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A Roundup of 48 of Our Favorite Chaise Loungers

photo by tessa neustadt

Whether it is pronounced “chase”, “chez” or “shays” we are all about this functional and versatile little place to lounge around. To clear up a bit of the pronunciation controversy we did a little bit of googling and from what we can tell it can be pronounced as either “chase” or “chez”. But here at EHD we don’t care if you call it a chaise, a chez, a tomatoe or a tomato – just so long as you enjoy it as much as we do.

Emily Henderson Roundup Chaise Lounge Inspiration 06

Although I have always been a fan of the chaise lounge in regards to style and function I haven’t actually had one of my own until earlier this year when I found this vintage beauty below from Jayson Home for my living room and friends I have to say…. once you have enjoyed lounging, reading, nap, or cuddle time in a chaise lounge it is hard to enjoy it anywhere else.

Emily Henderson Modern English Cottage Tudor Living Room Reveal6
photo by tessa neustadt

We recently pulled together a daybed roundup and also have done a chair and half roundup and recliner roundup, however due to popular demand and request we figured it was time to pull together some of our favorite chaise lounges for your browsing and shopping pleasure.

Emily Henderson Roundup Chaise Lounge Inspiration 07

However before we get into it, there are a few tips to keep in mind before you bring one into your own home. 1) Pay attention to scale and style. Not all chaise lounges are the same size nor does every room allow for a chaise lounge. So look for a piece that can stylistically work within your decor and also will work with the scale of the rest of your furniture. If you have a larger room then you can opt for a larger sized chaise where as if small scale living is your current situation then look for something that might be a bit more sleek or may have a shorter length.

Emily Henderson Roundup Chaise Lounge Inspiration 04

2) Pay attention to fabric. Depending on where you plan on using this you will want to consider fabric and color. For instance the Chaise that Amber Lewis used above although stunning may not be the best option for a high traffic area due to the fact that white picks up stains pretty easily. Chaise Lounges are also one of the ONLY pieces of furniture that you kick your feet up on. So if you are the type of household that doesn’t have a “no shoes policy” then make sure you get a color or pattern that will work for your lifestyle.

Emily Henderson Roundup Chaise Lounge Inspiration 08

3) Consider your options. Chaise Lounges come in a variety of styles (curved, flat, rounded back, as well as armed and armless). So while stylistically a particular chaise may work for your space consider how you plan to use it and find the right piece that will allow for the most comfortable lounging experience.

Emily Henderson Roundup Chaise Lounge Inspiration 05

Now that we have gone through the basics here are some of our favorite options out there (including a few vintage finds) in both the armless and armed varieties.

Emily Henderson Roundup Chaise Lounge Armless Final

1. Oliver | 2. C5 | 3. Sorensen | 4. Wave | 5. Soderhamn | 6. Oviedo | 7. Cielo | 8. Erwin | 9. Orianna | 10. Curvaceous | 11. Kivik | 12. Corey | 13. Cavett | 14. Boswell | 15. Bo | 16. Lennox | 17. Olbyย | 18. Silvano

Emily Henderson Roundup Chaise Lounge Arms Final

1. Serene | 2. Svante | 3. Montclair | 4. Adrian | 5. Owens | 6. Lorraine | 7. Victorian | 8. Pigra | 9. Hayden | 10. Scarlett | 11. Wonders | 12. Cowhide | 13. Norsborg | 14. Napoleon | 15. Roland | 16. Crawford | 17. Liam | 18. Deco | 19. Bentwood ย | 20. Garbo | 21. Pond | 22. Gwinnette | 23. Blissย | 24. Pretzel | 25. Sloan | 26. Velvet | 27. Carlisle | 28. Lounge II | 29. Modern | 30. Capri

So which ones are your favorites, and have you tried any of the ones that we have included?


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36 thoughts on “A Roundup of 48 of Our Favorite Chaise Loungers

  1. My husband was super against a chaise, and now that we have one, he won’t sit anywhere else! Thanks for the roundup~

  2. Some of the vintage ones are so amazing. I LOVE how rattan (ie. Golden Girls living room furniture) is so popular right now. Hilarious.

  3. I like chaises with one long arm and one short one the best but they never face the direction I need. I LOVE #1 from Perigold but it also suffers from that dilemma (plus it’s like 4k over budget hahahaha). I’ve noticed this directional thing with every chaise I like. The chaise cartel clearly prefers one to exit from the left only ๐Ÿ˜‰

    1. I ordered a CB chaise (similar to #28 in Roundup 2) and was able to specify which side I wanted the arm to be on.

  4. We’ve been considering a chaise (probably the Carlisle, or similar, from PB), but I also love the Neva chair from Sixpenny. It may be nice to have the flexibility with the Neva ottoman over the chaise; however, I’m wondering if it would feel too heavy since the legs aren’t exposed. Were you happy with your Neva chair?

  5. Nice! I always wanted a chaise but never had enough space until I moved into my current home – they take up almost as much space as a twin bed!!!
    My very first purchase when I moved in was the Delia chaise from Room & Board. Eight years later, I’m still in love with it. So is my cat – it’s his favorite seat in the house so I have to move him anytime I want to use it!

  6. Hey super EHD team,
    Just popping in to say it’s actually “chaise longue,” not lounge. It simply means long chair, which makes sense, right? The pronunciation here is not too bad, but the hard “g” in “longue” is a bit lost: You can pronounce that just like the English “long.”

    1. I never knew that! Upon some googling – in US it has been adapted to “chaise lounge” and is almost exclusively referred to as such (for better or worse). It makes sense that Emily would use the Americanized version though, since she likes to make style approachable to the average joe like me. ๐Ÿ™‚

      1. This. Also, sometimes you have to use the common word over the “correct” word for SEO reasons (i.e., most people are typing “chaise lounge” into Google). One of the many frustrations of writing for the world wide web.

    2. Thank you for pointing this out, it was driving me nuts while reading the post. I don’t really care if Americans want to pronounce/spell something differently than the original language (French is challenging!), but I’d like to see the proper spelling and pronunciation at least mentioned, especially by a design team. After that, say it any way you want!

    3. Ha ha, I made almost the exact comment the last time EH wrote about the chaise longue and suggested they just call it a long chair. Or perhaps it qualifies as a divan?

      My French is not perfect but I’m always a little bothered by the tendency to use (and mispronounce) a French or word when there is a perfectly good equivalent in English. (See also: hommes as “homes” instead of men, prix fixe as “pree fee” instead of fixed price, etc.) Unfortunately labelling things as “French” seems to add value in the eyes of marketers but it’s the same thing, folks!

    4. I literally just read the comments to make sure someone addressed this, simply because Emily made a point of addressing the many Americanized pronunciations. It’s just a bit of fun trivia!

  7. My husband and I bought a chaise on a whim a few years ago (who does that?! not us!), and it has become one of the most beloved pieces of furniture in our house. It’s a beautiful simple stripe that’s gorgeous against a darker wall, so it’s one of my favorite design “moments”, and it’s where I always go to curl up and work or read. Chaise forever!

  8. You do what you love, and your chaise certainly looks comfy and pretty, but to me, chaises will always be the mullets of the furniture world.

    1. HAHA!! This made me laugh! ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m neutral on the chaise … but even as I looked at these pictures my mental processing was along the lines of, “Hmm. chaise proportions are so strange. I wonder if I could deal with that. No. I don’t think I could deal with that. I think I’ll need to stick with my chair + footstool combo.” (currently sitting in said chair/footstool! )

  9. You know, a long time ago I saw a design book that had a complete set of Victorian nursery furniture. In addition to the baby’s gear and a rocking chair there was a chaise lounge. What a brilliant idea for nighttime feeding: you can lean back, stretch out, and rest while feeding a sleepy baby.

  10. Based on your collaboration with them, this summer I ordered the Sloan chaise from Interior Define. Covered in the Monochromatic Plush, in Arctic (dark teal), with dark turned legs.

    It is SPECTACULAR! I can’t tell you how great it is to have that range of fabrics and the different legs. Thank you for introducing me to this company.

  11. Ok, they’re beautiful… I don’t see why they should cost THAT much more than chairs + ottoman sets!

  12. Love this post! Say! How do I find source info on the curtains in the first pic (with the fringe/pompon situation)? Love them!

  13. Hello and thank you for sharing your beautiful style.
    Im interested in your paint colors – especially your variations on white or white on white – your photo style seems a little hot/blown out so I cannot make out paint
    colors/paint choices. I would love to know what your go to paint choices are – and your white pairings are – thank you

  14. I’m redecorating my living room, and I literally can’t stop thinking about those curtains in your cover photo for this blog post–the white ones with the blue (or black) pompom trim. Where are they from?? I have to get them! They’d be perfect for my living room.

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