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The Small Businesses We Love With REALLY GOOD Stuff

Happy Saturday folks. We hope your bellies and hearts are still full from Thanksgiving (if you celebrate), and perhaps today we can fill you up even more with this special roundup of small design shops we adore. These are the shops we go to for inspiration, a boost in creativity, and for those exceptional decor pieces that bring in so much character. Many of them are Portland or LA-based and if you live in either area we highly recommend visiting them in person. But if not, we wanted to put their online shops on your radar so you can browse virtually and maybe even find a few really good gifts. Let’s begin.

1. Moon Friend Studio: Jumbo White Speckle Mug | 2. Nightwood Studio: Ambrosia Maple Serving Board | 3. Minimum Design: Ecotool Wooden Planter

Mantel PDX: Mantel has really beautiful ceramics by Portland artists, stunning jewelry, and all-around great finds like these pastel vases. That serving board is functional art as far as I am concerned. The circle handle makes it really special. This is also where Emily got a ton of decor for the Portland Project.

1. Gigi Candlestick | 2. French Floral King Bedcover | 3. Medium Marguerite Pendant Light

Alder & Co PDX: This lovely shop originated in Portland but is now housed in an 1876 farmhouse in Hudson Valley, New York which is quite apropos considering the selective antique and vintage-inspired inventory they offer. They are experts in curating truly timeless decor, fashion, and accessories, like that handmolded ceramic candlestick. But the bedcover is what’s on the top of my list.

1. Harvest Moon Trinket Dish | 2. Mini Kettle Basket | 3. Matte White Ear Vessel

Midland: Midland is an LA-based gem where you can find handmade and small-batch ceramics, plus a wide variety of home goods and clothing. That woven basket is very good, and wouldn’t that trinket dish make a really great gift? They are having a big sale so go check it out!

1. Eclipse Rug | 2. Palace Pillow | 3. Bertie Blanket

Block Shop Textiles: Block Shop Textiles is a textile, art, and design studio and chances are you’ve seen their designs before. They excel in making playful abstract art designs for wallpaper, rugs, pillows, blankets, and prints (oh my!). Today they are having a sale of 30-50% off table linens, prints, pillows, robes, rugs and more with minor imperfections!

photo by kaitlin green | from: the farmhouse kitchen reveal

1. Iron Wall Candle Holder | 2. Handmade Patchwork Quilt | 3. Brass Salt Mill

June Home Supply: I don’t think I’ve seen a sexier salt mill. June Home Supply has a breathtaking inventory of elevated home decor pieces including this pitcher featured in Emily’s Farmhouse kitchen.

1. Pair Of Danish Pine Nightstands | 2. Moro Dabron, Augustine Candle | 3. Large Bobbin Mirror In Green

Nickey Kehoe: The whole EHD team went in person to the new and improved Nickey Kehoe shop here in LA and let’s just say, just being inside is so inspiring. They carry a huge inventory in-store that is seriously worth checking out. We saw that mirror in person and it really is something special and is a splurge for sure but so lovely.

1. Tangent 3 Light | 2. Beni Ourain Morrocan Rug | 3. Grand Mogul Candle

Lawson-Fenning: Not only does Lawson-Fenning make truly stunning furniture (remember the Moreno sofa from Emily’s LA living room??) but they also do collabs with independent artists and makers, and carry timeless pieces like this Allied Maker 3-arm pendant light.

1. Farmhouse Cushion | 2. Brick Lidded Jar | 3. Stack Candle

Lost & Found: Lost & Found is an LA staple that sells everything from handmade pottery to colorful textiles (did you see this pillow from Emily’s gift guide??) to stylish fashion for women, men, and children. This is probably one of our favorite places to find special vessels and small objects to style a shelf with.

1. Canopy Self Watering Planter | 2. Botero Bird Vase | 3. Sisteron Throw

Goodee: Goodee is a Black-owned design shop that emphasizes sustainability and fair trade practices. They stand by the statement that “A GOODEE stamp of approval means that every item we offer is transparently sourced, ethically made, and designed to last.” So every purchase from them actually feels good. Emily has this tray in oak and loves it.

1. Simple Wood Arch Cutting Board | 2. Liba Watering Can | 3. Woven Bench

Hawkins New York: Hawkins partners with producers, family-owned manufacturers, and collectives all over the world that make stylish homewares. You might have spotted these lovely salt and pepper grinders in Emily’s farmhouse kitchen. They are also offering 20% off site-wide with code ILOVEHNY until 11/28.

1. Black Still Life Pitcher No. 1 | 2. Leather Rectangular Tray | 3. Fauna Oil + Vinegar Cruet | Virginia Sin

+COOP: During our last team outing in LA, we stumbled into COOP+ which is located right by Nickey Kehoe (and there we had a chance encounter with EHD alum Tessa Neustadt–further proving that this store is where all the stylish people in LA go :)). We all fell in love with the store immediately. Those oil and vinegar cruets by Virginia Sin are would look pretty in any kitchen.

photo by sara ligorria-tramp | from: living room update–again

1. Diani Natural Storage Basket | 2. Round Accent Table | 3. Luxury Lamp

54Kibo: 54Kibo carries a curated selection of home decor and furniture from designers whose work is inspired by traditional African design. Remember that accent table from Emily’s LA living room update? It’s such a dynamic, sculptural piece that makes a huge impact. I also have had that storage basket on my wishlist for two years so it might just be the time to snag it since they are having a sale.

1. Sand Bowl | 2. Milk And Cobalt Grid Blanket | 3. Lidded Marble Bowl

March SF: This one is for all of you Bay Area folks out there! March is an AWESOME design shop located in San Francisco near the Presidio that has a vast selection of beautiful decor. Have you ever seen something more “EHD” than that blue grid blanket??? The sand bowl and lidded marble bowl are also obvious winners.

1. Metal Planter | 2. Rustic Jug | 3. Reclaimed Wood Pyramid Decor

Effortless Composition: Effortless Composition is a Black-owned shop that carries a stunning inventory of home decor by truly gifted artisans and makers. The founder, Brittiny, created this shop with the belief that creating a home you love should be effortless, so they do the footwork so finding quality decor to fill your home is a breeze. How cool is that wood pyramid object??

1. Farmhouse Serving Bowl | 2. Silverlake Dinner Set | 3. Colbalt and White Vase

Sheldon Ceramics: Founded by ceramicist Peter Sheldon, this studio located in downtown LA creates gorgeous pottery and ceramics. We love that serving bowl something fierce and can you imagine enjoying a meal using that stunning dinner set? Oh and remember all of those beautiful vases on this dining room table?? Yep, all Sheldon Ceramics.

photo by sara ligorria-tramp | design by priscilla frost | from: my friend’s carpeted basement bathroom gets a budget makeover

1. Nester Throw | 2. Stone Bookends | 3. Granite Colander

Bloomist: We love Bloomist for their inventory of beautiful objects that make styling a room so easy and fun. This granite colander is so lovely and is one of those pieces that is functional, and would look really pretty styled out on a kitchen counter. And good news! With code: BLOOM25 the whole side is 25% off until 11/29.

1. Water Hyacinth + Rattan Floor Vase | 2. Rainbow Loop Lumbar Pillow | 3. Abaca Rope Pendant Lamp

EcoVibe: Ecovibe is a Black-owned design shop that has an incredible selection of home decor and furniture (they have the cutest Holiday decor and Christmas ornaments, too). Emily has this tassel pillow in two colors.

1. Azumaya Tea Pot | 2. Bottle Natural | 3. Japan Porcelain Objects (Set of 2)

Tortoise General Store: Tortoise General Store (located in Venice, CA) carries curated vintage and new Japanese housewares. Head here if you want to browse through an insane collection of vintage and antique objects that look like they belong in a museum.

1. Omo Bath Set | 2. Abren Napkins | 3. Bertu Mini Pillows

Bolé Road Textiles: New York-based designer Hana Getachew started Bolé Road Textiles out of a desire to merge her love of Ethiopian handwoven fabrics with her career in interior design, and it’s no wonder why this shop has blown up. The designs are minimal yet refined with a hint of playfulness and the quality is superb. We love these sweet minimal napkins that could make a great gift for someone who loves hosting dinner parties.

1. Antique French Canisters | 2. Olivia Floral Pillow | 3. Ceramic Decorative Bell

Casa di LaValle: Curated by Interior Stylist and Founder, Cassandra LaValle, this shop is the place to go for warm, vintage-farmhouse-inspired accents (just in case those antique french canisters didn’t already give that away).

photo by kailtin green | from: the farmhouse kitchen reveal

1. Butter Dish | 2. Antique Bronze Platter | 3. Ceramic Water Dispenser

Notary Ceramics: Here is another Portland staple and if you love well-made ceramics, this is the place for you. What was once a one-woman operation is now a successful women-run business that creates really beautiful handcrafted pieces. Do you see that butter dish?? It’s so so pretty and perfectly understated.

1. Lilith Rockett Orb Container | 2. Haws Plant Mister | 3. Tilt Salt Dish

Canoe: The CANOE concept is to offer simple, beautiful, and functional objects that can be used and enjoyed every day and they emphasize selling products that are made to last. I seriously don’t know anyone who wouldn’t love that orb container (including myself! wink wink!).

1. Low Table | 2. Golden Pig | 3. Marbled Mug

Woonwinkle: Here’s another Portland design and gift shop that Emily loves for their passion for color. Their inventory is stocked full of colorful postmodern furniture and exciting vessels and vases. Also, who wouldn’t want a golden pig statue??

1. Winter + Summer Cotton Coverlet | 2. Sidnie Lamp | 3. Maple Peg Rail

Schoolhouse: While Schoolhouse is bigger than ever, we felt we needed to give this Portland-based company a shout-out because we love their products and love working with them even more. You have no doubt seen this iconic coverlet several times on the blog as Emily has had and loved it for years. The Sidnie Lamp is another staple we love and have styled in many rooms. They are giving 20% off sitewide in case you wanted to get anything:)

Some of these shops may have updated sales so be sure to check them all out! Also if you have any small design shops in your area please shout them out in the comments below. Thanks for stopping by and have a great rest of your weekend. xx

*Opener Image by Ryann Trombetti

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Meg Long
1 year ago

Definitely not up at 3am opening a zillion tabs looking at all the pretty things and adding to my Christmas list when I should be sleeping. Definitely not. (Also, I just discovered Goodie today — what a great shop!)

1 year ago
Reply to  Meg Long

Meg, ain’t no shame in a late night link crawl slash shopping session – I’m right here with ya!

1 year ago

So many good things, like really good! Thank you!!

1 year ago

Umm another gift guide it’s been a week of them.

1 year ago
Reply to  Emma

‘Tis the season – try being jolly about it!

1 year ago
Reply to  Emma

I am loving all this inspiration, so hard to find ideas and I am not interested in wandering aimlessly through a mall. Thank you EHD team!

1 year ago

Just a heads up that June Home Supply has a $25 restocking fee for any returns.

1 year ago

So good!!! I almost need this list sooner, so I can add items to my wishlist. I’m definitely pinning to revisit again and again. Here are a couple small businesses I’d like to highlight:
Made Trade – sells products from many female and POC owned small sustainable companies
Hernest Project – wonderful lounge wear and female owned small sustainable business in Canada

1 year ago
Reply to  Suzanne

Another one that has amazingly soft cotton knitted throw blankets – Made Here New York

1 year ago

What a beautiful list of shops! I’m keeping this article to refer back to all year!

1 year ago

I stopped into Heather Thomas Home in Westwood last week to see all the handwoven checked and plaid fabrics.

1 year ago
Reply to  Kj

How fun, Kj. I love her stuff!

1 year ago
Reply to  Kj

Thank you, Kj, for the links. I had seen the one on Cup of Jo, but it was nice to revisit and see the other two. I always enjoy house tours.

1 year ago

Have you been to Yo yet?? You really really need to check it out! (all of these shops are AMAZING, btw). But, you will LOVE Yo!

1 year ago