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by Emily Henderson

Oh, hey folks. Don’t worry. It’s still me, Emily Henderson. Emily Henderson 4.0, that is. I can design houses, host videos, do a mean Arnold Schwarzenegger in Kindergarten Cop impression – hell, I often even dress myself, but one of many things I can’t do is re-design (and certainly build) my own website, and it was time. So I hired the creative team at Project M Plus to completely analyze, break down, rebrand, and rebuild this here site. And they did a wonderful number on me. Emily Henderson 4.0 – more comprehensive, more pages, more vintage to buy, more resources and more design services to book, all while looking at a freshly art directed, and frankly BEAUTIFUL new site.

The blog turned 5 1/2 years old this week, which is basically 112 in blog years. Memory lane called – free trip coming up.

When I first started in 2010 I was on blogger (I think) and I designed the blog myself. I think we all know that by ‘designed’ I really mean I just wrote a couple words in a random font – that’s all graphic design is, right?


It was originally called ‘The Brass Petal’ – due to my love of both gold toned things and flowers – two things that have not changed. I started it 3 months before I went on HGTV DesignStar. Then after I won,  Squarespace reached out and offered to redesign my site (on their platform, duh). They did, and it looked like this:


Definitely better than my own ‘design’. But then 2 years later I was sick of looking at that blog, so I asked my friend Bri Emery to give me a facelift. It was a huge improvement (until I messed it up by making some changes that I couldn’t fix). She moved me to WordPress (another migration but a good one – Squarespace just wasn’t the right fit for me). I’m still on WordPress, by the way. Emily_Henderson_Website_2013_to_2015

Things were good for a while, but two years is the maximum time for me to stare at the same thing every day, apparently. Most companies don’t need to change their look every 2 years, but its a bit different with blogs – for both the reader and the writer. It would be like you going to the same restaurant every single day for two years. You just get really ready to look at something new, even if the menu changes. Plus, since our business is digital, that means that every single day there are advances in both design and coding that can improve our collective lives and businesses, and I needed to start checking those boxes. Our SEO could be higher. Our engagement could be longer. My bounce-rates, page views, organic referrals, etc, etc, could all be improved upon. If you don’t know what any of that means, CONSIDER YOURSELF LUCKY.

It’s like a surgeon using outdated tools – it might still work, but not NEARLY as well as it could. Time for new tools – shinier, sharper, faster tools – in 24 carat brass.

So the process began. Cleo and her lead designer started pinning and coming up with the new look and feel. I’m not totally sure what direction I gave them – I think I said ‘happy, girly with simplicity, and vintage inspired’. I’ve designed houses for people with vague and yet specific tastes and trust me, its HARD. I can’t imagine I was a dream client, but they began the process and it was already off to a good start.

Here is what they pinned that I responded to pretty strongly:


There were a lot more, but those had the right combo of happy, feminine, a bit wild and totally fresh.

So they started showing me rough concepts of an original design. They found old hand-drawn botanicals and composed them with my name in a chunkier font. I loved the concept – we just needed to tweak it a bit with the colors and background.


Meanwhile they started playing with the submark (the tiny emblem at the bottom of my webpages) and they were inspired by these pretty things:



So they started playing around with my initials (most appropriately) making sure that it worked with the header/logo:



Getting to see the header was wonderful, the submarks were fun, and watching the fonts and colors all coming together was so exciting.

But then came the animated header for the splash page. MAN, was I excited. They showed me the storyboard and I was all … cool, what is it? And then I hit play (check it out here) and I was like yes, that is next level shit right there.


Its obviously nothing I would have done on my own – I’ve never even seen it before. But its just so fun to land and see it. Plus we can change it out any time and play with the speed/colors, etc.


Here’s how the whole process really went down – they presented, we liked, we gave feedback, they tweaked, they presented, we liked more, we gave notes, they tweaked, they presented, we loved, then they built (and still tweaked and built and tweaked while building). The whole process took 6 months – not because of the design, but because of the amount of pages, and the amount of copy, that needed to work with the images. We started it not really knowing what 4.0 would need to look or function like. It was totally collaborative – with them bringing most of the ideas and me saying ‘YES THAT IS A GOOD IDEA. LETS DO THAT PLEASE’. Thank God for them.

Emily_Henderson_Website_Decisions_2015 Emily_Henderson_Website_Redesign_Meeting

There are so many things that go into building a new site, you guys have NO IDEA (well, maybe some of you do). It’s like designing a house in the sense that every single detail has to be considered and designed – including the space between the details. Its not just the logo and the fonts – its the backgrounds, the arrows, the ‘sold signs’ … every single thing, and space between each thing, was considered and is intentional. AND THEN IT HAD TO ACTUALLY WORK! Meaning that the code had to work with the design in a seamless way that made sense for you guys to navigate. The portfolio is a good example of that – what size are the photos? Are we doing gallery or arrow clicks? Or both? How do we link back to the original posts? Where do I put copy? How many words are ideal visually next to the photos? etc, etc.


It was one of those situations where I was whispering this is worth every penny constantly. And no, its not because they are cheap. The best never are.


The final design was settled on and I was, and am, so happy. I change stylistically all the time, and yet I always stay kinda the same. So the site needs to match that – the colors, vibe and fonts might be more on trend and feel more modern, yet it still needs to feel young, happy and with restrained excitement. God, its weird to talk about yourself like that, but you guys know what I mean. Emily_Henderson_New_Website_Design_Process

So welcome to the new site. The site is HUGE, as you’ll see. There is still the portfolio, the press page, the about page (with added people and soon to be more!), but now there are a few things you should know about.

First off – our new design services.


We are trying some new things out – things that might be wild successes or failures, but after years of only taking on LA based clients above a certain, rather high budget, we are expanding and adding services for all price ranges. Check them out (and wish us luck).


I have collected resources over the years and continue to add to them every day. We have a secret document floating around here that everyone uses when searching for lighting or textiles, and I’ve slowly done larger posts about them (like the art resources, or online fabric resources), but now you’ll all have daily access to those resources as well. This is only a drop in the bucket. We’ve highlighted some of our favorites and then listed out even more of them – but stay tuned. As we were filling in all the copy on the site I kept remembering so many that I was forgetting (for instance, there is no ‘furniture’ category, WHOOPS) so we’ll be adding to those pretty much on a daily basis. We are also open to submissions for spots as well.



What started out as a what should we do with all this extra stuff?,  has now turned into my newest obsession. The Flea – our online vintage store. I’m scared. This is going to be a huge learning curve (are we under charging? Over charging? Not charging enough for shipping?) but I’m so excited to be able to pass on my favorite things, which have graced so many shoots and, more importantly, have even more of a reason to keep shopping and buying (to restock the store, obviously).


Videos are becoming a bigger and bigger part of my business, but I felt like they were getting lost in the blog feed. So we built a whole page just for these videos. We are still tweaking this and Project M Plus just suggested that we change it so that the videos pop out and play right there instead of linking back to the posts, so that tweak will happen soon. For now there is one featured video that will play here (and many are missing and still being uploaded – migrating sites is always tricky – so stay tuned for that, too).

The whole process has been sooooooooooooooooo incredibly wonderful. Project M Plus knows digital media, they know functionality tricks that I had never heard of (which will remain secret, because you have to hire them to get them). There are ways to make your site more visible and to get more hits, stuff that I don’t have the first clue about. But as a designer/stylist with an online following, what I cared most about was what looked beautiful, stylish and clean and they did all those things.

Plus they are cool and they care. That is VERY hard to find, folks.

So I hope you like the new site. Play around, let me know your thoughts. If there is something functionally that bugs you (and bugs enough people) then let us know in the comments. Like running a restaurant, sometimes it takes a few nights of real customers for you to realize that the water pitchers are stored just 2 inches too far from the ice bin – an easy fix but one that we may not have noticed the night before. I want this site to be easy for you to navigate, to move around, to pin out and to comment on, so that you’ll stay longer and hang out with me.

Thanks, Project M Plus for all your hard work. You are so impressive and lovely to work with you have no idea. xx

*Photos of my meeting with Project M Plus by Jessica Isaac


  1. Hey Emily, I love your new logo. I’m wondering if you can do something about making the access to your blog easier. for about a week it has been very difficult to get in to. It takes 10 minutes at least, and usually it’s just easier to wait until late in the day when fewer people may be trying to enter. This afternoon, as soon as Bloglovin had it listed I have been trying and finally just now got in. I was hoping it would be easier now, but it wasn’t. I know you probably have lots of kinks to work out (the pictures in your blog aren’t loading right now) but since this has been a problem for a little while now I thought I’d mention it while I was here. Thanks, your blog is one of my very favorites and I’m always excited to read it, otherwise I wouldn’t bother mentioning it.

  2. Hi Emily, the page is not fully loading yet for some of us, but I love your new logo, well deserved. It’s always good to evolve and challenge yourself to do more. I know your humble beginnings, approachable, old and new, low and high personality and design style will still there, and it is what I appreciate. Wishing you more success, visibility, and impressions as you evolve.

  3. This post never fully loaded. I did get to see the new layout and logo but that’s about it. Your bio pic didn’t even load on the top right. WAMP WAMP.

    1. One more thought. This is my second post and when I thought about it I laughed. Keep in mind you are pregnant and making all these decisions. I remember when I was pregnant making some color decisions and my mother wondered who I was because it did not look like me. So watch out for those wonderful hormones.

  4. I am so excited to see your new site… whenever it gets working. For most of the day I couldn’t get on it at all, and now that I am on it, none of the images will load. I do have an older computer and browser, but I the images won’t load on my iPad either. And my internet is pretty fast, so I don’t think that is the issue. I will try on my boyfriend’s fancy computer later to see if that works.

    Good luck getting out the website kinks! This sounds like an exciting (and busy) new chapter of EH!

  5. Impossible to load. My absolute favorite blog, and I cannot get into it. The images are simply not loading.

  6. Looks Ahhh-mazing! Not sure if it’s my eyes, but i have a hard time seeing/reading this new font. Not sure if it is gray or if the font is so thin that it appears that way. That is my only gripe…a blog should be readable after all, right?!

    1. Yes, you are so right! The font seems way too small in the blog text and the comments.

      Also, it is annoying that only 3 comments are visible without having to load.

      1. Agree on the font issue. Love the new redesign but the font is too thick/thin and serif-y to be readable at this size. And I don’t want to miss a single word: this is one of my favorite blogs. But otherwise it looks great! Congrats on the redesign: a huge task, I know.

        1. Congrats on your new site Emily!

          But I agree with all the comments about the font. It’s very hard to read – the serif is strange and it’s too ‘floaty’ or something (thin?) that makes it hard to focus on the letters and therefore hard to read.

      2. I agree with that. I like to see a long list of comments.

      3. Agree on both! Font is way too small and also difficult to read. And the grey-on-white and white-on-grey are not contrasty enough to see clearly.

        And yes, it’s very irritating to have to press a button to see all of the comments! Interestingly the font in the comment box is non-serif and seems easier to read, but when the comments post they turn into serif, which is again difficult to read (even though the serif is yet smaller!)

        Other than that the site seems bit odd at first, but presumably will just take some getting used to. This is one of my favourite blogs so will definitely be coming back!

        1. Agree! The font is tiny and very difficult to read. But love your blog, no matter the format!

        2. the site is so beautiful, but the [article] text font makes me want to gauge my eyes out. haven’t even read the blog yet bc it’s so hard to read… 🙁 any chance you can do something without the serif? like a clean helvetica? Love the way things are looking!!! 🙂

          1. agree on having to load more comments! i can’t tell if my computer is frozen or if there simply aren’t any more comments when it doesn’t load any more…

        3. AGREE to all of the above!!!

          With the super tiny font, it’s incredibly hard to read in the serif style. The font you had before the redesign was much more reader-friendly. And, I love scrolling through the comments (as I get even more ideas that way!) and now that’s incredibly difficult to do.

          Thanks as always, Emily, for your amazing content! I so enjoy coming to your site on a regular basis! It always gives me such good ideas… and a nice little break at work. 🙂

          1. I love ALL things Em Henderson but with this font my eyes start to tweak, and then my brain starts to freak! I got through about one paragraph before my head couldn’t take the font. And I seriously love everything you write, so not reading the whole post was sad, but I can’t justify a migraine 🙁 I have a seriously sensitive head, and migraines happen way too often in my world, so I’m sure it’s partially my own messed up noggin’s fault!! Obviously if you love the font, keep it! But I would be seriously (selfishly) bummed not to be able to read your blog anymore!

          2. P.S. I tried making the font bigger…but I think it’s the fonts fault not the size…

        4. Beautiful new blog, Emily! I agree on the small font. Also, the green-on-white is hard to read (but I also don’t have the best eyesight). I also had some issues this morning trying to access, but it seems better now. I look forward to exploring it more this weekend! Way to go Emily and Team!

      4. I’ll also agree that the font is REALLY hard to read as a lighter color and it’s a bit small.

        Also will agree that I can’t click on the comments link for a post unless I open the whole post. Sometimes I just want to see what people are saying after reading your posts!

        1. agree about comments! i like scrolling down and seeing a long list of comments so that i can instantly read and then join the discussion.


          1. Agree. I wanted to read more comments, but I admit I’m too lazy to keep clicking, clicking, clicking.

    2. Yeah, the text is way too tiny for my little eyes, and I have a huge mac screen..

    3. I agree as well. I love every bit, but it is difficult to read.

    4. Agreed that the look is beautiful but the font seems wayyyyy too small!

      1. Agree the font is teeny tiny. I had to check to make sure my computer font size settings were correct, and they were. Please make larger!

        1. Echoing all of the above to give feedback on the font. The serif style is ROUGH. Even if the font is enlarged, it would still be exhausting to read; especially with longer, text heavy posts. I think if you popped over to a san-serif at the same size, it’d be a lot more reader friendly (Though the type in the text boxes for comments is still pretty tiny for my mid-20s eyes).

          The loading is also problematic; especially on the flash page. I’m on a corporate site with typically lighting fast speeds; everything here is popping slower than molasses.

          And yes! The comments design is not conducive to creating a dialogue. I imagine this is for page click purposes but, again, totally not reader friendly.

          1. Also agree here, even in black the thicks/thins in the serif make the body copy super hard to read. I’m a graphic designer and love nice type, but readability is key. Everything else looks lovely!!

      2. Agreed. Lovely new look (that monogram in the upper left! <3) but even my mid-20s eyesight is struggling with the teeny font in the post.

    5. Yes yes, this! I think it’s the combination of the font and the font size…

    6. Agreed that the font is too small / light. Even the font in this comment box is a bit too small to read easily. We are the beta testers, right? Constructive criticism, not haters.

      1. WAYYYY too small!

    7. Everything is great except for the font – hurts my eyes too… but maybe because I have to keep my personal browsing on a small hidden browser in the corner of my work monitor?

    8. Love the design but agree on the font–it is *tiny* and sort of blurry, even on my enormous desktop Mac.

    9. Yeah, I had the same thought – too small to read. Such a lovely new site though!!

    10. Agree, definately too small font! My nose almost touched the monitor when trying to read 😛
      Other than that it’s looking lovely!

    11. YES! This was my comment too. I cannot stand the font, its very hard on my eyes. I want to poke my eyes out. Please change it!!

      1. Love what I can see! But not everything is loading and I hate to beat this horse more, but the font is very difficult to read and anything grey is almost invisible 🙁

      2. Font is terrible! So glad others are agreeing and very hopeful this changes ASAP. I am reading it in my head with a teeny tiny impression of Emily’s voice. NO bueno

        1. Hate the don’t!!! First impression was that it looks like every other blog with this font that I have to squint to read. Also incredibly hard to comment on a mobile device (not optimized for IPhone?) either way, was afraid to say anything about the terrible font until I read the comments and breathed a sigh of relief that I wasn’t the only one.

    12. Oh man! I love all things EH so I was really hoping the font thing wasn’t just me. I’m sorry Emily, but it’s just off. Almost like it’s pixelated. The “look” is gorgeous! The function… not so much.

    13. Stuggling with the font too! Making me squinty – which is just not pretty. Love the new design though.

    14. Hi Emily, I love your work and yours is the only blog I enjoy to actually read (rather than skimming the pictures) but your new font is tough on the eyes and I found myself having to really concentrate to focus and in the end I just skimmed through.
      Sorry to provide negativity – I do really love the new style over all x

  7. Your site’s beautiful, Emily! I absolutely love the header. 🙂 You guys did an amazing job and I can’t wait to explore further.

    Two things – all the images in the blog are working fine for me, but some of the product images in The Flea aren’t loading for me. Also, I clicked on a couple of products and one – the Brass Flatware (Full Set) – doesn’t have any pricing info available. I assume this means it’s already sold. If so, it would be great if it would mention that on the main page – even if it came up ‘sold’ when you hovered over the picture.

    Secondly, it might just be my computer, but the main body text’s font isn’t the easiest to read. Again, might just be my particular screen, though!

  8. I’m seeing loading issues as well. The most important thing is the font size is way too small. Your previous version was very pleasant and easy to read on multiple size devices. I’m reading this on a laptop and the blog article is only taking up about 50% of the page width. In that regard, the previous version is much better design wise. Website design trends are going away from this content display style to a wider page view.

    I love your content and will continue to read on a daily basis. This is an annoying user experience though. Project M can easily do a usability study to record user experiences and adjust accordingly.

    Your ideas, writing style and talent keep folks coming back. In other words, your content is original and great. That’s the difficult part to achieve. WordPress is wonderful. Your designers now have the task of continuous inspection and adaptation. They will be able to take user feedback and make your website be the best ever.

  9. I like your new header, but GOSH–why is the font so tiny!! Even as I am typing it looks like it’s about 7 pt on my laptop.
    The text of your blog looks like it’s about 8 pt. Wearing bifocals is embarrassing enough w/o having to squint and try to make sense of this tiny, overly serifed font.
    Please get that ironed out, I’m begging you.

  10. The font. Dear god, the font…please, bigger it! Remember that many decor blog readers are middle-aged ladies (ahem) whose eyesight is declining precipitously anyway. Too. Small. Much smaller than your last design. Ow. Love you, love the blog, love Charlie (duh), but not the font!

  11. Love the new site! So classic and so you! I couldn’t wait to turn in to the new site this morning. Your site has become my new daily read the last few months! 🙂

    Just a few thoughts. I have similar comments on the font size. It seems harder to read the blog on iphone and on computer. I’m using a larger monitor and it still seems very small and the edges seem to blur together. Maybe because the font is a serif typeface instead of sans serif like your header?

    Also, I noticed as I was looking at the tabs, I see a standard wordpress logo as the favicon. I think it’d be great and more memorable to those who have multiple tabs open on mozilla/chrome if you had your logo as the favicon! That way when people bookmark your page or add to favorites on phone, they see your lovely logo. Hope this helps! 🙂

  12. CONGRATS on Emily 4.0, the new site is beautiful and I can’t wait to see all the new features you’ll be rolling out! We’re furnishing our first home (i.e., I’ve been on your site on the daily getting inspo) and I’m especially looking forward to e-Design and the Flea. GREAT IDEAS!

  13. Hey Emily-

    The fonts on your new site design are TINY and very difficult to read. The design itself is pretty, but man, I need a magnifying glass to read it…

    1. It’s not the font color or size, it’s the font itself. The thin parts are waaay to thin for a bady font online. It should be used for headersonly. TThere’s a reason verdanais the go-to font online. Other launch issues are forgivable but this oversight is simply poor design work.

  14. I’m happy to see this design update! Overall, it looks much more polished and professional (yay) but I have to agree with everyone who mentioned that the text is difficult to read. It’s not just that the point size is too small—although that’s definitely a factor—but the tracking on the text is too tight, i.e. the letters are too squished together. There should be more breathing room between each letter; as is, many of them are so close that they appear to be touching. Every launch has its kinks…looking forward to seeing this site evolve!

    1. I think the previous site looked just as polished 😉 but that could be my soft spot for gold metallic minimalism. I agree with you on the font, it’s definitely trouble.

      I think one of the main difficulties with getting bigger and providing a huge range of content, is that it literally gets more complicated. The goal should be to simplify everything, simplify the user experience and the space around the content. We don’t need decorations as much as we need an intuitive experience. I think the new site will take getting used to, but hopefully things will all click into place.

  15. Follow up comment, as I already made one – when I hit “Post comment” the screen reverted back to the very top of the page and I wasn’t sure if my comment had posted. Had to do a lot of scrolling and then some clicking on “see more” just to confirm my comment had posted! It also meant that if I wanted to continue reading comments (my original had been a reply) I lost my place. The small number of comments visible also makes it impossible to know where in the list your own comment may be.

    Also, I particularly noticed it when I got booted back to the top of the page, the header is a full two-thirds of the page, and a good quarter of that seems to be an empty pale grey stripe. The new logo seems to take up an awful lot of headroom. You can only catch a glimpse of the top of your profile pic and the first line of the top blog post without scrolling down, it’s pretty offputting I’m afraid (if i was visiting for the first time I would definitely be put off)

    1. I agree with that 🙁 Now scrolling all the way down to the place where i left my comment to continue reading the comments.

  16. Hey Emily,

    I love the new website! As you can see based on my own blog design, I like those old botanicals too 😉 I don’t mind the font being on the small side, and I haven’t had any problems since yesterday with the loading time. All normal kinks to work out these first days, but oh so stressful, I remember when we switched systems for my webshop last year, I was a nervous wreck! Hope all is going according to plan!

    The only two things I’d change: there’s quite a lot of space between your header and your content, and I think it would be better to move the content up so there is more of your post visible above the fold. If your other readers are anything like me, we love being drawn in by your beautiful images. And the second thing is I would show more/all of the comments. I really enjoy exploring the comments and discovering your community, you have very interesting and vocal readers and this way it’s just easier to join the conversation!

    I’m curious to see who is going to join your team! I applied as a contributor as well when you first told us you’d consider adding writers to the team, but I didn’t think my chances were that high considering I’m not a native speaker and I live in Belgium, so I published the sample post on my own blog last month 🙂 (It’s over here http://noglitternoglory.com/2015/05/03/get-the-look-the-darjeeling-limited/)

    Anyway, sorry for digressing, the site looks amazing and it’s a perfect next step for you and the team. Congrats, you should be so proud! x

  17. Love the new design and the fact that it adapts to mobile devices.
    A few things I noticed: The “follow” links in the upper right don’t seem to be working. And the font size in this very comment form is rather teeny tiny and therefore kinda uncomfortable to read.

    P.S.: The loading of the post seems to be working fine now. Maybe that’s because all Americans are still sleeping and us Europeans have the site to ourselves? 😉

  18. Hey Emily – loving the logo and header, and the online shop (eeep!) but

  19. Hi Emily, it is a beautiful website. Like the logo a lot. I agree with the first poster of comments that it was very hard to login onto your website for some time now. I am reading your website every day as a treat. May I also suggest that the font of your posts be slightly amended. This font is very hard to read.

    But well done for all your hard work! You are an inspiration to me!

  20. Very pretty but just really hard to read.

  21. I love the layout but the new font is hard to read…

  22. Love the new site design! However, is there any way to be able to go from entry to entry instead of heading back to the main page to click on a previous entry to read? Still, the new site looks great! Love the smaller font size!

  23. OMG. Emily, the new site is SO GOOD. I love everything about it! The botanicals are gorgeous and I love the new submarks and the color scheme….I can’t get over it. So very exciting!!

  24. Hi Emily, the page is not fully loading yet for some of us. Looking forward to see it working! 🙂


  25. The site is functioning well for me! Not a huge fan of the design…. A bit Laura Ashley for me!

    1. I agree- I thought it was only me! I feel like she lost the whimsy in the redesign.

  26. Teeny, tiny print. Sigh. Small pics. Sigh. Big empty side borders. Sigh. Too hard to read. Sigh. Hopefully, the bugs will get worked out.

  27. Hi

    I too am really struggling to read the blog – the font is tiny and the content seems to only fit in the central second and third vertical fourths of the screen. Really frustrating! Also, I can’t find any info under shipping in The Flea section…

    I love this blog and wouldn’t normally mention the above but it is breaking my heart 😉

    V. x

  28. So beautiful!!! I love the new site, logo, design, colors, etc. A few (hopefully constructive) comments: (1) The font is way too small and very hard to read (including in the comments). I’m not sure if it is the font size alone or that the white “box” in the middle that actually contains the content is also smaller, but, either way, I think the font size needs to be a good bit bigger. (2) Not a big one, but I don’t like having to “load more” comments…I would prefer all of the comments to be there so I can just scroll through them instead of hitting “load more” 100 times. (3) It is taking a while to load or jump to another page when I click on something–maybe that will work itself out, but I just thought I should throw that in there. Overall, it looks great!

  29. Hi Emily, I have loved you since Brass Petal, but this redesign isn’t speaking to me. It is too tiny and hard to read, (I use an ipad for all my beloved blog reading). Ack! just to had to enlarge this comment box so I can see what I am typing. And not liking to click to load more comments, which I read religiously. Okay, also, your header is underwhelming somehow, and doesn’t pop. More importantly I would love love love to see some postings highlighted at the top, similar to what Design Sponge and The Design Files blogs do. That is such and inviting and useful feature. I know you will nail this, because it is always such a delight to see how you tackle a challenge and hit it out of the park! You set the bar so high with your writing and content and are my favorite blogger, so it’s sort of your fault setting up my expectation of something rather more engaging and inspiring from you 🙂

  30. Hi Emily – Just a quick fix for you. Where you link to “Portfolio” and the “About Page” within this blog post, the links are broken. They were put in as “bystyleemilyhenderson.com/portfolio” instead of “stylebyemilyhenderson.com/portfolio.” Love the new site – wasn’t loading for me yesterday, but today seems MUCH better!

  31. Please change the font. I am about 6 inches away from my screen and squinting (and, yes, I have my contacts in my eyeballs). It is just too hard to read, and I want to read every word. You are, by far, my favorite blogger and your words are important to me:).

  32. Hi Emily! Love the new look, it’s lovely. However, I do find the text quite difficult to read. Serif fonts are usually pretty tough to read on the web. That’s the only thing I’d like to see changed!

  33. I LOVE your new site, Emily! You and Project M Plus did a wonderful job. It definitely “speaks” to you. I, too, have an obsession with The Flea, and I dream of one day using your design services.

  34. Love the new design, it looks really clean and beautiful! And I love the idea of ‘THE FLEA’ 🙂


  35. LOVE YOUR NEW LOOK!!!!!! My only suggestion would be the paragraph font and general font size – it’s so small! I am not even 30 and I am struggling to read it! And the serif paragraph font is not translating well. LOVE YOU, MEAN IT!

  36. LOVE LOVE LOVE! My favorite part: your RECENT FINDS shop.

    One request: on your flea shop you put the price on the image that pops up when you hover over the item.

    1. I agree with Jess, it would be great if the price showed up in the hover image over at The Flea.

      I love the new site design, and I’m not having any trouble with the font – but it’s late in the day and maybe things have changed since the initial comments earlier today.

      1. Agree with Jess and Michelle about the price showing up when you hover over the image. Whould be a great feature!

  37. Love the new site!

    I would like to be able to pin the items from The Flea.

  38. Request: In The Flea,when you mouse over every item which makes it pink and then “Shop” can you put the price there instead? Thank you much for considering!
    P.S. The new site wouldn’t load yesterday which I’m guessing is due to “get your chin off the floor” overload! CONGRATULATIONS on such a good online move!

  39. i’m embarrassed to say but this is the best day ever! to have access to your flea market finds and items you use in your posts is a dream come true! i don’t live in CA (in st. louis), so having everything available online is much appreciated! as always, thanks for being super awesome!!!!

  40. I don’t want to beat a dead horse, because that sounds exhausting and horribly inhumane, but the font size is a tad straining on the eyes and perhaps even the font style. I’m excited about the rest of the changes though. Great job!

  41. I love the new header on the website… its beeeeaaaaautiful! And I keep saying “style play everday” over and over again in my head.

    One thing I don’t super love is the font: it’s so teeny tiny. The old one was much bigger and cleaner and didn’t make my brain hurt from concentrating so hard.

  42. Love the design… but I’m finding the font hard to read. It’s small and busy, and your blog posts are wonderfully wordy and rambling. Please try a larger or simpler (or both!) font for the larger chunks of text!

  43. I’m going to second (more like, 33rd, or 55th) the feedback about the font in the blog being to small to read comfortably. That’s a bummer because I LOVE reading your blog. You have strong voice in your writing and it’s very enjoyable.

    Otherwise, I love the new site and the new services, resources, and shopping. Awesome job!

  44. Love you & your work, hate the site redesign. I’m unsure if the header is loading properly–what I see is just one flower, on the left? It’s also so boxy with very odd spacing and the font is SO hard to read! Help a reader out!

  45. I had no problems with the page loading but the text is so small, it makes it really hard to read, the rest of the redesign is beautiful.

  46. Such a pretty site, very inspiring. love your work, you are an amazing source of inspiration you me. Thanks for the amazing work you guys do. You are great!!

  47. Hi! It’s sooo prettyyy! Congrats! My one small comment is that it’s very hard to read such small type; I had to resize the window to make it comfortable.

  48. what a beautiful look–congrats and kudos! my only suggestion/feedback would be to look into the possibility of adjusting the kerning of the text in the posts. it might just be my screens, but on both my desktop and phone, it’s really tight/squished and difficult to read. i squinted and did read it (love hearing about the process of how this came to be!), but it was rough on the ol’ (not actually old…) eyeballs here.

  49. Looks lovely – congratulations on the roll out. I know I am ancient for a blog-reader (let’s just say there are bifocals and progressive lenses involved), so maybe it’s just me … but is the font for the actual posts INCREDIBLY small. Like, I can barely read it on my enormous desktop screen and may have to try to figure out how to enlarge the size for the whole page in order to really be able to read it. I have to say, there are no other blogs or sites that I have this problem with. Something to look into. Thanks!

  50. Congrats on the face lift, it’s beautiful!

  51. Woohoo! Change is always fun. I’m excited about the group organization (videos in one place, resources, etc.). Love the logo. Love the flowers.

    Tech stuff:
    I’m checking out the site at work using IE11 and behind a firewall. It took one refresh for the main page to load and multiple to get specific items from the store to open. The error message is a 504 Gateway Time-out. My first attempt to send this through as a comment also timed out.

    User experience stuff / opinions:
    From a practical standpoint, the font size for filling in the comment box looks to be about 3 pt. I’m not *that* old yet, but it’s hard to read.

    The post titles, comment names/dates/times are showing as a very pale gray. Maybe too pale for my preferences.

    I know Times New Roman gets +++ for readability, but it’ll never be my favorite. Maybe TNR is the default because the font package didn’t make it through either our work firewall and/or the restricted version of IE we run here? Not sure.

    It’ll all get sorted out though – your comparison to a new restaurant is spot on. 🙂

    1. Wow – I am here to comment on myself now that I am at home on the laptop, google Chrome, no firewall, Windows 7.

      I loathe this “load more comments” button. If I want to read comments, I want to read them – maybe all of them. I do not want to keep clicking a button to find more comments. Maybe that’s better for responsive design or something? UGH – do not like. I can’t even feel civil about it. No. Not even a little.

      This time around the font in the comment box is larger and easier to read. The font for the blog post themselves doesn’t appear to be TNR – maybe that has changed *or* maybe it was always this other font but it didn’t come through.

      It seems like come gray has been darkened a bit which is nice, but there is still light gray in various places.

      So … getting better, but the comments thing – – – that’s gotta go.

  52. Emily,

    I’m a longtime fan of your blog. This might seem a bit nitpicky (and it might be a huge hassle to change), but I think you want to use the word “everyday” written out as two words, not one. The phrase “style, play, every day” would mean to style and play on a daily basis. By having it as one word, “everyday”, the meaning changes to “common”, “ordinary”, or “run of the mill”, which I’m guessing is not what you mean.

    1. yes to this. Grammar matters :p I didn’t really understand the phrase at first

  53. I think the logo is beautiful and the site looks very clean and modern. Looks like you added a ton of functionality and new options. Fun change! My constructive criticism is:

    1. The font is crazy small. My face is like 2 inches from the computer right now so I can see what I’m typing.
    2. I love the font used for your name and the headers, but the font you are using for writing the blog posts doesn’t match, and in my humble, non graphic designer opinion, looks so dated.
    3. I CAN NOT believe that your name, the header bar and stripes are in gray1 That is so not Emily Henderson to me. Should definitely be some shade of beautiful blue. 🙂

  54. Hi Emily!

    Love the new site! As a web designer/developer myself I can appreciate all the work it took to get you here! I’ve got some similar feedback as other readers. I am not loving the font. If you are committed to that serif I would definitely try upping the font size to make things more readable, if not I would go with a larger sans-serif. Even typing this comment out on a gigantic mac I am having a hard time reading what I’m writing. I have also been having a hard time with the speed of the site load. Overall very minor things. Excited to see where this new design takes you!

  55. the new logo is beautiful, but i tend to agree with a bunch of others about the font, it is SO difficult to read, and my 26 year old self has 20/20 vision. The font on the comments too looks to be about 6pt. font! i think you’re probably still ironing out A LOT of kinks, for a while i kept getting an error 504 gateway timeout just trying to access the site, and a few of your flea products either don’t have pricing info or won’t load and timeout.

    it’s really beautiful though, so so beautiful. i love the logo, and the headers are great, but everything is so tiny!

    also, i agree about the ‘load more’ on the fonts, i don’t really like having to click it a million times…

    but honestly, this is gorgeous!

  56. The new site is GORGEOUS, and I couldn’t agree more.. it’s a serious undertaking. All the things we have to learn after we beginning this adventure in blogging. Things you would NEVER EVER assume before. It’s crazy, but crazy in a good way.

    Josh | The Kentucky Gent

  57. Emily, I am a daily reader, and the new design is fantastic. I thought you would want to know that on my screen, I find the font very hard to read. I had to zoom in quite a bit to be able to read it without straining my eyes, but then the images are huge too and don’t work with the overall design of the page on the screen. And actually now that I am typing this comment, the font within this comment box is also super tiny and hard to read. And I am still zoomed in!

  58. So glad I can read this in feedly because the font is horrible – serif should never be used online since it is too hard to read (oddly enough the comment box is a sans-serif and the site itself it a serif) and the size is way too small. Photos aren’t loading on the homepage and your new logo (initial thing) does not look good on the screen. Sorry, the site design is a huge bummer.

    I’ll keep reading but only via feedly.

  59. I am loving all the new digs! Along the lines of giving feedback – the pages are loading super slow for me, and some are being timed out. I am assuming this is a technical problem you guys are working out. Congrats on the new site!!

  60. Hi, Emily! I’m so excited to check out all your new features (and digitally drool over every item in your shop), but also, I just wanted to say that the thing that always keeps me coming back to your site is the blog feature. Your posts always crack me up and inspire me, and I love that you give us a backstage pass into the process, so to speak. It’s so much more engaging than what I see on a lot of other blogs (ie a little bit of writing, lots of photos, obvious omission of any snafus that came up between step 1 and the perfect end result). I’ve learned so much from you over the past 5 years, and I’ve had such a great time doing it. Here’s to five more! Congrats on the new site!

  61. It looks really pretty. I agree with the other comments that it is really long on loading. Yesterday I could not even get in. The font is also really small. It is hard to read. Just my two cents. But very nice redesign.

  62. I think the font is too small.

  63. What a beautiful blog! I am so excited to look around. One quick suggestion that I noticed while reading this intro is that the font is pretty small and hard to read. I’m not sure if others are experiencing this, but it could be helpful to go up a size or two.

  64. Definitely hard on the eyes to read text..hopefully that’ll be fixed..I’ve given up on other blogs because too harsh on the eyes too read.

  65. the page is definitely slow to load (had to refresh several times) and I find the font rather small. I like the look, but I liked reading the font of the old version a bit better. The way it loads on my page it looks cramped. But I loved reading about the design process regardless.

    1. Also, I agree with others that having to ” load more” comments repeatedly makes it very hard to realize that you have repeated what everyone else already said. Sorry about that.

  66. Cool rebrand, chiming in to let you know that the font is very difficult to read, both because of size and low contrast. Hopefully this can be updated soon!

  67. Looks good but the font is very small and hard to read.

  68. The fonts are a wee bit small for me. I read your blog on a smallish MacBook. I blew the zoom up a couple taps and I still feel like I’m squinting. Extra squint in this comments form. Teeeeny.

  69. Congratulations! I love the new look and can’t wait to explore all the new features. I can’t believe how much you accomplish, by the way. Even with help, it’s a lot and so impressive..

    I have lost the fight with the part of myself that is telling me to mind my own business, so I hope you won’t mind if I point out that “everyday” should technically be two words the way you’ve used it in your tagline. Written as one word it’s an adjective and so would need another word to follow it to make sense (e.g., an “everyday occurrence”). Also, it means “ordinary”… which you are not!

    “Every day” written as two words means “each day,” which I suspect is what you want to convey.


    1. Yes–thank you, Michelle! I was just about to comment on this, but I wanted to read the other comments first so as not to be repetitive. I agree that Emily is anything but ordinary–she is one of a kind! Favorite style blog hands down.

  70. My first comment has to be the font size. I have the blog full screen on my computer and I feel like my eyes are going to bleed from straining to read the small font. I’m looking forward to exploring the blog when I can actually read the content (and read what I’m typing since I’m having a hard time even reading the comment box as I type)

    1. ha, I didn’t even see the comments above about the font size since I didn’t realize there were more comments to load until after my post. I would say also that as a general rule sans-serif fonts are easier to read on websites so that might also help the legibility. Thanks!

  71. Hi Emily! Congrats on the new website.

    Few thoughts, since you asked. The font!! Is this the correct font or is it not loading properly? It’s not fresh or modern and more importantly it’s VERY hard to read. Tiny, pinched and not dark enough. I can barely read what I’m typing here. Also, there is too much white space between the header and the content on the blog page. I’m glad videos are separate. Many watch them, but many of us avoid them at all costs, especially those reading at work, or who don’t have a great connection.

    I’m excited for the extended content and resources. The flea is fun to look at, but most items don’t have prices listed. The ones that do are far out of reach.

    Anyway, there’s my feedback. If there is one thing you take note of, please change the font!!

    Kind of missing your old site, but loving you, your design and your content, always.

  72. I’d like to comment but it’s not loading for me so I can’t see most of the new design. No florals or colours. The Flea pictures aren’t all loading either.

    I’d agree with the other posters that it’s annoying to have to keep clicking load more to see more than three comments and I also like to know in advance how many comments a post has so I know whether it’s worth reading them all or skipping to the end, which incidentally, I can’t do.

    Sorry not to be more positive. I know it must be incredibly stressful to launch this and have it not work for people so I hope you’re taking the comments as constructive.

  73. Hi Emily,
    This looks really good. Congrats. I was wondering if the print could be bigger, I was struggling abit. (It could also be that I am over 40 and need my eyes checked : )

  74. The font is way too small!!! I can’t even read my comment as I’m typing it. And some of the print appears in a faded out gray color that I can barely see. (Like the number of comments in each post). It’s making me feel old! Why? I wish there were a pretty background instead of just gray borders. Everything should be much, much, much bigger.
    And please no having to load more comments. That’s really annoying.

  75. Okay, so I love the new design, but there are a few issues that I’ve noticed. As others have mentioned, pages are loading SO slowly. I felt like the previous design was a tad slow, but not nearly as slow as this. Secondly, both on a PC and my android the font size is so small. On both devices I have to zoom in just to read it. This comment box font is even smaller. This makes the site not very mobile friendly as I’m still scrolling left to right to read every line and see photos, or otherwise am constantly adjusting how much I”m zoomed in or out. I love the new logo design, but the .png quality is really low, it looks blurry even when not zoomed in on my Android. I don’t know if this is due to the tweaking being done on the video page, but none of the videos will play; on my Android it says “this video is private” and on my PC it says I need to sign in to view it, but of course, there isn’t a log in to this site. I love your content and the new design is great, I just hope that you guys can get it working a bit better so it’s a more enjoyable viewing/reading experience!

  76. Love the redesign!!! As a graphic designer I love seeing the inner workings of the entire process, as sooo much goes into it. Everything loaded perfectly for me, even the Flea, so I just wanted to share that since I see some people had issues with photos not loading 🙂


  77. Agree with comments that the new font is really hard to read. It’s small and a bit too round/curly to be easily ready…or maybe I’m just blind? Love your stuff, though!

  78. The new site does look great, but it did take a while to load for me too. The entire post eventually loaded, though. Great choice of everything! My only suggestion would be to change the copy typeface to something with better readability, or adjust the tracking of it. Also, the font size in this comment box is very small. I know the team is still working out glitches, but thank you for the new eye candy!

  79. Agree with comments that the new font is really hard to read. It’s small and a bit too round/curly to be easily read…or maybe I’m just blind? Love your stuff, though!

  80. Looks awesome! Good work!

  81. Hi Emily, the new site is gorgeous! Congratulations! Just a quick mobile browsing point – in the threaded comments, once you get to the third level thread (so a comment, a reply, then a reply to the reply) it is so narrow that there is only one word per line showing up. Bit of a pain to read. But overall it sounds like the team did a fantastic job. Off to check out the rest of the site now!

    1. Yes! This! Mobile viewing of comments was…odd…only a couple of words per line…I took a screen shot to send to my boyfriend cuz I thought it might be my phone! I love reading the newest post and the comments on my phone in the morning, so hopefully this is any easy fix!

  82. Taking AGES to load the new site, which is also hard to read unless I enlarge the page. Can you use larger font? Darker? Different?

  83. Taking AGES to load the new site, which is also hard to read unless I enlarge the page. Can you use larger font? Darker? Different? Right now it is actually uncomfortable to read the text.

  84. 2 words: Totally Gorgeous!!!

  85. Gorgeous upgrades. I can’t wait to look around at all the new features and I am STOKED about “The Flea!”

    I’ll throw my comment in too about the font (since you asked for feedback). Too small, especially considering it is a serif font. Other than that, beautiful!

  86. I find the font size, color, and style VERY hard to read. Thanks!

  87. The font size, color, and style are very hard to read. Thanks!

  88. Hi Emily, love love love your blog and the thought behind the redesign is totally spot on. However, to echo points that have already been shared: the typeface isn’t a good one to use for the copy, as the thins are too thin to read and overall it just appears very small. Serifs can totally work on websites sometimes, but an overall thicker one is a better choice.

    Also, having a lot of loading issues with The Flea, which I’ve been trying to check all day! It originally did open but now it has been simply giving me an error message.

    Can’t wait to see once everything is resolved! 🙂


  89. Your body font doesn’t look too good on PC but is more acceptable in a Mac. I read your blog on a feed reader so I guess it’s ok for me. Just visited the site just to see the redesign. 😀

  90. Love everything, except that it loads so slowly and is sort of cumbersome to move around.

  91. Congrats! I can only imagine the hard work and headaches that go into such a redesign! My two cents – I find this new text font very difficult to read. I might skew a little older than your average reader (41…I’d like to think of myself as “vintage,” not “antique”) but the font is slight and small — and I’m viewing on a PC (not mobile)! And it’s really, really small as I type in this comment box. Don’t want to sound curmudgeon-y, but if I can’t read it, I WON’T read it. But LOVE YOU!

  92. I love how it all looks! The uniformity is great and I love the shopping features!!
    Though, I’m having trouble reading the blog font on Chrome. It has, like, too much white space within the letters? I don’t know if that makes sense, but it appears (to me) as if it’s choppy and not a fully-formed letter. Maybe it’s just a half-size too small?
    Best of luck and, again, everything looks so amazing!

  93. Your website looks broken in places– on my browser (google chrome), big gaps of space all over especially at the top. All your content is below the fold…I didn’t even see it, until I scrolled way down.

    Also, it takes forever to load. I tried a bunch of times and just left, I decided to wait and let it load so I could send you this message.

    Hope these comments help. Good Luck.

  94. To echo many of the other commentors. TOO SMALL. I had to zoom in 150% percent just to read it. I’m 33 and using a decent 22″ monitor so it’s just not me and my eyes.

  95. I love it! It’s kind of like when you have been styling your own hair and then decide to go to a blowout salon—wow, someone else doing it just makes it infinitely better! Congrats!

  96. Hi Emily
    Beautiful color, lovely photos, could see you and couldn’t tell what you were talking about. Everything is so furry and pale. OK, so I know I need glasses, excuse me, New Glasses. And it is still so very tiny print and so pale.

  97. One more thing! I’d rather read all the comments at once. And have a comment box at the bottom as well so that I don’t have to scroll back up to find it.

  98. The new design looks great overall and the logo looks nice, but the font that you’re using for all the text in your posts is not the best choice. It’s set too tight and doesn’t read that well.

    Since this is web, you should go with a sans-serif font, perhaps like the font that’s being used for your navigation, just at a different size and weight.

    The font you currently have your posts set in looks like it should be more for headline-use only…

  99. Thank you for finally capitalizing “I” your posts, it drives me nuts that some bloggers think poor grammar is cute.

  100. Great, love it, but…the seal needs to be lover and closer to your name. It looks like it is floating away…

  101. Congrats, Congrats, Congrats. first comment on a blog and I read many. Love your STYLE. GIVE US MORE – PLS
    FYI experiencing errors on your site. Pricing is not noted on all items, the shipping and return policy link does not execute and the links to facebook, twitter, etc are not launching. pls take this as an fyi. love your site and will be back again and again.

    TRIED to purchase the perpetual calendar…alas it was not to be. Please find another and keep up the great work

  102. Bodoni is not meant for the web, y’all! The thicks and thins which are so sexy large and in print (a bit like the masthead of Vogue) are illegible when rendered on the screen in pixels. Sadly, the lines in the header submark (which would otherwise be a beautiful monogram) also feel anemic.

    In the photos above you see lots of printed out versions of the site when Emily is meeting with the designers. Whhyyyyy? This is a WEBSITE. Options should be shown on the computer to give realistic expectations. It’s like an interior designer showing a client a sofa a magazine when the real thing is available to SIT in! It’s a totally different experience.

    Anyhow, designer rant over! sarahyostdesign.com

  103. I appreciate that you made the text size larger but I’m still not a fan of the font. Even at the large size the serif font itself makes it hard to read on a computer screen.

    Can you also make the comment text larger in the form itself? I’m having a hard time reading what I’m typing because it’s so tiny. It only gets larger once it’s posted.

  104. Also is there a way to get to the bottom of all the comments without having to continuously click on “Load More”? I came back after several hours and it took a while to get back to my last comment to read the more recent posts.

    I do also find your website takes a long time to load. Thanks!

  105. Oh hey! Congrats – launching a rebrand is always a ton work of work and there are always bugs to fix. Lots of comments about the size of the font but I wanted to let you know that I have been trying to buy the ferris wheel all day and I am unable to officially “checkout.” You may be losing customers.

    I saw some other comments about the space between your header and your content, and I think it would be better to move the content up so there is more of your post visible above the fold. The dropdown in the shop is also acting wonky.

    I would show more/all of the comments. I really enjoy exploring the comments and discovering your community, you have very interesting and vocal readers and this way it’s just easier to join the conversation!

    I’m sure you’ll be able to work with your team and fix some of these issues.

    Thanks for everything you do!

  106. SO BEAUTIFUL!!! Seriously love it all, and am so excited to buy everything in The Flea.

    The “about” and “follow” links at the top aren’t working for me (on an iPad), across all pages. And if the header links to the homepage, that isn’t working for me either :/

    Little bugs aside, congratulations!!!

  107. Swoon! Love hearing about the process! Can’t wait to explore more. I am even tempted to pay for the WiFi at Yellowstone Park, just to look at it on the laptop! Ha!

  108. Every morning, as I was waiting for your blog to load for ages, I was hoping “it’s because of the new design, yay” and everyday I was a little disappointed, but today YAY IT’S THE NEW DESIGN!!! Gongrats!!! Beautiful, and very emily. Can’t wait to explore the new offerings!!!! But yes, pick another font.

  109. OK people. A quick search for “font” in the comments brought up 131 hits. ONE HUNDRED AND THIRTY ONE. Hahaha, I’m sure Emily has gotten the message that you aren’t super pleased with the font. Let’s move on to the wonderful new features in the site!!!! Congrats and thank you Emily for growing your site and sharing your awesome resources with us!

  110. This is so beyond helpful and awesome and gorgeous. How are we going to get anything done with all this extra stuff to stare at?

    Only notes are that the font in the blog articles is a bit thin/not-crisp (although it is so pretty). And it would be nice if the price of things showed in the hover-over.

    Dang. I love you forever.

  111. Thanks for taking us inside the process. The most modern part of your update is the simple navigation. Looking forward to future posts.

  112. so I see the font size was increased, great! Though the font isn’t scroll friendly, does that make sense? When scrolling through the site I seem to lose my place in the text very easily. So, now i think the font needs to be addressed. Sorry to be so critical but this is my favorite blog and I enjoy reading it!

  113. Also, is there a way to add “newer post”/”previous post” links at the end of the comments? So I don’t have to go back to the blog home page and then click on the next day’s blog when I’m binge-reading? I understand you’re trying to track traffic, but some of the biggest names in blogging have this, so I figure it has to be good for blog stats as well as much easier for readers. Thanks for considering!

  114. I like the blog update, but I’m having trouble getting to your archives, like this:


  115. Love your work and love the new content! I agree with other comments about the font. A narrow serif is hard to read on screen, even with the larger size updated later today. On mobile, the new tagline is also very small and the container and margins make each post longer than ever. A couple small refinements will make all the difference! Hope that helps.

  116. First off, LOVE the new color scheme, header, and overall prettiness. A few things which others may have also mentioned:
    * I can’t read the nested comments on my iPhone. Once someone replies in 2+ nests, all I see are letters on top of each other because the tabbing goes too far right.
    * I love seeing the number of comments on each post, so I can be sure to click into something if it has many comments. Right now, the # comments is in light gray, very difficult to read, and I can’t click on it. I have to click on the post.
    * I have a pet peeve about using frames for navigation. On mobile, it cuts into my reading window, which is already tiny. I think it would be better to leave the header static. If I want to navigate, I can scroll to the top or bottom.


  117. HI Emily,
    I like the cleaner look a lot, and appreciate the page tags. Love the Flea, though I agree that it would be helpful to have the prices appear when you hover. Another vote for a new body font style. The size isn’t the issue for me (maybe that’s been fixed already, though), it’s the style. It’s just hard to read. The font in the comment box as you type it is super small and hard to read. I also agree that there is too much space between the header and the content. That makes the header look oddly truncated in the vertical direction, and when you’re all the way at the top of the page, the content is lost. As for the splash page, it felt too fast for me, like my eyes didn’t have much time to focus on any given picture before it was gone. It gel chaotic and not something that would lure me into the site if I wasn’t already a reader.

  118. Sorry for two comments, but I also dislike the load more for comments, and it would be nice to have a button at the bottom of the comments that takes you back to the top (the comment box) without having to scroll all the way back up. Finally, as things are now, when you submit a comment, the page reverts back to the very top of the blog. To see if your comment posted you have to scroll back down and click on all of those load more buttons to get to the bottom. Ok, I think that’s it; Redesigns are tough, especially when you creating so many pages and features, As someone else said, I hope these comments feel more helpful and not like an assault (your readers want your blog to be the best it can be, too!)

    1. I totally agree. I’m exhausted from clicking the “LOAD MORE” button. (I like a good bit of hyperbole.)

    2. Thanks for caring so much about your readers. Love that you try to make sponsored posts still seem like they are not. Agree that the font is too small and light and with the blank space comments. Also I might be old fashioned but please please please do not use any curse words. They may be everyday words for you but I bet you would not say them on your Target style videos so you do not need to write them. I am referring to the S word and the H word. You are so clever and this just drags it down. Also Charlie is listening. You are lovely and gifted. Thank you

  119. Hi Emily! Love your blog redesign and have been a loyal reader for many years. I’m a web designer and wanted you to know that a lot of your assets aren’t displaying properly on retina displays. The images should either be scaled @2x or in svg format. Right now they’re all pixelated.

  120. I don’t think the date/time stamp is correct on the comments. I specifically remember reading some of the same comments yesterday and they were dated June 10. Today is June 11 (PST anyway).

    Can you have the comments sort by the most recent comment on top? The way the setup is now, I have to hit More Comments link many many times to get to the most recent comments.

    This is a beautiful site though, and I cannot imagine all the work that went into the functionality.

  121. Hey I saw the whole post. Couldn’t find you yday. But today was a pelasant surprise. The reborn site gives off good vibes. I like that your About page has a great cover picture of your team.

    Good luck with discovering new media.

  122. I love when blogs go through redesign–it keeps things so fresh.

    Here are a few things you might want to consider (since you asked…)

    -Your new tagline is “Style Play Everyday.” The way you are using “everyday” here is as an adjective, meaning “common” or “ordinary.” I think you intend “every day” as an adverb, as in, “you do things each and every day.”

    -There is a whole lot of empty white and grey space, especially between your very large header and the content. The first visual of your site doesn’t demand attention the way a blog should.

    -The main copy font is better now that it is larger, but it is still a painfully cumbersome serif that would work much better in print than on a screen.

    -Loading comments is such a slow ordeal that I didn’t even click through them all to see how repetitive my input is. If the intention is to increase “clicks,” then you are doing so at the expense of reader engagement.

    Just my two cents here. I love reading your blog for it’s freshness and personality. Unfortunately, I don’t think this redesign–as it is now–captures that essence.

  123. Agree with the font issue…hard on the eyes for some reason.

  124. I’m not a fan of the change of font! Or the small titles for each blog post. And it took forever to load. (still a fan of your old design!)

  125. Font is so difficult to read!

  126. I’m sorry to say but the interface on my iPhone is funky. Play around with your site on your mobile and you will see. It’s wonky. The other site worked very well in terms of quickly navigating. For instance this comment section is strange. The box to type in is very, very skinny? Also the font in the floral logo header at top is very hard to read on my mobile. The floral visual portionof the logo is so powerful that the Emily Henderson text and subtext are indiscernible.

    I love browsing online sites in regular mode (the way they look on a desk top) I’m not a fan of dumbed down mobile versions (thank you for not doing that!)

    I love your work!!! It’s just growing pains re: the site transition. I’m sure a few technical tweaks will fix the wonky in to wonderful.

  127. Agree on all of the above! Seriously not liking the font. This was my favorite blog. Love everything about the content – words, pictures, videos, humor. The appeal/readability though seems to have gone down on scale (Dare I say!) Also, the site made my web browser crash! Wondering if it may be too heavy – on layers etc? The site performance is terrible. I loved Bri’s design and am terribly missing the gold EH lettering! (Think that was giving the site a lil glam/punch!) Sorry, grumpy and a whiner this morning – but will always remain an ardent fan of EH! On a positive note, the submark looks nice and proper!

  128. Hi Emily! Congrats on your new site finally getting launched! I totally get it, the process is a beast but definitely worth investing in. It looks super great! If I could give feedback on one thing, the typeface used for body copy ‘Bauer Bodoni’ is a bit aliased/pixellated looking, and not the easiest to read in paragraph form (I found myself skipping a lot just because it was more work to make out the words). This could be because the stroke width is high contrast, and it’s better as a display font. And maybe the tracking (space between letters) is a bit tight too.

    I’d recommend looking into a web font that works better on screen, like Georgia or a Google font like Source Serif Pro. Because your words are the best! I love your writing, and the font shouldn’t hinder that in any way.

  129. The new site looks great, but the font is very hard to read….

  130. Love the site. Glad to see it loading faster today than when you launched. The way comments display on phones is not easy to read. If it is a reply to a reply it gets stretched into a very skinny paragraph. Since I love reading comments and always read your site on my phone I hope that it gets fixed somehow! Love the header with the flowers!

  131. I came back to follow up on your new blog design, and it’s nice that the font has gotten larger, but still, the serif font itself is awful and still very hard to read. As I’m typing in this comment box it’s a lovely, clean sans-serif font that looks a million, zillion times better and is so much easier to read.

    I also echo other people’s comments about having to reload the comments a zillion times to read them all. Very annoying. I would’ve liked to get to the end of the comments to see the newest ones, but after hitting reload 100 times and still seeing ones from two days ago, I gave up. :o\

  132. I think it is a good move but I think the main body text is clunky because of the thicks and thins. It’s a little hard to read. It’s a beautiful typeface but I think it works better in print. Good Luck with all the tweaks along the way!

  133. Would love to scroll through the comments to see the latest, or see if Emily or the designers have chimed in, but alas, it will take 10 minutes to “LOAD MORE.” Ugh. I am a huge fan of Emily and the blog, but it seems like this new site design was not ready for prime time.

  134. Hi Emily – thank you so much for sharing this! As a newbie blogger I’m fascinated to see how other people design and build their sites. I love all the choices you’ve made and I’m excited to explore the new site more!

  135. Thanks a lot Emily! You are making me want to redesign my site… 😉
    (Your new site is beautiful!!)

  136. I have another suggestion – would it be possible to show the price of the Flea items on rollover instead of having to click?

    And once more for the road: the font, the font, it’s hard to read!

    Love ya!

  137. LOVE the new redesign! but agreed on the font – it’s hard to read, looks unclear. size is fine but it seems blurry or something.

  138. I was trying to find the post you recently did on when white paint can be all wrong. Like in small spaces with not enough natural light. Then you recommended some alternative paint colors to consider in that situation. I know I’ve read this post recently (within the last few months) but can’t find it on the blog. I’ve searched various ways and still no luck. Also while scrolling through the new blog section of the site to try and find it, it seems that there is some other content missing. Posts I know I’ve read recently……did some get lost in the transition? or purposely moved? It’s not video that I’m talking about because I know those were moved to their own section. Did I just imagine this post about alternatives to white paint in small, dark spaces?


  139. I love the new design! It’s beautiful, but my favorite thing is the way it’s organized – creating separate tabs for the blog, services and especially for your portfolio; this way, I don’t have to scroll and search to find a specific job.

  140. Congrats on the new design. With any changes there are bugs to work out but it looks great!

  141. Love the new site. Two user experience comments: 1) I put something in my cart then went back shopping but could not find where my cart is until I tried to put something in my cart again — maybe I just missed the cart icon but if it was there, one really had to look hard to see it, 2) when paying through paypal, it takes you to paypal page using same window — probably better if it opens in another window — after payment, I had to type URL again to go back to your webpage.

  142. “It’s not a tumor!”

  143. Thank you for finally capitalizing “I” Its a pet peeve of mine that bloggers think “i” is cute.

  144. Your blog is beautiful, as always, as are you. My only gripe is the serifed font for the body copy. It’s so much harder to read. But seriously. BEAUTIFUL.

  145. Hi Emily and team and website designers,

    I think your website is fabulous! The colors are amazing and so “you”.
    I admire you so much for “running” with your passion in creating this amazing career for yourself, but recognize that your style and even more your personality, is probably the same as it was before you even got into this business.

    Your gift as a designer is amazing and you make it so fun. Your generosity is shown in your sharing your projects with your audience, which takes so much time and energy on top of everything else you have to do. It is appreciated by this student.

    I have nothing to say about the font. It all looks good to me. I did have trouble with access until this afternoon, but it’s probably because everyone was “running” to see your new website.

    Good luck with that little girl. It took me 3 boys to get a girl, but as you know boys are wonderful. I even have 7 grandsons and 2 granddaughters

  146. I absolutely love your content and adore you! I can only imagine what this re-design must have taken in terms of effort, time and money….But I liked the previous design better. I liked the juxtaposition between the more masculine & glamorous yet clean & chic aesthetic with the blue and gold script and clarity of presentation, and how it works as a clever foil to your colorful design presence and personality. The new look feels like it may be dismissed as a generic hobby-blogger who likes floral design for a first-time visitor/reader. I wish the new design kept to a cleaner and simpler layout but still exhibited your very unique and professional perspective. Sincerely, M.

  147. Loaded for me without a problem….It is huge!!! Lots to see and it looks fantastic. Congratulations!

  148. All the pages I’ve perused tonight have been working great. My favorites are the portfolio and especially the flea! You are branching into so many new things and I hope they all work out, but I’m sure you’ll weed out over time what doesn’t.

    I make designer throw pillows and am at the point where I’m needing to get help from another sewist or scale back. I hope to be as lucky as you to find awesome people to work with because I’d much rather expand than have to slow myself down. Congrats on the continued growth of your brand and your team!

  149. It looks very pretty, but for actual reading I do think the font needs to change somehow. Especially since I love reading everything you write because its so funny!!
    I also really dislike loading more comments – 3 is just not enough.
    Lastly, the prices should show up when you hover over the image in the flea.
    I know the last two are probably for page views, but it made me feel a little annoyed very quickly, so I just stopped. Even though I’ve been so excited for the flea!!

  150. The design is really beautiful, but I hate the body copy font, it’s not sharp and It makes difficult to read (at least in Chrome).

    Congrats for the new brand image!

  151. Please change the font back to what it was before. I can’t read your posts easily anymore and there’s nothing I enjoy more than reading your posts.

  152. Hi Emily!

    Congratulations on the redesign. First, let me say that I absolutely love your blog, your voice, your design and your advice. I actively check your blog on a daily basis and I am always excited to read the content. No matter the length of the post I enjoy every word you write and read through to the end.

    However, I have to echo what everyone else is saying about some elements of this redesign.

    1) I really hope that you choose to eliminate all serif fonts from the site. They’re incredibly difficult to read compared to sans serif fonts and, honestly, just a no-no as far as web design goes (unless you’re the New York Times). I worry that I will grow tired of reading the font and stop reading your posts in their entirety. Not only that, but I don’t feel like I’m reading your voice when I’m reading the serif font. It muddles you.

    2) If I already have to click “read more” to see the full body of a post, I’m undeterred by the length. The comments don’t need to be hidden as they are at the moment. The comments on your blog are wonderful to scroll through and create a wonderful sense of community. I love reading everyone’s reactions and your responses. If I have to click “load more” every three comments, well, I’m most likely going to stop reading the comments. That would be a shame because I think they add a lot to your site.

    3) Like others, I think there is too much dead space between your header and your first post. Having your wonderful content so far below the fold does it a disservice.

    4) From a grammar standpoint, the use of “everyday” is incorrect. I believe you mean “every day.”

    5) This is purely personal and I understand that you need not take it into consideration. But the gray, florals, etc. just seem a little stiff or old for you. Someone else mentioned that it evokes the style of Laura Ashley and I nodded my head when I read that comment. Where are the blues and pinks and all the fun happy weirdness?

    As always, I support you and your work and therefore I will keep coming back to read and be inspired. It would just be nice to have a better user experience while I do that.

    Take care,

  153. Hey the new blog typography (the one for paragraphs) it’s absolutely illegible, very hard to follow. The straight serif on this stylish type of fonts act good in display titles, but in long text it’s just hard to follow.
    Use the font for titles if you may, but please change to something more functional

  154. Hi, Emily!

    The loading issue mentioned previously must have gotten resolved by now because this page opened up fine in an instant for me…And oh boy, do I love this gorgeous, fabulous new look! I especially love your handsome and modern submark. What a genius idea!

    Everything you do is SO spot on (although you say you’re not — that’s because you’re a good, humble person like that!) and I’m always in awe every. single. time I come by your site.

    Congrats on your rebranding, Emily. I’m so happy and excited for you! As in, REALLY excited! :^)

  155. Crazy excited about The Flea (good name!) and the design services!!! Clearly you have a lot going on right now: baby on the way, huge new services, new site! Love you, your work and your site but for me, the new gray background is distracting (much prefer when posts blend into the full screen- so much more enjoyable to look at and makes it feel like one cohesive place, instead of chopped up into bits). Giving posts a background almost trivializes them somehow, or at least it definitely makes them look smaller on the screen, even thought they probably aren’t. The new font you used to type the body of your post seems harder to read (and less modern?). Maybe this part is a bug, since the font at the top is still very clean and modern. Not surprised you were ready for a change, but as an every-single-day reader I hope it evolves a tiny bit more. Can’t wait to see how all of this new exciting stuff turns out!

  156. Hey Em! I love almost everything about the redesign; as a small business owner I’ve done a lot of my own web tinkering and it’s wonderful when you can actually work with a pro. However, I have a complaint to lodge (as a software tester and a huge fan of yours) about your new design and by extension the company you hired: the body copy font SUCKS!

    On web it’s not so bad, but reading your blog on mobile now is really, really hard. The inconsistent stroke width of the letters makes it hard for the eyes to parse which letterforms are which. (There’s also a huge amount of margin space on mobile, forcing me to scroll the screen far more than necessary in that device context.)

    This looks like a free web font, which is a damn shame given that you hired Proper Designers for this. They should know better! And want to support a real foundry, too, as well as making you look more design-savvy, by paying money for an actual paid typeface that someone charges real money for. You can afford it and your brand can’t afford NOT to go that route, IMO.

    Anyway, I see that I’m not the only one who’s complained about this, but I’m hoping a bit of specific commentary will both motivate and assist you as you ponder other options. Congrats, and good luck with all the broken links and other sticky migration issues that are always a problem even when you think you’ve caught everything. Sigh. 🙂

  157. Jumping on the bandwagon of “new design looks great, but…” I’m having trouble finding some old posts since the redesign. Specifically, I was looking for the one on your 10 go-to paint colors, which I reference all the time. Was it deleted or have some links just gone bad?

  158. Double commenting, but I was looking back through the archives, and it seems that some posts are missing. There are no posts between May 7, 2014 and October 7, 2014.

  159. New look looks great! But I miss the old font…this one is harder to read.

  160. What a gorgeous new site! Thank goodness I am not the only one that can only live with a blog design for 2 years before I start looking for an update (I am there now with my blog)

    The services are a great idea. We couldn’t afford a full on design (and we’re in Sydney) but I would love to brain storm things with a professional

  161. this looks beautiful! I had a moment where I scratched my head and wondered where I had navigated to since I spaced on the transition you wrote about earlier… but as I’ve looked around, love it even more! I’m also REALLY looking forward to seeing the range (and costs) of services you + your team will provide!


  162. i love you, and i super love your new logo, and i’m sorry to be a party pooper on it, but i am hating this new font.

  163. It’s so stunning! Congrats on the new site, you’ve accomplished so much and this new look is very fitting!

  164. Hi Emily! I read your blog and love it, but this is the first time I’m commenting. I think your new layout is absolutely fabulous. It’s simply beautiful!

    However, I have to chime with several of your other readers and say that the font is extremely difficult to read.

    May I make a suggestion? You might want to consider changing the font to “Helvetica” because I find it one of the simplest and easiest fonts to read. And it looks great on any browser.

    Again, I adore your blog and hope you don’t mind me sharing my feedback.

    The best to you!

  165. Hi Emily,
    I’ve seen through your Instagram that you’ve posted new content this week, yet when I access your website the latest entry I see is this one (about the site re-do). This never used to happen with the old platform and I want to make sure that everyone is seeing your new content! This happened to me briefly when another blogger I follow changed to a new platform, but I let her know about the issue and it was soon remedied. Hope you can do the same as I check your blog daily!

  166. Hey! It looks like you’ve done some work on the fonts! The “g” is SO much better! The “s” too. The “a” still gets so thin it disappears though, and I can see improvements in the “y” but it’s still questionable. I’m sure it was overwhelming to get so much feedback so thanks for dealing with it. I really didn’t want to quit reading your blog!

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