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Outdoor Lounge Furniture Roundup

Photo by Zeke Reulas

Spring has officially sprung (as of a few weeks ago), and summer is right around the corner. Unless you are in New York that is, and you are still stuck in snowstorms from last week. But, the warmer temperatures means it’s time to dust off your outdoor areas, spruce up the backyard or terrace and enjoy the sun and all that Vitamin D. Although you may think it is a little bit premature for an “outdoor furniture” post, let us remind you that a lot of this stuff is cleared out pretty quickly due to limited stocks as well as making room for the fall holidays (which come faster and faster every year). So today, we are bringing you a roundup of our favorite lounge furniture.

Emily Henderson Outdoor Furniture Lounge Furniture Chairs Sofas 5
Photo by Tessa Neustadt

A few quick points to remember before you start looking for furniture. Think about how you are going to use the furniture – although this post is all about lounge furniture some of these are cushioned while some are not. If you plan on spending hours and hours outside basking in the sun while flipping through your favorite magazines whilst drinking some rosé then some of the woven or metal seat options may not be the best for you and you should opt for something with a cushion. On the alternative, if your backyard space is limited then don’t try and squeeze a huge lounge-y piece into a tiny little area thinking that it is going to instantly create an outdoor oasis. Although these are outside, a lot of the design rules we have covered before apply out here as well. Be mindful of scale, size, and pattern.

You may also have noticed that the majority of what we pulled is more neutral in color, pattern, and style. While we love making a statement outside (have you seen the patio makeover) it should be done with layered pillows, throws, and flowers/greenery rather than the pattern on your sofa. So these neutral options will allow you to add your own personality and style to the piece without the possibility of you deciding that the floral fabric you bought your outdoor sofa in last year is not exactly your style this year. We’ve got another roundup coming up of dining room furniture, outdoor accessories and planters real soon – but today is lounge furniture so let’s get into it.

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1. Mastholmen | 2. Alexandra | 3. Oceans Wood & Rope | 4. Brenton Black | 5. Jasper | 6. Pomona | 7. Pacific All Weather | 8. Tassa | 9. Corded Weave 2-Piece | 10. Henning 11. Fernhill Metal | 12. Standish | 13. Roll Arm Upholstered | 14. Capistrano | 15. Kungsholmen | 16. Cayman | 17. Fullerton | 18. Fermob Croisette | 19. Bangor 2pc | 20. Whitewash Sevilla | 21. Sundial | 22. Sol | 23. Henry | 24. Pacifica

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1. Latigo 3pc | 2. Mid-Century Outdoor Show Wood | 3. White Evanston Indoor And Outdoor | 4. Black Bucket | 5. White Strap Girona Set Of 2 | 6. Sundial | 7. Standish 2pc | 8. Pacific All Weather | 9. Alexandra | 10. Breton Black Metal | 11. Modern Adirondack | 12. Sunset Teak | 13. Palm Beach | 14. Bangor 3pc | 15. Capsule | 16. Brava | 17. Jasper | 18. Teaka | 19. Fernhill 2pk | 20. Cream All Weather Wicker Negril | 21. 1730 Grey Rocking | 22. Cliffside | 23. Woven Malawi | 24. Open Weave | 25. Barwick | 26. Mastholmen | 27. Capistrano | 28. Teak Wood And All Weather Wicker Hakui Set of 2 | 29. Whitewash Sevilla | 30. Southport 3pc

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1 Caprice Lounge | 2. Oceans Wood and Rope  | 3. Fullerton Lounger | 4. Solano Lounger | 5. Crosby Lounger | 6. Filaki Lounge | 7. Mid Century Lounger | 8. Maddalena Wood Lounger

Let us know if you have any questions on any of these or your outdoor area and we will do our best to get them answered.


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56 thoughts on “Outdoor Lounge Furniture Roundup

  1. Love the blog!! But when are we going to get some real content on the mountain house or Portland house? Seems like its been a lot of round-ups, rules, New Girl etc. lately.

    1. Don’t worry, we have so much content coming up for both of them but were waiting on some big structural updates to happen. We’ve been furiously designing both and there is going to be lots of good stuff coming down the pipeline for both houses and plenty of posts 🙂 Stay tuned! xx

  2. Don’t forget about RH (Restorstion Hardware). They have amazing and gorgeous outdoor furniture. I’ve had mine for years and always get so many compliments and it still looks like new.

  3. It feels like Christmas this morning to me. I asked and received the round ups I needed!

  4. I like the first set (no. 1) in outdoor chairs. Can you recommend an outdoor sofa that would look good with the chairs? Thanks for sharing!

    1. Because those chairs feel more visually busy it would be best to pair them with one of the more simple/boxy sofas like #10, #20, #21. Hope that helps.

    2. Commenting in case she answers! I already have those outdoor chairs and they are wonderful. Sturdy, chic, comfortable. And the pillows are a pretty standard size so they look good with other pillows, too!

  5. I use a cover on our outdoor furniture and try to power wash the “floors” after winter, but do you have any other tips for cleaning? I feel like our cushions always end up going through some rain because someone forgets to put the cover on, and I’m not sure the best way to clean them.


    1. Depending on the manufacturer and the fabric some of them can be hand washed with a little bit of soap and water. Most can’t go in the laundry but we have used soap/water on ours before it cleans them up nicely. xx

  6. I was wondering – is it possible to use an outdoor sofa indoors? Say for example if you have destructive housemates (toddlers, a cat, etc.)… #5 and #21 in the sofa section, and possibly others, look like they’d work, but IDK if I’m missing something (am I the only person who thinks they’d look OK in an indoor living room?) or if the fabric or style would be uncomfortable for 2-3 hour binge watching given that it is after all designed for outdoor use.

    1. It’s hard to really know until you sit on one of them. The biggest differences is that outdoor furniture is stuffed/filled with a different type of foam that is weather resistant that isn’t typically quite as comfy or cushioned as something that is made for the indoors. If you are worried about stains and animals check out Crypton’s line of fabrics. They are all incredible at resisting stains and stay looking nice. We used it in both of these posts in case you missed them:

      1. Did you also use Crypton on the blue dining chairs you had in your dining room? Loved them!! If so, any idea what the fabric color was? Just thought I would ask. Love your website!!

        Markee Connors

    2. I just bought an outdoor sofa for my living room and I LOVE it. I saw it at the DWR outlet and didn’t even realize it was meant for outdoors at first. I’m lying on it RN and absolutely no regrets. I suppose if we were a couch potato family it mightn’t have worked.

  7. Thank for all your awesome round ups! Saves us so much time and are great eye candy and a great way to see price differences!

  8. Can’t wait for the outdoor dining furniture roundup! I have a ton of tabs open and and looking to purchase a table and chairs ASAP. Would love to see your suggestions before pulling the trigger 🙂

    1. There are so many good options out there right now. We have our roundup coming up soon! xx

  9. I love this roundup!! Target is killing it. I want like 7 pieces. My first choice the Bangor 3 pc. is sadly sold out though.

    1. Oh no! They do restock quite often, so keep an eye on it and it might pop back into stock. xx

  10. I’ve been back these last few posts. I tend to stay away when things steer far from design…I get enough of that everywhere else. But the content these days is really killing it. Thanks.

  11. Another great resource is hayneedle! great prices and free 2 day shipping (over a certain price). Kind of reminds me of the amazon of outdoor furniture. I just bought a patio umbrella there. Surprised you guys didn’t feature anything from them here.

    1. Do you mean it is automatically reloading when you are on the page? If it is a technical issue let us know and we can try and pinpoint it and fix with our IT team. Thanks xx

  12. Great suggestions! We are looking or outdoor tables and chairs/benches…any recs on that?! Thanks!

  13. Love the round up! We live in a very windy area. Any advice on picking furniture that would stay put?

  14. I really hope that Part 2 of this series is going to identify that round storage ottoman/pouf in the second picture. I have been looking for a piece just like that for AGES ( … OK, not ages, but since last summer). Any chance we’ll get the details of who makes it and where to find it?? Thanks.

    1. I second this!! It does have storage, right???? Please share where we can buy that! When are design companies going to start designing cute coffee and end tables for outside with hidden toy storage? There are very few attractive options.

      1. Well, dang. Back to the search. Like Molly notes, it’s nearly impossible to find attractive, affordable outdoor tables, ottomans, etc., that have hidden storage. What is up with that. I just want a wicker ottoman that opens up, has some sort of waterproof lining inside and can hold stuff (pillows, toys, whatever.)

  15. “If you plan on spending hours and hours outside basking in the sun while flipping through your favorite magazines whilst drinking some rosé….”
    I wasn’t planning on doing that, but thanks to this sentence I now am!! 🙂

  16. Lots of great pieces from Target! So nice to see more affordable furniture that has some style.

    Although I am lusting after that Sol daybed. Rattan and wicker are my spirit materials. 🙂

  17. Love this! Could you perhaps do a round-up of outdoor friendly cushions/throw pillows + poufs?

  18. I have those black woven target chairs and sofa and LOVE THEM SO MUCH. They are insanely comfortable and have held up great.

    Please consider doing a roundup of outdoor coffee tables/side tables? I am having such a hard time finding anything that isn’t wood (not durable in the desert sun) or heavy black metal. Please help!

    1. Yes, please! I need a nice, simple coffee table. I’d been using a MCM formica topped one that I found at a thrift shop, but it wasn’t meant to be in the weather, so it’s died a natural death.

  19. I got the CB2 one (#4) last summer and I loooooooove it. Even though the cushion looks thin, you don’t feel the iron bars under there at all. Plus, I love the single cushion because it doesn’t wiggle around. So great to lounge/nap on.

  20. Could you please do a roundup of umbrellas also? We just added a new deck that is 12 x 20 feet. I’m trying to figure out how to arrange dining and lounging space. I wonder what size/shape of umbrella would fit best. Thanks!

  21. My question is: Are there any outdoor pieces anyone has found with comfortable arms? I don’t understand how these hard/tiny/sharp edged arms are meant for loungey, lazy time.

  22. Lovely roundup. I wish I had a California patio and few weather (or bug) worries. But, mine is in North Carolina–heat, humidity & rain. Patio, too, not a porch. What is going to hold up, really, in the weather I’ve got. Thank you!!

  23. Any suggestions on where to get replacement cushions for outdoor love seat and chairs?

  24. Love all those options but can any of th stay outside all the time or do I have to take in and take out the cushions every time I’m going to use them and when I’m done too. I’m just not the best at that. I don’t have a sheltered area in my backyard either.

  25. Emily! I love your blog and am so grateful for your design expertise!

    Where can I find the white/ grey sofa in the first photo of your patio? I have those same black target chairs and would love to buy the same sofa.
    If it’s not available, which sofa in the roundup do you suggest to go with the two chairs?
    Thank you!

    Emily Z

  26. Thanks for the roundup! Unfortunately, when we went to go purchase the Maddalena Chaise it wasn’t the price listed on your blog. 🙁

  27. That is really nice. We just moved to a new house and someone actually show me this blog to see really cool and cozy decor styling. While surfing the blog and saw this pot. These idea painted a picture of what I exactly wanted in my new house.
    Thanks Emily

  28. What a great round-up! Curious if you know of any foldable options or of any chairs and tables that fold away for easy storage. For longevity, I don’t want to leave it outside over the winter, which can be dreadfully long, but have nowhere to store bulky items. Thanks so much!!

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