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by Emily Henderson
Emily Henderson Roundup Daybeds Pics 1
Photo by Tessa Neustadt

It’s Friday folks, and after a very long week what with the Halloween hangover (candy, of course) and three shoots that we had yesterday nothing sounds better than a big long nap. So, we figured there was no better time than a Friday to pull together a daybed roundup for you – for said nap of course.

Emily Henderson Roundup Daybeds Pics 6
Photo Source

But, in all seriousness, the daybed although simple in shape and form is one of THE most versatile pieces of furniture. Use it in a bedroom as an oversized bench or small bed, use it in the living room as a transitional piece of seating to join two areas together, or float it just about anywhere to instantly create a stand alone seating area.

Emily Henderson Roundup Daybeds Pics 2
Photo by Tessa Neustadt

We recently used two different daybeds in the NY project we worked on with Samsung (both in the Greenhouse and the Barn which is coming up very soon) and although completely different in style, both worked so well in their respective places.

Emily Henderson Roundup Daybeds Pics 4
Photo Source

So, with that said – here are a handful of our favorites at under $500, under $1,000, and over $1,000 – and there are quite a few that are “EHD nap approved”.

Emily Henderson Roundup Daybeds Under 500

1. Mid Century Day Bed | 2. Braxton Studio Daybed | 3. Black Metal Daybed with Trundle | 4. Napoli Daybed | 5. Hopper Daybed | 6. Carwile Mid Century Daybed | 7. Vintage Folding Military Cot | 8. Siggy Trundle Daybed | 9. Gray Upholstered Daybed | 10. Indonesian Daybed | 11. Olivianna Daybed | 12. Soho Daybed

#2 is so simple and timeless for the price, I have always loved #10 and have been so tempted to drag it outside for an oversized bench filled with pillows, and somebody better snag up #7 asap before I do – that price is insane.

Emily Henderson Roundup Daybeds Under 1000

1. Garen Daybed | 2. Safari Daybed | 3. Magheramorne Daybed | 4. Pari Rattan Daybed | 5. Jenny Lind Daybed | 6. Mckinzie Daybed | 7. Hambleton Daybed | 8. Wood Mid Century Daybed | 9. Boho Daybed | 10. Indra Wooden Platform Daybed | 11. White Spindle Daybed | 12. Lubi Turquoise Sleeper Daybed 

#4 was a strong contender for Birdie’s old nursery before we found the vintage one we used, #5 is calling for a kid’s room, and #10 would be so pretty with a simple linen cushion.

Emily Henderson Roundup Daybeds Over 1000

1. Navy Upholstered Daybed | 2. Pink Velvet Daybed | 3. Rush and Walnut Daybed | 4. Sven Daybed | 5. Friso Kramer Style Daybed | 6. Trellis Woven Darcy Daybed | 7. Eliot Daybed | 8. Urban Daybed with Trundle | 9. Hughes Daybed | 10. Mismatched Metro Daybed | 11. Latticework Daybed | 12. Hayden Daybed

There are so many good ones on here (which we get is partially due to the higher price point) but we used #4 in the Barn makeover in their blue velvet option and it was so beautiful in person, #3 is calling to my heart – but unfortunately not speaking so kindly to my pocket book, and #8 is simple and timeless enough to work in so many different styles.

So, which ones are your favorites, and if any of you guys have tried any of the above let us know. If we forgot any “can’t miss” options be sure to leave a link to the product below. Have a good Friday and a wonderful weekend folks and we will see you again on Monday. xx

  1. Good beds! How’s the new hair?!?

    1. ^^This. I love this post, but am also really curious how the hair experience went (what did you love about it? anything you’d do differently?).

      I have yet to master Instastory – it froze up my older model iPhone at home. Also, Instastories never load up for me on-the-go – I have T-Mobile and doing anything on the Internet away from wifi is challenging. So, if the hair answers are on Instastory, I’ll never see that due to technology limitations on my end -_-.

    2. Yes please, Emily! Show us the hair!

  2. Awesome review ! Nice beds I love these kinds of post !! You guys did an amazing job !! Thanks a lot !!

  3. Great round up, but I too am waiting for a post about the new hair!

  4. I really love that Anthropologie one and also the vintage one that Jenny @ little green notebook found on CL. I’ve been looking for ages but I think I’ll just have to DIY. Should be fairly easy, just a platform, some legs, and I’ll cut down one of those foam mattresses and upholster it.

  5. Thanks for this round up! Day beds have come a long way! I was not always a huge fan but lately I’m really warming up to them. But enough about day beds…Like JB, I also want to see more hair updates. Please don’t keep us in suspense! Have a great weekend!!


  6. Is it possible to get a daybed that had a trundle that can pop up to be even so you have a king size guest bed? Or am I dreaming?

    1. Both the cb2 in the middle tier and the article daybed in the last tier are king bed sides when you remove the top.

    2. #12 from CB2 opens up to form a slightly larger than queen size bed.

    3. I was just about to post a comment around this. I know its not the most gorgeous looking bed but Ikea’s Hemnes solved this very particular problem for me. When closed, its perfect for one guest and when pulled open it’s a king size bed. AND it has storage! It has been absolutely brilliant for me and i’ve just styled it with some fun pillows.

    4. The IKEA Hemnes daybed pulls out into a king – no pop up needed.
      (I replied with this earlier but don’t see it – sorry if this shows up twice!)

  7. On a side note…I hear your tv is one of Oprah’s favorite things this year!!! Congrats!

  8. Good news – if you’re into the #7 All Modern green Hambleton daybed, it’s on sale for only $609, not $630. Happy shopping!

  9. This is fabulous. I’d love a post about *styling* daybeds – I have one (sofa-like) that I just haven’t been able to crack the code on.

  10. Do you have suggestions of full/double daybed?

    1. Yes, please! I’ve been combing the Internet. There are apparently only, like, six full-size daybeds in existence, and if course none of them are a style that works for me. Any suggestions would be marvelous!

  11. Love this! Thank you. I’ve been thinking about how we could add one more bed to our house eventually, and I’m keeping my eyes open to great daybeds. But here you guys go, doing the work for me!

  12. I have the Hemnes daybed with trundle and storage and it works perfectly in our oh so tiny second bedroom / office. I got smart this time and hired my handyman to put it together for me. My language the last time I put anything together from Ikea would make a drunken sailor blush. And it had left over bits. And was a little bit wobbly.
    This time, solid, no left overs and no new language skills!

  13. These all look so good! this makes me want a new bed so bad!


  14. I have a big family that visits…would love a sleeper sofa round up that doesn’t look like a sleeper, sit like a sleeper, sleep like a sleeper, etc. post. I just think of the Seinfeld episode with the uncomfortable bar issue when I think of those things! Not to mention how large and unsightly they are!

  15. When I feel board. Then I come on your blog and read some post which u have post recently..

  16. Very good brief and this post helped me a lot. Say thank you I searching for your facts. Continuous it..

  17. Thank you for your suggestions. Those look so good and made me want to buy new daybed already.

  18. Love the wallpaper with the green trees. Where can I buy it?

  19. Hi Emily, I have a question for you on this and other furniture/lighting/rug roundups. Would it be possible to include some info on dimensions that work for different spaces in your roundups? For instance, if you do a table lamp roundup, it would be very helpful to include what height of lamps would work best beside sofas, on consoles, etc. You do a great job of styling these spaces, but it’s not always clear what size works in different areas.

  20. My God? And now the big question is how can one choose?

  21. Great post! I love daybeds and I should replace my older one ASAP, so thanks for sharing. My fav is n.9, the Hughes Daybed from Joybird.
    Anna From Italy


  22. Have you ever used a wall/murphy bed in one of your projects?

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