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An Update on Our Family Room


The Family room has been a room that I’ve struggled with since we moved in. We didn’t know how we would use it and if you don’t know how you are going to use the space it sure is hard to design it. Would it be a play room? TV den? And how much time would we want to spend here? Well, I’m happy to say that we have figured that out and it’s coming right along ….

But let’s recap where this room has been since we bought it.

Here is what it looked like when we first bought it – actually when we FIRST bought it the bay window was completely covered with the vines that cover the front of our house – like pitch black.


We trimmed them back (and even more since this). This room may have been a dining room, I’m not sure. Those two doors led to the hallway that housed the hot water heater and washer/dryer and a closet on the right. We renovated (see this post here) to open the space up as that particular area – as well as the entry into the kitchen was dark and totally under utilized. A fun game to play is ‘where do you want to stand/sit’ in your house and if there is one obvious place that you want to be less than everywhere else – then change it. In our house it was this space – the kitchen entrance (a tiny swinging door) and the den. So we opened it all up.


Gah. MAN. That is hard to look at. As we were renovating (in the world’s fastest renovation ever) we had to choose all the paint colors in basically one day without sampling on the wall. I chose neutrals for most rooms and then for fear of being WAY too boring we decided to go dark with this one. We painted it Stiffkey Blue by Farrow and Ball and the color itself is great, but we weren’t psyched about what it did for the room (duh, it created a long dark hallway).

But we lived with it for a bit, unsure of what was the perfect solution.


We fostered that sofa for a while from Sixpenny and shoved all the toys in a messy piece of garbage book shelf that I got from the flea market that fell apart 6 days later.


See? The color was good, but ugh, not for that weird space.  I tried a few vintage rugs (below) and it just got worse and worse ….


What I didn’t realize (and what I wrote about in the first post) is that when you have slightly awkward architecture, what you DON’T want to do is highlight it with all of a sudden a much darker paint color. Additionally if you want your house to flow nicely visually and you have an open concept layout, then do not paint one large portion of that floor something MUCH much darker. It made the entire house feel smaller. Save your dark colors for enclosed spaces, not a room that is shared with the rest of the floor. (Great, advice, Emily – I sure wish you had told me that  5 months ago.)

We painted it Ammonite from Farrow and Ball, and INSTANTLY felt so much better. It was like the house itself sighed in relief. We have that color in our bedroom and I could not love it any more. And by the way it’s not the same color as the entry/stairwell (blackened) or kitchen (strong white) and it looks great together. I was slightly worried about the tones, but it’s just a really pretty tonal story that adds some depth and interest, in the most subtle way.


We styled it out for this Target shoot before loading in our furniture.


Previously I had shown you a working mood board (not finalized, folks) and we are getting closer to completion.


I asked you to help decide between the more granny antique persian rug or the solid indoor/outdoor rug (in this post). I chose the antique and couldn’t be happier.

Meanwhile we got to work on the custom sofa. I LOVED the one in the mood board from Anthropologie, but sadly we needed much shorter and yet deeper. So we worked with Clad Home in LA (Rosa Beltran’s furniture line) to customize our dream family room sofa.

What I loved so much about the sofa was that it was modern, with traditional elements, had a simple seat cushion and back (not multiples) which has become a big trend that I’m into. The arms are tiny which provides more seating. It’s 5″ off the floor which makes the room feel bigger (sofas that are all the way to the ground can ground a space but also cut your eye off).


When customizing a sofa I highly suggest working with someone who has a TON of experience in doing just that. The amount of tiny measurements needed that you need to specify is daunting and if you get them wrong you could really ruin the design (which I have before). It’s not just width x height x depth. Clad has an insane amount of experience making any style, length, size (and making custom sleepers that are so pretty). Yes she gave me a discount but you’ll see that her prices are actually very affordable considering that you can make any custom sofa with only a 6 week lead time. I believe that she will ship all over, but Clad is based in LA.


I chose this super soft poly-blend velvet that is really easy to wipe up and I spent more to get the most comfortable feather/foam combination (something you should always ask about). I think it was an additional $300 to upgrade. Clad provided the fabric so I can’t link it up (its included in their cost), but they will be able to let you know what it is if you are interested. I think this one would have cost $3000.


It’s so dreamy, you guys. It’s incredibly deep (if the cushion is off it’s practically a twin bed) and instantly soft. It even has the Brian Henderson seal of comfort approval. If I were to do it again I would reduce the back cushion by 2″ so it doesn’t stick up above the back.


Next up – the curtains finally arrived!! I love these so very very much. I worked with Calico on them (I’ll do a full post about it) and they couldn’t be more perfect. The pattern is a blue-ish/green tree toile, in a washed linen.

Meanwhile we still haven’t really figured out what we are doing with the end of that room. Right now we have that cozy rug from Article that the kids love reading on, a toy trunk that is kinda awkward and that cabinet (that is very secure to the wall, don’t worry). I think if I were to shoot it properly I would put a round play table/chairs over there. I’m still thinking about eventually putting in a built-in shelf-storage-bench, but there are a few oddities that are stopping that idea. 1. The view from the front would be super weird if the floor to ceiling windows were blocked by something the bottom 20″ or so. 2. The windows aren’t tempered and aren’t in the best of shape. They need to be totally replaced, but that would a. be super expensive, and (more importantly) b. I’m scared that by overhauling the windows the vines that are clinging to them would get cut – and these vines are the mother roots for the growth over the entire house. Those scraggly things you see up there are actually super important or it will all die (and it’s just so dreamy). Once we get our privacy fence up I’ll consider taking a photo from the outside so you can see. My contractor didn’t really have a solid enough solution and we were just done spending money when we renovated, but maybe in a few months I’ll get some people to quote on replacing the windows and consider any solutions to make it pretty from the exterior. See … complicated.

Speaking of weird things ….


See those curtains on the right? Well, longest story ever (and one that I wasn’t really going to tell you, but well YOU KNOW ME) … here goes.

I originally chose and ordered those curtains in that fabric in those curtains for Elliot’s room before the wallpaper was up. Once it was up I realized immediately that the curtains had to be white. I had made a mistake – you’ll see once I reveal it. So I emailed Calico immediately to stop the production but these were already made. Since I was going to have to pay for new ones to be made anyway I had them bring them over when they installed everything else. In person they were just so pretty.

Meanwhile when I’ve been sitting in this room, watching TV I have felt that I wished we had the option to close it off so I didn’t have to stare at the entry and kitchen at the same time. It just felt too open.

Emily-Henderson-Family-Room-Update-05I had brought up the curtain idea even before this and Brian/Mel/Ginny thought I was crazy and pretty much said ‘no’. So how serendipitous is it that we had left over curtains, that were wide enough, and the most perfect color for this room?? They installed the rods, with pass through rings and while you can’t tell – it’s full enough (and black out, so sound absorbent!) to completely close off the room while we are watching TV but can be gathered to be totally in front of the TV during the week when we don’t really watch it.  You can’t see the curtains or rod from any other room so it’s really just a secret. We’ve had it for about 5 days and I for one LOVE it. I snuggle in and watch Married at First Sight (and now the Bachelorette!) and it feels super cozy. And if we need to use it as a makeshift guest room we can.

So do you think? Is it super weird or kinda ingenious?

Obviously we aren’t done with the room and I need to figure out what is happening in front of the window as well as what art is going up on the walls. Stay tuned, folks.

Quick resources – sofa, pouf, antique rug, blanket bin, sconce, ceiling light, solid curtain, patterned curtain, standing lamp, color block pillow, stamped pillow and the blue color block pillow is from Citta in Australia.

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I LOVE the curtains-over-the-TV-wall solution. It might not please some people, but the fabric adds warmth and coziness, and it solves the cord/ugly TV situation. I would do it myself!


I love this–where is the ceiling light from, and would it work for a similar space without such lovely windows?


Hmm, this is a tough one because there’s no getting around how awkward that room is. It just reeeeally doesn’t say “tv room/den” to me. I think it wants to be a dining room or office space, or really anything where the main furniture floats in the middle of the room.

I do think the curtain thing is no bueno. I saw it in the Facebook live and thought it looked throw-together and not at all intentional, to be honest. I totally understand why you wanted a barrier there, but it doesn’t feel right. Have at all you considered installing a hidden projector screen in the main living room? I can really see that room being a cozy den-by-night, and then the screen can be out of sight during the day. I know that still doesn’t leave a real solution for the awkward den, but I think it makes a lot of sense.


I kind of agree! They just seem a bit random and out of place. Other than that, the room is great, and the rest of the house is beautiful.


I agree. It’s like forcing a round peg in a square hole….it may fit, but still awkward.


Someone woke up on the mean side of the bed. While this room is a awkward shape/size, the coziness makes it more of a “viewing room”. It’s a shame to see so much negativity in your comment.


how is someone being “mean”? why is pointing out this room is going to look awkward and forced unless it’s what it clearly wants to be – a dining room or office, being “mean”? this is a design blog – people are sharing their honest yet tactful opinions? It’s not like Emily has to listen to any of us, but I completely agree – there is absolutely no way this room will ever not feel “round peg, square hole” unless you just embrace what the room wants to be. The only win out of this is to re-demo the room so it’s less awkward (if possible), or let it be how it should be (dining room/office/nook). Improvements otherwise are just lesser degrees of “not good”…regardless how many color changes, furniture changes, or curtains you can hang. It’s just one of those rooms. Emily seems like she’s had to make a million decisions on this house all in a short time span, which means you never really know how an entire picture is going to look at the time, PLUS you don’t know how it will feel with all the other rooms/house as a whole. It happens, that’s the entire point… Read more »


LOVE, love, love the sofa color!


Can you please share the source of the hardware for the curtains i.e. the rods and rings. They are exactly what I am looking for as well.


I love everything about the room with the huge exception of the rug. It looks as though the colors clash, it breaks up the mood, and it’s totally distracting. I’d love to see something more subtle that lets the gorgeous sofa and beautiful curtains sing. I didn’t have a strong opinion on the original post about it but now all I want is to see a more subtle option in there for comparison.

I agree. It’s a lovely rug but doesn’t compliment the sofa, at least in the photos. The sofa and curtains together–lovely.


Love the rug – just wish it was a smidge smaller so we had a border of gorgeous hardwood peeking through. But it’s so hard to find the perfect rug. Perfection is impossible and frankly boring.


I agree.


Love it! Have you considered swapping the curtain panels so the pom-poms fall on the outside edges? Since these are never in the “open” position, it might make more sense to put the accents on the outside edges?


Very good


Looks great! I’d love to know more about the curtain rod with pass through rings. Link?


These photos really amaze me and point out how useful your posts are — especially when you show the process. The room looks like an entirely different space now than it did when it was dark blue. It is beautifully open & light but still cozy now. Thank you for sharing your successes and mistakes – so helpful!


I have to say, I really like the way it looks for the Target styling. I think the chair/cabinet is great, but with the size of the couch, putting a chair right next to it seems odd. I wonder if you could move the cabinet to the other side (It feels like you need some height over there… maybe it’s just b/c there is nothing on the wall and I only see the plant in the one picture) and a chair on the other side? Could you do some sort of storage coffee table to get rid of the trunk, which looks a bit awkward? As for the curtains… it feels like A LOT of fabric going on in that room. I get the usefulness of it… and I don’t hate it. But it probably wouldn’t be my first choice.


love the curtain/tv thing. Keep them. Also, your couch is absolutely stunning. I think this might be my favorite room in the house. Close call with the dining room….


hi emily. i love just about everything you do always, but this space feels quite cold, like an ice box. the room doesn’t seem to get much ligh and all the colors are the same, bluish tones. it lacks dimension and contrast. maybe a different rug? it’s a very pretty piece, but something big and blue needs to be switched out and it can’t be the sofa because it’s so perfect. narrow spaces are so difficult, but if anyone can pull it off, it’s you.


I know, it’s hard to offer constructive criticism to the guru, but I am having a hard time too. I think it’s the curtains for me.

Also, I’m quite certain this was an office.


I agree, the room needs warmth. And it is very akward as a tv-room. It should be a diningroom or a study. I’m very curious to see what Emily does with it.


I love the curtain solution for every reason you listed!


I really love the little nook area in the styled for target shots.


Me too! It seems more grounded.


I love the Target shoot!


LOVE the sofa, the rug (I need that rug for our master bedroom!) and the curtain to hide the TV is just such a pretty solution!


Really? It feels Winchester mystery house to me. (I truly don’t mean to be mean) Emily can do no wrong, and is so far ahead of my senseabilities so I’m sure in time, I’ll love it. It is just odd to me now.


Hmm. I kinda prefer the Target shoot. But, that couch. I love that couch!


I know your stance on area rugs and that you feel this isn’t possible but I think the rug is actually too big. And I’m not sure it works with the curtains? But I might eat my words when I see the final product, which I’m sure will be amazing.


I have to say that I agree with the others who loved the Target look. It feels much more homey and lived-in. Perhaps it’s the lack of art/accessories in the current space, which seems a little moody.


That was my first reaction as well, and then I looked harder at the Target shoot. While beautiful, it’s very, very generic and doesn’t take any risk at all. Right now, this room is a work in progress, and I feel it has the potential to be fantastic once finished. As it is now, I agree with the other comments: the rug doesn’t link with the fantastic sofa, the curtains are awkward, and the room lacks warmth (art, plant, texture, styling). However, I look forward to the finished room, once the design dream team figures out what they want to do: it has the potential to be amazing. Why not bring some pastel pink, like you did in your daughter’s previous bedroom ? It could be elegant and a bit old-world with this sofa. On a side note: I really enjoy these “progress” posts. I learn A LOT from them, following your trains of thought and learning from your mistakes. It’s really humbling to realize that your favorite designers can make mistakes, and I feel empowered to try and (sometimes) fail. I had to repaint my bedroom three times in 5 years, but I never gave up and finally nailed… Read more »


Great point! Yes – thank you, Emily for sharing the progress shots. We all learn, seeing you learn.

I’m not overly wild about this room right now — though the paint color is way better. I agree with those who say it’s a little too “cool”, too many different blue/greens going on, mixed curtains, etc. That being said, I’m very curious to see what you end up doing with it because I tend to love your finished products!! 🙂


I know the room isn’t finished but I’m not loving the curtain to hide the TV. It’s too close to the curtains for the windows and now the room looks like it has too much fabric going on. And I have to agree with some of the other comments. The window curtains do not sync up with the rug. And I guess the whole palette. Everything looks super washed out. Ugh, I’m sorry but I do prefer the Target room to this one.


I agree that the room looks a little cold, but I think that art above the sofa could change all that. And maybe it’s just the lighting from the session.

Also, I love your curtain solution. It’s not perfect, but it works. Plus, I really LIKE that it keeps the TV hidden otherwise.


love the sofa and colors! I can see why this room has been a conundrum for you. I can’t help but think the room would feel “more right” 🙂 with the sofa positioned with it’s back to the bay window and a custom made to fit sofa table behind it. For all us still scratching our heads, could you ever position it there, snap a pic and post it just so we can stop bugging you!! hahaha. I love your creativity with the curtain and imagine LOTS of future plays and magician shows in your future. what a treat for those cute kids of yours! As always, thanks so much for giving us so much of you and yours.


So, have you experienced being in the main living area or kitchen with the curtains closed. I can see how it adds some coziness to the space when you are in the t.v. room, but it would drive me nuts to see the backside of the curtain. Love the color scheme and the lighter walls. Great post to see the evolution of the room.:-)

This space is becoming so dreamy! As in, I want to take a nap, right here, right now. I agree with the other commenter about it needing a pop of warmth, but trust that you’ll be bringing that in, knowing your aesthetic.

The TV curtains, though.. maybe this is just my own hang-up (pun unintended), but curtains in front of any kind of a door space always look to me like a temporary-I-can’t-afford-or don’t-have-time-to-put-in-a-proper-door. It always seems chintzy and cheap to me. I’ve lived with rooms like that and just don’t get it. Others mileage may vary. I do appreciate that the depth of the sofa & ability to close the room off means it can be used as guest space if needed. And please keep those gorgeous windows floor to ceiling!

Wow, your living room is gorgeous!! It’s literally like my dream living room and it’s so nice to see before photos to show just how achievable it really is 🙂 Thank you for putting together such a detailed post, I found it really interesting and helpful.

Have a great week 🙂

Chloe @

I love the soft colors in this room and the whole modern English country/traditional direction of your new house. Maybe people think the Target room looks warmer because it has plants and stuff on the walls. I’m looking forward to seeing how it all comes together. And I love that you share how even professional designers sometimes have to try many furniture configurations, colors, accessories etc. before a room feels right.


I kind of like the Target shoot as well and like others, I envision this room as
something else too. Frankly, I find the separation between living/family room a bit outdated.
If it were me, I’d take your present living room as THE family/living room – it’s comfortable, you spend
probably most of your time there and it has direct access to your garden and kitchen.
The current TV room would make a great 60s style “salon” type room. It’s right next to the entrance and ideal for it. Have that new sofa at the window, a bar cart on the side and a few comfortable chairs to lounge in and sip a Martini.


Ooooh! That’s a great idea!! Much more functional.

I’m wondering why your floor people didn’t install matching flush vents / grills? Or if they did, why not also in this room?

I also want to say if you’d had the back cushion of your settee made two inches shorter you’d hate it, because every time you sat down you’d hit the back of your head / neck against that hard edge of the sofa. And then you’d promise “if I had to do it over I’d made the cushion two inches taller.” No win, but save your skull!


Hm. A few thoughts:

1) Is there space in bay window area for a child-sized table and chairs? That might be a good use for that space since the architecture makes it feel like a bit of a separate zone. The little table could also be centered on the window, which is really calling for a symmetrical furniture arrangement.

2) I can appreciate that the room is lighter and airier opened up, but it does fight the architecture of the room/house a bit to have that room opened up like that. The open end has kind of waffling definition that doesn’t make sense in an old house.

It’s not egregious, but if in practice you also prefer the room to be more closed up (which you’re now doing with curtains), why not just actually close up the room again and give it a proper door? That’d be far better for sound proofing and coziness and occasional guest bedroom use. And I think it’d look better and more intentional architecturally. Win-win.

Something like this would actually create a natural little hallway:


YES! This is what I wrote below but so glad you visualized this. I don’t even think you need the added walls/adjustments on the laundry room, just closing off the den wall to a 90 degree angle makes such sense to me.


Yes, is this something you’ve considered Emily? And thanks for sharing the not so perfect progress. It invites so many buggy suggestions, but it truly is helpful as a reader. I have a very narrow space that I am also trying to make into a tv room, so I am loving seeing this process. I appreciate the vulnerability of a design blogger showing the progress and imperfections that are oh so relatable.


Yes! My earlier comment seems to have gotten lost in the ether, but I also suggested closing up that wall and making a smaller entry across from the bathroom door.


We live in an old Spanish bungalow in LA and didn’t trust the windows in case of earthquake so we put this safety film on the windows instead of replacing them. It has given us a lot of peace of mind, has held up to toddlers hammering the glass and dogs jumping on it and it was very affordable. I don’t know if his is the brand I used, but it was at least something similar.


I guess I would have to see from the other side what the curtains look like when they’re closed. Love the couch.


Bummer. I like the windows so much better without the curtains.

Thank you for sharing your process/progress. It makes me feel so much better about the slow style evolution of my own home. That sofa looks totally nappable. 🙂


The Target shoot is nice…for another house. THIS house needs your velvet sofa and antique rug. I think a small table and chairs in the window would be perfect for your kids- cute and functional. Yes, the curtain to close off the room is quirky, but quirky is good! I don’t like when everything is just perfect. Enjoy that sort of secret closed off space.


Completely agree! The styled Target shoot looks great and serves the purpose it is meant to do: make us want to buy everything in the room! But it does not fit the rest of the house’s style/feel nor does it serve the functional purpose for Emily’s family (TV den/playroom). I think once this room is completely styled it will be beautiful AND functional. Emily- I really appreciate your openness and honesty about what it takes to design a real room in a real house with a real family living in it. Even the best designers don’t pull that together overnight. It takes time and it is very much a trial and error process. Can’t wait to see it completely done!

Ashley R

The curtains ton close off the room are totally genius. I watched your Facebook live where you talked about this and how it’s made it so your kids ask for tv less and I that was so awesome too. I think you should keep them there. Who doesn’t love snuggling up on a comfy sofa in a cozy room after a crazy day?


As someone with a living room that has to double as a guest room, I have to say that I LOVE the curtains and think its totally genius! Plus I’m sure it also helps dampen the noise in that room. Everything looks spectacular and I totally want that couch.


I have to say, I think the problem is you shouldn’t have opened up the room the way you did. It made it awkward to arrange furniture in the room and too open to the rest of the house. The curtain is filling in for the portion of wall you removed.

I think the real problem is you made too many big decisions at once, and before living there.

I do adore the couch and rug. They are beautious ?


I love progress posts.
But progress post comments baffle me!
The post: This isn’t finished, but we’re making progress! Here are all the details about what we’ve done and where we’re headed!
The comments: It looks like you’re making progress, but seriously, this room would be so much better if you would just finish it.


Lol and amen.


Hahaha!! So true! (For the record, I love the cosy dreaminess of this room, and I’m so intrigued by where it’s going! The curtains make tv watching seem so dramatic, like you’re in a theater!!


Hah, yes!


I think the room is looking lovely. That sofa is so pretty. I enjoyed this post because it’s real life. Like don’t we all have a room that we just have to make work? I’m pretty sure all over America there are dining rooms being used as playrooms and sunrooms being used as offices, etc. etc. I think you’ve made this room work (and beautifully) for YOUR family and that’s what matters.


1. The curtains are genius, I love it
2. Can’t wait to see what art you choose for that wall behind the couch annnddd
3. A kids table in front of that window would be great

Emily, whatever you will end up doing with this room will be fabulous and cozy! I had a thought, while watching your FB live: I think the curtain idea, to close off the room and hide the TV, is great! How about running the rod from the TV wall to the wall that is on the side of the couch? That way it would really close off the room in a cozy way (with the curtain going all the way down to the laundry room wall, it still feels open). Looking at the floor plan that someone made of your house (!!!), I had another thought (besides thinking that, yes, it is definitely a hard room to know what to do with): how about shortening and widening the wall where the TV is now? That would create a place where to drop your keys and mail as soon as you go in. Also, as you come in, you could have an immediate view of this room that could be the playroom. A small size table and chairs by the window, the blue chaise you have in your living room could sit in the corner (where the couch is now). The… Read more »


This room is so tricky. Every time I see it I can’t help but wish that the TV wall was a few feet longer (the wall on the right when you walk in the front door), so then you can just make a normal entryway into the TV room at a right angle to the other door that’s there (is that the powder room? I think it is). Then you could do a pocket door or just another arched entryway to get into the TV room. I feel like with your house being so open, at some point when you have little pre-teens and GAH – teenagers – someday they’ll want somewhere they can go downstairs that isn’t so exposed to everywhere else. I really don’t like the curtains (and in the fbook live it was clear how hard they are to open/close, since Brady was helping).

Sarah Shumway

So, I love it! The mark of good design is that the homeowner loves it and can live with it. I’ve seen how so many designers design pretty homes for others and theirs is more personalized, lived in, risk taking, and at times ironic. Rarely is any home of a person that designs “picture perfect” and most of the times rules get broken. That’s what makes it home. I love putting up too many mirrors, owning too much glass ware, putting up too many photos (all in good taste, but too many by “photo shoot standards”. Keep the drapes. Keep the colors monochromatic and washed out. It’s a perfect beginning palette to layer in the eye candy. Don’t let anyone tell you they’d rather see the latest special in your home. If you love it, keep it. I think it’s pretty stunning and would totally do something like that in a second!


I like how it’s developing. The soft colors are really nice but I have to say the Target version was perfection.


Oh Emily, your posts just make my heart sing! (too much??) I really didn’t like the dark blue for the same reasons you outlined in this post, but I love, love, love the room as you have redesigned/repainted it! I am a huge fan of using different blues in lots of rooms – it is just the most peaceful and calming palette! Love the new sofa and totally get the feeling you have achieved with the curtains. It’s now a very cozy and snuggly and private area of your home -nice to have when every other area is so visible from the rest of the house. I totally get it! ROCK ON, EMILY!


Thank you for this post!! We just ordered a rug with blues in it online and when it came it was more teal. We have mainly navy in our living and dining room. This helped me see that I don’t have to be soooo matchy matchy! I love love love the rug and the sofa!!!


I really love how the rug, sofa and curtains go together the colors seem to play well off each other. I know you not done. I think the curtains to hide the television and enclose the space really works. Such great progress.


I like this post because I see that super talented and experienced designers make mistakes too. By showing your mistakes and process, I am learning design for my own home. I LOVE the new paint color. The room looks cozy. I like the extra curtains. I think that they are beautiful and functional. I wish I could close off my open floor plan like that, but I haven’t found my solution yet.

Fran Keeling

I love where this is going! I’m sure that when you get the art up, as described ‘live’, it will feel more finished. The colours are dreamy, and a little pink may spark it up somewhat. Can’t wait for the finished version.

Stuti Borwanker

Hi Emily
Is that sofa on wheels !!!!

Sarah D.

The color and shape of the sofa is gorgeous. I kinda want to rub my cheek on the fabric so I can just feel it’s softness! I think this updated room drops bombs on the target styled version!

I think the kids have lots of toy areas around the house and that a simple writing/art desk (NOT kid size) to accommodate 2 chairs for them would be great under the windows. Maybe this is their art/craft studio area and the other toys go elsewhere. Or even the piano here.

I also think a slim lucite or glass coffee table would be a great addition to the space to make it feel less like a hallway and more like a proper room.

I saw the Facebook live feed of you and then Brady trying to open/close the tv curtains and it made me chuckle…hard. Looks pretty and warm, but didn’t seem functional, maybe they glide easier once you get used to it.

Stoked to see the artwork you choose and the next update!

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