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Our Feature in Real Simple Magazine!!

Welcome back, folks. The Real Simple story is OUT and I can’t wait to show it to you. They shot the whole house and we’ll be revealing room by room (with multiple shots/angles), but I wanted to show you the feature story that ran in print (and I urge you to go buy it so that you can stare hard at the photos and read the lovely story that Stephanie Sisco wrote).

Emily Henderson Real Simple Magazine Sneak Peek 2

The living room hasn’t changed ONE BIT in 3 months which is big for me (although I may switch out the rug soon because I think I’ve finally found the perfect neutral one I’ve been searching for – yay!). All the product links are below, but when we do the full post about each room (coming very soon) you’ll get more details, angles, and all the back story and process. For now you should know that 1.) Those chairs are from Target and are $230 (WHAT?!), and 2.) That sofa is from Cisco, and called ‘The Henderson’ named after yours truly (more on that later). It’s incredibly DREAMY to sit on and yet kinda formal (which is what we were desperate for).

Herringbone Flooring | Chair | Lumbar Pillow | Rug (antique) | Coffee Table | Trunk (vintage) | Black Table Lamp (vintage) | Blue Throw | White & Tan Vase | Black Tray | Curtains | Sofa | Sun & Moon Pillow | Cream Throw | Woven Pillow | Brass Table Lamp (similar) | Painting (vintage) | Wall Sconce | Black Chair (vintage) | Sheepskin | Blue & White Table Lamp | Abstract Art | Ceramic Bells | Console (vintage)

Emily Henderson Real Simple Magazine Sneak Peek 3

Dining Room:

Dining Table (vintage) | Dining Chairs | Pendant | Table Runner | Round Wood Serving Board (similar) | Stripe Cloth Napkin | Gold Flatware | Wine Glass | Blue Tumbler Glass | Candle HolderLiquor Cabinet | Curtains


Herringbone Flooring | Cabinets | Handmade Subway Tile | Marble Countertops | Wall Sconce | Stove & Range | Hood | Pot Filler | Cast Iron Dutch OvenApron-Front Sink | Faucet | Hot Water Dispenser | Drawer Pull | Beadboard (Paint Color: Green Smoke by Farrow & Ball) | Bar StoolsServing Bowl | Pendant (vintage)


Dining Table | Chairs | Pillow | Tile (Burgos Pattern) | Lantern SconceBar Cart | Stone Urn Planter | Copper String Lights | Galvanized Tray | Pink Napkins | Rose Gold Flatware | White Pitcher (similar) | Copper Lantern

Emily Henderson Real Simple Magazine Sneak Peek 4

All the sources below and more to come later. I hope you like it 🙂 Tessa Neustadt took all the photos and I can’t wait to show you even more from the shoot.

Charlie’s room:

White Bunting | Accordion Wall Sconce | ‘Start with Yes’ Print | Pillowfort Bed | Live Edge Side Table | ‘X’ Sheet Set | Blue Ombre Pillow | Fox | Zebra | Blue Throw Blanket | White Duvet Set | Beadboard | Live Edge Side Table

Elliot’s room:

Wallpaper | Curtains (Library Brush Fringe in Pale Blush) | Dollhouse | Bear | Table Lamp (similar) | Flamingo | Sheepskin | Rug | Toy Storage | Lounge Pillow

Master Bathroom:

Farrow & Ball Wallpaper | Seascape Painting (similar) | Black & White Wall Sconce | Herringbone Floor Tile | Mirror (similar) | Vanity | Towel Bar | Towel Ring | Faucet | Hand Towel (similar) | Rug (similar) | White Fringe Towel | Drawer Pull | Beadboard (Paint Color: Farrow & Ball Stiffkey ) | Drawer Knob | White Tray (similar) | Glass Vase (similar) | Short Vase (similar)

Dresser shot in master bedroom:

Seascape (similar) | Dresser | Chair | Sheepskin | Mirror | Ladder | Blue Throw | Striped Blanket (similar) | Moon | Pitcher (similar) | Ceramic Vase | Black Frame (similar) | Gray Frame (similar) | Admirals Tray | Candle

More to come soon …. What do you think so far? Surprised by anything?


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55 thoughts on “Our Feature in Real Simple Magazine!!

  1. That picture of Birdy reading a book in her room with her little pigtails…toooo…..much…….cuteness…… 🙂
    Great spread, your house looks fantastic. A year and a half later in our fixer upper and we still don’t have toe kicks in our kitchen and we still have drywall patches to fix. I can’t say I’m not a bit envious!

    1. I want to have a little girl purely so I can teach her how to ski and can put pigtails in her hair, like I used to wear!

  2. Way to pull the whole house together! I love getting to see each picture and knowing the back story. Thanks for being so open about your process!

  3. Running out to get the Mag NOW! So happy you have that gorgeous Blue sofa! I have followed you since Design Star and love your aesthetic! Your house is truly beautiful!
    But now I have a serious question.
    Emily, I know you have been using cement tiles and seem to love them, as do I. I’m hoping you will have time to answer a question about them. I am desperate! I am doing $30K Master bath remodel and have found the perfect cement tile to use in the Master-shower along with some subway, which my client loves, However in looking for trim to go with it we have been severely warned by some of the tile companies NOT to use the cement tile, #1 in a shower because it will be hard to clean, (even though it is sealed), and will get mineral deposits that are awful. The tile specs say it is good for restaurants, commercial, showers, etc.
    #2 Also planned to use the Encaustic for the kitchen floor. (We are eventually remodeling the whole house). We are being told it gets dirty and you can’t keep it looking clean like you can porcelain. Now my client is afraid to go ahead, which is killing me because we haven’t found anything as wonderful in looks as these tiles. Help, please with any of your experiences.

    1. I will just say that we put cement tile in our kitchen about nine months ago and it does get somewhat distressing when you see spots appear on it that just don’t seem to go away. I have to keep reminding myself that it will “patina.” I sort of regret not just using the cement tiles for a backsplash where I wouldn’t constantly be fretting about dropping stuff on them.

    2. Following this comment. I have the most beautiful encaustic tiles in my master bathroom and they are etching terribly. I’ve sealed them twice and the only liquid that gets on them is water! They are white with a black and gray pattern, and the white is also looking grubby in places. I’m not sure I would change the tile–I love them just like I love marble countertops in the kitchen despite the high-maintenance and etching–but this came as a surprise to me and I’m wondering if anything can be done. Thanks, and the house is looking beautiful.

      1. Listen, I unfortunately need to also be on the side of ‘you better be ok wit the age’ when it comes to cement tile. It doesn’t matter how many times you’ve sealed them and how hard you scrub, they will stain and discolor. We are totally fine with it on our patio because we have a 100 year old house and its aging pretty evenly, but in our laundry room I’m less excited about the age. So be careful 🙂 I think that someone is bound to come out with a product that has the same look/feel but way less porous. We chose many finishes in the house with the intention of aging (unlacquered brass, carerra marble countertops) on purpose, so our cement tile works for us – but you have to be ok with it aging. xx

        1. I had vintage encaustic tile in the kitchen of an apartment I rented in Prague years ago. It was well worn but I loved the look. I’ve always planned on using it since (and will in the future even though the trend may have passed). It reminds me of old world villas, rather than sleek, hipster design. If you need things to look perfect, use regular tile and spring for making a pattern out of the way the pieces are arranged for the install.

  4. I love how it turned out. Your instastories showed how hectic the process was but to see the finished product, definitely worth while.

    Random question…what style of hook did you use to hang your bell? I have something similar but can’t find a hook with enough distance from the wall to allow it to hang straight. Inquiring minds!

    1. They are discontinued 🙁 Don’t know why. I love them because they are so comfortable and yet not huge. We’ll try to find others that are similar. xx

  5. Let it be known that I N-E-V-E-R buy magazines… unless they have a feature of your house! Can’t wait to get my hands on this one. I love that you shared the whole crazy journey with us from start to finish. Everything looks amazing.

  6. Emily, congratulations, it looks beautiful and so sophisticated! While we’ve been watching the house’s transformation for months when you step back and compare it with your previous home, it’s quite a difference! I always hate it when a certain piece of art or furniture that I have my eye on just doesn’t fit in my house, but I guess you get to play with alternative looks in other projects, right?

    1. Yep 🙂 We sold 80% of our pieces to the new owners of our old house so we really started out fresh here, with just our favorite pieces coming along. And now we are on to a new project which I can’t wait to show you. xx

  7. If there was ever something to convince me that custom window treatments are worth it, these shots are it.

  8. Can’t wait to see the all the pics! And also jealous you so quickly got to enjoy the “finished” produvt so soon! Five years later in my house and i still pass through the rooms envisioning what it will look like “one day”
    Question though for you: are those Target chairs in your family room comfortable? I want to pull the trigger but unknown comfrt holds me back (live in Canada so returns arent as easy).

    1. YES! I’d say they are a 7 on the comfort scale – not super loungey but perfect for friends/family and everyone likes sitting in them. They are the perfect scale – not tiny but not huge and we even opted to keep them over our much more expensive Big Daddy chairs because they just looked better in the house (we moved the others to our fixer upper).

      And I was just talking to a friend this morning about this – I Literally don’t know how people who aren’t designers and don’t have 2 full time design assistants finish their homes under 5 years. I literally get paid to design my own house -FULL TIME and that still took me a year. So don’t feel bad – it just takes time and time is the one thing that most of us don’t have enough of. xx

  9. a tad bit frustrated when i find something that is perfect like the wallpaper and find out its $230 a roll 🙁 it is so nice!!

  10. I love it! It looks amazing, nice job Emily, I really admire your stylist talent, every detail looks so lived and casual, yet perfectly put together.
    And nice job Tessa for capturing such beautiful pictures of your home.
    I can´t wait to see every space in detail.

  11. Your home looks comfortable, cohesive and colorful, but not “Decorated” with a capital D. It looks like real people actually live here. We, your blog readers, know you’ve obsessed over the details and changed furniture in and out, but it doesn’t read “fussed over” in print.
    Kudos to you and your team. Great mix of high / low.

    1. Oh thank you!!! That is so nice to hear. Honestly I walk in to the living room and really love how it feels because its so comfortable (even though yes, it was fussed over :)) xx

    1. ooh, i may take you up on it. But then part of me wants to hoard it and have it be my ‘winter rug’. Totally normal 🙂 Stay tuned. xx

  12. I love, love, love it! Heading out for hurricane supplies and a copy of REAL SIMPLE will be fun to have when the power goes out. Looking forward to seeing more.

  13. Looks great! I can’t believe those chairs are from Target! I was wondering though…. what did you end up doing with those chairs from Big Daddy’s that you had in there initially? These Target ones look amazing in the space but I was obsessed with those other ones because they looked sooo comfy!

    1. Honestly the Target ones work better in our room because of the tone of wood. I’m sitting on the big daddy chair right now as we moved them up to our fixer upper cabin (more on that later). I love them so much but the tone of these chairs looks so much better with the leather chest and the credenza.

  14. Emily your home is gorgeous! It is so much my style, too. I love everything you do. I’m such a big fan of yours. Adorable children.

  15. I am so excited to see this!! I almost never actually buy magazines, but I am totally planning to for this reveal.

  16. I’ve been searching high and low for a rug just like yours ever since I saw your first post on it! I know a couple other readers wanted to snag it as well, but if you do decide to sell, please add me to the list!! The colors are perfect!

  17. Arghhh where can I find a rug like that, preferably that won’t put me in the poor house? Everything I’ve seen online with a similar aesthetic is too… bright? Obviously not real antique? Perfect for a nursery but a little off for an adult living room? Do I have to shell out for a real antique and if I do is it going to smell??? Or you could just send me yours – that would work too…

    PS – beautiful, welcoming, sweet new house, obviously. 🙂

  18. Can you provide a link to the Threshold abstract art in the living room shot? Right now the link takes you to some carved objects by County Ltd . Thanks!

  19. Love love love. going out to by the real deal tomorrow.
    question about your tile – planning to use the same tile you did in your master/backsplash from Cle in my new master bath – what grout color did you choose – natural grey? it looks lighter than that in the photo – thanks in advance!

  20. Looks so good! I can’t wait to pick up this issue! Can I ask a few questions? Where are the 2 footed dishes in the dining room shot from? Also…in your bedroom, is it true that the paint color of the dresser is Caldwell Green by Ben moore. It looks sooooo different in the swatch online. It looks like olive. In the images it looks like aqua.

    Thank you!! Love

  21. Love seeing your house come together. It inspires me in my own home that I’m working on bit by bit. Where did you end up getting your curtain rods?

  22. When I received the magazine a week or so ago in the mail, I was SO excited to see the big reveal of your house. It looks wonderful and I just pored over the photos. Thanks for linking everything here. Wonderful job!

    PS: Your family looks especially sweet in these photos. 🙂

  23. Beautiful as always! Emily, any idea if those target living room chairs will come back in stock? They’ve been unavailable for a while and I’m ready to click!

    Thank you 🙂

  24. I’m so glad you’re getting a new rug! Can’t wait to see. I didn’t think the current rug was a good fit.

  25. Congratulations Emily! Beautiful photos and story! So much great work.! I’ll definitely pick up the issue of Real Simple. I can’t believe how fast your babies are growing!
    Just have to say, I’m going through putting my downstairs back together after a mishap with my upstairs washer and had to pick out colors in a day. Thank you for your post My Go To Neutral Colors! I had one day! (Said that already.) What you do takes a lot of research and hard work, and talent, of course. JS

  26. Yes! I have to thank your design assistants too! I love to see how they transform their places and love seeing their work! It helps me in my own projects. Kudos to you all!

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