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A Rustic California Home Nursery + Shop the Look

Nursery_mid century modern_kids room_blue_casual_comfy_before

It’s a neutral, Texas-inspired baby room, and I’m pretty into it.

I have a theory that in a lot of ways nurseries are just our own ‘kid’ fantasy rooms – it’s the room that we would have wanted as kids had we known it. I know Charlie’s is  – which you will finally get to see in a couple of weeks as its finally coming out in a magazine. And I’m pretty sure Brian has plans for his room ‘kid’ room in a couple of years that involves Star Wars and/or Comic Books (Batman, obviously). We live vicariously through our children so obviously we must force on them any and all secret desires of ours – especially if that includes a life-sized batmobile as a bed.

Well Shana grew up in Texas and they both love good classic music (think ‘The Stones’, and ‘Beastie Boys’ not Mozart necessarily) so this nursery is reflection of that, while at the same time still working with the style of the rest of the rooms. Of course you don’t need to have your kids room be the same, but its nice when rooms are jarringly different.

The first thing was choosing fantastic wallpaper – it’s a bunch of hand drawn ships by the designer’s son (who is 8 years old). You know those art skeptics that are constantly saying ‘My kid coulda done that!’. Well, her kid did and it worked. It is so sweet and magical, and yet since it’s in this color-way (cream and black) there is a sophistication about it.

Nursery_mid century modern_kids room_blue_casual_comfy_progress

The finished result is this very happy, yet very neutral Texas inspired nursery:

Nursery_Emily Henderson_Casual_Mid Century_Neutral_White Calm_Wood1

We decided to then accent the room in more masculine finishes – the dark gray blackout drapes (custom) and different dark woods (the crib and dresser-turned-changing table). And then to soften the whole look we brought in this intensely soft mongolian sheepskin rug in there – plus a big white rug on the floor makes it all look and feel so much bigger. We once again tried that leather chair but Shana wanted a glider so we splurged on that Restoration Hardware one that is so pretty.

Nursery_Emily Henderson_Casual_Mid Century_Neutral_White Calm_Wood

The dresser is vintage, purchased in LA for $700 I believe and it had the most beautiful raw finish already on it. We decided to not stain it and just leave as is. We simply bought a wooden changing tray and screwed it to the back of the dresser with brackets that came with it.

You might notice how the color of the wallpaper changed from the before/process photos to the after and that is just because of the amount of light a good camera can capture. The wallpaper is definitely more on the ‘beige’ side than the ‘white’ side so if you are thinking about splurging on it, get a sample sent to you first.

Nursery_Emily Henderson_Casual_Mid Century_Neutral_White Calm_Wood2

Once we brought in some whites it was easy to make them look good in the space, even though its beige wallpaper. The mattes of the frames, the white wood of the shelves and all the books/bedding/and toys help keep it looking fresh and modern.

Nursery_Emily Henderson_Casual_Mid Century_Neutral_White Calm_Wood3

Nursery_Emily Henderson_Casual_Mid Century_Neutral_White Calm_Wood4

It’s a little room, as nurseries tend to be, but man it’s so cute and happy when you are in there.

Nursery_Emily Henderson_Casual_Mid Century_Neutral_White Calm_Wood1

The nursery is so different from mine, Joy’s, Joanna’s or the beach loft nursery I did, and yet I love it as much if not more.

What y’all think? Could you have this Texan neutral nursery?

get the look_roundup_moodboard_nursery_emily henderson_kids room_nursery

Look for Less:

1. Crib | 2. Wallpaper | 3. Navy Curtains | 4. Grey Rocker | 5. Flag Garland | 6. Flokati Rug |  7. White Knit Blanket | 8. Kilim Pillow  | 9. Bookshelf | 10. Rocking Horse | 11. Cream Lamp | 12. Name Train

Get The Look:

1. Crib | 2. Wallpaper | 3. Navy Curtains | 4. Grey Rocker | 5. Flag Garland | 6. Flokati Rug | 7. White Knit Blanket | 8. Kilim Pillow | 9. Bookshelf | 10. Rocking Horse | 11. Cream Lamp | 12. Name Train

Photos by Tessa Neustadt

See the rest of the project here: Living Room, Reading Nook, Guest Bedroom, Master Bedroom, Dining Nook, Kitchen,  and Master Bathroom.

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9 years ago

Beautiful as usual !

9 years ago

So inspirational and so helpful (the look for less) at once! Thank you!

9 years ago

You didn’t include a link to your friend’s chic goyard nursery?
All, are spectacular!

9 years ago

Anyone with a harsh word for that wallpaper, just GET OUT right now! The internet rejects you! Seriously, though, it is fantastically charming. It’s got kind of a Wes Anderson vibe to me (also maybe the tiny cowboy hat reminds me of Owen Wilson’s character in the Royal Tenenbaums), which is THE highest compliment. The plush animal rocker also just gets me. On a scale of 1-10, how inappropriate is it for a childless adult to own one all for his/herself?

9 years ago


9 years ago

Adorable! Also, y’all are killing it with the content these past few months – fantastic variety. Even when the style is something I don’t necessarily love, I still love it, you know? Kudos to you and the rest of the team 🙂

9 years ago
Reply to  Jenna

Jenna, I was thinking the same thing!

9 years ago

I just LOVE how this entire house has come together! Every room flows so nicely! Will you come do my home? 😉

9 years ago

Wow! Absolutely lovely, and totally into the wallpaper!

I love how light and bright it is. It just feels fresh. There is a similiar dresser in my local thrift store that has been sitting there forever. It’s not in as great of shape but maybe I should give it a second look on my way home today. I’m busy transitioning my son’s nursery to his big boy room.

9 years ago

This room is fantastic! It’s one of my faves. Relaxing, clever, understated. The wallpaper is the best, I’d have it in my house and I don’t have kids. ooooh, actually, I’d love to have pieces of this wallpaper and that gold/navy whale skeleton wallpaper framed….gah… need $. Note to self, start a kickstarter fund to decorate my house!

Karen T.
9 years ago

I love it and I love that the baby is named Waylon. Just perfect.

9 years ago
Reply to  Karen T.

Right? As a Texan, I can’t believe I never thought of it.

9 years ago

So I have the dresser! Only mine is lacquered orange.
Question though – did you refinish it at all? I have seen my dresser before in its original finish but this one looks slightly different! Could just be a picture thing 🙂

Love this room!

9 years ago

Um yeah, that 8 year old can draw much better than I can. He’s welcome to design some wallpaper for my house! Lovely job Emily and Co, as always.

9 years ago

It’s amazing, but seems a little unfinished. Needs some art over the crib and probably the changing table too. A cool southwestern landscape or (fake) ram’s skull? I really love it, though!

9 years ago
Reply to  Susan

Yes, agree. Great stuff! The title says progress, so maybe there is more to come.

Maybe a couple pieces of art hung vertically between the windows. And a mobile or cool overhead lighting. Wall hook for diaper bag/tiny coat.

How awesome is big brother providing the wallpaper?? Amazing raw finished changing table.

Emily, did you draw that hot air balloon on a whale? Reminiscent of your living room print?? <3

9 years ago
Reply to  Susan

I would normally agree with you and Gretta, but I think the flags and the hat are amazing and enough for the crib wall. From what I remember, Emily doesn’t love to hang stuff over the changing tables because they can fall on the baby – but I might be wrong.
The colorful books, the wallpaper, and the flags make it fun but not crowded for me, even though I usually think “the more the merrier” when it comes to art.

9 years ago
Reply to  Giovanna C

I love it just because it’s not overdone, looks effortless (while of course I know it’s a lot of effort!). I dislike the “decorated” look…Emily always nails that “accidental perfection” and this is no exception!

9 years ago


Katie B
9 years ago

LOVE it! I love when a nursery is youthful (obviously) and fun, but still has some sophistication to it. Very cool paper – wish I could draw like that kid!

9 years ago

Is this a Nursery to satisfy adult tastes…or a room for a young child ?

It`s dull.

Susie Q.
9 years ago

The wallpaper is the cutest! I’m glad the books and toys add some color, bc it is a little neutral for me. As I was looking at the room, I was just wondering…what are your general feelings re crown molding? I’d like to hear what you have to say about it in a future post.

Love this room Emily, it has such a great boy feel to it and that wallpaper is stunning!

Nina Bond
9 years ago

Wow wallpaper designed by the Young boy. that is so special. My favorite part is the shelves with all the books and color. Would die for those cowboy boots. I have to agree with the others that the room seems to need something more although I am clueless as to what as I am not a professional.

Super nice! My kind of nursery 🙂

9 years ago

Nicely done Mrs. Emily! It looks calm and relaxing even though you have major pattern happening all over the wall. That’s magic.

9 years ago

I LOVE this room. Like, really, really, really love it.

9 years ago

Lovely! I especially love the walls. such unique and interesting ideas

9 years ago

Its great but I prefer the original brown leather chair.

9 years ago

as i’m expecting my first baby, i’m so excited to see all the nursery makeovers! and i LOVE that you started the “look for less”! it gives you motivation to make wonderful design on budget. yeeeey!

9 years ago
Reply to  taja

agreed! nursery projects are my absolute favorite!

9 years ago

Obviously, this nursery is awesome. Love the neutral color scheme. I’m sad that the house tour is almost over!

9 years ago

This is beautiful. It looks calm and relaxing even though it has all that pattern on the walls. Emily, you must know magic.

9 years ago

Great post!

I’m new blogger. I’d be happy if you would check out my blog!:)

i love a nursery that can grow with the child. This seems so up that alley. Love the long cabinet of wood and the wallpaper is to die for… feels like it belongs in somewhere in Maine. 🙂 x

9 years ago

oh my god this is too cute! I absolutely agree that nurseries are what you would’ve wanted and sometimes I think they’re unnecessary but this one is SO beautiful, I can’t. I am in love with that wallpaper. So much so that I think we need it for our adult bathroom…

xo Ashley

9 years ago

I think it’s beautiful – stylish but cute and fun at the same time.

Thank you for the ‘look for less’ section too,a great idea!

9 years ago

Beautiful! Love the wall paper and the natural/neutral colors!


9 years ago

I’m thinking about moving into that house myself. I bought that same dresser for $79 bucks a few years ago at Savers. It was the find of the century. I made my 12 year old help me bring it inside because I couldn’t wait until my hubby got home. It was so heavy she smashed her fingers getting it out of the car. It will forever remembered for that. I used it as a changing table too for the first year or so. Now it is used in her “big girl” vintage/Scandinavian room and is the BEST!

9 years ago

fantastic. seeing these photos makes me really see how much i need a better camera to take pictures for my blog! i just love the custom wallpaper…fantastic detail.

9 years ago

i’m a huge fan of Fine Little Day, and love that wallpaper her son designed, but scratching my head how this ties together a texas-themed nursey. it makes quite a statement, but it is nautical one, not texan. in fact, it wasnt until i looked at the more detailed fotos that i could even see the texas-inspired design elements of the room- the wallpaper, bear, and sheepskin rug all being dominant features- and i felt the cowboy hats, boots, and vintage western pieces look out of place. i think the room is adorable, but i personally feel the wallpaper is working against the theme pretty hard.