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The Ethically Made Shoe Brand My Feet Will Be Living In This Summer (+ All Our Favorite Picks)


There are few brands that I don’t have to think about, that I just know I like, and I tend to like all of their product. Nisolo is one of them. We discovered them a few years ago and like their shoes as well as their ethos (more on that in a sec). If you haven’t been able to tell from my “What I Wore” posts of Saturday’s past, on a day-to-day basis, I don’t like flashy shoes or a “statement shoe.” I’m on my feet so much that I need comfort and ease in a classic style. So as you can see below, I’ve been wearing Nisolo for a couple of years because I like them a lot:

Emily Henderson Nisolo Picks Grid

So we were VERY happy when they reached out to partner on a post for shoes for the whole team. WE SAID YES. With our assignment clear and in hand (pick out our favorite summer shoes…easy), we quickly got to work. I already had some of my own personal favorites, and basically lived all winter in their Chelsea boots (which BTW are 40% off right now). Honestly—and I know LA doesn’t have “winter” or “weather” so take this with a grain of salt—were all pretty ready to leave behind our clunky and chunky boots we were clomping around in for the last few months. IT’S ALMOST SUMMER, PEOPLE. The time for reckless BBQ abandon, weekend trips to the lake and beach, so.many.weddings…you get it. Buh bye, boots, what’s up mules and slides and sandals.

You can only imagine the pure glee when you tell an office full of women (and our two shoe-loving guys): YOU GET SHOES AND YOU GET SHOES. EVERYONE GETS SHOES. Yeah…it was a good day…trumped only by the day the shoes actually arrived. Free shoes are one thing, but supporting and bringing attention to an awesome brand like Nisolo is really why we’re here today.

I briefly mentioned loving their ethos earlier in this post, but here’s a little more information for anyone who thinks they just make nice mules: Nisolo is a Certified B Corporation, meaning they follow the highest standards in terms of social and environmental performance, public transparency, and legal accountability to balance profit and purpose. As part of their environmental mission, they offset their carbon emissions with every product sold. Fun fact: they let us know that so far, they’ve protected 76,928 trees in the Peruvian Amazon, and 237 of those are directly from you guys (our readers) buying their product just this past year (since April 2018). Pretty cool.

Because the focus of this shoot was “summer,” we headed outdoors both around the buildings in our office ‘hood and to a park nearby that has amazing views of the city.

Now, let’s get into what you really want to see: What I (and everyone else) picked out, our “why,” and notes on fit to help you buy smarter and more efficiently:

Ehd Nisolo 13

Name: Emily
Shoe: Emma d’Orsay Oxford in Wheat
Why I Picked It: I believe in nude shoes because quite simply, they make your leg look longer which is widely known as flattering. And these are pointed and have enough edge to make them cool, but still so comfortable. I owned these in the black colorway before this shoot, so I knew I already liked these, but the wheat felt more summery.
Fit: These run a bit small. I’m a 7 and size up to 7.5 in these.

Ehd Nisolo 06

I also was able to pick out a second pair, and these James Oxfords in Almond fit my “nude + sensible + modernized classic” bill I aim to fill for my everyday shoes. Those are my feet on the top—no foot stand-in model needed this time (you can see them also in the lead image with Michael, Sara and Arlyn—I also have on the Simone Crossbody Shopper…did you know they made bags, too??).

We’ll get to the rest of those shoes up there right now, but before I do, I think I can say for everyone (they’ll back me up) that Nisolo makes a damn good shoe. They’re a bit pricier than what you’ll find at your standard department store, but they should be due to their production practices. Plus, like I said, they’re very high quality. I’ve attempted to run mine into the ground, battered by long days of being on set or construction sites, momming, flea market stomping. They’re still kickin’.

OH AND GUESS WHAT? They are offering all EHD readers 20% off most of the shoes you’ll see here today. Just make sure to click over from here and you should see a banner pop up with the code (EHD20) through July 8. Another great thing Nisolo is doing (that will also help with the cost) is their Soles4Souls partnership, which is a shoe reclamation project that collects shoes in any condition to be sent to micro-entrepreneurs in developing economies for them to refurbish and resell. It’s part of their commitment to “circular” fashion (as opposed to “fast” fashion which typically ends up in the landfill). Each donation earns a $30 credit to a purchase of $125 or more. They also have a generous referral program where you get $25 off for every friend you refer (they also get $25 off their first order…win-win).

Okay, handing this off to the team now…

Ehd Nisolo 04

Name: Veronica (far left)
Shoe: Mariella Mule in Black
Why I Picked It: I’ve been wanting mules for a long time and these are the perfect combination of simple and sophisticated. They are a great shoe for summer hangs during the day and night. Plus, the closed-toe is comfortable and still breathable.
Fit: I am usually a size 7 and I got a 7.5, but they are a little small, so I recommend going up a full size.

Name: Emily (Bowser, red head)
Shoe: Ama Mule in Woven Brown
Why I Picked It: I think if there is one thing that Emily Henderson has taught me that has changed my life the most, it is knowing the power of the nude mule, and that’s saying a lot. The woven style gives it a summery laid-back vibe while the color and shape make it super versatile. Plus, according to Nisolo, these are vegetable-tanned, which just means it’s a more sustainable leather dying process that uses natural dyes.
Fit: I am pretty solidly an 8.5 across brands and these were the perfect fit.

Name: Michael (tall guy)
Shoe: Calano Oxford in Brandy
Why I Picked It: Two words: Summer weddings. Summer is always a time for heading to friends and family weddings and celebrating LOVE. And while I go to celebrate love this summer, I wanted to have cool, sharp looking shoes while I’m there. These Calano oxfords are cool, classic but still modern and just all around good looking, effortless shoes. I can dress them up or down…I love them.
Fit: I am a tried-and-true 10.5, so that’s what I ordered. These are a little tight fit at first but I know since there are leather after a few wears, they’ll fit just right. I’m glad I ordered this size.

Name: Velinda (right)
Shoe: Serena Sandal in Black
Why I Picked It: I’m all about the capsule wardrobe and having classic pieces that can mix & match effortlessly. These shoes hit the mark, pairing with jeans, shorts, or dresses from night to day. Comfy? Check. Minimal, modern and stylish? Check. Check. And Check!
Fit: I’m usually an 8 and the Nisolo 8 fits beautifully.

Ehd Nisolo 11

Ehd Nisolo 01

Name: Ryann (left)
Shoe: Mariella Mule in Sand
Why I Picked It: I am not one to wear open-toed shoes so a good tan mule is my ideal summer shoe. I have been trying to add more quality, timeless pieces to my wardrobe lately and the Mariella mules were a perfect addition. I can wear them with dresses, shorts, pants, pretty much everything I own (and I do). The color is perfect and they are insanely comfortable.
Fit: I am usually a 9 but I sized up to 9.5. They are still a little snug so I probably could have gone up a full size.

Name: Jess (middle)
Shoe: Emma d’Orsay Oxford in Black
Why I Picked It: First off, I have been lusting after them since I saw them on Emily awhile back. I also really needed/wanted a cute pair of black flats that could easily go from work to hanging out with friends. These check all of my boxes. I feel very cool and stylish. 🙂
Fit: I went true to size with a 7 but they are pretty tight. Since they are leather, I am sure they will stretch out so I’m going to stay with the 7. I think I could have easily gone a half size up though for any of you on the fence.

Name: Arlyn (right)
Shoe: Ecuador Huarache Sandal in Almond
Why I Picked It: I had similar shoes when I was a little girl and nothing says summer to me like huaraches (well, maybe old-school jellies, but I gotta grow up at some point). These are Nisolo’s most environmentally friendly shoe—95% of its leather is used in production, so that was also a selling point for me. The color of the leather made my currently-pale-for-a-Puerto-Rican skin look nice and tan and I’ll likely be wearing these all summer with dresses, shorts, jumpers, skirts…they dress up and down really well. For real, I’m pretty sure I found the perfect summer shoe.
Fit: I’m normally a solid 8 (sometimes even a 7.5 if it’s open-toed), and the 8.5 fit like a glove. Make sure to check out their sizing guide though, because I don’t think ordering up a half size works across all sizes. There was no “wear in” period and the second I put them on, I knew I could walk around town with them without the fear of serious blisters. This color, as well as the burnt sienna, come in a wide range of sizes (from 5 to 11).

Ehd Nisolo 10

Ehd Nisolo 03

Name: Julie (left)
Shoe: Emma d’Orsay Oxford in Black
Why I Picked It: I wear the same pair of black boots to work basically every day (no lie, everyone in the office can tell you it’s true). I’ve been wearing them for about a year now and they have had their day in the sun and then some. The Emma d’Orsay is basically the best upgrade I could ask for in time for summer. I feel professional, they are comfortable, which is very important to me since I am constantly running around to showrooms/on set and most of all my feet can breathe in the hot LA summers. EHD team, you better love looking at them because these are my new everyday shoes.
Fit: I am a true through-and-through size 7.5 and these shoes fit perfectly after a quick stroll through the park. 😉 I’ve worn them every day since we received them (surprise, surprise) and have had no “take these off my feet right now” moments.

Name: Grace (second from left)
Shoe: Lucia Block Heel Sandal in Sand
Why I Picked It: Nothing screams summer like open-toed sandals and I’ve been wanting one of Nisolo’s shoes in sand. These are the perfect nude sandals for my skin tone. I just know these will look great with dresses and jeans. Because I’m on the shorter side (5’3″), the 2-inch heel is perfect (it’s not too high and are still very comfortable to walk in—nothing more annoying than cute shoes that just end up sitting in my shoe rack all year long because I don’t want to bother with heels). HOT TIP: A little heel + a nude tone is the perfect combo to make your legs look longer. Double yes!
Fit: I’m a size 8, but for Nisolo’s mules I usually go up half a size. For these open-toed sandals, I can safely say that they are true to size and there is no wear-in period required.

Name: Sara (in the hat!)
Shoe: Isla Slide in Bone
Why I Picked It: There’s something super elegant about the simplicity of a sandal slide. They’re the easy “slide and go” option to dress up any casual summer outfit. They’re great for a Sunday farmers market or an outdoor spring wedding.
Fit: I’m usually an 8 and these were true to size, though I could have comfortably gone up a half size too. The band across my foot was a little on the tight end, but that’s something I know will stretch out with some wear.

Name: Erik (right)
Shoe: Alejandro Woven Slip On in Brown
Why I Picked It: It’s so versatile! I could wear them to a casual coffee meet up or dress it up for margaritas at my favorite rooftop bar. My new summer staple.
Fit: Having the half sizes makes all the difference (got a 12.5). A perfect fit without socks!

Ehd Nisolo 09

That’s everyone! Wow, the last time we did a team shoot, I think it was just five of us. Suffice it to say that, uh, we’ve grown. Look at my amazing team, my shoe modeling amazing team. 🙂

Ehd Nisolo 08

If you want to read more about Nisolo’s ethics or their B-corp standing, head here. If I haven’t conveyed it already, this truly was an effortless, obvious partnership for me. Stellar brand = a product I already used and loved + getting the team together for a fun day of shooting on a gorgeous LA spring day = duh. We all 100% vouch for the shoes we wrote about today, but they also have a ton of other styles and colors online. Check them out, and let us know if you have any questions about anything you saw here today. xx

*photography by Veronica Crawford and Sara Ligorria-Tramp for EHD

**This post is in partnership with Nisolo but all words, designs and selections are our own. Thanks for supporting the brands we love that support the blog.

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Yay, I love Nisolo shoes. The Chelsea boot and the Sofia slip-on in brandy have become everyday staples, and their craftsmanship shows up in every step.

I hope it’s not against the rules here, but I have a pair of size 6 Elayna sneakers in Natural up on eBay right now. Unlike many Nisolos they run true to size/a hair large, but I didn’t figure that out until after a walk outside 🙁 Would love them to go to a good home!

Rachael Bailey

I love those Emma D’Orsay oxfords so so much!


Ohhhh please, Let me be the lucky one! I love Nisolo shoes♥️. #inmynisolo #Emmad’OrsayOxford

Bridget Bojorquez

Here goes nothin’! I love Nisolo.

Toni Gammage

Just beautiful shoes…and ethical!
Love them all.


I love Nisolo shoes as well. the Emma D’Orsay Oxford is my fav. I wouldn’t have discovered them without this wonderful blog. Would love to win a pair. Thanks!


Beautiful shoes! Love the Huarache!

Brittnie lyons

These Nisolo shoes are all so beautiful. the Emma D’Orsay Oxford is so minimalist modern. LOVE! Would love to wear them!


Wow the EHD Team has groooooown! And a stellar tast in shoes – and hats! I especially want Michaels’ fedora (next fashion post anyone? 😉 ) Thanks for introducing this super cool brand and it was fun to see y’all – do we get a new introduction/team post soon?


Another vote for an introduction post, please! 🙂


Ditto on new team member post!


Nisolo is on my wish list for sure! Thanks for the overview team!


So I love love love the look of mules…but I have this thing about wearing backless shoes… what if I need to be running away from a murderer? I’m gonna run right outta my shoes!! (There is truly too much true crime in my life.) But really, do y’all have any issues with the dreaded kick off while walking and destroying the bottom of your foot? It’s been the only thing holding me back!

patricia blaettler

Yes! Or while walking ‘briskly’.


I love the Look of the Nisolo Huarache. Best looking on the market!

Jamie bertsch

Love the Emma d’Orsay Oxford because you always look so cool in them! Goes with anything! Love the silhouette! And nude color ❤️❤️❤️

Tara Ilsley

Love! Huarache sandal not a part of it? code didn’t work 🙁

Devon | Nisolo Team

Hi Tara! The EHD discount applies to the Ecuador Huarache Almond and Ecuador Huarache Burnt Sienna colors that are in Emily’s favorites collection. 🙂


Huaraches would be amazing for summer chasing my kids around, casual or dress up


Veronica’s jumpsuit!!!!


Yes! Love.


Hi Emily – where do you get your hat? Thanks


Where did Arlyn’s Jumpsuit come from? Love it!!!


I love the style of all these shoes, But then I go to purchase some and I find out they start at size 6 and I’m a five ?

Every shoe company you’ve featured that I’ve wanted to buy has started at size 6 ?


I can completely relate Whitney! I’m not sure why so many companies start at size 6 but it is so frustrating finding shoes! Any recommendations for companies that start with a 5?


My experience with Nisolo has been very positive. I already had the Huarache sandals and love them. Earlier this year, I purchased the Mariella mules in Sand after wanting them for a couple years. They arrived and fit great.

Here’s the thing, though: I wear a size 9.5 or 10 shoe. For three months, I kept putting the mules on in my house and then not wearing them outside because — to be honest — the sand-colored Mariella mules look like hooves on my giant feet. I just knew I’d never wear them in public. And this is too much money to spend on a shoe you know you’ll never wear.

So I emailed the company. It had been 3 or 4 months since they’d arrived, but since I’d never actually worn them outside, they allowed me to return (they even paid the postage) and exchange the mules for the Emma D’orsay oxfords in brandy, which look GREAT and which I plan to wear to death.

Just excellent, excellent customer service. And I will be buying from them again. In fact, with the 20% off, I’m thinking about getting the James Oxford! Hmm … 🙂


What is the fit on the James Oxford for you Emily? I’ve been eyeing them but the customer comments about sizing leaving me wondering if I need to go up a full size or even more! I usually wear a 7.5 🙂


Ummm why is your whole team so gorgeous???? Velinda’s hair is looking amazing! I genuinely love the shoes, but I just wish Nisolo came in wide widths. I basically walk around on a pair of flippers, so I need flipper-width shoes 🙁

Kim Settles

Love Veronica’s jumpsuit


Your team looks great, with outfits that are comfortable AND stylish! I’d love a pair of the huraches, perfect for humid summers and enough coverage I could wear them to the office too!


I am so glad your team is looking more colorful in skin tone, background, and skill! Representation matters. Good hiring practices, Emily Henderson and co. As for this post, all of these shoes are super bomb and I am keeping my eye out for at least one that fits these size 10s like a glove.


Agreed! Thank you, it is wonderful to see a bigger representation, and the Mother’s Day reveal has been my favorite recently, probably because it is good style, but from another perspective!

Also, I have been hesitating on buying these shoes for awhile now, and this is exactly the breakdown I needed. Please do it with online couches next!


Hello team EHD! I would be thrilled to get the Emma d’Orsay oxfords! I’ve been searching for a comfortable, transitional shoe and this sleek style seems to check all the boxes ☺️

Vicki Williams

What I want to know is where Arlyn’s jumpsuit is from. So cute! Tell please.


Velinda’s jeans! Please share the source…they look like the perfect boyfriend jean. Thank you!


I wore the Serena sandal all summer last year to daytime parties, showers, and weddings during/after pregnancy. I have wide feet and am wary of strappy sandals, but their leather is so soft and flexible that these sandals were super comfortable well into the third trimester and after swelling came down postpartum. I also appreciated how sturdy they are – no tripping hazard. And I’d get compliments on the style, too. Have already started using them for parties this summer while toting around the baby.

I’m so thrilled you guys are showcasing ethical brands more and more. Please keep it up.


Ok, I’m really tempted by the Emma D’Orsay Oxford, but can you really get away with wearing them without socks?? They don’t rub? They don’t get super stinky & sweaty?


I want to know where Arlyn purchased that super cute navy jumpsuit!


Do you think they would outfit my team (aka just me) with all these?!? Love them all.

Leslie Osborne

Cutest staff EVER!!


I bought the Isla slides in a since discontinued nude color, and I love the look of them but they are really not good if you have any kind of foot pain or back problems. I wish they made a similar slide with either a wider band for more support or something like a foot bed. I can’t wear them anymore without pain but I can’t bring myself to get rid of them because they are so cute and go with everything! Le sigh.


What are Sara’s jeans, please?! SUPER flattering.


I think either J crew or madewell- I have J crew ones that look identical. They’re super cute on you Sara.


Sarah, these pics are gorgeous, and that last group shot is arranged beautifully! NOTED.


I’m dying to know what pants “Sara in the hat” is wearing and where they are from! So flattering!


I see that they offer 20% off for any new customer. So is this EHD discount on top of that? The shoes look awesome!


Any info on those adorable cropped daisy jeans that Emily Bowser is wearing, please? I’m likely too old to pull it off, but I love that whole outfit. Fun post…everybody looks like they’re enjoying their new shoes!


Um, can Velinda do a post on her flawless curly hair??!

Jennifer Chun

Love the huaraches! They are perfect for summer! I hope I win!


Ecuador Hauraches! I could wear these all summer while chasing my kids and look cute!


I’ve admired your style for a while now. I’ve got 10 month old twins that are starting to get more mobile and I’m finally starting to feel like being more put together again. A mule looks like the perfect option for a new shoe that can be functional and fashionable.


Yay for a giveaway! I love theses shoes! Can I have one of each? I would wear the Huaraches every weekend this summer and live in the Emma d Orsay at work. These looks dreamy and comfy and so very stylish but the sizing scares me so I appreciate your feedback on that.


I have been hearing more and more about Nisolo shoes, can’t wait to give them a try! The Ecuador Huaraches look right up my alley for summer and their oxfords appear to be the perfect work shoe!


Love the Huaraches

Barbara Snyder

I would love to have a pair of those gorgeous huaraches! Thank you!


The Hauraches look perfect for the summer!


i love nisolo shoes! i’ve has my eye on the oxford for months now!!


I love the huaraches!


Goodness, all of these look so well crafted and designed and most importantly walkable! Doesn’t hurt that the company has values that align with my own. Love Emma d’Orsay Oxford in Wheat. Could see this with all my summer outfits!


Just ordered a pair of the ama slides using ur discount code. Would love try another style.


I love the classic Chelsea boot and the Oxford! Both such classy shoes. Thanks for modeling.

Robyn Franklin

While both shoes seem great, the huaraches seem perfect for Texas! Thank you!


I’ve been ogling Nisolos for years now. The Huaraches would be the perfect summer shoe but then again so would the slides!


I’d love the Emma d’Orsay. I’ve been admiring them for a long time and they look like they’d last a long time.


Eyeing those brown Chelsea boots, but they don’t have my size in stock. Love my other two pairs.

Susan Engel

Have looked longingly at Nisolo’s shoes for awhile!


These are so gorgeous! The Emma d’orsay flat would be perfect for work with cigarette pants here in the northeast US; simple and chic.

Jennifer Andrist

Beautiful! The Isla Slides look so simple and chic! They could go with everything for Summer (and beyond!)!


Thanks for this! I love the look of these shoes and ordered a few pair to try. Wish the discount applied to a couple other colors, but oh well. Better something than nothing!


Such beautiful shoes!


Pretty sure I would live in those Emma d’Orsays


Love Huaraches ?


I ordered my first pair of Nisolo shoes, the Mariela Mule, a few weeks ago and am in love! So well made and comfortable! I never want to wear anything else! I’ve been dying to try the Ecuador Huaraches and the Serena Sandal.


I’m so excited you put the giveaway together! Nisolo has such beautiful shoes. I would love the Huarache shoes to wear around town. I’m in graduate school to be a speech therapist (aka lack the $$) so I just admire Nisolo’s practices and craftsmanship rather than owning a pair. I think the huarache shoes are beautiful and I’m always looking for something that can transition from a little outing to a full blown walk. Plus I like that the mom in The Help criticizes Skeeter for wearing them ?

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