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by Emily Henderson
Ehd Dining Room Update 06

We’ve done some updates in the dining room that I’m VERY happy with and it was time to share. Naturally, we aren’t done so this is not a reveal, just a fun process post.

Here’s what it used to look like:

Emily Henderson Modern English Cottage Tudor Kitchen Dining Room Reveal 6

Now to be fair, typically there are two chairs on the ends and four on the sides, but the chairs blocked the architecture of the table which is my favorite part.

Emily Henderson Dining Room Rules 7

(Above was before we reupholstered the chairs in Crypton fabric).

Now, I liked everything up there, but the arms of the chairs were getting so disgusting from the kids’ hands and I was having to clean them too often. They would clean up well, but it did become another job that I had to do. Plus, the chairs just felt so basic and while they were comfortable and simple, I knew they could be cooler. I’ve been chasing the “super stylish and comfortable” dining chair for years now and will likely never find that combination. Generally, it’s because I like the look of sculptural chairs which inherently are less comfortable than large-scale upholstered numbers.

I wasn’t looking to change them out, but I always have my eye out for cool, vintage, chairs that are still comfortable and work with the stools and the table.

Emily Henderson Paracute Tablescape Neutral Linen Natural 14

I tried mixing them up with vintage wood chairs but it looked better in a photo than it did in real life (it just looked a bit messy and unintentional).

Ehd Dining Room Update 04

A while ago at the flea market, I spotted from afar, six upholstered Cherner armchairs and darted instantly towards them, knowing they were mine. I’ve wanted them since I was 25. In case you don’t know how rare that is, trust me it’s SO HARD TO FIND. You can find single Cherner chairs relatively easily, but finding SIX UPHOLSTERED ones and having them all be the armchair version (versus just the side chairs) is HUGE. Normally they’d be anywhere from $6k – $10k for a set on 1stdibs. They had just come out of the truck and as I was buying them so many people came over to the booth to ask about them and everyone was so bummed that I had snagged them. I couldn’t pay fast enough. They were still expensive, at $2,200 for the set, but like I said it’s such a steal and they are one of those things that we could eventually sell and even make money off if we needed to in the future.

Ehd Dining Room Update 11

Why do I love them so much? I suppose the beautiful line of the bentwood and the scale. They are simple (meaning that the eye has an easy job understanding them) but so unique. And because they are bentwood, I think they are hard to knock off so I won’t deal with them being everywhere (thank goodness). They are a classic and just so sculptural.

The downside: Due to their age they are super creaky…and no, they aren’t as comfortable as our old chairs but I think once there is new upholstery and padding, they will get closer.

Sitting in a creaky chair is more annoying than you might think and we TRY to ignore it but sometimes, if the kids are moving and shuffling around too much in them, I just want to snap “STOP MOVING!!!” It’s very confronting to know that you intentionally bought some expensive, uncomfortable, un-returnable, creaky chairs for your family.

Ehd Dining Room Update 03

But I’m REALLY REALLY hoping that I can get them upholstered and restored to be more comfortable (more padding) and not creaky.

Ehd Dining Room Update 02

There has GOT to be a way to reinforce them, right? If anyone knows anyone in the LA area who can restore these so they aren’t creaky, please let me know.

Ehd Dining Room Update 14 Crop

We also updated the table: A few months ago, we sanded off the stain on the top of the table, making it SO much prettier. Right now it isn’t sealed and while it does pick up some stains, it doesn’t bother me at all. The base is a bit darker and I like that, too. It’s a pretty light pine and I like it so much more than the more orange stain that was on it.

Ehd Dining Room Update 05

The light: We switched out the big pleated pendant for this triple pendant fixture that I got on Chairish (for $375).

The old one was kinda big and made it strangely hard to shoot. We were always trying to minimize it and avoid it so for a recent shoot I put in this one and I suppose I like the micro-pendants better and they still work so well with the other lighting in the kitchen.

So the question remains: How do we reupholster these Cherner chairs?

I actually secretly love this bright blue, but the fabric is in terrible condition.

image source

We could keep it classic with black leather or vinyl, but now that I’m used to a bright color on them, I might miss it!

Arent Pyke Darling Point 22
image source | design by arent & pyke

I hadn’t thought about a brown or camel leather, but that could be really tonal and pretty.

Cherner Company Side Chair 11
image source | design by joan mcnamara
Screen Shot 2019 05 03 At 12.05.32 Pm
image source | design by marmol radziner

I could always go with a similar fabric that the chairs currently have in a bright blue, but this is a bit too bright for me…

Screen Shot 2019 05 03 At 12.16.44 Pm
image source | design by john maniscalco architecture

By the way, it was super hard to find any inspiration photos of colorful upholstery on the chairs. Are people not doing this?


image sources: top left | top right | bottom left | bottom right 

Ehd Dining Room Update 08 Hero

I suppose leather or vinyl will be the best choice with kids so I need to go shopping. I guess if there was a really beautiful slate blue leather I could see that looking good, but camel leather could be so pretty.

I’d love to hear your opinion: you see we really have the stools and the island color to work with, and I want to keep it classic and simple, not do any pattern or anything too dramatic.

Thoughts? And do you even like my creaky 60-year-old expensive “dream” chairs?? I’ve just wanted these for so long and I INSIST on making them work. Everytime I’m at my friend’s house (who is borrowing my old chairs until I want them back), I am jealous of how comfortable they are and I know that Brian is, so let’s hope the upholstery can add more foam and the restorer can reinforce the wood and get rid of all the squeaks and creaks…

***photography by Veronica Crawford for EHD

  1. Emile, adding a thicker foam padded seat will ruin the profile of the chair. Feels like a square peg in a round hole to try to get these to work for every meal with two kids under six. Same thing was true with the last round of chairs. Stick to a simple wooden or aluminium chair with removable seat cushions, so you can wash them as needed or easily replace them. Also, in this last picture, there are four types/shades of wood visible–excluding the painted wood in two other colors. it feels far from intentional, particularly because the bar stools clash intensely with your dining chairs.

    1. You can have an opinion without being mean.

      1. I don’t think this comment is mean. It’s honest; no sugarcoating, but not mean.

      2. I agree that you can have an opinion without being mean – and I think Ellie did a great job of doing just that.

    2. I agree.

      I can really sympathise with finding something you’ve wanted for ages and being really excited about using them. But as someone says further down they fit your old house and, maybe, old life?

      I absolutely agree with not designing down for children, but some things aren’t practical. And these chairs strongly clash with pretty much everything else in the space. Taking them up to the mountain house might be a good compromise.

      It just struck me as I was typing that it’s like you loving a pair of trousers and explaining to your best friend, “they don’t fit me, they’re damaged, and they don’t go with anything I own, but I love them and bought them anyway!” And I have absolutely done that a number of times 😀 so I don’t mean to come across as snippy.

      1. The second comment beat me to it, I was agreeing with Ellie, the first poster, not Ms Anonymous

        1. yep. she (first commenter) hit it right on the nose. expensive to begin with, then emily would have to get it fixed and reupholstered, AND uncomfortable. what did she pay for – solely for the aesthetic? replacing the cushions with something thicker would compromise the chairs’ sleek silhouette, the main reason she bought them. i still can’t get over that they were so expensive AND uncomfortable! 😅

      2. Well the chairs will be cool with new upholstery and leather would definitely be a great choice but now the stools dont jive with the design.

        1. I would keep the chairs but maybe find 2 chairs for the kids for now, maybe let them choose their own chair from a few options. I would then do a deep deep indigo, almost black leather or vinyl. And then paint the island a slightly lighter blue, maybe just a touch lighter or even with a touch of green. And then I would find some simple stools that are wood that go with either the chair stain color or the tabletop. That would pull it all together. I would leave the light for now, I like it and think with some deeper blues that it would look great.

        2. That was my first thought too-the stools just look awkward now.

    3. Love the chair, but the bar stools don’t work now… if it s not one thing it’s another – no?

    4. The barstools do clash with the chairs. I say keep the chairs, find stools that can work with both design AND that work at the table for the kiddos. It seems close enough to pull those stools up to the table and back at dinner. The kids will be more comfortable also. Sometimes, it’s worth a bit of work to have those special rare things we love.

    5. I like the chairs, but don’t think they go with the farmhouse table or the stools. I think you just love mid-century and your heart is not in this Tudor/English country style. Good luck, though!

    6. I really want to love these chairs! I mean I DO love them, they’re stunning. But if I’m brutally honest I don’t think the tone of the wood will ever work with your kitchen island or stools, or the dining table – and the general vibe of them is so mid-century compared to your English period-style kitchen. And I don’t want to say that because I can feel how much you adore them – and they are such beautiful pieces.

      Would they work at the mountain house? I can see how the organic shape and the focus on the wood/craftsmanship might look incredible there?

      1. My thoughts exactly. Also, I know people have varying tolerances for mixing wood tones (I’m probably on the “low tolerance” end of that spectrum) but the light pine table plus deep wood chairs plus pale floors plus medium oak counter stools reads as lots of wood done in a hectic way (to my eye), especially since they are also really variable styles–I look at the kitchen/breakfast area and see French country but the dining table veers more rough/rustic farmhouse and then the new chairs really throw a kink in that by being very midcentury modern. I’m not sure any combo of padding/upholstery will tie them together, sadly. And for some reason that light fixture is throwing me off too even though I know you have lots of brass in your kitchen; maybe it’s just bringing in too much yellow? And the three lights on the fixture plus three stools is also adding to the busyness factor, I fear.

      2. I completely agree! They look very modern/mid century modern. They will look amazing in the mountain house. The photos above featuring those chairs are in very modern settings.

    7. I don’t disagree with you… there’s a lot going on here! I much prefer the whole look with the Crypton chairs. The flow was so nice and everything was so complementary. And the unfinished table top is throwing me off. I think these new chairs have too much red and the style clashes with everything else. They are super cool though! They really would’ve been amazing in the old house!

    8. I think it’s a killer snag for $2K and wholeheartedly support this purchase! However, yeah, they look super bad with the stools. But I actually never really liked these stools anyway. They always looked too basic, like too kindergarten classroom to me. The powder coated metal and mid toned wood and basic shape never wowed me but now they look SUPER basic compared to these Cherner beauties. Keep the Cherners, add a little padding and a neutral leather/vinyl, and get new counter stools.

    9. Holy guacamole there’s a whole lotta opinions in this thread. The teacher in me wants to create graphs and track all the opinions visually— or at least with tallies! I’m picturing Arlyn with a whiteboard making little tic marks! Anyway, on to my two cents: you have some upscale elements to the kitchen that other elements are fighting with. I am all for adding in things you love. I think the chairs can work but you need to pare back and refine other things to let them shine. The current bar stools are too clunky and schoolhouse-ish. The new light fixture is very brassy and there are three which feels like a lot for your eye to take in, when really the focus should be on the swooping lines of the chairs contrasting with the rustic table. The light should be more discrete and elegant – think Nicky ’s double arm pendant (which is such a subtle swoon-worthy investment!) oh, also the thinner white lines of the stools are super distracting. I don’t think Nicky Kehoe is the holy grail/answer to everything but her T stool is definitely more subtle and better/pared down forms than what you currently have. Basically I think you absolutely can go hi-lo and mix and match but you’re going to have to really hone in on colors and forms. My suggestions are very pricey but I think they help create a more cohesive and sophisticated flow. I don’t really see “English Tudor” in any of the elements— maybe the rustic table?— but who cares! Embrace the quirk but ditch the distracting stuff. Make it more intentions and less of a visual jumble. Also the person who suggested your children will eventually learn to wiggle less is nuts. Wiggling bodies at this age is natural. Do you really want to spend your precious time at the dinner table together focusing on that?! Get the kids a bench or something reasonable. They aren’t mannequins!

      1. There’s a photo in the Mountain house kitchen reveal where you have one of these style chairs in-shot (a non-upholstered one). It works really nicely, and an upholstered one in that same environment would be amazing with either black or the buttery very light caramel colour you have used on the light-coloured kitchen bar stools. So one of those options would tie in so nicely while still standing out due to the contrasting wood tone. Also completely agree that wherever the chairs end up going, let their sculptural shapes shine, keep the table and its legs minimal and sophisticated. Mountain house all the way!!

    10. Agree. Just get some nice quiet white chairs. There’s way too much going on here and it will make the beauty of the table and the kitchen pop.

    11. Ellie is right – they are beautiful chairs but sadly they just don’t look right in that space; particularly with the island and stools.

  2. sorry, my niece is emily spelled emile. i do know your name, i promise!

  3. maybe save these for when the kids are older/special occasions and get everyday chairs from target? best of both worlds.

  4. maybe save these for when the kids are older/special occasions and get everyday chairs from target? best of both worlds.

  5. I really like these process/progress posts and I love the chairs! Would they work better (stylistically & functionally) at the Mountain House?

    1. I agree! I think you could upholster them in a black or tonal leather (easy to clean!) and they would vibe better with the stools you have at the mountain house. Good luck and congrats on the great find!

  6. Those chairs are gorgeous! This whole dining area reminds me of the style of your previous house which I loved so much! I think you need new bar stools to work with the dining chair and table wood color. A camel leather or vinyl would be beautiful. And I would paint your bar an Emily indigo blue. I know you are trying to branch away but this dining area makes me miss your touch of indigo.

    1. i was totally thinking camel – something buttery and warm!!

  7. Why not play with tone and find a fabric that goes with your island? Like a darker green? That wasnt one of the things you were considering, but it could work and be timeless. Of the above, I like the neutral camel leather the best (actually, love) but I do miss the pop of color on the chairs, too. But I think the island and table decor can bring the color for you if you go the neutral out. I did notice the current blue on the chairs really brings out the blue in the painting.

    1. The blue on the chairs combined with the painting is delightful. Combined with the kitchen island and stools though, though, it looks clunky. A deep green that echoes the bottle in the painting and is on speaking terms with the island sounds good to me. I love the shape of the chairs but sort of agree with those that think they don’t fit your current life very well. I want them to work, though.

      1. I had the same thought about a deep green or a deep blue like the settee in Aren’t & Pike photo. So good. I think you can make this work but in my mind, the island is the issue now–the stools, the light fixture, and the cladding and color of the island. You’ve got the great sconces in the kitchen which feel right with where you are going with the Cherner chairs. The island overall is throwing me.

    2. I agree with Sahaja and Christina’s comments. I am not entirely sure whether the practical issues and styles mesh here but I want them to… I also see a dark green color on the upholstery. It may bring a through thread into the dining and kitchen areas. I love the new lighting. The combination of a pop of color in the dining room upholstery with the metal will bring a little more contrast and energy to this room. I look forward to seeing what you do.

    3. I think dark green is a great idea!

    4. Wow, love those chairs! I also love the dark green upholstery idea. I agree with the other posters, too, about finding different barstools that don’t clash with your awesome new chairs. The new light also looks great! Good luck with fixing the creak issue!

  8. Just thinking out loud….the creak must be some kind of friction at the joints right? Maybe? So…tightening and/or wd40 on the screws? I’d try that before paying anyone.
    I love the moment I finally find the i have been looking for! (The other week I found the exact coffee table I had been hunting online, secondhand, for months….i dug it out of the neighbor’s trash!)

    1. Good idea, but I was thinking about heavy duty felt washers….?

    2. Yeah maybe!! and yes it’s the best feeling 🙂

  9. I think an off-white fabric or leather would be pretty in your kitchen and make the shape pop even more.

  10. While I love those chairs, after looking at your last photo on this post, it has changed your whole kitchen/dining look. They don’t vibe with the island color or style or the stools. Or schoolhouse type lighting over the island. Are we looking forward to a midcentury redo? I’m up for it!

  11. 1. totally happy for you! i looooooooove when the universe brings me the vintage treasures i’ve been dreaming about. such an “eeeeeeeek!” moment!
    2. i LOVE the color of the upholstery now. just reupholster in the same color/fabric.
    3. as far as the creak factor. i say, try wd40 as someone else suggested, then try having joints tightened or whatever.
    4. as far as the creaky/child factor, why don’t you just get 2 easy/child-friendly chairs for your kids to use at the table? why put small children in beautiful vintage and expensive chairs? i have 2 young kids. kids are the destroyers of everything and are full of energy and have a hard time sitting still. so, when it’s just you guys at home eating together, get them their own chairs.
    5. love these kinds of posts.

    1. Thank you thank you xx I will definitely try the wd40 and see if that works..

      1. Please check with your carpenter, WD 40 might gives trouble if the joint actually need to be glued, or if the wood need to be refinished. I would try the felt washer first.

      2. Emily, please DO NOT put WD-40 on these chairs unless it is in an inconspicuous area — it will make a big grease spot that will never come out. Never put oil of any kind on antique furniture or woodwork — it eventually oxidizes and turns black and that won’t be fixable. The one exception is teak oil on teak furniture or furniture that intentionally has an oiled finish. Wax is the thing to use for protection and shine.

        Please take these beauties to a pro. Like you said, these are usually 6-10K a set, so they deserve to be treated with kid gloves.

        1. Here is an antiques expert saying the same thing, so you don’t just have to take my silly word for it:

          I’ve made plenty of conservation mistakes in my life, and I’m just trying to keep you from making one. Those chairs are beautiful. They were a great buy. You are smart and capable. Just do the research before you dive in!

      3. Don’t use WD-40! The lubricating effect is temporary– it’s actually a solvent! (here’s a good explanation: https://lifehacker.com/when-should-i-not-use-wd-40-5891936) Use a garage door silicone instead.

      4. As someone else said, do NOT use WD40. It will breakdown over time (like a couple years, not a long time for a major purchase) and then it will begin attracting water (humidity in the air). It will not permanently bond with the water, which will then be soaked up by the wood of the chair. It will RUIN your chair. If you must put oil on the joints (though I would talk to a joiner or try the felt washers first), then get a quality machine oil. These are not expensive and you can find good ones at hardware and sewing stores as well as bike shops. 3-in-1 oil being one you can find all over the place that works really well and doesn’t break down into attractant molecules.

    2. I love these kinds of posts too!

      But I would not try wd40 on the chairs. Instead I would contact I furniture carpenter and have him/her have a look at the chairs. They probably have to be reglued. We reglued our own creaky chairs and tightened all the screws and it worked. But it´s best done by a professional, especially since they have the right kind of glue.

  12. Love the chairs BUT now the bar stools don’t work. They just seem to clash stylistically. So you should change the bar stools if you’re going to use those chairs.

    1. Hi, I see the same thing. It feels like the bar stools and chairs compete now. There are a lot of lines/busyness for my taste.

  13. I like the blue color a lot – but I think it doesn’t work with the island base (although that color is in the painting too) it doesn’t go in my eyes. Tonal would be really pretty. I think the chairs are gorgeous! I also would try WD40 or something on the screws as someone else mentioned to see if that helps.

  14. Of the abovementioned colors, I’d go with a buttery camel leather (LOVE!) or a cream/off-white leather/vinyl. The first is timeless and beautiful and the latter would work to tie your new chairs to the overall color scheme of your kitchen and dining area.

    That said, while I love the look of these chairs (and yay for finding something you’ve wanted for so long!!!), they do clash quite starkly with your island stools. It’s not the most pulled together look.

    In any case, as someone said in the comments, tightening the screws and trying some wd40 could really help with the creaking issue. I’d try that before finding a professional to do the work.

    Happy week! 🙂


    1. If I am remembering correctly, when the squeak is wood on wood, rubbing bar soap on those surfaces helps and won’t damage the finish like wd 40 might. It might have been beeswax too. You should be able to get the squeak fixed at least!

  15. I’m leaning the most towards camel leather (or vegan leather or vinyl). I think it would be versatile and durable. My second choice would be a green-colored fabric, which I think would harmonize nicely with the island more. so than blue, plus it would be more unexpected than blue.

  16. Wow, a dream come true for you for those chairs, congratulations. They are beyond! I love the blue, but also think the tonal option looks sophisticated. Tough decision to have: how to upholster your dream chairs!

  17. I think I’ve blue leather or some other tough fabric would be cool.

    Not to be discouraging but: is there really any way to make old chairs stop creaking? If so I’d LOVE to hear about it. Perhaps the creaking is just something you get used to.

    1. Oops, that was supposed to say “ICE BLUE” leather.

  18. I actually love the idea of a navy/slate leather, though camel would be beautiful too! I do have to agree with everyone else, I don’t know that these chairs vibe with the barstools…. but keep the chairs and change the stools, they’re too beautiful!

  19. Hi Emily, I am so glad you found your dream chairs. The Cherene chairs are truly special and gorgeous. However…I always thought your previous chairs were a huge mistake, design wise, as they are super bulky and truly don’t fit the table or the style of your house. I have always thought you should get vintage Windsor and just put a cushion on the seat that you can remove. I had Windsor chairs for years and used to sit and write my college papers for hours in them. They are timeless and classic. I vote camel leather and putting them at the mountain house. If you don’t need them all just keep the other ones, or put two on the ends of your table in LA. Right now it all looks a bit clashy (which I am sure you are aware of). A color would need to work with island color and I would vote for either the brown leather or a dark olive green. I am glad you got them though, and that price is amazing. Don’t feel guilty. They are works of art and will always be worth money!

  20. Those are really cool chairs! Although I have a feeling this is going to be one of those snowball projects where it starts with the chairs needing to be reupholstered and ends with new island stools and maybe a new island paint color. Right now, it’s not going together well in color or style.

    1. I agree. These are GORGEOUS chairs for a dining room. But this room isn’t really a dining room; it’s an eat-in kitchen. And the two spaces are (sadly) now clashing. Save the chairs for another house/different version of this house (i.e. older children)

      1. I agree with Mary. These are the type of special chairs that would be amazing to design a whole dining room around and have them be the star, but as more of an eat-in kitchen, I feel it is a bit of a clash. I definitely say hoard them for a future dining room!

  21. I have a set of vintage chairs at my table and don’t want my son destroying them so I have a specific chair for him (the ikea kids dining chair) that he uses! That way I can still have my beautiful chairs to look at and use. As for color I say camel would be wonderful!

  22. 100% Camel leather! it will play nicely with the various tones of wood like the barstools and the lighter tabletop.

  23. Could you do buttery baby blue leather like on the seat of the office chair in Ginny’s midcentury makeover? Still blue, still fun, but more toned down. LOVE the chairs!

  24. First. They are GORGEOUS! I currently 4 have non creaky vintage bentwood Thonet chairs they came from a university. Luckily I found two upholstered ones for the ends. My end chairs are covered in different fabrics. One an ivory leather. The other the original orange vinyl which my son lovingly stabbed multiple times with a pencil when he was two!

    I would say go with a neutral leather, super easy to clean. Just in eye out for pencil stabbers!!

  25. I’m so excited for you!!! It’s amazing finding something you have been pining after for years!! What a find!
    As far as upholstery goes…I vote for a beautiful, genuine leather. (As a side note, have you thought about being your reupholstery projects to Tijuana? There are so many affordable, high-quality upholstery shops there and it’s so close to you in LA. ) Now can we talk about padding? I understand that you want everyone to be comfy at the table, but maybe there are other ways to do that? My family is from Italy where we linger around the table for hours and we SO do not have soft and comfy chairs. We mostly use benches and hard wooden chairs. Dinner is about the people, not the comfort of the chairs. In any case, you know what’s best for your family, but maybe if you took extra soft padding off the list of requirements it would be easier to visualize what you want on these chairs?
    I can’t wait to see what you do, it’s so fun watching your process!!

  26. Emily,

    I look at your blog all the time but never post. Love the chairs and the color!!! I would try to keep the color of the chairs. It makes the painting behind the chairs pop but I am not sure the bar stools or the color of the island works with the chairs. I guess it would be easier the change the chairs? Thank you so much for your blog!

  27. Love those chairs, the color of the upholstery, and the echo between them and the painting hanging on the wall behind. That said, I think in a small kitchen/dining situation, they just don’t work. The kitchen has cottage and industrial elements, farm-y chicken wire and sleek, shiny white tile. It’s oriented on a triangle and you also have a busy mediterranean tile just outside the door. There’s white, green, gold, black, and various wood tones. It’s a lot. I think those chairs, especially given the “creaky” state they’re in, would work best in a house with a dining room where there’s a separate kitchen table with sturdier chairs that handle the everyday eating/wear and tear of children. Obviously, that’s not the case here. I think you’ll make yourself miserable trying to get the kids to not move 3x a day at meals. Why add that stress? Store these in the basement as an investment for your next home when the kids are older and pull them out for shoots. If you need need need to use them in this home, you should paint the island white, replace the bar stools and remove the industrial cabinet you’re currently using for alcohol and glasses.

  28. I follow Dynasty Upholstery on Instagram, they are in LA and repair/reupholster a ton of vintage furniture. Would definitely reach out to them!

    1. Oooh I will! Thank you xx

  29. I LOVE the bright blue that is currently on the chairs, but if you’re going to reupholster them then I’d suggest a forest green color or maybe even a burnt orange. I love pops of color and I LOVE your kitchen!

  30. Emily, love, love those chairs!

    Having grown up with a family antique business, whatever you do in refurbishing your gorgeous chairs PLEASE DO NOT let anyone damage/change the original screws, labels, etc. This would reduce their value. If they still creak, they’re still worth more yhan if you have them glued or use new screws or the like.

    I agree with a comment above, about letting the kids have their own chairs for every day use.

    Those. Chairs. Gah!

  31. Go with what you love! If you love the chairs and they make you smile every time you look at them, it won’t matter whether they creak or are uncomfortable. Also, children who grow up with nice things learn to respect and care for them. I’m sure you’ll make everything look fabulous. BTW, I would have arm wrestled an old lady to land a set of 6 Cherner chairs for 2k!

  32. Is it out of the question to leave the fabric as is until the kids get older (beyond the messy eater phase) and then invest in recovering them?

  33. I adore these chairs. But they’re not right for your family now. You have young children who need to sit in more comfortable chairs that don’t squeak. Save these precious chairs for later and find a more suitable/durable/easy-to-clean option for while your kids are small.

  34. Love the chairs. Love both your dining room and kitchen, however they feel totally disconnected from one another. They are two completely different styles. Kitchen feels traditional with a vintage schoolhouse vibe and the dining room feels mid century modern. Perhaps new bar stools and light fixtures would bridge the two?

  35. UGHHHHHHHHH! This is my forever problem. I want a super comfortable chair, that looks beautiful, is good for kids and isn’t a million dollars. Why don’t you design one for us????

  36. I love those chairs as well. But as other comments mention I don’t see it with the rest of the kitchen. They aren’t working with the island stools. Could they be used in the mountain house ? If you do upholster them I’d go with something classic like camel leather.

  37. What about a blush leather? I just bought a blush leather banquette and I’m in love! And regarding the critical posts, you love them, you’ve wanted them forever and they were a steal! You’ll try to make them work and if you don’t, you can sell and give us more dining room content. Go for it!

    1. Omg a blush leather banquette?? Sounds so dreamy!

    2. Yes!!!!! Blush would be perfect!

  38. Keep the blue! I normally don’t like color but I think the blue looks perfect in that setting. I’m surprised I’m not telling you to do them in black LOL

  39. I’d keep looking for other options. Comfort matters.

  40. The new direction is much more Emily and more interesting. I love the new chairs. I would go with black leather to bring in some of the black accent elements in your kitchen (lights, wire grids, etc). It would help to unite the space. I like interesting and unique pieces. These chairs are not something that someone will see everywhere. There are many similar versions of the upholstered chairs. Love it!

    1. What about black and white cowhide backs with black leather seats? It would elevate the design and keep things interesting.

  41. Bar stools + chairs = too much. I’d change the bar stools and keep the chairs – reupholster in something you adore, whatever that is. Chairs are brilliant, iconic. Bar stools to me are kind of cheerful but childlike? Sure it would change the look of your kitchen but you are getting older, maybe your tastes are shifting to a slightly more sophisticated/dramatic style. And your kids are growing up too.

  42. I LOVE the chairs. Think leather would be nice because you can treat it and they will still look cool once the leather gets scuffed and beat up a bit. I don’t love them with your bar stools. They seem too school house for the awesomeness of the chairs and I think everything would be improved and less countrified if you ditched the beadboard on the island for a flat panel…that being said I really love your kitchen 😁

  43. i think you should have kept the dining room the way it was with the big light and the upholstered chairs 🙁 it made sense with the style if your home and your kitchen.

  44. The chairs seem to really reflect your personality and make you happy. I say go with them, with a nice wipeable fabric, and just work with the rest of your house to slowly bring it closer to “you.” The tutor style is lovely, but you’re all about having your home reflect your personality. It’s going to be a mix of styles and pieces that “spark joy.” Decorating a home is a never-ending process. It’s our pleasure as your audience to watch how you transform different spaces to be not only objectively beautiful, but unique to the individuals and families living in them.

  45. For the kids, look at Ikea’s Junior urban chairs. We have them pulled up for our two at the table next to the adult chairs and they really don’t look bad! Keep a couple extra stacked nearby for kid guests (they are lightweight and stacked yet sturdy enough for my 2 and 4 year old to climb in and out)

    HIGHLY recommend!

    1. Good to know! I will check them out 🙂

    2. I have these chairs for my kids too. Totally practical.

  46. I love them. I would go for black leather/vinyl because it’s a classic look and wipeable, plus you can get away with more padding than with a colour. On the other hand my mother had beautiful mahogany chairs upholstered in sunshine yellow leather and it looked amazing in our dark dining room and weathered decades of hard wear very well – they faded a little and would fade more in your sunny house but consider it!

    I think the stools at the breakfast bar are letting you down; they look unsophisticated compared to all the other elements in the space especially the light fittings. If you use them a lot, consider the DeVol plain wood stools which would go nicely with the Cherner chairs. If you don’t use them much, ditch them altogether. People can stand and chat to whoever is cooking and then sit down at the table to eat. I can’t wait for breakfast bars to fall out of fashion altogether.

  47. Please no to the blue fabric. It does not work at all against the green of your island. I don’t think you have a choice but to use black.. which I think would look best anyway. Brown would work but with all the wood it’s too much brown. Black leather with a thicker padding. We have wishbone chairs with burnt orange/brown leather pads off of Etsy and they are SO comfortable and look amazing. I gently wipe off the pad where my kids sit after meals and back to new. The pads can also be flipped in case a big stain happens but I don’t think that will ever happen with these pads.. they clean up so easily. If you ever decide not to use the Cherner chairs keep leather pads in mind! (Plus they were very affordable.. 70 a pad.. came from another country)

    1. Yes and the stools! You can’t have both. The main problem is that the tone of the Werner chairs absolutely do not go with the stools and I love mixing wood tones. The cherner chairs are antique and clash really badly with those modern light stools. The more I look and think about it the more I think you will have to replace those stools with an antique style stool. This is one case where the wood of the chairs and the stools have to pretty much be the same. Dark, shiny, antique looking stools. The wood cannot be farmhouse or modern.. I don’t think. It’s definitely going to be tricky to find something that will work but if you do it will change the whole style of the kitchen dining to mid century.

      1. Ok last comment! I’m looking again and I have to say- these simply don’t work in this house. These are so much better for the mountain house.. think of all the fun you could have! You can’t really make midcentury work ( as a set like this. here and there is ok) in an English Tudor.. of course there are no rules but it just doesn’t work well. The chairs don’t even work with the dining table which is farmhouse all the way. I think you need wood spindle chairs- all the same- with pads. That would look adorable and would work! Our chairs are wood with pads and they are super comfy and perfect for my kids.

  48. While I love love love these chairs, I have to agree with others that they don’t fit the style of your home. I think if you had a place for them in the mountain house maybe they would fit more with the scandi vibe there. I was already thinking that throughout reading the blog post and the. They final picture showing them with your kitchen really confirmed it.

    They are gorgeous chairs and I hope you can have them repaired to not creak. I wonder if this is common with older bentwood? Maybe so
    Done online has posted how they fixed it.

    The lighting update and the sanding of the table are gorgeous.

  49. I agree with most of the comments. These chairs are GORGEOUS. But also agree that they don’t look good in this house/kitchen and I would be so nervous all the time when the kids are sitting in them. They are too precious for daily use with small kids. Also I think the chairs would look way better with a different table. This table is too farmhouse and the color of the wood is competing with the chairs too. Wouldn’t it be absolutely amazing with a big white round table? And a camel leather upholstery ? Difficult decision but you will make it work. They are a keeper for sure, now only where and how to use.

    1. Agree completely.

  50. Please don’t reupholster until you are committed to the chair’s residence! I agree with many of the other responses that the gorgeous chairs do not go with the style of your kitchen. Nor do they complement the kitchen’s painted wood cottagey feel.
    Your table, painted island, bar stools, painted white cabinet all speak to cottage style, not the sleek modern style of the chair. Love the chairs, just not in this house, but nice job on the lucky find!!

  51. Definitely camel! It would be pretty and classic and tie in nicely to the color of the stools. I’m not sure if it looks different in person, but in the photos the current bright blue doesn’t look great with the color of the island. Cream would also be nice but harder to keep clean with the kids.

  52. Congrats on the amazing Cherner score!!!!!!!

  53. See Alan at Old Friends in Canoga Park…He has a wonderful shop and does amazing restoration work on mid-century pieces!

    1. Thanks for the recommendation! will check them out xx

  54. Love the chairs but they are totally impractical for the job you need them to do and in your space. They clash horribly with the rest of the kitchen and are way too busy for an eat in kitchen. I was always confused why you had six chairs there and not 3 and a bench? The bench would be great for the kids to get in and out of every day and easy to clean. The chairs are lovely and to keep them in good condition you shouldn’t have two young children climbing on them every day unfortunately :/ save them for mountain house?

  55. Before you turn your chairs over to someone to re-upholster, make certain you’ve seen their workmanship with your eyes rather than a verbal reference. Your chairs are an investment and you need to protect them. Haste makes waste so please take your time with this decision.

  56. The chairs are gorgeous and I can see why you bought them and have been eyeing them for so long. I have several pieces like that (for instance, your old leather safari chairs that I would DIE for). 🙂 I think that they could definitely work if they were less creaky and a camel leather would be gorgeous. As far as comfort, I have 3 small children and unfortunately we aren’t sitting around eating long family dinners like I’d love to. It’s a fairly quick process, so super comfortable doesn’t seem as important to me. Where my eye has a problem is with your kitchen stools. Those really clash in my opinion and aren’t as simple and beautiful. If you swapped out the stools I think everything could work beautifully.

  57. You need a set of black spindle chairs with either white, cream ,or light grey linen pads with some tufting maybe? that will be removed when the kids sit down. They would look perfect AND intentional! Black would pick up the black rods and black in the kitchen, goes great with the farmhouse table, country style, and cozy and comfortable.

  58. Hooray for your dream chairs! Thanks for taking us along for the process ride. Glad you’re experimenting with the dining room and getting better!

    Unrelated since I don’t think you’d go back and read comments now: your post about how to blow dry hair was amazing. I’ve heard you should put products in before hair is dried before but always thought that it didn’t really matter. I don’t actually blow dry – I just air dry. But putting product in before letting it dry as opposed to trying to tame the weird way it dried is so much better. Thank you. For bringing us along on so many of your journeys <3

  59. LOVE!!!!!!! I don’t think you can go wrong with camel colored leather EVER!

  60. If you’re absolutely committed to keeping these in your kitchen (I do agree with some posters here that they sadly don’t go with the style of this space), may I suggest a warm goldenrod? It would be STUNNING against the wood of the chairs, plus it would contrast beautifully with the seafoam green/blue on the island. Plus, it may actually help coordinate better with the stools (if you insist on keeping those too), since they have a warm yellow quality to them.

    I can see why you’d want leather but I am 100% certain you’ll regret it in this space and can see the follow up post now: “The table plus the wood of the chairs plus the leather was just too BROWN!”

    Also: absolutely start by spraying WD40 on the screws and then tightening them as much as possible before taking them to a professional. The creaking is likely wood on wood, so loose screws or joints are likely the culprit.

  61. Love those chairs so much. I really want you to make them work!! But I learned from one of your posts you can’t have too many leggy pieces of furniture together. It looks too busy. That’s why the chairs don’t work with the stools. Can’t wait to see what you come up with!

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  63. Love the chairs, but do not love them with everything else in your kitchen/dining. It seems like they’d fit the mountain house vibe better? I think there are too many lines going on as-is and the midcentury style doesn’t vibe with the rest of your house very well. If you reaaaaaallly want them in your LA house, I’d consider just using two, at the head/foot of the table, and getting comfy upholstered ones for the middle of the table. I love the blue but if you keep that color, I’d probably paint the island a darker/deeper color. Can’t wait to see what you decide!

  64. The chairs are definitely unique but I don’t like them with the bar stools and the design doesn’t seem very kid friendly.

  65. I really like the white upholstery. It makes a very pretty statement and would also go with your stools.

    As for the creaking, I imagine that they need to be tightened up somehow, but in the meantime, graphite powder, talc, or powdered soapstone are recommended for squeaky floors. Maybe something like that would help. Since it’s a place you sit, I think I’d try the talc first.

    1. Yes, white fabric might solve a lot of the hate in these comments! But it won’t solve the problem of children having to dine on them. Unless you follow the advice of getting them their own chairs.

  66. Speaking as a mother of 4, I would avoid any solid fabric and go for a bolder busier print with some darker hues in the background. It’s an unexpected contrast to the mid century style of the chair and will hide stains better.

  67. The squeaking might be reduced by adding/replacing spring washers between the seat/back and arm/leg screws. A denser foam under the upholstery might also help minimize motion without adding bulk. My vote is for brown leather in a similar tone to the wood of the chairs. I like the camel leather idea but if you’re keeping the same counter stools (which I love) then the camel leather might appear a little to matchy with the wood tone of the counter stools. I can also see the slate blue leather working in that space.

  68. Love the Cherner chairs. Love the kitchen. Love the dining room. Don’t love the kitchen and dining room together side by side. It feels stylistically disjointed. There needs to be a few threads to tie them together. Different bar stools and pendant lights could help provide that continuity. Or, perhaps go back to the pleated drum shade over the table. No doubt you will figure it out. Design is always a process.

  69. These are so gorgeous loving the brown or camel leather option so much!!!! I think the chair is so sculptural that too much contrast with the fabric takes away from it.

  70. I understand finding the holy grail of chairs, but it seems like they don’t fit with your lifestyle. The reality is you have kids, and these chairs are going to get scratched and dinged over the years and will no longer hold the resale value you imagine. These are formal dining chairs, not family dining chairs and don’t work with the space. The counter stools now need to be replaced as they don’t look appropriate with the chairs…

    If you do keep the chairs, I suggest camel or brown leather. Adding another color in that area, along with the distinctive design of the chairs is overwhelming. Adding additional padding will destroy the sculptural lines of the chair. A qualified professional may have a dense foam that will work, but you can’t change the line of the chair.

  71. The chairs are beautiful but they aren’t working, I feel like you can do better. As someone with two young kids of my own, I appreciate that you don’t want to dumb down your design bc you have kids but these aren’t practical in so.many.ways. And they don’t really go in the space for me. They’d be better with different leather but I think those gorgeous arms look like too much as side chairs. Better on the ends only, maybe with something more kid friendly on the sides? All upholstered in the same material?

  72. Glad you found your dream chairs! While I agree that the chairs don’t necessarily “go” with the rest of the space, I wanted to pop in here to say that I’m sure you already know that they don’t “go” and that you love them anyway. I know that your job is a content creator, but your house should be first and foremost filled with things that you love and that bring you joy. If you love the chairs, you should keep them regardless of if they “work”. You already designed the “perfect” room first (and I do think it looked perfect!), but it didn’t make you fully happy. Design it this time to make you fully happy! I also just wanted to let you know that even if you change things in your house I am truly grateful for your first design because it helped me figure out what my own style is and how to make my house something I love, so thank you!

    1. Yes! I agree. Seeing those chairs every day and loving them + remembering that moment when you victoriously stole them out from under other people’s noses? Worth so much more than having them go perfectly with the rest of the house. Like you said, this is an “in-process” snapshot and I’m sure the final iteration will be fun, interesting, and BEAUTIFUL as always!

  73. Ugh. This post makes me feel so much better about my own struggles with vintage.
    I think the chairs are BEAUTIFUL and special in a way that only that great rare vintage find can be. MUCH more special-looking than the original gray upholstered chairs, which yes, did look more comfortable.
    This purchase epitomizes what can be so exciting but so difficult about vintage. You can almost never return it, you can’t “try it out” by going to a big box store and sitting on it, you are often in a frantic time crunch to buy it before someone else swoops in on that magical vintage treasure–but when you get it home you often find it is uncomfortable AND may not be in such great shape. I recently bought two vintage knock-off Breuer chairs for my kitchen, but was dismayed to find the nubbins on the bottom were catching in the grooves of the tile floor. Within two months both chairs started canting to the left, and at the four month mark my son went right through the caning on one of them. We are back to the K-mart Windsor chairs my husband bought 12 years ago which slide over our tile perfectly but are obviously neither unique nor special.
    Emily, I feel your pain. I like a girl who will buy expensive, less-comfortable, kind-of-squeaky chairs just because they are AWESOME. Those chairs are freaking gorgeous.
    PS I like the suggestion to get special chairs for Charlie and Birdie.

  74. The chairs are very you but maybe not very this house in this current configuration. I love the idea of taking them to the mountain house and can totally see them fitting in the more mid-century, cool, warm, scandi-vibe thing you have going there.

    On the kid topic…when I was a growing up my neighbors invested in some expensive Ethan Allen furniture (a big investment in my modest middle class neighborhood) which included white upholstery on the dining chairs and white couches. As the neighborhood babysitter, I was always astonished that the kids were not allowed to sit on the furniture in the living room and sat on towels while eating in the dining room. Though I am sure that as young adults the boys now have full seating privileges in the house, the furniture that their parents idealized as so luxurious and beautiful had the ill effect of making parts of the house “off limits” in ways that made it less than functional for their family. And, while we all dream of fabulous entertainment spaces in our homes, let’s be honest, the furniture mainly serves the people who live there. I have a penchant for vintage furniture (especially squeaky chairs, preferably picked up from the side of the road, likely requiring hours of intensive refinishing to be functional, and that evoke a dramatic eye roll from my husband) but as the mother of two littles, I am learning my limits with the goal of making my house a home for all members of the family, adult and otherwise. Just a thought =)

  75. I can appreciate this chair in the photos with the round pedestal tables, but with the rectangle wood table it feels really busy and chaotic with six arm chairs and all the thin wood pieces flowing everywhere. With these sculptural chairs, the counter stools really feel disharmonious existing in the same space.

    1. This aligns with my comment last week that I think the banquette area in the mountain house really just needed a round table (not a banquette with horrible design /depth for seating comfort). Which you could then put these chairs around. Boom.

  76. A camel or brown leather would be gorgeous, match your kitchen nicely, and be super kid friendly. Can’t wait to see what you choose!

  77. I love these chairs and also dream of owning some one day. But I feel your pain as I have six original Mart Stam beige leather chairs which when I have a dinner party sounds like we are dinning on a ship 🚢 🤣. But I can’t bear to part with them as I love them so much.

    1. HA! I know exactly what you mean 😂

  78. I disagree with those who say that the Cherner chairs do not belong in this style house. It’s boring to have everything match the age of the house. I don’t believe you are trying to achieve a purely authentic English Tudor theme. Think of Jessica Helgerson’s work. She’s always mixing modern and old in turn of the century homes and it looks amazing. I do agree that the bar stools feel out of place. They have always felt too industrial to me. I guess I’ve never been into metal chairs. As for upholstery, I’d go with a dark mossy color fabric or pleather to match your kitchen. If you plan to restore the chairs, please find a “fine” woodworker to help with the creaks. Don’t use a reclaimed wood furniture maker who slaps pieces of old wood together and calls it furniture. There is a major difference between fine woodworkers and regular carpenters. Good luck, Emily! I love those chairs. Keep them forever! They will never go out of style.

  79. I love these chairs – and while I agree with a lot of the other commenters that they don’t seem to fit with your kitchen island and barstools, I feel like a few tweaks would get them there.

    My eyes want to see a more navy blue tone for the chair upholstery – that would feel a bit more traditional, while still classic Em Henderson, and would play a bit nicer with the green of the island. Maybe a worn denim or indigo? Something with some quiet texture and slight depth of color and fading (and durable!). That would make these look a little less “futuristic”.

    I also think the current wood has a bit too much red tone. If you’re getting them refinished anyway, I’d either stay dark but more gray-brown tone, or lighten them up to natural wood color. Either one would play better with the existing wood tones in your kitchen and dining, including the yellow tone of the counter stools.

    I think a skilled craftsman could easily make them a bit less creaky – when you have them refinished, I’m sure they can tighten everything up.

  80. Love the chairs – fantastic buy!! Pick out a nice Crypton fabric and have a good upholstery person check the nails and it should resolve the creakiness. You scored!! Love your blog – love your style!

    1. Thank you thank you xx

  81. I don’t feel like digging through posts to confirm this thought, but wouldn’t these look awesome in the mountain house with black leather?? I also didn’t feel like reading all the comments so forgive me if someone beat me to it!

    1. Yes putting them in the mountain house has been brought up and might be an option.. we will see 🙂

  82. Score! I agree that Cherner chairs = life goals.

    It doesn’t bother me at all that the chairs don’t exactly match the style or the wood tones in the rest of the kitchen. A beautiful piece of art like a Cherner is perfect just the way it is without having to be “matchy-matchy”. I do agree with previous commenters that using different and more comfortable chairs for your kids is the way to go. That’s what we’ve done for my two toddlers, and it’s so much easier than forcing them to sit on our not-kid-friendly adult chairs. I’ve accepted that this is how my house will look for now, and when they’re older they can graduate to the adult chairs.

  83. while i love the chairs too i feel they dont work well with the style of your kitchen. They also clash with your island. Doing them in camel or black might help but I still feel like the styles will look funny. I miss your old pendant… it was so pretty.

  84. Please read!! One of my favorite vignettes EVER is the one of your current Cherner next to the antique cabinet from the post I pasted below. To me, that proves that your Cherner obsession CAN work with the style of your kitchen. I love the mix of modern, black, wood, worn, and a soft tonal color in that picture.

    With this in mind, a buttery camel leather would be so gorgeous and wouldn’t take away from how special the chairs are. Remember, it is the SHAPE of these chairs that you love, and nothing should distract from that.

    I don’t love the light with it, but I’m sure you don’t either…. no doubt your team can find some thing extra special that would knock your socks off. 😉 Katy Skelton! Allied Maker! Workstead! Lostine!

    And I think this goes without saying… new barstools (Minimal black metal? Chunky base with leather? I have faith that Team EHD can find the perfect ones!).


  85. My 2 cents. Keep the chairs . Get new bar stools that go better with the chairs. If you could find some that are more comfortable for the kiddos , and work at the table as well, scoot those babies up!

  86. These posts are so fun. Glad you found your chairs! I honestly think an easy fix is to paint your island if you want to keep the chair upholstery bright and add a pop of color to your dining room. I don’t think your bar stools would conflict if your island was white (they would disappear a bit more as you did with the mountain house stools) or if you do black to add contrast which would look great with the kitchen sconces and your dining room lights. Or you could even pick a blue to match whatever blue fabric you want.

  87. Well, those are stunning. Check out Hume Modern (on Venice, a mile-ish East of the Helms complex) for restoration. They do a ton of Eames loungers, but when I was in the shop saw a bunch of other Mid-Century furniture being restored. They were fast (and fair)!

  88. I love these chairs! I have a vintage Saarinen chair with that same blue fabric. I love it, but it’s so trashed and the padding is pretty kaput. If you find that same blue fabric – please let us know! I’d love to recover mine and keep the bright color.

  89. They are gorgeous and I think they will be amazing once they are re-upholstered and reglued (is that what they do to fix creekiness? Re-glue?); That said, I do hear what other commenters are saying. You need to change out the barstools now. And possibly the front of your bar? Don’t kill me, but I never liked that front of the bar. The chairs are so right for the space, and you did the right thing. You just need to go all in. Oh: and white sunbrella fabric will match everything back to the cabinets and tie the space up better. You were talking about wanting a more boho look to match your personality, and these chairs do exactly that. There’s a reason why you keep changing the chairs out – you really need to make the kitchen yours. Good luck!

  90. Gaaaaaa, at the vintage creaks. I have a vintage dining table and it’s driving me creaky cray cray 😜. I think with those bottom screws the restorer can fix that on your chairs 🎊🎊. I am soooo voting for camel 🐫, yes with two humps leather. Woot woot! I LOVE the chairs btw.

  91. I love the new chairs! You should absolutely keep them and do camel leather but bringing them to the mountain house.

  92. I get it! A few years ago our neighbor across the street tossed out a beautiful mid-century wood office chair; it had a small amount of wear on the arms and legs and the seat needs some attention, but other than that, it’s beautiful. I snatched it up as soon as he walked back in his front door. My husband thought I was crazy but I love that chair.

    As for your design conundrum, what if you reupholster the chairs in a green color that works with your kitchen island, and swapped out the table for something simple and white? A bit of a drastic change, I know, but right now there are so many colors it looks really busy. We have an old house, much like yours, and while we have kept all the permanent parts of the house (trim, cabinets, flooring, etc) pretty traditional to match the time period, basically all of our furniture is mid-century/Hollywood Regency, and I personally love the contrast between the more modern furniture and traditional bones of the house. That might be a way for you to reconcile your love of mid-century modern with your beautiful Tudor house.

  93. Holy CRAP that brown on brown is SO insanely good to me!! I love it so much I might die. Not really, but wow, that one is my favorite by far. Good eye and incredible luck finding these!

    1. right?? thank you so much 🙂

  94. I can literally feel your excitement for finding the vintage thing your heart sings for! I love the idea of blue upholstery and 2 chairs for the kids that coordinate that don’t creek!

  95. Get the chair color you love, camel or blue both sound great. I would ignore the color of the island, because I bet that’s going to change soon with the changes you’ve done in both the living room and dining area. You’re moving away from the more traditional look you started with for this house. And I like that! I also liked the more traditional. 🙂

    1. good point!

  96. I have been guilty of buying style over comfort and we’ve kind of got a ban on that now. Currently in the process of replacing armchairs that look good but that no-one likes sitting on (Grant Featherstone chairs I’m looking at you!). We’re not going down the LazyBoy or Stressless route but there’s got to be something out there. I think dining chairs are particularly hard – my husband hates our current ones and is always offering guest cushions for dinner – which irritates me no end. Oh, the struggles of life!!!

  97. Love, love, love those chairs and the bright blue fabric (did you notice it picks up on the blue in the painting on the wall?). A nice leather could work to, but love that pop of color in the room.

  98. The chairs are fantastic. You love them, keep them. The kids will learn to wiggle less –eventually. It’s a good thing for them to learn! I would go with a dark color upholstery more in the blue/green tones of the island. But, I agree with most of the comments that the stools need to go if you keep the chairs. The beige metal just shouts out too much now. Maybe a wooden stool with no back or a low back so that it doesn’t compete with the swirl of the wood?
    The chairs are so elegant and dramatic…they need to be the star for a while. Personally, I would use a different table that was a little less chunky, but I see where you can sometimes mix chunky and sleek/modern and rustic. Keep those amazing chairs.

  99. Well, I absolutel love the chairs! Color and all! I would figure out a way to make them work. If I could afford them, I would beg you to sell them to me, if you ever decide to get rid of them.

  100. I love them and they feel very “old Emily” – especially the blue upholstery.
    Honestly, I think it’s nice to get a splash of OG Emily in the dining/ kitchen space … but I do agree that there is some clashing going on. Specifically, I don’t think the stools and Cherner chairs really get along.
    Can you get separate chairs for the kids that you just don’t photograph?? The chairs are so sculptural, I fear it’s going to be difficult to add padding and reinforce the chairs without harming their aesthetic and/or value.
    On a separate note, I think camel leather would probably be beautiful but I kind of love the blue 🙂

  101. You know when you’re so jealous of someone’s beautiful perfect out of financial reach for you chairs that your chest gets a little tight and you feel a bit sorry for yourself? That’s where I’m at with those chairs. Maybe someday my dream will come true and I will get my hands on a pair. You made the right call with the light, too!
    I’d disregard anyone who thinks you should dumb down your chairs to match other items. I love a good eclectic mix- it’s a form of art. I suppose if practical concerns really, really forced my hand- I’d keep two for the ends, and find complimentary more practical chairs for the sides. In which case please have a lottery for your readers to win the other pairs 😀

  102. I LOVE those chairs. I liked them so much I googled them to see what was available out there. On the website Hive Modern they offer these chairs with a HUGE variety of colored vinyl and other fabric. I wasn’t able to see what the chair looked like with different fabrics, which I wish they did. Take a look, it will also make you feel AMAZING about the price you paid.

    1. yeah it’s a bummer that they don’t let you see all the options ON the chair. You kind of just have to imagine it (I also looked when I was helping Em find some inspiration shots).

  103. I Looooooooooooove them! They are amazing. I even like them with that table. Maybe 2 of them on the ends only though and then something simple like Salt chairs on the sides….? This would also connect in the counter stools I think. I think all of them are just too much for the space since they all have arms.. Something similar happened to me once, but I eventually found the perfect use for the chairs (it took a while; just didn’t work as I originally thought.) Using two at either end might be a great compromise for now…? I vote for a camel colored seat or a shade of green or maybe a blue like is on it now…good luck! No matter what they’re awesome and are lucky to have a home where they are loved. ;).

  104. There are 3 spaces that I need to be functional and comfortable in my house – my bed, my couch and my dining room chairs. That’s where we have the most quality time as a family and i always have fond memories of family and friend dinners where everyone sits at the table until late into the night. I understand you’re a designer and 25 year old emily May have wanted those but you’re a mom now. Also I love to see beautiful, functional design. These just remind me too much of the old school sitting rooms that no one was allowed to actually sit in.

  105. I LOVE the chairs…what a score!! They are classic and sculptural. As a temporary, child-friendly solution for upholstery, what about Sunbrella? I agree with some of the others that the pine table is a discordant note.

  106. The chairs are stunning but something is not quite working here. They don’t pop with that table and both lose what make them special in my opinion. I vote to use them at the mountain house. Use 2-3 opposite the banquette and hoard the others for extra seating or for the day you get sick of the banquette. Chairs this special still make a statement as a pair.

    1. Forgot to add: this way, the kids can sit at the banquette instead of in the fancy chairs. They would look fabulous in black and would really play off the island at the mountain house!

  107. The chairs will be lovely once they are reupholstered in leather. The arms bring more structural formality and would look best in a real dining room with an antique rug under the table. The squeaking can be mitigated with a joint swelling compound to reduce the friction caused by age and wear. I can certainly understand your excitement at this find!

  108. Ufff, these chairs are beautiful! I think black leather would be super-elegant and harken to those black kitchen sconces really nicely (from angles where your eye can see both). I also think you could do two of this chair at each end of the table, one under that corner painting, and then two kid-friendlier chairs on the longer sides of the table for everyday living. Life’s too short to deal with kiddos’ wiggly bottoms distracting you at every meal BUT life’s also too short to not try making the thrones of your dreams work! Good luck!

  109. Oh wow! I guess you did ask for people’s opinions. This is why I could never blog. I think your chairs are really stunning. Long ago I threw out the rule books in my own home. I fill it with things I love. I mix wood tones, metals, and everything else. Somehow when a room is full of things you love it has its own kind of cohesiveness. Why shouldn’t you be free to mix design aesthetics? You didn’t get where you are by designing rooms that look like a page from a furniture catalog. I think your instincts have proved themselves again and again. Don’t give up on your chairs.

  110. (Hi! Materials Engineer again!) With someone sitting on the chair, try to identify if the squeak is coming from the base, or if it’s from the legs down by the floor. If it’s the base, it looks like you can unscrew the legs from the base – do so, put a thin strip of felt, or even very thin suede (the goal is to find a strip of something that will allow the wood to slide easily without wearing away or being too thin to be effective like something smeared/sprayed on there would) wherever the wood makes contact between base and legs (use 3M command strips if necessary), then screw everything back together to secure. If it’s the legs squeaking on the floor as the legs bow out, try putting some felt pads on the bottom (NOT the rubber kind). That should resolve the issue. Good luck!

  111. Oh my gosh, I also love the bright blue! The fabric goes perfectly with your flea market painting. 🙂

  112. Great find, those chairs are beautiful! I think that a darker more muted blue would probably go better with your island, a pretty camel would definitely go with everything but I love the blue on those chairs. You may want to consider a new table and bar stools to make it all more cohesive.

  113. I’m not at all a designer, but maybe a patterned material that picks up the color in the island? And either stain the barstools a more medium shade to blend with the chairs/the table bottom or remove all stain and clear coat to match the tabletop? I like the idea of removing all the stain on the barstools myself; I just really like the idea of a little more natural wood color in that room to highlight the color of the tabletop. Just some thoughts.

    1. Addendum: A mid century modern tropical floral might work, incorporating both the brighter blues you love, and the darker teal of the island. Sorry, I forgot to include that part.

  114. Hi Emily – I think they are too large and too futuristic looking for the space. IMHO obvs !! Safe flight xx

  115. Camel leather allllll the way!

  116. Why not a beautiful bright blue leather? So Emily!

  117. I love the blue!!! Maybe in leather? And it goes with the art you have on the wall!

  118. The pop of color is fun— but with so many elements and bringing in this new style, I’m loving the idea of the tonal camel!

    Trying to wrap my head around how they’re working with the table has me thinking staining it black! Would tie into the sconces in the kitchen and clash less with the chairs.

  119. I like those chairs and I *love* the blue color. And they are a real find, so that’s great. That said, the shape makes me think of people who have too much in their arms and are about to topple over (that’s just the way my mind works; similarly, I find a lot of light fixtures annoying because they look to me like bug antennas, especially when their cords are inching up the walls alongside them). I do think the chairs clash with the green of the island and somewhat less with the bar stools. I have seen some good ideas in the comments — about possibly designing some pieces yourself (hey!), making sure a fixer-upper dude(ette) won’t harm the chairs’ value, and possibly using different chairs for the kids at mealtime (sounds like a drag, but switching them out would probably take 15 seconds, no?). Initially I thought this was a “Mountain House” post and I thought the chairs fit well there. But as always, it’s up to you. 🙂

    1. Camel or blonde vinyl for sure. Actually, I love the shape of the previous chairs. Kind of wish those were in a light blonde leather or vinyl. I have twin toddlers, so I get the function aspect.

    2. Hi Emily
      I love the chairs, the table everything. I know you will be recovering them & by the way the camel color leather sounds great. What I do think is the stools don’t fit the look. I think a wood, or leather low back would look great. You know what you’re doing I have complete confidence. Look at all the other spaces you designed.
      I can’t wait to see what you do with the space.

  120. Keep the chairs because they’re your dream and no one else’s opinion matters! Reupholster in the brown to match the stain – the beauty of the chairs lines speak for itself. I would however change out the counter-stools, the two styles compete. Those could be super simple in white/brass to blend with the kitchen finishes and also not “compete” with the new chairs 🙂

  121. Emily, the lines and curves and integrity of those chairs is making me positively swoon…….great design is timeless…….honestly, the good bone structure will make any solid fabric or leather magnificent. I am excited to see your final decision!

  122. I LOVE your new/vintage chairs!!! (Congrats on finding them. Lucky!) My suggestion would be to use a pale gray for the back cushion and a darker gray for the seat. And I like your idea of going with either leather or vinyl. Can’t wait to see what you actually decide to do!

    1. Love these chairs. They really make the room. I like the blue, I would do the blue leather. As the island color is a little muted, I would paint it a color similar to what it is, but a brighter cleaner version of the same color, to go with the chairs. Stain the top of the table and put a finish on it to be closer to the chairs. I like the idea of giving the kids their own chairs for now, a comfy bench with a back or putting a super comfy chair pad in the new chairs for the kids for now that you can take out for shoots. I think the stools are okay with the chairs.

  123. I love the chairs, Emily. The make me wish that you still had the blue gondola sofa, though.

    Be careful with re-uphostering them – use someone familiar with maintaining the original lines of the chairs. Don’t add more padding, as it will ruin those lines. Maybe do one with fresh foam under the upholstery to see how it feels? If it’s still not good, maybe flat cushions for each chair to add a little tush comfort. I have two Milo Baughman lounge chairs in their original celadon faux leather. The color is divine and the upholstery is in perfect condition, but the foam under it apparently has turned to concrete. I have not reupholstered them because I love the original color so much. So they are like sculptures in my house that some people think are chairs! Lol. Here’s hoping that all you need to make your chairs more comfy is new foam.

    The Cherner chairs look like a misery for a small child – no real back support down low, sloping down to the back at the rear of the seat, armrests spread out so far that they offer no support, either. Why not two Cherner chairs as “head” and “foot” chairs for you and Brian, with different chairs for the kids that work for their little bodies? You could use the other four Cherner Chairs around the house and pull them all into the DR for adult dining parties.

  124. I think this chair has way more impact sitting alone when it can truly stand out as the most useful sculpture in your house 😉 Seeing 6 together turns them into a meeting of zoomorphic creatures for me. Maybe this is a case of too much of a good thing? If anyone can figure out how to use them you can! Excited to see what you do.

    1. I was going to say the same thing!!

      Just stand alone ( or MAYBE a set flanking a buffet could work).

      The earlier post where it was under the painting was such a beautiful sculptural moment. I fell in love with the chair!!

      With so many in takes away, almost makes me assume they are more mass produced, doesn’t seem as special, and most importantly I can’t really appreciate the gorgeous lines of the chair pushed up to a table.

      I love it facing out where I can appreciate it’s stunning lines.

      I also agree, they just don’t say kitchen table to me.

  125. Thank you for the Cherner chair education.

    Off topic: do the micro-pendants provide enough light for the table/the room? Is looking up at the lightbulbs without a diffuser at all blinding to the eyes? I like the look, and I want to replace my pleated pendant also. I would love any advice or comment you could share. Thank you.

  126. If you can stand to read one more comment, I am here to suggest actual products that will achieve what you want with these Cherner chairs. The CALICO retail stores carry a great line of Kravet Sta-Kleen Faux Leathers. They come in wonderful colors and textures, even pearlescent and metallic finishes–and there are 20 blue and blue-greens, plus even more camel and mahogany colors.

    The Sta-Kleen surface is impermeable. You can dry-erase ballpoint pen and wipe out permanent marker with rubbing alcohol. Most everything else comes off with a little soap and water. Sta-Kleen Faux Leathers have a hand and tactile feel very close to real leather. They are highly abrasion resistant and durable.

    Whatever you decide to do about the children’s chairs, this may be the practical answer to recovering the Cherner chairs. Calico also has a superb faux suede in 60+ colors: SENSUEDE upholsters beautifully and is easy to clean, but would perform more like the Crypton upholstery fabric that you’re tired of cleaning–even though it does clean up well.

    I also suggest that you seek out upholsterers who are experienced at working with antique furniture–this is not the place to look for cheap labor in Tiajuana. The Calico stores work with top upholsterers and handle many delicate jobs for customers. I’m confident you’ll find great solutions to your decorating challenges!

  127. I think u should do bright blue and then repaint the island in the kitchen so it goes better with the chairs.

  128. First off, I love these chairs!!
    I feel they are exactly what you were talking about a while ago about getting back to taking more risk and using more found objects. I love the idea of upholstering them in one piece that includes the spine.

    My only thought is that you need to bring something else into the kitchen area that also feels intentionally mid-century or eclectic. Maybe this is as simple as an accessory on the counter that mimics or compliments the movement of the chair arms.
    Lastly, while I love your bar stools, I feel they now clash and should be replaced with something extremely simple that give your new chairs the center of attention they deserve!
    Congrats on the find. From a fellow designer 🙂

  129. I adore those chairs too, but I have three kids under eight and I think it’s mostly “function over form” for that crowd. They won’t appreciate the swooping, architectural arms – they might slide/fall out of the openings and/or break one (they do look rather spindly). I personally stay away from anything that’s not sturdy and machine-washable.

    Quick question, though: are you planning on keeping the same tone of blue in the chairs? Does it bother you that the more aqua tone in the chairs doesn’t match the grayer tone of the green island behind them? I’m trying to pick paint colors for my first house and like both gray-toned and aqua-toned colors, but can’t seem to combine them in a way that seems intentional.

  130. I think that visually they are cool chairs, but they really don’t seem to go with the look of your kitchen or dining room at all. They just seem a bit out of place.

  131. cool chairs but I don’t care for them in your 100 year old tudor and vintage-y kitchen. Just nit the right setting. Sorry!

  132. hmm.. i see what people are saying about the different woods and the different stool and dining chair styles. Nevertheless, I find it super annoying when everything goes together (read: basic b = bleh). I like things to look collected and special. I guess I lean towards eclectic, and I LOVE wood. To me, these chairs are different spaces and can have a diff character. I say, keep the gorgeous chairs and update the stools if they really must match.

    summary – matching is boring! (in my opinion)

  133. Totally digging the black vinyl for a classic look. I really think the dark contrast of black will work best AND still give you the pop I think you like with the bold color. Blending with a camel or brown vinyl would be my second choice but won’t give you the same pop.

  134. Berrie Benson (in her home featured in domino so many years ago) had beautiful upholstery in her dining room and covered the chairs in temporarily in clear vinyl. Sounds granny but it worked with kids. She also had an upholstered bench. Maybe stick the kids on the bench for a few years?

    I wish I’d done this after I’d reupholstered our dining room chairs in beautiful fabric to find sharpie on them one week later. 🙁

  135. Hi!!! David Johnson, of Sidecar Furniture, is a master woodworker and seat weaver specializing in the conservation of Danish modern chairs. David is a pal/peer of Semi-Handmade and did a magnificent job on a handful of custom period pieces, large to small, of office furniture for our mid-century commercial office at the 9000 Sunset Blvd. Eight years later the walnut is mint shape on desk, credenza and side table that get daily use. FOR YOUR CHAIR… His chair work has been featured at/in LACMA, Dwell, etc. His family is terrific and Eastside LA based. These chairs will be in working order soon!


  136. I love the new chairs but really don’t think they fit the aesthetic of your kitchen or other furniture in the room. They also seem too large or grand for that size table to me…I think they would suit a larger table in a bigger room that they could make a statement in. This room doesn’t do them justice…even though I love everything else in the room!

    Ps I love that Emily doesn’t always get everything perfect and right the first time and I really enjoy the discussions she creates by including her audience in the process. She shows her vulnerability and I appreciate it.

  137. I love these chairs….for me! If you decide to sell please post on the blog!

  138. I love the blue that is on the chairs.

  139. Such gorgeous chairs! Congratulations! When I look at the photos my eye keeps being drawn to the light color of the stool bases behind them. So I am liking your suggestion of a light camel leather or vinyl to help the two get along during meal times:)

    1. Super sculptural pieces like these chairs do best with room to breathe around them, like in your first inspiration picture. Stuffed into a dine-in kitchen with barstools and table and granny-style glass display cases, they just seem too many arms and legs. They also need a much simpler sleeker table so they dont conflict in styles (tulip table is perfect). Either get rid of a whole bunch of stuff and design around these chairs, or go with chairs that dont scream for that much attention.

  140. Now I’m obsessed with these chairs!! They’re amazing. And what a steal. I love the camel, forest green, white, black and steel blue leather ideas for fabric. But I’m worried the chairs are too low for the table. We have that issue and it’s not fun. Every time I eat, I’m uncomfortable.

    They’re such a signature piece, as a unit, that they seem to demand other changes. New table and like someone else said maybe new counter stools. But maybe they’re worth the extra effort. They are incredible.

  141. Grot in Redondo Beach might be able to restore your chairs- not sure about leather work, but they do a lot of mid-century restoration.
    We have a similar problem- a dining room set from the 60s that I love, with six chairs that need to be restored- and they’re very squeaky, as well!
    By the way, I LOVE your chairs. The bent wood is dreamy…and priceless!! I have faith they’re “fixable” ❤️

  142. It’s great you mentioned color as one of the important things to keep in mind when looking for a bar stool since coordinating everything would make things look nice. Another thing to consider is the size of the stool since you wouldn’t want to get a small cover for a decidedly large stool. If I had the chance to work with making bar stools I would want to make sure that each and every bar stool cover that I make would be usable by any kind of stool that would need some protection. https://barstoolcovers.com/collections/bar-stool-covers

  143. You could always just sell the chairs to me 😊. I would talk to the guy at Modernica.net – if he can’t fix them he will know who can.

  144. I am frequent reader of your posts and it’s always delight to here from you. I understand how excited you are because I have been through the same during my home remodeling process. Looking forward to see your completed renovation pics.

  145. The chairs are stunning but dining chairs need to be comfy so memory foam backing in maybe an olive or mustard clever velvet that can be wiped clean. These colours would go with the brass lights and grey paint

  146. Love the chairs. Haven’t read all the comments but I think it is time to paint the island white. It stands out too much and would rather you highlight something else visually

  147. So many haters out there, geez! I love how you share your home so openly and I seriously love these chairs, hubba hubba 😍, and such an amazing score too 🙌! One trick I use quite a bit is good old fashioned coconut oil. I buy the spray can at Trader Joe’s and use it to stop any squeaks around the house, squeaky door – spray some coconut oil on the hinge, squeaky chairs – spray some coconut oil on the bolts/washers. Works like a charm, and it’s a natural product, which is always a plus!

  148. The brown leather is calling out to me. I think because it truly looks like sculpture rather than a chair!

  149. Bright and blue, just the way they are!

  150. Hhhmmm……I just read through all the comments, because somehow, I’m smitten with your new chairs and wanted to see what other people thought.

    Sadly, I see that some people find creative abrasive. I find matchy matchy abrasive. Cookie cutter, everything the same, blah, blah, bland. These chairs are creative and curious and add such a depth of attitude to your home. I’ve been waiting to see your personality shine through…and here it is!

    I remember you stating that you didn’t want to be “bullied” by the house any more, as in you wanted to do your own thing, regardless of the purported pedigree of the house.

    THIS! These chairs ARE doing your own thing and standing for it, without being dictated to by the house. DO YOUR THING EMILY!

    The best style ever is the one where the person shines through and these chairs are you. 🙂

  151. OMGoodness, Emily! How did you get to that set before me? 😂. I, like you, have been wanting a set of Cherner Armchairs forever. I’m so happy for you and they look fabulous with your table! I’ll continue my search. Don’t know about the LA area, but I have used a crazy good repair company in AZ. They repaired my Knoll tulip table to perfection. I love your idea of camel leather for the redo! So quiet and calm. Again, well-done! Also, just loved your post of the ten DIY kitchens….especially the South African one!

  152. the chairs are fantastic! can you talk me through the refinishing process of your dining room table. is this a diy job?

  153. I think it has to be a tonal leather. The bright colour turns those chairs into a different beast altogether. Is it really necessary to go upholstered at all…?

  154. Oh my goodness those chairs are beautiful. I can’t stop gazing at them. I think they look stunning around your table and it doesn’t matter a bit that they are mid-century in a Tudor-ish setting. I’m in for the toning brown leather so there are no contrasts – beauteous. I am in agreement about the stools though. I haven’t ever liked them but they look worse now (sorry, is that rude?). Couldn’t you get some nice oak stools without backs (hate backs – stuff comfort)? A Russell Pinch Imo stool would be lovely (or are they just available where I am here in the UK?). In fact you’d love all of his furniture …

  155. One night my husband and I were sipping martinis and listening to Sergio Mendes (Mas, que nada) when he tripped and plowed right into one of my favorite chairs. It was of those moments when you’re trying to prevent yourself from falling and you go into like a destructive run. He ended up flattening it like a pancake. I loved that chair, to say the very least and I’m still holding a secretive grudge. It wasn’t a Cherner chair, but it was very similar looking with curving arms and spindly legs. My husband is 6’4 and not exactly fine boned. I asked him about your Cherner chairs and he said if he sat in one he could make them do the splits. So the question that begs to be asked (at least by me) is what does your husband think of the chairs? Does he figure into your design plans? Are all of your friends all super skinny? And, does your husband drink martinis? I guess we won’t be receiving a dinner invitation from you any time soon. Love your blog. Sincerely.

  156. I LOVE THESE. Interior Define has a beautiful navy blue (with a bit of brightness to it) Sunbrella fabric that they offer on their furniture. It is called Pacific. That would be beautiful on these and easy for cleanup. Also, I know it sounds like a Sunbrella fabric would be stiff and gross, but it is relatively thin and soft. Super nice.

  157. I agree with another commenter who suggested they’d be better suited for the mountain house. That being said, I think this room is needing a touch of black. I’m not loving the three different wood tones going on between the table and chairs. Maybe the table base needs to be stripped to match the top or painted/stained a dark color, perhaps paint the barstool frames black?? As for the creaking, it’s probably just a matter of tightening the screws. For the upholstery, maybe an ivory vinyl.

  158. Hi! I’m of the same opinion as others here : very beautiful chairs but they clash with the island, barstool, island pendant.

    But I would also add : they clash with everything in the picture : too many wood tones, the table style, the light over the table…

    In my opinion, for these chairs to shine, they need a less complex table (like the tulip table). They need to be the focal point. ThEY give me the vibe : sophisticated but uncomfortable…

    There’s a reason why you had that light fixture and these big chairs: they fit with overall style of the kitchen and the overall theme of your home. You’re slowly changing the style of the core (kitchen/dining room) of your house. I would have seen these new chairs in your old home.

    My color choice for upholstery : camel leather! Not vinyl on chairs worth 6-10k, that’s blasphemy!! 😉 But it might depend on the way you go to fit everything! Can’t wait to see how you will style these chairs so that it looks intentional and not strangely mismatched. Quite a challenge you gave yourself!

    Anyway, that’s just my opinion! Always kindly meant!

  159. I love Cherner chairs! I don’t love them with this table or with the barstools. I’m sure you will make them work or find another space for them. Great find!

  160. Great update!! Lovely chairs. I’d go for a blue or white microfiber that is kid friendly., black as last choice. And so glad you changed that awful light out. Looks so much cleaner and much more modern. Also, not liking the foot-kick color of the island with the blue chair color as is. Just saying…

  161. I agree with one of the other commenters that these could work great at the mountain house (and match the vibe up there much more than the LA house). Glad you got your dream chairs! But I agree they don’t go very well with the needs and design of your current dining room.

    I’m excited to see what creative approach you take to make these fit in to your space and feel like what you’ve always dreamed of.

  162. They are really, really pretty! What a find! I have old creaky chairs too. Let me know if you find a way to “uncreak ’em”!

  163. I personally really LOVE these chairs, I think they are amazing and I love the color of the upholstery. I would try to find something as close as possible, just because I think they are gorgeous. That being said, I understand with kids, leaning towards vinyl or leather. In that case I would pick a camel to pick up the lighter woods like the floor, etc.
    As for the comfort level, I feel like unless you intend to have hour or more long meals, it’s not a big deal. If you are regularly sitting around the table playing board games, doing homework, having lengthy meals, sometimes you sacrifice a little comfort for style. Heels aren’t the most comfortable thing ever, but they look great…. just my two cents.
    I do agree with some of the other comments though that the barstools really stick out like a sore thumb now however.

  164. EH,

    You should upholster those chairs in the same color leather as the white on the stools behind them. This would let the blue color of your island stand out. Have a great weekend!

  165. I’d like to see these chairs with a black marble pedestal dining table.

  166. I’m usually a reader, not a commenter, but I’m feeling compelled to weigh in. I agree with a number of people on several points. Not increasing the padding, which would detract from the lovely Cherner design. Using a neutral, light butterscotch or cream leather or vinyl would be so pretty and would pick up on the flooring and the light fixtures. The table, stools and paint on the island seem to belong in another home, especially since the pendant and new fixture speak the same Paris bistro language. It’d be great to find a new table (tulip?) that would echo the shape of the Cherner set, without competing. Maybe painting the island a deep indigo (Hague Blue?) would elevate it to align with the chairs? Deep blue and brass are so classic! I also agree that kids are little beasts to furniture and special ikea chairs would save your investment. TLDR: great chairs!

  167. Before I completed reading your post I definitely decided a honey yellow (yes, camel leather color) would work really well on those chairs and being the room together. Perhaps you’ll surprise with some other color or pattern, but the camel leather would most quickly bring together the wood pine floors, the wood color of the stools, and brass pendant chandelier.
    Nice chandelier by the way.

  168. Also, if you are interested in donating the pleated light, my dining room (and I) would be happy to release you of it.

  169. I commented before that I like the idea of camel, but I could see the Blue upholstery working if you paint the island and replace the stools. The stools should be replaced anyhow and have more simple lines because those chairs want to stand out all on their own. Beautiful find.

  170. Happy Mother’s Day, Emily! The chairs look awesome and your style is divine so whatever you choose will be great! I saw this chair in Toy Story 2 last night while watching it with our little guy and was like, “there goes Emily’s chair.”

  171. I love the new chairs (my favorite so far) and the table is for sure a keeper, but I think it’s time to say “farewell” to your barstools. Honestly, you have been struggling to find something that works with them and it’s okay to scrap them if it’s just not working.

  172. Sohttps://www.wayfair.com/furniture/pdx/george-oliver-chagnon-swivel-bar-stool-ara3601.htmlmething like these barstools would be perfect!

  173. absolutely love the new chairs – in the same predicament, want comfortable chairs for dining space. Always thought the other chairs were too puffy for a young family, well any kind of real life. Our dining chairs (chosen by my husband) are sooo uncomfortable, but its so tough to get pretty and comfy. I am so happy that you have found them, the look is perfect, the colour dreamy, you may have to just buy some without arms if they are newer and stronger 🙁

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