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The Link Up: Jess’ First “Real” Clothing Purchase of 2021, Caitlin’s Self Care Splurge, and The New (Old) Design Show We Can’t Wait To Watch

Hi Everyone and happy Sunday. If we had to pick a theme for this link up, I think it would be self-care because clearly we’ve all been buying ourselves products to make us feel better (everyone should if you can!!) So if you’re wanting to make yourself feel a little extra special this week, then scroll on down and see our favorite things right now 🙂

This week’s home tour well, isn’t a home at all. It’s Tigmi Trading’s flagship store in Australia and it’s cozier than a lot of homes we’ve seen. Brought to us by The Design Files (our favorite), this store has all the right vibes and an effortlessly perfect curation of goodies.

We’re all well aware of the lack of diversity in the design industry, now here’s something we can do about it: Fireclay tile and the Architects Foundation are sponsoring “The Desiree Cooper Memorial Fund— a Diversity Advancement Scholarship supporting Black women earning their degree in Architecture.” Fireclay is matching donations, so if you’d like to donate click here!

From Emily: Remember Design Star?? You know, the show that I won that launched my career? Well, IT’S BACK and better than ever. We can’t wait to watch it (and see Carmeon Hamilton thrive). Watch the trailer and get ready… I’ll be tuning in for sure. Maybe even do some fun posts about my thoughts?? Yikes, I’m pumped.

From Caitlin: Behind the scenes tidbit – every Friday afternoon I get a nice Slack from the person on the team assembling that week’s Link Up being like, “can I grab that link from you? :)” which I can only assume actually translates “Woman, I have asked you every day this week both over Zoom and via message, PLEASE just give me your blurb so I can finish my work!!!” But this week, I turned in my link THREE DAYS EARLY because I watched this quick video on paint tips from @verygaypaint and it made me laugh so, so, so hard that I knew I needed to share ASAP. Hope it also brightens your weekend 🙂

Also From Caitlin: Last week, my self-care splurge floodgates opened. I started by buying this expensive shimmering oil as recommended by Em – TBH I was kind of wary, but it turns out that it was SUPER worth it and that it makes me feel awesome. (You know how you feel when you’re like, freshly showered and styled and ready to go out for a fun night? And you’re somehow not tired and FOR ONCE you’re not secretly praying that someone cancels so you can just stay home? Like you’re just feeling READY and filled with true, genuine excitement? It’s like THAT feeling, which is saying something!!) But once I started ~ feeling myself ~, I was like “AHHH what else can I buy to extend this temporary joy???” and I want to share my two other favorite finds: this $8 bar of underarm soap, which will knock out any weird armpit smells (yes, I was suffering from extra weird armpit smells this week, let’s keep it moving) and these $4 silicone brushes, which you can use to apply face masks/serums/oils/moisturizers/lotions/potions (no more fingers in cream! No more precious moisturizer trapped uselessly under your nails!). I’m like a whole new gal!!! (PS. I justified these purchases by declaring myself as my own valentine, which is an excuse I will continue to make as I add things to my cart for the next 6 days.)

From Jess: So if you’ve been paying close attention to my purchases this past year (jk, no one has), I’ve purchased maybe two (?) non-loungewear pieces of clothing. I mean I haven’t felt my best physically and well… WHERE AM I GOING THAT I NEED NON-LOUNGEWEAR CLOTHES??? However, I nearly fell to the floor when I saw Elaine Welteroth in this knit cardigan dress from a brand called Hanifa. Granted she looks like a model but I swiped up so fast that it was practically an out-of-body experience. It’s kinda the best of both worlds in that it looks luxurious but is basically a knit robe. I got it in the emerald green color and it will forever be my house dress. I can’t freaking wait. And on top of all of that, Hanifa is a Black-owned business. Literally a win-win-win.

From Mallory: I bought myself some flowers the other day while at the grocery store (and called it self care because they were not cheap), but they are SO pretty and SO unique so it’s worth it. I googled the company called Gilly Flowers when I got home and their stuff is so cool! If you’re a flower person, definitely check it out. They’ll make you very happy 🙂

From Albie: My dad was an avid record collector which instilled in me an appreciation for vinyl. Unfortunately, when my father passed, a lot of his records were lost as we moved and they were spread out amongst this one and that one, all wanting to borrow. I’m a product of the generation that’s smack in between digital and analog, so this record player speaks to me big time — I can play the classic records (as soon as I can get my hand on my dad’s records) but also send bops from my phone via Bluetooth. Who knows… I might even start my own vinyl collection because any excuse to decorate with things we actually use is never a bad idea.

From Ryann: One of my favorite makeup products as of late is this lip and cheek stain by Noto. It is a gorgeous color and works as blush or lipstick or both. I also apply it on my eyelids sometimes for a subtle eyeshadow look so yes it’s VERY versatile and lasts a long time too!

Thanks everyone for reading this week’s Link Up. We hope you feel inspired to buy yourself some flowers or skincare and take good care of yourself this week. See you next time 🙂

Opening Image Credits: Design by Timigi Trading | Photo and article via The Design Files

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2 months ago

Albie’s link appears to be missing? Thanks for any information related to records and record playing. Have a great weekend.

2 months ago
Reply to  Brigitte

Yes please! I was going to ask the same thing!

2 months ago

Happy Sunday everyone! I’m about to make a major rejuvenation order (exciting bathroom reno!) and I’m wondering if anyone has a coupon code they’re not planning on using, or knows of a general one that works? TY!

2 months ago

Tigmi Trading looks so peaceful. That green shelving has me all inspired!

OMG! Design Star next gen! Emily should be a guest judge!!! Surely?!? We should start a movement!!! Really!🤩

Roberta Davis
2 months ago
Reply to  Rusty

Emily should be a judge! Absolutely!

Roberta Davis
2 months ago

Love all these things today! (yes, Albie’s link is missing?)

2 months ago

I was hoping you guys would mention The Expert and what your take on it is… it has been dominating my instagram feed for days.

2 months ago
Reply to  MM

Also curious!

2 months ago

Love the shoutout for Silver Lake’s Gilly Flowers. Their arrangements are always so whimsical and pretty.

2 months ago

Here is a link to the most beautiful pool fence I have ever seen. Genius! All glass ones are too modern for most yards, but this one is the perfect mix. You have to scroll down to the pool. Neat “recycled” house too.

Lisa N.
2 months ago

Love Gilly’s. My go to for unconventional but super pretty arrangements.

2 months ago

That Hanifa dress is MAGNIFICENT and I may never get over the fact that the emerald colour is sold out. On the other hand, I’ve just been perusing the site and I’m delighted with everything. I’m starting to buy clothes for a post-pandemic future, just to keep my spirits up, so maybe I do need the gold satin flares I found in the site’s “essentials” section.

2 months ago
Reply to  Eliot

Eeee I can’t wait to wear it all of the time! I’m sure they’ll restock it. But you should 1000% get those flares. They are incredible!

2 months ago

Soo sad I don’t have Discovery + as Design Star was my all time favorite show. I was sure Emily was going to win!

2 months ago
Reply to  Rose

I thought the same but this is what it said at the end of the article:
“Design Star: Next Gen will premiere Wednesday, February 24 on Discovery+. The episode also will air on HGTV that same night, at 9 p.m. ET/PT.”

I’m hoping it ends up on the HGTV app too since I can already access that without paying extra for Discovery+…

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