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Little Girl’s Nursery + Shop The Moodboard

1. Daydream Wallpaper in Blush | 2. Linen Curtains in Fog | 3. Scalloped Chandelier | 4. Side Table | 5. Tufted Armchair | 6. Braided Pouf | 7. Rattan Bookshelf | 8. Rug | 9. Crib | 10. Elephant Cushion | 11. Pedestal Lamp | 12.Dresser Vintage | 13. Hamper | 14. Sofa  | 15. Ticking Stripe Bedding in White | 16. Gold Dot Throw Pillow | 17. Grey Fur Pillow

This little belly of mine (which is not so little anymore) is growing bigger and bigger everyday, which makes me excited, scared, nervous and so happy all at the same time. With our new addition to the Hendo clan quickly on her way out, things are moving along with the nursery and I am having so much fun designing and playing around with how this new nursery is going to be. The first moodboard that I pulled together for the room really spoke to my Pacific Northwest Oregon roots, but for this version I wanted to introduce some more girly aspects into the room, without it looking like a pink Disney princess threw up all over the walls.

There are quite a few elements that I wanted/needed to keep the same from the first moodboard.

1.This needs to be a baby room, sure, but only by way of function, not necessarily style. I wanted to keep it neutral enough that you could still enjoy the room without it feeling too girly or nursery-esque.

2. While we don’t need this to double as a full size guest room I do want it to have flexibility for me to nap/marathon my TV shows and especially for when we have more than just two guests, to accommodate another person. My best friend stays the night with her toddler sometimes (when we want to have girls night when one of the guys are out of town) and I want a comfy place inside the house for her to crash, not just outside/downstairs in the guest suite.

In case you missed the first version here it is:

Emily House_Girls Nursery_Moodboard_green and pink_with copy

Now it is your turn:

1. Blush, Pink and Tonal


2. Pacific Northwest Modern

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6 years ago

Oh, I’m still rooting for the forest wallpaper!! So funny you picked a Julia Rothman wallpaper…I was just looking at her Skillshare class earlier today! Heck, you could make your own wallpaper if you felt so inclined 😉

6 years ago

I really prefer the second one with the forrest wallpaper. I think a couple pink accents are ok…I mean, you are having a girl after all! That should be celebrated! I just feel like I’ve seen the first mood board before, if that makes sense?? Either way, it will be awesome!

6 years ago

I love them both but is be more excited to see you execute the forest wallpaper! I just had my second baby and it might be an idea to get a feeding chair large enough for your toddler to fit with you – my older daughter has adjusted really well to the baby but whenever I feed, she wants to ‘cuddle’ too, to sing a song or hear a story.

6 years ago

In the first mood board, nothing looks blush. I see blush/pink if I click through to the wallpaper and chair links, but here, it all just looks very blah-neutral-colorless. I see a lot more pink in the second one.

6 years ago
Reply to  mary

I agree. Both rooms are fairly neutral, but the second looks a lot more pink to me. Also, maybe it’s just the flokati rug, but the second moodboard looks way cozier and inviting.

6 years ago

PNW definitely. That wallpaper just needs to happen.

6 years ago

Definitely the Pacific wallpaper. Though I love the scalloped chandelier in the Pacific and the white side table from pottery barn, They could still be incorporated and the Elephant chair, no? And certainly the wicker bookcase and the fluffy rug has GOT to stay!

6 years ago

I love the different textures and patterns of the pillows that you chose!


6 years ago

That PNW mood board had me at hello when you first posted it. Looking at the Blush Pink, my first reaction was similar to some of the other commentators, i.e. that the Blush Pink board was a little blah. But then I clicked through to some of the choices and I can see how beautiful it would be; it would be quiet and calm and so livable. I do prefer the crib from the PNW, imo the legs are “prettier.” In the Blush Pink room, the scalloped chandelier from Serene & Lily is something that would transition through the years. I also think the Julia Rothman paper from this room would transition well – as your daughter ages, guest room, etc. Would always chose some sort of rocking chair and I love the one featured in the PNW room. So many nice picks from each board.

6 years ago

Option #2 is certainly more unexpected and out of the ordinary. I have the wallpaper from #1 in my girl’s bathroom and I love it but I’ve seen it in so many spaces now. When I first saw Option #2 I was skeptical but I know that you could make it amazing- and that is part of the lure of the second option. Turning what I would never peg as the right piece for a girl nursery into a perfectly beautiful space!

6 years ago
Reply to  Erin

This is my opinion too. I’ve seen that wallpaper a LOT now. It’s still cool, but certainly not cutting edge at this point. The forest paper, though? NOT commonplace in the interwebs. So go for something like that!

Kate F
6 years ago
Reply to  Jolene

i totally agree–I love Daydream (I’ve used it myself, and recently!) but it’s certainly a very well-known pattern, and this is perhaps my least favorite colorway. (The new monotone ones are cool…)

Plus I’m from Eugene, miss Oregon every day, and want to see you pull off the magical forest paper.

6 years ago

Pacific Northwest modern!

I love both of the wallpapers, but I’m definitely leaning more towards the Pacific Northwest Modern!

Josh | The Kentucky Gent

6 years ago

Pacific Northwest Modern! I could get lost in those woods!

6 years ago

We’re having a girl too (due on Halloween!) and right now are playing around with teals, blues, greens and maybe a little coral. It’s bold but fun.

At first the PNW forest wall paper threw me for a loop- I didn’t know if I loved or thought it belonged as the ceiling wallpaper in a dentist office. But after seeing these two designs side by side, the forest one is definitely my favorite. I think I love the accessories more in that one and it just feels really playful and fun. Can’t wait to see which one you chose.

6 years ago

I only voted for the pink and tonal because of the rug and light. Although you said the room gets enough light, the green wallpaper (stunning!) will make it much darker, and I am already thinking how matted that flokati rug will get with sick, spills and little fists gripping handfuls of hair and shoving it into mouth! And I can’t see those pink knitted pouffe staying lovely and pink and pristine either…so pink and tonal does it for me. Overall it looks like a more practical look, easier to keep clean but still beautiful.

Megan C.
6 years ago

Number 2! Except I really don’t like the rug. I feel flokati has been done to death.

6 years ago

The second one with the light from the first, and for the love of God whichever direction you go step well away from that awful elephant chair.

6 years ago
Reply to  Charlie

That elephant chair is so awesome for a baby/toddler and maybe even through the preschool age……it’s cozy and soft, no hard edges, she can climb in and out all by herself. And as she takes interest in books, she can “read” in her chair. I adore it!

6 years ago

I agree with others that the blush room just kind of falls flat. Kids rooms are where you can have some fun and do something unexpected and I think the PNW room accomplishes that. That forest wallpaper is amazing. And the rocking chair is way more practical!! I do like the light fixture from the first though..

6 years ago

The forest wall paper/wall decal is just too beautiful and enchanting. love it!

6 years ago

Well I can’t believe the blush pink and tonal is not winning. The Pacific Northwest is a bit serious for a baby, perhaps when your little baby girl is a teenager it would be appropriate (sans crib, of course). Best of luck to you, you’re looking great.

6 years ago

PNW all. the. way. I think it sings to the sweet, wild spirit of this little girl you’re about to meet. It feels more playful.
I appreciate the blush tonal option but it reads, dare I say, a little beige…

6 years ago

Decorating a nursery can be a challenge. Too often they fall into the dull blue-or-pink dichotomy. These two propositions of yours Emily are so original almost timeless as for the nursery! Here are more ideas for original nurseries:

PNWM all the way!! The first design you posted felt so unique, so YOU. The second seems a bit too generic and safe for your style. Plus I really really want to see that forest wallpaper installed!

6 years ago

Both are gorgeous, but it’s just too hard to say no to that killer forest wallpaper in the PNM moodboard. That rocker is also super cool! Although the other is exactly the nursery where I always imagined this bird print of mine would fit exactly:

Nicole M.
6 years ago

I feel like the Forest wallpaper is more of a mural, which reminds me of the mural like wallpaper in Charlie’s nursery 🙂 So for consistency, I say go for the forest wallpaper! But, I would mix and match accessories from both moodboards, I love the blush! I think what is really throwing me off are the pink numbers in the PNW moodboard making it feel more pink than it really is …

6 years ago

The only thing I die for from the second one is that little tufted chair – adorbs! But that wallpaper mural is amazing (wondering if I can find one that looks like Disney’s Sleeping Beauty trees??), love the dark green rocker, the crib – gah! Anyway, Pacific Northwest for sure.

carol Jane
6 years ago

The pink blush. So pretty. My grandchildren love disney princesses. Let our children be kids.

6 years ago

voted pnw because it’s a stronger statement that feels more original but maybe you’d get bored of it real quick. Guess it depends on the vibe you want. More calm and serene or cosy and otherworldly.

6 years ago

I love the wallpaper in the PNW modern board! It seems like just the right amount of whimsy.

6 years ago

While the pink bullet points may have influenced my vote for Pacific NW, the soft and feminine textures appeal to me.

6 years ago

I decorated our little girl’s nursery with the blush pink MUR brand wall decals (large triangles) on gray walls, and I accented with mint green. I love it (and it was perfect for her as a baby), but now that she is a toddler I want it to pop more. Just be warned/leave yourself room to jazz it up later if you go with the more neutral option.

6 years ago

I am so in love with the piazza sofa too for it’s lines, but fyi it is not very comfortable for sleeping on. I bought it for my boyfriend several years ago and aside from it being annoying that there’s no armrest to keep pillows from sliding off/leaning your head against, the down filling doesn’t give much cushion and your back isn’t happy when you wake up. I have a huge sectional from cb2 with similar filling, and although I love that it’s the size of a bed, it’s really not a substitute guest bed, comfort-wise.

Susie Q.
6 years ago

I have a tiny favor to ask–the next time you do this, can you post the title for each concept on the mood board itself? It isn’t obvious to me which concept is which. I voted for the wrong one at first.

6 years ago

I still love the forest wallpaper, your new mood board ain’t nothing compared to the stunner PNW mood board. And I still feel like the PNW feels feminine. It’s so dreamy.

6 years ago

Last year, I visited the PNW for the first time and fell head over heels in love with Oregon. I saw a light very similar to the deer nightlight from RH in Sesame and Lilies in Cannon Beach. I would have bought it for my own (childless) home, but for the plane travel.

6 years ago

It’s just that mural…too good not to use!

6 years ago

I love them both, but the colors in the second one are much more vivid, and it looks way happier!! (although I’m NOT a fan of pink)
the crib, the rocker and the wallpaper are just too good to say no to!

6 years ago


6 years ago

The tree wallpaper is magical! Please for all of us ‘wanna be designers’ out here in blog land, use the tree wallpaper! That can take her from nursery rhymes to Harry Potter to whatever her heart desires and still function as a enchanting guest room.

6 years ago

Everything about the PNM room is more attractive. The rug, chair, and drapes for sure. That elephant might look cute right now but I guess is it will get shabby looking quickly and just look like a gray blob on the floor. The pink chair doesn’t even look comfortable to cuddle/nurse. That’s my quick two cents.

6 years ago

The forest wall paper is spectacular but reminds me of nightmares I had as a little girl of getting lost in a dark forest (probably from reading that horrid Little Red Riding Hood story). So the whimsical bird wall paper gets my vote is I think it would encourage sweet dreams 😉

6 years ago

They are both gorgeous, but the Pacific Northwest Modern is whimsical and unexpected – so much more Emily! Of course, the budget for the second one is probably a little higher, so it has an advantage there. I agree that the scalloped chandelier is a better choice for the PNM as well. I think I might be using for our little girl’s nursery!

6 years ago

PNW gets my vote too! I love everything about it.

I’m curious if you switched the number dots to a different color if people would still have the same opinion on the amount of pink in each room. The second one has a more pink feel when looking here, but I wonder if the dots play a part in that bc the first really does have a lot of pinks w/ the wallpaper, rug, and chair.

On a side note, I have the RH poof (the bigger size) in my little girl’s nursery and absolutely love it! ( It’s something that will grow w/ her too. Would definitely recommend.

6 years ago

THAT TREE MURAL just can’t be beat!

6 years ago

I love the blush pink except that the wallpaper confuses me. It looks like lumps of dough floating through the sky. Any other wallpaper runner-ups?

6 years ago

we did a makeover of my daughter’s bedroom this Spring, for her 17th birthday…we have done her bedroom so many times – (I have trained her well) and we knew this was our last hurrah!!!! She began her high school senior year yesterday. We used the Daydream Blush wallpaper…and it is…very dreamy…does not feel too girly and
no matter what it will all be beautiful!!! Have fun !!!

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