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A Roundup of 126 Dining Tables for Every Style and Space


In case you missed it yesterday, Ginny introduced you to a dining room that we are working on for one of our favorite new clients. Which is actually inspired by this space above that we designed years ago, but is still one of our favorites. In the case of our clients that we talked about yesterday, they already had a great dining table that they had recently purchased which they wanted to keep and use for the space. But before they came to that decision we did toss around the idea of replacing it and had started pulling some dining table options. In seeing all the great and numerous options out there we decided that it was time for us to a HUGE roundup of dining tables at all different price points and shapes.


When it comes to dining tables there are a few different options for shape, which typically is determined by the space that you have. For the case above in Nicolette Mason’s dining room, we tried a few different shapes but ultimately landed on this vintage oval beauty that we had refinished because the space was smaller. In her case, the rounded off edges allowed for the best flow while still providing plenty of seating for her and her guests.


For Cup of Jo’s makeover we had an even smaller space than we did for Nicolette’s so we went with a smaller 4 person square table. To keep the kiddos safe and to keep mom from having a heart attack during playtime we found an option that was square to fit the space but had the rounded off corners to protect the kids from smashing into something sharp when they are quickly rounding the corner (no pun intended) from the living room to the kitchen to grab a snack. What is it with kids and snacks?! Charlie cannot get enough of them – and if I could somehow figure out how to make every meal a “snack” we wouldn’t have such a hard time getting “actual meals” finished.


So whether your room calls for round, rectangular or oval, we have got you covered with over 125 options below at every single price point and style.


1. DOCKSTA Table | 2. Langley Street Flavius Dining Table | 3. Evangeline Dining Table | 4. Harvester 42” Round Dining Table | 5. Corbin Dining Table by Wade Logan | 6. Round Blanca Table | 7. Modern by Dwell Magazine Dining Table White/Natural | 8. Alzana Dining Table | 9. Westbrook Mid Century 42″ Round Dining Table by Threshold | 10. Devoted Dining Table | 11. Compass Dining Table | 12. Polen Dining Table | 13. Moon Dining Table | 14. Amelia Natural Stonewash Round Dining Table | 15. Florence Dining Table


1. C44 Round Table | 2. Walcotte Dining Table | 3. Shoreditch Dining Table | 4. Thayer Dining Table | 5. Darlia Dining Table Neutral | 6. Dao Dining Table | 7. Hackney Marble Dining Table | 8. Silhouette Pedestal Dining Table | 9. Annaway Dining Table | 10. Otago Dining Table | 11. Portica Round Table | 12. Revolve Round Adjustable Height Dining Table | 13. Circuit Dining Table | 14. Alexa Round Dining Table | 15. Tulipa Dining Table


1. Pioneer Round Dining Table | 2. Downing Dining Table | 3. Dalston Dining Table | 4. Charlotte Dining Table | 5. Morrison Round Dining Table | 6. Right Round Large Dining Table | 7. Saarinen Table | 8. Monarch Solid Walnut Round Dining Table | 9. Noir Brooke Dining Table | 10. Montrose Dining Table | 11. Cerused Oak Dining Table | 12. Dexter Shagreen Table | 13. Billie Dining Table | 14. NK Round Dining Table | 15. Mewoma Dining Table


1. Harvester Rectangle Dining Table | 2. Jackson Rectangular Table with Metal Base | 3. Finley Hairpin Table | 4. Norwegian Mid Century Danish Modern Tapered Dining Table | 5. Helina Dining Table | 6. Westbrook Mid-Century Rectangle Dining Table | 7. Parsons Wood Dining Table | 8. Franklin Dining Table | 9. Axel Dining Table  | 10. Torrance Natural Whitewash Turned Leg Dining Table | 11. Aqua Virgo Dining Table | 12. Saints Dining Table | 13. Bento 4 Seat Dinner Table | 14. Wallace Dining Table | 15. Spencer Table


1. Rectangle Wood Keaton Dining Table | 2. Perforated Marble Desk Table | 3. MÖRBYLÅNGA Table | 4. Boot Leg Dining Room Table | 5. Finmark Dining Table | 6. Ellipse Expandable Dining Table | 7. Aberdeen Industrial Zinc Top Weathered Oak Trestle Dining Table | 8. Bookmatch Table | 9. Michael Robbins Dining Table | 10. Tolix Marais Four-Seater Dining Table | 11. Fuze Gray Dining Table | 12. Alexander Dining Table Walnut | 13. Alle Table | 14. Croix Dining Table, Brass and Mango Wood | 15. French Kitchen Table | 16. Jonas Dining Table | 17. The Disappearing Dining Table | 18. Jamie Young Table


1. Roebling Dining Table | 2. Loft Amsterdam Dining Table | 3. Triolet Dining Table | 4. Lakin Extension Table | 5. Griffin Metal Wood Slab Rectangle Fixed Wood Dining Table | 6. Jonas Expandable Dining Table | 7. Stafford Reclaimed Pine Extending Dining Table | 8. Nemus Dining Table | 9. Presley Dining Table | 10. La Coupole Iron Bistro Table | 11. Cross Extension Table | 12. Cruz Dining Table | 13. Oscarine Lucite Dining Table | 14. Caracole 24/7 Table | 15. O & G Taylor Extendable Table


1. SLÄHULT Table | 2. Avery Bistro Table | 3. Lippa Oval Shaped Wood Top Dining Table | 4. Ion Oval Extension Dining Table | 5. Gerald Oval Dining Table | 6. Milan Oval Extension Table | 7. OPPEBY Table | 8. Beckett Mid-Century Walnut Oval Dining Table | 9. Donna Dining Table


1. Collison Dining Table | 2. Mercer Bronze Oval Dining Table | 3. Rustic Brown Oval Wood Brooklynn Extension Dining Table | 4. Belafonte Dining Table | 5. The Guesthouse Reclaimed Antique Pine | 6. Zoom Dining Table | 7. Walcotte Dining Table | 8. Magar Dining Table | 9. Mette Dining Table | 10. Tulip Table | 11. Conan Oval Dining Table | 12. Sunny Side Up Oval Dining Table


1. Adina Oval Dining Table | 2. Clapham Dining Table w/ Coaster | 3. Modloft Sullivan Walnut Dining Table  | 4. Snaregade Oval Dining Table | 5. Gustavian Extension Table | 6. Caracole Steel The Show Dining Table | 7. Milo Dining Table Smoked | 8. Delaney Dining Table | 9. Aero Marble Round Dining Table | 10. CFC Statice Oval Dining Table | 11. Mr. Brown Stromboli Dining Table | 12. Dovetail Alana Dining Table

Have you guys tried (or do you have) any of these tables? Would love to know if you have any of these and can attest to them being more than just beautiful and functional. And let us know what you would like for us to roundup next. In the meantime I am in Minneapolis for the next few days on a Target gig, so any recommendations of fun places to eat, visit, shop, see would be gladly accepted.

***Photography by Tessa NeustadtZeke Ruelas, Ryan Liebe & Mike Garten

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Sarah Marteen

Emily, I adore you. REALLY! You’re one of my favorites. However, these round-ups of endless products are insufferable anymore. You can honestly recommend all 125 of these tables to your readers? It seems like your just trying to get people to click on your affiliate links. (Which, btw, you should be disclosing.)

Maybe it’s just me, these posts are such a bummer.


I actually don’t mind the round ups even if she can’t attest to them. and if it’s an affiliate link — her and her team did a lot of work to round these different products for her readers.

if you don’t care for the round ups, then don’t read them. i use them for inspiration! and i never ever feel obligated to buy!


I think if I were in the market for one of the items in the roundup posts, this would be a huge shopping time saver! It really helps me get a sense of the styles and prices of certain stores. I appreciate them.


I really appreciate them too. In fact, I’ve been looking for an oval dining table and I just pinned at least 3 of the ones on her lists. I think that’s really the point of these roundups…I skip the ones that I don’t have an immediate interest in and pin the hell out of the ones I do.


I never expect to like or love every post here or any blog I follow. For people who are designing/decorating their homes or will be in the near future I imagine these round ups to be very useful. She always makes it clear that she hasn’t seen them in person herself, and really, she always makes it clear that she makes money off this blog! We shouldn’t expect a blog post every day, let alone a life altering one.

I love looking at this eye candy. It’s fun to see what furniture designers are coming up with.


While these roundups aren’t something that I’m interested in because I have a table, Emily and her team have done a great job at pulling together different tables to fit different styles and tastes for different spaces. I just forwarded the link to a friend that is looking for a table for his new condo. These roundups are a step in the right direction for someone that is looking for a piece of furniture and doesn’t have hours to spend seeing the same products online through Wayfair, West Elm, Target, etc. I wasn’t a fan of the Round Rock posts, so I skipped over them. I’m sure someone out there liked them though.

Mary Beth

I really enjoy these round-ups. I know the amount of time that it takes to search for items on line and do the research involved with an internet purchase. I’m always delighted when people whose taste I trust do this task for me. I also appreciate that different price points are included which makes for a far more inclusive post. My thanks to EH and her wonderful team for making my life a little easier.


I like the roundup posts and find myself going back to them when I’m shopping. I’m on the hunt of a chair for a little reading nook and I definitely checked Emily’s recent chair round up post first! And I’ll most likely find myself back at this post when I’m shopping for a table for my eat-in kitchen.

Sarah Marteen

Toché to all of this. I guess I was quick to judge. It just seems to be a trend with bloggers these days. And some do it just for the ‘links’. I appreciate the perspective. Much love!


I’m currently looking to upgrade a lot of my hand-me-down furniture so I love love love the round-ups! They have been such a huge timesaver, and it’s great to know some less-expensive options are still designer-approved. I was SUPER excited to see this round up today. I hope the EHD team isn’t discouraged by the above comment.


I love them too – it’s a time saver b/c her style is so spot on for what I want in my home. Keep ’em coming team! However, I’ve found some great deals in places such as Target, where I never would have thought to look for a dining table. Like this one I got from there for $199 SHIPPED! And it has an extension. It’s such a gorgeous, sturdy table. I’m super impressed.—inspire-q/-/A-50906269


I don’t mind the round ups in theory, but for me the issue is that there is a lack of research. Reading the comments on the store sites of some of these tables, shows that people who have had real problems with some of these, For example, that World Market table has awful reviews and I have personally seen it in a store where you can see that the top easily peels off. Even if there was a disclaimer, why include products that are known to be terrible?


I also love them–as someone who just spent a YEAR looking for an affordable, round, modern, extendable dining table (phew!) I would have loved this round-up about six months ago. Sometimes sourcing things for someone not ‘in the know’ is tough, and I often find Emily’s team introduces me to new vendors I I hadn’t heard of before! I go back to them all the time for ideas (even if I don’t purchase what she promotes, I am still getting ideas for styles and silhouettes. So I vote keep them coming–thanks team!

OMG! Such a great roundup. I’ve been obsessed with round dining tables recently so this guide was awesome. I always forget to check Wayfair, I feel like you need to really search for a good deal. Thanks Emily!


Emily, head to the Warehouse District, especially around 3rd Ave and N Washington Ave – I used to live in that area before we moved out to the ‘burbs and there are a ton of great restaurants and little shops there. I’d recommend Martin Patrick 3 for shopping (it’s a men’s clothing store but it has amazing furniture and home decor), Moose and Sadie’s for coffee/pastries/lunch, and Bar La Grassa for dinner (Italian, soooo good). If you need a tour guide give me a shout!! 🙂 have fun!


Haha just watched your instastory you’re staying right there and you found grethen house – I have never walked out of that place emptyhanded! Enjoy! I love your roundups too by the way always check them when I’m shopping


Love this! And are you able to link up the Target table (#14) in the under $500 rectangle section? Thanks!


I’m drawn to the tables with a white table top. But, I’m worried about stains and spills. What material would be best for a family with children? i.e., I like the france and son oval, but the material is MDF, which I’ve heard shouldn’t get wet. Where as, the $499 cb2 table (which by the way has the wrong link attached), is made of Hi-gloss white lacquer finish. Which would be better?


I just bought the Lars dining table from Rove concepts that Emily featured in her office makeover a bit ago (I fell in love). It has a powder coated MDF top. I’ve had it several weeks, and it’s doing great. I am pretty careful to protect the top. So far it’s survived watercolor paints and a tiny drop of nail polish which I carefully removed with a dab of nail polish remover (while holding my breath).


We have this one from ikea and it’s been great! We’ve had it for about 2 years and no stains yet, that’s with kids eating at it everyday. I’m always shocked when I clean it off and it’s good as new.


Looks like the last links (15 and 18) are missing in the under $500 and $500-$1500 categories of rectangle tables. There may also be some other linking issues in the under $500 category as I clicked around and the numbers don’t match to the links below on some. Great roundup! (Online shopping is literally a nightmare for me, so pooh-pooh the naysayers.)


In the under $500 rectangle tables, the Urban Outfitters table is no longer available and there’s no link for #15.

I love these round ups. It will be a long time, if ever, before I replace my dining room table because it was my grandmother’s and I’m super sentimental (and my father might kill me), but there are a few of these I really like in case I ever do make the change!


Minneapolis food that I miss –
Cheng Heng (Cambodian – closer to St. Paul).
Eddie Cheng (carryout Chinese) – lo mein and hot and sour soup.
Isles bun & coffee in Uptown has the BEST cinnamon rolls (fun neighborhood too)
Rustica bakery – the BEST chocolate chip cookies

If you’re downtown Minneapolis, check out Hell’s Kitchen. I never made it, but I’m told its great.

Minneapolis is a great town.


LOVE the roundups. I always see things I hadn’t seen and oftentimes am introduced to brands I had never heard of before. In an endless sea of google images, it’s great to see some hand selected goodies.
Keep up the great work Emily Henderson and team!


it makes want to have more spaces in my place to set up!!! ……and chow down..


***anything wood, gold, modern vintage. yes!!!. please


I might be biased since I work in Milan with a lot of design brands (though not on the commercial size), but I’ve always found strange that I never see “proper” designer-designed products featured here — like Kartell, B&B Italia, Vitra, or even younger brands like Hay or Tom Dixon. Most of the brands I see here are somewhat big-box stores or franchisings. Is it really that rare in US?


This is why I was pleasantly surprised to see Hem (which I equate with Hay, Ferm Living and the somewhat lower-end “designed” brands) included in this roundup! I know they’re new, but would love to hear if anyone has bought their furniture, and how it’s holding up.


Love the round ups! I always seem to find great new sources – new furniture brands, websites, etc! We’re in the soon-to-be-market for a new dining room table, but are actually thinking an extension table. It’s only me and my husband on a daily basis, but we love to entertain and have pretty big families and we hate having to juggle with temporary folding tables. It seems like most companies don’t seem to offer them (tho Room & Board has some beauties we’re eyeing…) – I guess it goes along with the great room/no formal dining room mentality taking over the country. If you have any other sources, I’d love to hear them!


Emily – first time commenter here. I love your blog! I’ve been on the hunt for a new dining table but my space is really really small. I’m looking for a narrow dining table – did you find any while creating this post? I use these posts to help me furnish my new house! Thank you so much for all of the time you and your team put into your posts!


First time commenter here. I love your blog! I’ve been on the hunt for a new dining table but my space is really really small. I’m looking for a narrow dining table – did you find any while creating this post? I use these posts to help me furnish my new house! Thank you so much for all of the time you and your team put into your posts!


Has anyone ordered from the Structube website before? I am in the market for a dining table and I see some perfect ones from there in this roundup – but I had never heard of them before and they are pretty light on reviews, just wanted to see if anyone had real life experience with the website/store.


Hi Natasha,
Structube has stores in Canada, where I live, so I’ve been in store and also ordered online. In my opinion, the quality of the products is great for the price point – prices are comparable to Ikea and the items certainly feel sturdier and a bit more unique.

That being said, the biggest thing I feel people should know about Structube is that the items take FOREVER to arrive! They’re permanently backordered on everything good, and the “ready by” date is not treated seriously at all. My partner and I order a new dining room set in September with an estimated arrival date of mid-December. There was no sign of anything halfway through the month so I called in – they estimated it would arrive in March. And there wasn’t even a courtesy call to inform us of this! If you read reviews of the business online, you’ll see this is people’s number one concern.

TLDR: Structube products are great, but only order them if you’re flexible on arrival date.


Awesome, I did see that in the reviews and will keep that in mind. Your perspective was super helpful, thanks!!


Love this blog and roundups 🙂 How does one go about determining rectangle or oval for a dining space? Also, where is the marble table in the opening of the blog from?? Gold legs…blue chairs?


You must eat dinner at The Bachelor Farmer! Incredible food and love the style. Patisserie 46 has an award winning pastry chef with gorgeous desserts. And Dogwood is a local coffee chain that is amazing. Have fun in Mpls, I apologize for the lack of sun. 🙂


I think these roundups are great – and useful! – can we get a dining chair roundup next? Really struggling with classic, reasonably priced dining chairs right now….. thanks!

In the first picture of this post of the Silver lake dining room, I would like to know where the side table is from, it is just what I am looking for, and it doesn’t take up a lot of space.


The rectangle under $500 category is STRONG! Loved the round up and studied every image even though I’m not in the market for a dining table right now and I can’t get most of these in Ireland anyway!


Thank you so much for this!! Ready to move up from the handed-down dining table and I needed some ideas. Is it bad that I love the Living Spaces one (size and price!) but feel like a traitor because of the Jeff Lewis-debacle? Maybe because he has no clue who I am, I will be safe. ha!


You must go to Foundry Home Goods!!!! It’s such a carefully-curated space and Ruby the shop dog is a dear (as is the owner). Lots of Japanese, Scandinavian, Shaker vibes.

Eat at the Bachelor Farmer. Award-winning menu and fantastic interior design to match…plus some lovely cocktails! They also have an enthusiastically-tiled coffee shop attached that’s worth a visit (or Google image search).

Most spaces in the North Loop (aka Warehouse District) are new and borderline hipstery, but still great quality and the most walkable retail/dining neighborhood in the Twin Cities.

I love WA Frost’s back patio if you feel like wandering over to the Cathedral Hill neighborhood (lots of gorgeous old Victorian homes/mansions) in St. Paul.

And of course it’s not a real trip to the Twin Cities without a walk around one of the lakes/city parks. Calhoun is the busiest and biggest and has the most amenities; Harriet is the swankiest, Nokomis the most quaint (and manageable with a less-than-three-mile circumference), Powderhorn has the most artistic (and sometimes drug-related) presence, and Minnehaha Falls has a great walking path and the best fish tacos (but is a water fall not a lake).

Have a wonderful visit!

Thanks for the huge list of tables! I adore that there are so many different styles at different price points! I wish they had this many options when I was first decorating my home.


Tilia in Linden Hills neighborhood (near Lake Harriet) is my favorite weekend brunch spot! Amazing food! It’s also just a few steps away from the cutest children’s bookstore, Wild Rumpus.


Emily, I love your blog! Thank you for all the hard work you and your team put in to give your readers this stuff!
QUESTION: I have a ton if wood in my home: dining table, hard wood floors, the fireplace mantle, coffee table and console table- all modern rustic, and I am really struggling with how to bring my space back to a calming and cohesive area. How do you soften mismatched wood tones? I put a world market rug under our dining table, but what else do you suggest? Should I paint my taupe (more beige than grey) walls a white or grey? Wondering if they are making everything feel too woodsy? I wish I could share a pic with you all for advice ha! Adore all of you!


I second heading to the North Loop. Borough is my favorite for dinner.


Totally appreciating the source and price below each item (vs below each group)! I’m not sure when that started, but I dig it.

PS I think round ups are helpful, not because I think you or your team personally vouches for each item, but because I get to see a variety of styles, colors, price points in one spot and get a sense for what I’m drawn to. It’s up to the consumer to follow up and see if an item is a worthwhile purchase for them. I appreciate that you go into more detail on items that you have personal experience with, but you’re not always going to have worked with/used an item that fits my specific needs and budget.

I see you went to/by The Bachelor Farmer! They were (are?) using my husband’s coffee there, so it’s about my only MPLS rec!


I have loved your MPLS stories! You’ve already found most of the gems in your neighborhood, and staying at the Hewing is lovely… but I urge you to run around the corner (really, it’s the next block) for a proper cocktail at the Monte Carlo. Old world and so so classic. It’s been holding down the neighborhood long before the lovely, recent revival. A martini at their long, worn copper bar is the best. Enjoy your stay! And thanks for the tables: I’m with the last commenter that pointed out the visual inspo followed by consumer resea
rch. I’m peeking some of those ovals now…

Lisa Hamel

Please please please do a rocker/recliner roundup! Whether it’s the nursery or the man cave, they have their place, and SURELY there are some not-ugly, not-massive ones out there. SURELY?


Number 13 is my favourite one! I love the different options here. I am using to redesign my living and dining room, they design, deliver and set up everything very easily. I will be using this post as inpiration for tables!


Hi Emily,
Is there a reason why you didn’t include any of the Article tables. You used to include this brand in some of your round-ups. I ask because I am considering ordering from them, but want more feedback before ordering from an online only retailer.
Thank you!


Emily, do you happen to have a source for the black and bronze toned candle stick holders from pictures 1 & 3?


Love the round-ups! Especially when they validate my good choices. I have the crate and barrel revolve table (#12 in the round $500-1,500 group) and our family loves it! We upgraded after owning and destroying the IKEA Docksta (#1) after about 5 years. I have 4 young kids age 8- 6 months and this table is used at every meal. I can fit five chairs comfortably and slide the highchair up to the side. At first I was worried about the kids ruining the wood on top, but after treating it with a beeswax formula, it has been pretty resistant to water damage. The revolve feature is really great, we can raise the height easily. Everyone who comes in our kitchen notices and compliments this table.


Would love to see larger dining table options. INCREDIBLY hard to find tables that seat more than 8-10. I understand how crazy it is to need a table that large… I have an oddly large dining room and like using the dining table for literally everything.

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I have the #3 rectangle dining table from Ikea. Let me just say that I have been looking for a stylish and functional table that seats 8 and wouldn’t break the bank for a year. Then I saw this at Ikea. I hesitated because everything there usually just ends up a little wobbly. Not this sucker. It is solid as a rock, and so beautiful with really nice detail. Not in a million years would you guess it was from Ikea. It does not look like “Hey, me and my handy Allen Wrench made this happen!” It looks like a custom table. If anyone out there needs a table that looks expensive but isn’t… run, don’t walk and get this one.

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