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Office Rugs You Can Roll Your Chair Over

How is your new work from home/homeschool office looking? If you answered, “Not great, thanks for bringing it up” I understand and I am with you. Of course, I am grateful I have a job (and one that allows me to work from home no less) but I would be lying if I told you it was in my plan to pull together a home office this year. This is only something 2020 would throw at us. Luckily, last week Jess graced us with tons of desk and chair combos but if you feel something is still missing in your office, do not underestimate the power of a rug. Rugs can instantly give a room a facelift and add color, pattern, whimsy, and general happiness. I think that is what we all need during these trying times, especially in our WFH spaces.

But in true EHD fashion, I am not here to simply talk about cute rugs you can purchase. Around here we love a good combination of style AND function and when it comes to rugs in the office we have THOUGHTS. First and foremost, nothing is worse than struggling to roll your office chair around a rug. That is a great way to lose your sanity on day one. A perfect office rug absolutely must be office chair friendly. These chairs and rugs must get along and in fact, we want them to be BFFs.

Best Types of Office Rugs

  1. Flatweave/Low-pile – Any rug with a flat and tight weave is less likely to snag and get caught underneath your office chair wheels.
  2. Indoor/Outdoor – Indoor/outdoor rugs are great for a high traffic area such as an office. They can withstand dirt, are waterproof and they tend to be smoother in texture so a chair can easily slide around.
  3. Jute – Jute rugs, similar to indoor/outdoor rugs, are durable and generally easy to clean. Just make sure to choose one that has a tight weave which will allow for your chair to glide seamlessly across it.

Rugs To Avoid

  1. High-Pile – This term equals thick rug which means your rug and office chair are going to be in a constant fight. Stay away!
  2. Sheepskin – Thick sheepskin rugs, though so comfy and inviting, are not a great match for rolling office chairs. Stay away from these and opt for a thin patterned rug instead.
  3. Tufted – A tufted rug that has a raised woven pattern is likely to cause serious frustration. Avoid the office chair roadblock and go for a flat weave rug instead.
photo by sara ligorria-tramp | from: portland reveal: a light and bright home office

Remember this office from the Portland Project? It is one of my favorite offices EHD has done and if you take a close look you’ll notice the rug (by Annie Selke) is flat weave and VERY office chair friendly. No wheels are getting stuck here, folks.

Now for the fun part (SHOPPING!). If office rugs had Olympics these would the top contenders:

1. Natural Woven Jute and Cotton Reversible Rug | 2. Layers Blue Rug | 3. Maya Rug | 4. Lines Rug Dusk | 5. Mikka Jute Rug | 6. Plus Rug | 7. Echo Rug | 8. Round Cotton & Jute Rug | 9. Outdoor Adde Black Rug | 10. Jute Wave Rug | 11. Damali Black & White Rug | 12. Cooke Rug | 13. Denim Rag Diamond Rug | 14. Square Tobacco Rug | 15. Zareen Oxblood Red Rug | 16. Jugol Rug | 17. Blue + Gold Pattern Rug | 18. Woven Cable Stripe Indoor/Outdoor Rug | 19. Diamond Lattice Rug | 20. Blue Awning Indoor/Outdoor Rug | 21. Byron Handmade Stripe Gray/ White Area Rug | 22. Harper Denim Rug | 23. Outdoor Offset Stripe Navy Rug | 24. Spectrum Fiesta Rug| 25. Delphina Delft Blue Rug | 26. Jute Rug | 27. Shoa Rug

If you are homeschooling kids this year (bless you) you will probably require a durable and easy to clean rug so you can spend less time worrying about stains and more time looking forward to happy hour. Outdoor rugs such as #9 and #20 can take a beating and are able to withstand treacherous conditions so some spilled marinara will be no problem. They are also often tightly woven polyester so they have a flatter surface. Similarly, a jute rug is easy to maintain, and with a low-pile, perfect for a rolling chair.

Speaking of easy to clean, machine washable rugs are an ideal office space rug. Ruggable has so many styles and options and many are perfect for an office space (peep #9, #11, and #25 for example). The removable top carpet is easy to clean and easy to slide your chair around. Win-win, my friends.

Now if you are looking for something a bit more practical but still want to add some style to your WFH space, allow me to introduce you to chair mats…

1. Straight Round Chair Mat | 2. Tabrix Blue and Beige Rug’d Chairmat | 3. Magic Carpet| 4.
Straight Rectangular Chair Mat | 5. Anji Mountain Chair Mat Rug’d Collection | 6. Okeelanta Straight Round Chair Mat | 7. Elis Waterproof Mat | 8. Straight Rectangular Chair Mat | 9. Flat Woven Vinyl Mat

Chair mats have smooth vinyl surfaces and are guaranteed to compliment your office chair. These guys are specifically made for the office and are a great addition to a small work space or kids room. I love the subtle floral pattern on #8 and can see it working perfectly in a teenager’s room. #3, however, is by far my favorite. It is eco friendly, biodegradable, and also just really cool. I can see it working nicely in a kitchen as well.. wait do I need it for mine?? I digress.

Of course, we all know it’s never a good time when the corners of a rug refuse to stay flat and in place (especially those flatweaves), so it is good practice to keep some rug adhesives on hand.

1. Mighty”X” Indoor Rug/Carpet Tape Double Sided | 2. NeverCurl 4-Piece Anti-Curl Rug Corners with Gripper | 3. Rug Anchors (4-Pack)

Okay guys and gals, we made it. I hope you feel confident about the future of your home office and PLEASE let me know if you purchase any of these or if you have others to recommend. Let’s chat. xx

Opener Image Credit: Photo by Zeke Ruelas | From: Moody Mid Century Home Office + Shop The Look

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3 years ago

Any tips for reshaping flat weave rugs? I have an Annie Selke rug that’s been warped over time. Can it be saved?

3 years ago

I have a Beija Flor runner (like the Food52 option) in my kitchen, and it is awesome — wipeable and doesn’t move, even when my dogs use the area as a race track. I also appreciate that it isn’t trying to look like a rug. It looks more like a floor cloth.

Just FYI, there are way more designs on the Beija Flor website. I think they come from Israel, but shipping didn’t take that long. I love Food52 but their return policy (or lack thereof) stinks.

3 years ago
Reply to  Amber

Thanks for tip to check out the Beija Flor website ( They have so many options! I’d love to use it to cover some ugly bathroom tile that I’m not ready to tear out, but they say it’s not recommended for wet areas. So many choices for a home office though!

3 years ago

We carry a line of flat weave WASHABLE cotton rugs in our shop! The large size (55”x78”) would be perfect under a desk or seating area. (They’re also available in bathmat and runner sizes.) Check out our website for the styles, colors and sizes…

3 years ago

I love the Ruggable in my office/guest room! Yeah, it’s annoying to lift the bed to remove the rug for washing but it’s so pretty I would choose it even if it wasn’t washable! My desk chair rolls right over it even on the edge. It’s the Ademi Paprika.

3 years ago
Reply to  Marisa

Thanks for sharing! I’ve been wondering if those rugs were nice. Also having a hard time imagining an 8 x 10 would fit in my washer but I guess there’s one way to find out!

3 years ago
Reply to  Marisa

Thanks for this! I’ve been eyeing Ruggable for a couple spots (dining room and nursery) where cleaning seems extra relevant, but was curious to hear how they look and how well they clean.

3 years ago

Hi @Emily — what’s your take on a rug pad (to reduce slippage) versus rug adhesive? We have young kids and I am not sure if we just need the rugs in bedrooms/this year’s classroom to not slip versus add that extra cushion in order to reduce slippage. Is adhesive enough?

3 years ago

I LOOOOVEE the blue/grey/cream rug in the main image…any ideas where that’s from?

3 years ago
Reply to  Katie

I love it too! Not too crazy about the RL brown version or cost 😬. Any chance there is a similar, less costly version?

3 years ago

I love these options as a substitute for traditional office chair mats! Now to decide on one.

3 years ago

My home office is carpeted and I have to have a piece of plastic under my chair to be able to move my chair at all! The plastic moves sometimes when I move and I have to keep realigning it! I wonder if an indoor/outdoor rug would work on top of the carpet. It would be nice because I sometimes catch the edge of the plastic with my bare feet (because I always go barefooted in the house) and that hurts! I see you listed some very pretty office chair mats!