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Want Shavonda To Design The Room Of Your Dreams For Free? It’s Now Possible (Thanks Velux!!)

Welcome to another episode of my favorite game called “Internet ‘WIN, WIN, WIN and WIN’“. A true testament to a partner that GETS IT and knows what we content creators want to do (make people feel good by making their home better through good design) and what you readers want to read (ditto). We have been working with Velux for 3 years and while we are still finishing our second ‘Brighten Up Any Room’ makeover (Covid derailed the original schedule – stay tuned for a fall reveal) today we get to pass the torch, or more accurately pass the BRIGHT BEAUTIFUL LIGHT to another lovely blogger and another lucky winner. This time Shavonda Gardner will be partnering with Velux to makeover one lucky winner’s dark space and turn it into a bright happy room. I, like you, get to watch with a big happy smile while it all goes down. Shavonda, take it away. 🙂

Hi Everyone! VELUX Skylights has been a brand partner here at SG Style since our bathroom renovation and I couldn’t have imagined back then that today I would be taking the reins from Emily Henderson and working with them to continue singing the gospel of the transformative power of natural light and fresh air in the home. I’ve got some super big shoes to fill here, but I’m ready!

I was first introduced to the power of VELUX skylights when we were desperate to try to incorporate both natural light and ventilation in our bathroom. We didn’t have the option to add windows because of its interior location, so a skylight had been on our dream list for transforming the space.  Once we realized just how impactful it was we were hooked! It gave us so much more than we could ever imagine. Not only did it give us our coveted natural light and much necessary ventilation, it also turned the bathroom into my favorite space in the house. I really leaned into my love and preference for moody spaces and chose black tiles, a bold wallpaper, and luxe finishes to give me that boutique hotel feel I desired. Having basically an entire ceiling of light was the icing on the cake! We love being able to control the skylight with the remote control and through our smartphone. We have the light filtering blinds set to automatically open in the morning and close again at night. We don’t even worry about weather conditions because the skylights have an integrated rain sensor so they automatically close at the first sign of rain!

design by shavonda gardner | photo by dave adams photography

Once we got our first taste of that skylight life I sought out to find even more areas to incorporate them into our home, and we also partnered with VELUX to include one in our bungalow kitchen!

design by shavonda gardner | photo by dave adams photography
design by shavonda gardner | photo by dave adams photography

I LOOOOOVE having the “Fresh Air” skylights in the kitchen because it keeps it cool, helps cooking smells escape, and provides even more amazing light. We were pretty lucky in that we already had 4 windows in our kitchen so we have lots of light, but adding the skylight gave me the opportunity to reimagine the space and sparked the start of our current kitchen renovation! I’m so so excited about it, friends! We actually closed up one of the windows to change the layout and we don’t feel any loss of light because of the skylight.

We’ve also added a VELUX Sun Tunnel in the hallway to sneak in even more natural light in our home! It was the perfect solution in a spot where a skylight wasn’t possible.

design by shavonda gardner | photo by dave adams photography

As much as I love having VELUX in our home, what I love even more is seeing how many of you have also benefited from adding skylights in your homes.  One of my favorite things about VELUX is their quarterly giveaways where someone gets a shot at winning two solar-powered “Fresh Air” skylights plus installation. It’s such a fun giveaway and one of my followers has actually won before!

VELUX has upped the ante and today I’m so excited to announce my partnership with them on the VELUX Brighten Up Any Room Giveaway where one of you will have the chance to transform a room in one of your homes with a custom design refresh from yours truly! Yep, that means I’m coming to your house and working some magic on a much-needed space. The giveaway includes the installation of two VELUX No Leak Solar Powered “Fresh Air” skylights with solar-powered blinds and a VELUX Active kit (the same skylights I have in my home) alongside a fresh new look that fits the style and needs for the room. This is the perfect opportunity to finally show some love to that space you’ve been dreaming of addressing for forever but just didn’t know where to start. I got you boo! Head on over to VELUX’s site for entry details and all contest rules. * You do need to be a homeowner to enter and win. Good luck friend! I can’t wait to be skylight twins! 

Until next time…..

*This post is in partnership with VELUX Skylights. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Opener Image Credit: Design Shavonda Gardner | Photo by Dave Adams Photography

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2 years ago

This is tangentially related, but I worked in Greece with a humanitarian organization that worked with refugee minors, and Velux was a financial donor and they were a dream partner! So I have major positive feelings towards Velux despite the fact that I don’t own a home or have any of their products 🙂

Reply to  Alison

I love this. Thanks for sharing that. We’re moving soon and our new house doesn’t have many south-facing windows and pretty much no west facing windows in the living spaces. love the house, hate the natural light situation. i was already thinking of doing velux, but this totally cinches the deal.  I love companies with a soul. 

2 years ago

Oh my heart! Your moody space is beautiful!

2 years ago

Your use of skylights is dreamy! I’ve used 4 Velux skylights in my home (bathroom for more headroom, teeny tiny room for light and headroom, and kitchen for light) and keep looking for other rooms to put them in! Velux is a great product, i encourage everyone who can to enter! 

OMG. i sooooooooooo want to win this!

2 years ago

We just installed some Velux Sun tunnels in our house (master bathroom and closet and a hall) I ordered them from Amazon. Our contractor was very pleased, thought they were lots better than the other brand.

2 years ago

This is awesome! I’m excited to see another space get skylights!

2 years ago

That kitchen is adorable <3

2 years ago

So exciting to see Shavonda on the blog today!!! Love her and her work so much!

2 years ago

SHAVONDA! My god. Look, I love a lot of designs on SBEH (what a horrible initialism; I’m sorry), but I love Shavonda’s absolutely unconditionally. Wouldn’t change a single thing. Shavonda you are just extraordinary!

2 years ago

Hello! I am attempting to enter the makeover, but it’s not clear if my entry is going through. When I select “enter now” at the bottom of the page, the page refreshes and all forms are empty. There isn’t a confirmation of the entry on the website or in my email. Fingers crossed it went through! Thank you for the opportunity to enter. 

2 years ago
Reply to  Alex

I got a text message a few minutes after I submitted. Just wanted to let anyone else who had this question know that it appears to go through and you should receive a confirmation text. <3

2 years ago

I can’t find the pin button for this post to save…I must be blind.

2 years ago

That kitchen is so beautiful! I’d love to see some befores and afters to see how the skylight changes the light (and also how it looked before the kitchen renovation). 🙂

Gabrielle Muir
2 years ago

Thank you for reminding me how much I love skylights!
These look fabulous in the kitchen photo, they take that already great room next level.
One of my favorite things is light in a property. Thanks!