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The First Official EHD “Best Of Decor” List – 2023 Edition

Last week, we got to talking about “Best Of” design/decor lists and we thought it would be pretty fun to do our own version. Design and what is considered “best” is obviously very subjective, so we decided that instead of doing a collective list, we’d have each of our team members pick out a handful of products that came out this year that they LOVED. Like “hearts skipped a beat” when they saw it kinda loved. FYI this is not a “we combed the internet” kind of list and more just what really stuck in our heads over these past 12 months. Ok, come see what we chose…


I’m picky but as a stylist I love every style which makes this task extremely difficult. I was the one that pitched this post and now I’m super intimidated by the prospect of narrowing down my favorite new products of the year.  But there is so much out there and a lot of it good, so the only way I could get my mind around this was to choose what I either bought for my house or want really badly. 

JH X Tensira Keaton Bedcover | JH X Tensira Aubrey Bedcover

When I saw this collaboration between Jayson Home and Tensira I thought – how simple and well done. It’s a statement, in such a contemporary way (like all you need is this one thing and your bedroom will look pulled together). It’s also undeniably very me 🙂 

Handmade Ceramic Table Lamp

UGH, every time I see this piece on social I like it and want it so badly. It’s art in a functional piece and I have thought about all the things I would sell to justify buying this for myself. It is also one of those things that I feel would be impossible to rip off or duplicate, which is becoming more and more attractive to me these days. It’s just unique, feels full of so much energy, and would instantly make a room. 

Remi Blue Linen Table Lamp

Couldn’t be more perfect (for me): I feel like I have to call out these lamps. Not often does a lamp do something new (while being timeless), but the combination of the wrapped blue linen with the triangular shade and the brass pull chain makes a really fresh-looking lamp that feels classic, too. (And yes, Target came out with an almost identical one in white recently, too which is admittedly odd). 

Alba Sofa

Stopped me in my tracks: This sofa from SSS Atelier made us all spit out our soup, in a good way. I love what Sarah is doing on every level and am PSYCHED that I convinced a friend/client to purchase this sofa for their home (reveal coming in 2024). It’s incredible. 

Ginny’s Lulu and Georgia Collection

It makes me SO HAPPY that Ginny MacDonald’s line for Lulu and Georgia killed it so hard. Ginny worked for me for 5 years, we were so close and she is so wonderful, so to see pieces that I legit want to own badly come from her brain makes me so happy. The detail on the sideboard has old-world references and still feels fresh and exciting.


The Modular Launay Lamp

This lamp by Lana Launay was a more recent find and it nearly knocked me over. The shapes and the materials all just made my heart explode. What is also so incredible about it is that those shades are easily rearranged hence the three configurations above! This is a piece that needs to be commissioned so it’s very likely out of my price range but I will love it forever.

Dalton Brown Suede and Metal Dome Table Lamp | Zoe Lamp

Now, these are two lamps that are a bit more “affordable” and I also instantly fell in love with them. The burgundy and brass one I’m sure you’ve seen all over the internet because I was not the only one to see its perfection. To jog your memory, it’s from the Crate & Barrel x Jake Arnold collab. The colors and materials are so versatile yet special.

For that unreal green checkered cutie, it was also a heartstopping moment when I laid my eyes upon it. Sure, the checkered pattern might be getting tired (not for me) but the fact that each check piece is made out of wood makes it look SO special and high-end. I just think it would make the most unreal and cool visual impact in any space.

Mardones Sofa

I’m a sucker for a curve, sue me! I think this sofa just so perfectly balances between modern and traditional (ok it leans it little more modern). It’s elegant yet not fussy and also looks really comfortable. It was designed by Melbourne-based design firm, VUUE for CB2 and I just think it’s wonderful.

Rhinestone Cowboy

I don’t know what it is about this wallpaper print but I adore it. It’s not even something that works with my style but it’s so happy yet really cool. Oh, and it comes in peel and stick too!


Bari Table Lamp

I think about this lamp constantly and I think it’s because of that amazing leather detail on the shade that perfectly complements the ribbed detail on the stand…it kinda gives an elevated Toy Story vibe that I’m very into tbh!

Mystic Rust Painted Candles

I purchased these hand-painted candles from Pierce and Ward’s amazing store in Los Feliz and have been obsessed with them ever since (like too obsessed to light them!!) I bought the green version but all of the options are sooo good and I can’t wait to put them on my wall candelabra in my New York apartment!

Also side note: I’ve seen a lot of people DIY their own hand-painted candles and if you’ve got the skills go for it!! It’s so fun.

Tortoise Shell Resin Tray

2023 was truly the year of tortoise shell and if you’re gonna lean in — I’m a huge fan of these resin trays. It wouldn’t be a “best of 2023” home decor round-up without at least one tortoise shell moment so here it is:)


Wavy Side Table | Drew’s Rattan Dresser

It’s been a rollercoaster few years for the team at Society Social (opening a storefront weeks before the world shut down? Can’t say that’s an experience I’d like to have!), so I was so thrilled when they announced their collaboration with the Colony Hotel in Palm Beach. It’s an iconic property (you’ve definitely seen shots of the lobby on this blog!) and it was such a joy to see its furniture updated by a small, thoughtful, female-owned business. Society Social designed the most whimsical, charming array of pieces – I was particularly drawn to the scalloped console tables, the dramatic mixed-material headboards, and the stunning rattan dressers – but the entire collection was a total triumph. I love a good story of perseverance – even more so when it involves furniture:)

Artisan Bar Cabinet

I’m sorry, but West Elm did not get enough credit in 2023. How did furniture pieces like this fly under the radar?! (I tried my best to call out some favorites in our big holiday sale roundups, but that can only drive so much awareness!) In any case – I cannot believe that a cabinet THIS GOOD is still on sale for UNDER $800. Let me repeat that again: under. eight. hundred. dollars! Similar styles go for 10 times (not joking) that amount…so today, can we please give West Elm their flowers for a job well done? Their take on classic-meets-modern deserves more applause.

Wooden Salt and Pepper Mills | Wooden Salt Cellar

OK, girl, I see you! We covered this launch here on the blog, but Molly Baz’s collection with Crate & Barrel was such a cheerful, punchy departure from the monotone collections traditionally released by celebrities. Pretty much everything has sold out now – for good reason! – but I have a feeling that there’s going to be a strong vintage market for these pieces. Did anyone here bring home any of Molly’s pieces? (And to that end, does anyone want to sell me their seafood tower?!)


Stillwater Floral Quilt

It’s the quilt I can’t seem to escape (and I never want to) from Schoolhouse! Em has it in “Juniper” but I first saw it in “Auburn” when I fell in love. The high contrast and playful, color-blocked floral shapes are so fun and I love that it reads well in any direction. It’s some kind of Scandi perfection! For an honorable mention, their stacking, colorful candle sets are also to die for and pair perfectly with the Stillwater quilt! Just so clever.

Beta Cypress Green Corner Sectional

So many incredible decor pieces this year, it’s hard to remember them all and definitely tough to narrow it down! So I’m cheating a bit and picking my favorite decor pieces we’ve used in projects this year. Starting with my favorite Article sofa from  Kaitlin’s basement makeover. The color, the texture, and the COMFORT LEVELS are off the charts. It’s simple and beautiful and affordable and I want it for myself.

Into the Woods Turquoise

Okay, this specific wallpaper I don’t think we’ve used in a project (yet) so I’m kind of cheating around my own parameters, but Em has a stack of samples I like to comb through every now and then, and when this one caught my eye, I couldn’t let it go. It feels like a scenic page out of a vintage children’s book or a paint-by-number of some very idyllic woods, but I like that it’s not too cutesy. I love the depth of the simple silhouettes and the colorway just feels so serene.

Ah! Isn’t design THE BEST?! Hope that was a fun read and we obviously want to know what your favorite 2023 product picks were. See you in the comments:)

Love you, mean it.

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7 months ago

What a fun and inspiring read! So much beauty! I am inspired to create my own modular ceramic stacking sculptures now and to paint some taper candles. Is it too early to request this as a yearly post???

7 months ago
Reply to  Emily

Agreed! I love this.

Roberta Davis
7 months ago

lpve that sofa!

7 months ago

If y’all need a house in Portland to shoot with that exact wallpaper, please pick me. hahaha, I’ve had the sample taped to my staircase / landing for MONTHS and it would look SO GOOD in that space.

7 months ago

I love allll the sofas and couches! But, can anyone help: my lazy boy rocker/recliner has broken and I am so excited to get something prettier! But most of the accent chairs I love are not rockers. Does anyone have any recommendations for a glider or rocker that doesn’t look like a nursery chair or a grandpa chair? 😜 with 2 babies I definitely need a rocker in the living room!

7 months ago

I bought Ginny’s sideboard after spending so much time pining after it. While it was a huge splurge for me, it was the perfect first piece to put in my very first non-rental home. So happy to see it on this list!

Jade Dolan
7 months ago

OMG!!!!!!! This wallpapers are so lovely, i’m just in awe rn !!!

7 months ago

Sadly, I opened this too late, and the resin trays are gone. Sigh.

7 months ago
Reply to  Paula

Check out the Nashi Home site directly, they have lots of other options:

7 months ago
Reply to  SR

Thanks, will do!