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Lisa’s House: The Bedroom Makeover

Welcome to the last post of Lisa’s house. I’ve blogged about the living room, dining room and office already, so here’s the bedroom.

Lisa had just moved in and the only thing she did was have the walls painted with this texture – well, and the chandelier, but otherwise it was just kinda left over furniture from her old house/life. She wanted it to feel calm, feminine, pretty, french country but updated. Not to mention, cohesive and finished.

Designers are constantly asked what room people should prioritize – what room to start with and I don’t really know the answer. I used to say wherever you spend the most time – which is usually the living room (or family room) – that’s the room people are going to see, where you spend most of your (awake) time entertaining. No one really sees your bedroom but you. But at the end of the day walking into a pulled together and inviting room is such a luxury and really does make you feel more special and grown up.


Click through to see the afters …

And here, friends, is what we did to it:

Emily Henderson Bedroom Tufted Headboard

We kept the shutters, chandelier and her dresser (well, we painted it), but other than that we kinda started over and brought in all new/fresh furniture.

Emily Henderson Tufted Headboard Traditional

The bed was a challenge to find because Lisa – and I kinda forgot to mention this, has a serious allergy to toxins. Anything that was made with glues, chemicals, etc, gives her headaches so finding pieces of furniture that weren’t full of toxins proved to be extremely time-consuming but an interesting challenge no doubt. The shelving in the living room and the night stands here were some of few things that we purchased new and yes, had glues, etc, in them so we had to let them off-gas for a month in an outdoor space. Cisco Home is a green/environmentally friendly store that makes a lot of beautiful furniture (with long lead times, by the way) and that is where we purchased that beautiful bed.

Emily Henderson Nightstand Vignette

For Lisa we bought as many antiques as possible, pieces that weren’t made with glues/dyes/chemicals, etc.

EH Sherman Oaks Shoot 1-16-257

I wish I had a before (or even a process) photo of that dresser. It was a pretty, but boring dresser in dark brown finish. We looked for a better dresser for a while but any of you who have ever looked for a dresser might know, good antique style dressers that are functional tend to be really expensive or need to be refinished. So we decided to keep hers because the shape/scale and style were all good, just the finish wasn’t.

Emily Henderson Dresser Bedroom Traditional

I’m realizing that we shot this dresser with the lamp on it and without – i think that she ended up not liking the lamp (and it ended up in this bedroom).

All in all it was a pretty simple, lovely transformation. Sadly I don’t remember the paint color and can’t seem to find it ANYWHERE. So annoying, I know.

EH Sherman Oaks Shoot 1-16-222



Lisa's House Get the Look_Bedroom

1. Tufted Headboard | 2. Rug | 3. Ruffled Sham | 4. Pillow Sham | 5. Table Lamp | 6. Pick-stich Quilt | 7. Nightstand | 8. Gold Wall Mirror | 9. White Pitcher | 10. Gold Vase | 11. Brass Sculpture | 12. Woven Hamper | 13. Throw Blanket | 14. Botanical Print

What y’all think? After designing this bedroom it definitely made me want to have more of a simple and traditional room. I’m telling you, every time I design anything for anyone their taste/style wildly effects mine. It’s this mutual thing that happens – they go towards my taste and I’m influenced by theirs, too.

Photos by the very lovely: Bethany Nauert

And check out the  living room,  dining room and office, too!


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