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The New Crate & Barrel Collection Is Giving Beach Vacation Vibes And We Are Here For It

Crate and Barrel’s new modern and mindful coastal collection does not come to play. Never has a collection embodied a relaxing beach retreat as much as this one does. Every piece oozes simplicity and understated elegance, so I can’t help but think of an extended coastal vacation (preferably in Greece). You can tell each piece was thoughtfully crafted, and many of the products featured are made from FSC ®-certified wood from forests that are responsibly managed to be environmentally sound and socially beneficial. We love to see big brands shift towards sustainable practices so with that good news, let’s get to our favorites from the collection:

Calypso Glass and Natural Wood Cabinet

When I first laid eyes on the collection, I was immediately attracted to this cabinet. I love the chunkiness of the wood, the asymmetrical cabinet doors, and the light and airy elm wood finish. It’s both modern and timeless which is not easy to achieve. I can see this in a dining room stocked with vases and dinnerware or in a living room displaying collections of books, sculptures, and other curated decor pieces. I will also, I am sure, be seeing it in my dreams.

Twist Ash Rotating Desk

I’ve loved this desk ever since Jess chose a version of it for her MOTO (Makeover Takeover). It’s probably the coolest desk I have ever seen because it doesn’t scream “desk”. In fact, the shape and round hidden cabinet storage are unique on their own, but please note how both sides twist outward from the center so they can be angled, straight, or nestled. It’s so versatile and can be a focal point in a room which is hard to achieve with an ordinary desk.

Nichols Chair

One theme I saw over and over in this collection is the emphasis on organic lines and textures, hence the modern coastal vibe. The rounded angles of the Nichols Chair are so inviting and the rounded block base makes it a contemporary statement piece. Oh, and did I mention it swivels??

Terra Natural Oak Bed

I know I have a pretty bold and eclectic style but when it comes to bedrooms, I always find myself drawn to very minimal, neutral designs. So much so in fact, that I have been searching for a simple wood bed frame for my own bedroom. I am drawn to less busy, more comforting, and calm bedrooms so this bed frame really speaks to me. The shape is simple and to the point, and the natural grain of the oak is stunning and timeless.

Terra Natural Oak End Table File Cabinet

This chunky block file cabinet is the perfect companion for the above bed. It is also made of oak but I like how the grain differs from the bed frame so it wouldn’t look uniform, just complementary. The square legs are a refreshing shift from the taper legs we see everywhere and the lack of hardware is minimalism at its finest.

Juni Bleached Ash Dining Chair

This entire collection is giving me so much inspiration for my parent’s dining room makeover. They want a modern-farmhouse-meets-california-casual refresh and these dining chairs are really speaking to that for me. The black option would be a great contrast for a neutral dining room, but I have to admit, the light bleached ash tone is stunning. This is what I would call a perfect dining chair.

Mercer Blue Rim Dinner Plate

I never thought I would say this about dinnerware, but look at those curves! Again, organic lines reign supreme in this collection. The porcelain and blue trim detail make this collection feel refined and rustic, so it could be used every day or for special occasions. I vote for every day but that might be because I am ready to replace my goodwill coffee mugs with something a little more elegant.

Large Woven Floor Vase

Floor vases are grossly underrated. Sometimes, you just need a stand-alone piece that looks good on its own and this is it. The woven detail would be a great addition to any room and is a great vessel (pun intended) to add texture.

Remi Natural Linen Table Lamp

If there’s one thing I will take away from this collection, it’s that I want to see more linen table lamps. In a neutral room, you want to add a lot of textures to the mix and a linen lamp will certainly add an unexpected texture. I also love the brass finishes which add a layer of elegance to such a simple piece. The more I look at it, the closer I am to clicking “add to cart”. The question is, do you prefer the bold blue version or the simple white? I’ll let you vote on that below.

Katin Wood Centerpiece Bowl

This bowl is so simple but SO good. I love the very subtle block pattern and the low pedestal. Like so many pieces in this collection, it marries chunky block shapes with then lines and I just can’t get enough. This one I might actually add to cart and BUY.

Alright folks, those are our top 10 picks but if you haven’t stalked the entire collection, you must do so here and let us know your favorites down below. Happy shopping! xx

Opener Image Credit: via Crate & Barrel

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2 years ago

I bought the Mercer dinnerware after the first of the year. I bought it in the all white. I also bought the square plates, because square just fits better in cupboards. Less wasted space. My old plates were square as well. I have been very happy with them so far. The other half, not so much. He moans that he keeps spilling liquids off the plate. I mean, the plates are rimmed, but I really think he just wants to complain. He liked our old dishes. I did too. But change is good.

2 years ago

I actually think stylistically it’s an interesting mix they are carrying, love the chairs, lamp and bowl!

2 years ago

I love the black wood bowl. Good way to add a little anchoring to a room.

Great content!!! Thanks for sharing this amazing post.

2 years ago

Crate and Barrel makes awful furniture, I could not be more disappointed in them.

2 years ago

Great desk!