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The Link Up: Who Wants to Win Some Free Nisolo Shoes? (+ Recipes, Podcasts & Vintage Heaven)


Photo Source | Design by Mario Milana

Atlanta was awesome (did you see the intro and reveal posts this week?), but boy does it feel right and good to be all together again. Hope you had a great week and are ready for a lot of great links and recommendations…

First things first, as we need to all band together and help the insanely WONDERFUL Pen + Napkin (the charity we worked with for The Rummage Sale last year) raise enough money to help a family in need. Emily and our team are teaming up again to help a single mom and her four children who have survived domestic violence and homelessness create a home they feel safe in and love. The goal is $7k, and anything that isn’t used here will go to future projects with Pen + Napkin (i.e. other flash makeovers). Please donate whatever you can HERE

The next VERY important piece of info is that Nisolo is going to give away TWO pairs of shoes. Yes, you read that correctly! One pair of Ecuador Huaraches and one Emma d’Orsay (the team modeled those in this post from earlier this week). To enter, head here and leave a comment (i.e., not on this post) with which pair you want and why. But also don’t forget that EHD readers have a 20% discount through July 8. Just use code: EHD20.

Interested in this weeks edition of Jaw-Dropping Home Tours? Designer Mario Milana and actress Gabriella Campagna’s home is a stunning oasis of modern design that if given the chance to go inside, would never want to leave…or maybe that’s just us but we doubt it.

Arlyn is SO excited for this new cookbook from one of her favorite food accounts out there (especially when she does Whole30). Teri from No Crumbs Left always has fantastic recipes and just seems like a generally wonderful spirit. She pre-ordered it and cannot wait for it to be released on May 21. 

Staying on that cooking train, Sara refers to her cookbooks a LOT and really tries hard to use them instead of Pinterest. She was a reluctant purchaser of Gywneths’ cookbook, The Clean Plate but it’s wormed its way into her heart. This seed cracker is her current favorite covered in avocado or dipped in hummus. It’s earth, nutty, and savory. Plus, it’s like a weird/fun since an experiment to make.

You may have seen on Emily’s instastory the completely adorable matching pajama sets Julie, Bowser and Sara were sporting in Atlanta. It’s cool, we weren’t at all jealous. They just looked so cozy and they confirmed it was true. Here is the link to the top and the bottom. We all might be buying a set. EHD pajama day Em??

Michael binge-watched an entire season of Boise Boys in one day last weekend. They are such a funny odd couple of friends doing some AMAZING remodels in Boise, Idaho. The design is great and the guys are sweet and entertaining.

Grace loved this article and definitely related to it a lot. In design school, she wouldn’t start any of her projects until midnight. It was quiet and therapeutic and just overall felt like a much more productive time—like she had all the time in the world…until the roosters brought her back to reality. 🙂

Ryann just discovered the magic that is Rebbl Tumeric Golden Milk. It’s a great mid-morning treat (it tastes a lot like a chai latte). She likes this particular brand because it is dairy- and soy-free.

Velinda’s wife turned her onto a new true crime podcast Crime Junkie after they devoured Sword and Scale. The crimes covered are often ones she hadn’t heard before, despite going through multiple true-crime binge phases. No happy endings found here, so the recommendation comes with a disclaimer.

Looking for a stunning curation of vintage heaven? Emily wants you to look no further than Garance Dore’s curated collection with Chairish (an EHD favorite). You may remember her and her home that she designed with Sarah Sherman Samuel in Domino a few months back. It’s a modern match made in vintage heaven.

Speaking of feeling good in clothes, Jess just bought this Target swimsuit top and bottom and loves it. She says she has problems with two-piece tops making her bust look good but this one supports while still looking flattering and just the right amount of sexy. The bottoms are also great! There was no sign of the dreaded muffin top. Two thumbs up and affordable.

Veronica recently bought this navy blue mascara from Sephora and she loooooves it! She always wanted to try blue mascara even though she was afraid of it being too bold. This one goes on so smooth and makes your eyelashes look long and full. It dries a little darker blue, so it’s not as attention-grabbing—perfect for what she was looking for. They come in three other colors as well.

As someone who already believes a woman should be in charge of her own body this article really made Emily look it in a new way. It’s a MUST READ and really flipped the script of how we look at being pro-choice and pro-life.

Now probably one of the most important links this week is to this article on how we can help women in states that are violently taking away their reproductive (aka human) rights. It’s a gross understatement to say it’s a scary time and it’s our obligation to help in any way we can.

See you tomorrow and don’t forget to head to THIS POST to leave a comment to enter to win a free pair of Nisolo shoes. xx

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FYI, Em’s blurb is missing for the abortion link. But I’m so, so thrilled to see you guys including coverage of abortion given the devastating news of the past few weeks. There’s a great piece by Sally Rooney (yes, that Sally Rooney!) on abortion that everyone should read.

“If the fetus is a person, it is a person with a vastly expanded set of legal rights, rights available to no other class of citizen: the fetus may make free, non-consensual use of another living person’s uterus and blood supply, and cause permanent, unwanted changes to another person’s body. In the relationship between fetus and woman, the woman is granted fewer rights than a corpse. But it’s possible that the ban on abortion has less to do with the rights of the unborn child than with the threat to social order represented by women in control of their reproductive lives.”


My husband and I were talking last night about how mind-blowing it is that so many people, who are logical and intelligent and loving, can come to such extreme opposite conclusions on abortion. I’m anti-abortion, but I’m reading other opinions and talking to friends of other viewpoints, so I can more fully understand the gray areas of the situation. But I read this quote and my stomach immediately felt sick. I just don’t understand how a babies life can be viewed as some type of purposeful, alien invasion intended to ravage the mother. And I’ve had close friends and family (men and women), who have been involved in the pro-life movement, and their ONLY motivation is being a voice for the voiceless child (and no, they aren’t pro-Trump, pro-gun, or supportive of a patriachal society). Both sides seem to make very broad-stroke assumptions about those they disagree with.


A society that forces pregnant people to give birth when they aren’t willing or able is a patriarchal society. There is absolutely no way around it. And yes, biology is quite cruel to make pregnancy so dangerous to the “host” as some republican law makers have called the pregnant person. Sorry it makes you sad to hear that, but from a medical perspective, pregnancy is dangerous, and abortion is safe.


Not for the baby. How would you suggest we reproduce? Animals find reproducing quite natural. You can go to jail for destroying or tampering with some bird eggs. The road to getting pregnant in the first place is where women have the right to choose don’t you think? If being pregnant is dangerous than choose not to get pregnant.


Brilliant, Sunny. Thank you! The most cursory observation of nature demonstrates that offspring take precedence over parents.


Are you implying people are “choosing” to get pregnant in order to terminate the pregnancy later? This is a last resort for people in a difficult situation–especially for rape victims. Also, of all the developed countries, the United States has one of the highest mortality rates as a result of pregnancy. Furthermore, there are plenty of animals that also die from pregnancy–both mother and offspring. If all the animals of the world had such an easy time reproducing, there wouldn’t be any endangered species.

But seriously, what has happened to our ability as a society to empathize with others? Can you honestly say that you have never once in your entire life had sex without the intent of creating a child as a direct result? Being pro-choice doesn’t mean you think everyone should treat abortion like it’s birth control. You can even be personally against abortions, it’s just saying a woman has a right to CHOOSE when they are in a position they never intended to be in–whether it’s an accidental pregnancy, a pregnancy resulting from sexual abuse, or an intended pregnancy with significant complications.


No one should get pregnant then. End of the earth! Problem solved 🙂


“I just don’t understand how a babies life can be viewed as some type of purposeful, alien invasion intended to ravage the mother.”

You don’t understand how being forced to continue a pregnancy that you can’t afford financially without damaging your own future, can’t cope with emotionally without damaging your own mental health, or can’t carry physically without damaging your own health is a purposeful way to ravage a woman’s future?

Seems pretty clear to me.

Individual rights are always a balancing act, between competing interests. We allow gun ownership even though thousands of people are murdered by individual gun owners every year. American society has decided it can live with those deaths. It’s just that on abortion, folks like you have decided you care only about the fetus, and not about how the actual living woman is affected by being forced to bear a child. And make no mistake, being denied the option of abortion is being FORCED by the government to bear a child.


Thank you for speaking up, Jenny. I had the same gut feeling reading that quote.


“Their ONLY motivation is being a voice for the voiceless child”

If this is true, then these people need to support the child. Not just the birth of the child. Saying that women have to give birth and then not assisting them in housing the child, feeding the child, providing childcare, that’s not speaking up for the child. That’s not even pro-life. That’s just pro-birth while trying to shed all the responsibilities that being a parent entails.

I happen to be more pro-life for myself and have two kids. Both were accidents despite my being on protection. I’m not going to force that thinking on other people though especially if we don’t have the services or laws to help these women give birth and raise a child. I know people who have had abortions. No one has come to that decision lightly. I would say pro-choice folks have a much better understanding and thought out logic for their stance than the pro-lifers who don’t think past just “birth.”


Carrie, I am guessing you don’t know many people involved in the Pro-life movement??? I ask that in all honesty, kindly and non-threateningly. I can honestly say that my friends who are pro-abortion, are so b/c they believe that is in the best interest of the woman. I don’t believe they are monsters or selfish. Their motivation is pure. They can say the same of me b/c they know me – and every other person who cares to fight against abortion. I am sorry that your experience of ‘accidental pregnancies’ was so negative…that you didn’t receive the support you needed. Every single person I know who is pro-life, is not just pro-birth. Every one of us sees abortion as not good for the individual woman, not good for society in general (We should help/take care of/meet the needs of those who are unable to/vulnerable) and certainly not good for the baby. There are pregnancy crisis centers in nearly every county and in nearly every large city…sometimes multiple. Their are Right to Life offices nearly everywhere as well. I volunteer in both places near where I live, and your description is 100% inaccurate. We do care. These women are supported from… Read more »


First she said her pregnancies were accidents, she never said it was a negative experience. That is harsh to put those words in her mouth as a mother. I am married and all of my 3 children have been “unplanned” but happy experiences.

You refer to pro-choice as pro-abortion that is were part of the misunderstanding and negativity begins.

You say that abortion hurts woman. Well guess what…. pregnancies hurt woman too!

You say that your friends didn’t “really want to” terminate their pregnancies. No one runs into their appointment excited to end a pregnancy. I am sure your friends didn’t take their decision lightly and it was THEIR choice.

Also a question for the pro-lifers….were is the outrage over the thousand of “babies” that are killed each year when embroyos are destroyed in fertility clinics?


Alex, I, too, have children who were accidents – two biological and one adopted. I inferred from her language and story that she lacked some support…it sounded as if some of her experience was negative…I apologized for that on behalf of her community and society in general. Nobody should have a negative experience when pregnant… One can have a negative experience while still having something beautiful. Examples abound. I have both pro-choice friends and pro-abortion friends. To make my point, I went straight to my pro-abortion friends as examples. I stand by it. Yes, delivering a baby hurts. So does pregnancy in many ones. A difference is that one of two people dies in every single abortion. For the unbelievable craziness of pregnancy and delivery – what the female body does, death is very, very low compared to live birth. Easy to see the numbers. Do women die…yes. Tragically. One of my dearest friends died just after delivery – aneurysm. She knew something was desperately wrong and her husband and one of the nurses witnessed first hand her heroic motherhood as she screamed, “No matter what, save my baby. It is okay if I die…please save my baby.” Still tragic.… Read more »


YES to Carrie’s comment! Just look at Alabama. They routinely rank last at things that matter to a healthy and productive life.

#46 Health Care
#50 Education
#45 Economy
#38 Infrastructure
#45 Opportunity
#23 Fiscal Stability
#45 Crime & Corrections
#35 Natural Environment


Maybe consider that many people from both sides could make their peace, in the middle, were the middle not a deadly place with bombs bursting in air. If the extreme right would stop trying to make abortion illegal altogether, and the extreme left would make statements about abortion as though it were a no-brainer, maybe we could develop a set of laws on the one hand and support services on the other that would create a humane society for the greatest possible number of people.


would *not* make statements (correction to above)

Linda F.

Thank you Jenny, and my beliefs align with yours on this important topic. I am quite liberal on most social issues…gun control, immigration, etc., and I have a hard time wrapping my head around how so many people who share my views on these social issues do not share my views on abortion. The unborn are our most voiceless, powerless citizens. They are not a “blob of cells” as many call them, but separate human beings from their mothers, with unique DNA that will never be replicated again. They are utterly dependant, like all young children, and many disabled and elderly, on the care and goodwill of others. How can I not defend them?


I am in agreement about women having control over their bodies.

The unique situation with a pregnancy is that there are two bodies involved. Both hers, and that of another, unique human life form with its own unique DNA.


That’s great that you feel that way as that is *YOUR* choice. However, what I do with my own body is *MY* choice. Being pro choice is not pro abortion. It’s leaving the choice up to each and every individual woman as to what she decides is best for her. As for the help you provided within your community, that is a rarity and there are far too many children in the horrible foster system as it is.

That’s great that you have friends in the lesbian/gay community that are against abortion. It must be nice to be able to have 100% control over when and where they decide to have children.


Christina –
“Most women don’t desire or feel good about their abortion”
and yet you persist with the term “pro-abortion”.
Please stop. No one is pro-abortion.


I respect any woman who decides that abortion is wrong for YOU. Just don’t take away the choice from ME.

I don’t respect a room full of Republican men — who are perfectly happy to lift all restrictions on the behavior of polluting, tax-cheating corporations — deciding to lay heavy restrictions on women’s health, no matter the consequences for those women. We live in appalling times.

Tina Schrader

Really enjoyed this, as always. And I applaud your courage to mention the abortion laws. Abortion discussion threads tend to detonate quickly, but this is important. I am disgusted by the newly-passed laws and am pro-choice but remain ambivalent, still, about the issue and have ever-revolving questions that both sides never seem interested in answering. But what I know is that making abortion illegal is never the way to go, that these laws are anti-woman rather than “pro-life” and that when lawmakers and judges have more sympathy for rapists than pregnant women seeking abortions and their doctors, something is very wrong. Jenny, I find your stance really refreshing and feel you are someone with whom I could talk about this subject. Bravo. As to the cookbooks, the first seems really neat — except that, as someone who created a “bread loaf” as a child that I’m still convinced could be used by the government as a defense weapon and who found the Whole 30 eating plan to be as fun as a spinal tap, I’ll have to pass. Milana and Campagna’s place is lovely and quirky, which I like, but that chaise makes me think they should have an effigy… Read more »

Tina Schrader

Oh! Forgot to mention — it says the Rebbl Turmeric Milk is currently unavailable on Amazon.


Love all the comments about fit.

Julie Wagner

I just came here for free shoes and found a debate on abortion. *dislike*

Linda Miller

Dislike also. Will unfollow. Why does a good designer feel compelled to insert her politics and decide what is moral and right? Despicable.

Amanda Duffy

Because she’s a human being with view points and this is her website to do whatever she’d like with.

Tina Schrader

Amen, Amanda Duffy. It always irritates me when people feel entitled enough to think they get to decide what should and shouldn’t go on someone else’s blog/social media account. Their page, their choice (no pun intended here), period. Any time someone sees something with which they disagree, its funny how that’s suddenly being “pushed” on them. People are multifaceted and feel strongly about different things. Sometimes they’ll discuss those on their blogs, sometimes they won’t. Either way is fine. What we’re seeing here, really, is discomfort with encountering the uncomfortable (the abortion subject); thus the shaming. Good grief.


Ditto. I unfollowed for a short time after a previous unpleasant post of Emily’s (the Obama photoshopped t-shirt debacle). This url will stay on my Block Site app for at least 60 days now. I really do enjoy most of the style, fashion, and soup posts – but – “on the other hand … there is no other hand” when it comes to pro-life.


LOL! The utterly superficial comments here — “wah! someone said something that doesn’t mirror my exact beliefs and now I’m triggered and must flounce out” — reveal once again which side has the real snowflakes. Intolerant, judgmental, superficial (“I only like fashion and soup posts!”) people.


Right? “Unpleasant,” “despicable,” “dislike” — some pretty strong comments for a woman, mother, and business owner who provides you with excellent daily FREE content.
You know, it’s not an airport, ladies — you don’t have to announce your departure.


Absolutely Emily is free to put whatever she wants to on her blog and the material is free content. I just don’t understand why she wants to alienate half of her readers by inserting politics into design blogs. If she were writing things about pro life and pro Trump, you wouldn’t be irritated? You’d still follow?


This sounds a bit conspiracy theory-ish, but I recently heard about a link between anti-abortion states and the for-profit prison pipeline. Think about it. Who is affected most by these anti-abortion laws? The poor. Why don’t anti-abortion lawmakers EVER seem to care about the fetus once it’s born? Do we really think these lawmakers are standing on morals? I always thought they were pandering to a base, but now I fear a more greed-centric undercurrent.

Jenny B

Re: abortion – everyone should read Design Mom’s article. She really explains how it is a male problem. How about every man who gets a woman pregnant is forced to get a vasectomy? No woman gets an unwanted pregnancy without it being caused by a man.


Yes! 100% of unwanted pregnancies are caused by irresponsible male ejaculations. They should be punished with vasectomies so that they cannot spread more unwanted pregnancies.


Very disappointed you’re giving advertising exposure to Gwenyth Paltrow’s pseudoscience and occasionally downright dangerous health claptrap.


Agreed. It’s not the first time they have recommended Gwyneth Paltrow/Goop and it’s been criticized in the comments every time and yet they continue to endorse her. Unbelievable.


Each year Always on the perfect bathing suit search!


Being you brought up the hot topic issue, here are some thoughts:
Let’s make birth control options (Pill, condoms, diaphragms, etc), pregnancy care, labor and delivery, and alternative options (like adoption) affordable, timely, and accessible.

Let’s believe that all people are valuable regardless of age, sex, race, ability/disability, and so on. Let’s stop thinking of human life as disposable. Let those thoughts guide our actions.

Statistics show that less than 1% of abortions are performed due to being victims of rape.

The original “Roe”, Norma McCorvey, stated that her involvement in Roe v Wade was the “biggest mistake of her life”.


Cami, “” is hardly a reliable source for statistics.


The statistic was taken from the CDC. I consider that to be a credible source of statistics, if you disagree then I’d like to hear about the statistics you have found and the source .

The link was to a story about a person who was conceived in rape and the rape survivor made the brave decision to give birth. There are many like stories out there and not on lifenews, if you don’t like that site.


Did you mention where to get the acrylic box that you hung on the wall with the piece of pottery in it?

Melanie A

I would love to wear the huarache sandal for many summers to come. They look so comfy!

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