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The Real Simple Feature Is Out!! Our Farmhouse Is In A Print Magazine

Three years ago I pitched the farmhouse to Real Simple, which frankly isn’t normal. I had nothing to show them – just a promise that I’d make it really pretty and a good past relationship. They shot and featured our house in LA and this house. Both were (and are) so family oriented yet still elevated so it felt like a good fit. As you all know, we moved home to Oregon to raise our kids in a slower environment (which might have been doable in LA, too, but this felt more natural to us) and to indeed simplify our lives. While there is nothing simple about a renovation of any size, let alone on this scale (gut, additions, three years of work), the intent of the move has in fact lined up with the result – life has gotten simpler. Maybe it’s leaving a huge city, maybe it’s not having toddlers anymore, maybe it’s being middle-aged, but it just feels really good up here. While the house was done and livable months before this feature, I tried to take my time designing the interiors and enjoy as much of the process as possible, and they were SO gracious to allow me that time. Originally, I pitched it for a September 2022 publication date, LOL, but I think we all know that we didn’t make that self-imposed deadline. So three years after first falling in love with this property and the potential of this life, we are featured in one of my favorite magazines – Real Simple.

A huge thanks to Leslie Corona, the editor who I worked with on this story who was so wonderful, patient, and lovely. This feature was shot by Alanna Hale, who I’ve worked with before and just LOVE her photos. She did an incredible job of shooting and lighting our home (it’s very fun to see how different people capture the same space). I asked that my friend Scott Horne to style it, which means he’s the one bringing the flowers and food, and behind the laptop screen making sure that there isn’t a branch coming out of the back of my head or a tag showing. I had the house almost 100% styled but someone has to style it for the shoot and I’ve found over the years that if I try to be on camera, host everyone at my house, AND do the hard schlepping that stylists do…it’s a recipe for a mental breakdown. My team up here – Gretchen and Emily M. helped me have every room dialed in, but there are still changes and certain angles you don’t know what how they will ready on camera. Things always need to get moved:)

There was so much to shoot and I knew that I wasn’t going to have every room ready (nor would we be able to shoot every room). So about four months out they picked the rooms (based on our photos) that they wanted to feature, on what I thought was for sure was going to be done as well as what they thought would resonate with their audience. You can’t possibly shoot a whole house for a feature as it’s usually only eight pages. For this one, since we had really good scouting shots of every angle of every room, we were able to send them a deck two weeks in advance and they told us what their favorites were (with some flexibility, of course).

Then myself and my team made sure I had a lot of options for those rooms – pillows, vases, soap dispensers, trays, etc – all the usual suspects. I definitely had some new pieces that I wanted to show off so I made sure they got into the shots and could have their moment!

We wanted to keep a few rooms exclusive to this feature so y’all would go pick it up:) So in this issue you’ll find a shot of our family room, bedroom, and bathroom – all of which will be fully shot and revealed on the blog soon. Until then, please go snag it and support print magazines if you are into them (I am, very). And thank you so much to Real Simple for featuring our home and being so wonderful.

Photos by Kaitlin Green unless otherwise noted

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8 months ago

Is the swagged light cord photoshopped out or did you hard-wire it?

8 months ago

So exciting! Congratulations!!

8 months ago

Congrats Emily! Very exciting, I can’t wait to read!

8 months ago

Congratulations, Emily! This is so rad!!

8 months ago


8 months ago

I get Real Simple every month (and have for years)! It’s such a great no-nonsense read — and I was so so excited to see the article. Congratulations!!!

🥰 Rusty
8 months ago

You have done a beyond amazing job and tge attention with this feature article is well-deserved.
Congratulations! 🥳
Enjoy the warm glow and give yourself a big pat on the back.

8 months ago


8 months ago

LOVE! Went and looked at the photos, we’re still going to get a play by play on these rooms right?! I’m dying to know how you’re feeling about the master bedroom and I want a play by play of the family room, it looks soooo cozy!

8 months ago
Reply to  Julie

Ditto! ALL the rooms!

8 months ago

Beautiful, Emily! I think the sunroom is my favourite, but choosing sure isn’t easy. Thank you for sharing your journey and process along the way!

Roberta Davis
8 months ago

Excellent! I’m going to go nab a copy!

8 months ago

I subscribed just for this issue. It’s all so wonderful – congratulations!

8 months ago
Reply to  rachael

I’m going to do the same right now!
Can’t wait to see the shoot and then to hear more detail about the process in the coming weeks. Very curious how your bedroom turned out and your thoughts on the blue paint…

8 months ago

Congratulations! This has been coming for a long time – wonderful to see the day arrive!!

Julie Boyer
8 months ago

Nice shot, interesting how they photoshopped the hanging cord from the light out of the magazine pic.

8 months ago

I will definitely pick it up! And this is also a reminder for me to subscribe to this great magazine again! I personally prefer reading paper magazines — I love taking breaks from screens and curling up in a cozy spot with a pile of magazines and my dog for a relaxing morning. It will be nice to have the paper photos of your beautiful rooms for inspiration at our soon-to-be farmhouse move/renovation in Maine!

Diane Jaynes
8 months ago

My copy of RS arrived last week and I was pleased to see your country manse. Watching the transition over the years has been a treat! Well done!

Pamela T
8 months ago

Congratulations! I rarely buy magazines unless I’m going to be on planes but will be making an exception for this issue and I am excitedly looking forward to unfolding the pages. The feature is another major milestone in your journey!

8 months ago

I got my copy a few days ago and was so excited to see the house! Just beautiful.
Getting print magazines in the mail is always a highlight!

8 months ago

I am a longtime subscriber to Real Simple and was delighted to see you and the farmhouse in this issue. You and the magazine complement each other.

Elizabeth Kennedy
8 months ago

I just bought my copy of the September Real Simple. Congratulations!!!