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The Light Summer-To-Fall Transitional Sweaters We’re Adding To Cart This Weekend

What’s our perfect date??? “April 25th because it’s not too hot, it’s not too cold and all you need is a light jacket!!” Brownie points if you can guess the movie 🙂 While we’re not talking about April we ARE talking about light jackets (or in this case sweaters). I know I know that was kind of a stretch, but blink once if you followed my train of thought. Good, let’s proceed.

The light sweater is an art. It’s oftentimes closer to a layering piece rather than a stand-alone, and in a lot of instances, can work like a jacket. It’s the perfect piece for “is it summer or is it fall??” weather, which is timely given it’s the end of August and grocery stores are already pushing Halloween pumpkins upon entrance (PUT IT AWAY RALPHS). So let’s get into the limbo season clothing staple: light sweaters.

The Cardigan

The cardigan is incredibly classic, so much so that I don’t think I need to explain just how to wear it or what it entails. We love a good grandpa cardi & highly recommend them for these warm/cool nights!

1. Grandpa Cardigan | 2. The Sinclair | 3. Cashmere (RE)sponsible Cardigan | 4. Miller Cardigan | 5. Grey Blue Cardigan | 6. Collared Cardigan

The Pullover

The pullover is arguably the most classic category of the light sweaters. It’s the fisherman sweater, the turtleneck, or the classic cashmere. You know it, love it, and probably have a bunch. These are the best to layer over a striped button-down or t-shirt (we love a little pattern popping out of these) and they’re great to tie around your waist and throw on if you get chilly during an early fall night. If you don’t have a good pullover sweater or are in the market for some new ones, here are some picks!

1. Relaxed Fit Sweater Top | 2. Treasure and Bond Turtleneck | 3. Cobalt Sweater | 4. Reverse Knit Sweater | 5. Merino Wool Sweater | 6. Fisherman Sweater

The Ruffle

My personal current fav, ruffle sweaters are all over at this time and I am NOT upset. The details are so cute and they’re perfectly dainty & light for summer and fall. Some have a shoulder ruffle, some have a neck ruffle, and some have all of the above. Any ruffle is a good ruffle these days IMHO, here are our picks:

1. Ruffle Turtleneck Sweater | 2. Ruffle Button Down | 3. Flounce-Collared Sweater | 4. Ruffle-Shoulder Sweater | 5. English Factory Ruffle | 6. Sandro Ruffle Trim Sweater

The Quarter-Zip

1. Nordstrom BP Sweater | 2. Crosby Half-Zip Pullover | 3. Quarter-Zip Speckled Sweater | 4. Alexis Cable Knit Sweater | 5. Italian Space-Dyed Sweater | 6. Felted Merino Half-Zip 

This can lean more “jacket” or “sweatshirt” at times but I am HEAVILY into the quarter-zip at this moment in time. Knit quarter-zips are certainly in as well, which is why I’m including them in the light sweater category, and they last for YEARS. Here are our favs for this (in-between) season:

The Collared Knit

Last but certainly not least is the preppy cute collared sweater! We all need more of these in our lives. They’re SO cute, generally pretty lightweight, and can lean into that coastal grandma/preppy thing we are all loving so much right now! If you’re in the market, here’s our curated list (it’s basically all the shopping done for you!!) I really want that Alex Mill one – SO CUTE.

1. Cashmere Polo Sweater | 2. Relaxed Collared Sweater | 3. Collared Knit Sweater | 4. Ribbed Cotton Cardigan | 5. Collared Sweater | 6. Navy Cashmere Polo Sweater

That’s all folks! Happy light sweater-ing! See ya in the comments below 🙂

Opener Image Credit: Photo by Veronica Crawford | From: The 3 Stylish, Comfortable Pants I Wear ALL the Time (That Don’t Feel Like I’m Wearing Pants)

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1 year ago

What sweater is Emily wearing in the top photo?

1 year ago
Reply to  C

It was the My Only Sunshine Sweater by Free People in Tuscan Earth.

1 year ago

No turtleneck? That’s all I wear in winter. I’m also tempted by ruffles for the early fall weather.

becki felsheim
1 year ago

Who makes the sweater, boots and bag that Emily is wearing in the Instagram photo for this story?

1 year ago
Reply to  becki felsheim

They are linked in this post: All the items appear to be sold out, but you can start there and maybe find them for resell somewhere or look for similar items. The boots link doesn’t appear to be working, but you can link in the search bar title to find the brand/style.

1 year ago
Reply to  Kj

Sorry, becki, typo: that should say *look* in the search bar not *link* in the search bar.