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Traditional Eclectic Bedroom Introduction + Shop The Look

Hey all it’s Ginny here – if you read the intro post to the playroom we recently posted about, you’ll know that we’re also working with the client on several other rooms around their house. We started working with them about 6 months ago and with a new baby on the way, they wanted help making their primary guest room into a cosy, cool and eclectic space for all their visitors to enjoy.

Guest Bedroom_Traditional Eclectic_Industrial_Modern_Toile_Wallpaper_Before_2

The room is a really decent size considering it’s one of two guest rooms in the house and gets lots of light from all the windows and patio door. They already had the oatmeal window treatments, which are are a really beautiful soft linen so we used those as a starting point for the design. Other than the window treatments, they weren’t tied to anything else in the room except for maybe keeping the sconces in the same locations behind the bed as it was great for reading and additional light in the room. Lastly, they did have a wood bed in one of their other guest bedroom’s that we considered using which you’ll see in the moodboard’s we pulled together later in the post.

Emily Henderson_Guest Bedroom_Traditional_Modern_Dark_Eclectic_Black_Inspiration_Photos

Stylistically they wanted the place to feel special yet cool – like a hip hotel – think Soho House more so than The Hilton. With that in mind we got to pulling some inspiration images and found the overriding vibe was moody, traditional and sophisticated. Lots of dark neutrals with wood tones and lots of natural layered fabrics. Function-wise this room doesn’t get used too often so they didn’t want it be too full of personal styling props but they still wanted it to have a touch of whimsy and not feel generic.

We loved the idea of wallpapering the room and so did they and when a client wants to do wallpaper we jump on that train fast as not every client is ready to commit to wallpaper like they were. We showed them an abundance of different wallpapers in person and all loved the idea of doing a toile or something a little busier since the room could take more depth. There are so many fun hipster ones out there but we ultimately kept it within the traditional realm and used this one below from York Wallcoverings.


I know some readers have made comments about boards feeling soulless but when we pull moodboards together we don’t show all of them to the client during the presentation. It’s more for internal reference to show a direction and start discussions between the EHD team. It’s also not always possible to show a ton of vintage/locally crafted pieces on these boards since we normally source these in person and bring them when we install/shoot. These boards are really just a guide to start conversations and get the design process in motion.


They had a good budget but didn’t want to go too crazy in here since it’s a guest room – so we kept it to mainly big box stores plus a few vintage pieces to give it some soul. Above is the final design plan except for accessories and styling props that we brought in to finesse the room.

Bed | Sconces | Rug | Nightstands | Table LampArt | Chambray Sheets | Triangle Pillowcases | Duvet | Blanket | Striped Sham | Dresser (vintage) | Roman Shade | Wallpaper

Guest Bedroom_Traditional Eclectic_Industrial_Modern_Toile_Wallpaper_Progress_1

The wallpaper is so, so good in here! The nightstands are from a collab with Pottery Barn and an awesome furniture store based here in LA called Big Daddy’s Antiques. They do have a bit of an industrial feel (which is never a bad thing when it is done well) which helped to keep the wallpaper from feeling too ye olde world.

Guest Bedroom_Traditional Eclectic_Industrial_Modern_Toile_Wallpaper_Progress

This dresser is also super super beautiful in person. It took me a little time to convince the clients on this one but I am so glad that I did because it looks great in front of the toile. The full reveal is coming soon, but meanwhile – feast your eyes on this sneak peek.

Guest Bedroom_Traditional Eclectic_Industrial_Modern_Toile_Wallpaper_Sneak Peek

This might be one of my fave projects to date at EHD and I am really wishing it was my bedroom. We should be revealing this bad boy soon so stay tuned for more and let us know if you have any questions below in the comments!

***Sneak Peek photo by Tessa Neustadt


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58 thoughts on “Traditional Eclectic Bedroom Introduction + Shop The Look

  1. Can you list the sources of the nightstands in the mood boards? I love three of those (grey/green with two gold knobs, dark with curved front, and the dark with the two knobs).

  2. I am so excited to see this room! I always struggle with styling beds. Also didn’t think the toile would look good on all four walls but oh god it DOES!!!!!

  3. What are the flowers/greens you used on the bedside table? I’ve seen you use them in other rooms and I think they’re so cool!

  4. question to Ginny – did you order the prints from Paper Jam Press already framed? There is literally zero information about what framing looks like from them, so curious. If so, I will be doing the same!!!

  5. Yes Girl! LOVE how you mixed the b+w with the warm wood. love lamp. love love love that lamp with the floor and the dresser for some warmth and depth on that cool base 🙂
    (btw that could be a design mistakes post…when wood tones match too much and the design goes flat…. Just like metals. Mix and match is HOTT )

  6. 1. Ye old-ha!
    2. You can kick it-i love this so far!
    3. On bohemian office, did you switch out the shade on the floor lamp?
    4. On bohemian office, where’s the bowl from that’s on the desk with photos and wishbone?
    I’m still working on my office. 🙂

  7. Gorgeous! I love the combination of modern with the traditional. The toile is especially gorgeous. The cream and black make it a lot more sophisticated, versatile, and subdued than the sometimes overwhelming nature of toile.

  8. Hi Ginny!

    The room looks amazing 🙂 I am all about that darling dresser, can you please share the maker or source?


  9. Love the styling of the bed and the dresser. Luke warm on toile and phrase prints–but somehow it all works together very well. I’m curious about a couple of the other wallpaper options you showed. Possible to get the source for those?

  10. I’m SO in love with this space! Without a complete design plan, I ordered similar night stands (black metal from West Elm), similar sconces, and a midcentury dresser all in this same palette for my master months ago and then lost inspiration/the motivation to finish. Tying up the loose ends has been daunting and you just gave me some really good ideas to get this finished. THANK YOU so much!!! Ginny wins again! 🙂

  11. Love your posts of clients homes. Is there anyway to slow down the images…they go by way too fast to look at them with any thought.


    1. Agreed! Dear EHD team, is there any way we can move away from the GIF format on those puppies, please? Maybe something with a toggle? I’d love to flip through the mood boards at leisure.

      Also: That. Dresser. Wow. A+++++

        1. Ohmmmyy. I do agree. I end up taking screen shots
          Of each and then I look
          At them in my photos. Anything for EHD, but it’d
          Be great
          Skip that step (sorry phone acting crazy on return key)

        2. I, too, hate the gifs and scroll past them as fast as I can! Except the ones of Emily changing clothes!

    2. SAME! It’s so hard to watch those go by. An arrow to click (slideshow-style) would be much, much better.

    3. Agree! There’s so much good info in each shot but they are always impossible to take in when they are in GIF format.

    4. I agree so heartily. I always scroll quickly past the gifs because they hurt my brain. I avoid the gif heavy posts entirely.

  12. What made you decide to go for the safer toile rather than one of the cooler wallpapers? Was it the client’s idea? In Britain that black & cream toile was all over IKEA a couple of years ago so looks dated and naff to me, but I guess you have different design history in the US. I like everything else though – the bedside tables are especially lovely!

  13. I love seeing mood boards! I think they’re a great way to suggest the feel of a room, and a good indicator for what’s to come. Honestly, I love seeing this type of post where you pitch the idea and tease some progress shots, before doing the full reveal in another post. It really feels like, as a reader, I get sneak-peek-behind-the-scenes exclusive footage. So, thanks for doing this and showing it before it’s completely finished!

  14. Ok so serious question… Lamp AND Sconces…. trying to figure out why/ and if its a good idea.

    Thoughts anyone?

  15. So cool!!!! I am def. one of those fearful-of-wallpaper types, and I hadn’t ever imagined wallpaper + industrial chic as a viable combo, but the sneak peek of this room looks cool, sophisticated, and playful.

  16. In yesterday’s post Emily advised not to use generic “typography” art. Yet here it is in this room. Why use these particular phrases in the bland typeface instead of avoiding it?

    The dresser is very nice.

    1. This one is cool, new (yet retro) and unexpected.
      Also funny in a guest room.
      I love it!
      (Ps- do you know it’s a 1990s song from recently very cool again Tribe Called Quest?)

      1. S, thank you. I did not know it was from a song. After Googling it, I now understand Tribe Called Quest is a hip hop group. This explains why I wasn’t even sure if that was the song title or the band name after your clue. 😉

        If the owners like it that’s what matters, but it’s still not for me especially because the typeface is bleh.

    2. I’m guessing its because the wallpaper choice meant the typeface had to be very simple, bold, and graphic. Also, the saying featured on the art isn’t generic – it made me smile as its something I’ve never seen on a print before.

  17. When words are plural they do not get an ‘s, just s. The error is twice in this sentence: “Lastly, they did have a wood bed in one of their other guest bedroom’s that we considered using which you’ll see in the moodboard’s we pulled together later in the post.”

  18. Love, love, love your style, Ginny! Both the way you write & the way you decorate 😉

  19. Am dying to know where the wallpaper with the Sydney Harbor bridge in the moodboard came from (perfect for an Aussie in LA). Gorgeous space!

  20. Oh man, the wallpaper on every wall is making me feel like I’m drowning! But that said, I am excited that someone took this risk, and I can’t wait to see the final results!

  21. I’m seeing a big gray box on the website text says something about a boho office? I’m assuming it’s an Instagram post at the end of Wednesday’s blog.

  22. Beautiful! I can’t wait for the playroom reveal! We just painted our sons nursery “green cast” after discovering the color on your intro post. So excited to see the rest of the space for more inspiration!

  23. The room is lovely and hip, but I’m not sure if I like the two text-based prints (especially after your post yesterday that discouraged us from using text- or quote-based prints in our own homes). These prints seem to break the rule, even if they are clean and not as widely circulated as “Live, Laugh, Love.” p.s. I LOVE the end tables!!

  24. If I were to look for a dresser similar to that what’s the designer/era/type of wood I’m looking for? It is stunning.

    And, if those night stands are metal they’re gorgeous, can’t quite tell, in the photo, if they instead have a “faux metal finish”.

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