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Outdoor Dining Furniture Roundup

It’s the weekend (well as soon as 6pm rolls around and the work week finishes) and LA has officially decided that it is summer what with these warmer temperatures. So, naturally, every single human being (including all of us) is either spending more time on their deck/backyard/rooftop or finding someone who has one of those spaces so that they can enjoy this lovely weather. While LA boasts the most awful traffic in the US (or so it seems) it does make up for it with these summer days that we are starting to feel. So we thought that it was time to roundup some of our favorite outdoor dining furniture for those of you that like us, can’t wait to get outside.

Emily Henderson Outdoor Furniture Dining Pic 4 Copy

If you are familiar with EHD then you should know very well that we love a good outdoor moment (have you seen the patio and deck reveals?). But the right furniture is key to having a place that you can go outside and enjoy. Last week we pulled together some of our favorite lounge furniture and today it is dining selections. And there is no better time to shop for said furniture than right now as almost all of these pieces below are on sale. So while the prices on the roundups were accurate when we pulled this together, a lot of them are even more affordable than what is marked due to summer sales.

So, pour yourself a very chilled glass of lemonade, enjoy the weekend, and our roundup of 92 of our favorite outdoor dining pieces.

1. Fairmont | 2. Avignon | 3. Staton | 4. Dexter | 5. Fermob | 6. Fabron | 7. Ronde | 8. Della | 9. Bryant | 10. Aqueduct | 11. Scallop | 12. Mantega | 13. Praiano | 14. Calistoga | 15. Standish | 16. Balmain | 17. Teak | 18. Capsule | 19. Morie | 20. Portside | 21. Fuze | 22. San Sebastian | 23. Regatta | 24. Hampstead

1. Bryant | 2. Mosaic | 3. Watermark Brass | 4. Slat Square Metal | 5. Grove Marble | 6. Metal Punch Folding | 7. Parc | 8. Elie | 9. Kerteminde | 10. Pedestal | 11. Lacko | 12. Bailey | 13. Aluminum Slat Folding | 14. Flower | 15. Soleil | 16. Travira | 17. Abella | 18. Moda

Outdoor Dining Furniture: Chairs

Emily Henderson Outdoor Furniture Dining Chairs Roundup
Modern Wire Fairmont 6pc Metal Farva 4pk Aluminum Slat French Café Wicker Folding Grinda Teak Breton Oxno Lucinda Balmain Cadima 4pk Metal Pacific Staton 2pk Wood & All Weather Wicker Lacko Elie Fisher Hairpin Amara Belgian Outdoor Inverness Wicker Levante Morie 4pk Metal Vertical Slat Catalina Paloma Nautical Rope Rapallo Overlook Arm Café Indoor/Outdoor Midas Yorkshire Delphi 2pk Wicker Less Aluminum Slat Folding Inverness Side Soliel Dexter Cadiz

Modern Wire

Fairmont 6pc Metal


4pk Aluminum Slat

French Café Wicker Folding

Grinda Teak





Cadima 4pk Metal


Staton 2pk Wood & All Weather Wicker




Hairpin Amara

Belgian Outdoor


Wicker Levante

Morie 4pk Metal Vertical Slat



Nautical Rope Rapallo

Overlook Arm

Café Indoor/Outdoor



Delphi 2pk Wicker


Aluminum Slat Folding

Inverness Side




1. Modern Wire | 2. Fairmont 6pc Metal3. Farva | 4. 4pk Aluminum Slat | 5. French Café Wicker Folding | 6. Grinda Teak7. Breton | 8. Oxno | 9. Lucinda | 10. Balmain | 11. Cadima 4pk Metal | 12. Pacific | 13. Staton 2pk Wood & All Weather Wicker | 14. Lacko | 15. Elie 16. Fisher | 17. Hairpin Amara | 18. Belgian Outdoor | 19. Inverness | 20. Wicker Levante | 21. Morie 4pk Metal Vertical Slat | 22. Catalina | 23. Desi | 24. Paloma | 25. Nautical Rope Rapallo | 26. Overlook Arm | 27. Café Indoor/Outdoor | 28. Midas | 29. Yorkshire | 30. Delphi 2pk Wicker | 31. Less | 32. Aluminum Slat Folding | 33. Inverness Side | 34. Soliel | 35. Dexter | 36. Cadiz

1. Pink & White Stipe | 2. Beige Fringe | 3. Eastport | 4. Gray Square | 5. Red & White Stripe | 6. Black Tassels | 7. Cabana | 8. Black & White Stripe | 9. Navy Fringe | 10. Multi Colored Stripe | 11. Sand | 12.  Black & White Fringe | 13. Zimmerman Crank Market | 14. Pagoda

Let us know if any of you have tried these pieces before and if you can give us a review of them. Happy Friday friends and we will be back on Monday.

***Disclaimer: Some of the links that are included in this post are affiliate links. Using these links allows us to continue to bring you daily original content on the blog that is accessible to all of our readers.We only recommend products that we love and hope you do too. 

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4 years ago

I really appreciate you sharing this collection. However, you should be disclosing that you use affiliate links before someone reports you for not using them. I’m totally fine with bloggers making money this way (because this is clearly a lot of work) but be upfront and honest about it.

4 years ago
Reply to  Sandra

I would disagree and say that this blog does a great job of being transparent when content is sponsored. However, I don’t think that affiliate links need disclosure – they are not only industry standard – they don’t affect your shopping experience whatsoever. It redirects a link for less than half a second and then takes you to the product page.

4 years ago
Reply to  Sandra

I found this from the FTC, which may be helpful:

I always assumed that links were affiliate links (how else would people get paid?), and I go out of my way to try to click on the links to buy the stuff rather than buying the stuff without the affiliate links since it literally costs me nothing to use the affiliate links (kind of like how when I go to a store, I always make a note of the salesperson’s name who helps me so that they can get credit for the sale). Also, I think it is somewhat tacky to have the affiliate link warning blaring at the top of an article – nonetheless, apparently the FTC disagrees with me. Seems like a case of the government just not keeping up with how the internet works.

4 years ago
Reply to  janet

Hi! I work in the affiliate industry! Technically, yes, affiliate links should always be disclosed, preferably before the reader gets to the link. The idea is that readers should be aware that the blogger has a paid relationship with the brand that they are talking about, (even if they’re only earning like $1 per sale) which could skew the way that they talk about the brand or product. I do think that Emily and her team are trying to make helpful recommendations–they’re not trying to just farm out link content to earn commissions. And if you could earn a money from your recommendations, why wouldn’t you? This content takes a lot of time and work to put together! I would honestly say that most bloggers DON’T disclose their links–whether it’s because they don’t know they have to, or they feel disclosing makes them look like they’re being inauthentic. While disclosing affiliate links is legally required by the FTC, it hasn’t been fully embraced or accepted by the blogging industry at large–also the FTC hasn’t really enforced this actively with bloggers–not a lot of action against influencers has been taken when the rules have been broken. Usually, when there’s a case… Read more »

4 years ago
Reply to  Sandra

Why shouldn’t bloggers get paid for taking the time and effort putting together round-ups? They’re making our lives easier by doing prelim leg work. If they were only recommending one brand, then yeah, it should be disclosed as “promotion”, but not these types of round-ups. Em & her team are usually really good about disclosing those paid sponsorships.

Becky @ Daly Digs
4 years ago

Great roundup! World Market has a version of the modern wire chair #1 above, more budget-friendly than the Rejuvenation version. 🙂

4 years ago

Most of the table sit 6. I have been looking for a large outdoor dining table (for 8-10) for a while and options are very limited. It would be great if you could add this category to the roundup.

4 years ago
Reply to  Axs54

I gave up, and we built one to fit our yard. Seats 12 – 14 comfortably! Finding a cloth long enough to fit… that’s a challenge. I’ve seen large tables for sale, but most of them were custom.

4 years ago

Thank you for your always helpful posts. I really enjoy reading your blog in the morning with my cup of tea and cracker 😉 Only lately (like the last two weeks in specific) your website is unreadable on the iPad, website is crashing all the time. Now I’m reading on my Mac and still have problems, it’s not crashing but very slow (we have superspeed internet at the house) and I got the following message: “this website is using significant memory. closing it may improve the responsiveness of your Mac”.
Ofcourse I will keep reading but maybe this is something your tech people can do something about ? Thanks!

4 years ago

Great roundup! Out of curiosity why didn’t you include the target set from your own patio? (the eucalyptus table and the Standish chairs?) I loved them so much I stalked them online until they became available and ordered them!

4 years ago
Reply to  Christi

We love the set, but wanted to roundup some new options to the market that people may have not already seen here on the blog before. Glad you loved the set though, it is such a great option. xx

4 years ago

As a big fan and avid reader, I thought I’d give some (hopefully constructive) feedback: this is the third round-up within 9 days (outdoor lounge furniture, pillow combinations, and this one). While I appreciate the occasional round-up, it’s definitely not what I come to this site for primarily, so I was slightly disappointed to see another round-up today. You can’t please everyone–I know that!–so these are just my two cents.

4 years ago
Reply to  Abby

your blog is awesome thanks

4 years ago
Reply to  Abby

I think it’s only because they’re preparing a large number of Portland/mountain cabin posts so needed a bit of filler while they work on the bigger content.

I’m happy to see these but I’m anticipating some really cool posts to come 🙂

4 years ago
Reply to  Abby

And on the other hand, I’ve been trying to update my patio so I’ve been loving all these round ups!!! 🙂 (I live in LA too so this hot weather has got me excited to work on outdoor living)

Emily White
4 years ago

I cannot get over how cute Targets umbrellas are! Definitely purchasing one for beach days!! Love this post so much!

– Emily White

4 years ago

I would love an Outdoor Sectional roundup!

4 years ago

I’d been waiting for this roundup! We just moved (and finally have a backyard after 2 years in an apartment–yay!) and are in desperate need of patio furniture (we are also in LA…so, it’s that time of year when we really *should* be eating dinner outside every night!). It helps me to see the options all laid out like this!

I feel like my eyes are bugging out of my head with how expensive patio furniture is! Anyone else? Is Target the best budget option? Has anyone tried IKEA patio furniture? Since we are in California it will most likely be outside, uncovered, and used all year round. Thanks!!

4 years ago
Reply to  Joy

I have heard that the applaro sectional finish doesn’t last very long but I’m still planning on buying them. They look pretty good for the price. I found a blog post where someone sanded them down and painted them after the finish flaked off. The painted version turned out pretty nice looking. I would think that you could do the same with maybe a better stain if you wanted the wood look

4 years ago
Reply to  Brooke

I had the applaro dining set and I miss it. The table was amazing because it had wings that folded up and you could get a lot of people on it. I had the chairs as well. I had it for a few years and left it outside and then I sanded it and restrained it and then put a coat of poly on it and it was like new. I ended up selling it right after I did that because I scored a high-end craigslist teak set. But, even with my fancy stuff, I miss my applaro table because it was designed so well. My craigslist find was a once-in-a-lifetime score and only for it would I have turned in my good old Ikea pieces. So, if you are considering it, go for it. The chairs were pretty easy to put together too.

4 years ago
Reply to  Joy

And they have a new wicker style sectional that has mixed reviews. Everyone is happy with the base but bad reviews on the cushions. Would be easy to switch out though.

4 years ago
Reply to  Joy

We have Ikea patio furniture that is all aluminum frames with wood composite seats/tops. It’s been outside for ~5 years now, 2 of it in California the rest in rainy Oregon, ant it still looks brand new. My husband puts a layer of armor all on the composite wood to freshen it up every spring but other than that, no maintenance. We have a couple of metal pieces from other companies that have rusted in just one season so the aluminum is great. They don’e make ours anymore but the grey version of the Sjalland version is really similar. Note that the brown version uses real wood so will require a bit more maintenance and may not last as long.

4 years ago
Reply to  Joy

It can be expensive but the more expensive stuff typically is made out of higher quality (more expensive) woods which will last a lot longer if the furniture is left out year round and exposed to the elements. With that said all of the items that we have used on our patio from Target have held up so well and we still love and use them everyday. xx

4 years ago
Reply to  Joy

I have 2 IKEA appalaro lounge chairs for about a year now. They are great because you can wheel them around wherever you like but I definitely keep them covered during the windy days in Santa Clarita, or when it occasionally rains… like never but still they are good as new. Especially because IKEA sells the cheap covers for them so its really worth it. Also don’t buy the cushions from IKEA. They are super thin and uncomfortable. Try target, lowes, or osh. I splurged and got them from CB2 because they are super thick and have stripes. But if you are looking for more outdoor couches and chairs Target is the way to go to save money. Sometimes Homegoods, TJ Maxx, and Marshalls have some outdoor sets from time to time but it takes some hunting and you gotta snag it when you find it. Good luck & Happy Shopping!

4 years ago

I love your style and the way you reason through design decisions. If you’re planning a laundry room post anytime soon, could you please include puddle sinks or shallow basin sinks as an option? Scrubbing in one would’t require leanin waaaay over to reach the bottom, and hand laundry goes in a wash basin anyway. So why not a convenient shallow sink?

I’m planning a laundry nook with a combo washer/dryer that’s a few inches shorter than most machines, a puddle sink on top of that, and a shelf above that with a rail to hand things to dry on plastic hangers and storage bins for the washtub, soap, etc in top of that. I’ll store folded up laundry rack and ironing board next to it. What do you think?

4 years ago
Reply to  Jen

Last week we installed a stainless steel wall-mount hand wash sink in our laundry room. We only had a 16″ square to work with … otherwise we would have ordered the american standard wall-mount cast iron sink — it’s a cutie!! Google wall-mount sinks and I think you might be surprised by the fun options!

4 years ago

We have had dining table #4 and chair #35 for a few years and have only great reviews. The table has a removable leaf so it can transform to a round 4-top. Our house is in Florida and so it stays outdoors year-round. We also have young kids. The set has survived both beautifully.

J. Lee
4 years ago

I have a question: I have a beautiful view of a golf course from my bedroom balcony, but i have to have higher chairs to see the view because of the wooden railing blocking being so high. Do higher patio chairs exist that are still comfortable and lounge-worthy?

4 years ago
Reply to  J. Lee

You might be able to find something in the barstool section that will fit your needs and you could always add an outdoor cushion to it if necessary to add some comfort. xx

4 years ago

Love a good round up – thank you!

So… no benches in the bunch. Are they a bad idea? I love their flexibility and that they can remove some of the visual clutter from the scene, but I worry they are just not comfy enough for adults that might want to linger at the table on a nice summer night.

4 years ago
Reply to  Emily

We have a wood bench at our dining table, along with 4 chairs on the other 3 sides. We’ve spent many long evenings hanging out and playing games at that table with friends, and I almost always end up sitting over on the bench. I usually dont find it uncomfortable to sit on for long periods of time, and sometimes I’ll bring a thick throw over and drape it on the bench to add a little cushion if needed. I love that the bench is so flexible – we can squeeze 3 adults in the space only 2 chairs would fit, if we have to, and you can easily fit 4 kids on it and wipe off any mess they may make. And benches are so inexpensive by comparison to chairs!

4 years ago
Reply to  Jessie

This is super helpful info. Thanks, Jessie!

4 years ago

Anyone know what that adorable tassel throw is in the first photo?!

4 years ago
Reply to  kelly

It is from Target’s outdoor section last year. I don’t think they carry it anymore but they do have a handful of new ones that are great. xx

4 years ago

Great roundup Emily, as always! I am glad you did not include the Target windsor chairs that you have on your patio – I bought them after seeing them in your reveal and they destroyed both my patio and an outdoor rug I had. Normally I love Target, but it’s hard for me to trust their outdoor furniture now. I have rust stains everywhere from those chairs (even though I live in Denver where it never rains), and still give a shiver when I see them on your beautiful custom tile! Have you never had a problem with them?

4 years ago

Some of these really amused me but only because I have a most likely warped perspective on outdoor furniture. My criteria are:
1) Stays put in 60-70 mph winds
2) Survives southern exposures at high altitude
3) Dries out quickly so I don’t have to sit on wet seats.
I had a dining set that met all my criteria and the hail took it out. Sometimes you just can’t win!
Thanks for the round up. Very pretty pieces, even if my first thought was “won’t survive, won’t survive…” Happy Friday!

4 years ago
Reply to  Sput

I hear that! I would recommend looking at higher quality (and unfortunately, more expensive) products that are made better than your standard Target or West Elm brands. Those will definitely hold up better in extreme conditions 🙂

4 years ago
Reply to  Megan

Oh, boy, do I agree with you guys! I live in subtropical south Florida and most of this stuff would be rusty or covered in mildew in about two months, even if it’s under my covered lanai and not directly exposed to inclement weather or direct sun. My furniture is also next to the pool, so it’s has to hold up to wet bathing suits. And we discovered that the close proximity to the pool and the chlorine, plus the saltier air here, promotes rust as well even on stainless steel. So we have gone with high quality furniture from Tropitone for pool loungers, and will only buy powder coated aluminum, not steel. We have also had good luck with all weather wicker on aluminum frames. Last year we got the Marina Del Ray seating group from World Market (still available) and it’s held up impressively well, and is comfortable. The cushion covers are an all weather fabric and zip off to wash. I also have my eye on a Fermob aluminum powder coated dining table. #5 is a Fermob, but not aluminum, so check the other styles they make. Some extend to seat 10, and the one I want… Read more »

4 years ago

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4 years ago

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4 years ago

Amazing pieces!
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4 years ago

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4 years ago

Do you have any suggestions on where to store outdoor sectional cushions? During rainy times and during the week we don’t sit outside every day, so looking for storage ideas from you about what to do. I have a tarp that I use which is ugly and annoying… curious how all the readers and You manage this.

4 years ago


Mohammad Ghaemi
4 years ago

Awesome dining tables. Thanks!

4 years ago

Love these round-ups. I actually went back to reference your dining table round-up from April last year the other day but it only will show the round-table options. (All the links are still listed but cumbersome to have to click on all those individually to see a picture of the actual tables). Is it something on my end, or yours, that won’t allow me to see the images?!

4 years ago

What a fantastic round up, I would definitely use many of these pieces inside as well!

4 years ago

Um, this is going to be sound really silly, but I don’t know much about social sharing, and I can’t figure out how to find your Insta-story. Is there a link you could post to it? Thanks for any help!


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