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Master Bathroom Update + Get The Look

The master bathroom is almost finished, with just a few small things outstanding (see the ‘before’ here). The construction stopped a few weeks ago so we’ve been able to use most of it, but technically we can’t call it done quite yet. Regardless, I figured that an update was in order.

Emily Henderson_Master Bathroom_demo and constructionEmily Henderson_Master Bathroom_installation

Our contractor was a small man, and while he gave off a rather amateur vibe I did really appreciate his youthful energy. (We actually used a great company called KD Construction, GC Ken Hale).

That tile is ridiculously pretty. A total show stopper. I can see it from my bedroom and it makes me so happy with its beautiful color and happy shape. Speaking of ‘happy’ we decided that scallops that are shaped liked a smile are ironically not as happy to look at because they almost look like a tear drop, so do them so they are shaped like a rainbow for more of a deco feel). I wasn’t happy with the way the tiler ended the tile line at the bathtub (see above) so he’s coming back to fix this Friday (I’ll give you a full recap of what went wrong and how you can avoid that).

But back to the tile – I’m designing the guest bathroom now (and by ‘now’ I mean I have been for like 6 months) and I have everything except the tile. Now that this tile is in my house I’m so tempted to do something similar in the other bathroom so it feels connected and because its just so pretty but there are so many encaustic tiles out there I want to try. Part of me is wondering if I just do the same tile in a white finish and then paint the rest of the bathroom a pretty blue – so it’s different but could definitely live in the same house. It’s so hard. I feel like i’ve been pinning and shopping for tiles for months.

This tile, from Fireclay Tile, is made in CA, from recycled materials and it comes in a lot of different finishes, colors and textures. I’m also very tempted by this pattern for the other bathroom. The bathroom turned out strangely traditional – with the tile pattern we installed and the cast iron tub, but I love it soooo much that now I want to take those elements elsewhere. Can I redesign the whole house based on the bathroom tile?

Emily Henderson_Master Bathroom_Blue White Modern Gold Bathroom

There I am, designing my bathroom on the floor, playing with my pretty brass heart compact, like real designers do. That white and gold striped fabric you see is the shower curtain from Target that I actually bought and love but I can’t find it on their site so I put a different one in on the mood board below. Stay tuned, I’ll try to find it (but you can probably find it in store, its called ‘Gold Lurex’ by Threshold and it’s insanely awesome and affordable).

Emily Henderson_Master Bathroom_Blue White Modern Gold Bathroom_moodbaord

1. Blue Scallop Tile | 2. Kohler Purist Faucet | 3. Vanity Top | 4. Drawer Pulls | 5. Kohler Vanity | 6. Wall Mirror | 7. Brass Wall Sconce | 8. Kohler Purist Shower Unit | 9. Vintage Persian Rug | 10. Toilet | 11. White Floor Tile | 12. Bathtub | 13. Shower Curtain | 14. Brass Robe Hooks | 15. Vintage Seascape | 16. Gold Vanity Mirror

The mirror and the seascape are both just placeholders for vintage pieces that I couldn’t find online. That rug is a tiny throw rug from the flea market. But everything else is what we actually used or things we plan on bringing in when we style it. That vanity is LEGIT. It even has an electrical box inside of it with a tray that rolls out for my hair dryer and curling irons (don’t worry I’ll shoot a stop motion gif of it so you get the full picture). Those faucets are indeed as beautiful as you would think they are (although strangely I couldn’t find the finish on their site on a few of them, although you can find the finish online at some other retailers). The floor tile is a really simple large scale white quartz – It was hard to figure out what would work with the scallop tile and not distract from it or make it really busy. Since the scallop tile was a splurge we wanted to do something less expensive on the floor and I think this tile was like $13 a square foot and really inexpensive to install since its so large with so few cuts its 12×36).

We should be done in a couple weeks and then we’ll shoot it and give you the whole story. But that’s where we are at for now. Showering has gotten wildly more enjoyable and bathing Charlie in that tub is totally picturesque. In fact when we bathe him, around 6pm, the light in there is so beautiful that its hard for me not to take 1 million photos of his adorable pink skin playing in the bubbles but I won’t post them anywhere. Don’t worry 🙂

Any questions?

(Check out our brass faucet roundup and our brass sconce roundup). The shirt I’m wearing (that is not maternity but totally works and I wear it every day) is here.

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8 years ago

This looks stunning. Can’t wait to see the finished pictures.

What do you think of mixing metals? I have a bathroom full of shiny silver faucets, sink legs, and lights. I want to replace the sconces and LOOOOVVVEEE your brass accents. Mixing metals, does it work in a small space?


8 years ago
Reply to  Megan

Love this bathroom design but the photo of Charlie with the right angle ruler in the bathtub makes me so nervous since my husband chipped our enamel by dropping one of those in the tub after installation! Even with rosin paper laid down….

A tiny bit of steam comes out of my ears every time I shower in my brand new bathroom now and see that chip….

8 years ago

SO Stunning! That tile…that tub… I would choose all of it. So beautiful! Nice work! (oh…quick question…how are your wood floors holding up? do you still love them? are they wearing well? I am considering them for my remodel but can’t see them in person, so thought I’d ask. Thanks so much in advance.)

8 years ago

So pretty, excited to see the total reveal. Just this, makes me feel like it is perched in the sky amongst the clouds. Photos of Charlie is never worrisome.

8 years ago

Ahhh! love! No joke, I was just wondering last night what the status of your bathroom was (as I was showing my husband the various fireclay tiles pinned for our upcoming kitchen & bath renovations). I’m also a designer and am, for the first time, in the situation where I’m ready to put some serious work/sweat/money/probs lots of tears into our house and I’m strangely paralyzed with the decision making progress. It’s so much easier for clients!

Can’t wait to see the whole reveal. For what it’s worth, the Bellwether tub is hands down the best when you need a simple, functional alcove tub. I’m putting it in my own bathroom, too. High five! Also, glad you’re getting that tile/tub situation sorted. I saw that photo and it was the third thing I noticed (first being CH, second the pretty, pretty tile). Ok, I’m lying. It was the first thing I noticed. I’m curious to see how your installer resolves that. I’m glad you’re fixing it and not just convincing yourself it’s not a big deal, which is sometimes so much easier to do.

8 years ago

Gorgeous. I love everything about this.

8 years ago

Dear Emily,

There seems to be a problem with the archives of your blog. Is it possible to consult a menu (per tag) in this new website?


8 years ago

I’m drooling over that tile! It’s so pretty!


8 years ago

Love the chain tile- and they are tiny Hs for you! Do iiiiiiiiit.

8 years ago

It’s GORGEOUS without being all designy. I love that.

Also, you look happy, and that makes me happy. Hope everything is going well!

I haven’t been able to pull up the blog on Firefox, so I was without it for a week until I tried Chrome. I was legitimately sad and frustrated without it. That’s impressive!

8 years ago
Reply to  Erin


8 years ago

omg i am dead at how beautiful this looks already! can’t wait for the full reveal!!!!!!

8 years ago

You have to use that other chaine homme tile for the guest bathroom. They look like H for Henderson!

8 years ago

Already in love with this bathroom 🙂 I really like that seascape, or hope whatever you replace it with has similar hue/qualities.

8 years ago

I love your choices – that tile is amazing. Can’t wait to see the finished project!

8 years ago

You have to do that H tile in the other bathroom! Henderson! Hello! It is amazing. And naturally that scallop in the master is ON POINT! Lovely! Can’t wait for the full tamale.

8 years ago

The link for the amazing sconce does not work!

8 years ago

LOVE Fireclay Tile and all the color options, they are all so pretty its hard to decide! what color did you use here?

Christina Gliati
8 years ago

I don’t have a question dear I just want to say that it is gorgeous !! What I want to ask you, though, is to definitely show us the finished bathroom. Love you a lot. Kisses

8 years ago

Beautiful tile. Really blew me away…

Could you please do a blog post sometime on “consistency.” Where its needed and where not? Like does every fixture need to be brass in other rooms if you do that in your bath….or not? Have toyed with painting the doors black inside my home (I love the drama it would add to my farmhouse) but the upstairs hallway is painted blue so I would keep those doors white. Does that work to do black on one level but white on the other? Thanks for considering this topic. I’ve learned more from your blog than any others I follow.

8 years ago


Of COURSE you should get the “Chain Homme” pattern for your other bathroom! “H” for Henderson! 🙂

8 years ago
Reply to  Stacy Hyatt

Wow, actually looking at the other comments now, and clearly I’m not the only one who thinks “Chain Homme” is a no-brainer! 😛

8 years ago
Reply to  Stacy Hyatt

You are not alone, I thought the EXACT same thing Stacy — how could Emily pass up the H patterned tile. 😉

8 years ago

Emily the deep grout lines make that tile look fantastic! I would be smiling every morning seeing its sunny day blue shining back at me.

8 years ago

Gorgeous!!! Where do you find your vintage rugs? I don’t know where to start.

8 years ago

Where is that seashell hanging plant holder from?! I love it!

8 years ago

I love all the brass! I would move right into this master bath in a heartbeat!

8 years ago

I’d love your thoughts on what types of art are safe for the bathroom, considering that bathrooms get quite humid during long showers. Thanks!!

8 years ago

just went through this same process for 2 bathrooms in LA for our mid century house. First of all, tile shopping is the absolute hardest thing in a remodel – we finished everything except the bathrooms back in February (well kinda). I ended up finding tile at a place called Cosmos Flooring. I think we went to 10+ places all with shitty generic tile. I am not a fan of identical bathrooms- I feel like the Heath tile would work perfectly in your other bathroom- the wide hex twist. Seen it and it is beautiful. Also, we did the same Kohler fixtures- we ordered through ferguson’s and we are still waiting on our handheld shower for the bath tub (we ordered back in January). Apparently – have no idea why- but Kohler is discontinuing this color. Such a bummer. Can’t wait to see the lights and mirrors together- can’t make a decision on that yet !

8 years ago

It’s so much easier for me to read ur posts on my phone now!! Thanks! Can’t wait to see the finished bathroom!!

8 years ago

Can’t wait to see the finished room! We are remodeling our bathroom soon, and I love your choices! Everything I’ve loved so far includes a clawfoot tub, and I’ve been trying to work up the courage to go for it. But–I really like the clean lines of the tub you’ve chosen! It gives me hope that not all built-in tubs are ugly.

8 years ago

Of course, my favorite thing from this bathroom is vintage and probably one-of-a-kind! Gorgeous rug, and the bathroom is looking incredible.

8 years ago

Wow! We are about to begin demolition on our bathroom and I just purchased the same tub and the Purist fixtures for our renovation too. Stylish minds…

8 years ago

I’m such a sucker for brass hardware in bathrooms, and on that vanity it just looks AWESOME!! Every time I see a rug in a bathroom, it makes me anxious thinking about what it could end up looking like in a couple months time (humidity and splashes and the like). Are you doing anything in particular to protect the rug? Or just being careful and hoping for the best?

8 years ago

Lovely! Would you talk a little about how you picked the tub? Is the 15.5″ height ideal for baby-bathing? I was considering a 20″ high soaking tub for my bathroom renovation but realize that might not be very kid-friendly for the future…

8 years ago

AHHH! I JUST talked to Kohler yesterday and that entire Purist line with the gold finish was discontinued. I’m so upset… 🙁 The faucet you selected for your vanity was still available, but the wall mount version was not. The shower fixtures were also all gone. There are a few online retailers that show them as backordered (expected delivery December from Home Depot), but I wonder if that’s because they’re hopeful Kohler will decide to restock this particular item. The assured me it was discontinued and my heart is breaking. If you happen to find any other sources – please share! xoxo

8 years ago

Emily, I can’t help but noticed that the tile is the same one you installed in the Spanish House’s master bathroom’s floor.

8 years ago

I love your blog and the style of your home! But it kind of makes me sad because where I live we don’t have as pretty things to buy as you have in usa. Still it also makes me happy to see how beautiful houses people have after you visit them 😉 Ps. Your bathroom is going to be gorgeous!

8 years ago

Love the tile! I’d be bummed about the install too. We had a friend who had tiling experience, but was more familiar with floor tile, do our kitchen backsplash. He ended in the corner instead of starting there. It’s not too obvious because we have appliances covering most of it, but I can never unsee it. I actually have started spotting it in other people’s kitchens and bathrooms as well. Next time I’ll know better.

8 years ago

Hi Emily!!

I’ve been trying to figure out daily use storage for make up, lotions and creams but I have no idea what do to!! How are you planning on storing your daily use stuff?

8 years ago

I am so bummed!! I ordered all the purist faucet, shower, tub trim and was blind sighted when only the tub and faucet showed up at my door from Amazon. Apparently Kohler discontinued the brushed gold finish!! And now I am left with the rough valves and no shower trim. If you have any suggestions on an alternative source please let me know!!!