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STYLED Instagram Contest Winners

1. @abnormalsanonymous | 2. @trendypeas | 3. @carpendaughter | 4. @megm0nster | 5. @sssweeeettt | 6. @katemaxshop | 7. @jodi_kendall | 8. @lindaantonia | 9. @oleanderandpalm | 10. @teamtonkin | 11. @kssteinmetz | 12. @newdarlings | 13. @jennakutcher | 14. @bohopillow

There were over 800 entries for the #STYLEDthebook Instagram contest. I can’t thank you all enough for buying, styling, photographing, and posting/sharing those photos. I’m convinced that it’s because of you that the book has become a New York Times Bestseller (WHAT!). I’m not sure what to do with that information except open that bottle of Cristal that we’ve been saving for years (this weekend, is the plan). I chose these winners based on my initial gut reaction of happiness, as well as how much effort/time and love seemed to go into them. To the rest of you who didn’t win, thank you so much. Seriously. I wish everyone could win, I really do.

I want to also give another shout out to all the designers and homeowners whose homes are in the book. The first printing of the book left out the acknowledgment of these lovely people which was a nauseating oversight on my part. I turned in the crediting information, but I didn’t catch that it wasn’t in the dummy copy of the book ’til after it was being printed. So stupid (and that is quite the understatement). Sometimes busyness leads to negligence, and even though its unintentional it still SUCKS. Thank goodness the book is being reprinted, and the crediting issue is being fixed in said reprints.

Here is a reminder of all the extremely stylish people whose homes are in the book. They made our job easier because all these home are so beautiful, eclectic, and stylish. I wish I could take credit for all the design, but I can’t. We did style them, but it’s like putting makeup on Kate Moss – you don’t need to do it but you do anyway.


Brian Faherty of  Schoolhouse Electric – One of my all time favorite retailers, based in my all-time favorite cities. I want everything they sell.


Home Owner: Corbett Tuck – My best friend in LA. She decorates by hobby, but we all know she could charge for that “fun.”


David Pierce of  MIDCENTURYLA – You’ve seen the Instagrams of the warehouse in the valley, now go check out the store yourself. It’s wondrous.


Ellen LeComte of  Amsterdam Modern – Ellen owns a HUGE warehouse of european midcentury imports. You will want everything, and I’ll fight you for it.


Emily Katz of  Modern Macrame & Adam Porterfield of  Golden Rule Design – Probably the most eclectic home full of art, style, and creativity that I’ve ever been in.


Jason Tauritz of  American Garage – Not sure how a guy this stylish can be so single (and straight). He is now staging houses for a living and doing VERY well at it, might I add.


Jessica Helgerson – This house. THIS HOUSE. If there is one house that I wish I could have designed it would be this one. It is quite incredible. Bad-ass, really. It’s in Portland and used to be an old library. This is one of the best reasons to buy the book – to see the rest of Jessica’s work (although you can see many of the rooms on her site, just styled differently).


Mike Andrews of  Inheritance – Four of my most favorite things that I have ever bought have been from this store. Mike has moved it temporarily, so make sure to check the hours/location before you head over.


Noah Riley of  Riley Architects. I’m pretty jealous of this house. The whole thing feels clean, fresh and modern . . . and yet totally warm and inviting. If I ever wanted to build a house in LA I would absolutely consider having him be the architect.

Although Project M+ would be up for the job, too. Their work is so simple, elegant and modern.


McShane & Cleo Murnane of  Project M+ – Cleo runs the creative/graphics/website division and McShane is the architect. They are the ones that rebranded and rebuilt this site, and they are marvelous.


Sally Breer – Remember when I Instagrammed the weekend when we stayed at Hotel Covell? Well this young lady was responsible for it. Her work is so interesting and beautiful, and that there room is her living room.


Scott Horne – One of my best friends ever and someone I can blame for not being willing to move from Los Angeles. He’s the best stylist I know and his house is full of 1 million beautiful things, just effortlessly thrown together.


Home Owner: Shana Feste, designed by Isabel of Dekor – This used to be a garage and now it’s this crazy beautiful little backyard writing studio.


Taylor Jacobson – Very few people are cool/risky enough to handle this color, and once you are in this room you really feel like a better version of yourself. This photo is only one side of it – the bookshelves that are opposite the sofa are just ridiculous, but nothing compares to the dining room she designed. When we were shooting in this house I kept thinking . . . man, of all the houses I think this is the one I want to live in. 


Wait. I love this one so much, too. Home Owner: Tomer Devito of  Native Content. So stupidly pretty in every way. They are lifestyle mafia people who make living beautifully look so easy and effortless.

In case you want to check out some other features on the book click on over to these sites: My Domaine | The Jungalow | Cup Of Jo | Architectural Digest | Curbly | Oh Joy! | Lonny | Buzzfeed | Apartment Therapy | USA Today | Temple & Webster | Design Mom | Elements Of Style | Lucky Shops | Design Milk | Atlanta Journal – Constitution

Also for proof: Now A New York Times Best Seller. EEEEEEEEEKKKKKKKK.

Again thanks so much to my editor (and co-writer) Angelin Borsics at PotteryStyle, photographer David Tsay and stylist Scott Horne. To say they were invaluable is the understatement of the century.

Need more incentive to buy that book? Watch this little trailer that gives you the 5 reasons to get your little hands on that sucker:

Video by Scrunch Media

For more about the book, behind the scenes, and a few more peeks inside the pages look here: Book Title And Cover Options | The Real Book Cover | Behind The Book – Styling The Perfect Shot | Styled On Shelves Now

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6 years ago

Hi Emily! Competition was tough, los of awesomeness! I’m glad you got to see a bit of my house even if I wasn’t selected. Congratulations to the winners and hope you come back to Spain next year!

6 years ago

Congratulations Emily!! Congratulations to all the winners too! 🙂

6 years ago

Wow! All of those instragram shots are fantastic! There’s so much talent out there.

6 years ago

Thanks for posting the house credits here. I went searching through the book to find who all that gorgeousness belonged to and (obviously) couldn’t find anything. Now I can stalk all of those homes 🙂

6 years ago

Everyone did such a great job! Congratulations on the book’s success. I really enjoyed all the photos and tips in the book. However, I didn’t like the quizzes. I took both quizzes (because I could answer first question as both yes & no) and couldn’t relate to most of the answer choices. I know that the choices aren’t meant to be taken literally, but most of the time my choice would have been none of the above. Therefore the results were not even close to my style & taste. It is just a small quibble, overall I really liked it and am still a huge fan. Aloha!

6 years ago

EEK! Thank you Emily!!!! Your book is so amazing and is a great resource for ANYONE who loves design!

6 years ago

!!! This is the happiest day of my life! Not even kidding. Thank you Emily!

6 years ago

I’m not worthy! I’m not worthy!! Eeeek, thanks so much!!! Congrats on all of your success, you are a constant source of inspiration!!

6 years ago

OH MY GOODNESS GRACIOUS! Thank you Emily! This has made me so so happy today–I can’t quit smiling (EEEEEKKKKK!) Your book is a gem, and so are you!

6 years ago

Awesome work by the talented winners! Congrats on the NY Times listing!


6 years ago

I love all of these room inspirations! Oleanderandpalm’s golden pouf is amazing!


6 years ago

OMG, Emily, I’m SO excited to be one of the winners! The entries were so amazing I wasn’t sure if I stood a chance 😉 HOORAY!! BEST NEWS OF THE DAY.

6 years ago

Yay!! Your book is so beautiful, easy to style it when all the instructions are included inside. Thanks for picking me, totally flattered.

6 years ago

CONGRATS!!! Literally, the accomplishment of a lifetime! You deserve ALL THE SUCCESS. And again, please run for president 🙂

6 years ago

Love all of the winners feeds! Truly beautiful and so stylish 🙂

Love your book!!

XO Kass

Melissa Tonkin
6 years ago

Oh my gosh!!!!!!! thankyou so much i am literally jumping for joy right now. Thankyou Em, for this book, i cant put it down. you are so amazing at what you do and i feel so blessed that you have shared that with us xxxxx

Melissa Arnold
6 years ago

Hi, Emily! I’m so excited about your book, congratulations! I have a question. I frequently notice the placement of drawer handles in kitchens because so many people do not place them in the center of the drawer front. I’ve often wondered if the reason for that was intentional or just because they really didn’t step back and consider that it looks unbalanced (at least that’s my opinion!). Because I value your design sense, where do you fall in the “drawer handle placement” arena? Center? or favoring the area near the top? Thanks!

6 years ago

Emily… A huge Congratulations on such amazing success! The book is so good, the photos are just delicious and the information is REALLY REALLY VALUABLE. You hit it OUT of the park!

6 years ago

Congratulation to the winner!

6 years ago

So excited to be one of the winners! Thank you! And congrats on being a NY Times Best Seller — that’s huge! You deserve all the success. 🙂



6 years ago

Congratulations on your new book… can’t wait to get a copy! Nice pick for your contest winners as well!

Lisa Martin
6 years ago

In your friends photo (Corbett Tuck) , above, who makes the Sputnik Chandelier. Vintage or new? Thank you for any info you may have regarding. Lisa Martin Design
Portland, Oregon

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