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Stylish Purses That Fit A Laptop  (+ One Accessory To Make Them Even Cuter)

When I was traveling earlier this year, my laptop of 7 years was stolen. I think it happened at the airport but I honestly don’t know. The only “blessing” was that it wasn’t brand new and I had been toying with the idea of buying a new one anyway. My girl was slowing down. Sure I was planning to, you know, take some time to save up but the universe had other plans for me and my bank account. So to the Apple store I went and bought a BIG, big kid laptop. Why did I buy the biggest one? Well, since EHD is remote, I wanted a laptop that could handle all of my programs, files, and have a decent size screen if and when I want to work not in LA:) This 16″ babe is a thing of beauty. However, I don’t have a purse to support such a large device. So since I was on the hunt for a stylish, practical bag that can house one of my most expensive possessions, I thought maybe some of you are looking for something similar. Caitlin wants to also do an “event purse” post so if that’s more of what you need, let us know in the comments. But for now, let’s talk about those crucial everyday purses starting out with the more affordable options. Also how cute is Em in that outfit?!

1. Claudia Canova Curved Shoulder Bag: I love the shape and sporty thick strap on this bag. That strap is really nice if you tend to stuff your purse full of things, making it a little heavy. Wouldn’t work for a 16″ laptop but is good for ones under 14″. Also, you can’t beat that sale price.
2. Myron Vegan Backpack: Matt & Nat was one of the first “cool” vegan leather brands I remember hearing about years ago. They are still killing it and I love this cute backpack that doesn’t really look like a backpack from the front. You can carry it two ways, it has a top zipper, and there’s another exterior pocket on the back! Oh, and it also comes in a bunch of other colors:)
3. Cayden Triple Compartment Tote Handbag: I actually just looked at this one in store and it’s cute! Like the name says it has a few compartments to keep things organized (what a concept!) and the color is great. It also comes in brown and black.
4. The Zip-Top Transport Carryall: I’ve had the smaller non-zipper version of this for four years and I have loved it. Now that I have the larger computer it’s a little small so this one is definitely a contender. I think I would opt for a cute thicker strap like the ones you’ll see in a minute.
5. Vegan Leather Laptop Bag: I really love the modern quilted pattern and color! It also has two compartments and a top zipper.
6. Canci Faux Leather Tote: Another Matt & Nat but for a steal! It’s got a laptop sleeve, multiple pockets, and just looks super chic.
7. Carson Convertible Backpack: Here’s another backpack/purse mix! I love the rich color of the suede and how it feels a bit more casual than the others.
8. Haven Laptop Tote Bag: This is truly the ultimate laptop tote for both work and travel. There are almost too many features to talk about here so hop on over to the site to see for yourself. Best of all there’s a one-year warranty:)
9. Luxury Sustainable Laptop Brief Case: Never have I wanted a briefcase so much. But sadly it only fits up to a 14″ laptop. Regardless, this is a sexy bag.

Now if you have a bigger budget, I have some other really awesome options for you…

1. Eden Carryall: I’m pretty sure Emily has owned and loved this bag for the entire time I’ve worked at EHD (almost 6 years) so I can confidently say that it’s EHD-approved (as you can also see in the photos above). It’s cute, fits a ton (including a laptop), and also comes in brown.
2. Messenger: We are all Clare V. fans over here so naturally I had to find a laptop-friendly bag on their site. This one is just a classic! If you love it but the price tag is a little too much I would check out a secondhand site like Poshmark. I saw a few there:)
3. Essential Leather Tote: I love the boxy shape and the ability to personalize. It’s also super roomy and has a little interior zipper pocket.
4. Voyage Large Work Tote: For something more classically feminine, you can’t go wrong with Kate Spade. This elegantly curved beaut has a few interior pockets and zips up for maximum security.
5. Le Zip Sac Tote: OOO I love a perforated leather bag and in navy, it’s even prettier. This bag would easily fit my laptop, zips up at the top, and I know it’s high quality because it’s Clare V. Guess I should start saving:)
6. All Day Large Zip-top Tote: Another sleek Kate Spade bag and look at the shape of those strap ends (I don’t think that’s the official term). So not only is it pretty but it has three interior slip pockets and a padded center divider. Basically a great work bag.

To finish us off, let’s talk about one of Em’s favorite ways to personalize and style up a purse…a bag strap.

A lot of large bags are either fairly simple and could use some personality or their straps are too thin for the weight of the bag contents, making them uncomfortable to carry. Enter these thicker bag straps that will only up your bag game in style and comfort.

1. The Shoulder Bag Strap: Braided Leather Edition: This one is just pretty. Look at that braiding! It would add such a nice detail to a simple bag. Madewell has a lot of other options too.
2. Boutique Bag Strap: Affordable, simple, but graphic. Why not add a pop of pattern and color?
3. Black & Cream Checker Crossbody Strap: You know I love a checkered pattern so this one is tops for me. I also love the leather detail at the ends. This will make any bag look cooler but they have a lot more options on the site.

Did any catch your eye? Do you have any suggestions of bags you own and love? Let me know in the comments so hopefully, I can actually make a decision this year!

Love you, mean it.

Opening Image Credits: From: Styling Luxury Handbags with Trendlee

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1 year ago

Which bag is Emily holding in the very first photo

1 year ago
Reply to  Kimberly

It was the Mansur Gavriel Lady Bag from Trendlee (now Rebag).

1 year ago

Ok, I don’t want to get all “I didn’t have eggs so I used applesauce” on this post, but I recommend getting a laptop backpack. I know it’s not as cool and is more single purpose (since you’d only use it when traveling with your laptop as opposed to a tote which you would probably use for other things), but I switched recently and wouldn’t go back. Both your hands are free and you don’t have the awkward weight on just one shoulder. Timbuk2 makes great laptop backpacks (including one where you can customize the colors), and Lo and Sons has some classy ones on sale. Those seem to only go up to 15″ though.

1 year ago
Reply to  Claire

I totally agree! I’m a teacher and there’s no way I can deal with dragging a big tote bag around! I would LOVE to see a round up of super functional but cool backpacks. I actually found a cute one for myself in the post about kids backpacks, haha! I would still definitely appreciate more recommendations for us adults!

1 year ago
Reply to  Claire

Totally agree! Carrying a laptop bag on one shoulder (or even in one hand) is a recipe for chronic pain later on. Trust me on that! I actually don’t even own a daytime purse anymore. All of my purses are backpacks. I have a couple of small purses for fancy nights out but for daytime, it’s backpacks.

1 year ago
Reply to  Claire

I have a Lo and Sons backpack and I’d never do a tote. Their backpacks are great and classy! And like you said, they usually have a sale.

1 year ago
Reply to  Claire

Great suggestion! Clare V’s are so cool looking so I rec those if you want quality but more fashionable! 🙂

1 year ago

I carry a large bag with my laptop (and lunch, workout clothes, small makeup bag, small purse inside large purse) to and from work every day. I buy well constructed used leather handbags for a fraction of the price from The RealReal.

1 year ago

Ha, the vegan leather green bag from Etsy went up to $106.86. Maybe they saw it featured here?

🥰 Rusty
1 year ago

Jess, a great round-up. Loads of choices. So many niiiiice ones!!! 🤩

Even my briefcasewas a soft briefcasewith hanfle and cross-body strap.
I prefer all bags to be cross-body to free up my hands and not drag down a shoulder re: shoulder/neck/back pain.
It also means (moreso with a standard bag/purse size) that my bag stays on my body most of the time. I don’t have to put it down anywhere.

My biggest ever peev = people that put their bag on the floor or public surfaces! This was way before Covid.
Like seriously, some people even put their bags on public toilet floors?!?
Please…please don’t do this.

1 year ago
Reply to  🥰 Rusty

Yes! Wide cross body strap/ carrying by short straps near me is my jam. I thrift leather bags and replace straps with guitar style adjustable straps. Don’t do backpacks, my shoulders have enough hassle with my bra LOL. Bag on the ground is also my pet peeve. Speaking from cruel experience, putting your bag on concrete ground out of eye sight is a really good way to pick up old rat pee, dog pee and get robbed. Catching ringworm, staph skin infection and bedbugs just from riding the NYC subway tends to get your mind right about keeping items off public surfaces.

🥰 Rusty
1 year ago
Reply to  mouseface

And then they go homeand put their bag on the kitchen counter/bed!😵

1 year ago

Emily, you must check out the Senreve Maestra bag! I recently splurged on one, and it is simply the best bag I have found in years, after going through countless work totes. The Maestra is designed to fit a laptop, and it is the rare combination of chic, roomy, and ergonomic. The ingenious sliding straps allow it to easily convert from a backpack to an over the shoulder bag, satchel, or tote. I have a walking commute, and carrying my laptop to and from work was wrecking my posture. Having the option to carry my laptop on my back makes it feel so much lighter, and it frees up my hands for my iced coffee or other necessities. They are a bit expensive, but the quality is superb, and more affordable second-hand ones regularly turn up on The Real Real and other resale sites.

Elizabeth Sims
1 year ago

No mention of the Paloma by Freja? It’s pricey, to be sure, but gorgeous and a great investment if you’re a professional who needs to look polished. Plus, believe it or not, it’s vegan!

1 year ago

Everlane makes great laptop backpacks (I have two). Not crazy expensive, cute, and practical. Love these recommendations! Thank you!

1 year ago

For regular carrying, I prefer a backpack, and ended up buying Herschel that I don’t necessarily love, even if it is comfortable to carry. But for space and access, I prefer a tote. I have many totes, but I mostly use the original Madewell Transport Tote or a very old Kate Spade diaper bag tote (such great compartment options). While I’ve seen some convertible options, the straps are usually not padded. And padded straps are essential. I have so many bags, that I need to either start selling them to justify buying a better option, or I’m looking at strap pads that I can add.

Fatima Iqbal
1 year ago

I went back to work after taking time off and needed something that would hold everything and then some because we’re hybrid. I had back in the day used a Rebecca Minkoff tote and a Kate Spade bag, but they just didn’t cut it, so I invested in a Kaai and love it. and then I got a Rothy’s tote for additional files.

1 year ago

Lo and Sons makes the best laptop bags especially if you want to stay organized. I have been recommending them to my girlfriends for years. My personal favorite is the OG 2 – it can be worn as a cross body and even has a separate compartment for an extra pair of shoes. Honestly, you can’t go wrong with any of their bags!

Also, if you’re looking for a travel bag/weekender, the Catalina Deluxe is perfect!

1 year ago

Wait, this is a great discussion because I love me some bag shopping, but why are YOU paying for this laptop? Doesn’t EHD pay for it or front you and then you get a business write-off?

1 year ago

As one who has to travel quite a bit for work, I’ve tried a million different purses to tote my laptop. I finally landed on the Lesportsac Tote (the one with the front pocket and shoulder strap) and I’m not looking back. They come in so many great colors and patterns, hold up really well, and fit all the things with ease. Would HIGHLY recommend.

1 year ago

Omg, Jess! I just had the same issue. My laptop was stolen, but it just died and I was also similarly compelled to buy a larger screen laptop. And I had just gotten a new work bag 6 months before – 3 spots for a laptop that were all too small for the new bigger and badder laptop I just got. I ended up getting the travel bag and backpack from Beis, and both are amazing. I’m in residency and it holds everything!! Even my shoes for the hospital has it’s own separate compartment.

1 year ago

OMG-thank you so so much for that Etsy bag strap link! I am a HUGE Clare V bag fan and have several of her bags-got all on Poshmark, so Jess you are right on about that! People-Poshmark is a game changer! I sell on there too! I am buying one strap today! #JessRocks 🙂