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Brass Faucets – a roundup

The master bathroom is almost done y’all. I’ve never had a new bathroom, I’ve always had ‘vintage’ bathrooms as I’ve never lived in an apartment or house that is less than 50 years old. It’s all stopping by the end of the week (although the toilet hasn’t arrived yet so I have to re-install the old toilet for a while until it does come, and then when we do the guest bathroom we’ll install it).

But lets talk faucets – we wanted brass because brass is still reigning supreme in the metal world. But there are a ton of brass faucets out there and a lot of them look cheap bad 80’s, and well, that’s not what we want. And after looking around I decided to go for a more matte brass with more of a satin finish instead of the super high gloss mirrored brass – even though I kinda love that as well.

So here’s a roundup of a bunch of brass faucets that we love:

Emily Henderson_Best Brass Faucets_Roundup

1. Kohler  | 2. Jewel Faucets | 3. Elements of Design | 4. Kohler | 5. The Watermark Collection | 6. The Watermark Collection | 7. Kohler | 8. Delta | 9. Delta | 10. Delta  | 11. Rejuvenation | 12. Cifial | 13. Newport Brass | 14. Rocky Mountain Hardware | 15. Elizabethan Classics | 16. The Watermark Collection | 17. Delta | 18. Jewel Faucets | 19. Elements of Design | 20. Kohler  | 21. Waterworks | 22. Waterworks

We are renovating two different bathrooms – the master and the guest, so we chose two different faucet/tub sets. For the master we chose this beautiful guy and for the guest this slightly more playful and fun faucet.  And yes, my theory on mixing finishes is that as long as your bathrooms feel like they belong in the same house (sharing a similar style and feel) you can make the finishes and fixtures different. I think if I didn’t have an audience I would probably have phoned it in a bit more and used more of the same finishes, but I really wanted to ‘design’ two different bathrooms that shared similar color palettes and styles but would showcase two different design ideas. I think in this case the pressure of the blog has been a really, really good one. The tile is up and it looks INSANELY beautiful (I’ll snapchat about it later today – handle emhendersonsnap). Bathrooms and kitchens are hard, folks. Its all so permanent and you have to make all your big decisions before seeing it together – you can’t piece it together unless you are doing it yourself. Do I have any regrets? Yes. A big one – which I will tell you about as soon as I change it 🙂 AHHHHHH the learning curve of going from stylist to designer….

*Check out our bathrooms before, and the light fixtures we chose. 


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30 thoughts on “Brass Faucets – a roundup

  1. You have such a great eye for beautiful details. Can’t wait to see the finished bathrooms! I bet you can’t wait either. We just finished our bathroom remodel and sooo happy it’s over. Best part is, I just love taking showers again!

  2. Can’t wait to see the finished bathrooms. By the way, the “fun faucet” link isn’t connecting…

  3. I love the new Brass hardware and faucets. It’s a shame I’m just now finishing up the removal of every shiny, brass-painted plastic lightfixture in my home. If only a few of these faucets were under $150! I’d love to see the look for less (future post??)

    Looking forward to the big reveal!

    Warmest wishes,

  4. I really appreciate the range of price points!
    Here, and on the lights last week.

  5. I know this is not glamorous,
    But I need help with the drain choices.
    White? Brass?
    What did you use in your kitchen, pretty please I hope you’ll b able to tell me.

  6. Well this makes me feel even better about my recent choices in our bath remodel (because I love your style). We got the modern brushed gold kohler faucet with the cross handles and I love it. We also got Cedar and Moss sconces, first in the brass finish but it didn’t look right with the kohler gold. It was similar but just ‘off’ enough that I was worried that it would look like we tried to match and missed. So we sent those back and got the black finish instead. Our floor tile is matte black hexagon so the black finish actually works pretty well. I was sad the brass sconces didn’t work though. That kohler gold is sorta rosy. Now I’m struggling with brackets for our walnut shelves. None of the brass brackets even come close to matching and black cast iron brackets just feel too cold. 🙁

  7. Love!! I’m on the edge of my seat waiting to see how this all turns out. We recently purchased a mid-century home and I can’t wait to remodel the kitchen and bathrooms at some point. Going to dream about it for now, but I love all the inspiration from your blog. So beautiful!!

  8. Very, very jealous! I’m renovating a house and wanted brass or bronze taps – but the trend doesn’t seem to have reached the UK. You can still get the 80s style brass but nothing like this, it’s chrome, chrome or (if you’re prepared to pay the earth) brushed stainless steel.

    So I shall have to live vicariously through you 😉

  9. So I just went through a bathroom remodel last month.I searched for days and days trying to find a brass faucet at a reasonable price before giving up. I ended up choosing a very modern nickel faucet from HD online for $90. I decided to splurge on the master bath instead and save on our very small guest bathroom but I’m curios what you think? Since the master is rarely seen, I wonder if you had to choose, which one would you save/splurge on? Btw, I’m so happy about this post since I’m choosing brass in the master!!

  10. SO beautiful! Do you have any suggestions for brass kitchen faucets? I’m about to start our remodel and I am MUST have one! 😀

  11. I designed #13 from Newport Brass back in my plumbing fixture days! It’s fun to see it out on the web. They (newport brass) also have some decorative magnetic drains that are pretty neat, and can be purchased in any of their roughly 27 finishes.

  12. Oh course I love the $700 one! They all are so lovely though. Can’t wait to see the end product… you’ve got me on bathroom pins and needles!

  13. Em- would you ever do a post on what you have found to be the differences between a stylist and a designer?? That last sentence you said at the end of your post is something I have wondered before on what your perspective would be. I’d love to hear your thoughts!!

  14. An anecdotal warning about Waterworks, makers of all the faucets I’ve lusted after for years. We have a good (rich) friend who installed tens of thousands of dollars in Waterworks stuff at his vacation house, and two of the faucets failed and flooded the place, ruining all the floors and ceilings. The plumber said he has seen more disastrous breakdowns like that from those products than he can count! Yikes!

  15. I’ve used the Delta #17 in champagne bronze in a bathroom and wasn’t real impressed with the finish. It shows every finger print and looks dull if you don’t rub it with a cloth often. But their kitchen faucet in champagne bronze is awesome. I wish they would use whatever sealer they use for the kitchen faucet on the bathroom sink and shower faucets and then their product would be perfect.

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