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Socially Minded Gift Guide

Thanksgiving is tomorrow and what follows is obviously the biggest consumer day/week/month of the year so before you make all your big gift decisions we wanted to give you a roundup of b-corp companies that we love, who have built it into their business model to give back to the world in a variety of ways.

Last year I helped curate/design the Mercantile event and met so many of these folks in person, bought their product as gifts and not only felt good about my purchase for social reasons, but also because their pieces are beautiful, thoughtful and well-designed. Thank you to these companies for being leaders in this smaller industry and we here at EHD wish you a ton of success all year round. You deserve it.

Emily Henderson Gift Guide 2017 Holiday Christmas B Corp Socially Concious Accompany

Accompany: believes that every purchase has a purpose. Accompany scours the globe to fine uniquely artisan made items that are fair trade to help better lives and the community. They help to maintain clean, safe and healthy work environments for the artisans to create. They also work with communities to give them opportunities to become self-sufficient, live economically viable lives, and help them develop their own families and communities. A percentage of profits are given to charity (that benefits the community where production is based).

1. Lightning Ring | 2. Outlaw Trouser | 3. Eleanor Coat | 4. Huipile Stripe Top | 5. Porcupine Earrings | 6. Bertu Small Pillow | 7. Striped Cotton Beach Towel | 8. Pinstripe Coasters | 9. Blush Leather Slide Sandals | 10. Abera Cognac Cross Body Tote | 11. Marigold Leather Pouch | 12. Tatu Olive Wood Tray

Emily Henderson Gift Guide 2017 Holiday Christmas B Corp Socially Concious Beautycounter

Beautycounter: They have a mission ‘to get safer products into the hands of everyone’. They also partner with non-profits such as EWG (Environmental Working Group), BCPP (Breast Cancer Prevention Partners) and Healthy Child, Health World.

1. Cleansing Balm | 2. Charcoal Cleansing Bar | 3. Rejuvenating Face Cleanser | 4. Multi-Masker Set | 5. Color Pinch Cream Blusher | 6. Travel Bag | 7. No. 1 Brightening Spa Set | 8. Sugar Body Scrub | 9. Flawless in Five Set

Emily Henderson Gift Guide 2017 Holiday Christmas B Corp Socially Concious Belove 01

Belove: Gives back a percentage of the profits to Water for Good to help people who desperately need clean drinking water, Show Hope for adoption aid and grants and Destiny Rescue to help women be rescued from sex trafficking.

1. Andy Tumbler in Ivory | 2. Linen Tea Towel in Grey | 3. Small Wooden Server | 4. Small Wooden Board | 5. Brass Tea Caddy Spoon | 6. Bogart Mug in Cobalt | 7. Farmers Market Candle | 8. Calligraphy Spark Match Bottle | 9. Brass Pierce Stand | 10. Ivory Earrings | 11. Carol Pouch

Emily Henderson Gift Guide 2017 Holiday Christmas B Corp Socially Concious The Citizenry 01

The Citizenry: We love these guys and have worked with them a few times. Every dollar you spend supports fair wages, safe working environments, and a direct investment into artisan entrepreneurs. They invest 10% of the proceeds directly back into artisan communities through Entrepreneur Development Grants. These grants help The Citizenry’s partners take their businesses to new places.

1. Cascabel Throw | 2. Demi Mud Cloth Pillow | 3. Cascada Throw | 4. Engobe Vase | 5. Aldama Copper Side Tables | 6. Halston Mugs | 7. Echelle Mud Cloth Napkins

Emily Henderson Gift Guide 2017 Holiday Christmas B Corp Socially Concious Clay 01

Clay: 100% of profits from all purchases made on will be donated to carefully selected organizations helping people in need around the world. You can pre-order items now and they will be shipped early January 2018.

1. The Walter Hand Towel | 2. The Armando Hat | 3. The Carmen Top in Black | 4. The Efrin Rug | 5. The Rosa Broom | 6. The Estefania Coverlet | 7. The Efrin Pillow

Emily Henderson Gift Guide 2017 Holiday Christmas B Corp Socially Concious Enrou

Enrou: Your purchase from Enrou can help make an impact in two different ways. By purchasing an item from this company you are having a direct impact on the artisan by empowering them with dignified work, an income, and job training. A purchase can also have an impact on the community in health education, financial coaching, and women’s empowerment programs.

1. Blank Canvas Tote | 2. Midnight Mara Utility Bag | 3. Dipped Cocktail Muddler | 4. Noodle Bowl | 5. Natural Chevron Table Runner | 6. Gold ‘Inspire’ Classic Pendant | 7. Himalayan Valley Mini Soap Set

Emily Henderson Gift Guide 2017 Holiday Christmas B Corp Socially Concious Equal Uprise

Equal Uprise: 10% of the proceeds goes directly back to the artisan who made the item. They also help to design and plan out the artisan’s workshop to make sure that they have a proper workspace to allow them to create. I wear their hats almost every day.

1. Leather Backpack | 2. Floppy Fedora | 3. Leather Basket | 4. Kamsah Loft Rug | 5. Suede Envelope | 6. Alpaca Blanket | 7. 4-Way Pillow Cover | 8. Horizon Pillow Cover | 9. Block Pillow Cover

Emily Henderson Gift Guide 2017 Holiday Christmas B Corp Socially Concious Fair And Simple

Fair and Simple: Every item in the collection gives back to the artisan and the common home. They help to better the community through clean water initiative, job creations in a safe environment with fair wages, a restorative house for women of abuse and addiction, educational sponsorships, support for refugees, and resource centers for survivors of human trafficking.

1. Crescent Choker | 2. Brass and Bone Earrings | 3. Olive Wood Side Bowl Trio | 4. Drink Stones | 5. Soy Candle Set | 6. Woven Sisal Bowl | 7. Suar Wood Scoops

Emily Henderson Gift Guide 2017 Holiday Christmas B Corp Socially Concious Fashionable

fashionABLE: This company started as a hand-woven scarf line and turned into a full line of goods made all over the world. fashionABLE creates the opportunity for women to have a job with dignity. I have that bag (#8) in blush and LOVE it.

1. Banchi Satchel | 2. Martha Pouch | 3. Petite Circle Earrings | 4. Mamuye Leather Tote | 5. Plateau Ring | 6. Fozi Foldover Clutch | 7. Double Bar Ring | 8. Tirhas Saddlebag | 9. Ear Hugs

Emily Henderson Gift Guide 2017 Holiday Christmas B Corp Socially Concious Gaia

Gaia: Their products are handmade by women refugees who have come to the US and are now living in Dallas, TX. They provide the opportunity for employment with a livable wage and continued training to help them become financially independent and self-sufficient for a brighter future. How sweet is that pillow? (#7)

1. Serena | 2. ‘Y’ All’ | 3. Chloe | 4. ‘XOXO’ | 5. ‘Girl Boss’ | 6. Serena Pillow | 7. Lala Tassel | 8. Oxford

Emily Henderson Gift Guide 2017 Holiday Christmas B Corp Socially Concious The Giving Keys

The Giving Keys: They are not a non-profit, they are a social enterprise. So instead of raising donations, they sell products to provide jobs. A good job is a long-term solution for breaking cycles of generational poverty and homelessness. That’s why they place people on career paths and hand them the keys to unlock their fullest potential. I have the best friend necklace with one of my best friends and I LOVE it, and Brady bought the tiny key for himself and his boyfriend.

1. Mini Key Necklace | 2. Original Keychain | 3. ‘Create’ Gift Set | 4. Mini Key Post Earrings | 5. Dainty Key Bangle Bracelet

Emily Henderson Gift Guide 2017 Holiday Christmas B Corp Socially Concious Haiti Design Co

Haiti Design Co. : Today they provide jobs to over 150 people in their workshop in Haiti. They provide job training and help to bridge the gap of design in the US to Haiti.

1. Juliette Convertible Leather Tote | 2. Leather Keyring | 3. Nich Earring | 4. Classic Leather Tote | 5. Single Wrap Leather Bracelet

Emily Henderson Gift Guide 2017 Holiday Christmas B Corp Socially Concious The Little Market

The Little Market: A women-led nonprofit that was founded by Lauren Conrad to empower women. They sell fair trade products that are ethically made. Each product sold helps to promote a positive change to the artisans life.

1. Share Cookbook | 2. 3 Olive Wood Condiment Bowls | 3. Ethiopian Cotton Bath Towel | 4. Leather Key Fob | 5. Peppermint Sugar Gift Box | 6. Leather Envelope Clutch | 7. Gray Heart Garland | 8. Tropical Clutch

Emily Henderson Gift Guide 2017 Holiday Christmas B Corp Socially Concious Matt And Nat

Matt & Nat: A completely vegan brand that puts nature first by using no animal products to help do their part in protecting the environment. I just found this brand, thanks to a reader this week and LOVE LOVE LOVE it. Thank you readers for constantly introducing new great brands to us – especially those of us trying to be vegan (tell that to my pizza eating self last night … its hard, folks).

1. Hyke | 2. Solar | 3. Kowloon | 4. Acadie | 5. Aries | 6. Vendome | 7. Charlotte | 8. Bee | 9. Will | 10. Blair

Emily Henderson Gift Guide 2017 Holiday Christmas B Corp Socially Concious Nisolo

Nisolo: Their vision is to the push the fashion industry in a more sustainable direction. They have created over 157 full-time sustainable jobs with over 761 livelihoods supported. They pay their employees 27% above the fair trade wage that is required. 100% of their employees are above the age of 18 and their children are all attending university and will be first generation graduates. They have also given back 3 million dollars to the community of Peru where their main factory is located. I personally own many of their beautiful shoes and love them (ps. they run small so where I’m a size 7 typically, I’m a 7 1/2 here).

1. Clara Crossbody Purse | 2. Tiny Brass Cube Earrings | 3. Austin Heel | 4. Mariella Mule | 5. Lori Tote | 6. Veracruz Pouch | 7. Signet Ring | 8. Clutch Wallet | 9. Lockwood Trench Boot

Emily Henderson Gift Guide 2017 Holiday Christmas B Corp Socially Concious Parachute 01

Parachute: A brand you are probably familiar with because we’ve collaborated with them many times. Not only do they donate all returned items to Habitat for Humanity but they also partner with the United Nations Foundation’s ‘Nothing But Nets campaign to send life-saving malaria-prevention bed nets to those in need.

1. Waffle Slippers | 2. Scented Candle | 3. Venice Linen Sheet Set | 4. Graphic Throw | 5. Contrast Edge Napkins | 6. Linen Lumbar Pillow | 7. Linen Pillow

Emily Henderson Gift Guide 2017 Holiday Christmas B Corp Socially Concious Parker Clay

Parker Clay: A company that is dedicated to transforming the communities of Ethiopia by partnering with Ellitla – Women at Risk. They are a non-profit who help women realize their potential and escape the sex industry. I met the couple who founded Parker Clay and they are extremely lovely, charitable, generous and have a beautiful family who is growing up watching their parents do good things everyday.

1. Kyah Baby Shoes | 2. Eden Carryall | 3. Seaside Blanket | 4. Omo Overnight Bag | 5. Axum Dopp Bag | 6. Miramar Leather Backpack | 7. Layla Satchel

Emily Henderson Gift Guide 2017 Holiday Christmas B Corp Socially Concious Parks Project

Parks Project: Through the items sold the company is able to help fund projects all over the country to keep our national parks alive. They have partnered with National Park Foundation, Zion National Park Forever Project, Yellowstone Forever, Yosemite Conservancy, Rocky Mountain Conservancy, and Grand Canyon Association. Support our parks if you love them – their budgets are threatened right now.

1. Quality Goods Enamel Mug | 2. Yellowstone National Park Sticker | 3. Yosemite National Park Poster | 4. Joshua Tree Throwback Hat | 5. Defend Our Parklands Poster | 6. Big Bend Mesa Trucker Hat | 7. This Land is Our Land Sticker | 8. Joshua Tree Fleece Sweatshirt | 9. Quality Goods Waffle Beanie

Emily Henderson Gift Guide 2017 Holiday Christmas B Corp Socially Concious Purpose Jewelry

Purpose Jewelry: is crafted by young women who are rescued from human trafficking. They work with survivors from Mumbai, India and Orange County, CA who are able to have fair wages and employable skills for the future.

1. Lunette Necklace | 2. Rise Studs | 3. Sierra Necklace | 4. Riviera Ring | 5. Knot Ring | 6. Aria Ring

Emily Henderson Gift Guide 2017 Holiday Christmas B Corp Socially Concious Rose And Fitzgerald 01

Rose & Fitzgerald: Founded by a Californian couple who traveled to Uganda and fell in love with the beauty of the country and the ethically made and unique handcrafted goods, they wanted to share it with the rest of the world.

1. Pure Brass Serving Spoon Set | 2. Dipped Teak Tray | 3. Safari Chair | 4. Wine Bottle Holder | 5. Small Pure Brass Bowl | 6. Large Pure Brass Bowl | 7. Mugavu Geometric Bottle Stopper | 8. Vintage Makenge Flat Baskets | 9. Pure Brass Decorative Object

Emily Henderson Gift Guide 2017 Holiday Christmas B Corp Socially Concious Soko

Soko: Ethically made jewelry who work with artisan entrepreneurs to help them build their business, improve production capacity, and sustainably increase income.

1. Split Moon Cuff | 2. Paddle Ring | 3. Dash Cuff | 4. Petite Paddle Stud | 5. V Stud Earrings | 6. Open Circle Statement Ring

Emily Henderson Gift Guide 2017 Holiday Christmas B Corp Socially Concious State Bags

State Bags: Their motto is to ‘go beyond the bag’. State was created to address the immediate needs of American children living with challenging – and in some cases critical – circumstances. For every State bag purchased, State hand delivers a backpack, packed with essential tools for success, to an American child in need.

1. Mini Kane | 2. Rodgers Lunch Box | 3. Crown Patch | 4. Butler Changing Pad | 5. Douglass Weekender Tote | 6. Heart Patch | 7. Colby Rolltop | 8. Rocket Ship Patch | 9. Mini Lorimer | 10. Jay Dopp Kit | 11. Bedford | 12. Clark

Emily Henderson Gift Guide 2017 Holiday Christmas B Corp Socially Concious Thirty One Bits

Thirty One Bits: They use fashion and design to drive positive change in the world by providing artisans with dignified job opportunities and inspiring customers to live meaningful lives.

1. Woven Drum Bag | 2. Striped Tassel Throw | 3. Ceramic Knob Vase | 4. Rainbow Bottle Opener | 5. Rainbow Trinket Dish | 6. Marble Candlestick Natural Short | 7. Marble Candlestick Natural Tall | 8. Polka Dot No-Handle Mug | 9. Harmony Hoops | 10. Eclipse Necklace | 11. Teak Serving Set | 12. Brass Geometric Napkin Ring / Plant-Dyed Napkin Set in Blush

Emily Henderson Gift Guide 2017 Holiday Christmas B Corp Socially Concious Ystr Clothing

YSTR clothing: Provides quality clothes that are ethically made in downtown Los Angeles with no fashion waste.

1. Lou Jumpsuit | 2. Sid Cargo Jacket | 3. Velvet Underground Set | 4. Chloe Blouse | 5. Jett Denim Tie Pant

I’m already remembering a couple that I forgot about that we will add, but please let us know any others that we can make sure are included here and add them asap. We would love to highlight as many good ones as possible.

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Amy c
6 years ago

I LOVE the guides! So many great ideas. Thank you!! I also love giving (and recieving) beautiful stationery. The owner of commits a sizable portion of the profits to schools in east Africa. Her designs are so lovely.

Emily R
6 years ago

This is an amazing roundup, thank you so much for sharing these amazing companies with us

6 years ago

Wow, what a great list! Thanks so much for gathering this together. I can’t wait to get some gifts and be able to say the purchase of the items went to good causes, too.

6 years ago

What a through roundup, Emily. Thank you. M

Does your plush bag from fashionABLE work as a cross body bag?

Thank you.

6 years ago
Reply to  S

yes! its long enough to be cross body for sure. xx

Morgan Cox
6 years ago

THANK YOU Emily! Love this round up of ethically sourced products.

6 years ago

One thousand thumbs ups for this post. You and/or your team must have spent a really long time putting this together. Thank you for your thoroughness!

6 years ago

Anchal Project has the most gorgeous accessories and linens:
“Anchal’s mission is to address the exploitation of women around the world by using design thinking to create employment opportunities, services & products that support empowerment.”

Anchal Project
6 years ago
Reply to  Elizabeth

Thanks for the shoutout Elizabeth!

6 years ago

i’m so happy to see you doing these kinds of posts and highlighting socially conscious companies for gift-giving. there are so many gift guides that just point the usual crap made by companies that are only in it for profit and that are cheaply made by sweatshops. i think it is sooo important to use our dollars to support worthy causes. yes, we can buy beautiful crap for way less money, but we have to think about what we’re supporting.
last year on my blog (, i did several days of posts of gift guides from companies that i found to be socially conscious as well, and citizenry was probably my favorite. i’m glad to learn of even more companies that i hadn’t heard of from your post, and all the stuff is so beautiful and modern.
i just started reading your blog this year, and i’m loving it! especially when i see this kind of stuff! also, you’re totally inspiring me to wear hats more 🙂

6 years ago

Just when I thought my favourite blogger did not publish a post on this (for me shitty) day, I see it pop up. Thank you so much!

6 years ago
Reply to  Flo

AH, thank you and have a better day 🙂

6 years ago

I really hate to point out the one thing I didn’t like in a blog post that I otherwise really liked, but I can’t not. In the Gaia section, for number 5, you have a zippered bag with “Girl Boss” emblazoned on it in pink font.

Now, while this slang term might seem harmless, it is not. It is a way to qualify women’s contributions to the workforce. For an article that can speak to just why this is counterproductive to feminism far more effectively and effortlessly than I can, see this Huffington Post opinion piece from approximately one year ago:

6 years ago
Reply to  Jane

I don’t disagree with you at all. I actually don’t love the term either. Should just be BOSS. (i didn’t do all the roundups and I didn’t catch that when I was writing it).

6 years ago

This has been my all-time favorite gift guide. Thanks for showcasing so many great items and new (to me) vendors.

Meghan Fossey
6 years ago

Just dropping in to say how much I appreciate these buying guides. This time every year I never know what to buy my friends and family. And I definitely never know what to add to my wishlist. These gift ideas are so helpful!

6 years ago

I really appreciate that you mentioned the specific way each company is socially responsible. What about including some of the old school fair trade companies like Ten Thousand Villages? They often have products at a wider price range, which I think reinforces that you don’t have to be wealthy to shop ethically. And they are a great place for smaller occasions or hostess gifts!

Jocelyn Pascall
6 years ago

I love this post. In a world that is currently filled with so much negativity, this filled me with hope and happiness. I am going to make a real effort this year to buy from companies that are doing good in the world, and this list is giving me some great ideas for the ladies in my life!!

Anchal Project
6 years ago

Such a great post, Emily! Thank you for bringing attention to socially conscious brands that are working to better the environment and the empower the makers. We’re proud to say we,, have been able to partner with some of these amazing marketplaces like Accompany, Enrou and The Little Market.

6 years ago

On the footwear and accessories front check out Poppy Barley ( which is sustainability and fair wage focused. They offer custom made footwear which is great if you are looking for that perfect fit calf tall boot or need a hard to find size (they go up to women’s size 12, which is great for those like me with larger feet). The prices definitely reflect the quality, but these a pieces made to last. Basically, the opposite of the fast fashion that is everywhere.

“Poppy Barley screens all its factories for positive working conditions, including a living wage (Poppy Barley pays, on average, six times the the region’s minimum wage), full-time permanent employment with health care and pension benefits, fair working hours, paid vacation and sick leave, and ongoing training and opportunity. We also prohibit human rights violations (e.g. child labour, discrimination for pregnancy, forced overtime etc.). By working closely with our factories, we are able to closely monitor our factories (and get to know our incredible artisans)!

Beginning in 2017, inspired by fair trade factories, we implemented a wage premium of 0.5% of sales that goes directly to the artisans at our footwear factories.”

6 years ago

Check out Dear Survivor for INSANE bags and jewelry! Her stuff supports people formerly sex trafficked and is all ethically sourced, she goes a step beyond in even her look books and only sources models clothing from second-hand or fair trade. Such an amazing company!

shae brown
6 years ago

If anyone didn’t get enough ideas from this post, I am a mom of a son with an incurable autoimmune disease (type 1 diabetes) and also a woodworker/crafter and have created an online shop where 100% of sales goes to a researcher at UMASS who is working on a cure. She dosn’t get any medical industry funding because what she is researching won’t make anyone any money in the end. Please check it out if you would be so kind 🙂

shae brown
6 years ago
Reply to  shae brown

I also forgot to say, I use reclaimed and scrap wood and leather and 100% of sales not just profit goes to the cause. I donate all time, labor, materials, and cover shipping costs and paypal fees!

6 years ago
Reply to  shae brown

How wonderful! May you have lots of success and same to the researcher! Your son is blessed with an awesome parent. <3

6 years ago
Reply to  Anon

ThAnk you so very much

Leigh Anne
6 years ago
Reply to  shae brown

I second the recommendation for Shae’s work at Her designs are original, made from beautiful wood and brass, and all sales benefit type 1 diabetes research for a cure. Really lovely work.

6 years ago
Reply to  Leigh Anne


6 years ago

Ok–you got me. I normally hate these “gift giving guides.” But, you did ethically sourced things. I softened at the best friends necklaces. I don’t give gifts. I bake lots of cookies and share them with those I love as gifts. I also give money to people that I appreciate–gardeners, babysitters, preschool teachers, post people, baristas, etc…These were interesting items though…

6 years ago

Thank you for a great gift guide! It would be really helpful if the prices were listed with the links.

6 years ago

Everlane is lovely.

Looked into Beauty Counter to see if it is cruelty-free bc that’s as important as safe for people to me. It seems like they are.

Andi Barton
6 years ago
Reply to  Anon

As I Beautycounter consultant, I am happy to say that Beautycounter does not test any of our products on animals, nor do we ask others to do so. We do not have our own manufacturing facility; we contract with several independent formulators. These formulators also do not conduct animal testing.
Feel free to contact me with any questions regarding Beautycounter.

6 years ago

Good on you for trying to be vegan. Stay strong. Would love to see a post about why and how ?

6 years ago

This is so wonderful! Thanks for taking the time to such a meaningful gift guide! Happy Thanksgiving to all in this lovely community!

6 years ago

So happy that you created this list. I usually end up feeling like a gluttonous consumer when I need to purchase holiday gifts. Knowing that my gifts help fund needed causes certainly makes it much more worthwhile. Causebox has a quarterly seasonal box full of fair trade items that vary by season. Sydney Hale Candle company has amazing candles and they sponsor a different rescue dog or rescue organization every month. It really does seem like companies are seeing the need to not just sell goods. I’m glad that someone is catching on…..

6 years ago

I never comment on the blog though I literally read it every morning wih my coffee. However, I couldn’t resist today. I just had to tell you that I think this is one of the best gifts guides I have seen. I LOVE that all the companies are trying to be responsible and ethical. Plus, the products are absolutely beautiful! Thank you so much for putting this together for us!! You are amazing and talented and I wish you and your family the best this holiday season!

6 years ago

Thank you so much for this post!! I just got two Christmas presents out of the way for my kids’ God parents! I always try to do meaningful gifts for them and have done stuff like this in the past, but I just learned about several new options!! I ordered a bracelet from Haiti Design Co for my sister who has been to Haiti several times on mission trips and a bracelet for my other sister from Purpose Jewelry that I know she will appreciate. Thanks for the round up..I’m very excited about these gifts and supporting these organizations!!

6 years ago

I’ve also heard good things about amour vert ( -American manufacturing, sustainable fabrics, zero waste, and in MA there’s a small local store called Quinstance (, 90% American made. The other 10% international and all fair trade (both locally and internationally-giving back to the makers and artists).

Thank you so much for one of the best gift guides I’ve seen in years!

6 years ago

Very good brief and this post helped me a lot. Say thank you I searching for your facts. Continuous it..

6 years ago

I really want to say thanks for these interesting post. Keep it up and post continuously …

Julie Afflerbaugh
6 years ago

Threads Worldwide is an amazing company that supports life changing work for women around the world through the fair trade of high quality, beautifully designed jewelry. Include them please!

6 years ago

Thanks for Nice and Informative Post. This article is really contains lot more information about This Topic -!!

6 years ago

SO HAPPY to see Haiti Design Co featured here! I have been shopping at their AH-MAZE-ING boutique in Port-Au-Prince every time I’m town for a few years–I was just there again last Saturday. Chandler and her staff have such an excellent sense of style. Their beaded necklaces and bracelets have become favorites of mine to wear and to share. I picked up a few sets of horn and wood salad serving sets this time around. So chic! Love love love! Thanks for featuring such an amazing, socially conscious company doing meaningful work in Haiti.

6 years ago

I love this guide! And love that you included Matt & Nat. I’ve bought and used (abused) their bags and wallets for years and can say they are amazing quality that lasts. I also get compliments on my Matt & Nat bags all the time and people can not believe they’re faux leather. I really appreciate you including them since so many lifestyle and design bloggers ignore those of us trying to live a more animal cruelty-free life when featuring products. I often feel as though we’re treated as somehow having lesser taste in the design (or food) world because of our ethical choices. Nothing could be further from the truth. Matt & Nat are one of the wonderful companies that elevates vegan design to the same level as quality leather goods. I’d love to see you feature more great vegan design, beauty and food products and companies!

6 years ago

The Apolis Market Bag! Supports the women artisans in Bangladesh.

Patricia Clarkeson
6 years ago

Nice stuff. All these gift suggestions are wonderful. I am looking for some ideas for shopping for charity. Your tips are very helpful. Suggest some more stuff for charity.
socially responsible shopping

6 years ago

This is SUCH a great gift guide! Thank you for putting it together! Also love that you included items in lots of different categories in many different price ranges. It sometimes feels like you can’t support mission-based orgs without shelling out a lot of cash, but you’ve given us so many options for affordable items.