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“How Can I Stop Sweating While I Sleep?” Caitlin Desperately Searches For The Answer (P.S. She Came Up With 10 GREAT Options)

Hello. I AM MELTING. Over the past few weeks, I’ve been waking up from some crazy dreams in the middle of the night with my lower back drenched in sweat. I’ve since realized there were some environmental problems, like, uh, falling asleep while very stressed and wearing sweatpants while swaddled underneath a 20-pound comforter in an 80-degree room. But it got me thinking – how can I make the coolest bedroom ever without just turning up the AC or blowing a bunch of fans and hoping for the best?

And when I tried to look into it, I just found pages and pages of articles that were like “here are 20 cooling sheet sets” which made me feel really overwhelmed – just give me the good stuff, pal!!! The creme de la creme only, if you will.

So I did my research, asked around, read hundreds of reviews, and pulled together the 10 best-reviewed options – from a simple PJ shift dress to the best pillow ever to a $3,000 hydro-powered mattress – that will help keep your bed feeling cool and comfortable all night long. Menopause-experiencers, hot-flash havers, anxiety-induced night-sweaters, hot sleepers, folks without central air – we’re all going to get through this, together! Let’s start with the simplest solution and work our way up, yeah?

Become’s Night Dress

Was this technically designed for folks experiencing menopause? Well, yeah. But get a load of this: while these PJs may look sweet and simple, they’re actually super fancy – each dress cools the skin, wicks away moisture, prevents odor buildup, and re-releases heat back onto the skin when you finally start to cool down. Plus, they’re seamless, timeless, and maybe even a little stylish. (Like, this is something that a woman in a Nancy Meyers movie would wear to bed before pulling on a beautiful robe in the AM and strolling about a sun-dappled kitchen in the AM.) Dresses will run you just under $60 and there are a ton of options and cuts available for those who prefer shirts and pants, too. In any case, clothing is a good place to start before you, you know, spend hundreds – or thousands – upending your whole bed and bedding situation. (Feel free to drop any other cooling PJs in the comments!)

Coop’s Eden Pillow

This is it. The best pillow (not even just for night sweat suffers – I’m talking THE best pillow, period). 2,000 5-star reviews and my emphatic, enthusiastic endorsement can’t be wrong!!! Thanks to a gel-infused memory foam insert, both sides of this puppy stay cool all night AND each pillow comes with a half-pound bag of supplementary hypoallergenic fill, so you can make yours as firm or as floppy as you want. (For my side sleepers out there, the body pillow is just as great and if you grab a long lumbar cover, it can do double duty as your main decorative pillow when you make your bed in the morning!)

Parachute’s Percale Sheets

Yes, linen is breathable and great…but have you ever been in a cool percale sheet? Let me paint the picture for you: imagine stepping out of an awesome shower, jumping into your clean, taut, freshly-made bed with chilled percale sheets, and rubbing your legs together underneath like a little anthropomorphic cricket. IT’S AMAZING. I love how slick these feel – and hot sleepers in the reviews agree, there’s lots of feedback that reads “crisp” and “cool” – but I also love that Parachute lets you skip the top sheet. (My top sheets have sat unused for years. A simple shift to reduce a little clutter and waste!)

Buffy’s Comforter

This week, after a year-long love affair with my weighted comforter, I finally had to accept that it was “summer,” that I didn’t love sleeping under 20 pounds plus a duvet when it’s “90-degrees,” and that I may have been “overheating myself.” FINE. But that’s where this comforter from Buffy comes in – folks, the rumors are true. The cooling eucalyptus construction and perfect amount of fluff (not too puffy, not too flat) make it a dream for those who love feeling covered but hate feeling smothered. Plus, Buffy just dropped an even more lightweight version for folks who prefer more of a ~quilted~ look. Something for everyone!

Bearaby’s Weighted Blanket

Similarly, this weighted blanket from Bearaby is also made from eucalyptus fibers. Each piece is hand-knit and the open weave construction also helps air circulate, which keeps you cooler at night. If you think your night sweats have been brought on by stress or anxiety (guilty as charged!), testing out a weighted blanket – especially one that’s this beautiful! – may be just the thing the doctor ordered 🙂

Bedjet’s Cooling System

Alright, folks. We’re stepping into the BIG LEAGUES – we’re talking sleep systems and mattress upgrades from here on out. I first learned about the BedJet – a fan that circulates air under your covers – from Arlyn, who described it as a “veritable air hockey table.” You basically pick a temperature between 66 degrees and 104 degrees, and it’ll do its best to keep you comfortable all night. Added bonus for the BedJet: the air circulation helps pull sweat and heat out of the bed and there’s so real change to your current mattress, so you’ll barely notice it’s there.

Chilisleep’s OOLER Sleep System

In 2020, a bunch of my friends used their stimulus checks to purchase OOLERs – and you know what? They’re SO. FREAKING. HAPPY. about it. Still. The price tag on this is no joke ($749 for half a queen; $1499 to cover a full queen bed), but it’s a hydroponic pad (AKA you put water in it occasionally and it’ll circulate) that can you can set between 55 and 115 degrees. While it seems like a hearty investment upfront, I’ve heard nothing but good reviews alongside glowing confessions of reduced HVAC bills. (Turns out that just heating or cooling the bed is a lot more affordable than heating or cooling a whole house!)

Eightsleep’s Pod Pro Cover

Similarly, the Eightsleep Pro Pod Cover is zipped onto your existing mattress. Just fill-up the tiny tank every few months with water and enjoy their thermoregulation technology on the mattress that you already own and love! I personally am leaning a bit more towards this one over the Ooler, as Eightsleep offers an app that can track your sleep wellness without any wearables. Oh, and did I mention that the app also offers guided meditations, white noise sleep coaching, and more? THE FUTURE IS NOW.

Tuft & Needle’s Original Mattress

Don’t have a huge mattress budget? ME NEITHER, PAL. The Tuft & Needle Original mattress is actually an awesome, budget-conscious pick. It combines two layers of memory foam with graphite and cooling gel, so it’ll pull heat away from your body all night. If you prefer mattresses with springs, never fear – the air channels in the Hybrid mattress also make it a super breathable pick! For what it’s worth, a ton of EHD staffers and contributors have T&N mattresses in their own homes – it’s tough to go wrong 🙂

Eightsleep’s Pod Pro

We’ve made it: the Tony Stark of mattresses, IMO. This is what my nerd-driven data dreams are made of, folks. I’ve been eyeing this mattress for the better part of a year, so let me break down its wild selling points: there are ambient sensors for room climate and outdoor weather so it can react intelligently; it tracks your resting heart rate, respiratory rate, etc. (where was this when I was training seriously for sports?!); it can wake you up by gently shaking or warming your side of the bed (no annoying alarm clocks!); it offers dual-zone heating and cooling; there’s also the advanced sleep tracking app we mentioned before. Cooling your bed to 55 AND getting to review arbitrary health markers every day? I’M SO SOLD. It’s like Peloton, but for sleeping. I want it SO BADLY.

And there you have it from me – the 10 products that can actually make a difference in your sleep temperature. I know there are tons of hacks out there, though, so PLEASE DROP YOURS IN THE COMMENTS. What’s worked for you to help you sleep through the night? Spill your secrets, please.

Opening Image Credits: Design by Julie Rose for EHD | Photo by Sara Ligorria-Tramp | From: One of Emily’s Best Friends Gets The Cozy Yet Sophisticated Bedroom Makeover She Really Deserves

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2 years ago

I can second the Coop pillow. Amazingly supportive. I’ve had it for over a year and haven’t had to add any more stuffing. I’ve recommended it to many people complaining of sleep; I wish I received commission from it. In fact, I travel with it for all overnights that I arrive at via car.
I had neck pain that wouldn’t allow me to turn my neck when I would do things like back out my car. Fixed it. My dad had trouble getting comfortable in bed when sick, fixed it. More friends more parents: problems, pillow fixed it

One note: it STINKS for first 24 hours. You have to air it out before you use it. You have to fluff it in the dryer. And then it’s amazing and you forget it ever smelled

2 years ago

So helpful!! Thank you. We live in a 100 farmhouse with very little duct work upstairs near our bedrooms…

2 years ago

Very helpful post! Ladies, no one informed me of the joys of peri menopause and how early it can start (early to mid forties). The struggle is real and night sweats mean NEVER getting uninterrupted sleep. I’m a T-shirt/tank top sleeper and one thing I just discovered is sleeping in my “athletic” tops makes a big difference. The wicking/ cooling technology works same at night as it does for a workout – duh, slow learner here. No more cotton sleep shirts for me. Anyway, just a “hot” tip to find relief without having to spend any money.

For sheets, percale is the only way to go. Sateen = sweat fest. I am intrigued by the comforter. My husband and I have trouble finding something we can agree on.

2 years ago
Reply to  Melissa

my partner and i gave up agreeing on bedding – i sleep really hot and he wants the full fluffy comforter. when we make the bed, we stack from the bottom up – my thin blanket, my thin quilt, his sheet, his comforter. when we get in bed, i yank mine over to my side and he pulls his over to his. we get to sleep with our own blankets, but when we make the bed, it looks “normal!” i know in some european countries it’s normal to see two single duvets side by side on a larger bed but we both wanted to curl up in bigger blankets.

2 years ago
Reply to  A

My partner face the same dilemma and have a similar solution. We have an agreed-upon layer first, then an extra layer on my half, then a bedspread or comforter that we can lay over the entire thing when we make the bed in the morning. I’ve found that wool throws work well dimensionally for my extra layers, as they aren’t too big to hang off the bed and are warm but thin so they aren’t obvious under the coverlet.

2 years ago
Reply to  Melissa

I agree with Melissa on the wicking athletic gear as cool PJs. I keep an eye out for sales on oversized tanks or T’s in those fabrics – the 2XL are like a loose sleep dress on me.

Heather Amsden
2 years ago
Reply to  Melissa

I use Boody tanks and briefs to sleep in. VERY wicking and comfy. The menopause night sweats can be drenching these dry off in a snap. As for sheets – BIG fan of the percale! Martha Stewart (Macy’s) and Garnet Hill make great percale sheets as well if you are looking for other colors and patterns.

2 years ago
Reply to  Melissa

Early to MID-forties? Girlfriend, you’re getting off easy. Mine started at 37, and I KNOW I’m not the only one! I sure wish I’d had your athletic wear tip earlier; I like it! Good luck, it will eventually turn into plain old regular menopause.

2 years ago

Wow. I live in a place that gets stinking hot at night and I had no idea some of these things existed. I really am curious to know how that Bedjet thing works. Do you put that box thing in the bed with you? Most people I know sleep with the aircon in summer but I can’t stand sleeping in aircon so I sleep with a top sheet and just lie very still, ha ha. I do use the fan. I’d be a puddle in the am otherwise!
Can I say I find this a highly unusual post for an interior design blog? I’m not sure what to make of it really, especially given the highly eclectic mix of products. But I somehow couldn’t walk past the headline.

2 years ago
Reply to  Sally

I purchased a Chilipad 5 years ago and upgraded to the ooler last year. Best purchase ever! The bedroom is the hottest in our house + perimenopause, so I was DYING with the LA valley heat. The ooler is much quieter than the chili pad unit and has a bigger tank, so you don’t have to refill as often. Not cheap, but it has paid off in good sleep.

2 years ago
Reply to  Sally

My friends have the Bedjet to save on AC costs and love it. The unit that powers it is connected to the sheet thing with a hose and sits under the bed.

2 years ago
Reply to  Sally

I live and die by my Bedjet. Look, it’s not aesthetically pleasing. The “box” thing goes at the foot of the bed with this hose thing that you feed into your sheets. But I’d rather my room be functional to myself and my husband that always ready to be captured on camera. My bed doesn’t have any space underneath it, though. If I did, it could easily tuck in there. It’s WONDERFUL. Like air conditioning (or a heater) for your bed. It saves us on A/C and heating costs.

2 years ago

It’s necessary to note that a lot of medications and medical problems can cause night sweats. Worth checking out.

2 years ago

CHILLI PAD for the WIN! Menopause almost did me in, but this. This! This saved me.

2 years ago
Reply to  Jenny

I live in southern Arizona and have had a chili pad for years. The motor quit last year and I researched all the options and ended up getting another chili pad and I am still loving it. It’s like ALWAYS having that feeling of cool sheets when you first get in bed. I am curious about the Oooler — when I looked at it as an option, it did not seem too much better for the higher price, but maybe it is worth it? Anyway, I love my chili pad!

2 years ago

A enlightening post, Caitlin.
You’ve listed products I never knew existed!! Many are beyond tge means of everyday people, but some are doable and look great!
My favourite cooling item is BAMBOO SHEETS, the air moves through them and they’re wicking. Changed my life in hottttt Australia.

I need to add to what someone else said: it’s worth chatting with your doctor about this and seeing if there’s a cause other than hot temperatures, because at your age (now I feel really old, ha!), this is a tad OTT to be experiencing and there may be an underlying health issue?? A consultation can’thurt and better safd than sorry.
It’s one thing to deal with symptoms, but better to check that there’s nit an underlying cause that needs attention, yes?

2 years ago

This is the post I didn’t even know I needed. Already shared with others. Thank you!

2 years ago

Weighing in on the Eightsleep Pod Pro cover! I must admit, when my husband mentioned that he wanted to spend almost $2,000 on a “cooling mattress cover” I thought he was insane, especially since we had just bought a brand new mattress which we both adore. However we are now a few weeks in and I LOVE it. We had a heat wave last week and were able to keep the rest of the house at a more reasonable temperature while our bed was icy cold. It has dual temperature control, so if you run super hot like my husband does, you can have your own personal arctic experience without disturbing your partner’s preferences and if it is ever too hot or cold for you (it takes some figuring out) you can quickly adjust your temperature on the Eightsleep app. It tracks your sleep cycles and adjusts temperatures, slowly warming as you reach your wake up time and even gently vibrates to wake you at your wake up time, which I much prefer to an audio alarm. It also monitors resting heart rate, tosses/turns and heart rate variance. It is very expensive, but I think it’s worth the investment if… Read more »

2 years ago

I’m in my 30’s but get the fun menopause hot flashes because of cancer treatment. I got the Ooler about a month ago and it’s AMAZING. I’d tried different combinations of fans, sheets, and blankets, but nothing compares to it. You know how nice it feels when you roll onto a cool part of the sheets? It’s like that all the time. Can’t rave enough about it. FYI – After I bought it they sent me a code to refer friends to get 25% off, which helps bc it’s so expensive!

2 years ago
Reply to  Erin

Um, can I be that friend? 🙂

2 years ago

Ooler has Saved. My. Sanity. My SIL recommended it last summer. It took me a minute to get on board with the cost, but I am a believer! I take it everywhere I travel by car—even if it’s just one night! I’ve even sent them feedback asking for a travel Ooler that can easily travel by air!!! Peri-menopause is no joke, and this has seriously given me my sleep back! Can’t recommend enough.

Cris S.
2 years ago

Thank you thank you thank you! I’ll be looking into several of these and I (menopause – but yes, perimenopause is often even worse!) and my husband (who sleeps even hotter than I do sometimes) are so grateful!

2 years ago

I just want to say how much I love this post and another thank you to all of you who comment with their personal reviews. Does anyone know which is quieter between the Ooler and the Bedjet?

2 years ago
Reply to  Jeanne

I also want to know this answer – I definitely need something Q.U.I.E.T.

Kathe Lehman-Meyer
2 years ago

I’ve found that LandsEnd nightgowns work unbelievably well to keep me cool when sleeping. They are extremely soft and affordable when on sale. I picked up a couple for $16 each last week.

The other thing that has helped us a lot is diffusing essential oils like lavender that promote sleep. It’s important to buy quality oil and to use distilled water so as to put as few chemicals in the air as possible.

There are a few brands of creams that act as body lotions and sleep promoters such as Sleepy by Lush. These products do really work. They can also be used if you wake up restless.

My daughter swears by CBD lotions, oils and ingestibles to help her sleep. They are not effective for me.

2 years ago

For people who are pet owners, please look into the safety of various essential oils before diffusing them in your home! P.S. Pretty much everything other than energy is a chemical and they are not innately harmful, considering the fact that our bodies are made of them and we rely on them to survive.

2 years ago

Are there any recommendations for shirts and pants that are cool for heat and humidity? It seems like my coolest shirts are cotton/nylon combo but impossible to find.

2 years ago

I don’t get the no top sheet. I have to have a cover over me but no blanket or comforter, that would be a nightmare. Plus, I don’t want to wash my duvet cover so often.
The best thing I found to sleep in is a silk camisole and my husband’s Hanes cotton boxers.

Emily R
2 years ago
Reply to  Nancy

I sleep with a top sheet just for this same reason! I also don’t sleep in pajamas because I run pretty hot. I have to remember to pack them when traveling with friends.

Tracy Morgan
2 years ago
Reply to  Nancy

I’m a huuuuge believer in the Euro, no-top sheet approach. I buy simple linen duvet covers that don’t take a big effort to wash/replace as needed. Flip the it down while getting out of bed so it’s neatly folded in half, and the bed and duvet air out beautifully.

(We’ve also gone Euro with two Twin duvets and it definitely keeps the temp balanced, as well as the peace. Apparently someone steals the covers. Ahem. 😬)

2 years ago

This is going to be really weird – but stay with me. I sweat more the LESS I wear to bed. If i’m wearing more clothes, i will move around freely as I sleep. If I’m the ever so slightest bit chilly, my unconscious self cocoons in the blankets and won’t budge, no matter how hot and I get.

2 years ago

Thanks, Caitlyn!! As a life-long hot sleeper (very sweaty) I have to let you know that I have tried both the Buffy comforter and own the Tuft and Needle mattress. Neither one has helped the sweat issue one bit. Will be curious of those products work for others — meanwhile, I’m excited to try the Ooler system myself! My partner is not a hot sleeper so I love the half-mattress coverage option.

2 years ago

This may not be what you’re asking, but I used to suffer from night sweats. My Chinese medicine doc gave me Eight Flavor Rehmanni Extract (Zhi Bai Di Huang Wan) pills – I think I took like 12 in the morning and 12 at night (they are very small!) for about 10 days, or until the bottle was out, and it made a HUGE difference. I didn’t know I could have a night’s sleep without sweating! Now I have occasional night sweats, usually around my period, but they are not bad at all. Before that, it was every night. I did take a bottle of this a couple years after the first time when they came back. But now it’s been years and it’s not a problem. So check it out – I am not a doctor, so check with one first (probably a Chinese medicine one). It changed my life!

2 years ago

This may be old fashioned advice but it does help:

  1. cold shower before turning in
  2. white cotton percale sheets
  3. 100% cotton shorty night dress (no added synthetics)
  4. tower fan at a distance that feels like a summer evening breeze
  5. noise machine set on “Ocean”
  6. take melatonin an hour before turning in
2 years ago

I have Tencel sheets and PJs. Tencel Lyocell is made from eucalyptus in a closed loop system, so very sustainable, which is an added bonus to being so cool. You can read more here:
I’ve tried a couple brands of Tencel sheets, and the best are from Malouf or Dreamfit. The PJs I have are from Hernest (, a sustainable lounge wear company in Canada. I like the Betty brief and Veronica tank for the barest sleeping, but their joggers and shorts are great for pulling on over when I want a bit more coverage. I just recently bought some from Synergy, but they are a Lyocell/Cotton blend, so I’m hopeful.
I’m planning on trying the Buffy Breeze comforter, but I haven’t purchased it yet. It has the eucalyptus fill, as well as the cover, which I expect is cooler than the Cloud, which has recycled plastic as the filler (I don’t find polyester breathes well).
Great round up, and I like hearing everyone’s input on what they’ve tried and loved, and what to skip.

2 years ago
Reply to  Suzanne

I will only buy tencel/ eucalyptus sheets now. I think they make a big difference!

2 years ago

Oh also, baleo makes a cool weighted comforter that comes in a proper queen/king size so you don’t need to pile the duvet on top (just FYI) also it’s machine washable. I sleep under one and it’s changed my way too hot thing.

Also a wool mattress pad helps to wick moisture and regulate temperature.

2 years ago

Natural fibers! I wear linen pjs and sometimes go without. We have a mattress that is natural rubber with felted wool. That’s it, no mysterious foam, no flame retardants. We use linen sheets on top of the mattress. When it’s cooler we use our down (certified cruelty free) comforter. Linen and wool are kind of amazing. I have started wearing more and more linen (because I get so hot and sweaty during the day too). When I wear cotton I’m just so soggy and gross.

2 years ago

I have pretty terrible night sweats at times (one of my top 3 am google searches is “best x for night sweats”). I must say the Buffy sheets are the most cool to the touch out of any of the many types I tried. I bought the comforter and sheets which are pretty pricy, but worth it for even the slightest bit of cooling power. Soma has a line of pajamas to help with hot flashes, and I’ve found that even though I’m in my 20s and am definitely not menopausal, those are my favorites to sleep in. Thanks for writing this article. It’s nice to know that other people have the same struggles as me. I also suggest that everyone look into the source of their night sweats. Turns out I had PCOS and didn’t know it. I only found out from trying to get to the bottom of my sweats.

2 years ago

What an important topic. I live in the Florida Keys. It’s beautiful, but steamy. I have as many as 40 hot flashes a day. Cotton is your friend. Just swaddle yourself in it. Percale sheets are dreamy. But most important, say no to memory foam. It is the enemy. I know, I know, you bought that expensive mattress… you can’t just get rid of it! Can you? Yes, you can. I’ve been there. I spent three long years, and entirely too much money, on different “cooling” pads, and bamboo covers, and layers of Cotton covers, and still it was like sleeping on an oven. Then late one hot-flashy night, bleary eyed on the internet, on impulse, I bought a 5” ALL Cotton futon. Just like in my twenties. And lo and behold I sleep like a rock now! Its been Heaven. I can’t say enough good things. Just surround yourself in all things Cotton. You won’t regret it.
*this comment was not sponsored by the Cotton industry, though I’m open to it 😉

Julie Tarman
2 years ago

The Coop pillow is my FAVORITE – I also bought one for my husband and 2 for our guest bed because I loved mine so much. I just brought sheets from Brooklinen (similar to Parachute but less expensive) and for the first time in years, I’m not sweating at night during the summer. I also love the cool nights line of PJs from Soma!

Brooke Kincaid
2 years ago

Thanks for all these great suggestions! One thing to note—if your night sweats become fully drenching, please raise the issue with a doctor, especially if you know it’s not menopause. It can be a symptom of many things, but in rare instances could indicate a more serious problem, such as Hodgkin Lymphoma.

Sonia Quinones
2 years ago
Reply to  Brooke Kincaid

I was so hoping someone else would bring this up, because I would have hated to be the first. I have also tended to be a hot sleeper, which is one reason when I developed Hodgkin’s lymphoma 20 years ago I didn’t realize that the drenching night sweats I was starting to have were not actually normal. Because it seemed “normal for me.” But I sadly learned better. I was 33. And now, 20 years later, it looks like I once again some type of lymphoma. I’ll be undergoing a biopsy soon so they can figure out which kind. (And yeah, I’m terrified but trying to stay remind myself that I beat this once, I can do it again.) All of which is to say, when I started having night sweats again over the last few months I nevertheless dismissed it because “I’m a hot sleeper.” (I was obviously in denial.) But fortunately, my doctor isn’t. So when I mentioned this symptom to my doctor she immediately started running tests and here we are. So yeah, I would strongly suggest that if you find yourself suddenly sweating more more than you previously had at night you should mention it to… Read more »

2 years ago
Reply to  Sonia Quinones

Sending you healing thoughts and prayers. You are a warrior- you beat it once you can do it again.

Susanne Leslie
2 years ago

No more top sheet? Please tell me more!

2 years ago

Honestly I have been in LOVE with Slumber Cloud. I was a skeptic but let me tell you as a hot sleeper I am a believer.

2 years ago

Tencel sheets are the only way to go for a hot sleeper!! I treated myself to a set of Tencel blend sheets a few years ago, and I will never go back to anything else!! You can actually feel the coolness when you touch the sheets. The only problem is that I have a hard time adjusting to “normal” sheets when I’m away from my own bed.
Also, I’m a huge fan of bamboo sleep shirts/ short night gowns.

2 years ago

Another worthy inclusion would be a coming weighted blanket. I personally have this one and it’s great!

2 years ago

best article 🙂

2 years ago

I’m really confused about comforters and hot weather, please advise!! I always see comforters as part of pretty bed styling, etc, and have always just assumed they are not for me, as I live in the south and have a hot – sleeping husband. So, we just make do with a cotton coverlet or thin quilt. But am I missing something? Is there something I don’t know about them VS light quilt that makes them better or ok for hot weather? Do people really use and like comforters in the summer, or do they just get folded off for sleeping? We’re awaiting a new bed and mattress, so I will be getting new sheets and bedding, so would really like to know if I should open my mind to a comforter…. Thanks anyone who has ideas or experience!

2 years ago

I didn’t like the Buffy much! It still had me feeling hot even with the ceiling fan going. What works for me was actually ditching the comforter altogether during the warmer months and swapping it out for a big woven cotton blanket that was like $40 from Target. Haven’t been a sweaty sleeper at all since we put it on the bed.

2 years ago

Ah Caitlin, you have changed the way I shower (I live for my special shower!), and now I am trying out the cooling pillow and percale sheets. Truly appreciate your research on these important topics!!