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Maternity Party fashion …

The fact that i’m not pregnant is the gift that keeps on giving. Sometimes I feel phantom kicks and then I remember WAIT! I’m not pregnant! And while there is a twinge of nostalgia because I actually really liked the last couple months of pregnancy (at least compared to the first 6 months), its immediately followed with excitement that I have Charlie (and that I can have a drink or two at the upcoming holiday parties and New Years Eve).

But before I had the baby I was pinning a lot of maternity dresses for holiday/New Years parties, so I figured just in case there are a lot of pregnant chicks out there staring at the closet in dismay, I wanted to pass along my research to you. Maybe by wearing a really cute dress you could feel slightly less awkward and sober at the holiday parties this year.

1. Blue Dress | 2. Tuxedo Shirt | 3. Pocket Shirtdress | 4. The Martini Dress | 5. Beaded Sequin Top | 6. Kimono Wrapy Dress | 7. Sequin Collar Blouse | 8. Swing Dress

Maternity Party9.  Floral Dress | 10. Colorblock Dress | 11. Crinkle Maternity Dress | 12. Knitted Skater Dress | 13. Green Dress | 14. Black Sleeveless Dress | 15. Olivia Black dress

For my maternity must-haves (jeans, shoes and non-maternity pieces that look good while pregnant) read this post.

Happy Friday y’all. I plan on spending it staring at one Charlie Henderson. Maybe he’ll grace me a gas induced smile … one can only hope.

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