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Studio City Home Makeover, Part 2

Thank you all so much for the wonderful comments on Monday’s post. After reading them all I made Orlando tell me how untalented, ugly, and annoying I was, over and over again, in order for my head to get back to a normal size. It’s almost like he enjoyed it.

Meanwhile, let’s go into the living room, shall we? This is where they do the majority of their hanging out — TV watching, cuddling, reading, sudoku-ing, etc., as you do. It’s attached to the dining room and kitchen and Eli’s playroom; it’s the central hub of the house.

madeline weinrib brooke rug

We continued the color palette from the other rooms (as you should with an open floor-plan) and added this indigo Madeline Weinrib indigo rug that clearly I can’t get enough of. For the record, this rug was not my idea, they saw it in Joy’s house, loved it, and couldn’t get it out of their heads. It’s honestly one of my favorite rugs in the world and everyday I wish I owned it. It has so much color variance because it’s vegetable dyed, and it’s strangely neutral even though it’s indigo blue. Plus, it’s kid-friendly since it’s dark. I have to stop myself from buying it for myself and last week another client asked for it WITHOUT ME SUGGESTING IT. It’s so hard, friends. It’s just that good. (Not getting paid, barely get a discount, my comments are a genuine love of a product.)

photo by bethany nauert
photo by bethany nauert

The sofa/ottoman they had was from Cisco Home and is crazy comfortable, but was hard at times to incorporate because it was so neutral and big. The white chair was CB2 and the teal chair from Jonathan Adler. Those fig branches are from HUGE BIG BRANCH WORLD and I totally regret how big I made them. Whoops. Oh hindsight, you annoying self-righteous beast.

cisco home sofa - Version 2

Yes, we move branches around for shots. None of these were in the magazine, though. This whole room didn’t make it in — so these are more behind-the-scenes shots that Bethany Nauert shot for me.

vintage brass trunk


Such a happy little corner.

Wanna see the same vignette styled two different ways? This is how we styled it for the scouting shots for the shoot:

jonathan adler niche
photo by Bethany Nauert

I can’t tell which one I like more … thoughts? I can’t tell if the globe and the hanging thing look kinda forced. But I like both a lot for different reasons. The stool was a flea market find but I like how it mimics a Platner side table. The painting behind the chair is Michelle Armas,  which I love. I’d like to officially announce that that is the last time I’ll use that West Elm pillow — it’s just so god damn easy to use because it’s texture and color, but doesn’t have a pattern or is too busy. But I’ve realized I’ve used it too much. Lo siento and adios, mi pilletto.

Meanwhile, the back view toward the kitchen…

styled bookshelves

We kept the books coordinated by color because they looked the least busy. Rachna loves some whimsy so we had a lot of animal sculptures (yes, also because I do love an animal sculpture as much as Kim Kardashian loves mascara). But you can see how much the accessories and sculptures break up the uniformity of the books in the shelves. (Note the sneak peek into the kitchen.) The weird three prong footed bowl is from A + R, the Italian lamp was sold in my last OKL sale, and the gold paper bowl is from Up In The Air Somewhere.

Meanwhile, this was our corner vignette:


Oh hey, adorable niche. I got that chair for $30 then reupholstered it for $70. Not bad, my friends, not bad. The photographs above are from 20×200 and the custom heart paper art piece is Sara and Bendrix. The sequin chevron pillow was Urban Outfitters, for like 10 bones, but certainly that style has had it’s day since then, and while it photoraphs nicely, it’s 100 percent the most uncomfortable pillow ever. Plus, Dave hated it.

So that’s the living room. I still have the dining room, entry, breakfast nook, kitchen, office, and master bedroom to go.

Meanwhile, for sneak peeks into all of those spaces, watch this behind-the-scenes video that Tessa Neustadt made that shows me sans makeup, and captures all the chaos and laughter that surrounds a photo shoot.

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