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Store Tour: Floor & Decor

When it comes to buying tile and flooring for projects we’ve always struggled with where to go to see a variety of affordable, simple classic tiles that don’t have a 19 year lead time. Some of our clients want/need high end materials and don’t mind waiting but for many smaller more budget-y jobs we need variety and fast. Our options felt few and far between. So when Floor & Decor reached out and was interested in sponsoring a store tour/blog post, I said “yes” very quickly as it was on my list to check out their store anyway. But a tour of tile and flooring would be so much more fun if I peppered some opinions right? For instance am I or am I not ‘over’ subway tile? And when is glass tile ok? Would I, personally, ever use a laminate wood flooring? Jump on in… (and see our complete and SUPER DUPER BUDGET $666.11 bathroom design plan at the end).

Store Tour Emily Henderson Floor and Decor Flooring Tile Marble 1

First, the tour, Floor & Decor sells any hard materials for flooring or walls – marble, granite, stone, wood countertops, decorative tile, floor tile, porcelain, ceramic and clay tile. For flooring they have laminate, vinyl, bamboo, water-resistant wood, engineered and hardwood (plus large scale floor tiles as well). See? Variety. They have a small showroom that displays where everything can go and how they might look installed, and they sell materials to help with the installation. It’s a lot, and yet it’s not overwhelming.

Store Tour Emily Henderson Floor and Decor Flooring Tile Marble 2

The reason it’s compelling and worth the trip is that there are so many options in one place and the prices are very good. Almost everything is stocked, (no lead times) and lots of samples you can purchase (which you can return after you make your decision). At the higher end tile stores you can borrow a sample tile for 24 hours (maybe) but its really hard to make the rest of your decisions in that 24 hours so we end up spending so much time borrowing and returning and borrowing and returning.

I recently put in a tiny budget bathroom off of the guest suite downstairs and I wanted the least expensive bathroom possible – very run and gun and I wasn’t even going to blog about it. I was so sick of spending money on the house and even putting in the bathroom was already thousands so I wanted materials to be simple and affordable. At the time I was so crazy busy and things were happening fast, (I was 8 months pregnant with Elliot) that I didn’t really have time to pick out the finishes myself. I told Berto, my dude, to use subway tile and the leftover floor tiles from our master (we even moved a toilet down from the renovated bathroom upstairs instead of buying a new one. HA). Now, hindsight is 20/20 because if I had gone to Floor & Decor I know that I could have made it so much more interesting but still on a budget.

Store Tour Emily Henderson Floor and Decor Flooring Tile Marble 3

While I was shopping I took note of some of my favorite budget tiles and we pulled up mini roundups for you.

Honestly these online screenshots do not do them justice – you have to go look for yourself and there were way more options in person than i could find on the site.

Emily Henderson Design Floor and Decor Budget Tile ALT 1

1. Dual Lux White Ceramic Tile | 2. Oficiana Gray Porcelain Tile | 3. Le Terre Gray Porcelain Tile | 4. Unsealed Saltillo Tile | 5. Alaskan White Porcelain Tile | 6. Carrara Milano Polished Marble Tile

I know that subway has gotten super ubiquitious but it is classic. It’s a safe go-to but it isn’t going to make your kitchen stand out. Use it as an accent to a beautiful floor tile or a beautiful marble backsplash. But if you do subway tile with ceasarstone with a simple flooring and a white cabinet then yes, your kitchen may look generic.

Just remember that I personally think they play best in classic or traditional style homes. I like the tiles to match the era/style of the house.

Floor and Decor_Tile Inspiration_Subway_Stacked

I like subway tile in a more modern house stacked vertically or horizontally (on top of each other), but not if it’s bevelled – if you have a more modern home then just stay away from beveled subway tile. Also going for an elongated is a very good thing (like above). But if you want to re-imagine that simple tile then doing a herringbone like this is always a great option. It merges the classic with the modern and certainly feels fresh.

Floor and Decor_Tile Inspiration_Subway_Herringbone Brick

I have tried both light and dark grout with subway tile and find that dark is much busier and in a way looks like it’s dirty but light does get dirty fast. If it works for your design then think about a medium tone that is quiet but not too dark.

Now if you are bored by subway tile think about getting some that have the more handmade look like these:

hand-made-subway tile Store Tour Emily Henderson Floor and Decor Flooring Tile Marble 4

They are slightly more expensive but so pretty. Also I love these elongated versions but I stray away from really oversized unless its a new/modern house. If you are going for the classic look then go for the classic size, too. Remember that there are exceptions to everything and also that these are just my opinions that frankly can and will change at some point. I even made a mistake in our master bathroom and made it feel too traditional so listen, I’m not perfect either. But good lesson – bullnose and tiling up to a wainscot height instantly makes a room feel more traditional. I still love that bathroom but I wish that I had done it just on the bathtub wall and skipped the wall under the window.

If you want an alternative to subway please consider the 4×4 square tile for a new sort of vintage go-to. I saw it in this restaurant in Sydney and was convinced:

Store Tour Emily Henderson Floor and Decor Flooring Tile Marble 1 4x4 tile red bistro modern

I’ve noticed a huge uptick in square tiles recently. It’s sort of a throwback style but its popping up all over in boutique hotels and restaurants and I’m convinced its the next subway tile. Twelve Cents each at Floor & Decor. Not bad (keep scrolling for a bathroom we mocked up with that tile).

Here they are staggered which feels more classic.

Floor and Decor_Tile Inspiration_Grid 4x4 brick pattern

And when you stack them they go a bit more modern.

Floor and Decor_Tile Inspiration_Grid 4x4

The more decorative tiles at Floor & Decor were so pretty as well – some made of marble, ceramic or porcelain and a TON to choose from.

Store Tour Emily Henderson Floor and Decor Flooring Tile Marble 5

I didn’t even have a project I was shopping for but I wanted to hoard so many of these classic tiles. I started pulling and playing and made myself at home very quickly.

I love all of these below. If your house is traditional, tudor, cape cod, etc these are your no-fails. There are more of course, but any of these will always look beautiful and these are so classic that they can go in a newer house, too. Glue-gun to my head out of all of those right now I would choose the top left although I love a basket weave and that diamond pattern, too.

Store Tour Emily Henderson Floor and Decor Flooring Tile Marble 6

Carrera marble is certainly having a big revival right now and in the form of a tile it is upping the elegance. Am I worried that every house designed in 2016 is going to have carrera marble and that we are all going to become sick of it? Yes. But I still love it so much (scroll down to hear about my opinions on marble countertops).

Store Tour Emily Henderson Floor and Decor Flooring Tile Marble 7

I like these smaller scale tiles on floors of bathrooms or backsplashes – I wouldn’t put them on the kitchen floor due to durability and I don’t see why you can’t put them in a shower surround, but its not my first instinct. Splurge on them for a smaller area and mix with a subway or square to create balance with the scales and keep the price down.

Emily Henderson Design Floor and Decor Decorative Tile

1. Caribbean Green Mini Chevron Marble Mosaic | 2. Caribbean Green Hexagon Marble Mosaic | 3. Penny White III Porcelain Mosaic | 4. Framed Thassos Marble Mosaic | 5. Thassos Herringbone Marble Mosaic | 6. Carrara White Clipped Diamond Marble Mosaic

They had a good assortment of tumbled tile and glass tile if that’s your jam. Both of these tiles are controversial and will probably ignite some sort of very friendly comment battle below, but here it goes:

Glass tile re-emerged in the 90’s and its mostly appropriate for contemporary houses built in the 90’s. As a good rule of thumb – if your house is from before the 90’s then I personally would not recommend glass tile as it’s incongruous with the style/era of the house. If your house is post-90’s I’d also be careful as it could date it.

glass tile Store Tour Emily Henderson Floor and Decor Flooring Tile Marble 1

Don’t get me wrong, there are some out there that are beautiful (see below) and I’ve seen them done well, but I think they are best in contemporary style home. Generally when I hear ‘glass mosaic tile’ I get nervous. Geez, being diplomatic is so hard sometimes. But I have seen some really pretty ones where the colors are right and the scale is good and if they fit the style of the house then i’m a fan. I personally like them more when they are a brick or a square of the same color, less so when its a mosaic with small vertical pieces of different colors.

Floor and Decor_Tile Inspiration_Glass Tile

Tumbled tile is a popular choice for houses that are meant to look or feel old world. It, like many things, took off and became ubiquitious in the 90’s and 2000’s in new builds in the suburbs and is very popular among the flipping crowd. I’ve seen it work, but I’ve seen it not work way more often – like so.  Essentially they are stone tiles that look old, with the edges being worn a bit and are typically beige or clay colored, although they can come in gray, too.

I love these two which I realize are much more large scale, but they feel better to me than the smaller backsplash that we are used to seeing.

Floor and Decor_Tile Inspiration_Tumbled Stone

If you are going for that look old world look (Mediterannean, Spanish, English/French Country) I would recommend cement tiles (we did an amazing cement tile roundup here).

Store Tour Emily Henderson Floor and Decor Flooring Tile Marble 7

On to countertops – again, they had a huge selection of classic/basic stones to choose from and it’s a heck of a lot easier than sitting through traffic, to go to deep valley to a stoneyard in 95 degree heat. Plus those stone yards are really intimidating, with lots of rules and few people to help you. Not the case here.

Store Tour Emily Henderson Floor and Decor Flooring Tile Marble 8

Ready for some countertop suggestions/opinions?

I like quartz most of the time. FYI quartz is a composite of ground stone and resin – its man-made. It comes in a wide variety of colors. I prefer simple, non-textured ones like white, black and gray (we have white in our kitchen). I think it can work in a variety of homes, for sure, but if you have a really old home (pre mid-century) consider a natural stone instead.


Emily Henderson Design Floor and Decor Countertops 2

1. Arctic White Quartz Slab | 2. Cloud River Quartz Slab | 3. Arabescato Venato Marble Slab | 4. Arabescato Venato Marble Slab II

When I was at the store I found some Quartz and marble that I like but I don’t remember FOR SURE if these were them, so I encourage you to go for yourself and not order these online.

Granite is a natural stone and it has won ‘most popular’ in the last 30 years of kitchen design. But just because one is popular doesn’t mean that its right for everywhere. I think marble is quickly usurping granite due to its oversaturation.

But marble gets a bad rap when it comes to staining and durability. We are in the middle of trying to convince a client to go for marble over quartz right now because she has an old house and we found the most BEAUTIFUL slab ever. She was scared and we had to make a really good case in order to convince her. Yes, marble is porous, but if sealed properly and you clean up after yourselves then you are fine. Also if you have an old house it ages soooo well and looks more integrious to the house even when slightly stained.

Store Tour Emily Henderson Floor and Decor Flooring Tile Marble 9

I found their selection of wood countertops to be particularly illuminating as previously we really just shopped at Ikea or had to go to the valley, so its really nice to have a new source with a lot of options.

Store Tour Emily Henderson Floor and Decor Flooring Tile Marble 10

Onto flooring. Floor & Decor had a lot of wood flooring options, all fairly inexpensive and in stock. First – engineered. Now 3 years ago I was going to write a big post about engineered versus hardwood but well, that never happened (I think its still a draft that I should absolutely finish). But here is the gist of it – some engineered flooring looks SOOOO good and is way more dent and scratch resistant than wood. But some is less good and doesn’t look as real so it really depends on the product. Generally I’d shy away from ‘hand scraped’ but we recently did a project and used some handscraped from Floor & Decor because that is what the landlord of the client wanted us to use and it looked good – it was barely noticeable. There are definitely good options out there.

Emily Henderson Design Floor and Decor Engineered Hardwood Floors

1. Driftwood Lyptus Hand Scraped Engineered Hardwood | 2. Clermont Oak Brushed Engineered Hardwood | 3. Chestnut Oak Locking Engineered Hardwood | 4. Warm Copper Oak Locking Engineered Hardwood

We used hardwood in our home and while I do love it, it sure dents easily. But it can always be refinished and it is beautiful but if I had to go back I would have used the engineered version of the real stuff.

Floor & Decor had a new product that we found very interesting – water-resistant “wood” flooring (the brand below is called NuCore). Now this product isn’t technically wood as it is water-resistant but it is made to look like wood with the ability to use it in a wet area. Now this is not for your living room unless you are going to DIY it and are on a crazy low budget. But for a mudroom, laundry room or a basement – this could definitely work. (By the way for Secrets from A Stylist once we replaced disgusting carpet with white faux wood linoleum in a rental and for the very low price is cost it made things better and sometimes better is worth a few hundred dollars).

Store Tour Emily Henderson Floor and Decor Flooring Tile Marble 11

We have a client who has a basement that tends to flood a couple times a year and right now they only have cement down there, but it’s so cold and sad. Something like this would absolutely work.  So yes, this is an option we are considering and hoping they go for it. It is a great faux-wood/wood look product.

floor and decor_roundup_flooring_wood_waterproof

1. NuCore Basic Golden Oak Plank | 2. NuCore Spalted Maple Plank with Cork Back | 3. AquaGuard Calico Water-Resistant Laminate | 4. AquaGuard Gogh Water-Resistant Laminate

Last weekend I watched a ridiculous amount of HGTV’s Flip or Flop (I mean, that show … ) while I was cleaning out my closet and in every episode they were putting in laminate flooring and sometimes it looked great and sometimes less great. It is a substitute for wood and it’s really really durable, and good for budget jobs. I like some and don’t like others and wouldn’t use it a too high end space but for a budget you get good style with a ton of durability.

Store Tour Emily Henderson Floor and Decor Flooring Tile Marble 12

Here are some picks of mine from their laminate wood options.

Emily Henderson Design Floor and Decor Laminite Flooring

1. Rustic Timber Light Haze Laminate | 2. Rustic Timber Terra Laminate | 3. Hampstead Winy Coffee Hand Scraped Random-Width Laminate | 4. Wildwood Manor Oak Laminate

Store Tour Emily Henderson Floor and Decor Flooring Tile Marble 13

When it comes to the real thing we have options, too. There is a new trend of really wide planks which I’m into if it’s right for your house. But, what I think is more important is making sure that the length of the planks is long enough that it becomes easy to lay them so they look random. If too short they look choppy and busy.

Store Tour Emily Henderson Floor and Decor Flooring Tile Marble 15

Stay away from anything too shiny, “espresso” or hand scraped. Again, we have used hand scraped before and if it’s really shallow you can’t even tell but I personally don’t like the really deep grooves.

Emily Henderson Design Floor and Decor Hardwood Flooring

1. Sienna  Locking Stranded Solid Bamboo | 2. Aradon Frost Wire Brushed Solid Stranded Bamboo | 3. Natural Maple Locking Engineered Hardwood | 4. Snow Walnut Engineered Hardwood

As I was in the store I was so shocked by how cheap some of these simple/classic tiles were and got inspired (by our recent popular budget series) to see how low could we go to design a full bathroom. Now if you’ve ever renovated before you might know that the labor costs far more than the materials so I usually encourage people to not skimp on boring materials if you are actually hiring someone that is expensive (the logic being that it cost $3k to put in tile regardless if its $40/square foot or $2k a foot – so be sure you are not going to regret spending more in the first place).

BUT if you are doing it yourself and are really trying to do a quick, budget upgrade as cheap as possible then do I have a bathroom plan for you:

Floor and Decor_Budget Bathroom_Get the Look 2

Wall Sconce | Mirror | Pedestal Sink | Sink FaucetPenny TileCeramic Wall TilePaint | Tub and Shower Faucet Kit | Bathtub | Towel Ring | Toilet Paper Holder | Toilet

We calculated the bathtub surround to be 72 square feet and suggested the penny tile, and 35 square feet of flooring which we gave to the square tile (most smallish bathrooms are 5×7).

A huge thanks to Floor & Decor for partnering on this post/tour. It certainly gave us a huge new resource for many tiles that our clients love and were annoying to track down.


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7 years ago

Thanks for putting this together. Very helpful!

7 years ago

So informative, Emily! Thank you for all the research that went into this post. Definitely not just a store endorsement.

7 years ago

This is so helpful! I’ve always driven past this store and always wondered if it was worth a visit. Guess I’m gonna have to make a trip there ASAP! Thank you!!

7 years ago

Hi Emily,

Do you have any tips on scale of floor tile and wall tile in a bathroom? Ours is relatively small, and we’re toeing the line of classic to boring with mini hex floor tiles and white subway tiles. Not sure if there’s anything more interesting we can do on the walls. Appreciate your advice!

7 years ago

This budget bathroom get the look could not be at a more perfect time!

7 years ago

Awesome post, I have never had to pick out tile or flooring yet, but I imagine the task to be super daunting, this info is all really helpful, thanks!

7 years ago

I LOVE Floor & Decor. We’ve used them for all our DIY jobs. We are in the middle of laying new floors from them right now. I’m so glad they are being highlighted here. Their personnel are very helpful too if you have questions or need assistance of any kind.

patty blaettler
7 years ago

I redid a small crappy bathroom in a beach cottage almost exactly as you’ve shown above about 18 years ago.
Right about now, I hate it….haha
Looking forward to a remodel sometime in the future…

7 years ago

it’s funny you mention flip or flop. i’ve always wondered what you think about that show. they seem to do the same thing every single time (cheap materials, lack of style, etc.) but it keeps getting renewed!

7 years ago
Reply to  Emily

I’m always shocked by how “low” their estimates are on all their renovations! Maybe it’s because of where they live in Waco but here in the northeast you couldn’t get a $10,000 kitchen no way no how.

7 years ago
Reply to  Rosemary

I’m also shocked by how low the cost is on most HGTV shows?! All I can think is that maybe they don’t include the labor the cost, and the show somehow absorbs that? I don’t know, but I’m super curious. Flip or Flop is even filmed in southern California (or at least it used to be, I haven’t watched in a while). How do they do a $10K kitchen remodel?? Lower quality materials, sure, but is that it???

7 years ago
Reply to  Meg

Yes, I can only assume they’re not including labour – which is ridiculous as that what costs the most (especially here in Australia!). So misleading!

7 years ago

Who knew they had so many great and affordable options. I am swooning over all that marble goodness in your decorative tile section.

7 years ago

THEY HAVE A STORE NEAR ME IN DC!!! Usually your brick and mortars are all in LA, but I am so happy to see they are local!!!

7 years ago

So much YES! Thank you for your honest opinions of what works and what doesn’t work. I love the honest you always have here in your posts. Gonna have to add floor and decor to my list of resources.

7 years ago

Great post! Our house was brand new when we bought it two years ago but builder grade – brown everything (why do they keep doing this???) and I just cannot afford to rip a bunch of stuff out. We have the dreaded tumbled marble backsplash in a 3×5 size. What do you think about a painting the tumbled marble to match the walls (white)?

7 years ago
Reply to  Lena

This is a fun idea for a “meanwhile” backsplash

7 years ago
Reply to  Marlena

That is genius!

7 years ago

Emily thank you so much for this very timely post. We just found our first home and are about to close and we have been looking at some much tile/laminate/marmoleum/hardwood it had our head spinning. This is an absolutely perfect post and can’t wait to look around Floor & Decor site for our flooring projects.

Thank you!

7 years ago

This post was the best! So informative! Thank you Emily and Co. This store is a designer’s dream.

7 years ago

Great post with a lot of information Emily, thank you. Off topic, how are your children? Personally, I miss the updates on your family.

7 years ago

My favorite tile store is in Pasadena, Saxum Tile, they have a great selection. You should check them out. And on the plus side they are super nice!

7 years ago

Great post but, honestly, out of everything posted I love the polished cement floor you were walking on at F&D!

7 years ago

Floor and Decor is the only store I’ve found (at least in my area) that carries marble and stone sill strips as well. We’ve been replacing windows in our house and upgrading the windowsills to marble has made our house so classy. And you can get a 72″ by 6″ strip of marble for like $30. Can’t beat that.

7 years ago


My husband and I are building a new, very modern house in Austin. I’m trying to pick out tile for our master bathroom, which has a big, two-person shower with a window right in the middle. Your thoughts about ALL the white marble we’re using in 2016 has me worried too! We’ve been considering big sheets of marble-ish silestone, or larger rectangular marble tiles for our master bath, but honestly, I’ve been worried that that’s already played out. Our house has white walls, white stucco, wood and dark metal exterior cladding. Any thoughts about what would look great in a new modern house but not too trendy that’ll quickly go out of style?? HELP!

Thank you!

7 years ago

I can’t take credit for this, but I like it:

Flip or Flop, HGTV. This show is hosted by Tarek and Christina El Moussa, who have all the charisma of drywall. Tarek’s a medium-buff, medium-attractive, medium-fauxhawked dude who wears polo shirts and rolls around Orange County in an indistinguishable SUV—he’s a reno-porn robot, the most even-keeled and thus terminally boring character to ever grace the genre. Inevitably, he caves to the wishes of both contractors and his pretty blonde wife, whose accent seems lifted from SNL’s “Californians” skit. Despite constantly fretting that he won’t make another dime, he usually nets a shitload of cash, with a few notable exceptions justifying the Flop in the title. The show posits real estate as both a no-personality and a no-lose proposition, which is news to anyone who was alive in 2008.

7 years ago
Reply to  caroline

Oops, sorry, commented on the wrong tv show…

7 years ago
Reply to  caroline

Wow Caroline, that is both rude and rediculois and you sound quite bitter. Clearly you lost a boat of cash in the 08′ crash but that just means you shouldn’t be flipping homes. I and many people live that show and tarred and Christina seem like really nice people. Why be such a negative hateful person and post such hate? just tune out if you don’t like it.

7 years ago
Reply to  Sarah

Ha! I didn’t write that (hence the ‘I can’t take credit for this’ heading), I saw it on the internet and thought it was funny in a snarky way. Loosen up a bit, it won’t kill ya. 🙂

7 years ago
Reply to  caroline

That’s funny! I couldn’t put my finger on why I never enjoyed that show (since I like all the other HGTV shows like Property Brothers, Fixer Upper, and Good Bones).

7 years ago

Just thought I’d chime in with my experience with engineered hardwood. We put it in our house just under two years ago. It looks great and everyone thinks it’s real wood. It was a higher end one that we were told wouldn’t scratch or dent. Well… it’s totally scratched and dented and every time a new one shows up I kick myself again for having not gone with my gut and just put in real wood like I have in every other house. Yes, the real stuff scratches and dents too but knowing it can be sanded and made to look new again makes all the difference. The little bit of money we saved by going this route is totally not worth it in hindsight.

7 years ago

Thanks for this post! We are in the middle of a remodel that includes a powder room and you provided so much insight, especially regarding era of the home vs tile choices. I’m always trying to balance my modern design desires with my not so modern 60s house. 🙂

This is one of the few blogs I always make time to read.

7 years ago

this is the very best kind of sponsored post, so much info and personal (profesh) opinions. love it. thank you!

7 years ago

love the budget bath! it’s so cute and i really enjoy these types of posts.
speaking from experience, you shouldn’t use ceramic wall tiles on the floor as they are a huge slip hazard and show every speck of dirt. i’ve got those same 4×4 white tiles in my poorly-flipped bathroom; the floor is so slippery and the high gloss doesn’t do it any favors in the looks department either.

7 years ago

I think the best advice is go with the character and time period of the house. The only thing that I disagree with is the fake wood floor not even the high end ones, things are supposed to age, If you could go to one of these houses with it in 100 years it will still be there but looking awful. It is like kissing a photograph. I am soooo glad you didn’t use it in your home.

7 years ago

Awesome post! We don’t have a Floor & Decor in Michigan (womp, womp), but still so many great ideas and inspiration. Thanks for sharing!

Mari Beth
7 years ago

We are building a 480 square foot ADU (that’s the maximum allowed) with a little loft for storage and lots of windows for light – we are in Oregon – in our back yard for our elderly parents (87 and 88 yrs old!). I am a total newby at decor and style and have been studying your blog for ideas….and I’ve been to Ikea for the first time but I am so afraid of making a design mistake that I am sort of at a loss. So many choices and I still have to decide on everything! It is going to be so small, we are not sure if the floors should be the same throughout or if the kitchen and bath should be different from the l.r. and b.r. We are having radiant floor heating put in. Do you have any idea what type of flooring to put in for that? I’ve thought about just painting the concrete and that would be okay for warmth, but might be kind of hard for their ol’ feet. Thanks for any suggestions!

7 years ago

I have the square tile on my tub/shower walls and ceiling with a small accent strip. I love it. I went with the square white tile since my house had the square — although in harvest gold. The rest of the tile is white or gray with blue-gray walls. I would like to add to the bath design you showed with a few colored tiles — black, classic, red, fun, blue nautical. Possibilities are endless. Only if I knew how to tile.

7 years ago

Thank you for sharing this source! I’m curious to know why wood-look floor porcelain/ceramic tile was left out under the “wood” category? Have you ever worked with that stuff? I’m seeing it more & more and thinking it’s the best solution for my remodel and my sanity (with my dog).

Nancy Z
7 years ago
Reply to  Ling

Ack! Didn’t read yours before I posted mine – sorry! Hopefully someone will chime in on this.

Nancy Z
7 years ago

Living on the coast, “wood-look” tile planks are a big thing around here, and I was hoping you’d cover that. Although NuCore is waterproof, it still can trap water underneath. Thoughts on the tile planks? Horrible? I’m staring at a newly patched slab at the moment, under which I had a leak this past week. I will absolutely not be putting down another wood floor, as this is our second leak in 5 years. I need waterproof options but would like to remain tasteful. I do love the stained concrete, but my poor feet!

7 years ago
Reply to  Nancy Z

haha, no worries! I hope someone chimes in too! I’m the same: love the look of wood but can’t deal with the baby-ing of it. I’ve only seen one remodel with it so I’d love to hear more opinions on it! I think you’d still be contending with stiff cold feet if you walk on your floors barefoot though :/

7 years ago
Reply to  Nancy Z

From the contractor side, we had two customers request wood look tile at the same time. One selected a well known national tile brand and the other went with Floor and Decor. The F&D tile ended up being better quality and cost less. The longer plank tiles can bow, so it was hard on the national brand one to keep it even all across. Took a ton of float. Same sub didn’t have trouble with F&D gray one they used. The grooved/textured ones are harder to clean. Also, if grout isn’t the same/similar color, it looks fake (like using a cream/white grout with brown wood tile). All just opinions. The customers love it, but there are pros and cons to any floor material.

I am also in Texas and cringe when anyone compares prices to TV shows. I am only a few hours from one location and I can’t even touch costs in that range. Makes it hard when giving bids because everyone expects TV pricing and that’s not reality with my subs or the materials. Amazing how different markets price wise can be within a region.

Love the blog-so helpful. Thank you!

7 years ago

Love this post. Did you happen to run into any wood look tile? I’ve been wondering about those. Have you ever used it before? Do you like, recommend it? We have a great laminate that no one can believe isn’t wood. It was so inexpensive but looks so good. It’s a bit of s weathered gray/brown without looking scraped. It wears so well. I’ve got 3 boys and drop everything so “dentable” was out. I liked the color more than the engineered and real
Wood too:). Thanks again’

7 years ago

Wow Emily! So timely for me. Just now trying to decide on flooring for my soon-to-be office, work/sewing room/sometimes guest room.

I’ve decided to go with laminate, and was thinking of going very dark and hand-scraped, but your comments about “espresso” and not doing hand-scraped scare me. Does this apply to laminate or just to hardwood?

Thank you!

Dana Nolen
7 years ago

So I have a design question. You say to match your choices to the style/era of your home (without getting dated of course). What if you live in a 90’s tract home in the Central CA ‘burbs in what I refer to as a psuedo-Casa: stucco exterior, tile roof, builder basic interior with absolutely no design features. My design love is traditional, but I want it to all make sense. Sorry if I’m out of line, not really looking for free design suggestions, just want to understand good design principles.

7 years ago

To quote Liz Lemon, I want to go to there. I could spend forever in there.

7 years ago

I am very curious about all of this and want to learn more…

7 years ago

I love Floor & Decor. I bought my house and had it totally remodeled 3 years ago. I can’t count how many times I drove down to Santa Ana to select/pick up/return stuff. The carrera marble tile in the kitchen and guest bath (vertical running bond) and another marble in the master bath all came from there. As did the laminate flooring throughout the house – #2 in your roundup; it’s holding up well.

They also have a great online selection. My tile installer did complain about inconsistent depth on the marble – I’m not sure how common that is with natural stone, but he managed and it looks beautiful.

7 years ago

Thanks for sharing this kind of information

7 years ago

I LOVE Floor & Decor! So many options & great prices! We just put NuCore in our entire house (2,000 square feet…) We laid it ourselves, it turned out great, and everyone who sees it comments on how great it looks! Bonus – we could return any unopened boxes, so we ended up getting $500+ back after our project was done!

7 years ago

Great blog with fantastic advice

7 years ago

Super informative although i won’t have access to this mega store. Thank you 🙂

7 years ago

I love this post. This was so nice to get your opinion and ideas on in stock and in budget tile, flooring, and countertops. I LOVE the ending bathroom.

I learn so much from you! I have also marathoned flip or flop and often wished you were sitting beside me. If you watch it from the beginning, you can watch Cristina’s design sense evolve over time. I also like it when they are flipping a higher end house and use better materials.

7 years ago

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7 years ago

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