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Lisa’s House: The Dining Room Makeover

Hopefully you saw Lisa’s living room makeover earlier this week – if you did, well, thanks.

Today is a quick before and after of the dining room. We don’t have nearly enough photos of the process, but I didn’t want to rob us all of a before and after by not posting it:

Before_ Dining Room

The rug was great – a new beautiful Oushak. The table was too small. The chairs were great but Lisa was over them. She was suffering from the ‘i’ve had something so long that I can’t look at them for one more second or I may dump them in the LA river’ blues. I’ve been there. Sometimes even when something is good (like chevron and Ikat), you are just done looking at it for a while. You need a break. I love me a windsor chair, personally, but if we could so something that would make Lisa happier then I was happy.

The texture on the wall wasn’t awesome and we needed art and window treatments.

Here we go to the ‘AFTERS’, always my favorite part anyway:

EH Sherman Oaks Shoot 1-16-112

We looked for this antique farm dining table, which took us MONTHS to find. But so worth it. The king chairs came from the flea market and didn’t have to be upholstered, such a win. The candlesticks were from the flea (but I think they were new but painted gold) and the indigo runner is mine from the best fabric dealer at the Rose Bowl. His colors are so pretty. The chandelier was already there and I’m not sure where she got it but I have some options at the end of the post.

EH Sherman Oaks Shoot 1-16-116

She had this crazy collection of baroque artwork (I have no idea if it’s actually Baroque, but it feels old and serious and gaudy in a good way) so making it work was tricky, but it looked SOOOOOO good in this space. Despite how much y’all think that I’m a ‘mid-century Cali girl’ you have to remember that I live in LA where mid-century is everywhere and its easy to feature, but I’m from the country (coastal Oregon) and I actually love EVERY single style – well, the good version of that style, obviously. It was one thing that I learned while doing Secrets from a Stylist (god that feels like YEARS ago .. ha… wait, it was … ). And this house made me want to live in a modern French Country house so bad.

Here, my friends, is a roundup of similar shopping resources in case you also want this really beautiful and inviting dining room to have romantic dinners.


Lisa's House Get the Look_Dining Room

1. Trestle Table | 2. Nailhead Trim Dining Chairs | 3. Rug | 4. Glass Vase | 5. Beaded Crystal Chandelier | 6. Woven Table Runner | 7. Dining Chairs | 8. Branch Candlesticks

Photography By: Bethany Nauert

Happy Friday, folks. xx

In case you missed it, check out the rest of Lisa’s French Country Home: Living Room | Bedroom | Office

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