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The Ethically Made Shoe Brand My Feet Will Be Living In This Summer (+ All Our Favorite Picks)

There are few brands that I don’t have to think about, that I just know I like, and I tend to like all of their product. Nisolo is one of them. We discovered them a few years ago and like their shoes as well as their ethos (more on that in a sec). If you haven’t been able to tell from my “What I Wore” posts of Saturday’s past, on a day-to-day basis, I don’t like flashy shoes or a “statement shoe.” I’m on my feet so much that I need comfort and ease in a classic style. So as you can see below, I’ve been wearing Nisolo for a couple of years because I like them a lot:

Emily Henderson Nisolo Picks Grid

So we were VERY happy when they reached out to partner on a post for shoes for the whole team. WE SAID YES. With our assignment clear and in hand (pick out our favorite summer shoes…easy), we quickly got to work. I already had some of my own personal favorites, and basically lived all winter in their Chelsea boots (which BTW are 40% off right now). Honestly—and I know LA doesn’t have “winter” or “weather” so take this with a grain of salt—were all pretty ready to leave behind our clunky and chunky boots we were clomping around in for the last few months. IT’S ALMOST SUMMER, PEOPLE. The time for reckless BBQ abandon, weekend trips to the lake and beach, so.many.weddings…you get it. Buh bye, boots, what’s up mules and slides and sandals.

You can only imagine the pure glee when you tell an office full of women (and our two shoe-loving guys): YOU GET SHOES AND YOU GET SHOES. EVERYONE GETS SHOES. Yeah…it was a good day…trumped only by the day the shoes actually arrived. Free shoes are one thing, but supporting and bringing attention to an awesome brand like Nisolo is really why we’re here today.

I briefly mentioned loving their ethos earlier in this post, but here’s a little more information for anyone who thinks they just make nice mules: Nisolo is a Certified B Corporation, meaning they follow the highest standards in terms of social and environmental performance, public transparency, and legal accountability to balance profit and purpose. As part of their environmental mission, they offset their carbon emissions with every product sold. Fun fact: they let us know that so far, they’ve protected 76,928 trees in the Peruvian Amazon, and 237 of those are directly from you guys (our readers) buying their product just this past year (since April 2018). Pretty cool.

Because the focus of this shoot was “summer,” we headed outdoors both around the buildings in our office ‘hood and to a park nearby that has amazing views of the city.

Now, let’s get into what you really want to see: What I (and everyone else) picked out, our “why,” and notes on fit to help you buy smarter and more efficiently:

Ehd Nisolo 13

Name: Emily
Shoe: Emma d’Orsay Oxford in Wheat
Why I Picked It: I believe in nude shoes because quite simply, they make your leg look longer which is widely known as flattering. And these are pointed and have enough edge to make them cool, but still so comfortable. I owned these in the black colorway before this shoot, so I knew I already liked these, but the wheat felt more summery.
Fit: These run a bit small. I’m a 7 and size up to 7.5 in these.

Ehd Nisolo 06

I also was able to pick out a second pair, and these James Oxfords in Almond fit my “nude + sensible + modernized classic” bill I aim to fill for my everyday shoes. Those are my feet on the top—no foot stand-in model needed this time (you can see them also in the lead image with Michael, Sara and Arlyn—I also have on the Simone Crossbody Shopper…did you know they made bags, too??).

We’ll get to the rest of those shoes up there right now, but before I do, I think I can say for everyone (they’ll back me up) that Nisolo makes a damn good shoe. They’re a bit pricier than what you’ll find at your standard department store, but they should be due to their production practices. Plus, like I said, they’re very high quality. I’ve attempted to run mine into the ground, battered by long days of being on set or construction sites, momming, flea market stomping. They’re still kickin’.

OH AND GUESS WHAT? They are offering all EHD readers 20% off most of the shoes you’ll see here today. Just make sure to click over from here and you should see a banner pop up with the code (EHD20) through July 8. Another great thing Nisolo is doing (that will also help with the cost) is their Soles4Souls partnership, which is a shoe reclamation project that collects shoes in any condition to be sent to micro-entrepreneurs in developing economies for them to refurbish and resell. It’s part of their commitment to “circular” fashion (as opposed to “fast” fashion which typically ends up in the landfill). Each donation earns a $30 credit to a purchase of $125 or more. They also have a generous referral program where you get $25 off for every friend you refer (they also get $25 off their first order…win-win).

Okay, handing this off to the team now…

Ehd Nisolo 04

Name: Veronica (far left)
Shoe: Mariella Mule in Black
Why I Picked It: I’ve been wanting mules for a long time and these are the perfect combination of simple and sophisticated. They are a great shoe for summer hangs during the day and night. Plus, the closed-toe is comfortable and still breathable.
Fit: I am usually a size 7 and I got a 7.5, but they are a little small, so I recommend going up a full size.

Name: Emily (Bowser, red head)
Shoe: Ama Mule in Woven Brown
Why I Picked It: I think if there is one thing that Emily Henderson has taught me that has changed my life the most, it is knowing the power of the nude mule, and that’s saying a lot. The woven style gives it a summery laid-back vibe while the color and shape make it super versatile. Plus, according to Nisolo, these are vegetable-tanned, which just means it’s a more sustainable leather dying process that uses natural dyes.
Fit: I am pretty solidly an 8.5 across brands and these were the perfect fit.

Name: Michael (tall guy)
Shoe: Calano Oxford in Brandy
Why I Picked It: Two words: Summer weddings. Summer is always a time for heading to friends and family weddings and celebrating LOVE. And while I go to celebrate love this summer, I wanted to have cool, sharp looking shoes while I’m there. These Calano oxfords are cool, classic but still modern and just all around good looking, effortless shoes. I can dress them up or down…I love them.
Fit: I am a tried-and-true 10.5, so that’s what I ordered. These are a little tight fit at first but I know since there are leather after a few wears, they’ll fit just right. I’m glad I ordered this size.

Name: Velinda (right)
Shoe: Serena Sandal in Black
Why I Picked It: I’m all about the capsule wardrobe and having classic pieces that can mix & match effortlessly. These shoes hit the mark, pairing with jeans, shorts, or dresses from night to day. Comfy? Check. Minimal, modern and stylish? Check. Check. And Check!
Fit: I’m usually an 8 and the Nisolo 8 fits beautifully.

Ehd Nisolo 11

Ehd Nisolo 01

Name: Ryann (left)
Shoe: Mariella Mule in Sand
Why I Picked It: I am not one to wear open-toed shoes so a good tan mule is my ideal summer shoe. I have been trying to add more quality, timeless pieces to my wardrobe lately and the Mariella mules were a perfect addition. I can wear them with dresses, shorts, pants, pretty much everything I own (and I do). The color is perfect and they are insanely comfortable.
Fit: I am usually a 9 but I sized up to 9.5. They are still a little snug so I probably could have gone up a full size.

Name: Jess (middle)
Shoe: Emma d’Orsay Oxford in Black
Why I Picked It: First off, I have been lusting after them since I saw them on Emily awhile back. I also really needed/wanted a cute pair of black flats that could easily go from work to hanging out with friends. These check all of my boxes. I feel very cool and stylish. 🙂
Fit: I went true to size with a 7 but they are pretty tight. Since they are leather, I am sure they will stretch out so I’m going to stay with the 7. I think I could have easily gone a half size up though for any of you on the fence.

Name: Arlyn (right)
Shoe: Ecuador Huarache Sandal in Almond
Why I Picked It: I had similar shoes when I was a little girl and nothing says summer to me like huaraches (well, maybe old-school jellies, but I gotta grow up at some point). These are Nisolo’s most environmentally friendly shoe—95% of its leather is used in production, so that was also a selling point for me. The color of the leather made my currently-pale-for-a-Puerto-Rican skin look nice and tan and I’ll likely be wearing these all summer with dresses, shorts, jumpers, skirts…they dress up and down really well. For real, I’m pretty sure I found the perfect summer shoe.
Fit: I’m normally a solid 8 (sometimes even a 7.5 if it’s open-toed), and the 8.5 fit like a glove. Make sure to check out their sizing guide though, because I don’t think ordering up a half size works across all sizes. There was no “wear in” period and the second I put them on, I knew I could walk around town with them without the fear of serious blisters. This color, as well as the burnt sienna, come in a wide range of sizes (from 5 to 11).

Ehd Nisolo 10

Ehd Nisolo 03

Name: Julie (left)
Shoe: Emma d’Orsay Oxford in Black
Why I Picked It: I wear the same pair of black boots to work basically every day (no lie, everyone in the office can tell you it’s true). I’ve been wearing them for about a year now and they have had their day in the sun and then some. The Emma d’Orsay is basically the best upgrade I could ask for in time for summer. I feel professional, they are comfortable, which is very important to me since I am constantly running around to showrooms/on set and most of all my feet can breathe in the hot LA summers. EHD team, you better love looking at them because these are my new everyday shoes.
Fit: I am a true through-and-through size 7.5 and these shoes fit perfectly after a quick stroll through the park. 😉 I’ve worn them every day since we received them (surprise, surprise) and have had no “take these off my feet right now” moments.

Name: Grace (second from left)
Shoe: Lucia Block Heel Sandal in Sand
Why I Picked It: Nothing screams summer like open-toed sandals and I’ve been wanting one of Nisolo’s shoes in sand. These are the perfect nude sandals for my skin tone. I just know these will look great with dresses and jeans. Because I’m on the shorter side (5’3″), the 2-inch heel is perfect (it’s not too high and are still very comfortable to walk in—nothing more annoying than cute shoes that just end up sitting in my shoe rack all year long because I don’t want to bother with heels). HOT TIP: A little heel + a nude tone is the perfect combo to make your legs look longer. Double yes!
Fit: I’m a size 8, but for Nisolo’s mules I usually go up half a size. For these open-toed sandals, I can safely say that they are true to size and there is no wear-in period required.

Name: Sara (in the hat!)
Shoe: Isla Slide in Bone
Why I Picked It: There’s something super elegant about the simplicity of a sandal slide. They’re the easy “slide and go” option to dress up any casual summer outfit. They’re great for a Sunday farmers market or an outdoor spring wedding.
Fit: I’m usually an 8 and these were true to size, though I could have comfortably gone up a half size too. The band across my foot was a little on the tight end, but that’s something I know will stretch out with some wear.

Name: Erik (right)
Shoe: Alejandro Woven Slip On in Brown
Why I Picked It: It’s so versatile! I could wear them to a casual coffee meet up or dress it up for margaritas at my favorite rooftop bar. My new summer staple.
Fit: Having the half sizes makes all the difference (got a 12.5). A perfect fit without socks!

Ehd Nisolo 09

That’s everyone! Wow, the last time we did a team shoot, I think it was just five of us. Suffice it to say that, uh, we’ve grown. Look at my amazing team, my shoe modeling amazing team. 🙂

Ehd Nisolo 08

If you want to read more about Nisolo’s ethics or their B-corp standing, head here. If I haven’t conveyed it already, this truly was an effortless, obvious partnership for me. Stellar brand = a product I already used and loved + getting the team together for a fun day of shooting on a gorgeous LA spring day = duh. We all 100% vouch for the shoes we wrote about today, but they also have a ton of other styles and colors online. Check them out, and let us know if you have any questions about anything you saw here today. xx

*photography by Veronica Crawford and Sara Ligorria-Tramp for EHD

**This post is in partnership with Nisolo but all words, designs and selections are our own. Thanks for supporting the brands we love that support the blog.


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741 thoughts on “The Ethically Made Shoe Brand My Feet Will Be Living In This Summer (+ All Our Favorite Picks)

  1. Yay, I love Nisolo shoes. The Chelsea boot and the Sofia slip-on in brandy have become everyday staples, and their craftsmanship shows up in every step.

    I hope it’s not against the rules here, but I have a pair of size 6 Elayna sneakers in Natural up on eBay right now. Unlike many Nisolos they run true to size/a hair large, but I didn’t figure that out until after a walk outside 🙁 Would love them to go to a good home!

    1. Ohhhh please, Let me be the lucky one! I love Nisolo shoes♥️. #inmynisolo #Emmad’OrsayOxford

      1. I love Nisolo shoes as well. the Emma D’Orsay Oxford is my fav. I wouldn’t have discovered them without this wonderful blog. Would love to win a pair. Thanks!

    2. These Nisolo shoes are all so beautiful. the Emma D’Orsay Oxford is so minimalist modern. LOVE! Would love to wear them!

  2. Wow the EHD Team has groooooown! And a stellar tast in shoes – and hats! I especially want Michaels’ fedora (next fashion post anyone? 😉 ) Thanks for introducing this super cool brand and it was fun to see y’all – do we get a new introduction/team post soon?

  3. So I love love love the look of mules…but I have this thing about wearing backless shoes… what if I need to be running away from a murderer? I’m gonna run right outta my shoes!! (There is truly too much true crime in my life.) But really, do y’all have any issues with the dreaded kick off while walking and destroying the bottom of your foot? It’s been the only thing holding me back!

    1. Love the Emma d’Orsay Oxford because you always look so cool in them! Goes with anything! Love the silhouette! And nude color ❤️❤️❤️

    1. Huaraches would be amazing for summer chasing my kids around, casual or dress up

    1. She said it’s from American Eagle, but we checked online and they don’t have it anymore. 🙁 They have lots of other cute things, though!

  4. I love the style of all these shoes, But then I go to purchase some and I find out they start at size 6 and I’m a five ?

    Every shoe company you’ve featured that I’ve wanted to buy has started at size 6 ?

    1. I can completely relate Whitney! I’m not sure why so many companies start at size 6 but it is so frustrating finding shoes! Any recommendations for companies that start with a 5?

    2. Take a look at some of their sizing guides because a handful of the shoes run a bit small. You MIGHT be able to get away with a 6 in some shoes!

      1. Oh! I and I believe the Ecuador Huarache and Emma d’Orsay start at a size 5 (through 11)!

  5. My experience with Nisolo has been very positive. I already had the Huarache sandals and love them. Earlier this year, I purchased the Mariella mules in Sand after wanting them for a couple years. They arrived and fit great.

    Here’s the thing, though: I wear a size 9.5 or 10 shoe. For three months, I kept putting the mules on in my house and then not wearing them outside because — to be honest — the sand-colored Mariella mules look like hooves on my giant feet. I just knew I’d never wear them in public. And this is too much money to spend on a shoe you know you’ll never wear.

    So I emailed the company. It had been 3 or 4 months since they’d arrived, but since I’d never actually worn them outside, they allowed me to return (they even paid the postage) and exchange the mules for the Emma D’orsay oxfords in brandy, which look GREAT and which I plan to wear to death.

    Just excellent, excellent customer service. And I will be buying from them again. In fact, with the 20% off, I’m thinking about getting the James Oxford! Hmm … 🙂

  6. What is the fit on the James Oxford for you Emily? I’ve been eyeing them but the customer comments about sizing leaving me wondering if I need to go up a full size or even more! I usually wear a 7.5 🙂

  7. Ummm why is your whole team so gorgeous???? Velinda’s hair is looking amazing! I genuinely love the shoes, but I just wish Nisolo came in wide widths. I basically walk around on a pair of flippers, so I need flipper-width shoes 🙁

    1. Your team looks great, with outfits that are comfortable AND stylish! I’d love a pair of the huraches, perfect for humid summers and enough coverage I could wear them to the office too!

  8. I am so glad your team is looking more colorful in skin tone, background, and skill! Representation matters. Good hiring practices, Emily Henderson and co. As for this post, all of these shoes are super bomb and I am keeping my eye out for at least one that fits these size 10s like a glove.

    1. Agreed! Thank you, it is wonderful to see a bigger representation, and the Mother’s Day reveal has been my favorite recently, probably because it is good style, but from another perspective!

      Also, I have been hesitating on buying these shoes for awhile now, and this is exactly the breakdown I needed. Please do it with online couches next!

    2. Hello team EHD! I would be thrilled to get the Emma d’Orsay oxfords! I’ve been searching for a comfortable, transitional shoe and this sleek style seems to check all the boxes ☺️

  9. What I want to know is where Arlyn’s jumpsuit is from. So cute! Tell please.

  10. Velinda’s jeans! Please share the source…they look like the perfect boyfriend jean. Thank you!

  11. I wore the Serena sandal all summer last year to daytime parties, showers, and weddings during/after pregnancy. I have wide feet and am wary of strappy sandals, but their leather is so soft and flexible that these sandals were super comfortable well into the third trimester and after swelling came down postpartum. I also appreciated how sturdy they are – no tripping hazard. And I’d get compliments on the style, too. Have already started using them for parties this summer while toting around the baby.

    I’m so thrilled you guys are showcasing ethical brands more and more. Please keep it up.

  12. Ok, I’m really tempted by the Emma D’Orsay Oxford, but can you really get away with wearing them without socks?? They don’t rub? They don’t get super stinky & sweaty?

    1. Do you think they would outfit my team (aka just me) with all these?!? Love them all.

  13. I bought the Isla slides in a since discontinued nude color, and I love the look of them but they are really not good if you have any kind of foot pain or back problems. I wish they made a similar slide with either a wider band for more support or something like a foot bed. I can’t wear them anymore without pain but I can’t bring myself to get rid of them because they are so cute and go with everything! Le sigh.

    1. I think either J crew or madewell- I have J crew ones that look identical. They’re super cute on you Sara.

  14. Sarah, these pics are gorgeous, and that last group shot is arranged beautifully! NOTED.

    1. Must of the pics are actually by Veronica, our new photography assistant!

      1. Oh! Well, good to know Sarah has help now, and nice to sort of meet Veronica! This is such a late reply, but anyway, just in case she sees it.

  15. I’m dying to know what pants “Sara in the hat” is wearing and where they are from! So flattering!

  16. I see that they offer 20% off for any new customer. So is this EHD discount on top of that? The shoes look awesome!

  17. Any info on those adorable cropped daisy jeans that Emily Bowser is wearing, please? I’m likely too old to pull it off, but I love that whole outfit. Fun post…everybody looks like they’re enjoying their new shoes!

  18. Ecuador Hauraches! I could wear these all summer while chasing my kids and look cute!

  19. I’ve admired your style for a while now. I’ve got 10 month old twins that are starting to get more mobile and I’m finally starting to feel like being more put together again. A mule looks like the perfect option for a new shoe that can be functional and fashionable.

  20. Yay for a giveaway! I love theses shoes! Can I have one of each? I would wear the Huaraches every weekend this summer and live in the Emma d Orsay at work. These looks dreamy and comfy and so very stylish but the sizing scares me so I appreciate your feedback on that.

  21. I have been hearing more and more about Nisolo shoes, can’t wait to give them a try! The Ecuador Huaraches look right up my alley for summer and their oxfords appear to be the perfect work shoe!

  22. Goodness, all of these look so well crafted and designed and most importantly walkable! Doesn’t hurt that the company has values that align with my own. Love Emma d’Orsay Oxford in Wheat. Could see this with all my summer outfits!

  23. Just ordered a pair of the ama slides using ur discount code. Would love try another style.

  24. I love the classic Chelsea boot and the Oxford! Both such classy shoes. Thanks for modeling.

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  26. I’ve been ogling Nisolos for years now. The Huaraches would be the perfect summer shoe but then again so would the slides!

  27. I’d love the Emma d’Orsay. I’ve been admiring them for a long time and they look like they’d last a long time.

  28. Eyeing those brown Chelsea boots, but they don’t have my size in stock. Love my other two pairs.

  29. These are so gorgeous! The Emma d’orsay flat would be perfect for work with cigarette pants here in the northeast US; simple and chic.

  30. Beautiful! The Isla Slides look so simple and chic! They could go with everything for Summer (and beyond!)!

  31. Thanks for this! I love the look of these shoes and ordered a few pair to try. Wish the discount applied to a couple other colors, but oh well. Better something than nothing!

  32. I ordered my first pair of Nisolo shoes, the Mariela Mule, a few weeks ago and am in love! So well made and comfortable! I never want to wear anything else! I’ve been dying to try the Ecuador Huaraches and the Serena Sandal.

  33. I’m so excited you put the giveaway together! Nisolo has such beautiful shoes. I would love the Huarache shoes to wear around town. I’m in graduate school to be a speech therapist (aka lack the $$) so I just admire Nisolo’s practices and craftsmanship rather than owning a pair. I think the huarache shoes are beautiful and I’m always looking for something that can transition from a little outing to a full blown walk. Plus I like that the mom in The Help criticizes Skeeter for wearing them ?

  34. I’m obsessed with all the mules and oxfords – especially the Emma d’Orsay oxford in black! And then there’s their boots! ? gorgeous. They’re all so gorgeous and love the sustainable dying process!

  35. I forgot to mention! Sign me up for the Emma d’Orsay oxfords because I currently have nothing like them! I have d’Orsay flats and sandals, but no oxfords and I love that this pair is a mix! So chic!

  36. I’d love the Emma d’orsays in the nude color. I spent ages shopping for boots this winter and ended up with a heeled pair that I never wear because, well, they’re heels. Would wear these constantly.

  37. Sign me up for the free pair contest! My favorite of the two is the Emma D’orsay — probably because it looks like a shoe you can wear year-round. It would look good in the summer and in the winter. That said, those huaraches just make me want to be on vacation. 🙂

  38. I love the Huarache Sandal – they feel timeless to me, the perfect kick-around shoe for summer!

  39. I’ve been an avid reader of this blog for the past 5 years and my favorite Saturday morning routine is waking up late, grabbing some coffee, reading this blog, and doing some online shopping. I’m loving the weekly outfit and fashion posts lately- thanks for doing these more and please don’t stop! I promise I’ll keep buying from your links 🙂

    For the giveaway – would love a pair of the Emma D’Orsay flats. I’m getting married in September and think these would be super fun to wear with a White Jumpsuit for our Rehearsal Dinner. Thanks for the consideration!

  40. I always seem to gravitate to a good d’Orsay style in a shoe – love the Emma d’Orsay!

  41. I’d love to win a pair! I’ve started a journey to only bring sustainable (as much as I can) clothing into my wardrobe. And it’s hard! And expensive! (But worth it!)

  42. I love the Emma d’Orsay. I wear my Nisolos all the time, and that style seems so versatile.

  43. I love all the shoes, but would probably get the Emma d’Orsay if I bought a pair. Versatile enough for me to wear with casual and business clothes.

  44. The Emma d’Orsay flats would be perfect for a mom of two to remain comfy yet stylish!

  45. My mom bought me Huaraches as a kid. My mom said everyone wore them during the war because they were cheap and available. We would get them wet and let them dry on our feet so they would mold to our foot. So comfortable. I would love to have a pair now.

  46. I would love to win the Emma d’Orsays! They would be the perfect summer shoe for me.

  47. I would love to own the Emma d’Orsay oxfords in black because they seem like the perfect shoes to transition from work to the weekend and from winter to spring!

  48. Such a fun giveaway, thanks! What a wonderful company Nisolo is! I’d love a black pair of the Emma d’Orsay. They would be the PERFECT shoe for my trip to Paris this summer! 🙂

  49. Hey all –
    Thanks for the giveaway! If I had to choose – and it’s very hard – I’d pick the ones Emily modeled, the Emma d’Orsay Oxford in Wheat. I love the natural leather tones in their footwear. That’s not so easy to find in a more refined style. They look so well made and what a bonus – the responsible manufacturing practices. Sign me up!
    And thanks again. 🙂

  50. I’ve been drooling over a pair of Nisolo Huaraches for months. And Nisolo in general – what an incredible company.

  51. Love the Ecuador and the Isla shoe looks! Question: does anyone have relatively wide feet and find these shoes comfy?

  52. Love the look of the Ecuador Huarache sandal in Almond. They look so versatile. Seems like you could wear them all summer long.

  53. I discovered Nisolo last year at a tasting room in Healdsburg where our host had the most amazing outfit (that I later totally copied) and bought a pair of their Oxfords. They are so well made and so comfortable! I had a pair of Huaraches in high school and haven’t found a similar pair, but the ones by Nisolo are close! Although, the Emma d’Orsay are pretty damn cute too!

  54. I would love to have the Emma d’Orsay. Not only is it versatile – one can wear it to an office to a weekend at the farmer’s market – it’s crafted beautifully (I’m pretty sure the Nisolo team hired the shoe elves from the Grimm’s Fairytale). Also, Emily, Jess, and Julie rocked them in this post.

  55. Emma d’Orsay, oh please come to me! I will wear you to death, and you will help to hide my ugly toes this summer.

  56. Ohhhh, I love so many of these! I think the huarache is my favorite—I also had a similar pair as a little girl 🙂

  57. I would love a pair of huaraches! They remind me of summers long ago. Thanks for the chance!

  58. I’ve been eyeing those Emma d’Orsay Oxfords in black since I first saw them on Emily. They look like they would be the perfect shoe for 3/4 of the year here in New England. They are the perfect dress up/ dress down option.

  59. The huaraches are the perfect stylish-easy-breezy-chase-kids shoe. Yes please!

  60. I’d love the Ecaudor Huarache Sandals in either almond or natural.

  61. How exciting, I’ve been looking for a solid ethically made huarache sandal forever! They are the ultimate “mom shoe” and I could feel dressed up in them while still able to comfortably chase my 3 year old twins, while stretchy enough to accommodate inevitable swelling from baby #3, who is coming in a couple months. It would be so exciting to have a pair of the dark huaraches. What a great find! Thank you!

  62. I love Nisolo shoes and have the Emma d’orsay after seeing them on this blog! I would love the Ecuador huaraches!

  63. Emma d’Orsay because they look great for work and fun and Emily said the nude will make my leg look longer!

  64. I haven’t tried the Nisolo shoes yet but I am definitely going to – they are so cute and i am all about comfort. I am all about mules and boots! 🙂

  65. Love the shoes and the ethics. Wold LOVE to have a pair of the Serena Sandal!

  66. The smoking shoe in nutmeg definitely attracts my eye. I’m a minimalist by reality (try to live within my means) so have to get a lot of bang for the buck. (That seems to tie into Nisolo’s brand: ethical….taking care of what you have…no waste!) It’s time to replace my go-with-everything pair of brown “dress” shoes and these look like they would fit the bill.

  67. I would love the Ecuador Huarache Sandal. My current pair of similar Huaraches are about 8 years old and falling apart.

  68. I’m moving to Barcelona soon and have been looking for some stylish, sturdy shoes for all the walking I’ll be doing! I’d love a pair of the Emma d’Orsay Oxford or Mariella Mule.

  69. As awesome as the huaraches would be for summer, I would go with the d’orsay. I think they are so gorgeous!

  70. Love! I got my first pair of nisolos a few months ago and they are so comfy! I really want a pair of their Chelsea boots and really, all the shoes.

  71. I would love the heeled Chelsea boots because they are beautiful and would be a great fall and winter staple. 🙂

  72. I have 4 pairs of Nisolos and I will definitely be getting more of them. My husband loves them too and he’s a shoe hound.

  73. I would love those Huaraches! Such a classic style that would take me through trips to New Mexico and Oregon this summer, and then back into the classroom in August!

  74. Ooh, pretty!! Love the sandals since I live where it’s unbearably hot during summer.

  75. I love companies like this that are doing what they can to be more sustainable.

    My eyes are drawn to the d’Orsay oxford, just because it looks a bit more durable and like something that i could walk around in all day.

  76. I would love a pair of Huarache. It seems like the perfect summer flat shoes!

  77. I discovered Nisolo two years ago and love their style and ethics. I would love to add the Emma d’Orsay Oxford in brown to my closet.

  78. I had never heard of this brand but love it and the styles are so cute! Thanks for sharing!

  79. The huaraches are lovely! And I love that they’re made from sustainable products. It’ll take all of us, corporations and individuals, to ensure the future world is a great place to be.

  80. Wow, jumped the gun on my choice for shoes! Out of the two options I would love the Huaraches! They are so classic and summery. Plus that almond color is just perfect!

  81. I was a teenager back in the 60’s and loved my huarache sandals, that being said now at 70 I would still love to wear them with my jump suits and midi dresses. I love that they would be so comfortable to wear when walking, which has become one of my favorite activities with my dog Simon.

  82. I would love a pair of the huaraches. My cheap plastic summer Sandler’s are wearing out and I would like to buy something more sustainable and good quality so that I can get shoes resoled instead of just throwing them away but it’s still hard to get past that initial sticker shock.

  83. I love Nisolo! I have the Emma d’orsay in bone and I wear them just about every day. I’ve been eyeing them in black forever now.

  84. I’d love a pair of the Ecuador Huaraches! As a working mom of two, I’m always on the go and these shoes look ready for anything! From adventures with my kiddos trying to catch lizards to dashing to meetings with co-workers! They look amazing!

  85. I love the Emma d’Orsay Oxford! How is the arch support? Would love a pair!

    1. This flat-footed gal wondered about arch support, too. My guess is that there isn’t any, if they are designed like other flats. Thank goodness for inserts!

  86. The Ecuador Huaraches seem like they’d go with everything. I’m trying to be mindful of my purchases and am intrigued by Nisolo shoes. Seems like they’re a quality investment piece.

  87. Wow! So exciting! I would love either but the practical side of me wants to say the Emma d’Orsay ?

  88. I would love to have a pair of the Huaraches—they remind me of a pair that I had while I was in college. It broke my heart when they finally fell apart!

    1. Your “remind me” reason was one of mine, too — the Huaraches remind me of shoes I once wore. And they’re pretty!

  89. Had those emma d’or say Oxford bookmarked in my ” want” file for months! How excited would I be to WIN them? Well, real excited.

  90. I would love a pair of the Ecuador Huaraches because they would look great with everything! It’s classic, fun and super versatile. I can see myself wearing it all summer long! ❤️

  91. Hello team EHD! I would be thrilled to get the Emma d’Orsay oxfords! I’ve been searching for a comfortable, transitional shoe and this sleek style seems to check all the boxes ☺️

  92. I love the huaraches! They remind me of a pair my mom and sister had growing up; I was too little so I didn’t have a matching pair, but I’d love to have one now 🙂

  93. I would love the Emma d’orsay oxford in brandy. I think I would get a lot of use out of these!

  94. Would LOVE to win the Huaraches!! Such a good summer shoes that I can wear daily! Love everything about it. They would definitely be a singer staple for me.

  95. Wow! Thanks for the chance to win. I went back and forth in choosing what to shoot for, but I’ll enter my choice as the Ecuador Huaraches pair in size 9, if you say they run small. I love the Emma D’Orsay pair, too, but the Huaraches look more “summery” and would fit in better with what I plan to wear.

  96. I would love the Ecuador Huarache sandals! I had my second baby on Wednesday, so this summer will be spent figuring out how to be a mom of two while chasing a toddler around. They look like the perfect, comfortable yet cute, pair of sandals for a busy mom.

  97. I first heard about Nisolo from Cup of Joe and have been wanting a pair of oxfords ever since, well, along with everything else on their site 🙂 It’s always great to find a company that has amazing design AND is sustainable. I’m not one for leaving comments, but I’m leaving one today because I just had a dream about these shoes last night! No joke. So I thought it was too big of a coincidence not to leave a comment here… maybe it’s meant to be? 😉 The James Oxford or Emma d’Orsay Oxford are my current favorites.

  98. These shoes look great! A pair of Ecuador Huarache Sandals in Almond will look great in the summer with so many things! The nude Emma d’Orsay Oxfords would also be great!

  99. Love the Ecuador Huaraches! The leather looks gorgeous and they are the perfect summer shoe.

  100. I’ve been eying the Chelsea boots for a while but I’d definitely love to get spring and summer ready with the Emma d’orsay or the Lucia sandals. I love what Nisolo is doing!

  101. I have been eyeing the Emma d’orsay Oxford for awhile now! Would love that pair because they look so cozy and would go with everything! 🙂

  102. The Emma d’Orsay Oxford’s in Wheat are my favorites along with Emily! I think neutral shoes are so flattering and summery! I recently had back surgery so flats are a must! Love them!

  103. I started wearing Nisolo shoes when I saw them on Emily a while back. I now have their boots and the Emma D’Orsay in Wheat. Next up is the Emma D’Orsay in Black, they are perfect for San Francisco!

  104. I would love the Emma d’Orsay shoes for my spring/summer/fall go to’s in Austin. You can only wear booties in the winter here and the these would give me the perfect breathability needed for the warmer weather. And did I mention they are gorgeous!

  105. I love them both. But Emma D’Orsay for me as I’d probably wear them more.

  106. Soooo been in love with the Emma d’Orsays for quite some time now! ? I’d love to get my feet into a pair of Ama Mules too. ??

  107. Would love a pair of the huarache sandals! I have a cheap knockoff style and while they go with everything, they’re already falling apart!
    Time to upgrade to the real deal!

  108. The Emma D’Orsay shoes are so beautiful! I’m seriously lusting for a pair!

  109. Omg!!! I need the Huarache for summer! So cute. Also I can’t stress enough how important it is to me to support conscious brands. Our planet is too important not to.

  110. Huaraches will always remind me of my mama. She wore them constantly when I was little and had all kinds of cool colors. It gave her a little dose of her California artist vibe in Georgia 🙂 I definitely want to check them out on nisolo

  111. I would love the Huaraches. I remember having a pair as a girl that I loved! Such a great summer shoe.

  112. these are so fabulous! would love the d’orsay or maybe the bowser!

  113. I’m going on a trip to Portugal and Spain in September, and I think the Ecuador huaraches would be the perfect travel shoes!

  114. The Emma D’Orsay pair has been on my wishlist for so long!! Thank you for the opportunity to participate in the chance to win!

  115. Oooh, those Emma d’Orsay shoes are the BEST…could go from work to fun, with a side trip to the barn to feed the horses!

  116. I love the huaraches I had – wore them into the ground! Would love a pair of the Emma D’Orsay as they have a professional and light look. Perfect for summer!

  117. hello! i’ll start by saying how i’ve been lusting after this company’s shoes for over a year now! i am in my mid 30’s and 9 months ago i had my first child. since having him i have neglected to make any new contributions to my already sad wardrobe, i have literally worn the same 2 pairs of shoes for 3 + years now (which i guess is pretty eco cautious in of itself ?). with the current state the planet is in, i feel the urge now more than ever to make responsible purchases all while keeping with my comfortable lifestyle. i would be over the moon if i won the Emma d’Orsay Oxford in Black, i would love to look and feel like a polished adult now that i’m a new mom. thank you!

  118. Love your spotlight on Nisolo! I purchased my first pair thus past winter (Chelsea boots) and I have my eye on the huaraches once I save up. Crossing my fingers for the giveaway!

  119. Emma D’Orsay-classic, timeless, and stylish. Would love to wear with dresses/shorts this summer and with the classic: jeans, a T-shirt, and blazer in fall/winter. ?

  120. I would love a pair of the Emma O’dorsy! As a mom of 3 little ones, they are just what I look for in a shoe, easy to slide on while helping me look (somewhat) pulled together.

  121. I would love the Emma d’Orsay Oxford since I already have (3 pairs of) the Huraches!

  122. As I look to fill my closet with more ethically-made items, I’m amazed to see a company with so many options that I love. Can’t wait to purchase a pair!

  123. Very hard to choose between the d’orsay flat and the huaraches as I have looked at buying both of them before. I currently have 1 pair of Nisolos (the block heel sandal) and they’re soooo beautiful and well made. I just love them! I always eye getting more but the price point makes it harder for me to pull the trigger. I broke my ankle last year so the d’orsay flat would probably be better for me with minimal heel and a bit more support. This means I could still look nice and put together without wearing a heel!

  124. I would love some huaraches! Or oxfords, really. I own Mariella & Ama mules, they are truly heroes in my shoe collection. Nisolo is crushing it!

  125. I’ve been wanting to try their shoes for years! Looove the Emma d’orsey and so curious how they would look on me. The huaraches are perfect for the upcoming summer!

  126. I would love a pair of the Emma D’Orsay shoes. I am transitioning to a more formal job and they seem classic but maybe a little edgy, and like I’d wear them everyday.

  127. The d’Orsay Oxford would be perfect for work! Appreciate the heads up about this brand!

  128. I love the Ecuador Hauraches! I need a good pair of well made sandals to wear while running around with my little one!

  129. I have been eyeing those huaraches for a solid year – this post might be the nudge I need to push me over the edge. Great summer shoe!

  130. Oxford in black looks like a staple as a beautycounter consultant I love supporting other certified b corps thanks for sharing

  131. Love the Emma d’orsay oxfords – and will be perfect shoes for me post pregnancy!

  132. Love the Emma D’Orsay oxfords. As a mom or three little I live in t-shirts and jeans for the most part. These would help kick up the style factor a notch! Also our household shoe budget is spent mostly on my kids so to win a pair would be awesome! (how does my 9 year old wear holes through the toes of his name brand runners in just two months?! He must be playing hard at least right?!)

  133. Have a nisolo purse and tennis shoes and now I want to get summer sandals! So well made and versatile

  134. Emma d’Orsay Oxford in Black – they look so classic. And I can wear them to work and be stylish ( no open toe shoes allowed ?)

  135. Oh I need to check these out! My feet grew with my last pregnancy and now my (carefully curated over the last ten years) shoe collection no longer fits ? So I’m starting over from acratch.

  136. I Love the Emma d’Orsay Oxford, it’s the perfect all season shoe! I think they would be great for me for an upcoming Europe trip and the bonus is that they come from such a fantastic company!

  137. I am in love with the Emma! I’ve been stuck in a rut of buying boring shoes for a long time…being a SAHM to two little boys, it’s hard to get out of the cheap shoe buying cycle…I’d love a chance to “dress up” a mom outfit with these beautiful shoes.

  138. Love these! Not sure if my wide feet could handle the toe shapes, but they are quite beautiful 🙂

  139. I looove the Emma d’orsay oxfords too! They would be perfect for weekend adventures with my family AND in the boardroom. So chic. The slip on factor is great, too.

  140. I’m really excited to learn about this brand. I love the Emma D’Orsay’s so much! I’m heading to England (Oxford and more) actually this summer on a dream vacation that I’ve been saving for for nearly 5 years! I’m an elementary art teacher on a very tight budget and I don’t really have a budget for new clothes for my tip. I’d love to wear these beautifully crafted oxfords in Oxford, England. Kismet! Meant to be, right!?

  141. The Emma d’Orsay! Classic and will go with everything. Just checked out Nisolo website and I’ll take one of everything. ?

  142. With Summer just around the corner, I would love to be rocking the Ecuador Huaraches on my feet!

  143. They are all beautiful, but I think I’d pick the huaraches. Perfect for summer, and easy to slip on. I had some as a kid also!

  144. I would choose the Emma D’Orsay Oxford, if I were choosing, because it has a formal feel with a casual look. A kickass menswear look with a feminine, not-so-fast feel.
    Just my opinion 🙂

  145. Love Nisolo so much!! I would love the black Emma D’Orsay oxfords bc they are black and that speaks to my soul and will go with nearly every summer outfit ?

  146. I love this brand and ethos! I would wear all summer while on my maternity leave and then back to work in the other! Love!

  147. I’ve been looking for the perfect D’Orsay shoe for what seems like forever. These just may fit the bill.

  148. I would choose Emily’s pick! The Emma D’Orsay oxford wheat. They look so comfortable and beautiful!

  149. I love the Emma d’Orsay. They seem so versatile and would make commuting back/forth to work a dream.

  150. Absolutely love seeing you all through your shoe personality. I am in the same boat as Jess and have been lusting after the Emma d’Orsay for a long time.

  151. I’ve had the Emma D’Orsay shoes bookmarked for so freakin’ long. I hesitate to purchase because a) just graduated from nursing school and have no dollars and b) there isn’t a ton of room in my wardrobe for shoes I couldn’t wear to work. THAT BEING SAID I would lose my damn mind if I was gifted a pair!

  152. Wow – I love these shoes. It must have been hard to pick because they are all so beautiful.

  153. Would definitely pick out the Emma d’Orsay! They look super wearable all year round

  154. Those d’Orsays are to DIE FOR – In wheat is perfect for summer. I recently made the leap to “big girl job” in a creative field which means looking the part. I’m also at the bottom of the food chain over here so hardly making the big bucks. $200 is definitely not “no big deal” to me, so winning these would be a dream!

  155. I would love to win the Emma d’Orsay shoes since I just left my full time job to finish my Interior Design degree and do freelance design work, so I need to look put together and stylish, but am on a tight budget 😀

  156. I LOVE Nisolo and everything the brand stands for. I would choose the Emma d’Orsay…those I have been coveting and would be a staple in my wardrobe!!!

  157. I love the Mariella – Almost a dupe for the infamous Jenni Kayne mule but I love the message behind Nisolo that much more. B-corp way to go!

  158. I adore the Emma d’Orsay Oxfords! Have been searching for the perfect everyday shoe (that can withstand a lot of walking) and love the look and that they are ethically made

  159. I would love the Huaraches! I recently learned about the brand because Emily was raving about the shoes prior to this post. love these kind of posts! We decided to switch my family to organic natural beauty products and environmentally friendly and ethical brands! Love it so far and it feels so good to make the change!

  160. Oh my what a giveaway! Been dreaming of having a pair of Nisolos forever…. especially love this pair. ❤

  161. I love love love the Emma d’Orsay Oxford in the cognac color called Brandy. Those look like the perfect easy but stylish shoe for commuting and with summer dresses!

  162. I adore every pair of Nisolo shoes I own. I’d love those Emma oxfords but another pair of huaraches is always a good idea!

  163. You guys look look stunning in all your outfits!!! I love the overalls especially and the huarache sandals are to die for! ?They look really stylish and comfortable!

  164. I love the Emma, they are a cool spin on the oxfords! Crossing my fingers that I’m the lucky winner! Thanks for doing this giveaway!

  165. Not only are these shoes gorgeous, but I LOVE the mission behind the company and that it’s a B-Corp! Everyone wins! ?

  166. Oooooh I want a pair of the huraches! I have the Emma oxfords and they are AMAZING. I’ve nearly worn them out and I’ve only had them since Christmas!

  167. I love the Huarache sandals! They seem to be able to go well with everything: dresses, shorts, pants. Just perfect a design. Especially feel lucky that we have a Nisolo in Nashville & love the quality!

  168. I have been eyeing a pair of the Ecuador Huarache Sandals for some time now! They just look so effortlessly cool.

  169. I want ALL of their shoes. They’re fantastic quality and look beautiful on. I’d love the d’Orsay for work!

  170. I love the Ecuador Huaraches in almond. I’ve been looking for a new pair of sandals ever since my sweet, sneaky doggo got to mine.

  171. I would love a pair of Emma d’Orsay Oxfords. I love the look and that it was made sustainably. I also like the wheat colour.

  172. I love this shoe brand and have been trying to save up to make my first purchase. Though I’d pick the Chelsea boot in black or rich brown for Fall, now I’d go for the classic Ecuador Huarache Sandal in almond for Spring/Summer.

  173. I LOVE the Emma d’Orsay, which would complement much of my wardrobe. Yay ethical clothing and shoes!

  174. I am doing my best to make the most positive purchasing choices for the planet, and Nisolo shares that philosophy. I am trying to “vote with my dollar!” Love the Emma dOrsay in wheat for its style and comfort factor.

  175. I’d take either! But maybe the huaraches would be first pick. Really interested in trying this brand sometime.

  176. Love these always classic shoes. I have a pair of the sandals and they are always on point.

  177. I’ve been eyeing the Emma d’orsays for a long time!! They would be perfect for work.

  178. I would LOVE the Emma Dorsay shoes in Wheat. Just perfect with everything. I’ve been looking at them in your website and wishing that I could afford them. They look like they would last forever.

  179. Hi, I love all your posts and those Nisolo shoes, how great is that. So would love to win the Emma d’Orsay as they could translate for work. What a hard choice. Thanks for letting us know about such a great brand.

  180. First, thank you for supporting Pen + Napkin’s mission! I really love that you spend energy focused on important causes like this. Second, I got sidetracked by Arlyn’s jumpsuit and had to buy it! Okay, down to business -I’d love to be entered to win one of the Nisolo pairs! Both styles are awesome, although if I had to pick I’d commit to the Emma d’Orsay….but oh those Ecuador Huaraches are also dang cute! I’m a stay-at-home-mom by day and work-with-my-husband-at-home by night woman. I love following along with you all and continue to refine my style with tips and encouragement from your team! Thanks so much!

  181. I would LOVE a pair of the Emma D’Orsay shoes. I am middle school teacher living in the Boston area and oxfords are my go-to work shoe for spring and fall. They dress up the jeans and sweaters/blouses I usually wear to work. (I complete my fake-outs with a scarf or some fake pearl earrings in hopes that no one will notice the jeans.) This particular Nisolo pair are oh so different from the two pair of oxfords I already own which are lace-ups and clearly won’t last through next fall. New quality shoes would quite literally be a windfall for me. Thanks for considering!

  182. I love the Isla Slide Sandal! Perfect for pretty much any summer outfit and I’ve been wanting another pair from Nisolo since I get SO many compliments on my Paloma mules!

  183. I love the Isla Slide Sandals! They’re perfect for pretty much any summer outfit!

  184. I would love the Emma d’Orsay Oxford. They are beautiful and practical. I need a new pair of black shoes because mine are falling apart, but I am a hopeful adoptive parent and all our extra pennies are going toward that cause.

  185. I would love the Emma D’Orsays! First, I need them as I apparently need some nude mules, and second, they are classy and beautiful and decidedly not the flip flops that rule the summer in the South!

  186. Oooh!!!! The huaraches for sure!!! Have been eyeing them for soooo long. Mexico is my favorite place on earth, and every time I see these shoes I think of Mexico….and I’m happy. ❤️ Fingers crossed!

  187. Eeeek! I want the Emma D’Orsays! In black please. I love the side profile! Great for all seasons.

  188. I would love to retire my black Crocs (no judgment, please) and slip my feet into the black Emma d’Orsay Oxfords! I have been following Emily for a couple years now and have been a quiet follower, reading all the blogs and her Styled book, watching the videos etc. This giveaway is a perfect time to join the EHD community with my first blog comment! I am an educator and entertainer in Hawaii and I like to keep my wardrobe professional, even though we are super casual out here. I actually bought a pair of Nisolo Chelsea boots because Emily convinced me haha! Nisolo is now my new fave. In addition to the quality of their shoe, I love what the company stands for – their mission.

  189. I have a pair of Mariella mules and they are amazing! The quality of their products are impressive and supporting Nisolo’s conscious business practices is a bonus. I’d love to add a pair of huraches to my wardrobe!

  190. Those Emma D’Orsay Oxfords look so flattering and comfortable! And, as always, the whole team looks gorgeous- I love the outfit inspiration alongside my daily dose of interior style 🙂

  191. I have a pair of white huaraches that I purchased 20+ years ago and they still are awesome and comfy. My feet have gotten a little bigger and although they stretch, I would love a new pair. Now that I’m retired – although nice and stylish shoes are still important – they are on the bottom of my shopping list. Please, please pick me. Love.

  192. looove the Ecuador Huaraches! the perfect casual summer shoe and Arlyn looks amazing in them!

  193. I just bought my first pair of Nisolo shoes and love them. I’d happily stand in line for a second pair of these well made shoes.

  194. I would love to win the Ecuador Huarache in Almond. My abuelita grew up in South America and wore them all the time. Huaraches will forever remind me of her. ❤️

  195. Ecuador Huaraches! These are so cute for summer and I love the mission of nisolo! Fingers are crossed! 🙂

  196. I would love a pair of any nisolo shoes! I am a mom/5th grade teacher, and these are shoes I can wear both to work and outside of work. They are stylish, sustainable and look very comfortable. Thanks 🙂

  197. Oh, huaraches for me, please! Because they scream summer, and they’re ethically made and because they would look cute on my feet.

  198. I would love the Emma D’Orsay flats! Hello, slide on shoes (always) for the win. And they are such an elevated basic – I would wear them constantly!!

  199. Emma d’Orsay Oxford would be perfect to wear on campus when I’m running from my office to teach.

  200. I love nisolo! The Ecuador Sandals have been only wish list for a while now, but I love the oxfords too!

  201. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Nisolo shoes! Those Emma d’Orsay Oxford are just so gorgeous!! I would wear them every single day to work and feel like a stylish million bucks!

  202. ❤️❤️ Ecuador Huaraches ❤️❤️ because they are the perfect summer shoes!

  203. I love love love the oxfords in wheat! They are first on my wishlist. Beautifully made shoes!

  204. I would love to have a pair of the Emma D’Orsay! I love a twist on the classic oxford (I’m an oxford addict).

  205. OMG I love Emily’s Emma d’Orsay Oxford since I wouldn’t need a pedicure! Love the Lucia Block Heel Sandals too since they looked dressed up but comfortable.

  206. I would love the Emma D’Orsay! My hubby and I are going to Italy for our 10th wedding anniversary and these would be the perfect shoe to wear while discovering Italy!!!

  207. The Ecuador Huaraches look amazing! They look elegant and casual…the best kind of pairing for flats!

    1. I’ve never tried a pair of Nisolo shoes , but would love to start with a pair of the Emma D’Orsay oxfords!

  208. I would love either style but really leaning towards the Emma d’Orsay Oxford! 🙂

  209. I’ve loved and wanted a pair of Nisolos for over a year, but was always worried they’d be too narrow for my wide toe box. My coworker got a pair of the Emma d’orsay flats and I adore them on her. She said they’re not too narrow so I’m finally ready to give them a whirl! ??

  210. I would love the black Emma d’Orsay. They are so versatile and can work for both work and casual wear!

  211. I have never owned a pair of Nisolo shoes. I learned about them through Emily’s blog and yearn for a pair. The first pair Is buy would be the Emma d’Orsay. Thank you!

  212. I’ve never had a pair of Nisolo shoes, however, they sound like the quality I would like.

  213. All of Nisolo’s shoes are so great, that is such a hard choice. But I would probably join team d’Orsay in black 😉

  214. Huaraches for the win, aka my dream shoe since preschool. It was the 80s in central California. What can I say?

    1. Oops, I definitely typed my email incorrectly in this comment. I’ll add it to this reply comment. 🙂

  215. I would love to own a pair of the Emma d’Orsay flats. They look like the perfect summer flat for work (and weekends)—so lovely. Thanks for introducing me to this brand, Emily and team!

  216. I’d love the d’Orsay! It’s such a great work/everyday shoe that’s unclunky. I especially like the brandy color. Perfection!

  217. Hi! I would choose the Emma d’Orsay in black because it’s unique, classy and super cute. I wear black skinny jeans quite a bit and I’d to have another black shoe to wear other than my go to Vans slip ons!

  218. Ah, I’ve been eyeing Nisolo’s for so long and would LOVE to win a pair of Emma D’Orsay’s!!!

  219. Absolutely LOVE the Emma d’Orsay oxfords!!! My feet need these in their lives.

  220. I’d love a pair of the Emma d’Orsay Oxfords. I already have the huaraches and wear them constantly!

  221. I love those Emma d’orsay oxfords that Emily is wearing! Those would be perfect for work and after-work mom life!

  222. My wife and I both want to be entered. We are currently renovating a house and are painting the kitchen cabinets Inchyra Blue per one of your posts. She would love the Emily shoe size 8, or if I win the Michael shoe in a men’s 11.
    We are also painting our living room Waterloo per another EHD post. Whoops, actually we are stealing a lot of you me ideas…thanks for so many great posts!!!

  223. ooo these are all so so pretty! I love Nisolo- I’ve been eyeing their Chelsea boots forever!

  224. Gahh those huraches are EVERYTHING. I’ve been in a pleather pair that are dying now and have had my eye on these for a while. LOVE that they are ethical and sustainable too – doing more from head to toe!

  225. I’ve been eyeing the Emma d’Orsay Oxford in black for ages and just haven’t pulled the trigger for some reason. I own the Serena sandal in two colors and live in them all summer. They are so comfortable and classically simple.

  226. Did I read that right?! A giveway! I’d love to try som d’orsay flats, cause ??? Would love to win because they’re out of my price range!

  227. The styling in this post is fantastic. I love seeing shoes on real people as they would wear them in real life! Currently in love with the Emma d’Orsays.

  228. I love Nisolo shoes! I love what Nisolo represents. They are excellently crafted, well made shoes. Thank you to
    Emily, for posting hers during Christmas, with her favorite things post. I love my emma d’orsay oxfords. I would love to have them in black, as well. I have received so many compliments while wearing them.

  229. I would like to have the Emma D’Orsay shoes because this is one of the cutest flats I saw recently. They look comfy and dope at the same time 🙂

  230. I would love to get a pair of the Emma d’Orsay Oxfords! As a teacher it is so hard to find comfortable shoes and are also so stylish! I adore the look of these and would love to sport some stylish shoes at work and after!

  231. I would love a pair of Emma d’Orsay oxfords because of how professional, yet cute they look. Perfect for my work as a scientist, where I am on my feet a lot!

  232. Just beautiful shoes…and ethical!
    Love, love, love the Emma d’Orsay Mules in wheat.

  233. Hi!! ❤️❤️❤️ These shoes. Just headed back to work after having a baby. He’s 14 weeks old. Could you some new shoes ???

  234. I LOVE Nisolo shoes, they are so comfortable for just running around doing errands and meeting friends for coffee, but also dressy enough for a casual evening out, paired with a floaty dress!! And they are made so well. You can feel the workmanship with every step. My favorite is the Emma d’Orsay oxford!! I wear a size 8.5. I also love the mules. So comfortable for a backless shoe!!

  235. I have had my eye on the Ecuador huaraches for forever and would be so elated to win a pair! They would be so perfect for the spring and summer and I wouldn’t need to worry about having a perfect pedicure!

  236. Oh my. The Ecuador Huarache Sandal is my favorite. Perhaps because I am a woman of a certain age who wore similar when driving a VW bus through Baja? Or, perhaps because I am lazy about maintaining my nails?

  237. Fingers crossed over here! I would love to take a pair of these great shoes on my upcoming New York trip!

  238. I have had my eye on the Emma D’Orsay oxfords for about 6 months now and would love to own them. The comfort, quality and style is unparalleled.

  239. Those Emma d’orsay flats in black are amazing! Classics that should be in my closet ?

  240. I ADORE my Nisolo Huaraches. I wouldn’t be sad to have them in another color (I have the Almond, like Arlyn), but I also wouldn’t be sad to own another style. ?

  241. Loooove those huaraches!! Those are the kinds of shoes I want to live in during the summer – so easy to wear and looks great with everything, but super comfy and no-fuss.

  242. Ahhhh love both!! Probably the Emma’s. They seem more like year round shoes.

  243. Need the Chelsea boot for my trip to Ireland and all the sightseeing we plan on doing!

  244. I would love to win a pair of Emma d’Orsay in Wheat! The shoes are so classy and would go with so many outfits. Love the details!

  245. Ooo boy these are so great! I would love the Emma d’Orsay shoe!! Fingers crossed!!

  246. I love the Ecuador sandals because they look so easy to wear and can be dressed up or down for spring and summer!

  247. I loved this post! I’ve been eying the oxfords from Nisolo for so long, and especially with my personal decision to be more purposeful in my purchases, a pair of these ethically made and high quality shoes certainly fit the bill!

  248. First I want to say thank you for the giveaway! Second- all the Nisolo shoes are gorgeous!! How could you pick just one or two?? One would want them all ??

  249. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the huaraches! I had a pair years ago and they were so cute and comfortable. Would love to win a pair!!!

  250. Do I have to pick just one? I guess it would be the Huarache sandal since I live in San Diego & summer is on the way, but they are both beautiful. ?on this awesome giveaway!!

  251. I would LOVE to win a pair of these! I’d wear the huarache shoes, they remind me of my childhood. It would be like reliving it while chasing my 3 year old around this summer.

  252. Pick me! I’d take either in a heartbeat. I’ve made the switch to only purchasing quality, ethical pieces or secondhand clothing. Which is great and all, but means it’s going to be a minute before I can afford shoes like these!

  253. Thanks for the giveaway, please send me the Emma d’Orsay shoes when you pick me! 🙂

  254. I want the Huaraches! Perfect summer shoe that I can wear to work and then out and about. So cute.

  255. I love the d’orsays but have yet to pull the trigger. They seem like the perfect work/play shoes

  256. I purchased a pair of Nisolo shoes a few months ago after being inspired by your outfits. I was born in Peru, so knowing they are handmade in my beautiful country made the purchase even more special. I’d love to win a pair of huaraches!

  257. If I win it will be my first pair of these. I love the Ama mules and would love to feel cute again at 59.

  258. New team members intro post is definitely needed. I’m loving those Ecuador Huarache Sandal in Almond, so fantastic for the warmer weather.

  259. Thanks for an amazing giveaway, I love all of the styles your team are wearing.

  260. Emily—you have made me wanting nude colored shoes for a long time! I would love to try the Emma D’Orsay in Wheat!

  261. I would adore winning the Ecuador huaraches in almond. I am a mom to 3 year old twins and money is tight. I really can’t buy myself new shoes right now but really have worn my shoes to the ground! This would truly be such a great.

  262. I love the NISOLO ethos and as a minimalist I dig products that are long-lasting and timeless. One thing my wardrobe is currently lacking is a more polished, yet comfortable shoe. After having a baby, all of my heeled boots went bye-bye and I stepped into Birkenstocks…which have been great but I can’t show up to a job interview in sandals. The James oxford in almond would be a great addition to my linen blazers for a more professional look! Fingers crossed!

  263. Oh, how I would love to win a pair of the Nisolo shoes! My pick would be the Emma d’Orsay Oxford. Why? I think they could easily transcend seasons and also could be worn with casual clothing or a dressier outfit! Thanks for the opportunity!

  264. Ethical decision making in fashion is so important. These shoes look so beautiful and versitile!

  265. The Emma D’Orsay Oxfords for the win! I love that they are classic and stylish. The quality of workmanship is obvious. It’s a shoe that says I’m confident but I don’t have to scream from the roof tops. The company is going about business the right way. #bcorp

  266. Absolutely obsessed with the Huarache sandals! The perfect summer shoe!

  267. I’d love a pair of Emma d’Orsay Oxfords in Wheat for my next trip. I love to travel and am always on the hunt for versatile shoes that I can dress up and down in. These look perfect for that! Crossing fingers!

  268. I would love love those Emma d’Orsay flats! Both because they are beautiful and because I am so proud that Nisolo is a Certified B Corporation.

    I love my Chelsea boots and have had my eyes on some mules lately too. Definitely worth the investment!

  269. I’ve been wanting a pair of these for a long time! Love the Ecuador Huaraches!

  270. I’ve always wanted a pair of the Emma d’Orsay Oxfords – so cute and practical. I work in a hospital and its hard to find unique shoes that are appropriate for that setting (i.e., close-toed and professional), but these are perfect!

  271. I Love Nisolo shoes! All of them! But I have to say the Emma d’Orsay in wheat are my absolute favorites! So versatile, so stylish, so necessary on my feet! I. Need. These.

  272. I love the Smoking Shoe, the huaraches are nice, too. These are lovely shoes, but I’ve never bought shoes online before. How do you know how they run for size?

  273. I just ordered a pair of the Chelsea boots. I’m so excited to support such a great company!

  274. I think the Emma D’Orsay Oxford in Brandy is both feminine and structured. What a lovely shoe! I also appreciate that they are ethically crafted. ?

  275. I love berthing Emily Henderson’s team has to offer. Your blog is a daily read of mine! We haven’t bought a house yet but I am holding in my all your wisdom. And may I say I love a good shoe!!! The Emma D’Orsay would be perfect for work and play!!!

  276. I would wear the Huarache. Been looking at that style shoe for over a year. These are beautiful

  277. I’ve been eyeing the Emma D’orsay flats for such a long time. Pleeeease pick me!

  278. Ok as a mom on the go, those Ecuador Huarache sandals look like the perfect stylish shoe to fit basically my whole wardrobe!! I don’t have time to spend picking out shoes for my outfit when I spend so much time searching for a matching pair of my toddlers shoes! (I mean honestly, why can I find three shoes and none of the match…). It would be so nice to just know that the shoes I have by the back door will go with everything!

  279. Love the nude mules, I’ve been wanting to try Nisolo shoes for a long time. Crossing my fingers i can have the luxury to try without the price tag!

  280. The Emma d’Orsay would be my choice out of the two! I also love a good huarache sandal, but the d’Orsay are wearable in any season, and would be perfect for work; stylish but practical. I also wanted to add that I very much appreciated this post! I’ve been wanting to try a pair of Nisolo shoes – it’s so important to be aware of where we shop and what brands we support. There’s so much waste these days!

  281. My favorites are the Huaraches!! I’ve been eyeing them on Nisolos website for months! Loooooove then

  282. Emma d’Orsay oxfords in wheat, please! These are soooooo cute and versatile! I need these and would wear them proudly every day!

  283. Thank you, Emily and crew for introducing me to Nisolo. After your recommendation some time ago, I bought the Chelsea boot in size 8 and Emma d’Orsay oxfords in wheat in a 7.5. I should have bought the oxfords in an 8. If I could win a pair of Nisolo’s, I would choose the oxfords in an 8.
    Nisolo’s are game changers in my wardrobe. The leather is incredible and the workmanship beyond compare.

    1. I have been dreaming of a pair of Huaraches for my new summer shoes…I had a pair as a child and they were my favorite!! (Flip flops have never been my thing) The Ecuador Huaraches look just as cozy as my childhood pair and love the leather color selections they offer. Thanks for introducing me to this brand!!

  284. I have been eyeballing the huarache sandals for awhile. I heard about Nisolo from this blog and have regularly gone to drool over the shoes. My shoe budget is limited, but I think these are the kind of shoes I could live in – work, weekend, everything.

  285. The Emma d’Orsay would be my vote! I love a good huarache sandal, but the d’Orsay is more compatible to wear all year and it’s the perfect workwear shoe; stylish but practical. I also wanted to commend the inclusion of more ethical and sustainable products on the blog! It’s important we choose what we buy consciously and with purpose.

  286. I would love the Emma d’Orsay flats, I’ve been dying to try the Nisolos but hesitant because of the price and not sure if they will be good/bad for my back! But they are gorgeous!

  287. I would love the d’orsays! Mostly because I see the hurache on Poshmark and can get there!

  288. The Emma d’Orsay Oxford is the ideal shoe I’ve been looking for! It would go with everything!

  289. I have been dreaming of a pair of Huaraches for my new summer shoes…I had a pair as a child and they were my favorite!! (Flip flops have never been my thing) The Ecuador Huaraches look just as cozy as my childhood pair and love the leather color selections they offer. Thanks for introducing me to this brand!!

  290. Would love the huarache sandals for the summer. Saw a fashionista friend wear a pair and have covered them since!

  291. I love the Ecuador Huaraches! I want a pair so bad since they’re the perfect sandal for work

  292. Hi peeps-I must say that I am diggin the Emma d’Orsay Oxford in Wheat . They look super comfy. I also like the James Oxford in Almond, however, when I went to Nisolo website, the shoe they featured looked lighter than the pair Emily is wearing. I also wonder about the comfort of these. Hmmmm…..

  293. Emma d’Orsay Oxford is so beautiful and would be very usable for work to leisure. I’d love to have it

  294. Loving these styles and my feet really need some comfort. I’m retired now, but 40 yrs. as a nurse has taken a toll on my poor feet. Nisolo seems like the BEST shoe out there!

  295. I love the Emma D’Orsay ! They look so comfy and looks very usable for work-to-leisure

  296. I LOVE nisolo and reach for them before any other. I can’t want to add the huaraches to my collection!

  297. I love the Paloma Open Toe Mule in sand. I’m petite so I’m always looking for extra inches and I really like the casualness of them.

  298. Yep, like lots of others here I love my Nisolos!
    My husband does too and we each get a pair a year as a result. Living in Nashville, it’s fun to see this local company take off over the past few years.
    Whoever wins – you will love them!

  299. I’m excited for this contest because I would give these shoes to my new friend Pam! We struck up a conversation at the local pizza place where she works. She always has a smile while she clears the tables and while helping people get napkins or take home pizza boxes. She has been through some rough times in the last couple of months, but happy that she finally has a car and doesn’t have to take the bus anymore. I’d love to gift her with something she would never expect. I’d let her pick which shoes she likes best.

  300. I would love Emma D’Orsay shoes! They look so elegant, similar style to oxfords, but sort of a d constructed version.

  301. I would love to have the Emma d’Orsay Oxford. Sees perfect for work without sacrificing style.

  302. I’ve been quite jealous of Emily and her cute mules. I am a big fan of mules, especially pointed toes! I would like to own/wear the huaraches because I am a ’70’s kinda gal. They certainly remind me of a time and place and possibly a cute jumpsuit I once wore with huaraches! I work with preschool children with disabilities and I need a closed toe but I still like to be fashionable and a little chic!

  303. Love the Ecuador Huaraches! A stylish option for everyday summer wear (especially on those days when your pedicure isn’t looking so hot! ??‍♀️)

  304. I’ve been on the hunt for wear-with-anything flats and the Emma d’Orsay seem to fit the bill!

  305. Love it! Trying very hard to only buy things that will 1) LAST and 2) have a good impact on people/the world. Totally fits the bill

  306. Love these!!! As a mom that works from home, I LOVE the fact that these shoes look amazing, but are comfortable and cool too—perfect for a meeting to school pick up!

  307. I’m a longtime reader who just loves everything about your content! ☺️ I’ve stalked this company for a while now and really appreciate the in-depth post. It’s hard to pick my favorite, but if I really have to… I’d love a pair of black Emma d’Orsays. They are perfectly classic!

  308. Ahhhhh love Nisolo! It’s hard to pick just one but I think my faves are the Emma d’orsay in wheat like Emily is wearing! ❤️❤️❤️

  309. I’m from Ecuador, so I feel a little disloyal saying this, but I would love the D’Orsay oxford. I’ve been eyeing those for a while now.

  310. I live in Nashville and discovered nisolo a couple years ago. I love everything about this company! I’ve been eyeing the d’orsays for a while :)))

  311. I’m sold on the Ama Mule but would love to win the Huarache — perfect for summer in LA!

  312. Nude shoe lover here! Love the Ecuador Huraches, although I am sure I spelled that wrong!

  313. I would love to win the Emma D’Orsay. I’m a working mom with two kids and am always looking for a comfortable, beautiful ethically made shoe. This shoe would look great with work clothes and my most important other job as a mom running around after two amazing, energy filled, talented girls.

  314. I would so wear the heck out of those Ecuador Huaraches this summer!

  315. Such a great brand to partner with, kudos! I’ve been eyeing the Emma d’Orsay flats in Wheat forever because they would elevate any look while still being comfy!

  316. I have been eyeing Nisolo’s for awhile – they are so pretty and I love their company values! I want the Emma d’Orsay Oxford in either black or brandy because they are seriously gorgeous shoes and are perfect for fall, summer, winter or Spring where I live. I LOVE how they look!

  317. I love the Emma d’orsay shoes. They are very on point in terms of style. I like their androgynous look. I also thi k I would be a good choice for recipient of these shoes since I already get emails from Nisolo :). It’s only fair that I get the lucky pair.

  318. Finding cute (and comfortable) shoes in size 11 that don’t look ridiculous is not an easy feat! I’d love to own a pair of either of these beauties!!

  319. I would love the D’Orsay in black! I don’t have anything in between sandals and winter booties. These would be perfect.

  320. I’ve always LOVED nisolo shoes! I had a friend in college who did some filming work for them and fell in love. The style is so classy and beautiful of each leather shoe!

  321. This Mama of 2 is looking to get her groove back with stylish and easy to run around in shoes… let this brand be the one! Thanks Team EHD!

  322. Oh whoops!
    I’d love the oxfords! The perfect bootie 😉 so professional as well as mom casual!

  323. I love the EHD teams style and would be ecstatic to wear the same shoe! Would really like to wear a shoe from a respected and responsible company like Nisolo.

  324. I love the Nisolo Huarache and would be honored to own a pair to start my new go to summer shoe.

  325. I got my first pair of Nisolo’s for Christmas this year and LOVE then! Surprised by how easy they were to break in and comfortable they are. I’m dying to add a pair of huaraches to my wardrobe next!

  326. I absolutely love the Lucia Block Shrek sandal but that isn’t one of the giveaway choice, so I’ll pick the Ecuador Huarache sandal in almond which I also love!

  327. I love those Emma D’Orsay oxfords so much! I’m on my feet all day in the hospital as a resident and always looking for stylish, ethically made shoes that are comfortable for long days of standing and walking and these totally fit the bill.

  328. I’ve been wanting to try Nisolo’s forever! I love all of the styles and how classic and timeless they are.

    1. I forgot to mention which pair I’d want and why! 🙂 I would choose the Emma d’Orsay Oxford in wheat. I’ve been wanting a good pair of neutral shoes for a while!

  329. I love the Emma d’Orsay in the nude color. The black has felt a little unapproachable for me, but the lighter color is so nice!

  330. I would go for the Emma d’Orsay Oxfords, myself…what a perfect go-with-everything shoe.

  331. Emma d’Orsay Oxford in Black – so versatile, stylish and easy to wear.

  332. Oooooh, love these shoes! The Huarache Sandals are calling my name! Love the casual style and classic woven look. Would look great across seasons and appreciate that they are environmentally friendly!

  333. Would love love love the d’orsays!!!! I’m needing a good black staple shoe

  334. I learned of Nisolo through this blog. I’m obsessed with the Emma d’Orsay oxfords. They look like they go with everything and the quality looks top notch! Love the low heel!

  335. I honestly would love either pair, but am leaning towards the Huarache sandal!

  336. Love Nisolo shoes! Have been eyeing the Ecuador Huarache sandal for my summer travels!

  337. Gosh, the part about capsule wardrobe and having neutral shoes really spoke to me. I love that all of these pieces can mix and match well with an evolving style. Love this post!

  338. So in love with Nisolo shoes; as well as, the Emma D’Orsay Oxford (which I would love to rock at my office). I would be so stoked to win either. Thanks!

  339. These shoes look absolutely dreamy!!! I’m currently looking online now at all the styles!

  340. I had never heard of Nisolo until this post – and I am now in love! The Huarache is my fave 🙂

  341. I love Nisolos, and I’d love to win a pair of the Ecuador Huaraches in Almond. Like Arlyn, I wore huaraches as a little girl, and I’m excited Nisolo has made them!

  342. Would love a pair of the Huarache. It reminds me of my favorite pair of shoes growing up.

  343. Emma D’Orsay Oxfords! I have been looking for the perfect black shoe forever.

  344. I love nisolo shoes and even more so the companies high standards! Would love to win a pair of Ecuador Huarache sandals for summer!! Thank you!!!

  345. I love Nisolo! Bought a pair of the Chelsea boots for my recent trip to Europe and they were my everyday shoe.

  346. The oxfords are so different than anything I own so I would pick those if I won! But seriously all these shoes are amazing.

  347. Thank you for putting forth such a lovely, ethical company for a giveaway! I’ve been lusting after the Huaraches for some time. I love their versatility – they look incredibly comfy while still remaining chic. Congrats to whichever lucky readers win the two pairs!

  348. Oh my….I have been searching for “the perfect Oxford” and came across this brand on my own, but was wondering about the fit! Would LOVE the d’orsay!

  349. Pick me! Pick me!! I love the Emma d’Orsay in black or the brown hurraches, even if I can’t spell them correctly!

  350. I have been wanting to try Nisolo forever, but haven’t quite had the budget for them! Both pairs look lovely!

    Thanks Emily,

  351. I would LOVE to win the Emma D’Orsay shoe because I have horrible feet and rheumatoid arthritis and they just look so cute and comfortable. That’s a rare combo and it’s one I’d love to have!

  352. Great inspiration, and awesome you did a team shoot! Would love to win a pair! ?

  353. Thank you for this giveaway! I would love to win a pair of Emma d”Orsay shoes because not only are they super cute, but as a life-long, self-proclaimed tree hugger, I LOVE that their shoes are ethically made and that they offset their carbon emissions. We need more companies like this and I would love to help promote such an awesome company and such great shoes!!

  354. All of the Nisolo shoes are gorgeous! I have been admiring them for some time, especially the Chelsea boots! The Emma D’Orsay Oxfords would be a great addition to my spring wardrobe and also a terrific way to try out the brand before making an investment. Thanks for the chance to win them and also the thorough review!

  355. Hi Em and the EHD team. I just saw this shoe post and have been “emming and hawing” ?about the Ecuador Huaraches and winning a pair would solve this dilemma. Love that Nisolo values sustainability and really cares about their production??????

  356. I agree with Arlyn, NOTHING says summer like a hurache especially if you had them as a kid! I’ve been looking for a pair this year so I’m so glad I saw them here, winning a pair would be the icing on the cake!

  357. It’s hard to pick between the two shoes but I’d have to say the huaraches for summertime.

  358. I love the d’Orsay flats and the huaraches so much! I think the huaraches have a little extra piece of my heart. They’d be perfect for sun dresses this summer.

  359. Hi! I am a therapist and the d’orsay flat is a tremendous comfort to me as I comfort others. They complete almost any work outfit with style and imbue competence. When I put them on, I feel cared for by my shoes. I know that is a little silly but, that is why I love these shoes.

  360. I love Nisolo shoes! I have been dying to get a pair of the Ecuador Huarache Sandal

  361. I love the Emma’s in wheat. I’m a boot kind of girl & love that these can be worn year round . I also love that this company is concerned with their impact on the environment & gives back
    Comfortable, great quality ! What’s not to love

    Please sign me up for the giveaway. I’m a size 8

  362. I would LOVE to try these shoes! I love all your posts- you and your team are the best!

  363. PS: thank you Emily & your team for taking the time to do this! I hope ? I’m not too late. My husband & I painted the garage this weekend.. what a project.

    Would love those cool shoes !!

  364. I love the Ecuador Huaraches! So cute! I want a pair, especially since they’re so environmentally friendly.

  365. I guess that I am in a shoe battle for all the others who have listed the huaraches as their favorite. I concur: these are THE shoes of summer. Thanks for the opportunity to win my favorite!

  366. I love the Emma D’orsay! They work for all seasons and match everything! The pefect all-purpose shoe.

  367. I have two pairs of Nisolo shoes (which I discovered from this blog). They are my favorite shoes!

  368. I’ve been eyeing the Huaraches for awhile now and seeing you guys with it makes me want to jump on board for sure!!

  369. Thank you for sharing about this company! I would love the Huarache sandals, I’ve been looking for a summer sandal for a while.

  370. I love the huaraches and have been eyeing them for a while! They look like the perfect flat for summer — casual, breathable, but more polished than a sandal.

  371. I would love the Emma d’Orsay pair to wear to weddings! I’m a wedding photographer and am always on the look out for cute and comfy flats to wear for 10+ hours of running around!

  372. I am impressed with the Nisolo’s practices and biz model. I esp. love their shoe reclamation project, and will be sending some shoes along to them. Thank you for all your work in connecting us , as best you can, with ethically driven/anchored biz. I like the look of the Emma d’Orsay Oxford in Wheat. i have done a mega simplification of my wardrobe ( including shoes) and I am being VERY selective about what I am allowing back into my life. The ***Emma d’Orsay Oxford*** in Wheat looks like it would be the perfect everyday shoe!

  373. obsessed with my mariella mules… obviously inspired by the EHD team 🙂 dreaming of the Emma d’orsay flats next

  374. Hi there! I would love to win a pair of the Ecuador Huaraches for my mom. I mean I love them too but I’d really love for her to have them. I want these for my mom because I remember her wearing similar pairs every summer. I can’t see them without thinking of summers growing up with her in those shoes. Good memories.

  375. I would love to own the Emma d’Orsays. I love Nisolo’s mission and vision, and love supporting companies who care about the planet, people, and quality.

  376. I think those black Emma d’Orsays are on my wish list now! The would be such a great daily shoe for my office environment without just being the same basic flats everyone else wears – and they would stand up to the daily grind! Thanks for introducing me to a brand I probably wouldn’t have come across otherwise!

  377. I feel like I’m on a mission to build a “grown up” wardrobe full of quality pieces that are going to last me for years, and I feel like these could for the bill! Thank you for bringing attention to a great brand that is also environmentally conscious!

  378. Been slowly easing into a more thoughtful and ethical wardrobe, and Nisolo seems to fit the bill! I would love a pair of the Huaraches…perfect for summer 🙂

  379. The Emma D’Orsay because they are the most beautiful, classic, style! And I really prefer natural leather for my shoes.

  380. I’d love to win the Huaraches for my mom. She has eyed mine since I got them and, I have to say, the whole reason I ordered them from Nisolo last summer was because she had shoes similar to these when I was a kid and I always thought they were FABULOUS. At the time I bought mine, Nisolo didn’t have sizing above a 10 for me to order a pair for her, but it looks like that has changed! Yay!

  381. Ahhhh such a great company and your team is making their shoes look even more amazing than they already do (which is saying something)! I’ve been eyeing both the Emma d’Orsay oxford AND the huarache sandals for months. But goodness the huarache flats would be perfect for summer! I’m a wedding photographer and spend 10+ hours running around on wedding days…so comfy & stylish is a huge win in my book!

  382. These are all so great, but I would especially love a pair of the Ecuador Huaraches!

  383. (Annnnd I misspelled my email – happy Monday, all…so take two!)

    Ahhhh such a great company and your team is making their shoes look even more amazing than they already do (which is saying something)! I’ve been eyeing both the Emma d’Orsay oxford AND the huarache sandals for months. But goodness the huarache flats would be perfect for summer! I’m a wedding photographer and spend 10+ hours running around on wedding days…so comfy & stylish is a huge win in my book!

  384. These shoes really make the outfit. I have to be on my feet all day =/ ( home stylish as well)
    These look so so comfy !! Nude is where it’s at.

  385. So hard to picky just one! They have such great styles and colors. I think my heart is telling me the Mariella Mule. I love them so much in the brown color. This would be my first pair of big girl shoes! Hahaha! I have never had nice or expensive shoes.

  386. All of the Nisolo shoes are so fabulous! I would have to choose the Ecuador Huaraches though. Not because I don’t like the Emma’s (they are so precious) but because I have them already!

  387. I’m currently wearing my huraraches, and would love to add a pair of the Emma D’Orsay’s to my shoe collection!
    I bought the huraraches earlier this month for a trip to Argentina, and they were great. The Emma D’Orsay would be great to wear to work or out to dinner with friends!

  388. These shoes are like works of art and love that they are ethically made. Thanks!

  389. I would love to try the huaraches and have had my eye on them for awhile. I’ve been trying very hard to spend my (limited) clothing budget on things that will last, are ethically made, and will work with a variety of outfits. I really appreciate the attention you’ve been giving to ethical fashion and design lately!

  390. Hi! I’m a tremendous fan of both EHD and Nisolo, so this seems a match made in heaven to me. I would love to win a pair of Nisolo Emma d’Orsay Oxfords. Fingers crossed – and thanks!

  391. I ordered my first pair of Nisolo shoes in early 2016 because I loved the mission and the clean, timeless aesthetic of the styles. Even after wearing them to heck, including walking all over Europe and Asia on vacation, they still look fantastic. I can attest to how high-quality and long-lasting they are, something that’s important to me as I make an effort to reduce my consumption for the sake of the environment. They’re also insanely comfortable. My mom and I wear the same size, and once while she was visiting me, I let her borrow them (the Serena sandals) to wear to an event. When we got back home, she immediately went online and bought her own pair. They’re goooood!

    Would love to try another style!

  392. I want to begin investing in quality and sustainable companies, but I’m so afraid! I’m so clumsy – what if I get $200 shoes and immediately fall and scuff the leather? That hurts way more than with a pair of $60 boots. Also, what if I don’t like them? The risk seems scary to me. I’d love to try a pair so I can hopefully get over those fears! Also I’m obsessed with the Emma d’Orsay style. They’re so…cool. Perfect for a cool, successful millennial making her way in the business world.

  393. oh my goodness the Emma D’Orsay oxfords look amazing. seems like a shoe you could wear with everything, and i would be willing to bet get 1000 compliments and “where did you get those” comments on. LOVE THEM.

  394. I would love to win a pair of the Ecuador Huaraches. I’ve really been wanting to try them!

  395. I’m really into the Emma d’Orsay Oxford because the black Oxfords I have are pretty uncomfortable. I’m happy there’s an extended size range offered for that style too since the shoes run a bit small and my 10.5 feet definitely wouldn’t fit into the 10!

  396. I’ve been wanting to try Nisolo for a long time. Would LOVE to win the Huarache sandals in natural or almond!

  397. I would LOVE a pair of the Emma d’Orsay in wheat. They are the perfect neutral shoe for summer and would quickly become my daily go to.

  398. I would love the Huaraches! I great summer option for chasing around a toddler but still looking fashionable!

  399. What’s not to love?! They make the most beautiful shoes! My husband has a pair of their loafers and he loves them so much. I would love the d’Orsay but let’s be honest, I love them all!!

  400. I am very tempted by the Emma d’Orsay. They seem like the perfect way to dress up an outfit but also stay comfortable.

  401. I’d like to win the Emma d’Orsay. A little soapboxy but… I’d like to try these out based on all the comments of “comfortable” and “well made” because most cute casual shoes for women are so sad right now! All the flats women wear might as well have cardboard for soles, which I think is starting to hurt my feet. I’ve been on the hunt for well made shoes (with an actual sole!) that I could wear to work on more casual days, and this d’Orsay would be perfect.

  402. I’ve always loved the Nisolo shoes but hesitated on buying because it seems like sizing can be tricky. Maybe this will be my chance to try them!

  403. Loving the woven weave of those Ama Mules! I splurged on a pair of Huaraches awhile back when they were on sale and totally LOVED them so would love to be able to get another pair of Nisolo shoes!

  404. i have a huarache that i love, but this neutral would make a great travel shoe. thanks!

  405. Oh, I neeeeeed the Hurache sandal! It’s been 30-years too long since I’ve enjoyed this style.

  406. I’ve had my eye on those black d’orsay oxfords forever! Love love love them and such beautiful quality!

  407. I’ve been a Nisolo 5 for 5 member for 3 years! All my favorite shoes, and all my husband’s favorite shoes, are Nisolos. I actually just got my mom a pair of the huaraches for her birthday. I’d love to get a matching pair.

  408. I love Nisolos but haven’t bought a pair yet because $$$. I’ve had my eye on the Emma d’Orsay Oxford in Wheat and seeing Emily wear them just confirmed it! Also my name is also Emily ? so we can be twins.

  409. I’ve had an open tab on my phone browser for months now with the Emma D’Orsay shoe. I guess this is my sign to finally place that order?

  410. Emily, I love your shoe styles, and I would love to have a pair of those Emma D’Orsay shoes. Because they are beautiful, look very comfortable and I wear slip-on shoes whenever possible. Once I find a brand I like, I tend to make it a go-to.

  411. I’ve been lusting after the Huaraches for so long. I’d love to own a pair!

  412. Been eyeing Nisolo shoes for a long time. I love that they’re a B Corp, ethically sourced, and look beautifully made. Have been hesitant to take the leap without being able to try them on. The Emma d’Orsay Oxfords would be the perfect stylish professional shoe for summers here in Oregon. Thanks for the opportunity to win a pair. xo!

  413. I’ve been looking at getting the Serena sandal, but it’s hard to decide between that and the Emma d’Orsay Oxford.

  414. I’ve been jones-ing for a pair of Nisolos!! This is the perfect chance to get a pair at 20% off – thanks for the opportunity at a great discount and for the chance to win a free pair!! Love their mission and their style!!

  415. Loved nisolo since I bought a pair last year, I would love a new pair of mules 🙂 perhaps the Mariella?

  416. I’ve been eyeing Nisolo shoes for awhile! I would pick a summer and winter shoe! The Serena sandal and the Emma Oxford!

  417. I have several of Nisolo shoes and love them. I would like to try their Huarache style.

  418. I would LOVE the Emma D’Orsay Oxford! Chic, gorgeous leather, and D’Orsay makes me think of that beautiful window in Paris. 🙂

  419. Love shoes and especially love these shoes. I would buy two pair of the Emmas – in nude and black. They are fabulous and hopefully fit my narrow feet.

  420. I love the Nisolo brand. I already own a pair. The quality, simplicity of their product is hands down one of the best, I recommend them to all my friends. Definitely a brand I can stand behind.

  421. I don’t know why I feel silly doing this, but for some reason entering giveaways always feels selfish. I would love love love a pair of the Emma d’ Orsay’s, in Brandy or Wheat probably. I am a design consultant and architectural sales rep for a tile distributor in the PNW and finding shoes that are comfortable and also professional is virtually impossible. I am also fairly young and my husband and I haven’t quite bumped up into the “I can afford all the things I need” income bracket, so buying a nice pair of shoes is a rare thing. WOW, that sounded whiney. Anyway, this is my entry. Also, much love to EHD, been a daily reader for about 3 years, always enjoyable. 🙂

  422. Those huaraches need to slip onto my feet! It is sooo important to purchase ethically and this sounds like a wonderful company!!

  423. I have been admiring the black Emma d’orsay oxfords for months, they are definitely part of my dream wardrobe!

  424. I feel like princess and the pea with shoes–if these are as comfortable as they are stylish, sign me up!

  425. Love love love Nisolo. I’ve been looking for a perfect pair of leather sandals for years (I am very particular about my shoes) and I think I’m going to pull the trigger on the Nisolo huaraches this summer.

  426. I live Nisolo shoes and have been eyeing them for awhile. I really appreciate their ethos and would love a pair of Huaraches.

  427. I’ve never commented, but if there is a chance I could win Nisolo shoes, I give in! Those oxfords are so nice and I notice the Nisolo footwear every time Emily wears them in a post. Would love a pair!

  428. I lived in the Ecuador Huarache Sandals last summer when I was pregnant. I’d would love to add the Emma D’Orsay Oxford to my collection.

  429. I love the Emma d’Orsay Oxfords in black. So chic and very excited that they come in size 11.
    single mama. spend all my money on my child. addicted to shoes. do I win? 🙂

  430. The Emma D’Orsay Oxford is my fav. A company that doesn’t just think about the carbon footprint but does something about it .I hope they include in their packaging ideas on how we as consumers could help the environment also…

  431. I’d love a pair of the Emma D’Orsey shoes. Thanks for my chance to be a winner!

  432. I’ve been looking for a great pair of huaraches for ages and these are PERFECT. Also love the company ethics!

  433. I love Nisolo! If I win, I’d choose the Ecuador Huaraches. I love a good summer sandal so my feet can breathe but have to wear close toe shoes to work.

  434. I would love to own the Emma d’orsay- because I already have the Ecuador! I bought it last year and I cannot wait until the weather actually warms up (and stops raining), so I can wear it (Boston). 🙂 I also own one of the boots- and the quality is excellent!

    1. I have been eyeing Nisolo shoes for years! I would buy the Huaraches because they would be perfect for summer in the South!

  435. Oooh I love my Chelsea boots from Nisolo. Would love the Emma D’Orsay oxfords

  436. I LOVE the Emma d’Orsay oxfords! I’d wear them to toughen up dresses all summer. I also love the Ama mules, maybe those will be next on my list.

  437. I was so excited to learn that Nisolo is located in Nashville where my parents live! I’ll definitely be popping in the next time I’m in town. In the meantime, I would love the Emma D’Orsays. I love both, pero ya tengo huaraches!

  438. I’d love to try Nisolo shoes. My poor retail worn feet need good shoes and the Emma d’Orsay would fit that bill, and stylishly to boot!

  439. I would love the Emma in wheat, to copy Emily’s choice.
    Sizing up I would need a 9.

  440. I absolutely love the Emma D’Orsay pair in every color, but I would get a lot more wear out of the wheat color, as they would be perfect for spring, summer and fall!

  441. I’d love to win a pair of the Nisolo shoes in the giveaway! Either option is so beautiful & would be even more so on my feet 😉
    I first heard of Nisolo through the EHD blog and am a big fan.

  442. Love love love!! Heading back to work after my son was born Feb 3rd 2019 and mama needs a new pair of shoes ❤️❤️❤️ ??? love you guys

  443. I would love to win! I just had to throw away my go to work shoes since they had holes in them that a cobbler could no longer repair. I love Emily’s choice for work, the Emma d’orsay oxfords. I would need a size 9. Crossing my fingers!

  444. Any and all of those oxfords are dreamy!! So hard to find simple but special, well-made shoes.

  445. Oh wow, these would be amazing to own! They’re both beautiful! I think with summer on the horizon I can see lots of farmers market trips in those huaraches.

  446. Nisolo is one of my favorite clothing companies on the market. The care that they take in creating, producing and shipping their products is apparent and appreciated! They’re an incredibly mindful company and are aware of the impact they have on their employees, consumers and the Earth. I absolutely love my smoking shoes and Ecuador Huarache sandals and would love to add a pair of Emma D’Orsay oxfords to my growing collection! The oxfords are such a versatile shoe, and the cutouts really make them feel special and unique. Thanks for partnering with Nisolo to spread the word about this wonderful company!

  447. I would love to win a pair of the Emma D’Orsay oxfords! I *just* got my Ecuador Huaraches in the mail yesterday and I love, love, love them! But I live in Michigan, so I need another pair of Nisolos that I can wear when it’s cold out. I basically need them.

  448. I would be thrilled to get a pair of the Ecuador Huaraches. I never buy myself beautiful shoes.

  449. Tough choice. I love the Emma d’Orsay and those are the ones I’d most likely buy for myself. But, if gifted to me, I’d like the Ecuador Huarache Sandal in Natural as a way to get out of my comfort zone. I’d style with cute dresses and jeans.

  450. The Emma D’Orsay Oxfords are my dream shoe! They are professional with a little sass, and the side detailing makes them more special than a typical oxford shoe. I just love them, and I’d get the Wheat color as well!

  451. I love the Emma d’Orsay Oxford!! I am a mom, work full time, and go to nursing school full time. There’s not a lot of money in the budget right now for pretty things, so it would be great to have a new pair of shoes that are so stylish. Thanks!

  452. I would love to win the Emma D’Orsay oxfords! They look like the perfect shoe that goes with every outfit! A wardrobe classic that will always be in style 🙂

  453. So excited to discover a new (to me) shoe company. And one where I feel good about purchasing another pair…

  454. These are all so lovely. I’ve been cutting my ties with the fast-fashion industry and my shoes are next to go! Love the Ecuador Huarache Sandal!

  455. Those d’Orsay Oxfords are beauty. I’ve been cyber stalking them for a long time!

  456. I am always looking for comfortable shoes, so I don’t have to change them several times a day! I usually buy shoes at Salvation Army or similar truth be told, just so I know how they’ll ultimately feel. I’m not sure what’s the deal with my feet- being a nurse for 25 years, running barefoot or just wrong shape, but I’d love some shoes that breathe and feel like MINE.

  457. Would love the Emma’s, can go casual or a bit more dressy. Great for work! Thanks!

  458. It’s the Huarache for me!
    I always covet Emily’s Nisolos, and that 20% discount is soooo tempting!

  459. I have to say, some of my favorite posts are your fashion posts! And you got me to buy my first pair of Nisolos, so thank you. Hoping to snag a pair of boots soon too!

  460. I love the huaraches and would get a ton of wear out of them all summer long!! So cute and I’ve been wanting a sandal in this style forever but never bit the bullet! Would love to win!

  461. Awesome giveaway, shpanks! Nisolo’s shoes & bags are stunning! I’d love a pair of the Emma d’Orsay in Wheat. They would be the PERFECT shoe for my in-laws 50th wedding anniversary BBQ!

  462. I can’t find the rules for this contest or when it ends, so I’ll just take a chance.
    I really like the Chelsea Boot in sand. That color would go with just about anything! I also like the Alayna Sneaker in bone!

  463. I looooove those Emma d’Orsay ones ? These seem like shoes worth saving up for!

  464. I would love to try out these shoes from a great company committed to ethical production. I’ve been wanting huaraches so badly but haven’t found any I could wear all day. These look great!

  465. I bought a pair of the Emma d’Orsay a year ago and absolutely love them! I’ve been eyeing the Huaraches forever and think they will be the perfect summer shoe.

  466. Emma D’Orsay in black. I’m 59 and still running around in sneakers, flip flops and boots. This would definitely be the nicest pair in my wardrobe.

  467. I love Nisolo shoes!! The Serena sandals are my current favorite shoes! I wear them almost every day! I’ve been contemplating a pair of the Emma d’Orsay shoes. I think they would be the perfect work summer shoes!

  468. I got a pair of the Emma d’Orsay oxfords when you first posted them and I love them so much! They are work friendly and can easily be dressed up/down. Not to mention, the quality and brand are outstanding.

  469. I would love a pair of the Emma d’Orsay shoes! I already have two other pairs of Nisolo and adore them. Fingers are crossed!

  470. The Huaraches would be great for the summer and I love that they are sustainably made.

  471. I own the Ecuador Huaraches and the Elayna sneakers and absolutely love both. They are of my capsule wardrobe every season. Huaraches in winter? Yes! I live in Florida 🙂 I will be returning to the workforce soon after having my third baby and the Emma d’orsay Oxford will be THE perfect addition to my office capsule. I LOVE everything about Nisolo!

  472. I would love to have the Emma d’Orsay so I can feel like I put in some effort when I’m running around with the kids and feel like a real person!

  473. I’d seriously wear any of those! I’ve had shoes in my online cart with them for months….

  474. I would love to try the Ecuador Huaraches! I have one pair of sandals from Nisolo and love them.

  475. Amazing! I need these on my feet – I can’t image a better pair for work than the Emma d’Orsay, and the Ecuador Huaraches make me even more excited for summer (out here in Colorado we just got more snow!). xoxo

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