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Mountain House Monday: The Living Room Rug Dilemma (+ Ask the Audience)

It’s mountain house Monday, living room edition. We have some rug debating to do as I can’t move forward with the living room design and keep decorating until we know what is happening underfoot. In a perfect world, it’s a big white fluffy comfy, cozy rug. But I have kids and they have limbs full of marinara, mud and sand, plus we are a big Play-doh and Lego family (which get easily stuck in high pile rugs). I want a light simple rug, but what will be the easiest and hide stains the most is something darker or busier. It’s an age-old conundrum and it’s painfully boring.

Emily Henderson Mountain House Living Room Rug Trellis Rug

I know you need more information. Here is what’s going on: everything in here was left over from previous projects and I really love every piece, but it’s not there yet design-wise so any of the given pieces MIGHT change.

The sectional is from Article—a brand I love—and they kindly loaned me this sectional back when I staged the Glendale house. I really really really love it and almost wish I had tried it in our LA house before bringing up here. It’s extremely comfortable, a really simple shape, has the right depth and comfort level, and the color and fabric is even pretty forgiving. My thought is that it’s a great piece to mix with other more weird/vintage pieces HOWEVER if I find a vintage sofa that is a show-stopper, I might switch it out (in which case it would either be donated to a family via Pen + Napkin or used in a Feel Good Flash Makeover project).

The coffee table (from Rejuvenation, though I don’t think this finish is available anymore) is also leftover and might get switched out for that big live edge stump I got at the flea market (which I wrote about here).

Another leftover (from the Portland project) is the rug, above, which is GREAT but it’s the EXACT color of the sofa, plus in person, the blue is brighter than we were going for. But we really do love how neutral it was. So we tried a darker rug, which felt more “usual EHD fashion” in a patterned navy:

Emily Henderson Mountain House Living Room Rugsectional View

The above rug from Serena & Lily really changed the feel of the room. We actually think that the wood flooring should be the big “texture story” in the room, and that this rug is strangely distracting from it, while I do love it. There’s also the visual layer of the plastered stone fireplace, and all together, it might just be too much “visual noise.” As a reminder, I really want this house to be calm, minimal, Scandi. I’m not sure this rug is helping to achieve that look here (at least not in this room).

Emily Henderson Mountain House Living Room Rug Stone Fireplace

So what do I want?? Secretly, I just want this rug that I’ve used a few times, seen below:

photo by sara ligorria-tramp for ehd | from: target’s new “see it in your space” feature
photo by sara ligorria-tramp for ehd | from: styling to sell the (new) master bedroom

It’s so soft, plush but lighter than the sofa, with enough darker gray pattern to hide dirt, etc.

I also REALLY love the rug from the Portland project family room:

photo by sara ligorria-tramp for ehd | from: how to design a pass-through” room

It has enough darker tones in it to be forgiving and while I might think that it would be too simple (and therefore boring), I think that it really worked up there and I love the simplicity in a way.

So we figured we’d round up all the rugs we are considering, broken down in two categories: adding some blue (i.e. old-school EHD), or sticking with neutral (which might be what my heart truly wants).

Emily Henderson Mountain House Living Room Rug Blue Options

1. Malta Blue Woven Wool Rug | 2. Rida Rug | 3. Marais Rug | 4. Matrix Ink Wool Tufted Rug | 5. Rider Denim Rug | 6. High-Low Dilla Lapis | 7. Modern Rug, Teal | 8. Classic Rug, Blue/Cream

I’m going to try out #7 but it’s far less textured than I want. It does have some interest and pattern but it might be too bright. #3 is the same Serena & Lily rug from one of the photos of the living room above, and #8 is a rug we used in one of the Portland guest bedrooms, and it has a nice flatweave texture to it.

Emily Henderson Mountain House Living Room Rug Neutral Options1

1. Modern Rug, Gray | 2. Edison Rug, Light Gray | 3. Masinissa Hand Knotted Rug | 4. Numa Charcoal Hand Knotted Rug | 5. Linzie Rug, Gray | 6. Judson Rug, Ivory & Black | 7. Classic Rug, Gray/Cream | 8. Evee Rug

I hate pulling triggers on rugs without knowing what else is going on, but it really will set the tone for the decor. I’m SERIOUSLY considering #8 even though it is busier. The black lines will look good with the black island. But #3, #5 both could also be good, forgiving, but still calm and quiet.

We shoot this room (and most of the rest of the house) in 6 weeks so I HAVE to start pulling triggers. Luckily, because we are shooting for a magazine, many companies will send the rugs for us to try out as an option (plus we have other spaces we can try them in if they don’t work in the living room).

But I’d love your opinion. Know that any other chairs and accessories we bring in will be vintage and weird, but not wacky or too colorful. So…do I stick with a cozy neutral color story here and let the wood and windows be the star, or do I bring in some soft color/pattern with one of the blue rugs (which will feel in line with classic EHD style)? Let me know what you guys think. Xx

UPDATE: There were SO many comments (thank you!), so we decided to add a poll feature to capture everyone’s thoughts. We’ll of course take into consideration all the comments, as well, but feel free to vote if you’ve already commented, too.

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336 thoughts on “Mountain House Monday: The Living Room Rug Dilemma (+ Ask the Audience)

  1. My vote is for neutral number 8! Ditch the blue 🙂

    Also, did Sara get married? I’m spying a new last name! If so, congrats!

    1. That’s my vote too, or Neutral 7 for the name if the grey is right with the fireplace and floor.

      I feel like the neutral you have in the actual room is too light, but the blue one definitely fights for attention with the fireplace and seems out of place in that shot (it works better in the window shot).

    2. Hi Emily –
      Thanks for asking…. I agree that *that* blue rug is too bright for your room but the cream/beige/oatmeal/neutral idea is just too blah, safe and uninspiring when paired with the couch. I think some other options people offered like a toned-down blue/grey/black would be a better choice. A rug with a little color and definitely *some* (softer?) contrast is what this room needs. You can do better!
      Of these choices, though:
      Blue 1 or 5
      Neutral 5

      1. I actually notice the wood more with the blue rug, sometimes color will allow the wood to shine a bit more

  2. I definitely think you should try out #8 in the neutral category. It just seems interesting and more rustic than the others which could work well in a mountain house.

      1. I almost wish there was an aesthetically pleasing plastic cover for rugs the way you used to for old pink couches. ??

    1. Blue #5. I really think you need the color but this medium tones option isn’t too blue.

    2. Blue #1 is my favourite of these options too. There’s a Danish rug company called Fabula Living that I think might be a good fit for what you’re looking for here

  3. I vote for a blue rug! The kitchen (which I think is adjacent) is very neutral so it would be nice to have some color. Blue is about as Scandinavian as it gets, and echoes the sky through the windows. The blue rugs that you show are beautiful, but maybe a lighter blue with a small pattern? A subtle flatweave (“transmatta” in Swedish) with graduated stripes oriented to be parallel with the wood grain in the floors? I loved the blue rug you used in your Boathouse makeover and think it would look amazing. In the Boathouse it did not detract from the wood tones. The neutral with the wood and the fireplace may look very beige. Looking forward to seeing how you transform the space!

  4. I LOVE # 5 in the neutral category. Seems like a beautiful mid-tone neutral you won’t get tired of and then you can have more fun with other elements in the room.

  5. The blue is warm and inviting. It actually complements the floors. The beige makes the room look dreary and dismal. It actually blends with the floors and does not bring out the beauty in the space or the floors.

  6. In this house/room, I like the neutral. Of the options, I like #6, too. Have you ever tried Loloi rugs? They have lots of textured neutrals.

    1. Agree! Too busy!

      Also, I only sort of recall that fireplace from last year when you were talking plans, I thought it was going to be renovated? I don’t mean to be critical but it looks both crooked and wonky in the pictures. Is that the camera? Is it going to be renovated? Might influence rug choice.

      1. A bunch of Emily’s inspiration photos had really textured organic fireplace *moments* and I believe her goal here was to achieve something similar, with the added bonus of saving time and money. I personally think it looks fantastic!

  7. Neutral definitely. Somehow the blue draws attention away from the rest of the features in the room. It hogs the limelight. If the room was dull and uninteresting that might be fine. With a windows and view like that why would you want to draw attention to a rug!
    My vote is for number 4.

    1. Agree! I looked at the rugs in both cases first and the architecture second. The blue rug in front of the fireplace drew attention to the weird angle that the rug and fireplace meet each other. I almost just want to see a white washed jute rug in there for texture but low contrast with the fireplace.

      1. I agree with Katherine. I was liking the blue rug and thought it highlighted the wood tones in the floor nicely until I saw that awkward angle with the fireplace. Not something that needs attention drawn to it!

    2. Ok so I have the Dash & Albert rug you secretly want, plus the 2 young kids (3rd on the way) AND a dog. I hesitated too but before I bought it I got a swatch and rubbed tomato sauce and bright orange smoothie into it to see how it would stain. A little blotting and it was all out (thank goodness for 100% Wool rugs). So while it looks delicate, it’s actually pretty hardy and in person the dirty natural color hides a lot of sins. I say, if you want that rug, go for it! That said, I do discourage the kids from eating anything too stain-able away from the kitchen. I love how the rug is subtle, yet striking and it makes our room cozy in a way our precious rug didn’t.

      1. Great endorsing on that one. D&A ,as well as 100% Wool are great choices, and I voted for the ‘secret’ rug as well. Looks great.

  8. Blue is my favorite color…..but, please no blue for this room! I like 2, 5, and 8 from the neutral choices.

    1. I agree – the first two pictures were a great comparison. In the neutral rug picture, I saw the amazing windows! In the blue rug picture, my eyes were drawn down to the floor.

  9. Many good options. Because of the balcony and size of rug, it just seems I’d want the entire sofa to be on it. It might be the picture, as I understand in person everything would feel different. But on the current pictures something feels off, placement wise. I like neutral #8, but I also like the blue. The live edge table would look great here. Loving the Mountain house updates.

  10. Blue! At least in photos, the blue pulls my eyes to green outside where as the neutral makes me look at the ceiling and the furniture. Guess it depends on where your attention goes irl.

  11. Just buy the rug you want to buy and set rules for everyone: 1. Shoes off at the door. 2. No food in the living room. Why postpone life or buy something you don’t really want just because you’re worried about a spill?

    I raised two kids and they learned right off to respect the things in our house. They didn’t get the run of the place. That way, they behave the same in other people’s houses. I always got a big kick out of hearing my son tell all of his 17 year old friends to “take your shoes off.” And then there’d be 7 pairs of size 11 and 12 shoes all over the entry. Ha!

    1. i have all those rules in my house…and still have stains that won’t come out on my rug and my couch. Accidents/rule forgetting happen. if you have littles who are still figuring things out, and you don’t want to be the generalissimo of Rug Rules, i think it’s great to choose more forgiving decor AND teach your kids to take care of things, while buying yourself some leeway for mistakes.

      1. Yes, balance — as ever — is the key here. But if going neutral is one of your options, then just go ahead and get the rug you want. I don’t see how any of these neutral rugs would cover a chocolate or marinara stain (or red wine for that matter!) any more than getting one of the rugs Emily says she REALLY wants.

        So I am Team Get the Rug You Actually Want.

  12. I think you need a more vintage look rug. I like neutrals but the first thing I noticed when I looked at the first two photos was how the beautiful wood floors popped against the blue. But maybe a rug that’s not as dark…

  13. Edison or Evee! Though I think a warmer neutral would also work – something with mustard or rust tones.

  14. I know it’s not one of your stated options, but when I look at the room and consider the desire for calm/Scandi, what I’m I’m immediately drawn to is like a light pink/peach rug. This way it adds a bit of color but *blends* with the warm wood tones rather than contrasts, as with the blues and grays. There could be a tiny bit of texture or pattern on the rug but nothing too bold, to keep the peace and to let the wood floor speak. Whaddya think?!

  15. No blue. And I’m going to be the rebel who says get what you really want. You can always scotch guard the heck out of it and deal. Every time I compromise for practicality I regret it. Kids are a mess but that’s life. I wouldn’t have an all white room (I’m not insane) but you might be surprised about how good the kids are with it if you gently remind them it’s a “special winter snow rug” or something of the like…? I say fluffy white goodness. Good luck!

  16. We bought that great Dash and Albert rug that you’ve used a few times in brown. With a 5 and 2 year old, it still looks amazing and hides all the dirt. Plus the color wouldn’t take away from the beautiful flooring.

  17. Before you said it, 3, 5, and 8 were my favorite neutrals. 2,4,and 6 don’t seem as special. I’d love to see 8 or 5 if only bc they’re a bit different. I don’t feel like I’ve seen them a hundred times.

  18. No Blue. Minimal to no pattern and light (non)colors if you want a true, light scandi feel.

  19. I think the rug from the Portland project family room with those tassels on the ends would be amazing! I am looking forward to seeing how you handle the angle of the fireplace with the orientation of the rug…that seems a little tricky from what you have shown us so far 😉

  20. I vote neutral 6 or 8! Going with the blue will really take away from the Scandi look here since it’s such a big piece of the room. It might be helpful to bring in some color from other smaller, less impactful pieces!

  21. Neutral rug all the way! It doesn’t feel boring it feels like layered neutrals — and you’ve got lots of tonal things happening already I don’t think you’re in danger of being a white box. The rug will be seen from so many rooms and will carry a lot of visual weight.

    Option 8 stuck out to me immediately!

  22. Big live edge stump for coffee table and neutral 2 or 3 rug. 8 is too busy. Pillows throws, table lamps and chairs with black accents to tie in the island’s color.

    1. I could go either way with the rug. What I care PASSIONATELY about is bringing in that giant tree root for a coffee table. That is going to M.A.K.E. the room. I’d personally prefer it with blue (classic ehd), but it would also be amazing as a neutral mixed in with lots of other pretty neutrals.

  23. It seems like if you go blue you’ll lose your battle to make the floors shine! You even say “#7 but it’s far less textured than I want.” Only go blue if you decide you want to hide the floors! I vote neutral 5!!

  24. Love the idea of the one from the Portland project – dark enough to provide contrast with the sectional and hide dirt but quiet enough to let the vintage weirdness shine. I worry large scale pattern will draw too much attention in the wrong way (can’t believe I just typed those words)

  25. Ditch all the blue. Also bring in the live edge coffee table. I don’t feel like that one is right for the space. I think rug #3 is my pick.

  26. I say let the wood floors be the star! Your idea for a calm, scandi space sounds sooo relaxing. I would go with the Masinissa rug you love. Just wrap your kids in saran wrap, only feed them white foods, and don’t worry about stains! LOL

  27. definitely agree w/ neutral, the best of these IMO 3,4,5, 6
    5 is my top pick interesting but subtle. I also really like 3 and 4.
    so hard to pick rugs!

  28. My first choice is blue 5 (although on my screen it appears more grey). I also like blue 1 and neutral 3. Can’t wait to see what you pick!

  29. I vote neutral. I have a rug very similar to the neutral 3 option and also three kids and it hides everything. It’s in my living room and sees a ton of action and still looks fantastic 1 1/2 years later.

  30. Blue #5. It’s still light enough to be in a more neutral room while adding a bit of life.

  31. I like Blue #2 & 4, Neutral #8.

    I’ve seen that neutral one you’re using above IRL a few times. I don’t understand why it always looks dirty. It looks dirty brand new….

  32. You think about rugs to much. They are all nice. Just pick one and go on to more important things in life.

  33. Practical question – what color is the dirt outside? You will want a great deal of “outside dirt” color in your rug if you think it will get tracked inside so it blends in with the rug. We have a cabin and as the constant in-and-our makes taking off shoes all the time impractical. . . .

  34. I think you should go with your gut and stick to a neutral pallet here. It just looks more in line with what you’re going for and has a calm, sophisticated effect.

  35. The large, well-windowed room’s seating area needs the visual weight the (relatively) darker color the blue rug provide s. It could be any color, just a little bit darker for grounding the area.

  36. Follow your instincts! If your heart says go light and bright for the rug, then do it! I thought that you should go for a blue rug at first, but you made good points about wanting to keep the space calm and scandinavian. I’m looking forwards to seeing the final result.

  37. Thank you for asking us, but NEUTRAL is what you want and you know it! Try #8 (and all the rest, until your heart sings ; ) I am Scandi, too. I get you!
    *side note* I have been married for 28 years and have made the mistake of living with pieces that I resent! If a child ‘ruins’ something, please try to live with the added character, lol. Much love…

  38. Wow! I am surprised I am in the minority but I am pushing for blue. I feel like it really grounds the room and brings in some cheer! My faves are 2, 3, and 5.

    1. Agree! White reads too formal in my opinion and (kids or no kids!) doesn’t give the vibe of a laid-back getaway house.

  39. I think I’ve figured out my hesitation…There is such an emphasis on the natural elements in the room and blending the indoors with the outdoors that putting a big, heavily patterened rug in the room seems comparatively synthetic. It just feels too manmade and takes away from the feeling of being one with nature. I say skip the pattern and go for texture instead.

    1. I totally agree with you, and think that playing with texture, rather than pattern, is the real way to go. In the initial pictures, I gravitated more to the blue – because the pattern of the neutral rug was a bit distracting. But I really prefer the vibe that the lighter option gives the space… and I can just picture how amazing that would look with the live edge coffee table.

      Texture is great for hiding even the biggest of sins – and if it’s a textured wool rug, even better, and they’re so hard wearing – and easy to accessorise, style, and re-style through the years

  40. Blue #4 or neutral #2 are lovely and look like they could hide food and play doh crumbs well:)

  41. #1 in the blue section or #8 in the neutral section! Anything you do will be stunning! 🙂

  42. I love the blue, and if you’re trying to be Scandinavian, then blue is where it’s at.

  43. Have you heard of ruggable? They are machine washable so you could have your neutral rug and wash it too.

    1. We got one in an 8×10 for our living room, which I think is the biggest size they make. In theory it’s great, but I’ve found it to be a pain. When I wash it I have to put it through the dryer a good 4 times because it absorbs so much water while washing. Plus there is only about an inch of extra rug on the sides and the rug basically attaches like velcro the pad. It’s a workout to get the rug positioned correctly on the pad (even with 2 people) and then not have any bubbles. This is made even more difficult when the rug is positioned with furniture on top. I may put it in my kids room when we’re totally past the potty training stage, but for now it’s just up in the attic.

  44. I like the contrast of the blue, and navy works with everything. The pale neutrals seem a little boring and safe to me. I also notice those lovely floors more with the blue.

  45. I say go neutral – I feel like any blue will distract from the cream, wood, black story you’ve got going on. If you want more color or warmth, go slightly off-brand with a soft rust/clay color that will set off the floor, or some other warm tone.

    Personal opinion on that D&A rug with the subtle diamond pattern- it’s everywhere, there are a million knock-offs of it, which makes it feel a bit boring, and not very Emily!

    A leather patchwork could be really interesting too, especially if it had hints of black in it.

  46. Any neutral gets my vote, esp. #4

    Please. Pretty please tell me when the round coffe table us from? Thank you.

  47. Go neutral!!! I had this exact same problem in our living room. I went for a blue rug because it was more practical, but it visually made the room feel heavy and busy. I ended up switching it out for the white kilim rug from Ruggable. The top layer of their rugs are washable so whenever the white gets dirty I just throw it in the washing machine.

  48. In our dining room, we have the indigo jute rug from Target that you used in your best friend’s home and it is perfection. It hides every stain my filthy children throw at it, it’s so soft and textured, but absolutely reads as a neutral in our room. So maybe something like that?

    I can just speak to the messy kid situation and it’s kind of a wash. No rug will withstand a kid vomiting up strawberries, which is an inevitability. So why not just go with the one you really want?

  49. There are so many things my heart wants but I can’t have… because kids. I’d love to see you make a realistic rug work for those of us out there fighting the good fight and looking for inspiration. But either way I can’t wait to see this room come together!

  50. My eye definitely prefers the neutral options in this particular space. 100%

    You only live once. Better to enjoy it for a little while than live with a rug that you never wanted even on the first day.

  51. Neutral #8 if you want a bolder pattern. But I really love Neutral #5 — has the look of a gray felted wool, which is very scandi.

  52. 8 in the neutral stood out to me RIGHT away before I even read that you were considering it. I think you should definitely try that!

  53. The blue looks SO gorgeous! ? but I get if you are wanting minimal and Scandinavian, then definitely #8 in the neutral ?

  54. Blue #2 or #5. Neutral-ish but with a breath of color. And blue is Scandi.
    But, I could go with any of them. Really.

  55. Neutral – that Dash and Albert with the triangles is awesome though I do love the black lined one as well.

  56. #3 or #4 in the neutral group. I love the calming effect of the neutral tones! I recently changed my family room decor and colors from khaki green, Orange, & mustard yellow(from 12 years ago). Just thinking about those colors makes me want to be sick but, it worked for that time. My kids were little and the colors were very forgiving. Now that they are older, I did a family room makeover in all neutral colors and it looks amazing! They hated it at first and so did my husband because it was so different from what We had but, now they love it! So to answer your question I think neutral is the way to go.

  57. Neutral 3. Enough pattern to add some visual texture while maintaining the vibe you’re going for.

  58. I like #5 from the blue rug list!!! Such cozy texture, a little color, and nice hideability.

  59. Neutral #5 or #6 ! You have more combination options with neutrals, keep blue away…

  60. Hi! Love everything you do so much, but I’m finding the print on the blog post too small to read, even with my reading glasses on. Especially your sources, but even the regular print. I dont have trouble with anyone else’s. Please please can you make the print a little bigger???. I end up reading a little and then giving up because I feel
    like i’m straining.

    1. I also continue to have trouble seeing here but I think it is actually a font issue..? My computer monitor is always set to 150% magnification but somehow, this is the only blog I read that I still need my reading glasses -regardless of the increased magnification! (I forgot to mention this issue when you guys did the survey but have been crossing my fingers it will be part of the changes/improvements you’ve been making to the blog.)

      Concerning the rug dilemma, I’ve got nothing ; ) Other than I have faith that once you guys are previewing rugs in person and in the space, you’ll simply ‘know’.

    1. 1. MUCH larger area rug which includes the footprint of all of the rooms furniture
      2. Neutral or rusty/mustard textural tones
      3. Bring in some touches of black in furniture, lamps, pillows

      The biggest issue for me would be dealing with an area rug when there are so many opposing angles in the room.
      The diagonal fireplace, the opposing window angles, the angle of the very dominant balcony…it will be so interesting to see how your team will tackle this!
      Very much looking forward to the next living room post.

  61. I vote Blue #7, Nordic knots modern teal. Practical hard wearing short wool pile. Gorgeous deep teal blue. So modern yet timeless, and looks amazing on their website with blonde wood floors anything they put with it. And the chic grid pattern has a playful, subtle board game look too.

  62. No blue. Like the idea of a pink angle someone suggested. But I think the real problem is the couch. Get the right couch, and the rug will become clear.

  63. I think go with the neutral light rug that you love and face the music that life is life and no family house will look like a magazine spread, so enjoy while it does look perfect for the shoot and then make peace with having littles and the Marinara that they carry with them on their ADOREABLE hands. You can clean the rug. And you can allow yourself to be okay with stains. It is what it is.
    Peace > Perfection

  64. Everything else is so neutral….the pale rugs blend right in, where is your statement piece? One of the darker rugs would be best…I like number 7.

  65. Neutral. (And that’s saying a lot since I am a big blue fan… but in this case the other elements are too beautiful to be distracted from).

  66. Might just be the pictures, but the couch seems wrong for the space (wrong scale given the openness and height of ceiling and windows?). Would love to see more of a statement couch with one of the neutral rugs, similar to the black leather couch in one of the pictures. I’m a little bored of the neutral on neutral look, but understand that’s more of the look you are going for the rest of this space. The blue rugs seem a little too much contrast, but maybe one of the more muted ones.

  67. Emily, (I’m a Henderson too!) I think #5 in the neutrals is it! Enough blue but not too much and it adds interest–I think it’s better than your favorite. Seems to go with the mountains too!

  68. I was going to suggest blue (which in my opinion visually is my first choice) as a Mom of 3 little kids who just dug gum out of her printed blue rug yesterday.
    However, I think if you liked it, you would know by now. So for a neutral rug, I would try the patterned one you put in the Portland Family Room. I think the idea is to be okay with it being destroyed at some point in the future. A rug with a time stamp.

  69. I think that blue rug does not suit the space at all. I am voting neutral, however I’m not totally sold on any of the options. I think the moroccan style/pattern rugs are pretty over done at this point. I think you need something that has depth and will ‘live’ with the house. Anything that is solidly neutral (with or without pattern) will fall flat and almost look stark next to all texture of the wood and fireplace. That gray #7 for example I think would look cold and contemporary, which I don’t think is the look you are going for. I would pick something neutral with a small scale pattern that adds depth and interest while also disguising stains. Something like this:

  70. I would stay with a lighter neutral rug. That fireplace has so much texture, as does the floor, that a quiet neutral is the best option to soften the room. The blue rugs make the room look small, and draw the eye down.

  71. I think you should go neutral but more brown/taupe. Something that supports the wood rather than contrasting it. Plus brown is great with kids.

  72. At the risk of sounding like a (she) jerk, I’m not too crazy about any of them. If I really had to pick #4 or 6 in the neutral category. Definitely no navy/blues and I have a hard time believing that with your keen design eye you don’t already know that 😉
    If you are not limited by sponsorship issues, have you looked into Armadillo&co? Going with a cream/ivory is definitely the way to go.

    Good luck!!!

  73. Choose blue even the one pictured is nice there is SO much open and airy in the space the darker kind of helps to ground it in the big ceilings. Also, real people/parents choose darker rugs it would be nice for a professional to actually make a decision for function and show us normal people how it could look good. I bought a light rug recently because of course it looks better and of course thats what all the magazines show but now I regret it and will end up replacing it. Which brings up another point: sustainability. If you buy a light rug with the intention of replacing it when it craps out due to children is that really a sound option? Just sayin ?‍♀️. Also if this is a vacation home do you really want to spend your vacation vacuuming up and worrying about spills and reprimanding your children over taking their shoes off? Just thoughts…..

  74. My vote… the Judson rug! (Neutral #6)
    It has great texture while still allowing the bones of the mountain house to shine! ✨

  75. My vote is Blue #1 or Neutral 7. With the kitchen nearby I think some black or grey texture underfoot will keep the living room cohesive with the overall look and won’t fight with the wood’s texture so much as compliment it. If there were a version of both of those in black & white I’d love to see them in the space—I feel like with the windows some more black would be great. Maybe. Ha! Is this something you’re able to try before buying? Returning rugs is such a hassle though

  76. I like neutrals #2, #5 and #3. The blues just feel like “old” Emily. It would be great to see you step away from your go-to’s for the palette in this house 🙂

  77. I like the #6 neutral but here’s my Q: have u swatched the colors on the floor? You know how grey can turn a beautiful wood into seeming orange? Putting it out there.
    Love this blog so much for so long now. Thank you EHD for so much daily inspo.

  78. Neutral 5 & 8 are my favorites. The black stripe might end up being too much, but it’s so cool – definitely worth a try. I’m not really into neutral #3. I feel like it leans a little too traditional & I’ve scene this style of rug SO much … and then there’s the limbs full of marinara ?
    My runners up would be Neutral 2 & 6. I think they’d layer really nicely with the plastered fireplace.

  79. Neutral all the way! 7 and 4 are the only ones in that group that don’t tempt me in your living room.

  80. Personal opinion, I would love to see you NOT do classic EDH. I love how neutral and calm this mountain house has become and would love to see it continue that in the styling. Go for a black and neutral as opposed to blue. I like #3, #6, & #8 of the neutral category. Also, I personally think a dark green would be beautiful in that space as opposed to blue.

  81. I like no. 8 the evee rug. Blue is too bright and the neutral blah. U need something in between.

  82. Defintely not blue. It detracts from the wood, weighs the space down, and feels so ‘done’ already with all the blue you use in your designs. (I say this as someone who loves blue.) I love neutral #3 the best–and apparently its your fav too so follow your heart! Set boundaries for the kids in this room–no food, no shoes, etc. Also, def bring in the live edge table–and some sculptural plants would be amazing with all that light.

  83. I have children too and the neutral rugs just give me so much anxiety and I feel like you have to factor in the cost of having it cleaned every year plus spot cleaners, lol. Plus I really really love the blue. # s 1-5 are interesting and might distract enough from the occasional mishap but are still not too crazy distracting. Plus plus natural wood and blue are so pretty together

  84. No blue! Changes the whole vibe. I love your original visions for neutrals, let it continue to guide you!

  85. Neutral!

    The blue is not working for me. But, if I had to pick from the blue options… #5.

  86. So because your floors are so dramatic and are a dominant pattern, go with something nubby and simple. I love #1 in the blues. I love some contrast between the floors and couch. Don’t want them to be the same! Or go grab a really faded old Persian in the light color tones, they cover kids messes so well!

  87. What a lovely room. But there’s a lot going on with the exposed floor joists, iron railing, and the large ‘ window grid’.
    To balance all that the room needs an anchor. The rug.
    I would consider a rug in the color as the darkest wood in the room. One that has multi tones and a deeper, textured pile to it.
    Can’t wait to see the finished room!

  88. We like our rug from World Market. Neutral but hides stuff (though it does shed). The “light gray emilie flatweave sweater wool rug” Emily from Jones Design Company used it in her living room

  89. My vote is blue! I think it’s way too neutral with the neutral rug. It almost blends in with the couch and coffee table.

  90. Hi. You have some tough choices. I am not a fan of the blue as it does not relate to your amazing kitchen, at least it doesn’t to me. I would love to see some accent of black if you go neutral. This just came across my Intagram feed…This is the direction I would go, but I do love color. 🙂

  91. I love the neutrals for the scandonavian/ minimalist look you want . Thetefore, with all the other info you provided I like 3,5, and 8 the best. Good luck!

  92. I vote for something plush. The Portland project rug is just the right “plushness”. Neutral is my choice so #2 or #3. I like the Blue #2, as well. It has texture in the pattern but it doesn’ t look overwhelming. Marinara would be hard to get out of any run, I think. As for mud and sand, just take shoes off in the house. Make it cozy…it’s a mountain house so it’ll be cooler up there.

  93. I like the blue and find the neutral too blah and boring. That’s just me though; do what you find beautiful. I do think your rug should’ve been bigger so the whole sofa fits on it. I find the blue cheery and happy, but if you don’t, then you won’t like it. I love your style.

  94. The majority voted for neutral and it’s no surprise – that’s what you see all over: Pinterest, design sites and so on. Frankly, I am sp “out-of-neutral design”, give me some color!

  95. I feel the neutral rug you have in the picture almost clashes with the flooring. The blue is a nice contrast but is bright. I like your beigey grey #3 or the go bold black and white #8. Good Luck!

  96. I like neutral much better in this case! Is there a chance you could do a roundup of more budget-friendly similar options? I love a lot of these rugs but they just get too costly in the larger sizes.

  97. My vote, ditch the cream sofa for pretty green, keep the cream rug n go forth and conquer.

  98. What about mostly black rug with some white pattern in it- that would be Scandi as well and hide dirt

  99. My two cents would be a neutral one and not the blue. I just think there’s so much more beauty in having the wood floors, the ceilings and the windows out to the greenery to be the focal points, that I would rather see the furnishings softly compliment and not compete at all. Can’t wait to see what you pic out!

  100. As a kiddo and pet parent (and former rug retailer) I’d stay away from any flatweaves. They are a nightmare to get stains out of. Wool – tufted or hooked – is best for long-term life and is super easy to clean. Also, beautiful texture for kiddos to crash or play on. I’ve sold tons of rugs, and love Dash & Albert’s brand of tufted wool so can highly recommend those! As for style, I also love the neutrals yet feel in that open and airy space, a dark anchor rug would be very grounding – my vote is blue #4. Best of luck choosing!

  101. You need to lean in to the gorgeous floors and find a rug with very little contrast. Also that rooms wants a giant sectional that wraps around under the windows. That little 3 seater is just too small.

    1. I agree. I actually think something big and substantial would make the room look larger, not smaller. Something similar to that Restoration Hardware one in the Leanne Ford remodel would be amazing.

  102. Definitely the blue you rolled out!! Looks much more grounded & is actually quieter to me!

  103. Neutral all the way! The number 3 rug is and will possibly always be a favorite of mine but I also feel
    Like it gets used a lot! Love love the number 8 rug…has the visual pull With the black but doesn’t feel busy.

  104. I’m just not feeling blue with this room. It cools it down too much. I’d go olive green with a touch of purple, black, or coral if possible. Daydreaming, I know…

    1. I was thinking olive green too- neutral but not navy. I love navy but it doesn’t work in this space. The green is a natural fit and fits the rustic or natural vibe better.

  105. I vote Blue, #7. The first picture, I’m afraid, looks like the rug was supppsed to be white but is now dirty. And I do like the blue in the next picture! But I can see the textural juxtaposition conundrum.

    You say people send you lots of stuff, huh? I think I’ll put the word out that I’m doing a shoot, too, and have companies do the same for me. Of course, the only thing any rug I’d get would be decorating is the floor of my jail cell, but it’s something…. 😉

  106. Neutral #3…….don’t love the heavy blues, needs to be neutral. If blue #5 reads more neutral I like that one too.

  107. Blue for sure, the room needs a little anchor with those tall ceilings…. just my two cents.

  108. Blue 5 is the best of both worlds. A pop of color, but still very neutral to not distract from that fireplace or the flooring.

  109. #5 in the Neutral category is my vote… natural, simple… minimal and eclectic at the same time.

  110. I know that this might sound crazy but I think a black patterned rug in that space would be an absolute show stopper!

  111. Neutral 3 is /gorgeous/ and would work so great for the style you’re going for! I absolutely love it! <3

  112. Blue, blue, blue and more blue. Not only it is more forgiving, it’s just more beautiful. Also, I don’t think it competes with the floors, the same way the ocean doesn’t compete with the shore (sand). They compliment each other. Those neutral rugs are like oatmeal on toast. Blah! But whatever you do it’ll be gorgeous because you always style everything with just the right amount of color. But still, blue.

  113. The neutral rug shown looks like a yawn on the floor. Go blue or pick a darker neutral! Navy is a blue and a neutral, so you may have a win-win there by picking a navy rug (unless by “neutral” you really mean beige). Your kids aren’t going anywhere and a light colored rug spells danger when the Marinara fingers come out to play. I love #3 and #4 from the blue collection.

  114. #3 all the way. It will go great with the fireplace and make lovely mountain house vibe babies together…

  115. Blue #1, #2, or #5 are my favorites. They are not screaming blue and still read very neutral to me, but add some nice contrast to the very neutral sectional, floors, and fireplace (all the same-ish shade).

  116. No matter which rug you put on the floor, the wood floor and fireplace will be focal points. I think that the darker or neutral rugs with texture would be better at the cabin. You are not going to be constantly worried about stains from kids or spilled red wine.

  117. I think most of the neutral rugs would make the room look like a bowl of oatmeal minus any fruit or topping. Yuck. I second the boathouse rug or #8.

  118. I love Blue #5.

    I love a light colored rug, but as someone who lives on a ranch and has pets, the dust and dirt factor is always present. We’ve just found that darker patterned rugs work better for us. Alternately, if you have to have a lighter colored rug, get a less expensive one that you can replace more easily if you had to.

  119. I like a dark rug with the light sofa. I actually do like the one that is shown in there from Serena & Lily but would also LOVE to see #8 as an option.

    If you decide to go more neutral then #3 is my favorite

  120. Hi Emily, I am a huge fan and follow most of your projects. I think you know what you want, neutral. You want to walk into your place and feel the calm inside and out. Why do what you normally do, it’s your families retreat. Go with your heart. Lianne, Yarmouth, ME

  121. Not picking a specific rug for you from the pictures, but I’m Team Neutral all the way. I’m sure you can find something that will tolerate marinara (although an “eat food in the dedicated food-eating spaces” rule is not only good for your home, but for teaching boundaries in other people’s homes, thankyouverymuch), Playdoh and Legos. As you say, the blue distracts from the Scandi calm vibe you’re going for. Looking forward to seeing the live edge table!

  122. I’m pulling for neutral #8! Fits the Scandi vibe. And allows you to bring in color in other places.

  123. I love the look of the navy rug in the second photo. Second place would be #5 in the blue category.

  124. #3 works, however ditch plaid throw. the coffee table’s color too blond. find one with little more richness to color and imagination in shape (i.e. it’s boring). add in some greenery and bonus points for an interesting tablescape on coffee table.

  125. I’d love to see any of the neutral rugs. However I feel it needs to be one of the darker neutrals to ‘ground’ the weight of the ceiling and staircase above.
    Also the beautiful view of the woods doesn’t seem to come inside, as you have zero greens in your decor. I’d love to see some green of the outdoors brought inside.

  126. I’m voting for Blue #1 which provides just a hint of blue and a bit of a regular pattern/texture.

  127. The blue rug in the photo at the very top of the article is definitely my vote. It is more grounding, cozier, more welcoming. BUT, the coffee table is too light, though once the surface is styled it might be ok.

  128. I like #8 in the neutral category because the pattern speaks to the tree trunks out yonder, the lines of the baluster overhead, and the plates of the lamps on the wall. Keep in mind, my background is stage-craft design…so I tend to see things as a set.

  129. Please try out #8!! I’d love to see it in action. It’s interesting AND will tie in your island and sconces!

  130. My votes are for Blue (5) and Neutral (5,6), depending on how the color works IRL with the sofa. What size rug will you use for this room? The cost may be $$$, but it would be a cleaner look if the sofa was entirely under the rug. But what a gorgeous room and lovely lighting!

  131. Edison light grey. But really any of the neutrals.
    Can’t stop looking at those windows ???

  132. I like all the neutrals except for 1 and 7. I think they’re too busy visually for the calm feeling you’ve said you’re after and the gray seems colder. My favorite of the neutrals is probably 6. I love the subtle pattern.

  133. Blue #6 (fairly neutral with the comfort of a tiny bit of blue) or neutral #8 (there’s something a bit cheeky and fun about that one which makes it a ‘not boring neutral’)!

  134. Consider the Black version of Blue option #1.

    I have this rug and it is extremely kid friendly and the pattern is actually pretty subtle especially from afar. It’s indoor-outdoor and totally washable. We’ve washed erm, fluids, out of it no problem.

    Dash and Albert also has a shaggy indoor outdoor one in a diamond pattern that is somewhat reminiscent of the neutral triangles but presumably easier to clean. I am considering that one for my family room (but it’s adjacent from an ill-contained entryway, so that may be asking too much of even an indoor outdoor rug).

  135. I’m on team neutral, and would choose #8 for the same reasons you did. second choice, I do like #6 from the blue collection, because it is mostly white and seemed a bit brighter than the other neutrals…please keep the blue throw around for when you need some more color. But on the whole I agree 100% the floors and wood should be the star. I don’t think you’ll regret showing restraint, especially when you have other key decisions to make.

  136. not about the rug but about the live edge — for the record regarding the live edge stump – my parents have the most phenomenal giant chunk of twisted burlwood coffee table. They’ve had it since before I was born and the second they don’t want it in taking it… And it was THE ABSOLUTE BEST to play in as a kid. I had little animal toys and imagined little worlds and forests for my animals with little caves and played with the toys in it for hours and did so for years. So don’t discount it. To me that’s incredibly child friendly to have a piece of furniture that is stunning but also something they love to play in. My parents did have a heavy thick (like 3/4 to 1″ rounded edges glass piece over it though so it was more functional and less annoying to put stuff on. And honestly I’ve never been bothered by having to wipe little kid handprints/mouths/smudges off glass myself if it’s a small piece. (Definitely would not do a dining table) It’s really so quick. And I like the look as long as it’s still safe.

  137. For this space, I’m in the neutral camp. Those blues are just a little punchy and competing with that amazing wall of windows. Perhaps more, and colorful pillows will add the interest you’re seeking without being such a big visual draw like the dark blue rug. Can’t wait to see your final pick!

  138. Without looking at or reading anything else, the photo with the blue rug was the one I gravitated to naturally. And this is coming from somebody who nearly always prefers neutral over blue!

  139. Sorry none of these~ I was a graduate of Atlanta’s Art Institute & usually don’t decorate with blue except for my vintage cobalt glass & flow blue pieces of mom & gram’s. I just found on Wayfair & other sites the Mistana in Grey/Beige/ /Cobalt & Blue. It is soft Monet-Type pattern & beautiful!

  140. Emily, the ivory and grey Masinissa rug is the clear winner. I love the nod to the lake with the Arrowhead-shape detail. It will be stunning. The mountain hose looks fantastic!

  141. Neutral all the way…the Linzie rug is gorgeous and so textural. Second choice(s ) is the minimal modern design of the Dilla in Lapis, but even more the Dilla or the Phife, in OLIVE, in that collection.

  142. I like Neutral #6 for this room. HOWEVER, I do think you should also look closely at Neutral #3, trying it out in the room, because based on the small photo, it looks like it could mimic… sort of extend the texture and look of the fireplace. If it “marries” well with the fireplace, that might also cut down on the visual noise even better than Neutral #6.

  143. I’m voting for neutral as well, though I prefer #5 & 6. With the sconces in place, I get why some have picked #8. I’d also like to throw in an option that I’m personally looking at for my own space – Restoration Hardware’s Tessitura Wool rug in the marled ivory (on sale right now). I have yet to see it in person, so it may lack the grey you may be looking for but it appears to go well with the architectural wood in your home and the fireplace. Plus, it is multi-toned to hide some of life’s unavoidable accidents.

  144. Emily, first of all I look forward to your post every day. You are adorable, & have such a unique writing style ( educational, fun, & whoa- that humor is the best) I follow you on Pinterest & made my own board about you! Now more on point: I am am artist, & just as a work of art looks best with darks, lights, & mediums in value, so too in decor. I vote for the blue rug in the photo. That’s your dark!

  145. Blue is the epitome of Scandinavian accents and the neutral looks washed out. So many other reasons to go blue – the blue can connect to the outdoors and bring the outside in by connecting to outdoor colors. It’s a mountain house, you want people in and out without feeling worried about staining the rug. As a parent with kids and dogs best decision I ever made was patterned darker rugs that always looked good and I didn’t freak when something spilled. I think the pop of blue looks good although I think some of your other alternatives would look better. I think it looks heavy right now because you don’t have some blue accent pillows or throws on the couch to tie into the rug. Go Blue – 1-3-6.

  146. Gotta be practical. You’re not at the mountain house to keep a rug clean. You’re there to be focused on the family.

  147. Actually, I would have gone with a busier pattern that incorporated the blue, grey, and caramel colors. All the rugs are too monotone for me. If I find one online I will email you!
    Bonnie Oliphint
    RN, retired
    Interior decorator of my own spaces!

  148. Why do you need a rug at all? Why not let the beautiful floor sing and the room breath? I’m from Scandinavia and do not understand at all this need for a rug 😀 (guess I don’t agree with the Dude that a rug really ties a room together).

  149. Going from the photos, if what you really want is calm & Scandi go neutral, when I saw the blue I literally jumped. It is pretty and adds a lot but not in my opinion anywhere near calm

  150. My vote is for the blue 5, leans neutral but more interesting to me. Neutral 8 also seems really interesting.

  151. I vote neutral, but not the one in the picture—the Moroccan design doesn’t work for me (it’s making the space lose it’s mountain feel) I think this room needs something rustic (something special and rustic—different coffee table? Different chair?) and that will go better with a neutral rug than the blue. But the patterning should be plain or Mountain-y. The Moroccan feels out of place.

  152. I think all the white with blue makes me feel coastal. Plus I feel like a mountain home should be primed for Christmas decor and blue isn’t as fun to decorate around that time of year. I really like #2 from the neutral lot.

  153. I’d go neurtral. (I like the rug in the picture above.) My eyes went directly to those grand windows and beautiful wood floors. With the blue my eyes went straight to the rug. My favorite color is blue by the way. I have grandkids and neutral colored rugs scare me but I decided I wanted a light gray rug for a change. I made the first stains when my bag of blueberries had a leak and made a trail of blue drops all over the edge of one side of the rug! If you have a good carpet spot cleaner you won’t have anything to worry about : ).

  154. What about a large sisal and a layered soft rug or vintage rug with more rust tones?

  155. The beige colors are too dreary, maybe they would look more inviting if the sun were shining. The blue is definitely better with this lighting. Another option might be adding some pops of color or changing to some colored lighting.

  156. Love the fun blue rug but then you started describing the whole scene and I realized yes, that rug is gorgeous but it was totally stealing the show! Which shouldn’t happen with those gorgeous floors, ceiling and fireplace.
    So my vote is NEUTRAL #8 that whimsical dash is the perfect black to tie into your dark cabinets in the kitchen.

  157. I’d love a third option: not blue, not neutral, but something like kilim, multicolored. Rejuvenation has a few light ones?

  158. If you want neutral and are worried about the stains you should look into FLOR rugs. They come in detachable squares with a rubber base so they don’t move at all, and you can remove the messy square and soak it in the sink /clean it easier.

  159. #1!! It has a little blue but reads more neutral (at least in this photo) and I feel like it will really enhance both the wood floor and the stone fireplace. Those few stripes are still quiet, not busy. Can’t wait to see what you pick.

  160. I really love the #5 options in both the neutral and the blue roundups. But I’m really not digging the blue rug you photographed in the room – too much. Maybe a more muted one would be OK though?

  161. Go outside and scrape up some local dirt.
    color match that to a neutral textured weave and your’re set!

    I agree with the “NO BLUE” comments-there are other colors in the spectrum!

  162. go big! follow your dream! I just did a mini makeover in my very small, kid-oriented, scandi-ish living room, and included a lavender velvet chair(?), and unexpectedly, my new favorite feature in our house: a *white*, high pile, floakti-style rug….just because i wanted to. (It sort of looks like that one you had in your daughter’s old room.) We all LOVE IT. my kids are as dirty as the rest. We just tell them to take shoes off in the living room and minimize eating there. So far, even little spills are pretty camouflaged by the pile. It’s like a cloud. no regrets.

  163. Neutral #5! I was in the very same predicament a few years ago. I went with the blue rug to hide all the kid crud, and it never was what I really wanted. I recently swapped it for something neutral and the room feels so much lighter and happier.

  164. I have one of those would-be beni ourain cream/charcoal ziggy-zaggy rugs from West Elm – because I wanted a light rug, damn it! It’s been through babies and toddlers and teens (oh, my) and still looks decent. Always spot cleans like a dream, so I’ll always tout the brilliance of wool and especially wool pile. That said, the blue #7 has me Kevin McAllistering; will it show every ounce of light-medium fuzz/detritus?! Loving the neutral #8.

  165. I am throwing in a large cowhide rug idea. Organic shape would not run into the fireplace at funny angles like the current rectangular rugs do now & it has neutral colour but lots of personality. Perhaps not plush enough though.

  166. Mountain Blue # 1 – Dash & Albert. The broken blue on neutral background should give you the look you’re aiming for, without the busyness of a full-on, heavy, all-consuming blue. None of the neutral rugs appeal.

  167. Calm and minimal will NOT be worrying about a cream rug with two busy messy pre schoolers.

    This is design for real life, no? This is not just design for magazine pages.

  168. Go with the blue. It really highlights the underside of the loft and the wood floor. The neutral creates a bland landscape and all features blend together visually.

  169. You need an additional compromise voting button! What I feel you need is to layer rugs – and bring both neutral and some blue in to your room. I understand the arguments around the neutral rugs but the blue is visually richer and more interesting.

  170. i voted for color because i love how the blue just gives the space more depth, but i say go for what your heart wants and ignore what i or anyone else says!

  171. I’m not a big fan of the ‘lets use blue for everything all the time’ school of decorating, and in my own life I lean towards picking earthy neutrals and warm colors, but here, in THIS room, I’m voting for the blue. The first thing I noticed in your first 2 pics, before I started reading the content, was how much more vibrant and elegant your woodwork looks with the blue rug as opposed to the neutral. Here, the blue complements the warm woodwork so that it really ‘pops’ and becomes an interesting, warm focus. Maybe its the warm/cool orange/blue contrast? The neutral rug, however, blends so well with all the other elements in the room that NOTHING is a focus — there’s nothing for my eye to hook into, no tension. Before I started reading, based on just the 2 juxtaposed pics, I thought this was gonna be a ‘before and after’ post about some fabulous treatment you’d applied to the wood to make it pop, with the neutral rug pic as the before, and the blue rug pic as the after. Go Team Blue!

  172. The neutral doesn’t highlight the floor as it should and does not bring life into the room….maybe a darker neutral and less medium/light color? The blue is nice, but I do not like it with black in the kitchen nearby. You could easily pull off the neutral by getting out of the mid tones of the spectrum. You have lots of medium and light, but very little dark. Maybe a darker gray, not quite charcoal?

  173. Re rugs for the living room; I’d use the light color for the warmer months (spring and summer) and the blue for the cooler months ( fall and winter) ?

  174. My fav is blue # 6
    modern, wave like lines – love love love!
    To me, there’s almost a motion to it that’s super calming

  175. I love these segments by the way. I vote more neutral but not the combo in the provided picture. The dark rugs ground and pop the seating group, but I agree the wood and fireplace should shine. If the sofa is the one that is staying in there, my fave is neutral #5. Looks like it is a heavier color, but not distracting. I also like the one you ‘secretly’ want, but if you use the same piece in more than one project, then it isn’t so secret that you want it. 🙂

  176. I LOVE, LOVE the vibe light and creamy rugs bring to a room, but only when the rug is brand new. After a while, they always end up looking dirty and dingy despite best efforts. Kinda like white grout. A home in the mountains designed for kids and pets, and I’m guessing a fair amount of entertaining, needs practical beauty, right? Numbers 2, 5, and 6 in your neutral options seem like safer choices than the creamier one pictured, and would support the Scandinavian look you’re going for. Personally, I’m done with the pale tan and taupe, barely patterned rugs I’ve always decorated around. Replacing them invariably always sends me down the rabbit hole of spending even more money when the current rug is no longer in production and the new rug throws everything a bit off. Whatever you decide, it will undoubtedly be beautiful! Can’t wait to see!

  177. I voted neutral – but im def on board with the other commenters that suggested a black rug!

  178. I don’t know on the rug. As a mom to 7, I’m all about the reality of my home, but with as much style as I can manage. I LOVE Scandi….and I am originally from the northwest…and midcentury modern is way easier to dust than any other style…and….and, BUT…The elephant in the room for me is that sofa. I love it, but not at all in that room. I love legs and air, but that room is begging for something big, heavy and grounded, as in no legs on the sofa. Yes to legs on everything else, but that sofa is just not right in there. -Says woman who knows nothing at all about design, so do whatever and I’m sure it will be perfect.

  179. I’m strangely drawn to neutral #8. I’m not a neutral person or someone who would naturally go to a light colored rug. With the first rug at the very top, all I can see is how quickly this rug will be FILTHY. I don’t want to spend time shampooing rugs in a vacation house, so I’d lean away from something like that.

  180. #8 in the second grouping is my favorite and #5 is the next favorite. I can’t wait to see the revealing photos!

  181. Step AWAY from the blue!! It’s time… #8 caught my eye first, but one never knows till it’s sitting in the room, so you go girl ???

  182. 8 is my vote for sure. Or consider the West Elm Distressed Foliage rug in pewter. It is awesome and hides a load of sins.

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