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Self-Care For Your Entry: 9 Fall-Inspired Front Door & Entryway Combos

photo by sara ligorria-tramp | from: make your home fall ready with 7 simple tricks

I could start this post off talking about the importance of making a good “first impression” and showing all of your neighbors, as they peek over at your house, that you are PUMPED it’s finally fall with your beautifully plaided and warm-toned porch (or front door) but I am not going to. No. Instead, I want to talk about some good ol’ fashion self-care…design edition. If you read this blog regularly, there is a good chance you love making your home look pretty and feel special. Me, too. Doing that is our part of how I “self-care.”

For me, it is the number one thing that makes me feel good (when my home is clean and pretty) and equally the first thing that makes me feel off if things are in disarray. So how I look at it, changing up your front door/porch area with some seasonal decor love is about putting you and your family in a good mood every time you walk in and leave your home. I mean, I am nearly 1,000% percent sure there are scientific studies done on the positive effects of Christmas decorations so if you are up for it, I say start the seasonal good times rollin’ early…like now…this weekend?

To help with this, I created nine looks, in three different styles, for three different sized front door areas (front door, small porch and large porch) to get you inspired/do the design work for you. Let’s fall (pun intended) into our front door looks.

First, though, let’s take a look at some IRL front facades to get our creative gears churning.

Target Fall Product 021 1

Here’s a good ol’ throwback from 2016 where we styled out a friend’s home with some quick fall vignettes. This set-up is just enough “season” for a small front door area. The candles in the lanterns would be so pretty lit if you’re expecting company at night, while the gold leaf wreath says “fall” but like…glam fall to balance out the more classic stack of pumpkins.

Screen Shot 2019 10 04 At 3.27.46 Pm
image and design via melissa brookes

Now, yes, this is “technically” a foyer (by Melissa Brookes), as in…indoors, but I think there’s some inspiration we can borrow from this. If you house has a decent sized porch, a rustic wood bench with a fall-feeling print pillow and just a pumpkin or two might be all you need to get into the seasonal game (and well, maybe throw in a wreath if you want to really drive the point home).

Screen Shot 2019 10 04 At 3.28.32 Pm
image and design via audrey crisp interiors

Fall front doors are typically all corn stalks and explosions of mums, but that doesn’t work with every house style. For something a little more “happy modern,” try a whimsical doormat, a smattering of pumpkins, and a delicate wreath.

Screen Shot 2019 10 04 At 3.35.54 Pm
image via magnolia

Yes, another interior but I just love the simple, natural palette. A soft yellow wheat wreath and a rattan basket is subtle yet effective.

Screen Shot 2019 10 04 At 3.37.28 Pm
image and design via design love details

A bench is a great styling opportunity for seasonal decor. Swap out any textiles you have that might feel too summery for neutral textures and plaid (just add acorns).

Screen Shot 2019 10 04 At 3.59.55 Pm
image and design via simplysuzys

For something a little more modern, don’t be afraid to mix in contemporary planters to offset the traditional vibes of mums and other fall foliage.

Screen Shot 2019 10 04 At 3.24.43 Pm
image via crate & barrel

Alright, so this is a catalog shot from Crate & Barrel, so, not a real home, but I wanted to show it as an example of something that felt like autumn without screaming Instagram-y fall front facade.

Okay, let’s get to our product boards, starting with the cozy and casual fall front door…

Emily Henderson Fall Curb Appeal Small Eclectic

1. 22″ Artificial Goldenrod Wreath | 2. Geo Stripe Rug | 3. Wood and Rope Lantern | 4. Blue Round Planter | 5. Pescador Ombre Planter

This look is for the not-so-traditional seasonal decorator that still wants a hint of fall. We are all big fans of that faux wreath from Target. It’s simple but colorful and has a ton of movement. Then paired with the textures and patterns of the lantern, cream/orange planter and doormat makes it feel seasonal without it screaming. “HEY, I LOVE FALL.” And lastly, to really mix it up and add some visual interest, the blue planter is the perfect little cherry on top. Note the varying heights of the lantern and two planters. As in any and almost all styled vignettes, always mix up heights and pattern scales.

Onto the modern side of fall…

Emily Henderson Fall Curb Appeal Small Modern

1. Preserved Natural Wheat Bundle | 2. 18″x30″ Door Mat | 3. Ceramic Planter With Stand | 4. Medium Brass Planter

While a monochromatic color palette isn’t the only way to make something modern, it is an easy way to go about it. That is exacly what we did for this cute combo. Instead of choosing the traditional wreath, I went with this very cute wheat bundle instead. Then, I opted for a modern patterned doormat (that would work year-round) with a natural texture to make sure the look didn’t feel visually cold. Then lastly, for the planters, I chose ones with clean, modern lines and made sure I threw in some gold to again keep the look still feeling warm despite the lack of color.

For our traditional front door…

Emily Henderson Fall Curb Appeal Small Traditional

1. Live Magnolia Wreath | 2. Windowpane Jute Doormat | 3. 15.7″x7.2″ Metal Lantern  | 4. 10″x9″ Ceramic Planter | 5. Planter Woven Cement

This look is also very monochromatic but with the softer shapes, cozier patterns and hint of green, it automatically feels classic. The wreath is beautiful (and real!), the rug is traditional in pattern but relaxed in texture and that lantern is another EHD favorite (hello leather handle). That beautiful footed planter and awesome ceramic woven cutie together are under $50. Winners!

Moving on up to our next size category…the small porch.

Emily Henderson Fall Curb Appeal Medium Eclectic

1. Modern Concrete End Table | 2. Outdoor Lounge Chair | 3. Sunbrella Rust Canvas Outdoor Lumbar Pillow | 4. Plaid Cotton Throw Blanket | 5. Red Broom Corn Wreath | 6. 18″x30″ Striped Tufted Door Mat | 7. Round Wooden Planter | 8. Livorno Planter | 9. Metal Lantern

A slight size upgrade (room for a chair and side table) made this small porch so inviting. I want to know the cool people that live here and sit in that chair while I stare at that beautiful wreath. Fall doesn’t need to mean dark and moody colors. Brighten it up with say, this happy yellow throw and light terracotta accents. But to make sure this porch didn’t feel too spring-y, I added those doses of black to ground the design and help welcome in the cool fall air. Dark colors do that, right?

This next modern look is one of my favorites.

Emily Henderson Fall Curb Appeal Medium Modern 1

1. Logan End Table, Anthracite Grey | 2. Montego Lounge Chair | 3. Preserved Myrtle Leaf Wreath | 4. Honeycomb Faux Fiber Indoor/Outdoor Lumbar Pillow | 5. Woven Throw Blanket | 6. Market Stripe Doormat | 7. 14″ Cylinder Outdoor Lantern | 8. Hexagon Stoneware Planter | 9. 26″x9″ Brass Planter With Stand

Like most of these designs, I drew color inspo from the wreath. The simple rust color is modern but warm and looks perfect with that throw blanket. How sophisticated would you feel sitting in that chair, draped in that beautiful throw sipping a cup of coffee? I think very. It’s important with any simple and modern design to keep the lines and patterns also simple. A touch of metallic like that planter with the stand will also almost guarantee a more modern feel.

Shall we get traditional?

Emily Henderson Fall Curb Appeal Medium Traditional

1. Roger Stool | 2. Henry Chair | 3. Preserved Corn Husk Wreath | 4. Chunky Knit Throw Blanket | 5. Striped Throw Pillow | 6. Cotton Rug Buffalo Check | 7. Copper Earthenware Planter | 8. Fiber Concrete Barrel Pot | 9. Slim Iron Lantern

Traditional doesn’t need to mean a ton of ornate, detailed old pieces. We here at EHD like clean lines in traditional shapes like the chair, lantern and planter. Since the chair, throw and doormat (washable) look a bit on the traditional side, I chose a more modern wreath and side table to keep the overall look fresh. Plus, add a green wreath and/or a reindeer and you my friend have a very pretty winter small porch situation on your hands.

It’s time to go big and then go home…large porch time.

Emily Henderson Curb Appeal Large Eclectic

1. Grove Teak Chair | 2. Black Wired Stool | 3. Crosby Natural Teak Lantern 24″ | 4. Reversible Lightweight Throw | 5. Saffron Macrame Indoor/Outdoor Throw Pillow | 6. Cleary Indoor/Outdoor Flatweave Rug | 7. 9″x8.6″ Water Hyacinth Pumpkin Natural | 8. Brice Extra Large With Short Modern Metal Plant Stand | 9. Dried Protea Wreath

Lord, I love those chairs. So chic and versatile. But to make this look cozier, I threw in warm-toned textiles that are full of pattern. Now, the wreath doesn’t scream fall, but it’s beautiful, neutral and has that perfect pop of color. As as we have said 108943 times, the easiest way to make a space cozy is to add texture and this look has it in droves. The pumpkin, side table, planter…well actually just everything.

Alight, that’s enough warmth for one look. Let’s talk about the last modern combo…

Emily Henderson Curb Appeal Large Modern

1. Modern Adirondack Lounge Chair | 2. Sand Side Table with Handles | 3. Blox 24″ Tall Galvanized Charcoal Planter | 4. 12″x9.5″ Standing Wooden Planter | 5. Elias Planter | 6. Faux Mohair Grid Throw Blanket | 7. Mayne Pillow Cover | 8. Multi Stripe Jute Doormat | 9. Modern Globe Lantern | 10. 22″ Artificial Magnolia Leaves Wreath

Well, this one is also warm (because of the texture) but in a cool way. I love the mix of pattern scale with the textiles and the splash of forest green and wood from the planter. There is a lot for your eye to look at without feeling overwhelmed. Also how cool is that lantern??

This last traditional look is traditional but with a twist…

Emily Henderson Curb Appeal Large Traditional

1. 16″ Round Sunbrella Outdoor/Indoor Seat Cushion | 2. Regatta Natural Dining Bench | 3. Faux Olive Branch Plant | 4. Rattan Basket | 5. Buffalo Check Faux Mohair Throw Blanket | 6. Maxwell Lantern | 7. 11″x10.5″ Papier-Maché Pumpkin | 8. 6″x6″ Papier-Maché Pumpkin | 9. 9″x6″ Papier-Maché Gourd

I wanted this look to still feel really fresh. To achieve that, I chose a bench and then added round warm-toned seat cushions. This way the colors and shapes are traditional without feeling old. Moving over to the right, that tree is faux people! I would be the perfect (long-lasting) moment for a large porch. Plus, no maintenance. Then by adding the neutral-colored pumpkins (very traditional looking) and the slightly more decorative lantern, it keep it all from feeling too modern. The texture of that pretty basket and pattern of throw doesn’t hurt either. 🙂

Oh, and for all of the ideas above, just round them out with natural pumpkins, gourds and squashes, and maybe even some mums if you like that look.

How painless was that? See how easy it can be to make your home feel a little cozier for fall to help put a smile on your face? In the spirit of making things simple, I will stop writing so you can stop reading and get to shopping. Let us know if you have any genius fall front door decorating ideas and if you like this different style and size format.

Love you, mean it.


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4 years ago

Arlyn, this is a lovely post. But if you think I’m putting a $1200 Serena and Lily chair on my front porch in Chicago, where it will likely be stolen before the sun sets, you are crazy! 🙂

4 years ago
Reply to  Lisa

Do you ever take a second to think before you comment that someone put a lot of thought and work and love into something and then in one second you just sh*t all over it? So the chair is not for you, then move along or get inspired to find a similar chair at Wal Mart or Target or a thrift shop. ?

4 years ago
Reply to  Kat

Hmm I didn’t take it that way, but man I get it, my neighborhoods not the best in Atlanta either, I think it was a joke.

4 years ago
Reply to  Kat

To be fair, an understanding that not everyone in their audience has access to the same sort of spaces and resources could be enlightening for the author. It doesn’t take away from all their “thought and work and love” (doing their job) to point out that a $1200 outdoor chair is not a realistic recommendation for most people – that’s not “sh*tting all over” their work. Even if a client did have the money and the space, many people live in a climate where their delicate wreaths and pretty textiles are not going to hold up in increasingly harsh winter weather. Or they live in an apartment where the only decoration they can fit is a wreath on a Command hook and a doormat. There are a lot of different situations that could have been included in this piece and made it both more inclusive and more interesting! I’m speaking from the point of view of an architect – I would rather have constructive feedback than only positive glowing praise all the time! My personal philosophy is not to simply get rich or go to Walmart, as you have suggested. There is room for great design even with budget, space,… Read more »

4 years ago
Reply to  Kat

She complimented the post and the author and put a smiley face at the end of her comment about the chair. I think you’ve overreacted tremendously.

4 years ago
Reply to  Susanna

I agree

4 years ago
Reply to  Kat

I really don’t get your animosity. Hope your week gets better.

4 years ago
Reply to  Lisa

I had the same reaction to almost all of the decor items — they would be stolen or trashed in my San Francisco neighborhood where the porch is tiny and very near the sidewalk and street. I need to move before I do anything like this.

4 years ago

I love posts like these because they make decorating seem so simple and easy- even I could handle this!!

4 years ago

Hi—love this post. Would you check the links to the live magnolia wreath? They take me to a page for doormat at Target.

4 years ago

I don’t have a covered porch (colonial home). I think I’m stuck with potted plants and pumpkins: What other options are there for those porches exposed to the Midwest elements?

4 years ago

I love the look of all of these! But often the blog features “outdoor” furniture that would not hold up in anywhere with rain or seasons 🙁

Laura Marshall
4 years ago

I absolutely love the door color on the lead photo (with the brick stairs and the pumpkins). Do you know what color it is?

Thanks for this post!

4 years ago

This is too fancy for my front porch in the city, but it would look lovely in my backyard. Thank you for the inspiration!

4 years ago

Way to make Chicago sound great! A metal cable with lock or bike lock could be used to secure it to porch, most don’t walk around with bolt cutters onhand.

4 years ago

I love the live magnolia leaf wreath – but the link is for a doormat, not the wreath. Can you correct please? Thanks!

4 years ago

I absolutely love what you said about self-care, that is GOLD.

I definitely feel way happier buying a throw pillow or random “small” than makeup, clothes, nails, lattes etc..I am totally going to OWN that. My self-care is creating beauty around me. <3

4 years ago

I loved this post because I have always used decorating as my self care…..thanks for getting that!!

4 years ago

I admire people who style for the seasons as it clearly brings them happiness and gives the rest of us something pretty to look at. But it also is unnecessary consumption, often not sustainable, ephemeral, and one area where I choose to spend next to no money.

4 years ago

Great post. Love the affordability of so many items. Puts me in the mood for fall!

4 years ago

I love lovelove these posts and find them so inspiring. Thank you!

4 years ago

In my future dream house, I have a nice big front porch with a hanging daybed. The front door and entry really do set the tone for an inviting welcome home. I have lots of potted and hanging plants by mine.

Drawing Game
4 years ago

Such an awe-inspiring post. They are all good tips for self-care. Thanks for your share.

4 years ago

Hi – Love this post. Where can I get the live magnolia wreath? The link keeps sending me to a doormat.

4 years ago
Reply to  NAB

Oh, looks like the comment I just tried to leave probably got flagged for having a URL in it. Anyway I used Google Image search and found the live magnolia wreath at World Market, so if anyone else is also looking for it, it should come up if you just search on “live magnolia wreath” on the World Market website.

4 years ago

For other people that might be coming back to this post looking for the right link for the Live Magnolia Wreath, I suddenly had the brainwave to look for it using Google Image search and found it at World Market!

4 years ago


4 years ago

Love this post! I must be crazy because I can’t find the source for that first wreath, the dainty one with tiny orange bits? Can anyone point me in the right direction? TIA!

4 years ago
Reply to  Brit

I have that wreath, it’s from Target, the Opal house line. In the store, it doesn’t look quite the same. When it’s hanging up, the orange stems fall from the bottom of the wreath in a lovely minimal sort of way. Looks great on my black craftsmen style door!