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When You Need More Storage But Your Closets Aren’t Getting Any Bigger: 72 Storage Furniture Picks

photo by sara ligorria-tramp for ehd | from: jess’ small space living room makeover

I don’t think there has ever been a time in my life where I thought to myself, “I have enough storage.” Or perhaps more accurately, I have never thought “Everything I own has place.” Ask anyone who knows me well and they will tell you my organization skills are the opposite of Marie Kondo. I have a habit of throwing clothes onto the nearest chair/dresser/table as I am getting ready for the day (and sometimes, I do this multiple times a day to my boyfriend’s utter chagrin). Then, to “clean up,” I am the queen of throwing clothes and clutter blindly into drawers and cabinets. By the way, it has come to my attention that shoving clothes into a dresser unfolded takes up a lot more space then if said things were neatly folded into perfectly symmetrical squares. Who knew? ย 

If it isn’t obvious already, storage for someone like me is best presented in the form of several LARGE drawers and cabinets to keep things out of sight and to keep up the appearance that I am “tidy.” (p.s. will I ever change? Someone, please send help). The problem is space doesn’t always allow for king-sized dressers and trunks to make up for my messy little habits. In any case, my ideal situation would be to cast an Undetectable Extension Spell a la Hermione Granger and never have to worry about where things go ever again. But so long as Hogwarts doesn’t exist and I have to function through life magic-free, storage furniture is where it’s at and here is why: pieces that are multi-functional are always going to help you save on space. If every piece of furniture I had also served as a place for storage, I would likely be a better, more tidy partner.

So, if you too have storage woes, or if you simply love functional, practical furniture, I sincerely hope you will come along with me on this journey as I attempt to write about storage in a fun, interesting way that won’t have you falling asleep into your coffee. I think we found some really great storage solutions that are versatile and multi-faceted (and really cool) that we hope you will love as much as we do. Letโ€™s get into it.


What I love about platform beds equipped with drawers or storage compartments is that they make it impossible for things to get misplaced under the bed. Take #2 for example. There is no way anything is getting underneath that sucker. There is nowhere for runaway socks to hide, and no place for empty water bottles to stow away for months. Plus, like I said before, any piece of furniture that has extra drawer space is going to make you a better human being and make your partner/roommate love you more (or is that just me?). Regardless, bed frames aren’t just for looks and can be a great extra storage solution.

Emily Henderson Storage Furniture Storage Beds

1. Stratton Storage Platform Bed Frame With Drawers | 2. Nexera Nordik 3-Drawer Storage Bed | 3. Chesterfield Tufted Storage Bed | 4. Astoria Storage Headboard & Platford Bed | 5. Massie Storage Platform Bed | 6. Malm Lift-Up Storage Bed | 7. Nordli Bed Frame With Storage | 8. Fortin Upholstered Storage Platform Bed | 9. Matera Bed | 10. Urbano Storage Platform Bed | 11. Step One Storage Platform Bed | 12. Brooklyn Storage Bed & Headboard | 13. Bowlin Storage Platform Bed | 14. Brandy Modern Fabric Platform Bed With Storage Drawer | 15. Hemnes Daybed with 3 Drawers


I love a good entryway bench. They can be really chic and also SO practical. If you are a renter like me, something like #1 is great because it adds height (very important) and dimension, while also serving many functions. You can hang up your purse, backpack, and hats for easy accessibility when you are running out the door. If you have pets and need a place to hide toys, leashes, and treats, something like #11 would be perfect. The possibilities are endless, my friends.

Emily Henderson Storage Furniture Storage Benches New

1. Easmor Hall Tree | 2. Dusk Leather and Wood Storage Bench | 3. Ronquillo Upholstered Storage Bench | 4. Dean Sand Storage Bench | 5. Boatman Wood Storage Bench | 6. Parocela Wood Storage Bench | 7. Belham Living Storage Entryway Bench | 8. As You Wish Upholstered Storage Bench | 9. Birch Plywood Storage Bench | 10. Navy Textured Decorative Storage Bench | 11. Matera Storage Bench | 12. Palm Canyon Louella Velvet Storage Bench | 13. Cleo Storage Ottoman | 14. Loring Storage Bench | 15. Belham Living Finn Mid Century Modern Bench

Coffee Tables

When it comes to coffee tables, we think you should never have to substitute style for practicality. Depending on your needs, you might want a table with open storage to display your favorite books that also has a drawer for your tv remote, coasters and games. #15 (my personal favorite) is a great option if open shelving is more your style.

But…some of us need some more space (ahem, me). Here is the thing, I love throw blankets. They are the unexpected gift you receive from a cousin on Christmas and get SUPER excited about because you realize you can never have enough blankets (like candles!). But, unless you have a plethora of linen closets, the question is where do they go when summer comes along and even the sight of a faux sherpa blanket makes you break out into a sweat? Answer: in your coffee table! See #1 for example. It is about 2 and a half feet wide and can certainly hold two throw blankets that will be ready for you when the cold months return.

Emily Henderson Storage Furniture Storage Coffee Tables

1. Drum Storage Coffee Table | 2. Two Drawer Coffee Table | 3. Poplar Wood Lift Top Dixon Coffee Table | 4. Ruby Storage Coffee Table | 5. Zen’s Bamboo Lift Top Coffee Table | 6. Euro Style Aurora Coffee Table | 7. Naya Pop-Up Coffee Table | 8. Pure Storage Coffee Table | 9. Oslari Painted Coffee Table | 10. Aurelle Home Wood and Iron Industrial Coffee Table | 11. Industrial Storage Pop-Up Coffee Table | 12. Gold Hammered Coffee Table | 13. Reda Lift Top Coffee Table with Storage | 14. Charles Coffee Table | 15. Porthos Home Bowie Mid-Century Coffee Table

Ottomans & Stools

Ottomans are a great place to store throw blankets (again), books, board games, playing cards, sewing supplies, you name it. Really anything you use often but don’t necessarily want displayed all the time can easily be stored in an ottoman like #11. I would even throw slippers or an extra pillow in there for movie nights because why not be prepared for a comfy night in?

Emily Henderson Storage Furniture Storage Ottomans

1. Frankford Tufted Storage Ottoman | 2. Loring Storage Cube | 3. Trinity Hexagonal Storage Ottoman | 4. Natural Abaca and Wood Odette Storage Ottoman | 5. Movie Salt & Pepper Storage Ottoman | 6. Jonathan Leather Storage Ottoman | 7. Square Storage Ottoman | 8. Carson Carrington Storage Ottoman | 9. Upholstered Base Storage Ottoman – Large | 10. Round Accent Storage Ottoman | 11. Alina Storage Ottoman | 12. Mid-Century Ottoman | 13. Glenmont Storage Ottoman | 14. Bozeman Tufted Storage Ottoman | 15. Porch & Den Rockwell Tufted Storage Stool

Shoe Storage

Remember, a lot of these pieces can be used in a number of ways, in whatever way fits your lifestyle. Do not be fooled by the product description. It is your life so you should definitely let your furniture be whatever it needs to be for you. For example, when I saw #12, my brain immediately went, “woah, what a cool shoe organizer!” It is technically not for shoes, but I say why the heck not? It can be if I want it to because I am an ADULT that makes very important ADULT decisions.ย 

There are a lot of options here to completely hide your shoes but if you are like me, sometimes you want to display those babies. I like to keep the shoes I wear the most out in the open and I also tend to display my favorite pairs because who says shoes can’t also act as decor? IMO, shoes are a great way to show off your personal style both inside and outside the home. Something like #2 could act as both, by hiding your not-so-cute shoes and displaying the ones you love love love.

Emily Henderson Storage Furniture Shoe Storage Cabinets & Benches 2

1. 18 Pair Shoe Storage Cabinet | 2. 16 Pair Shoe Storage Cabinet | 3. Carson Carrington 18 Pair Shoe Cabinet | 4. Gunter Wood Storage Bench | 5. Stall 8 Pair Shoe Cabinet | 6. Shoe Rack Entryway Storage With Hidden Compartment | 7. Cade Modern 18-Pair Shoe Storage Cabinet | 8. Lucy Entry Collection Shoe Bench | 9. Hemnes 9 Pair Shoe Cabinet | 10. Kace Tall Locker Storage Console | 11. 2-Door Entryway 16 Pair Shoe Storage Cabinet | 12. Industrial Storage Dresser

Okay my friends, that is all we have for you today. Are you pro storage furniture or totally against it? What are your storage secrets? Tell me everything.

Til next time <3

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4 years ago

Link to Bed 11 links to Bed 10.

4 years ago
Reply to  Jessvii

Yes, please give us the link to the bed in #11. I find it hard to search for items on wayfair (maybe there’s some tricks of the trade you can tell us about??). Thank you so much, I’d like to take a closer look.

4 years ago
Reply to  Cami

All fixed! So sorry about this.

Leigh H
4 years ago

Do you mind saying how makes that black handbag in the first pic? Looks lovely. Thank you! And a the post is great too!

Elisa F
4 years ago
Reply to  Leigh H

Ha! I was thinking the same thing! I’ve been looking for a beautiful, soft-structured black bag – it’s gorgeous

4 years ago
Reply to  Leigh H|Bloggers|rewardStyle|MWAFFI00001&siteId=CJ_4441350_rewardStyle&utm_source=rewardStyle&utm_medium=affiliate&utm_content=Bloggers&utm_campaign=MWAFFI00001&cjevent=dd107f7b8d1e11e98184009b0a24060e#start=1


4 years ago

I LOVE practical storage that doubles as furniture. Walmart has a cute faux leather bench that’s pretty roomy & can seat 2 people for just under $30. that doubles as a storage chest. I have 1 at my front entrance & 1 in each of my kids rooms. But you could easily put 2 together & make a coffee table in a living or family room.

4 years ago

I have the “cool shoe organizer” #12 in shoe storage–I don’t use it for shoes but it’s super handy! The bottom row is all toys and books for my 1 year old. (She can open them herself.) The top row I use for reference books, mailing materials, etc. The middle is random—light bulbs, spare batteries, etc. It’s like having a giant (but well organized) junk drawer. ๐Ÿ™‚

4 years ago

What do you think about wardrobes? Our last home had a HUGE walk in closet, but the house we just purchased has a much smaller wall closet. My husband is dying to get rid of his dresser and instead purchase an old fashioned wardrobe where he can hang some clothes but also have drawers for t-shirts and such. I was hoping this storage roundup with include wardrobes! I prefer furniture with more modern lines, but most the wardrobes I find seem to be very traditional or very expensive!

4 years ago
Reply to  Jenni

exactly what i was hoping for too! my last 2 apartments have only had 1 closet (!) in the entire space. so i normally end up buying an ikea armoire or something to serve as a hall closet for coats, vacuum, etc.

Susie Q.
4 years ago
Reply to  Jenni

I bought an IKEA wardrobe once–it was a mistake. I know they have many kinds; I’d esp like to have one of those full wall units one day. But this one–it was so hard to put together (and my husband and I had already put together a bed w built-in night stand and a dresser, so we had some experience ๐Ÿ˜‰ He and I basically broke it as we were trying to assemble it, and it leaned precariously in a corner for a couple years–we had to use it in its broken state–before giving it away. Just beware of assembling large stuff yourself.

4 years ago
Reply to  Jenni

Likewise!! I just bought a 750 square foot condo with exactly zero closets (yes, you read that right – but it has other great qualities, I promise!). So this roundup is perfect for me. Next would be great to see affordable modern wardrobe/open closet options (that maybe aren’t from Ikea?).

Thanks as always for the great post!

4 years ago

I’ve had the Pottery Barn Stratton bed (#1 in your underbed storage) for about a decade now and it is the best. With my 18″ mattress the cats and I sit up regally overlooking our domain to start our day, without visual clutter surrounding us.

4 years ago

We travel a lot and live in a townhouse in a city on the top 10 list for bedbugs (LA makes the cut too ๐Ÿ˜‰ ). Having a bed with legs we can place in bedbug interceptors is key… just wish I could find one (ideally metal) with storage, too! If anyone knows of one existing, please share. =).

Paula Carr
4 years ago

When I started reading I hadn’t looked at the by-line, so I was a bit startled by the reference to “my boyfriend.” Ha.

I realized when Maria Kondo was just a glimmer in her daddy’s eye that if I folded bras and panties (in particular) I could fit more in the smallish drawer each was in. I don’t like doing it. I’m a natural clothes-strewer, too, but I’ve disciplined myself to do it. In the long run, it makes life easier.

Paula Carr
4 years ago
Reply to  Paula Carr

P.S. I really like that CB2 bench with the sunburst front!

Paula Carr
4 years ago
Reply to  Paula Carr

P.P.S I like the Urban Outfitters giant “junk drawer” — especially in “black” — but I don’t have a lot I’d want to store in something that’s not covered. All the drawers are open at the top and are not flush with a horizontal surface.

4 years ago
Reply to  Paula Carr

Iโ€™m also a natural clothes strewer, but I was hit with an epiphany after watching the Marie Kondo show on Netflix. I realized that my life would be so much easier and Iโ€™d be much less stressed if I started using her methods of folding and organizing. I redid pretty much every closet and storage area in my apartment, and my ADHD brain feels much calm these days because of it.

Susie Q.
4 years ago
Reply to  Paula Carr

Whenever I used to fold undies they would end up as an unfolded heap in the drawer anyway. So this is my solution: I fold several pair and put a scrunchy around them. I also save those little loops of elastic that are sometimes used to fasten tags to clothing–I tear off the tag and use the elastic to wrap around a few pair. If you’re traveling you can just grab a set out of the drawer and stick it in your bag–they’re already folded, organized and ready to go.

4 years ago

I’m about to move into a really small apartment and this is so helpful! Love finding that happy balance between beautiful/practical. Thanks for the roundup!

4 years ago

Was literally googling modern peg rail last night for a storage solution in our small house, with no real entry spot. I love the matte black rail on a white wall to make a bit of a statement and maybe double stacked so kiddos can have the lowers. This header pic made me day and confirmed that I want to do it!

Kimberly Newland
4 years ago

FYI, The Matera Bed you link to is NOT the one that has storage drawers. That’s here:
and is almost twice the price! I only know this because I’ve been pining for this bed for YEARS but just can’t justify the price to myself (especially the size I want–California King). When I saw it as the price you listed, I nearly hyperventilated in excitement. But alas, it was just a mistake. ๐Ÿ™

Cindy Harrington
4 years ago

Hi Kimberly!
Having a local woodworker/craftsman replicate the Matera Bed is a great option. Not sure where you live, but if youโ€™re in CA, there is a craftsman in the SF Bay Area who hand-makes what appears to be the entire Matera line of furniture. Here is his Craigslist posting:
Full disclosure, I do not know him, nor have I purchased nor seen his furniture. It looks great though : )

4 years ago


4 years ago

Hi, Great post!! can you please share the source of the shaker style pegs in the photo above entry space?