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All The Bedding Combos EHD is Coveting (And Some Products We Have And LOVE)


As I sit on my bed writing this, I am reminded how fortunate I am to have this space that acts as my own personal oasis. Quarantine, if nothing else, has opened my eyes to how much peace a bedroom can bring. Now more than ever comfortability and security have been top of mind and what is more comforting than a bed?? I can’t summon a better comparison (though my boyfriend will argue that’s because I love sleep more than the average adult human. OKAY FINE. Sue me). But nevertheless, I know I am not alone because today EHD is all on board to talk about the best and most fun part about designing a bedroom. These are our dream bedding combos and I would gladly cuddle up in every one of them.

But first, if you’ve ever wanted to know Emily’s everyday bed styling techniques (I know I have) this video will give you the inside scoop:


  1. Channel Switch Velvet Quilt | 2. Luxe Core Sheet Set in Graphite Grid| 3. Luxe Duvet Cover | 4. Logan Body Pillow | 5. Pinstripe Blanket | 6. Duvet Insert | 7. Soft Down Pillow

I love my bed and bedding, so I’m just going to recommend what I have up here at the mountain house. The pillow and duvet inserts are my favorites in weight and fluff (they are fluffy but really squishy so they look big and full but really aren’t). Brian likes pillows that are like 4 years old and lumpy…. So we don’t need to talk about them. I love this quilt, it’s so soft and that punch of color makes me really, really happy. I definitely pull it up in the middle of the night when I get chilly. And lastly, if we are talking about bedding we might as well talk about pajamas too. You guys know I love a pajama set and this one is my absolute favorite (so thin but not see-through, drapes really well, easy to layer, doesn’t cut-in and so cozy. I wear it year-round).


image source
  1. Hearth & Hand Striped Lumbar Pillow | 2. Nublado Round Pillow | 3. Quilt in Coal | 4. Organic Crinkled Sheets | 5. Airy Gauze Throw Blanket | 6. Cloud Cotton Duvet Cover Set

I was super excited for this assignment, mainly because I love bedding. But I didn’t really know where to start, so I started combing through my recent bedroom pins to see if there were any trends I was subconsciously into. Turns out that trend is neutral bedding – are we surprised? NOT REALLY. But one thing that did surprise me was that a few of those pins had a trendy new color popping up – rust. So I used that as much starting point. Bring in a rust piece, and build around it with softer neutrals. I call this look the muted graphic. I personally abhor stonewashed linen on my bed – I’ve had it before and it’s so heavy and stiff. And I need my bedding to be soft and instantly warm, so I went with soft wrinkle friendly cottons, and warm gauzy materials in my dream bedding board.


image source
  1. Microfiber Sheet Set | 2. Shelly Round Velvet Pillow | 3. Line Art Wink Throw Pillow | 4. Rumi Shag Body Pillow | 5. Faye Braided Throw Pillow | 6. Diamond Tuft Throw Blanket | 7. Buffy Breeze Comforter | 8. Waffle Kit Fringed Throw Blanket

Ok after seeing all that, you are probably thinking “whyyyy so much white?” and it’s because my room is literally a black hole (not literally, but you get it. It is very dark in there most of the time and my roommate jokes that “we live in darkness”), and I would love nothing more than to give it more life and light with a brighter color palette. I have no windows in my room, only one door out to the balcony, and it can get a little doom and gloom sometimes, ya feel me?? The reason I picked this color combination/inspiration is because I am super into the Boho style of rooms and my current room is the exact opposite (I mean how cute is that winky pillow?! It’s giving me major Parisian Cafe vibes. And the orange fringe blanket?! Come onnnn). Even though I am a very warm sleeper as I’ve discussed before, I still love to cuddle up with blankets when called for; Hence, why I have two very fun options! My color palette right now is pretty dark and I think it’s time to change that! The Boho style is super vibrant and cute, and I need something that’s going to add some sunshine to my day the second I wake up to get me going. And yes, I do plan on getting hanging plants to bring in even more life 🙂


image source
  1. Italian Velvet Pillow Cover | 2. Embroidered Cushion Cover | 3. Toddle Pillow | 4. Linen Dijon Sheet Set | 5. Vintage Wash Solid Sheet Set | 6. Linen Duvet Cover Set | 7. Channeled Cotton Quilt | 8. Crinkle Stripe Throw

I know that my inspo pic doesn’t look a ton like my actual combo. To be honest, I don’t particularly love a lot of the pieces in the photo itself. However, I love how I feel when I look at it, which sometimes is just as much of an inspiration starting point as what your inspiration literally looks like. Fun fact: I actually pinned this photo years ago and still have the same feeling every time I look at it. What feeling is that? Happiness. I loved the array of colors, the unexpected mix of styles and overall personality. Plus I really love that mustard comforter. So for my combo, I kept the mustard color but toned down the other colors to make it feel more modern. I wanted it to feel layered, cozy and not too serious (but still cool). I also made sure to play with pattern scale so it had a balanced visual dimension. I think my favorite piece is that burgundy and blue throw because it’s basically a large scale gird (a pattern that I am very much still in love with:)).


image source
  1. Cultiver Linen Duvet Cover Set in Bluestone | 2. Printed Cotton Percale Sheet Set | 3.Urban Outfitters Slip Eye Mask in Caramel | 4. Rory Tufted Throw Pillow |5. La Duna Lumbar Pillow | 6. Round Velvet Cushion | 7. Slowdown Studio Arthur Throw | 8. Waffle Black and White Throw

After I finished picking everything out I realized that this bedding combo is VERY similar to the one I already own but like someone turned up the saturation. So I guess we all know for sure now that when it comes to bedding I love some green, mixed with a graphic throw and a neutral lumbar pillow. Hey, at least I added that pop of yellow and burnt orange in the throw pillows (see it’s “new” Jess, so don’t make me re-do it cause it’ll probably be just a crazier variation of this one). When I start to design I don’t really like to begin with an overall inspiration photo of a room. I will get too stuck on the details of that space comparing it to my own and then get disappointed if I can’t find something as cool (because of budget) or don’t have the room. Like my own bedroom design, I like to start with an individual piece for the inspiration and in this case, I bet you can tell which object I gravitated towards first. If you guessed that amazing graphic throw from Slowdown studio then you just won a virtual hug from me. 


image source
  1. Linen Duvet Cover Set | 2. Lumbar Pillow Cover 3. Woven Waffle Bed Blanket | 4. Round Hand Crochet Throw Pillow | 5. Textured Kadin Throw Blanket | 6. Supima Classic Hemstitch Sheet Set

As I was scrolling through my Pinterest board looking for bedding inspiration, sitting amongst way too many all-white and neutral bedding combos (am I really THAT boring??) was this rustic Spanish room. This was the only photo I could find that felt calm, cozy, but also full of life which is exactly what I want in a bedroom. I am extremely attracted to the lazy yet sophisticated look of it. The color palette + how the sheets are wrinkled and the pillows are not perfectly arranged makes me so happy. Someone LIVES in this room and gives it the love it deserves. Needless to say I want my bedroom to look and feel exactly like this, so I did my best to create a bedding combo that accentuated what I love about this room. I needed pops of color with whites and neutrals sprinkled in for that added layer of coziness. I also chose products with different fabrics and textures so it would feel natural and “lived in”.

That is all we have for you today. Now we all want to hear from you. Do you love pulling together fantasy bedding combos as much as we do or are we complete interior design nerds who have nothing better to do? What other fantasy pairings would you like to see from us in the future? Meet us in the comments and let’s talk all the best cozy bedding. xx

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Love the combo’s:) and i’m wondering about the Target percale bedding….is it soft? LOVE the pattern options available!

Tricia, they are VERY soft especially the vintage washed percale sheets. I have two sets of them in white that I alternate because my body won’t sleep on anything else now and I am not mad about that. 🙂

It is. I actually thought it was Brooklinen before I looked at the tag yesterday 🙂


Love that Slowdown Studio throw (and others they have) in Julie’s board. Too expensive for me, but lovely!

They are truly special and from such an amazing small business too!


This is great bedroom sanctuary inspiration.

Sara, I’ve totally been drawn to rust lately! My duvet is a small, mostly pastel print (from the amazing Annie Selke), but it has some rust in it that I’ve wanted to pick up and bring out in accessories to make my room feel more sophisticated (although my husband is perfectly happy with it).

Jess, I get what you’re feeling with your inspiration photo. And I agree that I’m not crazy about the individual items in the photo, but the overall feeling. You picked out the perfect combo of much better items to create that feeling.

Thank you so much for saying that! Ya, it’s funny how when I actually looked at it closely I thought, “Wait. Why do I love this? I’m not into most of it.” Design is ultimately about how your space makes you feel<3

Tessa Childers-Day

I think there may be an issue with the link on Emily’s favorite duvet…it seems to lead to a Brooklinen duvet cover rather than to a duvet. As I’m currently shopping for a new duvet (my current one is way too flat!), any chance of getting an updated link? Thanks!

This one is her favorite:)


Love the content. I have a slightly off topic question… I used to buy duvets a size up in order to get a nice drape on the sides of the bed but how is it possible with a king size bed??? What is the trick I’m missing because I seem to be the only one with this issue!

Teri C Smith

The striped blanket in Emily’s video is from where?

Rebecca Unter

Following…it’s my favorite piece from this post.


Did you find out? It looks different than the pinstriped one that’s linked.

Megan French

Same! It is so cute


Great inspo all! Veronica’s combo is my jam – love all the texture and the pops of cheery color.

yes Kat!! glad I have a fellow lover of texture and bright colors 🙂


I love Veronica’s the most! Fun, light and a bit eclectic.
Veronica … what if you did a DIY project and painted your bedhead a boho clour?!? That’d immediately jazz up your bedroom and give it some energy!
And then we readers can have some more fun vibes to look forward to.

hey Rusty! thanks so much! this is a GREAT idea 🙂


Great timing! Definitely want to *finally* make a nice bedroom after we move, and it’s a tiny bedroom so the bedding is going to be the star of the show. Love all these combos!

thanks, Jessica! good luck on your project!

Jamie Van Noord

I saw on the IGTV styling video that Emily has both the lumbar pillow from Pom Pom at Home and the smaller lumbar in front but I don’t see the source/link for the channel stitched leather option. Could you prove a link? Live the layered look! Perfection! Thanks in advance!

we are truly SO BUMMED because it’s from Target but has been out of stock since basically the first week it was available:( WE ALL WANT IT BACK!


where are the photo sources for the images on the left side? are they all from this blog? I want to see more about the left image on Sara’s pick.

hey Laura, just updated the post and added all the inspiration photo sources! Sara’s is from here:


question on the quilt in Jess’s combo – Jess, do you actually own said quilt? How is it? AKA is it light or heavy? I’m thinking of changing up my quilt for summer into fall and am wondering on the thickness/heavyness of it. Cause i’m obsessed otherwise!

No, but I wish! I will say that Schoolhouse makes the most wonderful/high-quality products. We are big big fans. The site says it’s a “casual weight” which leads me to believe it’s a great year-round option. Plus the customer photos also make it look like it would be a great fit for warmer weather. If you get please let us know what you think!

Sahaja Carpenter

Veronica and Julie – I want those rooms so much!! It’s more than just that quilted circle pillows that I love so much – its the neutrals with those rich rich colors with it. Ok, so help me. My master bedroom is a deep teal (Behr Tsunami) and the headboard is off white tufted and everything on the bed is darker grey – from those percale Target sheets to the linen duvet cover. My husband has vetoed throw pillows – we do have a long lumbar pillow that only he hugs (totally exposing him! lol), which is also – you guessed it – grey. I am desperately looking to add a warm tone – like a blush pink or rust or saffron. Do you have any recommendations for a throw that is light and has maybe teal and a warm color mixed in. I def want something bright or patterned, give this room some life! Maybe this isn’t the avenue to ask you guys – but I have been looking for months. Nothing. The only thing that I can think of that gives me the vibe is the one in the mountain house master bedroom – which I think Emily… Read more »


Not a single 100% wool blanket? It took years before I bought my first Pendleton and I am sorry I waited so long. I have a nice ecowool gray blanket on my bed. Washable. It has held up nicely. Warm in the winter and a nice top for summer months when the a/c is on.

As for sheets I keep snatching up Peacock Alley sheets. They are the softest sheets I have ever had. Tuesday Morning carries their seconds.

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