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by Jess Bunge
best artificial christmas tree
Photo by Sara Ligorria-Tramp | From: Our Living Room Holiday Reveal

Last year, there was a BIG ask for our favorites shoppable Christmas decor items. SO this EHD styling elf scoured the internet to do just that…and we’re back with an update to that post. We are talking faux trees, garland, stockings, etc. I mean, recommending beautiful decor is kinda one of our favorite things to do, so granting a wish you asked for is a straight-up no brainer. I know we have already chatted about new styling ideas and going over our favorite vignettes from years past but now let’s get into the “add to cart” portion of the designing lesson, shall we?

First up, the most important piece to the holiday puzzle…the tree (and some very pretty ornaments).

best artificial christmas tree

1. 5.5ft Unlit Artificial Christmas Tree Virginia Pine | 2. Fabric Deer Christmas Ornament | 3. Pre-Lit LED Snowy Faux Noble Fir | 4. Gold Frasier Tinsel Tree | 5. 7.5 ft. Colorado Green Fir Artificial Christmas Tree with 500 Warm White LED Lights | 6. Christmas Hand Painted Glass Ornaments | 7. Ski Shop Rental Christmas Ornament | 8. Pre-Lit LED Faux Noble Fir | 9. Wooden Ornaments (set of 3) | 10. Opaque Ornaments (set of 6) | 11. Gingerbread Cloche Ornament | 12. 4ft Unlit Artificial Christmas Tree New Growth Balsam Fir | 13. Pre-Lit Artificial Tree | 14. 2-pack Christmas Ornaments | 15. Faye Festive Leaf Hooks, (set of 6) | 16. Handcrafted Woodland Ornament Gift Box (set of 5) | 17. 7.5ft Pre-lit Full Balsam Fir Clear Auto Connect Artificial Christmas Tree | 18. 42ct Glass Round Christmas Ornament Set | 19. Paper Accordion Tassel Ornament | 20. Paper Tree Ornament | 21. 7ft Unlit Artificial Christmas Tree Alberta Spruce

I’ve always been on Team “Real Tree” but there are some very convincing faux options on the market. AND the amazing thing about a faux tree is that a ton of them come pre-lit. SIGN ME UP. It takes out all of the light spacing, cord tangling stress and leaves only the fun ornament hanging. Speaking of ornaments, I’m pretty sure I those brass leaf hooks (#16) immediately. It’s simple but SO pretty. I also personally purchased #9 and I love them. They feel organic but festive.

A tree really isn’t complete without a skirt or a tree topper right? A tree without a tree skirt (or collar) is like wearing an awesome fancy dress with flipflops. It’s just never okay. So to avoid this potential tragedy, here are our favorite stands, skirts and toppers.

best artificial christmas tree

1. Dasher Tree Topper | 2. Plaid Tree Skirt | 3. White Christmas Tree Stand | 4. Karina Woven Tree Collar | 5. Felted Dove Tree Topper | 6. Flake Velvet Burnt Gold Tree Skirt | 7. Unlit Metal Glitter Star Christmas Tree Topper | 8. First Frost Tree Skirt | 9. Buffalo Plaid Christmas Tree Skirt | 10. Faux Fur Christmas Tree Skirt | 11. Woven Tree Collar | 12. Reversible Stars and Plaid Tree Skirt | 13. Galvanized Metal Tree Collar | 14. Gold Star Tree Topper | 15. Moroccan Style Wedding Blanket Tree Skirt | 16. Tree Stand with Foot Pedal and Single Cable Operation | 17. Cable Knit Christmas Tree Skirt | 18. Square Rattan Basket | 19. Red and White Tree Collar | 20. Glitter Silver 3D Star Tree Topper | 21. Bash Gold Tree Collar

While I finally have a beautiful tree skirt (massive upgrade from last year’s “blanket”) I realllly love #4 . How STUNNING is it? But I also love #3, #6 and #10.

Next up, we have all the faux garlands and wreaths of your dreams.

best artificial christmas tree

1. 26″ Prelit LED Faux Candle Mixed Greenery | 2. 5ft Petite Flocked Wispy Artificial Garland | 3. Faux Cryptomeria Garland | 4. 72″ x 6″ Artificial Cedar Garland with Pine Cones and Glitter | 5. Cypress Wreath | 6. 24″ Artificial Cedar Christmas Wreath | 7. Faux Cedar Wreath | 8. Christmas Pom Pom Wreath | 9. 72″ Faux White Pine Garland with Berry | 10. 12″ Artificial Magnolia Leaves Wreath Green | 11. Faux Pre-Lit Nordmann Fir Wreath | 12. 72″ Faux Juniper Berry Garland with Pinecones | 13. 6ft Mixed Greenery Artificial Garland | 14. Pine Pink Wreath | 15. 72″ Pre-Lit LED Artificial Garland | 16. Preserved Fern Circlet Trio | 17. 72″ x 6″ Artificial Magnolia Leaves Garland | 18. 24″ Prelit Warm White LED Battery Operated Chunky Flocked Mixed Artificial Pine Christmas Wreath | 19. Faux Pre-Lit Bauble LED Evergreen Wreath | 20. Stargazer Illuminated LED Wreath | 21. Green Leaves And White Berries Wreath

Aside from a tree (of course), garlands and wreaths have the next biggest visual impact when it comes to holiday decor. I really love the delicateness of #7. It feels modern but approachable. Then Emily used #18 in her first round of decor for the mountain house and it looks awesome AND is pre-lit. Easy and awesome.

Now for my favorite topic: stockings. 🙂

best artificial christmas tree

1. Clarence Monogram Stocking | 2. Nail Head Stocking Holder | 3. Green Twill With Faux Fur Christmas Stocking | 4. Brocade Velvet Stocking | 5. Stripe Knit Christmas Stocking Red and White | 6. Faux Fur Christmas Stocking | 7. Holiday Stocking Black Textured with Poms | 8. 4pk Metal Deer Christmas Stocking Holder | 9. Christmas Velvet Stocking | 10. Marjorie Embroidered Stocking | 11. Knit Monogram Christmas Stocking | 12. Holiday Stocking Sour Cream Knit with Red Poms | 13. Frances Loom Haley Vintage One-of-a-Kind Stocking | 14. Tassel Christmas Stocking | 15. Four Hook Metal Stocking Holder with Artificial Pine Greenery | 16. Pompom Knit Christmas Stocking | 17. Brass + Marble Nutcracker Stocking Holder | 18. Navy Cable Knit Christmas Stocking | 19. Chalet Zinc Stocking Holder | 20. Holiday Stocking Sour Cream with Red Star Embroidery | 21. Felt Stocking

There are a ton of beautiful stockings and holders out there but I’m a BIG fan of #4, #9 and #12 for a more classic look and #5 and #18 for a more fun twist. Just make sure there’s enough room for ample amount of stocking stuffers:)

best artificial christmas tree

1. Large Truck with Bottle Brush | 2. Winter Wonderland Paper Trees (set of 3) | 3. 16.5″ x 4.7″ Bottle Brush Christmas Tree | 4. Flash Milk Glass Burnt Sienna Tree | 5. Large Gnome | 6. Wooden Tree Advent Calendar | 7. Sleigh Ride Bells | 8. Small Glitter Tree Christmas | 9. Light-Up Ribbed Glass Christmas Tree | 10. White Ceramic Ranch House | 11. Small Wooden Tabletop Christmas Tree | 12. Galvanized Green House with Tree Decorative Figurine | 13. Marble Wood Nutcracker | 14. 72″ Merry Christmas Garland Banner | 15. Small Gold Glitter Christmas Tree Figurine | 16. 3pc Mini Deer Decorative Figurines | 17. Hanging Twig Christmas Tree Decorative Figurine | 18. White Glass Snowman | 19. Sledding Gnome with Gold Hat Decorative Figure | 20. 8pk Bottle Brush Christmas Tree Set | 21. Winterland Brass Tree

Clearly, this holiday roundup wouldn’t be complete without some fun styling pieces. Sprinkle in some little trees, snowmen figurines or a cute village to a couple of your open surfaces. It will give your overall holiday look some dimension and visual interest. HOT TIP: Just like in non-holiday styling, use different sizes, shapes and keep the color palette consistent. Some of my favorites are #2, #3, #10 and #16.

Hope you are now completely filled with the holiday decorating spirit. It’s still the first week of December so there is plenty of time to enjoy all of your hard work:) So what are your favorites? Do any of you have these items and recommend them or don’t? Let us know in the comments.

Here are some other helpful holiday decor posts that will make styling these pieces easy to incorporate into your home:


  1. If you want a high quality fake tree that looks real go with Balsam Hill. We have had our tree, wreaths, and garlands (all prelit) for ten years and they all still look great.

    1. Totally agree. We got their alpine balsam fir just last week (after finding that sparse style sold out elsewhere online) and it is actually beautiful in person. That is a sentence I never thought I’d say about an artificial tree. Plus the stand is flat (!!) so no more weird tree skirt bump taking up valuable present real estate.

    2. Ditto about Balsam Hill. I have a tree and garlands (both pre-lit) from them. And many things were 50% for their Black Friday sale.

    3. We have a Balsam Hill tree, too! It’s the lowest level of realism, but very full and nice looking. I found it on Facebook Marketplace for a steal! Just search by the brand name.

  2. Thank you this is awesome! I’d love it even earlier next year since I decorated already.

  3. Not to be the annoying one, but can I just encourage everyone to take note of the fact that artificial trees, which are not designed to be used permanently, end up as landfill (not to mention are often shipped from China, which equals more fossil fuels), while Christmas tree farms clean the air, improve the watershed, and provide habitats for wildlife.

    Plus…plastic trees tacky…

    1. Totally agree, Elizabeth. Artificial trees might be nice for the Instagram feed, but they’re terrible for the environment for all the reasons you mentioned! I’m bummed that point is not noted here, but not sure how the blog could make money off encouraging people to go to a tree farm.

      This time of year, one of my favorite moment of the day is coming home after work to the smell of a fresh Christmas tree in my house.

    2. Agree, but just want to point out that you can say the same about the lights, the ornaments, the garlands…

    3. I would disagree on the note that artificial trees cannot be used permanently. My family has been using the same artificial tree for over 25 years, in 6 different houses, moving to 3 states, in different parts of the country. I’ll be going to my parents house next weekend to put up that same tree. This year I bought my first tree, tiny and also artificial, and have every intention of using it for years to come. Take care of your things, and they’ll last a long time.

      And as someone who spends most of the year suffering from allergies (and asthma as a result), I appreciate that there’s a way for me to enjoy the holidays.

      Also a “plastic” tree can be beautiful, especially when little kids put their heart into decorating it.

      1. I spent many years telling myself that I just had a “cold” at Christmas every year. When I finally admitted that it was allergies and asthma, I bought a an artificial tree. No more Christmas “colds.” And we are still using the same tree 16 years later.

      2. Agreed. We bought a high-quality tree 30 years ago. I’ve fooled a lot of people with it. Plus… a live tree wasn’t possible because of family allergies and a potential fire hazard when traveling over part of the holidays.

    4. You know what’s really tacky? Being all Judgy McJudgerson about Christmas decorations.

      By the way there is a lot of research (such as here: https://www.canr.msu.edu/news/environmental_effects_of_christmas_trees) that has found the environmental impact of real vs artificial trees to be about even. More important, the environmental impact of both is fairly inconsequential compared with the real causes of climate change (oil, gas, coal).

      So climb down off your high horse and let people enjoy their tacky plastic trees while you pat yourself on the back for the “real” dead tree you bought.

    5. I have to agree with Holly here. Totally with you on considering the environmemtal impact of Christmas decorations (as well as everything else), Elizabeth. But my parents still have the plastic Christmas tree I grew up with and likely will for years more. We had to have an artificial tree because we traveled for a significant period of time for Christmas and didn’t want to give the gift of a fire hazard to ourselves or the neighbors. Plus, some people are against growing trees for the express purpose of cutting them down and junking them after a short time. So, as with much else in our society, there is a cost to consider on both sides. I’m with you; but real isn’t always feasible or safe for some families..

    6. I worried over the environmental aspect of artificial trees, but our small house riddles with radiators meant nowhere to place a real tree without creating a fire hazard. Ultimately, I found a used artificial tree on Marketplace.

  4. Thanks! I was in need of new star to top our tree and just ordered one that you shared from Target! Also, I found a great wreath this year at Trader Joe’s for $10, just wanted to share that for anyone else trying to fine a good one.

    1. Ohh good tip! I might have to head there this weekend (still in need of a wreath for my door).

    2. Oooh…. Trader Joe has carried some wonderful felted ball garland!!!!

    3. Thank you! TJs is the best!

  5. The brass tab ornaments from McGee & Co are now on sale and ship free! I also have the fake tree from IKEA and he’s a cutie (will also be getting a real tree).

  6. Thank You!!!

    Love, luv, love the tags on the photos!!!!!!1111!!!!!

    No more scrolling up and down.

    Thank you!!

  7. Nice post

  8. Ditto about Balsam Hill. I have a tree and garlands (both pre-lit) from them. And many things were 50% for their Black Friday sale.

  9. Awesome that you’re taking reader suggestions. I’m looking forward to the post on decorating for winter holidays other than Christmas that a ton of us asked for!

  10. Weird xmas fact: My hubby used to get ‘sick’ every holiday season. Someone mentioned an allergy to pine. Bingo! The tree had been in his office (our sunroom). We moved it to another part of the house… sick no more!

  11. Love the way this guide was laid out. So nice to see the prices immediately so you know if something is out of your range or not. Also, love the subcategories and the ability to click on the item versus trying to find a number.

  12. Beautiful! Wondering where the snowflake ornaments are from?

  13. My favorite place for Christmas decor is Carlyle Avenue. They have the best holiday candles and ornaments. trusst

  14. Any tips for the Christmas tree lights? I have the balsam tree from Target and the typical lights don’t look right. Has anyone use wire leds on a Christmas tree. Help!

  15. Such a great blog post. In my recent IG post we are talking about finding the perfect real looking faux garland. I purchased something Monday and can’t wait to see it when it gets here this weekend. Shared your blog post with my peeps…thanks! xo Elizabeth

  16. I LOVE your rug! Do you know if they ship to Norway?

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