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We shop for fabric a lot, and its still one of my favorite things to buy in person because you can touch, smell, caress, throw on your furniture, stare at excessively, etc. But the LA fabric district feels increasingly archaic. It’s often random what you find, with limited yardage and obviously you have to go there in person order to purchase. People think its cheap but the good stuff is really still expensive. The good thing is that its just all in one place so it makes it pretty easy, but it’s not this super easy to navigate place, thats for sure (watch this video about it).

So we pulled together this post (and by ‘pulled together’ I mean days of research, sourcing, pinning and photoshopping – thanks to all those who tagged stores from our Instagram post) to highlight the best ONLINE fabric stores. These are all fabrics that you can buy from anywhere – not just to the trade, and not just in person at disgusting stores where they treat you like you are trying to steal each time you ask for a swatch of fabric.

It’s a democracy here on the blog, and you all have equal shopping chances and knowledge now. You can order swatches (typically they range in $2 – $5 each) and if you are interested in pillows then most of these sites might also sell pre-made pillows in your fabric so look for that. We chose a lot of patterns because it makes for a more visually fun post, but most of these sites have pretty simple solid linens, cottons and velvets as well. Get to shopping.

Click through to see our favorite 24 online shopping resources.


Caitlin Wilsons’ patterns are always really happy, playful and fresh. They also have pillows and rugs. I badly want this one to shake up my living room.

1. Hawthorne Stripe 2. Gold Scallop 3. Bridge City Blooms 4. Navy Burnside Check 5. Gold Dot 6. Pink City Maze


New to me, but Fabric Bubb is pretty darn happy and fun. Most of these are ‘quilters weight’ meaning that they are best for pillows, curtains, quilts- not your furniture but most of the ones I clicked on were around $10/yard so that ain’t bad at all.

1. XOXO in On The Rocks 2. Tiger Stripes 3. Mojave Desert 4. Breeze In Sky 5. Tree Stripe in Blue 6. Savannah Glow in Mint 7. Clay Sundot 8. Plus in Lagoon 9. Wispy Daybreak in Aura 10. Sketch in Gray 11. Criss Cross in Ebony 12. Confetti Dots in Fire


Lewis and Sheron are old school – they’ve been around since the 40’s but their inventory is large and they have lots of classic gems. You might have to search a bit like I did. Their prices are all over the board – some in the teens and many as much as $80/yard. Both apparel weight and upholstery weight here.

1. Akiran 2. Birmingham 3. Beluga 4. Framed Out


Most of you know this, but Ikea has pretty great fabric for under $10 a yard. Use on smaller pieces of furniture (stools, benches), pillows or craft project – or upholstery a wall in their crazy more scenic scandy patterns (Like #2 or #3).

1. Revvia 2. Algort 3. Tidny 4. Sissela 5. Hildis 6. Sofia 7. Nattljus 8. Aina


I had never heard of The Guildery before and its AWESOME. So many fresh yet simple patterns. All the ones I clicked on were $42/yard. They might not be sofa upholstery weight but these patterns are perfect for your above- average curtains or pillows. Nice job, guys and welcome to my brain.

1. Marina 2. Speedster 3. Bark Reverse 4. Mist Reverse 5. Sidewalk Reverse 6. Polar


Marimekko is a classic for all those you can handle that joy. I can. They also have coated cottons (great for picnics and kids in general).

1. Kurjenpolvi 2. Rulla 3. Onnimanni 4. Mustikkamaa 5. Kanteleen Kutsu 6. Siirtolapuutarha


Minted (the art company) launched their fabric collection recently and it is really good. A lot of happy, fresh, whimsical designs. I think its more for pillows/curtains than for sofas – but thats fine because most of these patterns are suited best for those things anyway.

1. Moderne Dalmatian 2. Spring Beauties 3. Geocircles 4. Basket Weave 5. One Way Or Another 6. Links 7. Organic Dot 8. Spirited Teen 9. Wave 10. Cross The Rainbow 11. Panoochie 12. Over The Hills


New to me and pretty wonderful and fresh. TwentyOne7 has Duralee, Lee Jofa, Schumacher – all the classics but they’ve curated them for you and I found quite a bit that I was into.

1. Nirvana Shadow 2. Lester Lanin 3. Firecrackers 4. Queen Of Spain


Tonic Living is doing a lot of good upholstery weight fabric (for sofas! headboards!) in simple, understated and high quality ways. They have a lot of patterns, too, but I was particularly drawn to these sophisticated neutrals because I’m very refined.

1. Penny Dot in Grey 2. Copenhagen in Coral 3. Alchemy Linen in Zinc 4. Copenhagen in Bisque 5. Cameron in Pewter 6. Ikat Dot in Buff


Dry Good Design is a smaller Seattle based company that I’m pretty sure is run by one of my college roommates. Hi Kelly. They have a great selection and are growing fast. Go check ’em out.

1. Tailored Key 2. Sundae Navy 3. Fresh Cut 4. Cotton + Steel Bespoke Sparkle (Metallic)


Calico Corners has a massive collection and you might have to dig, but they have a huge variety of price points with both solids and patterns and upholstery and quilting weight.

1. Hares Hill 2. Ticker Rail 3. Buffalo Check in Blueberry 4. Davey Horizon 5. Everson 6. Almasi 7. Mattydale 8. Boat Stripe


Lacefield Design – a little old school but a lot of good classics.

1. Imperial Seaside 2. Kai Spring 3. Isla Apricot 4. Sahara Midnight


Loom Decor has a TON of great fabrics, both fun and trendy and classic and simple.

1. Pantheon in Dandelion 2. Little White Line in Blueberry 3. Optrix in Ash 4. H2OMG! in Multi   5. Chantilly Stripe in Midnight 6. One Vine Day in Chartreuse 7. Deco Darling in True Blue 8. Take The Bait in Tangerine 9. Cheery Blossom in Lemongrass 10. Band Stand in Oyster 11. Stripe Out in Tigerlily 12. Leda Peony


I’m pretty obsessed with Rebecca Atwood’s fabrics. They are always modern and yet feel handmade, with simple patterns done in a delicate, fresh way.

1. Splotched Dot 2. Speckled Taupe 3. Painted Stripe Gray + Tangerine 4. Metallic Gold Linen 5. Dashes Soft Tangerine 6. Spots Marine


A cute little collection of simple fun patterns at Sarah’s Fabrics.

1. Monsterz 2. Bahai 3. Summersville 4. A Walk In The Woods


Joanne’s has fabric for everyone – and I mean everyone. Nate Berkus has a collection there and his are always so chic and simple. Generally the price points are good, the selection is huge and its available for fast shipping everywhere.

1. Paramount Caspian 2. Spring Bling 3. Wiite Pearl Gray 4. Mesa Indigo


This guys, Svenskt Tenn (that is a lot of consonants in one name) is new to me and man, that fabric makes me happy. I believe they are reproduced vintage swedish patterns. It ain’t cheap (I converted one and it was $273/meter) but this isn’t ‘the cheapest fabric in the world’ roundup and this stuff is really special.

1. Tehran 2. Green Birds 3. Ceylon 4. Brazil 5. La Plata 6. 7. Window 8. Notturno 9. Nippon 10. Delhi 11. Jungle 12. Mille Fleurs


We buy A LOT from Spoonflower. People design their own and then you buy them. It’s more patterns than solids, for sure, but they come in a bunch of different weights  – light to heavy.

1. Marker Stripes 2. Nicolette Day 3. Dhurrie 4. Mustard Yard 5. Jumbo Dots 6. Navajo 7. Freestyle 8. Modern Seagull 9.Buffalo Check 10. Free From Arrows Gray 11. Free Form Arrows Mint 12. Marine Jubilee


Mood is more well known for the apparel fabric but they have a decent amount of home and upholstery fabrics as well.

1. Ivory and Brown Herringbone 2. White and Silver Abstract 3. Turkish Lemon Stripe 4. White Herringbone 5. Blue Dotted 6. Nightshade


B&J Fabrics has a broad selection of all different types of fabrics, and you may have to do a bit of digging but you are sure to find something that will work for your space.

1. Blue Ivory 2. Oatmeal Linen 3. Light Mint Linen 4. Pumpkin Floral 5. Blue Maize 6. Zig Zag


Linen Me is a great source for all of your linen needs. Different weights, colors, patterns, and styles make it a go to for me when I start the design for my country home… you know that one that I keep talking about.

1. Philippe in Red 2. Lara in Grey 3. Twill in Off White 4. Lara in Lake Blue 5. Brittany Large 6. Provance 7. Natural Linen 8. Philippe in Blue 9. Francesca 10. Brittany SmallLinen-Uk

Linen Fabrics UK is another great linen source that is just across the pond. Lots of beautiful washed and raw linens, and is it just me or does having linens from Great Britain sound oh so fancy. Excuse me while I go warm up my tea and crumpets.

1. Carina White 2. Blocks White 3. Bertil Off White 4. Bianco Duck Egg 5. Gina Pale Grey 6. Bianco White 7. Gina Blue Linen 8. Feathers Blue

PURLPurl SoHo has some awesome designer collections filled with fun patterns and styles.

1. Mammoth Flannel 2. Upholstery in Blue 3. Strawberry Thief 4. Doe Wide in Carrot 5. Large Gingham in Grey 6. Double Cloth Cotton 7. Serape in Scarlet 8. Chicken Wire SERENALILLY

Serena & Lily has always been a go to for me for home goods and furnishings, and their fabric collections (although small) is well curated and has a lot of great traditional patterns.

1. Kuba in Bark 2. Diamonds in Navy 3. Herringbone in Aqua 4. Spade in Fog 5. Diamonds in Fog 6. Lattice in Grass 7. Havana in Navy 8. Racing Stripe in Chambray

Now you have no excuses to not recover that disgusting chair you’ve been hoarding in your garage for 4 years. 🙂

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  1. I have a chair I’ve been wanting to recover in pink velvet a la fig house for my daughter’s room. Any great sources online specifically for velvet fabric?

    1. I used to really like Fabric.com, but in the last couple years they’ve seemed to be really disorganized and I’ve had some very poor customer service. I wouldn’t recommend.

      1. Ive used Fabric.com on several occasions and always have the best experience. I love the fact that you can return fabric within 30days.

  2. I’ve found good velvets, outdoor fabrics, a wonderful malachite fabric by Dwell Studio for $18 a yard at housefabric.com.

  3. Svenskt Tenn reproduces Josef Frank designs. Josef Frank is like the Bugatti of fabric. I dream of it in my home one day but then I’d need smelling salts nearby every time I walked in the room. Swoon!

  4. What a great compilation! Thanks! I’m in the process of searching for fabric for our media room and want a fresh look with navy, seafoam, pink, and white. i’m going for a Hollywood Regency meets Coastal look. I needed this inspiration.

  5. THANK YOU!!!! I buy from Spoonflower, Ikea, Joanne, Calico, but the rest are all new to me.I am going to have so much fun on the internet today! Also, buy that rug.

  6. About how much should it cost to reupholster a chair? It’s on the smaller side about 3 ft tall and 2 ft wide. I can’t wait to change out the old school Laura Ashley gingham!

  7. This is fantastic! Thank you for researching this for us 🙂
    I think someone mentioned it, but housefabric.com is great too – $5 samples and good, inexpensive upholstery fabrics.

    1. You are welcome. Pin it and then you’ll always have it! Or put it on your facebook page and tell all your friends (see how I manipulate for more views?)

  8. So great and helpful, and I’m sure it took forever. Thanks guys! I’ll be coming back to this post as a resource 100 times.

  9. I just used Fabricguru.com and have been really pleased. The prices are really reasonable and everything ships for a flat $4.99, but the thing I like most is that you can return large cuts. For me that is huge, because sometimes a little 5 inch sample just doesn’t cut it, you know? I just ordered 12 yards of fabric for curtains, and it is beyond helpful to know that if it arrives and I hate it when there are YARDS AND YARDS of it staring me in the face, I can send it back. Of course, I fully expect and hope to love it. But still.

    Great round up. Thank you Team Emily. These links will keep me busy for days.

    1. Never heard of it. All of a sudden you guys are coming up with great ones that i’ve never used. I might have to do a second roundup.

  10. I love #3 of Svenskt Tenn. It was the fabric for the pillow of Joanna Goddard’s master bedroom makeover, right? Also, do you have any recommendations for where to purchase leather fabric for upholstery/pillows/etc?

    1. I think so. I didn’t make that one, Jenny did. Leather is tricky online. I guess check if those sites do, otherwise I bet its a more ‘in person’ situation. We have to buy ours in person and honestly its usually so expensive and its hard to find quantity. I haven’t figured it out yet.

  11. My favorite linens in my house are from Lauren Liess Interiors (she does give a discount to designers and decorators). And I just found out you can purchase Sister Parish fabric and Wallpaper from their site as well. Not sure about the discount.

    1. OH SHOOOOOOOOOTTTT!!! I forgot about her. I love her stuff. So simple. Again, i’ll probably have to write a follow up post.

  12. This is amazing. I am always looking for fabric and frustrated with my options. Hadn’t heard of so many of these sources. Thank you!

  13. Thank you so much for this post! You’ve listed some sources totally new to me. I second the recommendation for fabrics.com. I have been very pleased with their products, prices, selection and service. I really like their clipboard feature for putting different fabrics together and the fact that they describe the colors used in the fabrics. And Joann, even though it may seem so common, is an excellent resource and often has 50% off sales online and in-store with coupons.

    1. Have you checked out southernfabric.com? That’s my go to online shop. They have beautiful fabric collections and they always have some sort of sale going on! They do “$2 Tuesdays” and daily deals for random collections. I’m obsessed with it!

  14. Thanks Emily, so useful for us all!I bought a neutral linen comforter with a cool watercolor floral and I’m in love with linen right now. The future country house needs some of that #1 and #9 from Linen Me. Such pretty choices Emily, thank you:)

  15. Awesome post, thanks to all. Joann Fabric is a gold mine for me every time I reupholster something. Make sure you go to a Joann super store because the fabric selection is so much better than a regular Joann. Also, there’s a great designer swatch section where you can touch and feel the fabric before you order in store or online. There’s almost always a coupon for 40-50% off so great deals all around!

  16. Thanks so much for including Drygoods Design on your list! And you are right, it’s me, Keli. I am always pleased as punch when your name comes up in conversation with customers. You inspire a great many people; and I always tell people, that your eye and making a house a home is in your blood, even during the years where most people don’t know their own style, you did! Thanks again! xoxo

    1. KELI!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ha. geez, I can’t believe I spelled your way the boring way. So glad you have awesome fabric and I didn’t just have to do it because I know ya. xxxxxxxx

  17. Thank you so much! You are the greatest. I am always looking for just the right fabric and these sources are wonderful! BTW in a previous comment I talked about having some of your blue glas from your yard sale and having a piece of you. That may have sounded weird, eewww! Honestly I’m not weird just love yor blog etc. :((………………….:))

  18. I am searching for fabric for table runners for my upcoming wedding at the Fig House, and these are great resources and picks. Thanks so much for sharing!

  19. allow me to continue to validate your hard and good work on this post. after looking for fabric online last year for my wedding, I can confirm that good, go-to sources are invaluable. y’all continue to hit it out of the park. thanks for this. this is surely a post i will return to, and direct others too.

  20. I seriously can’t thank you enough for this post!!!! I’m currently on the hunt for new throw pillows and have spent an unspeakable number of hours over the last few days neglecting all other responsibilities, searching for fabrics… screaming in agony at all of the to the trade sources. You came to the rescue at just the right time! Thank you so much for sharing all of these amazing options!!

  21. Oh, how wonderful! I just moved from a large east coast city (Calico Corners, Artee’ and more) to a small town where there is nada fabric stores. (Ok, JoAnn 30 mi away – so NOT worth the trip!) So online ordering is a must. Thanks you so much for this! Most of these are new to me – and did I spy a great collection of Josef Frank designs?!!! Whoohoo!!!!

  22. So happy to see Minted there! I love designing for them, and one of my fabrics is for sale there. Their business setup is so great for me – a stay at home mom who needs a creative outlet 🙂

  23. This is very useful. Thank you so much. But as far as I can tell, IKEA doesn’t sell fabric online, do they?

    1. Oh REALLLY????? Oh dear. I thought they did. Maybe they do here but not other places. if so then strike them off the list because the whole point is that you don’t have to be in person. Sorry!

  24. Thank you so much for including Loom in this feature! We also love seeing other new amazing brands as well. We work hard to offer a great, on trend selection of fabrics. All of us at Loom are in love with your work!

  25. Emily, Thank you SO very much for including Lacefield in your roundup. We are big, big fans of you and your work. We are thrilled to be in such good company.

  26. Thanks! This is a great resource. I was hoping for a novice like me you could do just a quick post that included a kind of working with fabric glossary. I find when you are just learning about something the terms alone can be overwhelming. I have no idea, especially with our touching the fabric what weight or type is pest for what project.

  27. Love this! But I’ve been checking in daily for your roundup of good frame/framing resources that was mentioned as pending a couple of times in the recent past. I know – so ungrateful. But I’ve got several really cool things recently that I’m dying to get into frames and am hoping to see your recs first!

    Thanks for all you and your great staff share!

  28. Wow thanks for this great list. And I love how you provided your favourite sample swatches. I always forget about Ikea, but they have neat patterns and for a reasonable price. I also like to order from Harts FAbric, although I am in Canada so shopping/exchange rate often doesn’t make it worth it.
    Thanks for such a good resource!

  29. I love 75% of these fabrics so much it hurts. I’m going to have to rewatch your video about how to mix patterns on pillows without looking like a crazy person before unleashing my credit card. I loved this post!

  30. THIS IS THE BEST POST YOU’VE EVER DONE! i’ve been searching endlessly for fabric for roman shades in my nursery. just ordered some from minted! xoxo

  31. Thank you for such an informative and wonderful post. I have bookmarked this already! Josef Frank is one of my favs!!!

  32. Emily thank you SO MUCH for this. I think most of us are more than capable of finding our own fabric if we have access to a good source. Even here in LA I find it is challenging to find great fabric at the few stores that are not to the trade. Occasionally I brave the big blue whale (PDC) but those snooty gals who don’t want to part with a fabric swatch make me want to take my money elsewhere.

    I usually take my $ over to Hollywood at Home where they have beautiful fabrics by designers like Peter Dunham, John Robshaw, Lisa Fine and others. The have two stores (soon to be consolidated across the street to a new space) with lovely friendly salespeople. If you are in LA area and you are on the fabric hunt, check them out on La Cienega. They will happily help you, swatch you, advise you with no attitude. Harbinger is near as well and they are good folks there too.

  33. This is so helpful – many thanks to you and your staff for putting this together! As I was looking at the samples you showed, my mind kept straying to a shower curtain I’m going to change. Have you written any posts on how to get the right scale on something like a shower curtain for a small bathroom? I’ve considered about 3,481 different options, but am unsure which direction I should go.

  34. What an incredible (and dangerous 🙂 ) resource!! I live in Australia and it’s so much cheaper for me to buy fabric from the US and UK even with our weaker dollar. Thanks for fueling my addiction.

  35. hey emily, thanks for this resource! i need to reupholster my wool (beautiful but itchy) mid-century settee but this is all new to me!

    could you tell me what weight exactly is good for a sofa? i’m looking into tuscany linen and that’s 10 ounces per yard. is that heavy enough for a sofa? thanks!

  36. I just dropped my daughter off at school here in NH and what a nice surprise for a mama like me- my favorite designer writing a blog about fabric! You weren’t kidding about this taking days to complete. You and your team did a great job!

  37. Emily – thank you SO much for including me in the Spoonflower section!! I’m in such great company with all these wonderful designs and designers. Spoonflower has been an amazing jumping-off point for my fabric designs.
    I just launched a line of hand-blocked fabrics (made right here in the USA – by me!). Virginia Kraft textiles are created from my love of a comfortable, global-farmhouse style. At least that’s what I’m calling it;) I sell retail (and to the trade) online!
    Would love to see another round up! So many fantastic resources!!

  38. Emily, thanks so much for including Kiitos Marimekko on this list! We are proud to be in such great company. We work hard to provide a comprehensive selection of Marimekko fabrics, and most importantly – great service! Thank you!!

  39. fabrics-store com is pretty basic but prices are good, quality is good and free swatches. I’ve ordered from them many times.

    Thanks for this great post!

  40. I could scroll through this post for hours! I had ALMOST decided to do simple white curtains to update my son’s room, but now you’ve got me back to looking at awesome, modern prints.

    It would be AWESOME if you could do a follow-up post with tips for choosing fabrics, especially for specific types of projects (e.g. pillows vs. curtains vs. upholstery). Also, do most of the sites clearly state the weight of the fabric?

    Another perk of JoAnn’s is their coupons. One cut of by-the-yard fabric equals one item, which means you could get several yards of a single fabric for up to 60% off (as long as it is not already on sale). I know this is true in store, anyway–not exactly sure how the online coupons apply to online fabric purchases.

  41. Check out: modern-fabrics.com they have great designer remnants in all lengths. Prices range, but they are considerable less than straight from the showrooms!

  42. Sooooo excited about this list!!! Can’t wait to check these sites out. I’m always looking for something new and different. I often order from https://www.onlinefabricstore.net/. They have great customer service and have a wide range of home decor fabrics. Plus, they have sales often. Thanks again!

  43. Thanks for the great post! Sometimes you wonder where to go to find good quality fabric and end up being at a loss.

    Would you give a recommendation on reupholstering a glider type rocking chair? The wood on it is stained oak…think 1990’s. 🙂 I would like to use fabric that is neutral and will look great for years to come. I’m not afraid of a neutral pattern either. Even though I don’t love the color of the stained oak, I wont be changing it because it is ALOT of wood to sand and re stain or paint and it isn’t worth it and also because my husband gave this to me when we were expecting our first child. I have rocked all of my babies in it and it has great memories associated with that chair. When I get it upholstered, I would like the cushions to have more of a squared look with piping/welting to change up the look a bit. Thanks for your help!

  44. I love all of the fabrics you featured. So beautiful. Another awesome source is Connecting Threads. I love their exclusive collections (and the price!), but they also sell some of the more modern stuff like Cotton and Steel. Again, lovely post, thanks so much for all of the inspiration!

    1. Emily, it was such a surprise to see TwentyOne7 listed on your Best Online Fabric Stores. We enjoy providing the best prices online for high-end fabrics that are only available to the trade. We appreciate your kindness.
      TwentyOne7 – Offering beautiful products to create the home you always dreamed of.

  45. I am always hesitant to buy fabric online, because it is difficult to get the same information that you do at a store. Texture is really important to me, and I like to be able to feel my fabrics beforehand. Unfortunately, I don’t have the time to do the shop for fabrics like I used to; but I have found that online shopping is a better option than I thought! I appreciate your helpful suggestions of good online sites to shop from, I will definitely be shopping from them!

  46. What a great list! Just wanted you to know that our very busy brick and mortar fabric store is now online, after years of people begging. We’d love your readers’ thoughts and comments. We just launched and are so excited. We love apparel fabrics, ethnic fabrics, unusual fabrics, knits, Southwestern-inspired fabrics, and world fabrics. Never enough online fabric stores! Thank you for a great service and keep on sewing! Nancy Arnold, SantaFeFabrics.com

  47. I am in love with Purl Soho and am ready for my final test — how long it takes to receive an order from the day it is placed. I gave up on Fabric.com for this reason — they had not even shipped my order after six days and so now I refuse to use them again.

    Purl Soho has nice fabric at reasonable prices. Seriously, do could ask for anything more. The other sites were a bit too pricey for me.

    Thank you for this list. I don’t drive and just started sewing so it’s wonderful to have a list of some great online fabric stores.

  48. I’ve been trying for months to find a fabric for my bedroom window treatments that my husband and I agree on – this list of resources is amazing!! Thank you so much!

  49. Do not ever use OnlineFabric.com. I have had the worst time with this company and they are extremely rude to boot. I order fabric online fairly often and I will never, ever use this company again.

  50. What should I spend to reupholster a chair and ottoman? I was quoted $1800 for labor and fabric and I think I could buy 2 new chairs for that cost. Thanks!

  51. If you’re looking for totally custom fabrics at reasonable prices, definitely check out http://www.weaveup.com. WeaveUp can print your design on fabric OR you can change the colors in nearly 4,000 designs from independent artists to suit your needs! It’s like an online fabric company archive – browsing is totally addicting!

  52. Whoa, what a great list. I’m looking for a fabric to do a few Roman Shades for my house and this list has helped me discover fabric lines I didn’t even know existed. Thanks! I’ll do a follow up blog when I figure out what I’m going to use. Thanks!

  53. If you are looking for upholstery fabric, my favorite online store is TopFabric.com. They have the best selection of velvets, chenilles, suedes and more in both solids and patterns. I have already used them for two of my projects and couldn’t be more pleased!

  54. Let me throw my hat into the ring…. Fabric5andDime.com is a wonderful site to purchase high end fabric remnants all for $5/yd. You have to dig around and navigate the site which can be a little tricky but the site has some absolute gems

  55. I did notice that there is one amazing fabric website that wasn’t on this list, stash builder box. I found out about this website from a friend and it has really helped me find some new creative fabrics. they have a subscription that gives you new fabrics every month. Let me know what you guys think. Also if there are any other sites like this that you guys would suggest let me know


  56. This is so helpful thank you! I just bought a new sewing machine and I can’t wait to start making things.
    Thanks for sharing this list of helpful information.

  57. Thanks for putting these together! I love all of these patterns and online store options you provided. When I make my bags I also need some really good solid marine vinyl for straps and bottoms. I noticed you don’t highlight this type of product. I love to get mine at http://www.marinevinylfabric.com. They have great prices and I love their quality. I would upload some pictures if I could of my work, but either way these guys need to be added to your list. They are the best!

  58. Thanks for putting these together! I love all of these patterns and online store options you provided. When I make my bags I also need some really good solid marine vinyl for straps and bottoms. I noticed you don’t highlight this type of product. I love to get mine at http://www.marinevinylfabric.com. They have great prices and I love their quality. I would upload some pictures if I could of my work, but either way these guys need to be added to your list. They are the best!

  59. My name Harry owner of HARRY SUPPLY SHOP we heard about you through the internet and am very interested in some of your products. I have a shop in the Fiji Islands in this case are you authorized to ship out worldwide or accept private pick up by a freight forwarder.

    Do you have a minimum order?
    Do you accept visa or master card for prepayment on your credit card machine
    A price list if possible?

    I await the requested information so that i can proceed with the ordering.

    768 Avon Place
    Fiji Islands
    916 304 5952

  60. I need to get a bay seat cushion made and some pillows. I found the perfect design for my daughters room over a year ago. I am finally ready to get everything made and I was told by the woman making the pillows and cushion for me thatbthe fabric is no longer in stock. I am so upset. Do you know of a fabric that is similar to this BRIDGE CITY BLOOMS FABRIC ON WHITE. I l ow Caitlin Wilson has a similar one. It the colors are faded. I like the bold colors in the BRIDGE CITY BLOOMS FABRIC ON WHITE fabric. Pleeeeease help. Any recommendation for a similar fabric????

  61. Wow. What a great article. Thank you for compiling this detailed list. I’m looking for new patterns form my baby bib line and specifically need laminated cotton. Do you know of a good source for this? I couldn’t find laminate cotton from the list above. Thank you!!