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Makeover Takeover Bedford Edition: An Intro & Ask The Audience

Happy Friday, folks. Sara here (resident social media coordinator and in-house photographer). You might remember me from last year, when I made-over my childhood bedroom for the blog. Since then I’ve moved back to the city proper, and I’m ready to dive into a brand new ‘Makeover Takeover.’ But this time I’m not alone.

This past September my boyfriend Macauley and I decided to take that giant leap into madness and move in together (or ‘live in sin’ as my mother fondly refers to it). For those of you who are currently feeling heart palpitations of anxiety due to our decision, let me preface this with the fact that we’ve been together for a ballpark amount of 5 years now and had talked about it for the past year and half or so before we finally took this step. It was not a spur of the moment decision based on the inability to pay rent in Los Angeles on our own. But, while the initial decision to move in together went nice and slow, once we started looking for a place things took off at rocket speed. Mac’s lease was about to end, so we decided we could use those last four weeks to apartment hunt together. Of course that very first weekend I spotted a craigslist ad for a 1930’s, Spanish-style, 1 bedroom in a neighborhood we were interested in. We visited, applied, and were offered the apartment that very evening. It was the first, and only apartment we looked at.

Emily Henderson_Makeover Takeover_Sara_Living Room_Ask the Audience_Rugs_Before_2

The apartment itself is pretty amazing, and we constantly feel lucky to have nabbed it so quickly (I attribute this to my uncontrollable impulsiveness, which generally doesn’t lead to good things, but worked in our favor this time). It has some cute architectural details from the 1930’s, original tile from the 1950’s, huge sash windows in every room, and new wood flooring with sound proofing that was installed right before we moved in. We really wanted to make this place ‘ours’ rather than have it be a Frankenstien of mismatched furniture pieces we’d both collected since college. So we started by selling most of Mac’s furniture, and I left my bedroom back home completely intact rather than moving it into our new place. We spent the first few weeks in that apartment with nothing more than a mattress on the floor, and a coffee table in the living room. I’m not exaggerating. After a few weeks we broke down and bought a couch from Ikea because we couldn’t sit on the floor anymore. But creating a cohesive living space takes time, patience, and money (although, to be fair and honest we knew that pulling together the apartment for the blog would allow us to get some awesome pieces that we wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford all at once). And adding the minor fact that we were having to suddenly be aware of each other’s opinions, meant it was going to be a very long process.

Emily Henderson_Makeover Takeover_Sara_Living Room_Ask the Audience_Rugs_Progress_4

Emily Henderson_Makeover Takeover_Sara_Living Room_Ask the Audience_Rugs_Progress_1

The entire apartment is pretty much an open floor plan – the living room looks directly into the dining room, which then goes into the kitchen. We decided to turn the dining room into an office, because we both work from home quite a bit, and instead put the dining table in the living room. We don’t sit at the dining table very often, so it felt wasteful to dedicate an entire room to something we rarely use. Side note – please ignore those cords running along the floor. This apartment, being built in the 1930s, doesn’t have the best wall to outlet ratio, but it’s being handled (not by me, obviously. That’d be a joke).

Emily Henderson_Makeover Takeover_Sara_Living Room_Ask the Audience_Rugs_Progress_2

But, after 7 months of pinning, multiple mood boards, lots of trips to the flea market, and several design-anxiety filled nights we’ve almost got the place pulled together. Art is out being framed, all the big pieces are in place, and so far no feelings have been irreparably damaged (though I did tell Mac that his computer case was ugly one night, when I was really feeling the Pinterest perfection pressure. Sorry!). There are just a few details left to be decided, which is why we thought we’d bring you, the readers, in on the project. Today I want to focus on the living room, and especially on the rug.

When Mac and I first started planning the living room I asked us each to write down a few words to describe what we wanted. He wrote down homey, characteristic, understated, and refined. I wrote down masculine, relaxing, neutral, and cozy. So far we’ve got some awesome pieces that we love and feel fit our shared vision perfectly, like the Sven sofa from Article, these Vista sconces from Cedar & Moss, custom linen curtains from Country Curtains, and an Aldama Chair from The Citizenry. I already owned a beautiful vintage coffee table, and we bought a credenza and dining chairs for a crisp $100 bill at the Rose Bowl one Sunday. But we still need a rug to tie it all together.

DISCLAIMER: These photos are not fully styled out – which I realize. I just feel the need to point that out before the comments of ‘you need more height on your mantle’ or ‘those pillows are not the right colors’ start rolling in. The styling will come, I promise. And it will involve lots of texts back and forth the night before the shoot with the entire EHD team (bless them). And with that, we proceed with what we have.

Living Room Without Tree Options

Since our art is out for framing, the art shown here is just photoshopped in to give an idea of what we’re going for. We do have a huge 32″ x 40″ polaroid piece being custom framed right now (by Framebridge), and we’re so excited to get it up and see how it turns out. I take a lot of polaroids, and at first I thought putting them out on the coffee table similar to what Brady did in his living room makeover, but they were starting to get really scratched from being shuffled through constantly. So I decided that framing them would be a fun, and a graphic way to display all my favorites at once. Mac’s mom had given us those two Dave Eggers prints which are real quirky, and I love them so I figured it was time to get them framed. We also have two abstract mono-prints by local L.A. artist Anna Ullman going up above the dining room table. We like how neutral they can feel, but still have so much warmth and movement to them (we love them so much, we’re putting one up in the office as well).


So, now that you know the art plan, let’s get into the rugs. Originally I had wanted to use the same scallop hide rug that Emily had in her living room. I loved that rug with an unhealthy obsession. But after taking a look at my design boards Emily, Ginny, and Mel all gave me the same advice – don’t put a white hide rug in that room. I was devastated. But the more I look at the boards and the living room, the more I understand what they meant. The walls and curtains already gave the room a lot of white, and a white hide rug wouldn’t bring enough texture to compensate for a lack of color. We needed a color, a tone, or a texture. Mac was pretty happy with that news because he had been a big proponent of a not-white-hide-rug for a while.

After extensive rug hunting I finally narrowed down our options to about 10 choices. I went through a lot of rugs, so 10 was a really good number for me. I mocked them all up in photoshop, and had the EHD team weigh in. BUT, even after advice had been given, and favorites had been pointed out Mac and I still weren’t convinced of any single rug. So I did what any impulsive decision maker who finds themselves unable to make decision would do – I ordered as many of them as I could to actually try in the living room.


In the end I was able to get my hands on 6 of our absolute favorites.

Living Room Without Tree Option 5

Option #1 – Vintage Persian, Esmaili Rugs

I have a feeling that a lot of you are going to feel this rug tug at your heartstrings right away. It certainly did mine when I spotted it on the Esmaili Rugs website. The pink tones, the hits of navy, the unique pattern. It all adds up to be one pretty gorgeous a rug. However, she was on the pricier end of the rug spectrum (as she should be, being an 8×11, vintage rug in excellent condition), so she needs to be 100% perfect for the space for us to feel comfortable making that sort of decision. She’s not a rug you live with for 5 years and then replace. She’s a lifetime investment. This rug also adds a lot of warm, brown tones which moves the room a bit more in the direction of ‘bohemian,’ which isn’t our original vision for the space. BUT SHE’S SO BEAUTIFUL . . . maybe we change directions?

Living Room Without Tree Option 4

Option 2 – Zena Rug in India Ink, Safavieh

This rug is incredibly soft. I did lay on it for a bit, admiring it’s unparalleled softness. I imagine this is what baby seals feel like. It is a bit more shiny than I had originally anticipated from the online images. Maybe a lot more shiny. But having some color in the room doesn’t hurt.

Living Room Without Tree Option 3

Option 3 – Zander Rug in Charcoal, Lulu & Georgia

This is another super soft rug, and cuts way down on the shiny factor. We also like the darker charcoal tone, which ties a bit more back into that neutral/minimal vibe we wanted to incorporate, while the art and warm leather bring in the homey/cozy aspects.

Living Room Without Tree Option 2

Option #4 – Texa Rug in Vanilla, Article

I still wanted to try a white rug in the room, but this time I went with something that had a little more texture and warmth to it. Comfort is really important to Mac (me too), and he loves the softness of this rug. It does brighten the room up, and lets the coffee table pop a lot more than the darker rugs. But are we responsible enough to own a white rug? Is anyone??

Living Room Without Tree Option 1

Option #5 – Texa Rug in Fog, Article

Same rug, different color. We really, really like this rug. It’s the same soft, cozy rug as above, but in a speckled gray color, which makes us feel a lot better about living on it. And I really can’t express how cozy this rug is under your feet (like, extremely cozy). The gray tone is nice and subtle, and let’s our art do most of the talking in the room. It’s a bit more of that neutral, minimal look we like. This rug is way, way up there on our list.

Living Room Without Tree Options

Option #6 – Caline Rug in Charcoal, Lulu & Georgia

The final rug in our line up is this pretty dhurrie. I absolutely love the color on this rug. It’s not super saturated, but keeps things interesting with texture and varying tones. And did I mention that I love the color? But Mac did point out that it isn’t the softest of rugs (dhurries usually aren’t), and he missed the thickness that some of the other rugs had to them. That last part could be solved by a nice thick rug pad, but that wouldn’t help very much with the top. Do we sacrifice a little softness for some major style?

But wait, there’s more. Right now we have that credenza in the back corner behind the couch, and were thinking of turning it into a bar area. We like the idea of hanging planters, to bring in a unique addition to the space that isn’t a frame on the wall. But then Brady ruined everything by suggesting, in a completely in innocent tone, ‘why don’t you put a tree in that corner, and move the credenza to the other side of the mantle.’ WHY BRADY?!


But he had planted the seed, and I had to scratch the itch, so I did some quick photoshopping to test drive it. It does look real good, folks – so he might be on to something. The big question is do we have room for the credenza on the other side of the fireplace, with the hallway and media unit on that side of the room, too? Or do we nix the credenza entirely? And which rug to we commit to? These are the questions that are currently sabotaging any sense of calm I may have previously had.


So now I pass it over to you. Which rug speaks to you? Do we go with comfort and livability, or style and beauty? Hanging planters and bar area in the corner, or a beautiful tree to bring some greenery in and really make that corner pop? Mac and I can’t wait to read each and every comment, and agonize over these important life decisions together.

And here are some extra links, in case you need ’em: Brass Side Table | Woven Basket | Pink Linen Pillow | Patterned Blue Pillow | Navy Linen Pillow | Gray Throw Blanket

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416 thoughts on “Makeover Takeover Bedford Edition: An Intro & Ask The Audience

  1. none of the rugs shown here. You should go for something with some blue in it though. Forget about grey and whitish, they don’t go with the sofa. The persian one is too messy and doesn’t go with the style of the room. Alle the blues are beautiful colours in this room, but even better would be something with blue colours and some patterns in it (stripes?)

    1. Agree with you about none of the rugs. Two of them look fine and are “safe” options for a first time rug owners making an investment but now that I’ve seen the options, I get a sense of what you’re trying to accomplish and I think you should go blue with subtle pattern/texture. One example:

      And one more in a gray option: Darcy Rug Pottery Barn

      This one is not in your wheelhouse at all but I will throw it out there – black and off-white tribal pattern rug :

  2. My vote is Rug #3 – love the texture & color, I’d take Brady’s advice – traffic to the bar in the corner will create a situation when people are using the sofa/chair. Plus who doesn’t love a tree-in-the-corner.

  3. Congrats on moving in together! Very exciting, and the apartment is amazing. I absolutely vote for the vintage persian. It is just such a statement piece and its absolutely gorgeous! If you decide to go with a solid rug, I think my favorite is the Zander rug in charcoal. I also vote for the tree in the corner. Good luck – I’m sure it will look fabulous!

  4. I love the gray rug! And the credenza with the planters looks lovely by the sofa. Could you put a tree in the corner near the dining table? It’ll be so exciting to see what you decide!

  5. #1, the vintage Persian rug, adds so much personality to the space. The other rugs look boring in comparison. I also love the tree in the corner- very impactful!

    1. completely agree! the room is beautiful, serene, and clean but is really needing some personality. the persian rug definitely does this for you.

      onto the tree and credenza convo… could you do your credenza in the original corner with 2/3 of the top dedicated to your bar set up and 1/3 dedicated to some greenery? snake plants are super easy to take care of and add great height in very compact or condensed pots.

      good luck!

    1. I got a set of these chairs plus an arm chair for $26 in Michigan. Got to love garage sales!

  6. 3 or 6 for the rug and definitely put the credenza on the left – it will be really nice for grounding the art above it. So fun!

  7. Option 3 or 5 and I really really really lean toward 5! Glad to see that for once I like what the pro likes! And yes, I like the tree in the corner! Good idea Brady….

    1. Haha, I don’t know if I would consider myself a ‘pro’ in the interior styling sense, but I’m certainly surrounded by them, which helps an awful lot.

  8. I LOVE the persian, but I think all the neutral options look very nice. I’m not a big fan of #2 & #6…i love blue usually, but it feels a little jarring with the leather on the sofa. Just my take! Great apartment! Love what you are doing with it πŸ™‚

  9. Haha! This post was a treat to read. I just got my kids off to school and am sitting here cracking up. You’re a great writer! I “agonize over these life decisions” too. My vote is grey rug #5 or blue tonal stripey rug #6. Life is too messy/unpredictable to spend a billion dollars on a rug like #1. Unless you loved it the very most and it fulfills all your heart’s desires, then I’d say pass. That’s my humble opinion. And Brady is absolutely right, that green tree in the corner is just lovely. I love it. I think you can pull off console on other side easily.
    Again, loved this post. Good luck!!!

    1. I second this!

      I LOVE the Persian rug most, but don’t make a life investment in something that doesn’t 200% match your style. Although, resale on those rugs is real. Often, you don’t have to take much of s hit on price when you buy and then resell vintage.

  10. I like the last option, the Caline rug. I love the subtle pattern and varying tones. The rug I have in my living room isn’t the softest/thickest but a nice thick rug pad definitely helps and I personally don’t mind the lack of softness. BUT I do think comfort should trump style, so if softness if a big priority for comfort then my second favorite is the Texa rug in Fog. It looks super cozy and I love the speckled pattern. Can’t wait to see which option you choose! Your apartment already looks lovely – I love all the architectural details!

  11. Congrats on all the exciting changes in your life, Sara!! Your new home is stuuuuunning! Okay, so on to design…I love, love, love Brady’s idea to move the tree to that corner. It’s the perfect pop of color and texture behind your lovely sofa! And I think my favorite rug is the dhurrie…It’s another swoon-worthy dose of neutral-ISH color and texture. But, of course, go with your gut(s?)β€”I’m sure it’ll be beautiful no matter what you choose!

  12. This is looking really good so far and I can’t wait to see the final product. In terms of rugs, I like option 2 the best and then, for more neutral, option 5 is my second choice. I love those hanging planters (I own one and it makes me happy every time I see it), but if you’re worried about skewing too bohemian, I think hanging planters might do that. I also think that the credenza should be in a place that is easy access. Because of the bohemian feel of the planters and crowded nature of the credenza in the corner, I agree with Brady’s suggestion.

    1. Yep, the easy access to the credenza is a must. There’s actually a lot of space between the couch and the back corner, which is hard to see through a camera lens. But in general the tree is sounding more and more appealing.

  13. honestly the first rug speaks to me. and i’m not a big fan of prints or anything like that. but i feel that it’s pulling tones from the couch, the pictures, and really warms up the room. but if that’s too expensive then i’d go with Option #5.

  14. Rug 1 or 6 would look great and the bar in the corner with hanging plants! πŸ™‚

  15. Hi Sara! I’m loving the direction of your style! Of the rug options, I like 2, 3, and 6 aestheticly, with 5 being in a close second-tier position. The Persian option is beautiful, but I don’t know that it’s 100% perfect with the sofa or fulfills your and Mac’s buzzwords as well as some of the others. I see the solid and textured options as being more neutral, minimal, masculine, etc. The only reason I placed 5 in a second tier is because I think it draws too much attention to the coffee table (although it is a gorgeous table). With regard to the layout, I have to fully agree with Brady’s suggestion – hands down. That tree brings so much life to the corner. From personal experience, I’ve found that putting a dark, rectangular piece into a corner kind of creates a dark hole and messes with the feeling of open flow. Good luck! πŸ™‚

  16. I looooove rug #1, but I think #3 might be a better choice for the vibe you want. Gorgeous place!!

  17. Oh man! Option #6 with the memory foam rug pad Brady recommended from his nursery post for sure, along with the tree (but not a Fiddle Leaf Fig, please, PLEASE try something else.) I think these options together are neutral and masculine without being boring. Definitely matches what your original goal was. Besides, I think your feet will only be on the rug as long as it takes to walk across to sit on that awesome sofa!

    I do also love option #1 with the hanging planters, but it’s absolutely more Bohemian, which probably suits your style more, but Mac’s maybe less so (just an assumption.) While it is a truly beautiful option, I still think you should go with the original message, understated, refined, cozy, neutral. Best of luck with your decision!

      1. Yes, please! A cactus would be perfect for that corner. Beautiful, sculptural, easy to care for. Just watch the weather report & water it when it rains in Pheonix.

        1. Seriously, is that how you keep a cactus alive? I’ve killed before and need to know!

  18. Aesthetically my favorite is Option 6. But cozy bare feet would probably have me selecting Option 3. It’s my second choice is color and has the bonus of cozy softness. And I’d take Brady’s suggestion πŸ˜‰

  19. LOVE Option #1–I think the pattern adds dimension to the space and I like that it breaks up the blue/white/tan color palette with the warmth of the pink.

  20. Options 1 and 6 are the best! put the tree in the corner. More greenery is always a good thing!

  21. This is not an opinion on the rug (the room is lovely, and I can’t wait to see it pulled together and styled out), but just a comment that I have had in the back of my mind for a while. When there are posts written by other members of EHD staff, it would be nice to see pictures of them in the space (like we often see of Emily and her gorgeous family). I’m thinking of all the reveals of Ginny’s home, I would have like to see a picture of her in the home. Or even having a tab on your blog with pictures and write-ups of your staff. I feel like they always have to introduce themselves when the post is written by them, and it would be nice as readers to see their faces and understand who is all on the EHD team. Just my two cents! πŸ™‚

    1. We do have a little about page with pictures and bios of the stuff, but we have grown so much in the last little while that it is not up to date, but we will have a new group photo and photos of everyone on the page soon! xx

  22. Option 1 for sure – this room needs a little pattern and that rug is gorgeous and timeless and won’t show wear. It looks perfect with the sofa and you’ll have it forever. I agree with Brady as well – put a tree in the corner and the bar in a more convenient spot. Good luck! Thanks for sharing your space.

  23. Yes, the tree goes in that corner.

    As for the rug… Option 1, hands down, is the best looking. However, do you plan to have kids? Do you have pets? Kids and pets will ruin that thing, and if you are paying $15k or more for a rug, you are going to want to be in a life stage where people aren’t going to be mashing bananas into your investment or peeing on it or taking their explosive diaper off on it and making it into toilet paper. It’s too much money to have on the floor if you are planning on kids, in my opinion.

    So, with that in mind, I vote for Option 2. Gorgeous, and you really want something that feels great on your feet!

  24. I vote for rug #3 (#5 is in second place) and yes to Brady’s tree in the corner/credenza on left of fireplace suggestion!

  25. Hi Sara! I LOVE the persian – it stood out to me 100% beyond the other options, as it lends such a nice, refined vibe to balance the more youthful, quirkier art pieces on that side of the room (which I also love!). It makes the room look perfect for a couple in their twenties and will absolutely grow with your styles forever! I get the $$$ investment, though, so I’d do the dhurrie with a thick rug pad. I’ve found mine softens with use, and the texture and tone it brings is unbeatable. Good luck! Designing with my husband has definitely expanded my style, but it’s SO much more fun to enjoy a space you’ve both invested in once it’s done!

    And I’m SO happy you spell your name like mine, btw. πŸ™‚

      1. I’m with Sara….love the vintage Persian! I love print and color and Mid century design. I have an aztec inspired rug from Rejuvenation in my mid century living room and I LOVE it! I love that it acts as a neutral while still adding interest!

  26. I am admittedly no designer but would choose #5. The blue options are nice and cozy, the patterned rug is unique… but I love the simplicity of the gray so you have options to make other changes to the room, and it’s slightly darker than the other color so should be more “livable” (i.e. hide stuff better). That’s my practical opinion! But I think you selected some great options, and there were none that made me think, “Ew, she’s only picking that one because she wants to prove her eye for design is unique.” haha

    1. One of the plus sides of #5 being that it would hide all our white cat’s hair, which seems to permeate every aspect of our lives.

  27. I like the last option, but if you’re looking for a thicker rug that is similar, I recommend this one:

    It has various shades of blue that will coordinate well with the the pillows and art. I also have a cognac leather couch which coordinates perfectly with this rug in my living room. The online photos do not do it justice. Even though it appears bright online, it acts as a colorful neural in a white room. Have fun deciding!

  28. Option #6 on the rug gets my vote. Grounds the room, should hold up to everyday life, eating and drinking, and spilling that comes with it. The artwork and your sculptural furniture will stand out with this base, and your accessories can be any color. Can’t wait to see what the other readers think.

  29. I used to remind my boyfriend that the carat size of my engagement ring goes up every year we lovingly “live in sin”. It could have been a string on my finger when we were 20, but it ended up being a beautiful rock at 30. Please feel free this share this concept with Mac:)

    My vote is to rug 1 of 2 in a larger size. Wrap a fun textural fabric on sofa seat. Plant in the corner. A couple floor pillows.

    Hope you two are enjoying the process!

  30. I really like all of your rug options for different reasons. If it was my room it would be rug #6 with a pad. That shade of blue is perfect to compliment the rest of your furniture and it has just enough variation in color to be interesting without pulling focus from the overall design.

    That said, after reading through the post I think you and Mac will be happiest with option #5. Like #6 it has a little variation in color, but not so much pattern it will be distracting. It’s more cozy and neutral. Looking at the four words you each chose for what you wanted, #5 fits the best.

    And I know I’m in the minority, but I like the credenza with the small hanging plants more than the tree.

    Side note: I love the Vintage Persian in Option #1, but it’s drawing all attention in the room, and it fights with the rest of the design.

  31. I love #1 and 6. Visually they both make the room very cozy. I don’t know what it is about Persian rugs, they are busy and crazy but make my heart sing!

  32. I”m on #teamvintagepersianrug all the way. Although I love the simplicity of some of the others they just lack something compared to this beauty. I think Brady’s idea of the tree is brilliant. Do it.

  33. If I were in your shoes, I think I’d go with #5, the gray Article rug, or something similar. I love the rug in Option #1, but the color does not seem right for this space currently (too pink, not enough blue). It could work if you re-accessorized though. The rugs in Options #2 & 3 look cheap to my eye. Option #4 looks nice but I’ve been there and done that, and staining was a problem. Option #6 looks nice, but it’s troubling to me that your partner isn’t feeling it despite your mutual previously expressed interest in having a space that works for both of you.

    As for the tree, I wouldn’t do it. In addition to being expensive and high-risk (tree could die, or leak sap onto your floor / furnishings, and if you have little visitors, kids might tip it over), I just don’t think it’s what this space needs.

    One other thought I had is that your coffee table seems a little off for this space. I understand that it’s circular and you want some curves to break up the boxiness of the sofa, but the coffee table’s legs are very rectilinear so I’m not sure if it’s scratching that itch. Maybe if you did a lighter-colored / lighter-toned coffee table, then you could get away with a darker rug and have some nice / better contrast? Also, the dark circular shaped chair and the dark circular coffee table seem a little duplicative in terms of visual interest. Although, maybe if the coffee table were black (thus even darker than now), it would actually harmonize better with the chair and the black frame behind it, and create more contrast with rug #5 (gray Article rug)? Maybe a longer (perhaps oval) coffee table would work? At least that way the people sitting on the edges of the sofa will have a place to put their drink. Currently, it looks like the people on either edge of the sofa will be stranded. Love the sofa choice, by the way, and the curtains too.

  34. First, I really like the tree in the corner. I know you need to live in this room and have places to store things, but the credenza was bringing that corner down. Love the hanging planters, though. Hopefully you’ll find somewhere for them.

    My initial reaction to the antique rug was that it was wonderful and I do think it looks good in the room but I love the Caline more. After watching the GIF scroll through the options, I realized that all of the darker rugs look better than the lighter rugs. They make the whole space warmer and more interesting. Maybe look for something similar to the Caline, but softer?

    1. Yes! darker rugs. That’s why we all like the dark blue one.

      Seems to me the tree and the hanging plants accomplish the same thing – could of green around eye-level.

  35. I don’t want your tree to die, but I like the bar-cart nook where you originally had it. And all the rugs are sweet, but I favor the Persian & the Zander.

    AND…why I really came to comment is: once your polaroid project is framed & up, will you tell us how you did it? I suspect it’s more than taping polaroids to white canvas. I love the idea because it seems an easy way to get a large scale piece affordably…and have it be personal too!

    1. It’s actually just kind of like taping polaroids to canvas, haha. Except that I used small double sided foam squares I got in the scrapbook section of a craft store, to give the polaroids a float-mounted look, and a 32×40 piece of white poster board I bought for $7. The framing was the most expensive part, but still cost less than buy an original piece of art for that size. In total it took me about 4 hours to put together the whole thing (minus the actual collecting of the polaroids, which took years). We’ll see how it looks once it’s up!

  36. Be still my heart, that apartment is amazing!!
    *phew, okay. I had to get that out. Now down to business.
    Firstly, your photoshop skills are dabombdotcom.
    Second, I love all your art especially the dining room.
    And I feel strongly that you need a rug with a little pattern to bring dimension. The solid rugs aren’t enveloping my eye they way I want them too. But I also think option #1 vintage parisian isn’t the right style for what you’re aiming for. These two rugs or something like them come to mind if you want a color and less busyness: And, (the pink in this one references those adorable Dave Eggers prints) Something geometric with color.
    Of course I could know nothing so If you absolutely need a solid rug I vote option #5. It has the most movement and the color is balanced with everything else in the room.
    And finally go with the credenza on the other side. The tree works there and the pigs would be cute with some alcohol beneath πŸ˜‰

    1. Who are you Katie – with that Press Indigo Rug? I need someone with your eye and shopping abilities in my life. I am ALL about your suggestions and for the same reasons you are!!
      This room is killing it so well, just needs a little pattern, a little interest on the floor to tie it all together!

      Basically, I want to live there.

      For a solid, I do like #5 or #6. Credenza. Tree. All good suggestions. So excited to see how this all turns out. Good luck Sara!

  37. Predictably, my favorite is the vintage Persian with the tree in the corner. The credenza looks nice, but the tree really bumps the whole room up to another level.
    My second choice would be the Caline rug with the tree. I just think having some color on the floor grounds the room in a really cozy way.
    I also think it would be best to ditch the credenza. It makes the room feel a bit crowded on the other side of the mantel.

  38. Rugs 1, 2, or 3 – for sure. So much more depth and interest! (Although 1 is my absolute fave). It’s looking great!

  39. 100% the Persian rug. You won’t regret it or get tired of it in a year. And if you decide to go with something else, you could always sell it to me πŸ™‚

    1. If we don’t end up with the Persian we’ll be sure to post a link to it in the final reveal, so it has the chance to find a forever home!

  40. #6 for sure. With the plant in the corner. And I’m completely jealous of your dining table/chairs!!!

  41. Without seeing prices, #1 wins for me, hands down! But I also love #4 and #5. If #1 isn’t the aesthetic you are going for, it is definitely out, since the price is high. However, if you do decide to commit to it, it would outlast anything else on your list.

    I’m currently trying to finish my living room and am completely stalled on rug choice. I haven’t ordered a sofa yet, since I wanted to finalize rug first, but my top choice is the sven in tan leather. Is it comfortable? I’d love your input on you’ve liked it.

    And I love the tree in the corner, but don’t think I can get the full impact of how moving the credenza influences the room without being there.

    1. Just kidding, I meant 5 and 6 (not 4 and 5). Also, number 1 would hold it’s value beyond any of the others, if you did decide you wanted to part with it down the road.

    2. The sofa is AWESOME. It’s so comfortable, and it comes in a sectional if you need something a little bigger. We couldn’t be happier with our sofa choice.

  42. Tree looks great can’t invision a bar being a focal point. Round chair with round table feel awkward in front of fireplace. If the round chair moved to the opposite end of the sofa. The credenza might work at that end of the room. The Persian rug adds an all over balance to the space and breaks up the blocks of common colored furniture. Great space, it will be easy to enjoy and decorate! Enjoy

  43. Option #5 – Texa Rug in Fog, Article -absolutely, positively! What a good suggestion from Brady. From this angle, a tree in the corner creates better visual flow around the room while the credenza on the other side of the mantle better balances visual weight in the room. Though now as you round that corner there is a bit of a bottle-neck -buuuut if you switched out the credenza for something white, it wouldn’t compete with the media cabinet any more (and, your eye could travel the room more evenly). I loooove the dining table, chairs and art by Anna Ullman (obsessed with her work : ) you’ve got going on in the dining nook as well as your Polaroid piece. Looking forward to seeing your final decisions. Thanks for sharing.

  44. I’m too distracted by the enclosed “fireplace.” Why? Is this something californian landlords do?

    1. I don’t know. But In that past several years Southern California has actually had quite a lot of fire restrictions (you can’t use a fireplace or open flames unless it’s you don’t have access to another heat source, due to air pollution and the possibility of hot ash or sparks starting a fire because it’s been so dry), so we wouldn’t get to use it very much regardless.

  45. Based on the criteria of “homey, characteristic, understated, and refined” meets “masculine, relaxing, neutral, and cozy”, I’d go with option 6. But I urge you to go with option 1 because it’s a beautiful piece that does so much for the room and ties in with the art and furnishings. Option 1 allows you to keep everything else more neutral/minimal, since it brings one big hit of pattern to the floor, it balances out minimalism everywhere else. If I could have afforded a one of a kind, beautiful vintage rug of that size in my first apartment, I would have jumped on that as quickly as you jumped on this apartment πŸ™‚

    I like the idea of a beautiful tree in the corner but in this small scale room, that doesn’t seem like the best use of space. Plus, please please don’t put the credenza on the other side of the fireplace, partially blocking that opening to the hall. With the TV stand, that little area would be too furniture heavy. If you absolutely fell in love with a tree in that corner, the only other space in that room that appears to accommodate the credenza would be to the left of the entrance, unless you want to play with placing it in front of the window near the dining table, or bumping out the dining table to place it on the wall under the art (but I don’t think there’d be room to pull out chairs without pulling the table so far that you walk into it when you open the front door). Or you could find space in the office for the credenza. That all being said, I like it where it is currently!

  46. 100% the persian.. or some type of vintage rug like it. You both said you wanted to have a “cozy/homey” room. This style of rug is the only one that gives you that with the rest of your furnishings. If youre looking to spend less, you can try the “ecarpetgallery” store on eBay (probably going to hate myself for giving it away.. I have no less than 5 oriental/Persian rugs from them). Every rug I’ve purchased from them, I’ve gotten for an insanely good price and they always wind up looking better-in-person somehow.

  47. I think the color the Caline rug brings in is perfect, and I love the tree in the corner too!

  48. The Zander rug – #3 – all the way. Most of the rugs look too pale or flat next to the sofa and accessories in the room. And the Persian is too busy/jarring for this space. The Zander has nice “highlights” that echo the brightness of the walls, and “lowlights” that ground the sofa. Not too bright either. Look no more!

  49. This is fun! My 2 cents:
    Rug #6 – The softer color of blue is stunning with the sofa, and it is a neutral enough tone to remain versatile for years.

    Credenza – The plant looks beautiful in the corner, but the credenza (from the looks of the pics) would be crowded with the TV if you move it to the other side of the fireplace. What if you moved the credenza to the short wall by the dining table? I’m sure you have the table positioned close to the wall to leave the window open and allow for enough space in the entry, but it would be perfect to ground the artwork and the location would be great for a bar when you entertain. The table can always be scooted a little closer than normal to the wall/credenza when not in use, and pulled out a bit to allow for comfortable seating when in use.

    Best of luck with your decision and thanks for letting us play along!

    1. I just went to check out the Caline rug on the Lulu & Georgia site, and I was surprised by the color difference! I was thinking I need this rug in my life (like RIGHT now! ), but before I pull the purchase trigger, can you tell me if the colors in your pics are closer to actual than the ones on the L&G site? The rug definitely looks charcoal in their pic, but in yours it has blue undertones. I love the color in your pic best…so fingers crossed you are going to tell me it is more of a blue gray. Please, please, please be blue gray.

      1. The rug we got is a bit more blue than the image on their site. I’m not sure if each rug is a little different, but ours is definitely more blue than gray!

    2. Yes, this is exactly what I was thinking in regards to the credenza! Also, love #6. The richness of the blue is perfect in contrast with the lightness throughout the room.

    3. Ditto this!
      #6 rug with great pad, credenza by dining table below pair of abstracts. Dining table in front of beautiful window. (Pillows to complement pig prints.) Lovely room, great finds.

  50. #5! I love the color and that it’s not too dark. I think having a small pattern would be lovely too. Congrats on the move-in and it’s really coming along! Can’t wait to see the rest of the house =)

  51. #6 or #5 for the rug. The Persian is beautiful, but it really clashes with the sofa – I don’t think the pink tones work with the warm brown of the leather.

  52. Option 1 (vintage Persian) or option 6 (Caline, charcoal). The Persian grounds the space and pulls in all of the earthy tones. But if they want a solid, the Caline also grounds the space and appears more navy than charcoal, which ties in with the pillows.

  53. I would 1000% pick the Persian rug. But it isn’t my house! I also love Brady’s idea to add a tree and move the credenza. No matter what it’s a beautiful space!

  54. I totally agree with the tree in the corner! My vote would be for rug #6…love the color. Second choice would be the charcoal rug…just not feeling the shiny rugs. Actually my real second choice would be the Persian because I think it’s beautiful, but agree that it doesn’t fit the words you guys chose to describe the look you are going for in this space. Can’t wait to see it all styled out!

  55. I love number 1 and number 3. those are the only options for me. Since you said you wanted simpler and modern, maybe 3 is better. The others are either too dark or too light. Since the floors are already on the darker side, I don’t think the rug needs to be.
    I like the idea of a tree (whichever) in that corner next to the window.
    Can you move the dinning table away from the wall? I can’t tell how much space there is between open front door and the table but it feels like the table needs to be centred at the window. If that’s possible, I would move the credenza under those two paintings (since you are going to make it into the bar anyway) and put the hanging baskets with plants in the corner. Those baskets are excellent and that dinning corner feels like it can use some plant love.
    Are you going to have a small rug under the dinning table? I think you should. Maybe use a smaller (aka cheaper) Persian rug in the dinning area instead to satisfy both a simple and more colourful needs.
    Great apartment. Good luck!

  56. The only one I like is the dhurrie. I think the rest are boring/don’t suit the space, and the first one is very pretty but doesn’t suit the space very well imo. You can always do the rug pad, add a sheepskin, a couple of cozy throws…or keep looking ?

  57. I’m loving like…all of those. It’s a problem. You and I would have issues in making decisions together. haha. But I did manage to narrow it down to 3! I really like 2, 3 and 5. I love the Persian, but you’re right – it makes it feel pretty bohemian. As far as the tree and the credenza? Oh, boy….I have no idea. I almost like JUST the tree. But you have the credenza, so you should use it, right? Good news is – it will look beautiful no matter what. You guys are so, so good at what you do.

    Can’t wait to see the reveal!

  58. Option 5 or 6. They are lovely rugs that could easily transition to other rooms in the future. I invested in a lovely patterned rug in my first apartment that fit the vibe and character of the place. Since moving on- it’s been very difficult to find a home for it that makes sense- but I can’t just part with such an expensive piece. Choose the rug that is most comfortable and versatile for you two to live with whether that is in sin or not! ? Make those big impact, big budget style investments when you are in a home that you know will be more permanent. Also, if you work from home- always yes to plants!

  59. My vote goes to the blue dhurrie. It’s an amazing, saturated yet soft color, and it will feel nice underfoot with a thick rug pad like you suggested. I also love the tree in the corner and credenza on the left size of the mantle. Excited to watch this makeover takeover series play out! I loved your last bedroom!

  60. Congrats on living in sin! It’s the best decision, honestly who would marry someone without knowing what they are like to live with. Go for color! The place is adorable. I’m seriously jealous. Enjoy!

  61. I like Option #2 or #5. but leaning toward 5. Is the Caline rug you show in the Charcoal or in the Denim color? it looks so blue to be charcoal!?

  62. I like the Caline rug! It is very beautiful.

    I don’t know a lot about design but here is my opinion – – Because the space is an open floor – plan, I feel like it could quickly lose focus. You have the opportunity to use symmetry in the wall with the fireplace. You can use the spaces on either side of the fireplace to do something symmetrical, like matching plants or matching credenzas that are identical on each side. Your house is beautiful and your style is impeccable – – It will look wonderful either way – – but you may be missing out on some hidden power in the room if you style both sides of the fireplace differently.

  63. The Persian just looks sooooo soooo sooo beautiful in that space with all the browns and furniture you guys picked out! I also dig Brady’s idea of putting the credenza on the other side and some greenery in the corner, it really looks much better to break up the browns in the room. If I had to pick a runner up, then I’d say option #3.

    For as long as I’ve followed the blog I’ve REALLY come to love Brady – like I wish he was my BFF and that I could hire him to consult and decorate my home!!! Brady you have a GREAT sense of style and I could see you having a very lucrative future!

  64. No 5 without doubt, the right amount of contrast. I love no 1 but its just not the right colour for that couch.

  65. Option 3, option 3! I love how luminous it is, how it’s somehow neutral and colorful at the same time. By far my favorite.

  66. Vintage Persian is my paforite. Caline is a close second. I definitely don’t like either of the Texa rugs; they fall flat and look like something you would find an office.

  67. Congratulations on moving in together!
    I love a blue rug (and love nΒΊ 6) but in this case I don’t think it goes well with the dark coffee table…so I vote nΒΊ 5, it looks great! And Brady’s right, the tree in the corner looks lovely. But the credenza is adorable, so don’t get rid of it! Have you considered moving the dining table right in front of the window and having the bar on that corner, below the artwork? Good luck, can’t wait to see the end result!

  68. Definitely rug 1 or 5. I love the visual interest of rug 1 and the simplicity of rug 5 so I say go with whatever vibe you are really aiming for!

    It does look like it would feel and be cramped with the credenza as a bar on the left side of the fireplace. I like the idea of the tree in the corner but the hanging planters are great too! Maybe a tree by the window and dining area instead?

  69. One of the blues ones. My fave is the last one, Caline from L&G. It’s looking really good!

  70. Don’t kill me but…I don’t actually love any of them. I think indigo blue is great in the room but I think you need more pattern–the solid colors look a little lifeless to me. Maybe something like this?

    I vote tree in the corner! What about moving the dining table closer to the window (visually it bugs me that it’s pushed so far into the corner!) and then putting the bar on that wall?

  71. In this order:

    OPTION 2 is EVERYTHING. All the brass and wood pop SO MUCH.
    OPTION 4 is so fresh and so clean. Obsessed.
    OPTION 5 is the responsible choice and pretty good.

    Good luck!

  72. I vote 1 or 2, but I’m leaning towards 2. I love how luxe and deep that indigo is. It just looks expensive and brings a lot of contrast to the room. I was shocked (and excited!) to see that 2 was from Target but then I saw the price. Damn it.

    They probably just don’t translate well in the photos, but those article rugs look boooooring and one dimensional. And significantly cheaper? They remind me of the cheap rugs that someone would put in their garage. Sorry!

  73. Rug #5 with the hanging planters! Going through the GIF, rug 5 was easily my favorite. And I LOVE the planters and think the credenza looks good in that corner.

  74. I love the pattern in the persian rug. it is my favorite off alI the ones above. But it does totally change the direction of the room if you wanted something more minimal and calm. I was recently in the same dilemma and after looking at 1000’s of rugs bought this one that i think might work perfectly for you. Patterned like the antique but with more understated grey/blue/brown tones that are in your solid rug choices. The light grey in the website photo is actually a very blue grey in person.

  75. Ok, my vote(s). Tree in corner, credenza on other side of fireplace. Fave rug #1. Second, third, and fourth place would be 5, 3, and 6. I don’t care for option 2 or 4.
    I love all your furniture!

  76. I love the Persian (truthfully, not my personal style but I think it looks best in the room). My other favorite is the Zander rug in charcoal. I like it best because it’s halfway between light and dark. The darkest rugs look too dark to me and the lightest too light. And what abt leaving the barcart where it was (by the window) but putting the tree on the other side of the mantle so that you don’t have so much furniture clustered together by the hallway door?

  77. I love #3 for the darker tone, texture, and softness! I also likes the blue rugs and the Persian, but I think the dark gray best fits your criteria of masculine/warm and your bf’s desire for comfort. And I’m afraid the two Article rugs are way too booooring! Good luck!

  78. Hands down #5 Texa speckled grey

    Tree in corner.

    Unsure about credenza because the clearance through door to left of fireplace wasn’t shown.

  79. No blue. Enough with the blue everywhere;). I’m feeling crotchety today. If I hide the pillows on the sofa, I think the gray Lulu & Georgia rug is best. Then you can have some orange, or blue, or orange and blue, or whatever you like, as accents.

    I’d usually like the patterned carpet, but, in this case, I don’t think its colors quite work with your sofa.

    BTW I am always amazed I have the audacity to answer these questions!

    1. I confess I am starting to find the blue a bit ubiquitous too but I do love option 6 with the colour of your sofa! Congrats on the new home!

    2. Yes, I agree that blue is used way too often with this design team. Feels like it’s their easy go to colour and it’s starting to feel flat and boring. I wish they’d take a risk and try some new colours.

  80. i never comment on blogs – ever – but that vintage persian is just so gorgeous! if you can swing it, you’ll forget the financial pain eventually and have an heirloom! have you thought about a beefed up planter for the tree? something concrete or stone like the one from that gorgeous kitchen y’all posted a few days ago? might balance the console nicely…good luck! can’t wait to see the results πŸ™‚

  81. I love rug options 1 & 6…torn between the two…would probably come down to price for me. I say set up the bar cart. You already have a bookcase there, the credenza can’t be that much bigger?

  82. Great post Sara! You’re a wonderful writer and congratulations on “living in sin”! I vote Caline and tree in corner, but I notoriously choose style over comfort… the Texa in Fog is also gorgeous (bc I fear white rugs but I love how light and airy it makes the room feel). Does the credenza work in the dining corner at all? A bar would work well near the dining table. It’s a lovely piece but looks like you’re right and would stick out into the hallway too much. Good luck & cant wait to see the final results! It’s all going to be perfect!

    1. Light and airy sounds so dreamy and relaxing to me. And I think we might try pulling the table in front of the window and see how that works, with the credenza under the art. We’ll see!

  83. First of all, I love your writing, I was cracking up in the first few seconds. The “living in sin” comment was hilarious, especially because that’s exactly how my family is. I think your house looks cozy and it’s definitely got a good base. The dining nook is my favorite part.

  84. #3 100%! It has movement and the sheen gives it a lightness that sets off the coffee table instead of getting muddy. Don’t overthink it (which I always do haha) when you’re reminding yourself all the technical reasons you should like one, probably means you don’t even have to think about it for another. Luck!

  85. Super cute apartment! I would’ve snapped it up too!

    The vintage persian is my favorite rug. It adds more texture and pattern. The Zena is my second favorite.

    Definitely prefer the credenza on the left side of the fireplace with the fiddleleaf near the window. When the credenza is on the right side of the fireplace, the balance of the room is off with the largest furniture all on that side.

  86. The caline rug is my first choice for the look but I would go with the softer blue rug for the comfort.

  87. If this were my space, I would go with the Persian rug and the hanging planters, hands down. I love the character they both add to the space and I don’t think it needs to change the direction you’re going with the room at all. As long as you keep the rest of the space minimal like you’re wanting, then you’ll end up with a room that feels collected, has character and definitely cozy. And of course, gorgeous! It would be such a happy space without being overwhelming, which is a win-win in my book πŸ™‚

  88. The only one I sort of like is Option #1 – Vintage Persian – because it brings some life to the room. Otherwise it all feels so flat. Not ecstatic about the color of the sofa with the rug, but it’s okay and better than the others. It also at least feels somewhat in keeping with the style/age of the architecture.

  89. OK, I lived in Pakistan growing up and therefore can NEVER turn down a beautiful Persian rug – it brings so much life and depth to a living space. That said, I agree with some of the other commenters that it doesn’t necessarily fit what you said you guys were looking for. Given that, I’m most excited about #3, with #6 a close second. I find the grey and white options to look almost institutional – like the visiting room at a halfway house. Not my favorite.

    And agreed on the plant in the back corner; it really bring more light into the space.

    Good luck!! It’s looking beautiful!

  90. I’d go with the orientaal, as the room needs some character, doesn’t look lived in.

  91. Rug – #5 Texta in Fog – meets criteria of understated and neutral and Mac’s desire for a soft rug and personally I like the gray with the sofa.

    Tree in the corner – yes. It provides some breathing room and lets that gorgeous sofa shine. I would find a bar with hanging plants in that space too cluttered and it would be difficult to maneuver around the bar during a party.

    Observation – I really like the living room but I have one comment. The black chair is awesome but it seems diminished in front of the big fireplace and next to the larger scale sofa. Additionally there is a line up of small scale pieces in that area – the chair, the round table, the bookcase, and the TV. It looks cluttered and out of scale – in the photos at least. Could the black chair be moved to the other side of the sofa and share a side table with the sofa? Put the bar in front of the fireplace with a big picture or mirror over the mantel and remove the bookcase. Or can the bar be moved to the office? It would provide another area for people to congregate around during a part.

    I adore your apartment – the architectural details, the lighting, and the layout. Kudos to you for deciding to repurpose the dining room to meet your needs and lifestyle.

    1. We definitely need to play with the layout a bit, once we get the final rug in there and the art hung up! We’re taking notes of all these great suggestions and will likely spend at least 5 hours or so staring hard at the living room next weekend, deciding where everything will go.

  92. Vintage with the plant in the corner is a thing of beauty. No other option comes close for me.

  93. Option 3 or 6. Tree in corner. And it looks like you have some room by the dining area (window wall) to place the bar.

  94. I love 1 or 3. I feel silly giving any opinion as whatever you choose will be awesome!! I do think you will miss the rug being soft if you choose one that is not.

    I like both the planter and hanging plants but have you tried out this: Bookcase in the office. Credenza next to the dining table (hard to tell if there is room). Move chair and small table slightly off center of the fireplace, towards the left. The hanging plants somewhere by fireplace and the planter in the corner. But, really, I have no idea what I am talking about. It just all sounds delightful!

  95. Persian rug all the way – it’s not even a contest for me! Then again my style is a little bohemian. But I do feel like it pulls all the art together, too. Absolutely cannot wait to see more of this space; it’s looking really lovely so far!

  96. I’d go for the Zena or Caline Rug — I like the Caline better but I certainly understand the desire for something soft underfoot. I just really like blue with your couch. And I’d go with the plant in the corner. Lovely room, lovely apartment!

  97. Option 3! I’d normally say Option 1, but I’m trying to expand my thinking and you’d truly have to LOVE it. The Texa is a yawn for me, but is surely better in person.

  98. I like both Lulu & Georgia rugs. The light colored rugs kind of hurt my eyes and I don’t think the Persian rug fits the vibe of the whole house. Yes to the tree. πŸ˜‰

  99. Love #1 without a doubt. You have restrained, minimal furniture so it works.

    Second piece of advice, since you’re asking: get married! Start planning. Living together is so 90s. Go for it!!! <3

  100. #6, hands down. If you’re going to have a busy piece of art like the framed collage (are those instax prints?), you need a solid rug. The textured blue is a brilliant fit.

  101. Hi Sara, thanks for sharing your progress! I vote for rug #5 and the tree in the corner (as in the final image of the post). The credenza on the other side of the mantel seems like it would block your hallway and make that corner pretty heavy next to the other wooden furniture piece for the TV. That said, if you’d like a bar, how about some floating shelves? You could put them to the left of the mantle or in the dining area without needing to move the table. And the bar in the dining area might help open up the flow of how your guests use the space. So excited to see what y’all choose. Love the makeover takeover series πŸ™‚

  102. I love collecting home decor pieces for a space, although I always end out getting a ton of pieces I never use because I get overzealous at the home decor store! I really like rug number 2! It really adds a calming feel to the room, makes the throw pillows stand out, and it’s a timeless piece.

  103. Either 2 or 3. Not liking the pink in the Persian rug with the camel couch AT ALL. While a Persian rug might be nice, not with those colors. Since it is an investment piece, of you really want to have to decorate with that pink forever? I’d keep looking.

  104. Option #5 Texa rug with the tree in the corner, but I’m like you; that Persian rug is amazing.

  105. Number 1 is lovely but I believe it’s best to stick to things that really really fit your personalities and what you want for the room rather than get sidetracked by mere prettiness… my preference is number 6 for your brief but I think you’ll know yourself which one you really love if you think about yourselves only and not shooting it or the blog or anything else like that

    1. Sorry, it will look lovely in photos of course afterwards if you design the room that’s perfect for you. That sounds ridic sentimental but I’m a cheesy romantic at heart, sorry! I do think it’s true that being authentic to your own style gives the best results though. Best of luck!

    2. Sorry, it will look lovely in photos of course afterwards if you design the room that’s perfect for you. That sounds ridic sentimental but I’m a cheesy romantic at heart, sorry! I do think it’s true that being authentic to your own style gives the best results though. Best of luck

  106. #3 or #5 on rugs. Yes to plant instead of credenza in that corner. Could it fit somewhere closer to the dining table?

  107. The credenza in the corner looks heavy and makes the room look unbalanced. I love the way it looks with the tree! I don’t love any of the rugs… sorry! But the Persian and the Zander are the best of the lot. Don’t envy you all the conflicting advise your getting!

  108. the rugs are all pretty – but I do love that hit of blue in your room (or the Persian….or the gray…). Love the tree in the corner…any chance you have room by your dining set for the credenza, or is it too deep?

  109. I like rug 5 with the credenza/bar set up. The tree looks a little lost to me.

    My second choice would be the Option 2. I like how the blue picks out the colors in the accessories. Don’t go for the blue that isn’t soft. That is something that you wouldn’t get over.

  110. This is exciting!! I absolutely love the vintage persian, it adds so much personality and character. If not that one, the Caline one is my next favourite, probably because of the faint stripe pattern and fringed edging. The colour is also to die for. I’d also go with the tree in the corner! Can’t wait to see what you decide!

  111. I think #1 is by far the most interesting and adds pattern and color that is otherwise absent. If you really feel it’s not your style then I’d go for #5. I think you need a bit of a deeper tone (no white) and since it’s also soft, not shiny, and neutral it seems to tick all the boxes.

    I prefer the plant in the corner. It gives the room life!

  112. The tree for sure! Love the height and lack of visual clutter.

    All the rugs. Switch them out as the mood strikes! (Ha!) But I gotta say, that vintage beauty is a real looker.

  113. I am currently in your exact position! I moved in with the boyfriend of a few years about 7 months ago. In terms of rugs, number 5 looks so perfect! Honestly just not the white or expensive rug. You could be totally responsible and never spill but its hard to know how friends are. I got a dark blue rug (with a gray couch) and got a couple small stains from our xmas party but I barely notice. For plant vs. bar those hanging planters just seem so much more your style! When I saw that edit in the photoshop, I thought that was perfect. I wish I had that corner’s styling in my house. Not sure how much you have people over but a bar is something I really wish I had.

  114. Love the pattern in #1 but not loving the colors. This rug gave the room the most life, but if you want to add that in elsewhere (future styling) I’d say #5.

  115. Option #1 and option #6 are my favorites! I think the Persian rug is more visually interesting, but the blue dhurrie is very calming. I think you just need to decide what vibe you want. Very jealous of this awesome space.

  116. I LOVE the vintage Persian and I think it’s completely worth the investment. It might bend a little bohemian, but when I think about the list of how you wanted your home to feel this is masculine, it’s homey and warm, etc… It’s also timeless and large enough that you could use in another room in the future, i.e. a dining room or bedroom. I also like that it grounds the space and pulls together all the colors you have in the room including the mosaic of polaroids.

    And if you and Mac are in it for the long haul (and it sounds like you are) what a great piece to move with you from home to home, room to room throughout all the phases of your life together.

    Also if “living in sin” is staring to chap, the next time you’re all together, have Mac introduce your mom as his Mother-SIN-law. πŸ˜‰

  117. I’m kind of surprising myself by liking the white(most) option as long as you bring some more saturated elements into the room in the future. Will you be adding more seating? You could always layer a smaller rug over it to add color/interest or to cover up any stains you might make πŸ™‚ My second choice would be #6…not completely amazing with the coffee table but really nice with the sofa.

    My initial reaction was to love the vintage rug but honestly I don’t think it really goes with the style and color of your existing pieces very well. Please don’t get option 5, it kind of reminds me of the felt rug pad that should go under the perfect rug you end up getting.

    OH, and I agree with moving the bar to make it more accessible to people.

    Good luck and congrats on moving in together!

  118. I think most people will go for #1 and that’s my pick as well out of these rugs. That being said I think it’s because it’s the only patterned rug. All the others are too plain and really don’t compare very well. Plus I find that they make the room too blue with your pillows and/or too blah in the room. I would try some other patterns rugs in colours similar to the expensive #1 rug.

  119. I think only the first 2 rugs add the color and texture you need in the room (but then i am a huge fan of oriental rugs–though not the pink with the couch–love the texture and the color for the long term).

    I also think that the green tree looks really nice inthe corner, the other way was so brown…


  120. I love #3 & #5. Go for comfort! If you buy the Persian rug, which is amazing, you may need to warm up the paint color. That would go another direction, obviously.

    I also love the tree in the corner. I’m a plant person, though, so my motto is “add plants wherever you can”!

  121. The vintage Persian rug is really pretty and looks good in the space, but doesn’t seem like the right fit if you were saying you wanted a “masculine” vibe when you first envisioned the apartment. I love #5. It looks great in the space and I love the color tone. The plant looks great in the corner. Not sure if I would put the bar area on the other side of the mantle because it seems like it would be impeding on the walkway? Not sure. Love the apartment and can’t wait for the tour!

  122. dhurrie, with a really lush and cushy carpet pad. the other ones don’t have the visual chops.

  123. I like the first rug far, far better than any of the others. This room needs pattern! If this was my house and I wasn’t in love with the expensive Persian rug, I’d look for something similar that I did love.

    I’ve seen this couch on a few blogs and I really love it except for those cylinder-shaped pillows right next to the arms. Are those in any way removable? How comfortable is this couch on a scale of 1-10? I’m planning to buy a leather couch, but I don’t want to spend $2000 on a couch that isn’t extremely comfortable.

  124. I like option #4 the texa rug best. This rug makes the room the brightest, and it also gives you the option to layer rugs if you want to change it up a bit for different seasons or moods!

  125. I like #3, the Zander rug, with the tree in the corner if you keep everything as it is. The persian rug is gorgeous, but requires a palette adjustment, with pillows or something to pull it all together.

  126. Option 5 (gray Texa) or option 6 (blue dhurrie). It’s too bad that the Texa rug doesn’t come in blue!

    The vintage Persian is lovely, but I don’t think it looks good with your couch. Same for the others.

    Brady is right about the tree. Is there room for the credenza on the opposite side of the couch by the door? You could put a nice lamp on it and a bowl for keys. I do think it might look a little crowded close to the tv stand, but it’s hard to tell without a full picture of both.

    Also, how about putting the hanging planters directly in front of the window to by the dining table? It would mean more light for the plants and I think they’d look good there. Unless you’re planning to swag a pendant over the dining table. Then there might be too many hanging things. But you could do some sconces over there instead.

    Good luck and congrats on the beautiful apartment! I can’t wait to see the results. I loved the way you did your bedroom. A few light pink accessories would look great in the new space.

  127. Persian and Tree. But, if Persian is an option I will always pick that. None of the other rugs really worked for me though. I agree with the commenter who talked about stripes. Navy stripes. Not white or little get gray.

  128. I am a big fan of the Zena rug (#2) and agree with other posters that blue is a great choice for this room.

  129. I like Option#3- Zander in Charcoal. i love the Persian but not sure it fits with the vibe of the room. I find the blue ones too harsh and don’t care for the light, neutral ones either. I do like the bar in the opposite corner. Good luck!

  130. This was a great read. Good job Sara! Also, thanks for having the gif at the beginning at a slower speed. It gave me time to really consider which look I preferred. For the rugs, I’m kind of surprised that so many people are voting for #1. While I do love a nice persian rug, I feel that the colors in this one are a little too dreary and sad in conjunction with the dark coffee table and camel couch. I also think the style of the rug doesn’t really work with the rest of the furniture. My vote is for #5. I love the texture and color against your other furniture and how the coffee table pops off the rug. Also, definitely voting yes for the tree!

    1. Completely agree, Pam. I wasn’t really digging #1. It doesn’t look like it’d lift the space.

  131. I love number 1 the Persian rug, however reading thru comments I laughed over the woman who asked if kids or pets are in your future if so to skip the Persian rug. Her description was quite graphic and I have to agree, skip the Persian rug and go with the blue dhurrie.

    And Brady is so right about the tree in the corner.

    Best to you and Mac

  132. I like the persian. It’s beautiful, refined, and brings the pink in from the artwork. Also love the tree in the corner.

  133. Yeah, I do like #1, you totally called it. Hate to be so predictable! I would choose #6 and get a pad if you really need it. I never thought about cozy and cushy for my rugs, I tend to favor CHAIRS and SOFAS instead. And, I care more about being able to vacuum them regularly, not to mention their ability to effectively hide the spills, cat hair, etc until I can get to it. No pets? No problem!
    Tree-in-the-corner gets a thumbs up, and I can’t see the bar cart in the corner to tell if it’s got enough space. What an excuse to buy a proper bar cart, one that fits that space! I agree with the other poster who said it shouldn’t be in that corner where it is, like the “time out” space. We want our booze easily accessible!
    Nice place, you did good for first time sinners!

  134. My votes are for #3 & #5. From the words you both chose when thinking about the feel of your apartment, it sounds like texture, coziness, and calm are important to you guys. We had a dhurrie rug in our last house, and while it was pretty, it just wasn’t cozy or comfy at all. When we got a softer rug, it was a night and day difference – not only for our feet πŸ™‚ but also for the feel of the room.

    At the end of the day I say go with what makes you feel the most peaceful in your home! You two are the ones who live there so choose what YOU love. Your home should be a refuge πŸ™‚

  135. no brainer.. hands down…. the vintage pink! You NEED the pattern and the contrasting colors. the grays/white are all too blah. Too much solid. The blue one is second… but way down from the first. GO FOR IT!

  136. none of the rugs!!! you need a bold graphic pattern. indigo & cream? something dark & light. these rugs are so BORING!!

  137. Love this post. My fav rugs are 5, 4 and then 6. 5 for the win I think though. I really like the hanging plants and bar idea but then I saw the tree and it really opens up the space. Either option would be lovely.

  138. My vote is for number 6 and the plant in the corner. To my eye the persian rug looks too busy and too similar in scale to the artwork you have planned for behind the sofa. Love what you’ve done so far and I’m quite jealous – how fun to have a whole chorus chime in with suggestions!

  139. I like the Persian rug or the Caline Rug. I think that the other rugs are too boring and may be a bit too modern looking for what you have going on. I also vote for the tree in the corner, and the credenza under the art. It looked too cramped in the corner next to the couch. I can’t wait to see what you end up doing.

  140. Hm, I like something with a strong pattern like the first one but that leans more navy than pinky/orange. Also, is your boyfriend Macaulay Culkin??? (jk, spelled differently, but that’d be nut-so!)

  141. #1 Persian rug (love the warmth and colors it adds) and a fiddle fig (or any larger tree)!!! The height and sculptural elements are wins!

  142. Oh I feel you on this decision. We are in the midst of our own rug dilemma (with a similar sofa and white walls!). I think option #6-the caline-would be amazing in your space with the tree in the corner. Can’t wait to see it when it’s finished.

  143. Here’s the question I ask myself that you might try — if I were to add another upholstered chair in this space, how does each rug influence the color/fabric of that piece? Make sure the vision is complete so you know which rug works now and works later. And I heart the Persian.

  144. I really love the Persian, and even if it’s more expensive, it’s a rug you can keep forever and pass it down through the family. So jealous of all my friends who have these amazing antique rugs from family members. They’re beautiful and will last a long time. Also, no pressure, but if and when you have children, a patterned/busier rug is the way to go. I have a similar rug in our living room as well as four young children and two black (hairy!) dogs. My rug shows zero dirt and no dog hair. I freaking love it.

  145. I love the Persian rug! But….it may be that the reason is it melds nicely with the floor creating an illusion of even more space? (Also I love the tree by the window)

  146. colourwise option 5 and 6 look the most balanced and sophisticated to me, the other ones seem a bit too fair or too dark for the floor/sofa (option one is very pretty indeed on its own but perhaps feels a bit extraneous to the vibe of the room)

  147. Ok I need to know how you like that sofa! I’ve been eyeing it forever but I’m so afraid to buy without testing it out first!

  148. I say #3 or #5. The white one is freakin boring, the uncomfortable one will keep anyone from lounging on the floor when you have a big get-together, and dark blues are a little too much…I just think 3 or 5 have enough interest without taking over. And TREE. Definitely. The planters are gorgeous, but I think the credenza and couch are competing since they are both heavy, brown pieces. This room is looking so beautiful!!

  149. Congrats on moving out and moving in with your guy. Your apartment is gorgeous, such a good find! I’ll be moving in with my beau soon so I look forward to your updates! I LOVE the Persian I think it adds a little dimension and ties everything together well, but i also like #6. I think Brady’s right about the tree in the corner. I also really love the framed polaroids, looks like it’ll be a fun piece.

  150. Zander rug #3! I like the bit of color while not being too dark. I vote bar in the corner, not because I can picture it and think it will look great, but just because I’m always happier when things function the way I want them too. You can make it work with the aesthetic.

    1. Actually I do want to note that #1 is my least favorite match for your vibes. I get really poppy and patternful, with an almost feminine feel. I love antique rugs; just not feeling it? You do you though guys; trust your instincts. ❀️

  151. 2 or 3 and I’m leaning towards 3. You want soft underfoot. The blue is great but the charcoal pops the dark tones in the room for some balance. If 2 was the choice I’d switch out the solid blue pillows on the sofa for printed ones. I WISH Article had the Sven in an upholstered left or right sectional. I live in a very NYC apt – chaises do NOT work!

  152. I vote for a patterned rug but with not as much pattern as the Persian rug. I do like that rug next to the sofa, but not if I look from the rug across to the mounted photos on the wall behind, And yes for the tree in the corner!

    If you do stay with the Persian rug, I vote for a different coffee table since the dark wood of the current one rather blends in to the darkness of the rug.

    I like the color of #5 best with the coffee table and the framed photos so if I could ONLY pick from these rugs, I would choose that solution.

    What a charming room and the sofa works with all of your choices!

  153. #1 all the way. Colorful, personality, and downright gorgeous.

    Nothing else comes close IMO.

  154. Texa rug in fog with the tree in the corner – exactly like the last photo. It looks amazing and so well put together. Good luck!

  155. i think you haven’t found the perfect rug yet. keep looking. there are so many fabulous choices out there. Because you seem so indecisive that tells me there will be that one rug that screams out but
    you have to keep searching. a rug is super important as it’s going to tie the whole room together.
    a solid blue rug is too overpowering in my humble opinion:) such a cute space, how lucky you are to score it first try.

    1. Agree! I think the sofa is great in the space & goes well with the credenza, but the coffee table clashes with them, so you need a more earth toned neutral to tie it together. Cute apartment!

  156. If I had to choose from the rugs shown above I would definitely go only for Zena or Zander rug…!!

  157. I think the best bet would be with one of the blue rugs that are soft–you get the perfection of the color of the 6th rug without sacrificing softness. I vote for the 1st blue rug, but if the shiny is something you can’t get over then go with the 2nd.

    As far as the credenza, I don’t know if it’s just that I feel like your photoshop tree is floating in space, but I really liked it in that corner with the pots hanging above it. I was so excited about that and then Brady went and messed it up! So not really being able to see the whole room, I would leave it where it originally was.

  158. 1! 1! 1! 1! 1! 1! 1! 1! 1! 1! 1! 1! 1! 1! 1! 1! 1! 1! 1! 1! 1! 1! 1! 1!

    The other ones are quite boring in comparison, this one has much more personality. I also like how it matches those prints.

  159. Congratulations on your apartment and your big life decision of moving in together; so very exciting and the apartment looks gorgeous.
    Loved this post. While I am mad keen on Persian rugs usually, there’s something not quite right about the colours of this one in the room IMHO. My preference is no. 5 with a tall plant on the credenza where it is.
    BUT HOLD THE PHONE: I can’t believe that you got the credenza and the dining chairs for $100!!! Are you joking? SCORE! And no other commentators batted an eyelid. Obviously I live in the wrong hemisphere.
    Can’t wait to see your finished room. Best wishes guys.

  160. Option #5 (Texa in Fog) – soft, neutral but not too plain. I also like #6 (Caline), but agree that softness in that area would be important. I am usually drawn toward the Persian rug, but I’m not feeling it this space. Save the moolah and skip it!

    From the angle you shared the most, I do like Brady’s tree idea in the corner with bar being more accessible on the other side. But It may be too boxy in that corner of the room with all the media things on the opposite wall. Only one way to find out… test it out

  161. The first rug is my favorite, but I am a self-proclaimed Maximalist and my favorite style is also bohemian. SO. I think from what you both listed as what you want in a home, #5 is the way to go. I get the vibe that you both like it the most and it will flow with the rest of the neutral/minimalist look you’ll probably get to in the other rooms. Plus, it’s just a pretty rug!

  162. The Persian is my vote. It’s gorgeous and gives the room soul.

    And yes, move the tree! It makes your beautiful sofa stand out more.

  163. The vintage Persian rug will never go out of style, and if you tire of it, you will not lose money selling it. It’s a great anchor and telegraphs instantly that this is a home, not a styled project. (Not that there’s anything wrong with a styled project).
    second choice: Zander
    other second choice: Caline
    Can’t wait to see which one you decide on! Go!!

  164. I love the Persian BUT if you are on a budget I think the cozy soft rug in Fog that you and Mac like is a great option. Not sure on the credenza, it might be too heavily weighted on the side with media cabinet? Post more pics! Love what you got going so far!

  165. Wow, thanks for asking our opinions! I LOVE the Persian. My second favorite is the speckled gray. IMO, the dark rugs just don’t enhance your other pieces (and the room) as well as these two. I look forward to seeing what you decide on.

  166. Hands down the Persian rug adds warmth, character and interest to the room. Also like the tree in the corner. Love everything else you have done so far!

  167. Love the Persian. Love the couch. Not loving them together. From the photo, the rug reads pink and navy and couch as golden. The undertones seem to be fighting. I think we will all be so over grey/charcoal very soon, if we aren’t already. I like the navy. But wonder if it will showcase every bit of dirt and random fluff that one accumulates in the course of actually living in a room. Stay away from whites and off whites. But you know that. All in all, I don’t think you’ve found your forever rug.

  168. Your apartment is awesome, and I really enjoyed your post!! I’d vote 6. Maybe 3 if you are really committed to softness. I think I like blue a little better than gray, though. And YES to Brady’s idea. My favorite part of your post was “Why, Brady? Why?” Ha! Just when you thought you were narrowing your ideas down. Bam. He is onto to something, though. Good luck! Can’t wait to see more!

  169. I like the first rug the best…gives some personality to the room. Hard to tell comfort factor in pics, tho–and that counts when you’re living with a rug.

  170. Rug #1 all the way. Or, if she’s not the one, something with pattern and depth. The rest of the rugs are too flat. You already have a lot of smooth tones – walls, couch, coffee table- there needs to be something rich and deep. Persian rugs do that.

  171. I love option #5! That was the first one that popped up on the insta story photo and it really looks (and feels apparently) the best in my eyes! I also love #6 and my 3rd fave is #1 (though I don’t think you should change everything for it) Loove everything so far!!!

  172. My top three favorites: 1) Vintage Persian; 2) Zander Rug; 3) Caline Rug. If you think you’re ever going to have kids or pets (or host parties involving red wine), it may not be the best time to make a lifelong investment in the Vintage Persian. (Speaking from experience!)

  173. I’m loving option #5 with the tree in the corner (nice job, Brady!). I think #5 is neutral and keeps with the minimal style you like, but the slightly darker gray color anchors the room. You can always layer on a smaller rug if you want to add a pattern for some interest. Love what you’ve done so far!

  174. #1 is my favorite, but then I’m a sucker for a beautiful vintage Persian rug. I love the colors in that one. I’ve been on the hunt for something just like it for quite some time now. #6 is a close second. I like the way the darker blue/gray tones contrast with the warm leather and wood in the room. If you decide not to go with #1, maybe I could take it off your hands…?

  175. Option #1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Just don’t add anything else boho and you’ll be golden!

  176. They are all beautiful but my eye leans towards 3 or 5 and I like the tree in the corner:)

  177. I’m so glad I don’t have to make this decision. (Is my decorators’ burnout obvious?) Can’t wait to see what you pick!

  178. I agree the Persian is gorgeous! Im not sure that it’s the best choice with the leather sofa. It gives me a “granpa and granma rancher” vibe. I think it’s OK to love it out of appreciation but maybe it isn’t the best for you two right here, right now? Knowing that it’s a one-time find might be the biggest sway, but if it wasn’t a one-time find, would you want it this badly? (From impulse shopper to impulse shopper)

    Zander is my favorite, then Caline. I love the depth of the Zander, like an oil painting. And the Caline is a very pretty color.

  179. I like option 1 the best, with the tree. But if I had to choose another option it would be 3, also with the tree. The credenza makes it too crowded on that side of the room.

  180. 1 or 3 and tree in corner, bar would anchor the neat art.
    Thoughts::go for a soft rug, if your guy needs that with bare feet in California no matter how much you like the look of another it will bug you both… nothing like a plush soft rug at the end of the day, or first thing in the morning w coffee in hand.
    I am partial to the vintage tho, it gives the space warmth and classic feel, everyone doesn’t have one! And you are never a slave to keeping it vacuumed, they are trending I see so if you do tire of it there is resale to consider. I have 6 beautiful vintage Persians passed down from my mom, I love them! It’s exciting to see them used again and looking great with the eclectic, youthful look you are going for!
    Whatever you choose it’s going to be terrific, thanks for sharing β™₯️

  181. I love, love, love rug #3. It looks amazing….lots of texture and contrast. I also love the tree in the corner by the window. If you used the credenza as a bar…you really, literally, have to to to the corner. So I vote for the tree #1, and the rug….seriously, they were all amazing….except maybe the white one! πŸ™‚

  182. Zena, Zander, or Caline with the plant in the corner OR Persian with the original bar idea. For flow, I think the plant is the best option. Funny, I did not enjoy the tree with the Persian as much. Looking so beautiful!

  183. 1000% the persian rug. With the white walls and the leather couch, everything looks a bit one-note; you need a pattern to liven it up and the colors go beautifully with your couch. I love it with the tree in the corner as well. As an aside after you asked if anyone were responsible enough to live with a white rug (no??), I have to say that persian rugs are incredibly forgiving when it comes to living with them – NOTHING can harm them and they just keep on looking pristine.

  184. Okay, so here’s my story β€” our aesthetics are very similar and I got a Persian rug because I’m SO drawn to everything a see that has them. But almost immediately, I knew it didn’t work in our all white, neutral, minimalist space. Then seeing Mel’s living room makeover totally confirmed it. I’m about natural materials and neutrals colors to create a serene yet stylish space… and I sense you are too. The Persian is a beaut (flawless, really) but I think it will definitely take the room in a direction you hadn’t intended and you don’t want to regret it! Luckily I got a good deal on ours, but I’m currently shopping for a different rug and looking for a quieter, neutral rug. So thanks for the gif, which I will show to my husband to further prove my point β€” ha.

    So my vote is undoubtedly the Article rug in Fog. I have the West Elm Midcentury Basketweave Heathered rug in Steel in my bedroom which is really similar and it’s great. I think the last photo of the post is the last photo for a reason.. that’s where you’re being pulled. Concerning the Caline since a lot of people are voting that way – I would never sacrifice comfort in your living room. Gotta be cozy! +1 for the fig too, because that greenery made the space come alive. Good luck! Can’t wait to see where you go with it!

  185. definitely option #5. I think it goes really well with the rest of the elements in the room and seems to suit your style the best.

  186. Love that first rug and feel it ties it all together nicely. Also like the tree idea in the corner. You could probably nix the credenza.

  187. I am a strong fan of #1, but I like a bit of boho myself. If you don’t want that vibe, I’d go for #6. A lot of the ones in the middle feel a little bit “our first place”. Which is IS so fair enough, but since you’re a designer, you can kick it up a notch.

    Tree in the corner, duh.

  188. Carpet number 5 is definitely my favourite. I usually opt for persian. No, I always opt for persian! But this one is way to pink/brown. It brings nothing but dullness, and ruins the beautiful leather sofa. The light gray #5 really brightens the place up, and lets the great furniture shine!

  189. Rug 5 (or 4.)

    Personally I dislike the Persian and feel the darker colours are too overpowering for the space. (Also why blue?!)

    I think you need pattern, in a neutral colour palette. I’d have a Moroccan tribal rug from West Elm in that room.

    As an aside, I have to ask – is Midcentury Modern the default trendy look in CA right now? We don’t really have it in England (it’s all pale grey painted furniture here) and whilst I love it (actually both styles), the MCM look is the one all EHD employees have, hence the question.

  190. NO 1 or 6, both lovely! I must say I adore your hanging pots, and your fig tree! please fill us in on the details about the hanging plants!
    kt whit

  191. I havent read all 320 comments yet (WOW) – but just so you know, I have this exact same Sven couch, and we have a fig tree in that same left corner!!!!! We have dark wood floors too, with calm light grey paint on the walls. Because of all the neutrals, the BLUE rug we chose really pops! I chose this Safavieh Adirondack Rug in a 8×10 – and it’s that BLUE RUG that everyone comments on when they walk in. PS – have you tried that cute credenza behind the round dining table, beneath those 2 prints? It seems like your dining table 4-top could sit nicely in front of that great window. Best of luck!

    1. PS – I like the idea of the Persian, but you guys sound like the cutest young design-y couple, and that Persian rug seems so stately (not a bad thing) that it takes the lightness away from the space. I like the idea of a pattern though vs. a solid color/texture. I’m confident that you’ll take it to the next level! Enjoy the process!!!

  192. The darker tones of Option 3 grounds the room than the others. What about a colorful Azilal, though? I totally picture this in the space!

  193. I just can’t even consider these other options after seeing the ultra perfect and amazing Option #1 – Vintage Persian, Esmaili Rugs.

  194. My first thought was the Zena rug, but upon closer inspection I think the Zander rug. I really like how saturated the Zena rug is, but It takes all the attention. The Zander rug is beautiful on its own and in the space. Plus it’s soft. Go with soft.

  195. I love #5 (Texa rug in Fog) and I also love #3 (Zander) With your furnishing, art & vibe. They are both beautiful, tie the colors together so beautifully and have the luxe feel under foot that you love.

  196. Number 2 calls out to me like a siren song. I think the bold blue gives the space some personality that is lacking with all the gray/white/brown blah options.

    I love 1, but I agree that it changes the vibe, and I think it’s too crowded/messy looking for the space.

  197. #6 is my favorite, but maybe you need to go back to narrow down your search to find something more similar that is soft? It’s called charcoal, but it the photos, it seem more blue. If it’s really blue in real life, I would go in that direction. #3 was close for me, but fell off after seeing #6. I would have liked #5 except for the uneven lines on the edges. That would bug me quickly. And I really really wanted to like #1 but after comparing it to the other photos, it just seemed much too busy and hectic which goes against both of your words to describe your goal in this apartment. Be sure to revisit those when making your final decision!! This is such a fun project. And I agree with Brady not to put the credenza in the corner (though I loved how the hanging plants looked there). Could it maybe go in the corner with the table and chairs?

    1. I agree with you on #1. Maybe one of those bleached out, then overdyed persians would work if that’s what they end up really wanting. But this one is too contrast-y and sharp. It is not calm.

  198. My vote is for the persian rug! It makes the room much more interesting and makes the other rugs look a little plain.

  199. I like #5 the best, by a long stretch. It’s got that masculine vibe from your adjectives list, but it’s also got an interesting pattern. Plus, it does have some white so maybe that will ease your heart a bit.

    I do not like #1. On it’s own, yes, it’s gorgeous. But just from photoshopped pics it really competes with your huge polaroid thing. I imagine it will do that even more in reality. It creates tension in the room for me, not cohesiveness like you want.

  200. Not sure you’ve nailed the “perfect rug” yet…IMO the choices play it too safe esp. with white walls and furniture with clean simple lines (except for the vintage Persian, that is timeless, but so on trend right now that it feels a bit forced).

    My vote is the Caline with the tree in the corner. Beautiful space!

  201. I adore the persian rug in here. It just feels so right since there isn’t pattern going on elsewhere in the room.

  202. I know I’m late to the game but… Love the tree and rug #1. Can’t wait to see the finished product. Love these makeover takovers by the way.

  203. Options 1 and 6! Also, thank you for showing us that gorgeous couch! I have saved it to my “maybe one day” folder πŸ™‚ I love a good leather coach, being a dog owner I feel like it’s a must!

  204. Definitely the tree in that corner. But I still love that credenza. I think it would be nice to move it on the other side of the fireplace and use it as a bar. Gives it easier access too.

    Rug wise I love the vintage – its a bit moodier. I also love the Texa Rug in Fog that seems bright and light but still grounded. The Vanilla seems a bit too light. I do LOVE The Caline Rug but I always worry dhurrie rugs will flop around and the edges will get kicked up and that they’re a tripping hazard wrinkly mess. (Maybe I just had a particularly bad experience with one under my dining table. Terrible idea. I think it ruined dhurrie rugs for me) BUT the color and texture of that one is on point.

    Excited to see how it turns out! Congrats on moving in together!!

  205. Love the way your living room is coming together- you have great “base bones”. I really like the Texa rug in Fog- I think the gray actually looks and works really well with your couch and accomplishes the “neutral and masculine” vibe you are going for. I also love that pop of greenery in the back corner and with a white planter. I think the added greenery pulls the room together and gives it a more finished look. Good luck on making a decision:)

  206. I feel like you have an idea of which one you love vs like based on what you wrote. Which is #5. πŸ™‚ So go with your gut! I’d love to see more of a pattern but that’s just me. I would definitely not get the persian – doesn’t seem to fit your style as much. I LOVE the plant in the corner and the credenza/bar cart in the other corner. Maybe move the hanging plants to the corner near your dining room table? that might give the area more visual interest.

  207. In these photos it seems like a lot of big blocks of solid dark colors. What happened to the gorgeous diamond design rug from your bedroom makeover?

    Moving the credenza might give you another “lots of dark blocks” issue. So maybe consult with the EHD team what sort of styling will move you away from the dark blocky trend. Or opt for a rug with more liveliness. Which I don’t think is any of these.

    Love the Polaroid piece. Please shoot a few close-ups when you get the final reveal done.

  208. i love option#6. It gives it a homey feel and brings a relaxing color into the room =that makes it all feel masculine & homey. I vote for tree as well, as more oxygen is always a good thing. πŸ™‚

  209. I know plenty of people have weighed in already, and you’ve probably already made up your mind, but I’ll still add my 2-cents.

    I think that #2 & #3 are my favorites within the confines of your stated desires for the room.
    I do love the last option but if it’s not as soft as the others, you probably won’t be happy with it.
    Although the white one may work best with your cat, it looks like it has the same problem as the hide would have,
    but the light gray, #5 (even though it is not enough color, in my opinion) might work with your cat.

    I do like the idea of moving the credenza to the other side but think that the corner where you would add the tree needs more than just the tree, although if you got a sizable cactus, that might solve the “empty corner” look.

  210. I love the vintage Persian rug, I have 2 of them from my parents house and they are really awesome… and also really expensive, but they will last you a lifetime, amazing quality and durability. Avoid Persian rugs if you have dust allergy. I also love the option n.6, the Caline Rug.
    I would go for the option with the bar in the corner.
    Anna From Italy

  211. The Texa in Fog is my fav. The persian would be next, but it gives the room a whole different vibe. I do like the Caline, but it just seems so heavy. I know that blue is your crutch color over at EHD, so I think it would be nice for you to step out of the “safe” zone. And I dig the hanging planters in the corner.
    (And before anyone throws shade my way….I absolutely love Emily, and this blog…I just personally feel that their use of blue, is getting old and over used.)

  212. Option 3 all the way. And tree in that corner looks less cluttered and more airy to me.

  213. Love the vintage Persian, and you will love living with it. It looks great with your art installations (Full disclosure I have Persian, Navajo, shag, striped, kelim and Chinese rugs). The grey rugs are very minimalist, and don’t add to the scene. The tree in the corner-brilliant. Gives a mid height piece lacking before.

  214. #1 or #6, but please anything but #5 – it looks like basic, cheap wall-to-wall carpeting that was cut into an area rug. Yes to a tree in the corner – it will be easier to access the bar/credenza on the other side, anyway. I really like the hanging planters, though – maybe they could go in the corner behind your front door, to hide the wall vent? It still gets plenty of sun and would give lift to that corner when your door is shut.

  215. Tree: YES. For me personally Option #1 is the clear winner but I also really like the gray Option #5. Of the non-Persians I think this one works the best and fits best with your original vision. I think the white rug + white walls + white curtains is too much white, and I do love white.

    Ain’t nobody gonna be mad at you if you go with that lovely Persian, but it has to be right for you and the direction you want the room to go in! πŸ™‚

  216. Hi Sara, congratz on moving in together!
    With regards to your living room, I would go for Option 5 or Option 6, both with the credenza. I like the warmth of the credenza in the living room and it looks nice with the hanging plants.

  217. My two cents worth:-
    #1 Love the colours. Adds so much warmth and character. An investment that you will always find a spot for. GORGEOUS!!
    #3 Gives it a cosier more minimal look – but you can amp this up with cushions, throw. A good safe choice.
    #5 looks like a commercial carpet that belong in an office – BORING

    Hope this helps!

  218. I vote Texa rug in charcoal, tree in the corner.

    How comfortable is the sofa? I am obsessed with Article sofas, but I worry about not being able to try. I know I’m late so this may never be seen, but if anyone has any feedback, I’d appreciate it!

  219. Hi, sorry so late in reading your post, it’s terrific. Congrats on moving in with your boyfriend, my youngest daughter lives in sin too, also in a place with gorgeous architecture. I love that when she comes home, he is there to know if she made it home walking from the train or not – seriously! Better than a pitbull those boyfriends are. Anyway, I think you should go with the rug that Emily prefers. (and are you going to hang a plug-in swag perhaps over your round table?)

  220. I love the Zander rug the most, with the tree in the corner and the credenza on the other side. It looks more balanced arranged that way, and…traffic patterns. Second would be the Texa Fog rug. You love that one a lot, and it looks better than the lighter color, so I think you wouldn’t go wrong with that one…or the Zander. Love them both! I wouldn’t spend the money on the Caline rug, as good as it looks – because you don’t both LOVE it. It’s never going to be soft.

  221. option 5, 100%!
    You want something comfortable, the white isn’t practical, and although #1 was nice, I think it was too busy. Super shiny isn’t good.

  222. Brady’s idea was brilliant! The tree brings so much life into this corner and into the room in general. And if bohemian is not your style (rug no 1 was my favourite), then some blue is definitely necessary to bring in some color and life into the space.

  223. DHURRIE!!! (I got a blue one on super sale from West Elm a while back – no regrets – and when I’m sick of it, no guilt reselling it super cheap). Persian is ok – I like that it picks up on polaroid colors but polaroids are mildly busy and so is rug. I prefer tree over hanging planters. And I feel you on impulsivity – I am apt. hunting while my supportive boyfriend is off climbing mountains in Alaska. I got a “whatever you think is best my dear” and with that, my weekend is lost to trolling CL!

  224. Option #5 for the rug! I love a big tree but can it go one the dining room side?? I love the hanging plant idea and would the credenza on the left be too many wooden furniture pieces too close (i.e right next to the tv unit) and would it still be a nice flow through that doorway? – I vote credenza on the right!
    Its a beautiful room whatever you chose – great job!

  225. Cozy grey rug! No matter how responsible you are white rugs do not stay white, especially if you have a puppers. If you are a “shoes off at the door” sort of person then maybe, but otherwise its hard…in my experience at least. Even cream is hard to keep cream, and we are not dirty people but white is hard. Plus I think brown leather and grey are a cool combo together.

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