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Some Cute New Fall Clothes I’m Wearing On My Body…

If you were to guess what season seems the most like “me,” many people might scream “SPRING” and that feels pretty darn accurate (flowers, bright colors, the sense of waking up, hope but not hot, etc), but fall clothes are THE BEST. I didn’t need a lot, as my life is just so utilitarian up here (which is my preference) but I mostly needed to size up to have clothes that fit better, which gave me a nice excuse to buy a few things (and purge a lot – still figuring out what to do with a suitcase of slightly smaller excellent clothes). So if you need some good fall clothes, I can tell you that I went to most major retailers and kissed a lot of frogs to find a few good things. I would also like to rant about lighting in dressing rooms because MY GOODNESS most of them feel like they are intentionally trying to make your reflection be at its worst. They all need to take a hint from Anthropologie which has the most flattering lighting. Is this a man thing? Do the people at the top of this department not know that bright ass florescent lights make your entire body look bumpy? Is this another reason I need to run for office? Point is, I had to look past the bad lighting (and get over how it made me feel) because I did, in fact, find some cute things that I’m really excited about.

Knit Cardigan | Cropped Oxford Top | Pull-On Barrel Jeans | Loafers

I bought these pants during the last mall shopping post and continue to LOVE them. They are barrel shaped (which is what works on my body versus just baggy), with a lot of distressing and are very comfortable. They are thicker so I didn’t wear them much this summer, but come fall I will be living in these. That Madewell button-up is excellent – super thin (not see through), easy to layer, great boxy cut but with that rounded sides to give it some shape. The sweater (Alex Mill) is a beautiful year round piece – I wore it a lot in spring and sure enough we are moving into fall with it. The shoes are from Everlane and when I first unpacked them I thought they were a little too simple, but I keep wearing them! They are really comfortable and while I love a lug sole, sometimes my feet don’t want the weight on them (I also love Nisolo for this reason – light weight but still high quality).

Shoulder Pad Top | Wide-Leg Jeans | Boots (Similar) | Mini Bag

Birdie said, “You look like a teenager” in this outfit and I have to admit, that pleased me greatly 🙂 Remember when I designed my faux dorm room and dressed like I was 19 and secretly loved it!!? Anyway, this was my foray into the ENORMOUS baggy jean trend that I previously thought was not for me. I tried on SO MANY JEANS – like 30-40 pairs and this was the only “baggy” one that I liked. These are Good American (some are so great, some are so cheesy, right?) and they are CRAZY long. Like I’m wearing 6″ boots here. Nordstrom will hem for free, so I might do that. But I have to say I think the look is fun and a little outside my norm. I didn’t know what to wear on top because I know the rule – if you go big on the bottom, you can’t go big on top (or the other way around which is my usual game) so I pulled out a shirt that I bought three years ago and have barely worn but LOVE. It has intense shoulder pads which is dope, but it’s such a statement. Also, living in SW Portland and not having an office job this isn’t something you just throw on. Anyway, for all of you who do leave the house, care about fashion and live in cities where dressing up is more of a thing both the jeans and the top are awesome. The top is spandex, but thick enough that it’s really flattering (I think I bought it when I gave myself the challenge to look “sexy” for a date night with Brian – needless to say this top wasn’t exactly what Brian would have picked to check that box, but we agreed it’s cool). I think I’d likely wear it with tiny shorts and heels – that’s more my game.

Vest | Striped Shirt (Similar) | Denim Shorts | Socks | Sorel Boot

This is a little more “me” right now and likely something I’m going to wear a lot in the next two months. I can’t say enough about these vests and I want to put it out there in the universe a few more times – I THINK I SHOULD DESIGN A LINE OF WALKING CLOTHES. I have extremely specific ideas on what makes something excellent for lifestyle walking (not competitive walking) to look cute/cool/comfortable and yet have the necessary bells and whistles to get the job done (the RIGHT pockets, breathability, layerability, versatility, etc). That’s all to say that this vest is EXCELLENT and I’ve been wearing it a lot on my morning walks (before this heat wave). It has many pockets (big ones for phone/wallet, small ones for doggy bags), is super flattering (it hugs but just so lightly at the waist) and while it technically adds volume, the way that it’s cut doesn’t add “bulk” like a lot of puffer vests do (that I can’t wear because my love pillows are already big enough). These pockets and the fabric just drapes really well. Even if you aren’t a daily lifestyle walker like me (y’all, get into it – listen to one of my favorite podcasts!) this is a great fall layering piece.

The shirt is from Pendleton (bought last year) and the shorts are from The Great (bought this summer, very splurgy but I lived in them this summer because The Great knows how to make cute clothes shockingly comfortable – sags in the crotch in just the way that I love (and Brian does not LOL, but he’s gotten used to it).

Now the shoes – THE SHOES. These might be my #1 favorite purchase thus far – mostly because they are perfect for my life up here. They are Sorels, rubber on the bottom so they are waterproof/mud-proof, and yet not crazy heavy (some of my lug soles are just too annoying to like walk in). They are snug at the ankle, BUT, and here’s the kicker – extremely easy to pull on because the finger loops are big and easy to access. I get so annoyed when you have to sit down to put on a boot because they’ve made the finger hole too small OR its snapped on its third use (true story). These feel super high quality and yet they are awesome in style, very on trend, and not over the top HUGE like some others which I just can’t get behind. My goodness I have a lot to say today – I think this coffee really kicked in!

Plaid Coat (Similar) | Striped Button Up | Flare Jeans | Clogs

Ok before you get too excited, it’s a vintage plaid coat that I got at the antique mall a couple years ago (there is still a hole in the market for plaid jackets, BTW). The blouse is a cute cut with white collar and contrasting sleeves (great to layer). But the real coup de grace here are the jeans. I’m obsessed with these jeans. These are “fit and flares” which really hearken back to high school, but in a way that I’m fully down with. I felt really really cute/flattered in these and frankly I needed it – they looked good in the butt but weren’t too rigid (like my old Levis that I still love but can’t sit down in, nor button up haha). In fact, I did a partnership with Madewell for social also this week so I had to take another photo of them (wearing only Madewell). Check them out here:

White Button-Up | Flare Jeans | Kitten Heel Boots

See? They are pretty good! I wish the inseam was shorter, but apparently I’m alone in that because the denim world is just dominated by high rise (which I like the look of, but what about us short torso’d ladies!?). I’m wearing a 27 BTW (I’m a size six right now if that helps, so size down, but I tried the 26 and it was TIGHT). That’s also the white Madewell blouse I was talking about above that I love – really thin and easy to layer under a cardigan – also I’ve washed it a few times and if I grab it out quickly enough from the dryer I don’t have to steam it (it’s poplin which sometimes I get annoyed with). The boots in that shot are my new kitten heel booties that are super cute/flattering and yet comfortable.

Denim Trench | Kitten Heel Boots

I bought this denim trench the SECOND I saw it (not part of my Madewell partnership). It’s excellent – drapes really well, layers really well, and is so much more me than a classic trench. I can dress it up like I did here or down (Soccer games? Sure!). Those are the kitten heeled booties I was talking about (my kids were very confused why the heels were so tiny and they naturally loved that they were called “kittens”.

Tank | Trousers | Braided Belt

The pants are a super nice/comfortable/flattering low waisted (thank you very much) pleated wide leg. I styled them rolled up so they weren’t as big. They feel a bit spring to me, but they come in other colors as well. The tank is a great layering piece that has a cute neckline and side straps (tanks are hard for me but I really like this one and wished it came in more colors).

Denim Blazer | Striped Top (Similar) | Pants (Similar) | Sorel Boot | Bag

You’ve seen this great denim blazer before but I just want to reiterate how great it is. It has a bit of stretch making it great to layer under (not crammed in the arms) and is boxy instead of being too body-con, which I think is a more modern shape. The pants are cali demi boot cut (they have a little flare at the end). Same Sorel boots – see how fitted they are at the ankle? But not too tight, just the perfect amount that pipes up into your jeans. The striped shirt is from Lost & Found LA and I’ve had it for years (it’s so thin and soft).

Blazer (Similar) | T-Shirt (Similar) | Wide-Leg Jeans | Clogs | Bandana (Similar)

These are the last jeans that I’m officially VERY INTO. During my epic denim try-on day that I was generally bummed out about, these brought me a lot of happiness. These are fitted in the thigh/butt, with a bit old flare that has a lot of structure. These are splurgy (Mother jeans always are) but I loved the wash, fit, style and I felt really really good in them. I wanted to show you how they look with heels and with flats. (Clogs are five year old Rachel Comey but still available, Madewell makes a much more affordable version).

Cotton T-Shirt | Carpenter Overalls | Birkenstock Sandals | Bandana (Similar)

OK, this one was one that I was SO EXCITED ABOUT, but I wish I had styled it cooler. Maybe with a blousy blouse underneath). We all agreed it was extremely cute and flattering (for oversized overalls) and I know I wear them a lot this fall/winter/spring both around the house and out and about. But yah, the styling was a miss on this shot.

Striped Sweater | Wide-Leg Jeans | Loafers

See? They are pretty cute with flats, too! I think where they hit on the ankle is PERFECT. Cropped boxy, dropped shoulder sweater is an updated version of what we probably all have. Big fan. Same Everlane loafers – I think that color might be perfect.

So that’s what I’m into for my fall fashion this year. A lot of it can be mixed together, and most of it is in the name of extreme comfort. I’m camping this weekend and off the grid (look at PNW me!) but I’ll pop into the comments on Sunday if you have any questions about the fit of the clothes (beyond my ramblings).

*Photos by Kaitlin Green

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7 months ago

I love the wide leg date night look and think it’s very sexy on you in an effortless way. Flared jeans not my taste but the blue cardigan is great and should be mandatory to wear in your kitchen as it goes so well!
Don’t stress the overalls, I really like that shot styled as you will actually wear them. My favourite is the Madewell look because you look chilled and professional. And most of all, you look happy and comfortable in this post.

7 months ago

My best jean is Mother The Weekender, which is like the fit and flare from Madewell above but with a shorter rise, thinner-weight denim, and just enough stretch. I’ve been wearing mine for years.

7 months ago

How did you find the sizing on that trench? The reviews seem to suggest that it’s giant, so I am not sure whether to order TTS or go down a size. Thanks in advance for nay insight you have to offer!

7 months ago

So many cute things! Those overalls are really calling my name!
A side note about language: I had a fascinating conversation a few years ago with a friend about the word “flattering” for women’s clothes. She pointed out to me that it’s basically code for “makes you look skinny” and is part of the larger culture’s message to women that our goal is to be thin, that we can never be thin enough, and that our bodies aren’t good enough the way they are. It has really made me rethink using the word and to be more mindful about how I see my own body. Just something to consider for future clothing posts…

7 months ago
Reply to  Annie

Oh, I’ve never thought of the word “flattering” in that way. I’ve used it to describe how a friend looks when trying on items and never thought “skinny”, just that it looks good on their body type or matches their personality…

7 months ago
Reply to  Kim Malkiewicz

IME, people/magazines/media generally use it to mean “emphasizes the smallest part of your body” :/

7 months ago

these are all so great! the kitten heel boots link doesn’t seem to be the right one though. it takes me to a pair of suede ones rather than leather. do you happen to know the right link? thanks!

Karen T.
7 months ago

Just dropped in to say you look adorable! And you may have convinced me to drop off the skinny jean train with those flares from Madewell!

7 months ago

So many good pieces, and especially love that we get so many peaks into different spaces around the farm. You look so at home, in your environment and in your skin!

Lisa Carnochan
7 months ago
Reply to  Sheryl

This, this, exactly. Like more stylish but also less conscious of it? If that makes sense?

7 months ago

Okay, I’ve looked at those FP barrel pants several times, but they seem quite heavy for (most) of our TX weather, but they are sooo darling. Also, I knew right away that the green bag was Clare V., lovin’ that, too!

7 months ago

I love the loafers and the overalls and I’m very happy to see evidence of a definitive move away from skinny jeans to definitive silhouettes! I also love the kitchen corner art piece (as seen in Real Simple)!

7 months ago

I love everything!! I was born in the 70’s and love everything from this decade. Clothes, music, home styling…
You look amazing, and the farmhouse just completes the entire look perfectly.

7 months ago

Three things I recently bought and love are the Cougar Iggy Rubber Rain Boots, the Aquatalia Katya Waterproof Waterproof Slip-On Sneakers and a pair of Sweaty Betty Power Pocket High Waist 7/8 Workout Leggings. Zero rain here means I’v only been able to test the shoes around the house, fingers crossed for the rain.

7 months ago

We generally don’t share style but I love to see what you wear! But the black shoulder pad shirt outfit had my jaw on the floor, I LOVE it and need to figure out how to justify buying that top!!!

Mary Merg
7 months ago

I love the table and benches you have in the backyard (the ones behind you in the photos) and couldn’t find any posts about them. I am sure I missed something, but please share!

7 months ago
Reply to  Mary Merg

The Ronde teak collection from Rejuvenation

7 months ago

All these outfits look very you and Fall! I like the changing up of silhouettes, especially the flares, wide-legged jeans and overalls, and the casual blazer/,trench vibes. I recently bought some flares and they’re fun to play with blousey tops and button ups tied. I appreciate your sharing about going up in size without judgement, as a fellow forty-something, I can relate.

7 months ago

You’re really selling those Good American jeans, Emily! My first purchase from this blog’s recs, though I’ve been reading for a decade. Love!

Lisa Carnochan
7 months ago

I love all these looks. They feel both more creative and more comfy/you and highly original but also perfect for the PNW.

7 months ago

Girl!! You are BANGIN’ in that black top and wide leg jeans! I love the striped sweater with the flare jeans and the blazer outfit too, so many great new looks on you. Can I please properly translate the “You look like a teenager” comment? It means you look cool. No need for anyone to look “younger” but youthful is a great look on everybody, and you look just that. And maybe a lil’ bit grrrrrr. <3

7 months ago

I can embrace the 2nd and 4th look for my body. You look adorable in all of them. Starting to feel a tiny twinge of excitement about fall just around the corner.

Lori H
7 months ago

Teenager or not those jeans with the black top is just a great look on you. The blue sweater over the white blouse in the first shot..also a great look for you…and your hair length at this point is spot on! I think I noticed it more than anything. I never comment but I just had to let ya’s the hair’s looking good!

7 months ago
Reply to  Lori H

I totally agree! I would love a hair post… I know you were doing extensions at one point, curious if you are still doing that or if this is all natural! Either way, it’s beautiful.

7 months ago

Could you ever do a post on shoes for those of us with wide and extra wide feet? It is always hard to find cute shoes that are also comfortable since most posts have shoes that don’t come in wide or extra wide sizes. Thanks for considering!

7 months ago
Reply to  CC

If you ever decide to convert to barefoot shoes (it’s a whoooooooole rabbit home to fall down) check out the site Anya’s Reviews. Your feet Will thank you.

7 months ago

I would be SO HERE for a line of Emily Henderson walking clothing! I also dog walk daily in all weather in the woods (Ontario, CAN) and my Bog boots and MEC waterproof pants have been all stars for me.

7 months ago

I don’t usually comment on fashion posts but so many of these are great! Especially loving some of those more baggy pant cuts (not sure I’m onboard with the fit & flare trend coming back.. when I’ve lived through it twice already, do I really need to invest again? lol) but totally here for the baggier but still flattering to the body cuts.

Also LOVE the Sorel boots– but curious how far you’re walking in them at a time? I have a different pair of Sorels that I love and wear constantly all winter in the wet Western WA weather. But we walk 3 miles each evening after dinner so wondering if these would be comfy enough for that kind of mileage . Because they look a bit more comfy/durable/slip proof than my more urban Sorel boots so these could be something I could wear even in the occasional snow.
You look great in every single one of these outfits!