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Fall Fashion on My Body (Already)

It’s hard to believe, but fall is just around the corner and even though we’re still living through 100+ degree weather, I stuffed my body into some fall clothes for this fashion post. Why? Because for the first time in my life I went to the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale and now I know why people freak out about it. Now, this post is NOT sponsored in any way by Nordstrom. I paid for all the clothes with cash money (not literally) and they don’t know I’m doing this. I like shopping and when I find some especially good pieces, I like to share them with all of you because maybe you like shopping, too (or so you’ve told me).

What makes it different from other sales is the fact that they aren’t just discounting last season’s items to try and clear them out, but they’re actually discounting current and next season’s items for a couple weeks. I actually didn’t know this, but apparently its common knowledge.

So, with the help of my stylish close friend Suzanne, I pulled together seven fall-ready outfits with my favorite pieces from the sale.

Emily Henderson Nordstroms Anniversary Sale Fall Essentials 2018 Perfect Tailored Trench

Let’s start with a classic fall essential: the midi coat. There’s a special place in my heart for anything plaid, and this Mural coat is fitted in the just the right way. It’s so tailored and is the only coat I brought on my Portland trip (I think its around $80 but it looks WAY more expensive). Throw this on top of a pair of jeans and a T-shirt to make your outfit look instantly more pulled together. I’m going to be wearing this coat all year. Next up, those Treasure & Bond heeled mules have teeny tiny studs around the bottom, a classic shape, and are ONLY $64. I’m pretty sure at least three of the girls in the office have already ordered these, so my bet is that they’ll sell out fast. Those pants are another obsession of mine, but I’ll talk about them more a little bit later…

Emily Henderson Nordstroms Anniversary Sale Fall Essentials 2018 Navy Oversized Sweater

This Nili Lotan sweater is THE fall sweater. It’s the perfect amount of oversized in the chest and arms, but just a little fitted around the waist and wrists, with a nice slouchy turtleneck, and a cute seam detail down the back. Oh, and it’s cashmere—yummy soft. This is an investment piece because she ain’t cheap (even on sale), but I don’t know if I’ve ever loved a sweater more. If sweaters are a staple of your fall and winter wardrobe (and you can splurge just a little), I highly recommend at least ordering this sweater and trying it on for yourself.

Emily Henderson Nordstroms Anniversary Sale Fall Essentials 2018 Tan Suede Knee High Boots

That Free People mini skirt is about as classic and simple as you can get, which makes it a great base piece for any outfit. But let’s talk about those Sam Edelman boots. I like them. Brian loves them (unsurprisingly). But will I wear them in real life? I DON’T KNOW. I want to say yes. I love the way they elevate an outfit and the tone of them against my skin helps make my legs look just a little bit longer. They make this outfit date night ready. But it just doesn’t get cold enough to justify knee-high boots in LA. So it remains to be seen whether these are keepers or not (but if you live somewhere cold…BUY THEM).

Emily Henderson Nordstroms Anniversary Sale Fall Essentials 2018 Red Top With Button Cuff Details

This outfit is classic EHD, from that hat on my head to those nude shoes on my feet. Remember back in 2016 when I wore a hat just about every single day and some of you were enraged and wanted me to just STOP WEARING HATS. HA. Well, hats might not make an everyday appearance on my body anymore, but they still show up from time to time. And this Brixton fedora is gonna be on my head a lot.

That red Chelsea28 blouse is such a good find. I feel like red really compliments a blonde head of hair, and this is the right shade—not too bright and saturated, but not too dark either. AND THOSE CUFFS. I go weak in the knees for anything with a subtle Victorian detail (just like how I will order anything at a restaurant that has English peas in the description).

Emily Henderson Nordstroms Anniversary Sale Fall Essentials 2018 Modern Victorian Blouse Red Levis Wedgie Fit

Those jeans are my tried and true Levi’s Wedgie Fit “standing only” pants. I think I’ve worn them in at least one outfit every single fashion post since I bought them two years ago. If that’s not an endorsement, I don’t know what is. But again, these jeans don’t play well with sitting at a desk for 8 hours (and don’t even mention a seated dinner around them).

Emily Henderson Nordstroms Anniversary Sale Fall Essentials 2018 Simple Tan Trench Coat Target

Finally, I’ve never met a nude shoe I didn’t have an instant connection with and these Vince nude flats are no exception. They’re classic, modern and versatile all at once.

Emily Henderson Nordstroms Anniversary Sale Fall Essentials 2018 Drop Crotch Pants

As my friend said, “you look VERY cool in this.” It’s a departure for me but I’m into it. Let’s start with those Nili Lotan pants. I’ve been seeing the dropped crotch trend for a while but never thought I could pull it off. Suzanne convinced me to give it a try and I could not be MORE obsessed with these. It’s literally like walking around all day with the opposite of a wedgie, aka the most comfortable thing in the world. But the twill fabric and neutral color keep them looking polished rather than lazy. I’ve worn them almost every single day since buying them. I can’t wait to see what the popular consensus is in the comments about these (I think they are cool and edgy, but I have a feeling some of you will NOT be into them).

Emily Henderson Nordstroms Anniversary Sale Fall Essentials 2018 Blue And Tan Striped Sweater

Emily Henderson Nordstroms Anniversary Sale Fall Essentials 2018 Wide Crotch Pants

The Halogen white mules are an instant classic that will go with everything from jeans to slacks. And the fact that they’re white adds a fresh pop. That BP. sweater is a steal at $25, and the hits of blue keep it from feeling boring. It’s thin enough that it does a perfect French tuck and works so well with these pants.

Emily Henderson Nordstroms Anniversary Sale Fall Essentials 2018 Oversized Plaid Trench Coat

I love this Lewit coat. I really, really do. It would be the perfect addition to my slightly lavender, slightly brown plaid coat collection I’ve started. But despite my best efforts, everyone who saw me wearing it said it looked like it was actively trying to drown me. And this was a size SMALL. Sara even tried it on (who typically wears a M-L) and it was too big on her.

Emily Henderson Nordstroms Anniversary Sale Fall Essentials 2018 Perfect Oversized Trench

The most tragic part of this whole story? Extra small is back ordered until January. In every other way, it’s perfect—it’s oversized, it swings, it has a great pattern, and a great cut, so I thought it was still worth posting about because I desperately want SOMEONE to rock this coat.

Emily Henderson Nordstroms Anniversary Sale Fall Essentials 2018 Classic White Button Down

Emily Henderson Nordstroms Anniversary Sale Fall Essentials 2018 Perfect Classic Boot Cut Jean

Underneath, I wore my basic white button-down from Target, and these flare jeans by RE/DONE. These jeans are super comfortable and have a very classic look to them. The flare means they’d go great with boots for fall and winter, but they still look cute with a pair of flats (any color will work, but EHD dress code mandates I wear nude).

Emily Henderson Nordstroms Anniversary Sale Fall Essentials 2018 Frame Skinny Jeans White Loafer

That perfect Nili Lotan sweater is back again, but this time I paired it with a simple pair of gray Frame skinnies, and my white mules for a more daytime look.

Emily Henderson Nordstroms Anniversary Sale Fall Essentials 2018 Frame Gray Skinny Jeans White Loafer

This is an outfit I’m going to throw on a lot, I can already tell. Frame jeans aren’t cheap (I know everyone’s price points are different when it comes to how much they can spend on clothing), but there are a bunch of different Frame Denim styles on sale right now at Nordstrom and I’ve always had good luck with their cuts, fits and quality.

Emily Henderson Nordstroms Anniversary Sale Fall Essentials 2018 High Neck Blue Plaid Blouse Isabelle Marrant

This is the last outfit we put together, and that Isabel Marant top is a statement piece. It’s blue. It’s plaid. That high ruffle neck has me swooning with all sorts of Victorian vibes. Does it have a boxy bottom cut? You know it does, perfect for a little half tuck. And most importantly, it screams ’80s Vogue equestrian from 10 miles away, which is the real reason I bought this top.

Emily Henderson Nordstroms Anniversary Sale Fall Essentials 2018 Blue Plaid Button Down

I calmed it down a little by pairing it with these jeans from Old Navy, and my favorite Rachel Comey nude booties. This top is another piece I haven’t decided whether or not to keep yet, but I couldn’t not show it to you guys (but I also sort of want to keep it in a serious way). Am I selling it, or is this clown top 2.0?

I’m ready for fall. The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale opened to the public today and goes through August 5th. Happy shopping.


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1. Layered Necklace | 2. T-Shirt | 3. Plaid Midi Coat | 4. Pants | 5. Studded Mules | 6. Sweater | 7. Denim Skirt | 8. Knee High Boots | 9. Straw Fedora | 10. Red Blouse | 11. Wedgie Fit Jeans | 12. Trench Coat (similar) | 13. Flats (no longer available in nude) | 14. Varsity Stripe Sweater | 15. White Mules | 16. Pants | 17. Layered Necklace | 18. Sweater | 19. Gray Skinny Jeans | 20. White Mules | 21. Plaid Oversized Coat | 22. White Button-Down | 23. Flare Jeans | 24. Flats (no longer available in nude) | 25. White Skinny Jeans | 26. Blue Plaid Top | 27. Nude Booty Mules

* Big thank you to my friend Suzanne who helped me pull together the outfits, did my hair and make-up, stuck around while we shot to make sure everything looked good on camera, and literally took jewelry off her own body and put it on mine to accessorize these outfits. 

** This post was NOT sponsored in any way and no clothes were gifted. I just like sharing my finds with all of you. If you have any good Nordstrom sale finds of your own please share in the comments. 

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4 years ago

Man I WANT to like those drop crotch pants, the length, color, and fit in the calves is PERFECT. BUT. That drop crotch just makes me think of Kris Kross, or just terrible baggy pants on teenage boys of the 90s. I just can’t girl! That being said I love the look of that oversized coat and theat beautiful mustard and blue sweater!

4 years ago
Reply to  Ashley

Agreed. I love everything else. But the drop crotch just looks like a mistake and reminds me of my child hood.

4 years ago

Please keep the Isabel Marant top cuz you are SELLING it!

Susie Q.
4 years ago
Reply to  priscilla


4 years ago

I just can’t with the drop crotch. It is too reminiscent of a baggy saggy diaper. Everything else is amazing – especially the blue plaid top. But just say no to the poopie diaper pants.

4 years ago
Reply to  KatyO

It’s incredibly unflattering and yet I LOVE IT. Manrepeller at its best/worst.

4 years ago

I Loove the drop crotch pants. They look very ‘cool’ but not trying too hard, and they are very flattering on you

4 years ago

Loving this post. I also could use an outfit styling tips post in the future (for example, I’ve noticed a lot of front-tuck, back untuckedness going on).

As an aside, why are there so many cute shoes that are suede? This is not just true of Nordstrom but really all stores. In my area, there is way too much water going on (from rain to puddles to morning dew to all things come winter) for me to ever be able to wear suede more than once a month. Le sigh.

About the Isabel Marant blue and white shirt, I like the pattern but that shirt is crazy. It’s a $25 bought-it-on-a-whim fun type of crazy, not a hundreds of dollars investment piece type of crazy.

4 years ago

I love these posts-But can’t w/ the saggy crotch pants. (Sorry.) Everything else looks great. Meant to mention the other day, I LOVED THE BEAUTY POST. And that’s where I just spent my sale dollars! (Paula’s Choice and Nars. Swoon. ?)

4 years ago

My favorite purchase from the sale is the BlankNYC suede moto jacket in Bank Roll. The website makes it look like a strange poo brown, but in reality it is the most gorgeous shade of olive! The fit was true to size and i can’t wait for it to not be 100 degrees in Texas so I can wear it.

I looooove the Vince flats you got, they sadly didn’t work on me but I have been greatly admiring everyone that they did look great on!!

4 years ago
Reply to  Sara Tramp

And I just bought the BankRoll. Great price! And I adore olive green.

I’m here in L.A. with Emily, and we’re headed for another week of triple digits, so, BIG SIGH, I don’t know when I’ll be able to wear it, either.

I can’t wear mules. It’s like my feet don’t work right, and the mules either keep slipping off or I get a excruciating cramp in my instep. But they’re cute!

4 years ago
Reply to  Paula

P.S. I just bought the Badley Mischka Dakota raincoat, too ( It says it’s olive, too, so I hope it is. I’ve been looking forever for a replacement for my Benneton raincoat that was ruined by what looks like some bleach spots. This looks like a good candidate. I like that the hood rolls up into the collar, since I don’t like the feel of a hood on my shoulders.

Susie Q.
4 years ago

Your fashion posts are my favorite. I like all your outfits–I like the dropped crotch pants too. I mean, if you stare at the crotch area of the photo it does look a bit strange, but hopefully people do not stare at that area of your body on a regular basis. I think the pants are cool. Also, when I saw the outfit with the miniskirt and boots, I was like, “Dayum, girl!!” You look great! I also love the blue checked shirt. You look super cute in that outfit.

Can I just say, and I think it’s been said before–you are a much prettier and more authentic model for these clothes than the models on the Nordstrom website.

4 years ago

The sweater looks a bit baggy, but that’s how sweaters are for fall. Those baggy crotch pants are just sad. They look like you have a diaper in there. Not sure where that fashion came from, but I think that the Frame pants look so much better on you! And that red blouse is a total winner.

4 years ago

LOOOOOVE the drop crotch pants!!!!! YES! They are super cool and bring a completely different look to your style. Yes, yes, yes!

4 years ago

I generally like everything, but it’s a hard pass on the drop crotch. Looks like you (anyone wearing them) just didn’t pull your pants up all the way.

4 years ago

Love love the blue Victorian vibed blouse! And the plaid jacket. Thanks for showing us the coat even though it was a tad too big. If you need any words or encouragement, KEEP THE BLUE BLOUSE! Lots of love from an LA county resident, Colleen

4 years ago

Out of all your outfits by far the drop crotch pants one is my favorite! They’re flattering, edgy, and look so comfortable! I imagine they feel like wearing sweatpants but look so much more polished.

4 years ago

I loved all of it except the plaid coat. Anything Nili Lotan is cool!

4 years ago


4 years ago

Those Sam tall boots are fabulous! I have the ones from last year and they go with EVERYTHING! Love how you styled them with the denim skirt!

4 years ago

I’m reminded of the post where you did the dorm room (or something like a dorm room?) for Target and said you would always be 18 year old Emily and WOW – this outfit with the navy sweater (which I adore beyond belief) and miniskirt and boots YOU SERIOUSLY LOOK LIKE A BEAUTIFUL COOL FRESHMAN (in undergrad) IN A CW SHOW where everyone is gorgeous and well-styled. Keep the boots!!! The whole outfit is insanely flattering and looks amazing on you!!!! I love many of the other ones too but this one seriously blew me away!!!

4 years ago

Love all the fall fashion. You wear it well! But what I’m really interested in is where you got that awesome white and blue lamp that sits on your piano. I’ve seen it before, but can’t remember which post it’s sourced it. Can you please share with me where it’s from? Thank you!

Sherrie S
4 years ago

Those drop crotch pants are horrible. Sorry to say. You look like a wanna-be grunge 80’s hipster teen. You are way to pretty and classy – need to move beyond young trends.

4 years ago

Oh gosh. I really wanted that navy pullover sweater until I saw the sale price was $394. No way I could pay that for a sweater.

4 years ago

Emily, these are beautiful… and even on sale, EXPENSIVE. Particularly that amazing sweater. I don’t have this much to spend on even a year’s worth of clothes. Won’t you take pity on the everyday reader who’s living on a budget?

4 years ago

You are so.darn.cute!!! Here I have been avoiding the fashion blocks due to not wanting to be tempted to buy anything from Nordies sale and you get me here!! Got the sweater, boots and mini skirt on my list! ❤️❤️Keep rockin’ it, hot mama!

4 years ago

Honestly, the level of research, detail, and cash that you guys have put into clothes and skincare/make up is what I do for my kids’ activities at home during the summer, and my face I wash with cheap bubbles from the grocery store seasonal aisle. LOL. Maybe I will branch out a bit though! The blue check blouse is my fave!

4 years ago

I also bought the Mural coat and am loving it. The slight fitted waist is everything! I have been buying so much from this sale for myself, husband, and daughter. I need to be cut off. Love your outfits and I like these lifestyle posts as well. I say keep the Isabel Marant top. It looks like it was made for you.

4 years ago

Love everything except the drop-crotch pants. On Project Runway the judges, especially Nina, would scream if they saw them. Haha, they call them poopy pants. Love the first plaid coat.

4 years ago
Reply to  Elise

Not Heidi, she loves her some drop crotch pants! I personally can’t pull off the drop crotch, but I’m on Team Heidi – I think they look cool. To each their own of course!

4 years ago

You look fabulous, Emily! I need Suzanne in my life! She did well. High on my wishlist is a fashion post for postpartum mamas who yearn to be fashionable like their former selves, but don’t have the mental bandwidth to easily achieve this goal. 🙂

4 years ago

Yes ABSOLUTELY to the drop crotch pants. They’re so good!

4 years ago

Keep the blue blouse! It looks stunning on you, brightens up your face (I can see you love it) and your hair looks great with it. If you send her back I think you will always think about it :). That’s what happens to me. I can see it paired in many ways. It’s bright and cheerful! If you don’t want it please send it to me!

4 years ago

Love the drop crotch pants. They are very flattering on you. I also noticed the treasure and bond mules come in white. I thought, “that’s fun but would I really wear white?” Then I scrolled through the rest of your outfits and you sold me on white mules. Thanks for sharing this fun post.

4 years ago

I will be criticized for saying this, but I wish everyone would quit wearing torn jeans. I accept that I simply don’t get it; why would you pay money for something torn? Another fashion thing I don’t get is only tucking in a top or shirt part way – either tuck it in or leave it out. As to the drop crotch pants, this is an ancient style of clothing designed to keep the wearer cool (temperature cool, and possibly cool-cool). I met a man in Morocco wearing these and he called them “my air conditioned pants.” If you walk and stand normally, you can pull these off. They are Bohemian and would support a variety of tops/blouses. I appreciate your passion for some of these items, and Nordstrom should just give them to you. The black sweater is dreamy, but my guess is that most of your readers could not afford it, much less seven outfits purchased at once. I’m glad for you, but it’s not realistic for most of us. The boots look like what was in style in the 1970s; something is off about them, and I can’t put my finger on it. The toe seems too… Read more »

4 years ago

Emily the first outfit with the sweater, denim FP mini skirt and boots it’s quite possibly the best outfit I’ve ever seen you wear!!! Absolutely love it on you! So flattering in every way. I’m sorry to say but oh my heavens no on the drop crotch. I literally can’t even.

4 years ago

The drop crotch pants are totally fashion forward cool-girl. ABSOLUTE YES.

4 years ago

I like the drop crotch pants.

Samantha Zutler
4 years ago

Emily, a few items:
1. I live for these posts. Your style is so great, and these posts are accessible and charming. Please keep it up.
2. That Nili Lotan sweater is sold out everywhere and it hurts me, deeply.
3. I have been laughing about the “I DON’T KNOW” in all caps for two days now. Why is it so funny? I DON’T KNOW BUT I AM GOING TO START USING IT IN HOPES OF FINDING OUT.

ps (or a BONUS #4): Scanlan Theodore, an Australian brand, has a drop crotch pant in multiple fabrics that is super cute on, and as comfy as a drop crotch, but not as dramatic as the Nili Lotans, for those who are struggling. 🙂

Keep it up and love your blog, fashion, site, the whole situation. Sam

Samantha Zutler
4 years ago

I GOT THE NILI LOTAN SWEATER!!! All it took was stalking the Nordstrom site multiple times a day until someone returned it in my size!! Casual.

buy henleys online
4 years ago
4 years ago

Em, I live in TEXAS and I’m telling you, you need the boots. They were my go-to well into winter, when it was too hot for tights but too cool for bare legs. Plus, I didn’t have to shave at all for two months and my husband thought I was KILLING IT because of the sexy suede. Get them sprayed with suede spray before you wear them the first time, though.

jean eckles
4 years ago

I want to copy your blue tile patio only in black where do i buy

4 years ago

Love, love, loove, the first outfit. I own way too many coats but I may need to get that first plaid one. Loooove the drop crotch pants (not the price). Not a fan of the hat + oversized tan trench coat combo, it’s giving me C.C. DeVille / Poison “Unskinny Bop” vibes! X-D

omid azhdari
4 years ago

I will be criticized for saying this, but I wish everyone would quit wearing torn jeans. I accept that I simply don’t get it; why would you pay money for something torn? Another fashion thing I don’t get is only tucking in a top or shirt part way – either tuck it in or leave it out. As to the drop crotch pants, this is an ancient style of clothing designed to keep the wearer cool (temperature cool, and possibly cool-cool). I met a man in Morocco wearing these and he called them “my air conditioned pants.”
thanks – omid azhdari

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