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The Ultimate Holiday Gift Wrap Roundup

With the holidays right around the corner, I would imagine every single one of you have all your presents picked out for everyone and perfectly wrapped under the tree like me…. psych. If you are anything like me then this time of year seems to be one of the busiest times what with the parties, family gatherings, and traditions filling up the calendar. Not that I would have it any other way. So the last thing on your mind is surfing the web to find a little wrap-spiration (get it, wrapping-inspiration). And while I don’t personally endorse hand stamping 50 yards of paper to then wrap every single one of your presents with, I do love when someone goes a little bit out of the ordinary with their wrapping and puts a little bit of thought and personalization into it. And this is exactly what all of the people, presents, and ideas below have done. We love them all so much, but actually attempting each one of them was not something we had time for (this year) although some of them are quite easy. So instead we decided to round up some of our favorites in a handful of different categories. Each one links through to a DIY or article with the original source and how to pull it together as well as a shoppable item to help you get the look. Happy Friday friends.


Tricia Foley Black White Christmas 1




Christmas Tree Car Present


Inkifi Christmas Gift Wrapping 11


Diy Paper Straw Gift Wrap Toppers @fallfordiy 13


Eyeswoon Simoneleblanc Athenacalderone Holiday Gift3


Naturalgiftwrapinspirationwithahintofholidayglamafreeprintable Feastdwell




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6 years ago

I read your blog really its informative and unique blog which provide awesome information.!@

6 years ago

You can’t go wrong with any of these! Simply beautiful.

Great use of grouping together the moods and using the scroll.
I love this new format. Some sites do this and it takes forever to load or takes you out of the main article. The way you all have done it perfect.

6 years ago
Reply to  Tiffanie

AGREED! Best way to organize a gift guide!

6 years ago

Thank you! This is an incredibly thorough round-up of inspiration. I also really appreciated so many wrapping ideas that lend themselves to easy reuse and recycling. I always feel a bit sick about the amount of plastic doodads, non-reusable paper, and ribbons that fill our waste bin on Christmas evening. Most of these are so simple, lovely, and reusable (some even compostable!)

6 years ago
Reply to  Rae

@Rae – you are speaking my language! My family thinks I’m because I save all the ribbons and bows and even tissue paper.

Christen Ales
6 years ago

Love!! Where did you get your tree star?!!!

6 years ago

Honestly, one of the best posts this year. I love the format of it, makes it easy to follow and easy to focus on those styles of wrapping that appeal to me. Extremely well done!

6 years ago
Reply to  Miruska

I second that! Love the creativity.

6 years ago

Absolutely great post! Emily you’re so good at what you do; blogging, designing. I know you get so much praise, but here’s a little more! I’m just always so impressed.

6 years ago

THIS IS MY FAVORITE POST OF THE YEAR!!! I am a wrapping addict and this post is my drug.
Thanks Emily and team! Amazing roundup inspiration!

Sheri M.
6 years ago

What a great post. Terrific roundup and easy to view. You always have the best content!! : )

6 years ago

Love the new format and love everything you do! I know you’ve been working with the Frame a lot, but for those of us who are stuck with an ugly black box for now, I would love to see a roundup of TV stands that are a little more special and not just a generic black plastic wood situation. I’ve been struggling to find a good solution to this for a while now. Happy holidays!

6 years ago

Under the “Fun with Foliage” section, you might want to change everything that says acorn to pine cone. : )

Alexandra Rose
6 years ago

So so pretty! I miss the old format though!

6 years ago

I love beautifully wrapped presents! Some years I am more in the mood than others! Love all of these, so hard to choose a favorite! Also, love the new format!

6 years ago

ah, yes! I love this post so many good ideas and I love this format. Much needed with all unhappy things happening in the world right now. Thanks to you and your crew

6 years ago

Full disclosure: wasn’t going to click on this post, pretty but not really my thing but…so glad I did. Everything looks so delightful, arty but still festive, love it 🙂 🙂 🙂

6 years ago

Maybe just me, but I feel like the presentation I put into the gift is just as fun as the gift itself. That being said, I no longer have the time or energy to hand stamp paper. If needed, I buy a pattern or color of paper that can apply to any occasion and use all year round. Mainly I try to save and reuse high quality plain boxes and ribbon. Then I just strategically wrap a few gifts to complement the overall look. It’s actually a lot faster and more economical than buying loads of wrapping supplies every year. And better for the environment. I also try to recycle at any possible opportunity. Old maps make the best wrapping paper. That thin styrofoam “fabric” that many electronics come packaged in makes great rolled wrapping for odd or cylindrical shaped gifts, just layer with tissue and tie on each end with ribbon. And you can iron tissue paper to get it smooth again and reuse. A joke in our house is that my daughter and her boyfriend just use the same gift bag over and over, they just put the latest gift in the bag and give it back each… Read more »

6 years ago

Never thought of using all black wrapping paper but it looks so cool!

6 years ago

This is appreciable and wonderful post that you have provided for us.Great site and a great topic as well i really get amazed to read this.

Lillian Ortiz
6 years ago

Wow! I had no idea gifts could be wrapped so creatively! I am inspired! This blog post was so fun, original, and refreshing!!! Thanks for sharing!


6 years ago

Simple beautiful ideas, I love them! These are some great options for your gifts to stand out from the standard wrapping paper.

Cheers, Tara

patricia blaettler
6 years ago

My parents had 9 kids, so making gifts look ‘special’ was not a high priority. haha
However, we had a relative who took such care to make EACH PACKAGE look special. I was in awe. Even as a little kid, I really appreciated it.

6 years ago

Thank you very much for posting all of these wrapping ideas – this is content curation at its best! One common theme – ribbon is out and string and foliage are in!

Karen Bowen Pooler
6 years ago

Some really great ideas! Your information is so fun to read!

6 years ago

Its really a good Post. It gives me lots of pleasure and interest..!!