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Our Round Top Lodging- The Vintage Round Top

When we first committed to this whole ‘go to small-town Texas and shop for a few days’ thing with Chairish (more on that here if you missed it) I panicked that it would be crazy difficult to find a house that could sleep all of us comfortably during such a busy time of year. I don’t get away from the kids for pleasure often so while 2007 Emily was happy sleeping in disgusting hostels in Hong Kong, 2017 Emily secretly wants any home away from home to be pretty, comfortable and some place inspiring – plus I wanted my staff to feel pampered and special and of course together but not on top of each other. Well, lucky for us we found all those things in The Vintage Round Top.


Paige and Smoot Hull built, designed, own and run this beautiful space (or two homes in fact). They renovated the first home 5 years ago and then recently turned the garage into an entire new airbnb. The two are connected but can be rented out separately (more details at the end). We reached out to them and while their first space wouldn’t have fit us all without some of us sharing a bed, they were mid-construction on the addition and used the promise/reason of the EHD team coming to scramble and finish the renovation and unveil it (and for us to photograph it).


These two people were the most incredible hosts and not only provided us with a magical place to stay but also helped make sure that we were doing Round Top right – making dinner reservations, introducing us to the best vendors and just generally being generous concierge style hosts (which yes, is typical for any guest they have). They are rooted in the community and are part of the good change that is happening here. Plus they offered a lot of parenting advice for those of us a little behind them on the road.

First up I’ll show you their first home, No. 1450, designed 5 years ago which has a more vintage country/boho chic feel with a lot of warm details:


In case you missed the FB live you need to know this – Smoot is a builder who loves design and Paige is a self taught designer, and together they purchased and redesigned/renovated both of these homes. As a designer who has to book an electrician every time I need to switch out a simple sconce, I can’t imagine how wonderful/convenient it would be to be married to a contractor – not that I would change a thing about my husband, but you bet that I’m secretly grooming Charlie or Elliot to learn that trade. All women know that Paige, you are a lucky lady!

Photo via Haylei Smith

Back to the house – The 2,400 sq. ft. home (1/2 of the property) was designed with sustainability in mind. It’s comprised of reclaimed building materials and filled with vintage pieces from the region, most having a story.

Photo Via Natalie Lacy Lange

The home includes two bedrooms and two and a half baths, a spacious living room, a fully equipped kitchen, a large dining room with seating for 8, an extensive covered front porch, a full size washer/dryer, cozy bed linens, RVT bath products, central AC/heat, Wi-Fi, and satellite TV. Basically everything you need plus more.

The house accommodates overnight stays for up to 6 guests max with the following arrangements:

•Master bedroom (king bed) & attached master bath – downstairs

•Loft bedroom (queen bed and 2 twins) with a half bath – upstairs

•Living Room (twin XL day bed if needed) with a full bath – downstairs



Our matching bags that Birdling Bags was so kind to send along for everyone make quite the beautiful accessory to this little hallway don’t you think?


The place became so popular and people loved it so much that the Hull’s decided that the wanted to do even more to the property.

So in 2016 construction began on a second cottage attached to the back of the current house they named ‘Boho’. Unlike the original cottage that embodies an industrial modern farmhouse feel, the new Boho cottage features a more modern mixture of boho,  glam, and industrial elements. They also collaborated with a lot of artists to make it feel even more modern, custom and storied.


Horse portrait by Becki Griffin of Curious Details.

On to the newer space, well brand new actually (but with lots of vintage and recycled materials).


Such a clean fresh dream. The floors were 8″ pine planks that they (with their 12 and 14 year old kids) distressed, stained and then painted white giving it the perfect aged patina. Remember when I said that you should never buy anything that has been faux aged? Well, this family did it and it looks soooo good.


The cottage includes two bedrooms, three full baths, a 900 sq. ft. great room with vaulted ceilings. The great room includes a living room, a dining room with seating for 8-10, and 2 additional seating areas. It really is a dream and such a beautiful space.


That fireplace is made out of a Topcret, which is such a beautiful material, and one we can’t wait to try out on a project. The couches are from Old World Antieks, the beams they sourced from Recycling the Past, and the pillows are from The Screaming Shopper.


The doors are all reclaimed from the flea market from a man named ‘Hector the Collector’ and are so insanely beautiful. Ask around for him if you ever go visit. And I don’t know if that piece next to it is a stove (above) with the fresh branches on top, but it was a happy vignette that I photographed all week. On the first day Brady actually pulled out the branches to check if they were real and screamed in excitement as he saw the water in there and the fresh blooming flowers on them. We all couldn’t believe our eyes, but that is Texas for you.


Boho accommodates overnight stays for up to 8 guests max with the following arrangements:

•Master bedroom (king bed) & attached master bath with soaking tub and separate shower

•Guest bedroom (2 queen beds) with an attached full bath with shower and soaking tub

•Great Room (two day beds) with a dedicated full bath



This antique french hutch is ridiculously beautiful and if I could take any piece home from the house it would probably be that.


They scored this lamp at the market the same morning we were there for $100 and man I was jealous. I’m desperate for some more modern lamps to put on my more antique pieces.

The other side of the great room features this lounging chaise in one corner and in the other corner a U shaped day bed uphlostered by Vandrick James Upholstery. This is where we all snuggled up late at night for our secret revealing chats.


That yarn piece is by Boho By Lauren and that shelving is one of my favorite pieces, purchased from Eneby Home, a dealer that I loved.


Other reasons to never leave – it has this amazing kitchen with brass counter tops that were custom made by Houston Custom Metal Works (that they say will patina and hopefully be as beautiful as we all are picturing in our heads), this antique butcher block island, these stunning custom cabinets by Jonathan Dahl Wood Works, and open shelving that you could style for days. The custom shades are from Select Blinds as well for those of you that were asking.


The beautiful backsplash tile looks very similar to what I have in my kitchen although it is from Mosaichse.


But where did I sleep? Where did I get to rest my head for 7 hours straight? Why didn’t I use this time to go to bed early instead of staying up late and gabbing??


That bed was bar none the most comfortable bed I’ve ever slept on. I guess it’s a custom made mattress that is typically only sold commercially, but man I want my hands/body on that mattress. The bedding was in collaboration with Carol Hicks Bolton and it was so very beautiful. The olive green pillow was one long pillow they made that acts almost like a headboard. Genius.


My bathroom was pretty dreamy, too.


They used the same material in here as they did on the fireplace and it was so beautiful in this lighter tone. ALSO. Never disregard the beauty of washed linen curtains as room dividers.

The other bedrooms and bathrooms in this house are just as gorgeous as well, with such an attention to all the details. (pardon the iphone photos but we wanted to show these spaces off as well and didn’t get time to shoot them with Tessa).

Photos via Curious Details


Paige worked with Cara Marie Piazza to create these custom dyed patchwork headboards. The details in them were so beautiful.


It was so light, bright, fresh and easy to stay in. So, so, so much better than staying at any hotel that I could ever imagine, especially as a group who also needed to get some work done.

Processed with VSCO with c3 preset

Both spaces: No. 1450 and Boho can be rented separately or together as one property. In addition to lodging, the Hulls are renting the space out for pretty much any event, think –

  • Intimate Rehearsal Dinners
  • Workshops
  • Corporate Retreats
  • Family Reunions
  • Wedding/Baby Showers
  • Commercial Photo Sessions
  • Video Shoots
  • Vacation Home Rental and Event Space
  • Produce Business/Creative Workshops and Special Events
  • and beyond that they have: Artisan Made Home Goods Line (sold on their webshop), Hand-Picked Antiques and Vintage (sold on their webshop), and a Hotel Amenity Line



I recently went to Ojai Valley Inn for a girls weekend and it was amazing … maybe The Vintage Round Top is next? It’s just such a great get away, you guys. Or you could do just what we did – a small business off-site or a family reunion.

They even hooked us up with this Swag Bag of local goods:


It was filled with beautiful and local goods from all these talented artisans, makers, people: @tippystockton, @quotabelle @cachechic @texasmonthly @curiousdetails @hunter_lawrence @artifactuprising @manreadymerc @debilynndesigns @goingtoroundtop @royerspiehaven @takonasoapery @twosparrowsroasting @thegardencoandcafe @thevintageroundtop

To thank them for their insanely generous hospitality I bought them this painting by Paul Meyer who was showing his art just across from the house:


Oh and in case you thought they disregarded the outside you are wrong. The outside was just as beautiful, simple, and put together. You’ll notice in the picture below that one of the vintage markets is literally across the street. How much better does it get than this folks?


We loved sitting in these chairs in the morning sipping on our coffee as the cows in the pasture behind the house enjoyed their morning meal as well. It really was beyond picturesque.


A huge thank you to these amazing people for allowing us to stay at their place during a VERY busy rental time and for being such incredible hosts. If you are looking for a place to stay in Round Top then definitely reach out to them and get it booked. While we were there Tripp Films filmed a short little video of us chatting about the space with Paige and Smoot so check back on their blog to see it once it is live.

The Vintage Round Top property is located on the main road only one mile from Round Top Square and a quarter mile from Festival Hill.  All usable materials and fixtures taken out of the original home were donated to Habitat for Humanity and a percentage of all rentals is also donated to this special charity. It is a win, win for everyone. THANK YOU Paige and Smoot. 

Please email for more information about event rates, and visit The Vintage Round Top for more information on the property. 

***Photography by Tessa Neustadt, unless noted otherwise


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7 years ago

Forget wanting to be your young client–I want to be your STAFF! 😉

7 years ago

I would love to know where those overhead sconces are from. The metal looking ones over the chaise thingie. Thanks!

Cris S.
7 years ago
Reply to  StephanieZ

Me too!!!!

7 years ago

This is my dream home rental: beautiful, creative space, lots of light, lots of room, great kitchen. Thanks for sharing — I wish I had a reason to visit.

7 years ago

This looks great! I wish there was a “GET THE LOOK” at the bottom.

7 years ago

Brass counter tops. I just fell in love.

7 years ago

No words……..

7 years ago

I recall this amazing space from a magazine I read.

**The wood palette day bed is the best!

7 years ago

Okay so I need to know absolutely everything about brass countertops. Has EHD checked into them? what is the durability like? Style-wise what are the pros and cons? and how much more expensive is it compared to wood countertops? or marble? Thanks so much for sharing this place looks INCREDIBLE.

7 years ago
Reply to  Katie

I’d assume it would be similar to zinc countertops. They have a coating, like a wax. Or you can let them patina.

I totally want brass counters now too!

7 years ago

This place is BEYOND unreal. What a beautifully curated home! I agree with jessvii and wish there was a get the look widget for ways to replicate this kind of dream home for yourself!

If there’s opportunity for one, this sofa looks super similar to the squishy leather ones from that living room!

Oh my goodness, what an incredible home! I live close enough to Round Top to make it a day trip, but I want to go for a weekend just so I can stay here!

7 years ago

Amazing and full of so much thoughtful charm.

7 years ago

This is without a doubt among the best, most informative material you’ve ever posted. What an inspiring, gorgeous and comfortably casual place! Kudos to the talented couple who create this wonderful ambience.

My husband Daniel Riebeling Built the porches! Paige and Smoot are good friends of ours and my husband is a VERY VERY good craftsman. His rep in Round Top is only the best.

I was a Professional Hair and Makeup artists for 30 years and I do Paige’s makeup for special events and now I am a Real Estate Agent with Heritage Texas Country Properites, Round Top TX

and Paige and Smoot it look great, 😉

7 years ago

I live in Dallas and have been to Round Top once, but your post is making me want to go back this fall. I am pretty darn cheap so I have a hard time with the prices on a lot of the items you bought, but I do really love the special wooden bowls/trinkets, leather garbage can and that pine dresser. I love those round feet so much!

7 years ago

Hi EHD! Any chance you know where to find info on the coffee table in the great room? The one with what looks like diamonds made from wood.
Great post and looks like you had a fun time together.
Thank you!

7 years ago

In love with this space and that fiber art!