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#ShowEmYourStyled Holiday Edition: How the EHD Universe Styled Their Homes

All year round, EHD readers tune in to see what we’re doing and decorating and styling, but this time, we’re flipping the script…it’s the most wonderful time of the year, after all, right? Last week, in this blog post, we put out a call for YOUR images of how you styled your homes this holiday and today, we’re sharing some of our current favorites. There were HUNDREDS and HUNDREDS of rooms shared under the #ShowEmYourStyled and #ShowEmYourHoliday (THANK YOU TO ALL OF YOU WHO POSTED YOUR HOMES), so we, unfortunately, can’t blog about ALL of them because the site would probably crumble and load times would make people scream more than they already do, so we’re sparing you, BUT, be sure to head to Instagram stories to see more (we know you are dying to see if we tagged something you shared…).

Here’s what we took away from scrolling through all of your shots: you guys have a way with garland and elegant, minimal Scandi-like trees. So much of this is going in the mental bank to pull out next year, dust off and implement (@risburwell’s eucalyptus and fern garland gilded mirror is serious heart eyes). Ugh and that navy velvet ribbon-tied draping greenery on the staircase of @weethhomeco is so simple, so chic.

Okay, okay, we could talk on and on about all the FIFTY images, but we’re going to let the photos do most of the conversing here…scroll through, peep into strangers’ homes, and if your room is amongst the pack, head to Instagram to share!


2500 Tree

The tree is THE moment of holiday decorating, so we rounded up our top 10. @dustylu…we have so many questions about your tree. Is that natural? Where did you find this bare beauty? Did it have any “work” done (i.e. any limbs removed, etc?). So good.

The basket and tree collar made a STRONG showing this year…are we all over tree skirts? What does everyone think?

[drawattention ID=”183641″]

Also, dried oranges as tree decor will always get some love from us over here at EHD. Anyone have a good DIY for this they want to share? @littlehouseonahill proves you don’t need much (some acorns, some ribbon, some oranges…) to get a tree worthy of a magazine spread. And OMG THE RADIO FLYER from @redjamiehead. What a cute idea for adding something super special to a kid’s room (those mushroom ornaments take this thing over the top).


2500 Fireplace

If the tree is the main attraction in the Christmas show, the fireplace mantel is the supporting cast member that should have gotten the Emmy nomination but didn’t because the protagonist was showier and “outshined” it (even though they’re performance was more basic/expected/nowhere near as compelling). Nothing against the tree, it’s magical and all of that, but a well-styled holiday mantel can really steal the spotlight. Here were some of our favorites you guys shared.

We recently posted a house tour on the blog from Erin Francois of Francois et Moi and, as we suspected, her holiday decorating did NOT DISAPPOINT. Hello, do you see that lush jealousy-inducing garland of glory she created for her friend @shawthomps??

[drawattention ID=”183668″]

How much fun are those large-scale ornaments by @shwastyle’s fireplace? We absolutely want to know where she got those (Brynn, if you’re there, let us know!).

[drawattention ID=”183667″]

@nicholnaranjo nailed the insanely simple/insanely chic holiday look here with just a subtle drape of garland while @simplysuzys whole vibe makes us want to curl up in this blanket and not emerge until spring comes around.

The Wreath & Garland Moment

2500 Wreath

As much as we want to talk about the swings in this living room by @simplysuzy (content detour: WE LOVE THESE SO MUCH…okay, correcting course), we’re here today to talk wreaths and garland. Most homes decked out for the holidays have a “wreath moment”—whether it’s on the front door, above the mantel or sofa, against windows (one of our favorite uses)—and you can usually find some greenery strewn about somehow and somewhere. Natural or faux, it doesn’t matter to us (it’s a total lifestyle choice which way you go…one is high-maintenance but SO beautiful while the other is reusable, easy to deal with and does the trick).

[drawattention ID=”183669”]

Okay, seriously loving the “wreath alternative” here from @dustylu (the ribbon-tied greenery bunches) and the mirror-cum-wreath from @lisafogt. Both feel fresh and modern, which of course isn’t everyone’s preferred “look” for the holidays, but we’re just peeking into other’s designs here…not playing favorites.

[drawattention ID=”183670″]

No fireplace to strung up some garland? Follow @aestheticabode’s vibe here and use your homes architecture—door archways, rafters/beams…make the best of what you’ve got to get festive…like, say, a chandelier as @carolinelevensondesign did in her kitchen (A+ creativity, plus it looks pretty awesome).

Stair Railings

[drawattention ID=”183671″]

We’ve already called out the navy velvet ribbon @weethhomeco used on their staircase (SO GOOD), but we can’t help but gush over the sumptuous swooping garland here from @roomsauce or @em_rehabitat’s burgundy and green thing she’s got going on on her handrail with the most perfect drape.

Shelfies & Vignettes

[drawattention ID=”183672″]

How great are all of these vignettes?!? A rainbow sprinkling of bottle brush trees, paper polka-dot garland strewn about, THE MOST FESTIVE KITCHEN SHELVES WE’VE EVER SEEN (sorry for yelling, but @nicholnaranjo’s ledges deserved the exaggerated enthusiasm). All good things. Great job everyone!


2500 Bedroom

Okay, anyone who takes their holiday decor into their bedrooms wins the holiday cheermaster award (and are serious overachievers in the best way possible). They’re like “I see your living room Christmas tree and raise you a garland festooned over-the-bed chandelier.”

[drawattention ID=183637]

Built-in bunks with a railing practically bed for garland and while it’s probably not practical for sleeping every night, draping faux or real greenery across your headboard for an Instagram-worthy shot is always worth the inconvenience (right?). Oh, and while we aren’t 100% sure where the gold balloon letters are from @carpendaughter’s nursery, what a fun idea (bonus parenting points for keeping the tree elevated in case your little nuggets have a tendency to shove foreign things into their mouths).


[drawattention ID=”183674″]

Well, it’s safe to say our childhood homes never look quite like this. Where are all the animatronic lawn reindeer and the faded, plastic light-up nativity sets? Remember those big nets of lights that would go on bushes and whatnot but after only one season always only have turned on, so then the pristine grid was ruined when your dad would inevitably just throw some string lights into the mix to make do? Yup, @cedarandgreyinteriors and @undecorated_home both have a FAR better-looking idea for what a holiday exterior can look like… ::takes notes::

And there you have it! THANK YOU AGAIN for sharing your homes with us (so we can pass on your styling prowess with our readers), and head to Stories today to see more. Oh, and if you think the fun is over, WRONG. Keep using the #ShowEmYourStyled and #ShowEmYourHoliday hashtags because we’ll be featuring more and more as we inch closer to Christmas.

Happy holidays everyone! xx

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Brynn - @ShwaStyle
5 years ago

The big ornaments are from Canadian Tire – not sure if they ship to the US! Thanks for the feature 🙂

Margo W. Reynolds
5 years ago

I hope you do more of this across the year – so fun to get a glimpse into other homes and find new feeds to follow!

Hilary W Taylor
5 years ago

I absolutely love this feature. Please include more of these throughout the year!

5 years ago

Yes, please! I love seeing other’s spaces in this curated way – with your commentary, Emily!

5 years ago

So cool! I love seeing such beautiful interiors from all of your readers. I admit I would also love to see the exterior lights and decor, though. I moved into a small footprint 3-story house and I have no idea how to make it cute for the holidays because it’s basically a tower.

5 years ago
Reply to  Julie

Make it a giant candy cane 🙂

Meryl King
5 years ago

What an amazing assortment of brilliant spaces!
So thrilled to see my friend Bev @roomsauce in this post and Erin @francois_et_moi !!!
I also shared a holiday round-up today on my blog! ! Great minds think alike!!! You’re amazing Emily and wonderfully inspiring!

5 years ago

I love this post! I’d love to see more like it! I love that you featured readers’ homes while still having the EHD commentary. Keep up the great work!

Erin Francois
5 years ago

What an amazing roundup of festive trimmings! Being included makes my year. Thank you so much Emily & Team!

5 years ago

Wow, slow clap, EHD Universe. Slow. Clap. Stunning!!!

Cris S.
5 years ago

Beautiful everyone! And guilt inducing, as I just realized it’s 12/12 and I haven’t put up a single thing. My poor kids!

Diana L. Tisdale
5 years ago

Still plenty of glowing plastic nativities, bush nets, and lawn reindeer in my neighborhood, haha.

5 years ago

Haha. I call them shrub doilies.

Kristina Lynne
5 years ago

This absolutely made my day! Thank you for including my bedroom! I am a huuuuge fan!!!!

5 years ago

this was a fun post! I hope you do more.

Shauna | Linden & Lavender
5 years ago

Lots of inspiration and gorgeous homes! Thank you! I’m always wondering how to hang my Christmas stockings in a way that doesn’t show hooks or require buying heavy/bulky Christmas hooks. Any suggestions? I cannot tell from the photos how this was done.

Ann Marie
5 years ago

I use command hooks to hang them. They work great as long as the stockings aren’t too heavy (i.e. with stocking stuffers). I then use garland to hide any parts that might peak out.

5 years ago

Really great stuff! Fun to see content from readers as well as from your shoots. However, I do wish you would feature something other than just Christmas decor. Maybe an interfaith household, a Jewish family celebrating Hanukkah or just some seasonal, non-Christmas decor. If your team isn’t comfortable maybe bring in a guest blogger?

Lindsey @hilltown_house
5 years ago

I cannot thank you and your team enough times for including my fireplace in this post! It is unbelievably encouraging for a small account like mine to receive this kind of support from a group that she respects so much and you have made this holiday one I will never forget. Thank you again!!

Ann Marie
5 years ago

Regarding the oversized ornaments, I made some using light globes and tuna cans (yes, I said tuna cans). I can’t take credit for the idea because I found them on this blog last year:\

They came out super cute and I get a lot of compliments on them!

Amy @ Fivefeetsmall
5 years ago

I can’t believe I’m featured in a roundup with SUCH talented and lovely bloggers! Thanks SO MUCH for the feature Emily & Team! This brought lil’ ole me so much joy today <3

5 years ago

I suspect you can’t control this but for the past couple of weeks I haven’t been able to view your posts due to a large ad that blocks the entire top half of the screen. Previously this wasn’t an issue. I don’t mind ads and understand they’re necessary so that you can create the content, but obviously people still need to be able to see that content or there’s no point, right? Just wanted to let you know in case I’m not the only one with this issue (I use Chrome and view on a desktop).

5 years ago

If it helps…I had a huge blank space (no ad showed up), and could only see 1 inch of the blog at the bottom of my screen…this went on for 2 weeks until I zoomed out…so weird. It wasn’t a problem on any other site. But it worked!

5 years ago
Reply to  Michelle

I had a similar problem. Try zooming out (in my task bar, it was listed as +250 zoom…I reduced it to +150 and all is fine again. Luckily it didn’t affect how other sites load. Good luck!

Kim B.
5 years ago

This is absolutely fabulous and so fun. Thanks for posting all these wonderful spaces!

5 years ago

For a dried orange ornament tutorial, check out Karen’s blog at The Art of Doing Stuff. She’s got a wicked sense of humor and she gets stuff done!

Caroline Levenson
5 years ago

Oh my goodness, THANK YOU for posting my kitchen! I have been reading your blog for close to a decade now (ever since Emily was on Design Star!) and this is such an honor! I also loved seeing everyone’s stunning decorations!

Li Wen Rui
5 years ago

It is always fun to see you ideas and I am excited to read more blog posts. You are just amazing!

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5 years ago

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