to try this weekend for Brian and I (the kids likely won’t be into it as they aren’t super veggie-forward and I don’t want to waste food on them, honestly). I love a Sunday meal prep day where I make new challenging recipes to teach myself new things. And while many of hers are simpler, of course, there are so many dressings and ways to roast vegetables that I’m excited to learn and try. So if you know anyone who is vegetarian or like me, a vegetable enthusiast, I think this is a FANTASTIC, beautiful book written and developed by a fantastic woman.

From Caitlin: AHHH. We finally shot my living room this week, guys!!! (It only took, uh…about a million years for me to finally feel brave enough to share with the world, I guess, but it’s done!) Pretty much everything in there is vintage, but I did want to call out my new swivel chairs – they’re 30% off through the end of the day (which equals BIG savings). I really wanted some light, simple upholstered chairs to balance out my leather sofa and I hit the jackpot with these – they are holding up BEAUTIFULLY to cat (the weave on the Sunbrella fabric I picked is unbelievable, I swear) and I forced Sara to take a bunch of close-up shots of Buff’s favorite daily claw spots so you can see the magic for yourself. It’s pretty rare that I recommend new pieces of furniture (your girl will always love the flea market/FB Marketplace hunt!) but I am just so genuinely pleased with the quality, construction, finish options, etc. and if you’re in the market or ready to switch things up in your home, I hope you can take advantage of this huge discount!!

From Mallory: I’m on a mission to have good pajama sets so I can retire some of the gross baggy t-shirts I’ve been wearing to bed. You know when you get a free t-shirt from somewhere and think “I’ll never wear this but I guess I can use it for a PJ shirt” yeah…that’s my current PJ selection. SO in an effort to feel less gross when I’m going to bed and waking up in the morning, I purchased two sets that I really really like. The first is this black satin set (matching shorts link here). I’m honestly so impressed with how soft and comfy it is – especially because they were out of my size so I sized down and I still find them perfectly roomy. The next set I bought was this long sleeve striped shirt with these long pants. I have this set in green already but the blue is just SO CUTE and I love the pants version. It’s so soft and cozy while simultaneously being very breathable which is a win for us hot sleepers. If you’re in the market for new jams, these are both awesome:)

For any of you who have been eyeing something at Lulu and Georgia, tomorrow might be the time to hit purchase! Starting tomorrow they are having their Friends and Family Sale, giving 25% off sitewide (with some exclusions). We have been lucky enough to own countless items from them that have stood the test of time and that we love. Again the sale starts tomorrow and ends on March 20th.

From Albie: Hi my name is Albie and I’m your fave comfort influencer lol. One of my fave new comfort finds is this jumpsuit from Old Navy! So good! I purchased two colors to start and now I want em in every color. What I especially love is that I can wear em around the house with a robe and then switch out my robe for a shacket to pick up the mini from school or do a quick Target run. There’s a built-in shelf bra that’s surprisingly supportive considering how too heavy I am, although to leave the house, I pair it with a bralette to be safe.

From Ryann: I have been burning incense a lot lately and thought about revisiting my favorite incense ever. The problem is that particular incense is pretty expensive ($18 for 15 sticks) so I decided against it. Instead, I had the bright idea to see if they have the same scent in candle form and THEY DO. So, of course, I bought it and it smells amazing.

From Jess: Julie sent me this TikTok last weekend and it put me into a glass box of emotions! As a previously avid American girl doll collector, I am always excited to see what the next doll will be. But as a girl that grew up in the 90s…I was not prepared. I mean the mini Tamagotchi®?! The inflatable chair?!! It’s all too good and yet too much!

Also From Jess: Dare you to not smile after seeing this picture.

Hope you enjoyed this week’s links and see y’all tomorrow!

Opening Image Credits: Design and Styled by Emily Bowser | Photo by Sara Ligorria-Tramp | From: Emily Bowser’s Back Unit Yard REVEAL, 2022 Musings, New Year Resolutions, And Other Meanderings…

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11 months ago

Emily, if you really want to promote your friend’s cookbook (or any cookbook), please tell us about it after you’ve actually cooked from it! I have hundreds of cookbooks and use them every day. This one sounds right up my alley but I’m not going to order a book based on how much you admire the author’s food and parenting style. Lots of fabulous cooks have put out awful books. I want reviews from people who have cooked a ton of recipes from the book and can tell me what worked and what didn’t.
Jess, thanks for sharing that photo – I’m still smiling, just thinking about it!

11 months ago
Reply to  Sheila

It looks like her previous cookbook (similar theme/title, not exclusively vegetarian) has very good Amazon reviews, if that helps at all.

11 months ago
Reply to  Sheila

I think the link is generally things that catch the teams eye in addition to recommendations. Sounds reasonable to be excited that a friend is publishing a cookbook.

11 months ago
Reply to  Aimee

Of course, I know this isn’t a cookbook review site and it’s not reasonable to expect that – just sneakily fishing for more deets once Emily has put the book to work!

11 months ago

Hi, I bet Jeanne’s book is great from the cover, can she share a few of her favorite recipes or pages in the comment section? I would love to get a glimpse, then perhaps get Amazon to be able to open a few pages… a great topic, I am so keen to see an example, thanks in advance!

11 months ago

Thanks for the tip, Albie! This looks perfect to wear under a slighlty too short dress that I’ve been considering.

11 months ago

Free t-shirts worn to bed are only gross if you never wash them. Just promote the PJs you like. We all know these link up posts are intended to drive sales by promoting consumerism. No need to suggest otherwise!

11 months ago
Reply to  hickenack

right?! Like no one is checking out my bedwear that isn’t chosen to be in bed with me.

Jeffrey C
11 months ago

$2100 for swivel chairs “on sale” is still far too much for my tastes.

11 months ago

Jess, that twin coat picture! 🙂 🙂

11 months ago

Great links this week! I’m into that cookbook and the Target PJs! FYI re: Lulu & Georgia – I placed an order in their most recent sale (Presidents’ Day I think). Online it said the item would ship within one week, but after hearing nothing for a month, I contacted them and they said they’re experiencing 4-12+ week delays on all orders. (Literally, “all orders” is the term they used.) They are conveniently not sharing this information on their website. Given that my card was already charged, I’m a bit concerned this is turning into an Interior Define situation… fingers crossed that it comes through, we’ll see! (Also hot tip on Lulu & Georgia furniture – most (not all) of their items are drop shipped, so if you find an item you like on their website, search it via Google Lens and you might find it cheaper from another retailer!)

11 months ago

Thanks for the tip Alby! This would look perfect under the slightly smaller dress I was considering.

11 months ago

lololololololol it is time. Thank you for sharing Jess.

Literally told someone I have grandma interests (birds, quilts etc) and a borderline millennial gen z was like age inclusivity! Those are great hobbies! I was shook. Gen z calling me out.