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The Mercantile Event in L.A.

What better way to enjoy the insanity of this commercial holiday season then to announce (and attend) a shopping event that celebrates socially concious companies. The Mercantile Event is back and this time it is making it’s stop in Los Angeles just in time for the holidays, which means all you Angelino’s out there can head on over and shop along with me. In case you are new, The Mercantile Event is a market which celebrates companies that have built it into their business plan to give back socially. Think: Toms, Cheeky, Warby Parker, Soma, Yoobi, but on a much smaller scale. The event isn’t a charity, nor is it for profit necessarily – but it’s the idea that through commerce we can celebrate a good cause and help build a community. It’s half shopping experience and half party – but full fun. There is a band. Drinks. Food. And AWESOME gifts to buy – which you don’t need to feel guilty about because the companies are doing good for the world.

I wish I could take credit for the idea but it wasn’t mine. Steve Fortunato (of Room Forty and The Fig House) and Matt Ford (founder of Oaken Anchor event production company) brought the idea to me because they wanted help with the curation/vetting of vendors and the design of the booths. I signed on, but was unable to go to the first two (in Nashville and Detroit) but I’m so excited to go next Sunday.

All the details of the event can be found on their site where they also sell tickets (be sure to buy through the link below for a discount), but here is all the important info:

When:  Sunday, December 4th 2pm-8pm (Shadowboxers go on around 7).

Where:  LA Hangar (2627 Medford St. LA 90034)

Tickets: $25 in advance – (you can snag them online HERE using the link for a $5 discount)

And, to get you excited for the event and give you a little preview we have pulled together a few of my favorites from some of the vendors below but there will be LOTS more during the event so be sure not to miss it. See you guys there!


1. Blue Pitcher | 2. Chair | 3. Throw Blanket | 4. Fedora | 5. Gold Necklace | 6. Jumpsuit | 7. Pewter Tote | 8. Gold Ring | 9. Black Bootie | 10. Silver Necklace | 11. Gray Blouse | 12. Brown Leather Bag | 13. Indigo Infinity Scarf | 14. Gold Cuff | 15. Leather Laptop Case | 16. Rug | 17. Candle | 18. Bowl | 19. Patterned Pillow | 20. Bear Pillow | 21. Striped Scarf | 22. Beanie | 23. Blue Travel Bag | 24. Men’s Boot

Honestly there will be so much more and you know I’ll be there, 6-8pm to shop and celebrate with all these wonderful companies that care. If you are interested in becoming a benefit corp (b-corp), I found this site very helpful. While my company isn’t currently a b-corp I’m looking at becoming one in 2017 and I’d urge any of you small or large buseinss owners (or future business owners) to join me. It’s the wave of the future and yes, there are many benefits of it to you, as well – most importantly being that caring about your community is good for your family and your soul. So there’s that.

Meet me there. Buy tickets in advance. Tell your friends. Do good this holiday season while buying unique gifts for your loved ones. xx

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7 years ago

Man, sometimes I really wish I lived in LA! So much good shopping!! This is awesome; thanks for sharing. I’m also very excited to hear that you are thinking of becoming a b-corp. I hope that you share that process with us so that we can learn more. Kudos, mama! You rock.

7 years ago

What a great event! I’d love to go with my mom on Saturday. Unfortunately, the link for $20 tickets says that ticket sales at that price have already ended! Could that be an old link, since you just shared this post?

Thanks for keeping us posted on great design events in LA!

7 years ago
Reply to  Jillian


We fixed the problem. The issue was with Eventbrite’s back-end, not Emily’s post.
Sincerest apologies! Should be working just fine now!

7 years ago

emily, i had SO much anxiety watching your (adorable) family feed horses on instagram holding around the carrot like that (to the point where i need to comment about it). please set a good example and only feed horses/other animals out of a flat palm lest they bite your fingers by accident.

7 years ago

I just compiled all the experts’ genius ideas here!

7 years ago

Your selection is amazing! Looks like I am not alone in my dream of living in LA!